Abby’s Panties Ch. 03

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I ran my tongue up and down the tender folds of Abby’s pussy, amazed by the taste and the sheer heat emanating from her core.

I judged my abilities by the moans coming from Abby as I moved my tongue around. Each time my tongue went up to the top of her pussy, I coaxed her clit out more and more. Now, I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I quickly clued in that it was the little nubbin that was bringing her such pleasure.

I soon felt her hands reach over and grab the sides of my head, directing me straight to her clit. I could take a hint. I focused all of my attention on her throbbing clit. Her moaning became loud groaning.

When I reached forward with my finger and entered her pussy, she clamped onto it tightly. I wiggled it in until I was up to the first knuckle and then I added another finger.

Abby came out of her pleasured delirium to momentarily close her thighs on me. I looked up at her, my eyebrows raised in question.

She quickly, but softly said, “Don’t… put anything inside me. Just lick. Just please keep licking me!”

“Mmm,hmm,” I replied and she relaxed her thighs again, opening her pussy to me.

I needed something different to do with my hands, so I reached under her and took an ass cheek into the palm of each of my hands and gripped her tight, casino şirketleri lifting her up so I could attack her pussy with my tongue easier.

“Oh! Oh!” she almost screamed. “Do it…unhh…faster!”

I obliged.

I could feel her already tight ass grow harder in my hands as her body began to arch upward to my tongue. In seconds, her entire body was stiff as her orgasm overtook her.

“Ohhhhhhh…,” she began and then suddenly let loose with a guttural, “Muhhhhnnnnnhhhhh!”

I felt her pussy spasm under my lips. She moaned loudly and clamped her thighs together tightly around my head. The strength in her hips and thighs was a bit concerning as she held me tight.

I licked her upward again, getting an altogether different taste in my mouth now and eliciting a violent reaction from Abby.

“No! Unh! No!” she grunted as her body convulsed. “Don’t move! Don’t move! Too much!”

I knew that feeling. It’s like right after I cum and the head of my cock is way too sensitive to the touch.

So I sat there holding my tongue tight up against her pussy, not moving a muscle as she rode out the spasms of her powerful orgasm.

After a minute, her thighs tensed again and then relaxed. Another tremor ripped through her as I pulled my tongue away. As I removed my head from between casino firmaları her legs, she clamped them tightly together again. This action also caused spasms to rip through her body again.

I reached up and wiped my mouth with my hand and leaned onto my side to look at her. She weakly smiled at me and self-consciously pulled her sleep shirt down lower in an attempt to cover herself.

“Come here, you!” she said with a gentle smile, holding her arms out to me.

I scooched my way up onto the bed so that I was lying next to her body. I was amazed at the sight of her chest and stomach rising up and down rapidly as she recovered from her orgasm.

I reached over her body with my left arm and laid it across her belly. She reached down and pulled my hand upward until I was cupping her left breast and she pressed my hand down tight.

“Wow, Tommy!” she exclaimed. “That was…that was, like…wow!”

“Yeah!” I agreed, feeling my thick cock harden once again and throb against her right thigh.

“What’s that?” she smiled with a questioning tone. “Is that your thing again? Are you hard again?”

She quickly rose up and pushed me over onto my back. My cock was like a steel rod and bounced up and down against my belly.

Abby’s warm fingers soon found me and she wrapped them tightly güvenilir casino around my cock. It pulsed under her touch. She gave it another squeeze and was rewarded with another throb and a drop of precum oozing at the top.

“Such power,” she said in a soft and lazy voice. “It’s so hard and strong!”

I lay back as she slowly began to stroke me again. It felt so damn good and I was soon lost in the moment of her hot little hands.

“I want to…” she whispered, but then stopped. “I’m going to…”

Before I could figure out what she wanted to do, I felt her hot lips wrap around the head of my cock, then open as she slipped my cock into her mouth.

I felt her tongue slide around a bit as her head bobbed up and down a few times. As her hand wrapped around the base to hold and guide my cock, she came up for air, looked down at it and then slipped it back into her mouth again.

“Abby, I can’t…” I began to warn her. “Abby I’m going to cum!”

She quickly pulled her mouth away but continued to pump my cock up and down. In seconds I was spurting hot juices out of the tip of my cock. It shot up and out onto my chest and belly, and also oozed down to cover her little hand wrapped tight around my cock.

She calmly rode me out, gently stroking my cock up and down.

“Wow, Tommy!” she said in amazement. “That’s so cool.”

“Yeah…” I moaned, all of the energy leaving my body and my eyes beginning to close.

“Thank you,” I heard her whisper and felt her warm lips press against mine.

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