A Woman of Letters Pt. 02

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Josh and I live in the same apartment building, and we’ve been fucking for a couple months. At first it was nothing more than lust, but since we got together, I’ve been trying not to let him know that I’m crazy about him. He thinks I’m sexy too, so I act like that’s all there is to it.

Two weeks ago I was out shopping and I saw this thin yellow sundress. It gave me an idea, but I didn’t have a real chance to carry it out until a few nights later. I had just dropped a car payment off at the credit union, and there weren’t many good parking spots when I got back. I had to take one on the furthest aisle from the front door. I could see Josh walking through the front door with a couple bags of groceries.

Twenty minutes later, I was knocking on his door. He opened it to see me wearing the sundress and let me in. He couldn’t take his eyes off my chest, which was just what I wanted. “Hey, Cindy! I wasn’t expecting you. What brings you here tonight?”

“Have you had anything to eat?” I asked.

“No, I just got home, haven’t had a chance to cook. What’d you have in mind?”

I resisted the urge to pull the hem up and say, “Me.” Instead I pulled the right strap off to the side and said, “Dessert.”

Josh pulled the left strap off the other shoulder and said, “I could go for that.”

I put his hand on my left tit and said, “I figured you could.”

He rubbed it and pulled me to him. He put his other hand on my butt. “That’s a really thin dress,” he observed, and he kissed me.

“You like it?” I asked.

“I love it,” he answered. I hiked the hem up. When he put his hand back, I felt his hand on my butt. He knew I didn’t have anything on under the dress. I guess it startled him, because he pulled his hand off.

I moved back and raised the hem in front. Now I asked, “See anything you’d like to eat?”

“You know I do,” he said, and he led me to his couch. I sat down and lifted the dress until it was under my boobs. He acted like his fingers were a knife and fork and “carved” my pussy before he started licking me. At first he put his hands on my hips to keep me still while he licked up and down my slit. Once he was in, he ran his index fingers up my sides and made a point of inhaling the smell of my arousal. I lifted my dress a little further up so he could play with my tits. He tickled the undersides and probed my cunt a little deeper. He loves eating pussy, and it showed in his face.

I was enjoying this, but I wanted more. I put my hands under his shoulders. He resisted, but I lifted his face away from my crotch. “I want your cock,” I told him. He got up and started to climb on top of me. “Not that way,” I said.

Josh asked “Did you want to be on top?” while he took his pants off.

“I don’t want anyone to be on top,” I answered. I got up, and my dress fell back into place. I walked over to the wall. I put one hand against the wall and lifted the hem of my dress with the other.

Josh read my mind and then some. Not only did I still have my dress on when I felt his cock between my legs, but I could tell he’d left his underwear on. I looked down, and he hadn’t even taken his shoes off! I raised my legs a little and separated them. Josh adjusted his angle, and it took only a little effort to slide his hard cock into my cunt. Once he was in, he put his hands under the dress. At the same time that he fucked me, he played with my clit. Just when I thought he was going to make me come, he moved his hand up and started pinching my nipples. “You like that, don’t you?” he asked. I nodded. “You like letting me take control, don’t you?”

“Not all the time, but I like it right now,” I told him.

“That pussy’s mine, isn’t it?” he said as he pounded into it. He didn’t give me time to answer before he added, “Whenever I want it.”

I managed to say, “That much is true,” and I ground my hips back into his. He kissed both sides of my nick and nibbled my ear. I’d had bigger dicks inside me, but I’d never felt one that was that wide coming in at that angle before. “Oh my God,” I told him.

“You’re gonna come, aren’t you?”

I managed to get something out that sounded like “Mm-hmm,” just before my cunt walls contracted around his dick.

“Me too,” he told me.

“Give it to me,” I pleaded. It felt like his cum was shooting straight up into my womb. “Oh, fuck, yes. Yes. Any time you want it,” I sighed.

We both relaxed, and I felt his dick slide out of me. Josh moved us to the couch, and I lay on his lap. “You love my cock, don’t you?” he asked.

Part of me wanted to say, “I love YOU,” but I didn’t want to give him any more power than he already had. I managed to limit my answer to “Yes.” He started diddling my clit, and then he slipped two fingers inside me. “And I like your fingers too,” I added.

“I can tell,” he said. Out of the blue, he asked, “Was that the only time you had more than one dick at once?”

“Was what the only time?”

“The letter they published.”

Right. We started fucking after he saw me wearing a T-shirt casino şirketleri proclaiming that a national publication had printed my sexy letter, only I’d never actually sent one. When he asked me about it, I remembered a letter I’d read once and pretended it was mine. “I haven’t been with more than one guy at a time since then,” I said. Technically it was true, since I hadn’t done it ever.

“Would you like to?”

Well, the letter had stayed with me for a reason. “What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“One of my buddies checked you out once and he thinks you’ve got a great body.”

“Why be modest? He’s right,” I laughed. “What do you say?”

“I think you’ve got an amazing body. A sexy smile and hips that would be perfect for—”

“For what?” I asked, even though I was pretty sure I knew.

He tried to hide his intent. “For one guy to hold onto while he watches you suck another guy.”

I looked down at myself. “Yeah, I guess they’d be good for that too. What’s his name?”


By now Josh had three fingers inside me. “As long as it’s the three of us,” I said.

“You don’t want just Matt?”

“No. I really just want you, but this sounds like fun.” I knew I wanted to say more, but I couldn’t figure out what.

Josh added his pinky and rubbed my clit with his thumb. “I’ll see him Saturday if not sooner. Is Wednesday night good for you?”

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned. I wasn’t really answering him; I was coming all over his hand, but I wasn’t going to backpedal. I briefly tried to remember where I was on the current ring of birth control pills.

Friday night, Josh texted me. “Wednesday it is. 7:00?”

I texted back, “You bet.”

He texted, “Wear whatever you want. Or don’t wear whatever you want.” He followed it with the tongue-out emoticon.

On Wednesday I put my “published letter” shirt back on with a sheer black bra and white short shorts before I headed to Josh’s place. When I knocked on his door, Matt answered. I told him, “Oh, I’ve seen you at the pool, just not with Josh.”

“Did he ask you to wear those shorts?” Matt asked.

“No, why?” Josh shook his head as I answered.

“I’ve seen you at the mailboxes a couple times when you had ’em on. They’re really hot.”

“I’m lucky,” Josh said. “When I see her, she’s usually wearing a bikini—or less.” He turned to me and asked, “Speaking of which, aren’t you a little overdressed for the night?”

“Part of the fun of a present is unwrapping it,” I answered.

Matt had moved behind me. “I agree,” he said, and I felt the hem of my T-shirt rising. Josh came toward me while I raised my arms. Matt got the shirt off me while Josh unhooked my bra.

Matt came around and put his hand under my left boob. “They’re as big as you said, Josh!” he exclaimed.

Josh put his hand over my right boob and rubbed it. “I told you so,” he said.

Matt knelt in front of me and licked my right nipple. Josh moved behind me and kissed me on the left side of my neck. Matt sucked on each nipple, and Josh kissed the other side of my neck. Matt sucked a little harder, and Josh nibbled my ear at the same moment. Together they made me gasp. Matt told me, “You even breathe sexy.”

“I know,” Josh told him. “I love watching her go in and out when I’m down there.” He put his hands on my hips for emphasis.

“Speaking of down there …,” Matt asked.

“She doesn’t have as much as the women in the pictures you use for your wallpaper, but I think you’ll like what you find,” Josh said.

“You two talk about shit like this?” I asked.

Josh told me, “Matt overshares sometimes.”

Matt laughed. “Says the guy who’s sharing his girlfriend.” Josh and I laughed with him. Matt turned to me and asked, “So you like getting eaten?”

“Are there women who don’t?” I asked.

“I can tell you firsthand that there are,” Matt said wistfully.

“They’re crazy,” I said. Josh ran his finger down my spine. It caught me by surprise, and I thrust my hips out suddenly. Matt took this as an invitation. He unbuckled my shorts and peeled them down to my ankles. I could tell by his expression that he was disappointed that I hadn’t gone commando. I had on a pair of sheer pink panties. They covered most of my flesh but didn’t conceal my black bush. “Like I said, part of the fun—”

Josh was kneeling behind me now. “I enjoy it, even if Matt doesn’t,” he said. He pulled on the elastic down just a little on both sides. I could feel the open air on the upper part of my butt, and Josh kissed each butt cheek. Matt pulled the left side down a little and kissed the spot where the leg meets the torso. Josh pulled the right side down and ran his finger across my butt at the waistband. Matt touched his tongue to my clit and pulled my panties down just above the lowest part of my pussy. He put his index finger at the top of my pussy and traced down, separating my lips, then poked between the bottom of the opening and the panties to stroke that part of my flesh. Josh pulled my panties down to my ankles, casino firmaları separated my butt cheeks and licked the outermost part of my asshole.

“Does she like that too?” Matt asked.

“I haven’t asked yet,” Josh answered.

“Do I like what?” I asked. Josh probed my ass a little deeper this time. “Oh. Well, I don’t not-like it. It depends on how well you treat me before that.”

“Then I’ll make sure I treat you right,” Matt said. He guided me to the floor and helped me lean back. I separated my legs and he lay between them. I keep my bush long enough that guys who like a bush have something to sift through, but not so long that guys who don’t like it feel like they need a scythe. Happily, Matt turned out to be the former. He rubbed my clit with his left finger and drew short strokes in my bush, giving my outer lips the attention that they don’t get from a lot of guys. He leaned in closer and licked my clit while he put his right index finger inside me.

“You look hungry,” Josh said. He wasn’t very smooth, but by now he’d stripped below the waist. He got on his knees and straddled my chest. I leaned forward to try to suck him, but we couldn’t quite manage. Josh moved forward and finally just got on all fours. I sucked each of my boyfriend’s balls into my mouth while I watched his shaft fill up. I pushed on his thighs, and he moved back a little. I felt really erotic, so instead of just going up and down, I deliberately let the head touch each cheek as I went. There was no one to see it the first time, but Josh was able to sit up again and on the next few strokes he could clearly see the outline of his cockhead on my cheeks.

Matt had continued to finger-fuck me while he licked my pussy lips. At this moment, he touched the right spot inside me, and I forced Josh out of my mouth so I could announce, “I’m ready!”

Josh asked, “Then why’d you—Oh, ready for that!” and he got off me. I got on all fours and resumed sucking him. Josh looked me in the eye briefly and then glanced behind me. He could see his buddy Matt sliding his dick into my waiting cunt.

“Ever done this before?” Matt asked.

I told him, “No,” and then remembered I’d told Josh that this was my published letter. “I mean, not with a willing boyfriend. Every other time was all casual.”

Josh picked up on a key word in my half-truth. “What do you mean, willing? You’ve done it with an unwilling boyfriend?”

I told him, “I’ll tell you later,” and went back to licking his shaft. I hoped he’d forget the conversation.

Matt had started off varying his angles, but by now he was centered and going deep with every thrust. “Damn, Josh, she’s as good as you said she is!”

I gave Josh a look that asked what he’d said. He put his hand on my head so I couldn’t ask and answered anyway. “I told him you’re enthusiastic and you look like Rose from The Last Jedi.” I gave him another look. “Yeah, I know she’s Vietnamese and you’re Korean, but you both have a certain look about you that’s, well, …”

I let him out again and said, “Don’t say it.”

“I can’t say you’re cute?”

Matt tried to cover for him. “He didn’t. He said you’re the hottest fuck he’s ever had, and I can see what he means.”

I was too interested in the conversation to keep my mouth full, so I started stroking Josh instead. I looked back and asked, “Yeah? How’s that?”

“You’ve got amazing tits and the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt!”

I turned back to Josh. “See? He thinks I’m hot.”

“I’m gonna come!” Matt announced.

“Me too!” Josh intoned.

“Give it to me, both of you!” I shouted. I backed my hips up so I could feel Matt shoot inside me. Then I sat up. Josh moved up with me, and I got inspired. I pointed his cock toward me and let his cum shoot onto my chin and tits.

When both guys had stopped coming and Matt had slipped out, Josh asked me, “So, was he good to you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You said if a guy’s good to you—”

I had nothing against Matt at this point, but I wanted to look at my boyfriend and his ripped chest. “Yeah, he was good to me. So were you.”

“I don’t think that’s possible,” Josh said.

I laughed when I realized what he thought I meant. “I don’t think it is either! At least, not without a ton of muscle relaxers. But I know what’s just as good.”

From behind, Matt asked, “Yeah?”

I got on all fours and spread my legs. I looked back at him and said, “Come get it, but don’t get too into it yet.” Josh stroked himself while he watched Matt put his cock against my asshole. Matt tried to get in, but I wasn’t loose enough.

Josh figured out what was wrong and got some lube. He lovingly poured it between my ass cheeks, and now Matt was able to get in, but still with some effort. “Does her ass feel as good as it looks?” he asked.

“Even better,” Matt assured him.

He started to pick up the pace, but I stopped him. “Hold on a second. There’s more.” I straightened up and motioned for Josh. “I want you both inside me at once.”

As güvenilir casino Josh moved in front of me, Matt said, “Oh, my God, Josh. If you don’t marry her, I will.” I felt my heart flutter a little. Josh put his cockhead under the base of my pussy and raised it, sliding between the lips, up and down several times. I was wondering how long he’d wait to fuck me when Matt made a sudden thrust. I had to put my hands on Josh’s shoulders to stay upright, and suddenly Josh was deep inside me. I felt two cocks inside me, each one moving in as the other moved out. Each man was kissing one side of my neck. Josh kissed my lips while Matt played with my tits. He wasn’t rough about it, either; he was truly caressing them.

At one point their cockheads were right opposite one another and the excitement made me arch my back. “Oh, Cindy, you’re so sexy!” Josh said.

“I’m not just cute?” I managed to ask between breaths.

“I never said you were. I said you’re like Rose, and she’s sexy as hell.”

Matt piped in. “He told me he thinks she’s the most fuckable character in the whole saga.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“I didn’t really notice the resemblance,” Matt said. “I just saw you in a bikini a couple times and wondered what you looked like without it. You’re even hotter than I expected.”

I looked at Josh. “Move in,” I urged. He and Matt put their hands on my sides and moved closer. Not only were they fucking me deeper, but their cocks were closer. “This is great, but it’s not enough,” I said.

“What do you want?” Josh asked.

“Both of you together,” I said. This time there was no mistaking what I meant. They both pulled out of me. We moved toward the couch. I looked at Matt and pointed to the couch. “Lie down,” I told him, and he did. I lowered myself onto his dick and moved onto all fours. I looked at Josh and told him, “Now you.” I could feel his dick sliding to the left of Matt’s. There was no way they didn’t feel each other, but no one seemed to mind. I didn’t have to tell them anything more. They both thrust their hard cocks inside me. They went at different paces, so at any given time one of them might be going in or out and the other might be doing the same or not. But the one moment when they were both deep inside put me over the top. “Shiiiittt!” I yelled. I started coming. They were both trapped inside me, and they both started filling me up. Matt lifted his head enough to suck on my tit, which made my orgasm even more powerful.

“I wanna see it,” Matt said, and he pushed up on my shoulders.

“Me too,” Josh added, and he pulled out of me. I sat up and back. They were both awestruck seeing the mix of their cum dripping out of my cunt. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it, and it was sublime. Josh ran his fingers between my cunt lips and licked the juice off them.

“You like the taste of your buddy’s cum?” I asked.

I’d actually embarrassed him! “I wouldn’t want it straight from the source,” he stammered.

“Thank God,” Matt laughed. I thought the same thing but didn’t say it out loud. He got up and sat on the chair near the love seat.

“Sounds like you’ve never had a threesome before,” I said.

I was speaking to Josh, but Matt said, “Not with another guy.”

That got Josh’s attention. “Wait, you’ve been with two girls? Was it just them doing you, or were they into each other too?”

Matt didn’t seem excited about it. “They were into each other first,” he explained. “I caught my girlfriend with another woman. Chloe invited me to join them.”

“Wait, is Chloe your girlfriend or her friend?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, you can’t just tell us something like that and not give us details!” I added.

“Girlfriend. Her friend’s name was Jade. Once I started taking my pants off, Chloe told Jade, ‘See, I told you he’d go for it.’ Chloe had me lie down and they took turns going down on me, but when she suggested that Jade ride my cock, Jade decided to leave. Chloe practically begged her to stay, and that was the end of the relationship.”

“Sorry, guy,” Josh said.

We tried to talk about other stuff, but Matt was so bummed that he got dressed and excused himself. Once he was gone, I asked Josh, “You never answered me. Was that your first threesome?”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile.

“How’d you like it?” I asked.

“It was great, but I never wanna do it again.”

“Why not?”

“I liked watching him fuck you. It was even kinda cool when I felt his dick against mine while we were both inside you. But the thought of you having a kid and not knowing who the father is kinda gnawed at me.”

“That’s sweet that you don’t want me to get pregnant,” I told him, “but don’t worry. I’m on the Pill.”

“That’s not quite what I meant,” Josh explained.

I could sense that his guard was down. Good. “Yeah? What DID you mean?”

“I like the thought of seeing you that way and knowing I’m the one who did it.” He paused. “You’re not running away. Or telling me to leave.”

“I’m processing,” I told him. “I’m scared, but I’m also flattered.”

“Scared of what?”

“The usual. Scared that you want too much too soon.”

“But you’re still not saying no.”

I couldn’t let that stand. “I’m saying HELL, no! But only right now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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