A Wife’s Gift to her Husband

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Bill walked into the lounge to find his wife. He was a little confused why she left him a note under the windshield wiper of the car to meet her here. This was the fanciest hotel and restaurant in town and they have never been there before.

Bill looks around trying to spot his wife. He is very nervous and becomes much stressed when he doesn’t see her. The poorly lit bar was very crowded with the after work happy hour in full swing. He decides to walk through the place to see if he could find her. Just then his cell phone rings.

“Hello”, he answers.

“Hey Honey, I am at the far end of the bar.” Brenda, his wife, says to him.

“OK, I will be right over.” He answers as he hangs up his phone.

He makes his way through the crowded room. There are many people standing around talking and having a good time. He is nervous wondering why he is meeting her here. As he passes a waitress with a tray of drinks, he almost knocks her over in his hurry to find his wife. He spots his wife standing at the end of the bar impatiently waiting for him.

Brenda is very nervous because of what she is doing. The idea came to her a few months ago after a huge fight with her husband. He accused her of not being spontaneous and that their relationship was in a rut. She has been planning this since then and this was her third attempted. The other two times she chickened out and right now she is thinking she should have never done this. She needed to because he told her they should think about separating. She loved her husband and would do anything to save their marriage.

When Bill spots his wife, he is shocked and surprised. His plump wife was dressed in a low cut black cocktail dress. The tops of her huge tits were visible above her short sleeved dress. The dress was really short and came midway between her crotch and knee of her thick legs. The dress hugged her gorgeous plump curves that her husband loved so much. She was wearing black stockings and 3” high stiletto heels which made her only a few inches shorter than Bill. Her long curly brown hair was pulled up and she wore a hair clip to hold it there. She wore a light amount of makeup including eye shadow and red lipstick. She had a beautiful round face with green eyes, cute nose, and the nicest smile.

They approached each other and give each other a huge hug. Bill starts to feel a bulge in his pants as he hugs his wife. He hasn’t seen her dressed this sexy since a Christmas party several years ago. He remembers that night well. After a slow romantic dance, they head up to their room for a quickie. She didn’t take off her dress that night and just hiked it up exposing her stocking tops and crotch less panties. Bill removed his pants and after eating desert consisting of her love juices which gave her an orgasm dived his cock deep inside his wife’s spread legs. He pumped his rock hard cock in and out of his wife while she was still completely dressed and his pants lowered just to expose his cock. He came and they quickly straightened themselves up before heading back to the party.

They sat at the bar and ordered drinks. Bill told his wife how hot she looked and how he couldn’t wait till they got home. The bulge continued in Bill’s pants as he thought about seducing his wife later on.

He asked his wife what was the occasion. She told him everything, hoping that he would like what she did. He did like the thoughtfulness of his wife and they made small talk while sitting at the bar.

Brenda looks down at her gold watch and sees that it is 6:30 and time for their reservation. She grabs her husbands hand and leads him out of the lounge and down to the dining room. The warm soft flesh of her hand sends tingles of desire through Bill’s body. He is anticipating where this night may lead which causes blood to rush into his dick.

At the dining room the hostess seats them in a dark corner booth. The booth is one of those half circle ones where you get to sit next to each other. The waiter takes their drink order as they look over the menu. Bill looks at the pricy entrées and tells his wife that he is just going to get a chicken sandwich, the cheapest thing on the menu. He is worried about the cost but his wife insists that he orders his favorite, steak and lobster. They order and start to wait for their dinner.

In the booth they hold hands and look into each others eyes. Both see the love that they share deep inside one another. Where has this love been lately? It has always been there but recently it has been fogged over by their busy lives. Both start to realize that they are in love with each other as much now as the day they met.

Their meals come and they start to eat the delicious food. They share their food with each other so they can taste the different entrees of this fancy restaurant. They finish up and both sit back and relax while they wait for the waiter to take their desert order. Both of them feel more relaxed with each other now than they had in a long time. Their recent fights have made them very tense and stressful with each other and this is what they needed to release the stress.

The waiter takes their desert order and as he walks away the band starts to play. Bill stands up and grabbing his wife’s hand asks for this dance. They hold each other tight as the make their way around the dance floor to the slow rhythm of the music. They look into each others eyes to see the love. Brenda starts to feel aroused because she senses security in Bill’s arms. It has been a long time Brenda has felt this tingle between her legs from just holding each other. They are the only ones on the dance floor. Brenda doesn’t even think about others looking at her. She knows she is overweight and many of the skinny bitches there think she shouldn’t be dressed so provocative. She knows her husband adores her big beautiful body and this excites her even more.

The song ends and they bahis firmaları make their way back to their table. The desert has arrived and they sit down to eat. Both Bill and Brenda are aroused as they watch each other eat. Brenda makes a comment to Bill that she hopes he is in the mood for some after dinner fun. Bill asks what she had in mind. Without saying a word he got the idea as she licked her lips and grabbed his dick through his pants under the table.

Bill eats his desert as his wife rubs his erect cock. The sensation feels so good as his dick grows a huge throbbing erection. He moans lightly as he eats each bight of his chocolate cake and keeps saying “Mmmmm, so good.” It was a good cover to hide the great pleasure his wife was giving him under the table. Soon his desert was gone and so was the hand on his throbbing cock. It was fully erect and he couldn’t wait until he could plunge it between his wife’s legs.

That got him thinking, was she turned on? He reached under the table and grabbed his wife’s knee. He slid his hand up her soft silk covered leg and pushed his hand under her tight dress. She didn’t argue because she ached for his touch on her cunt. He slows down when he feels the lacy tops of her stockings and garter belt. He rubs her inner thigh above her stockings which causes an eruption of desire to burn through Brenda. He feels the thin material of her g-string and moves his hand to her crotch. He pushes the material aside and rubs her pussy to see if she is wet. Her juices soon flow and he feels the sticky wetness on his fingers.

He rubs her pussy up and down while they wait for the check. His throbbing hard on wants let out. He doesn’t know how he will make it home and that is when he gets the idea to fuck Brenda in the parking structure. There usually aren’t a lot of people in those and he figures he could lift Brenda on the hood, spread her legs, and kneel before her. He could lick her dripping wet pussy and clit until she climaxed. Her moans and groans would echo through the structure as an intense orgasm flows through her. He would quickly drop his pants to shove his hard cock into her tight wet hole. He wouldn’t have to pump long before he shoots his sperm deep inside her belly. He finishes just in time because the security guard walks by as they are getting into the car. He knows what they did and just smiles as they drive away.

The check comes and his wife pays for it with cash. Where did she get that money he thinks, but doesn’t really care. They get up and walk towards the exit and to the elevator. When they get in the elevator Brenda plunges towards Bill and their lips meet. They kiss passionately as their tongues collide in pleasure. The animal instincts take over as they rub each others bodies. Bill pulls away as he pushes 3 where his car is parked. Brenda pushes him away and goes for the number 16 button. She pulls out a key out of her purse with number 1635 on it. She tells him she has a room and wants him to join her there. She feels a little naughty and embarrassed from initiating sex like this. Bill doesn’t care as he pulls Brenda close to him in his arms as they kiss again passionately.

They arrive on the sixteenth floor and head down the hall towards their room. They are both full of desire and crave to be connected with Bill’s cock buried deep inside Brenda. They get to the end of the hall to room 1625, “The Honeymoon Suite”. Brenda unlocks the door and enters the room. Bill admires her ass and backside as she walks through the door.

The room is gorgeous and very spacious. In the center of the room straight in front of them is a large king sized canopy bed. There is canopy of white see through material hanging down. There are a few huge overstuffed pillows and silk sheets. To the left is a love seat, coffee table, and TV hutch. To the right is a dry bar with a refrigerator stocked with drinks and snacks for them to enjoy. Through the door on the right is the bathroom with a sunken whirlpool tub in the center and a huge shower stall to the left. The shower has multiple spray jets to give you a massage during your shower. On the other wall is a double sink and huge mirror covering the entire wall.

As soon as they enter the couple embraces into a fiery kiss. The desire floods through their bodies and between each others loins. The passion builds as they crave each other more and more. Brenda pulls away and guides Bill towards the bed.

“Why don’t you get more comfortable dear as I freshen up?” she asks.

Brenda heads towards the bathroom as Bill notices a pair of silk boxers on the bed. He sees they are his size and strips naked and pulls the boxers over his erect cock. He lays on the bed and rubs his throbbing meat through the silky material. His anticipation builds to fuck is beautiful wife. It has been a long time since he has ached this bad for her touch and to feel his cock in her tight hole.

The door to the bathroom opens and Brenda very seductively walks out. She in now out of her dress and her long brown hair is down. She is wearing a black corset that really highlights her curvy flesh. Bill finally sees the tops of her black silk stockings being held by a garter to her corset. She strolls across the floor in her high heals. Bill watches in anticipation all her curves move towards him. She lays on the bed and immediately kisses her horny husband. She reaches down and feels his throbbing cock through the silk boxers. Bill reaches up and caresses the side of her tits through the soft material of her corset.

She whispers in his ear “What do you want to do to me?”

He replies, “I am going to fuck you hard and give you the best orgasm of your life.”

With that he pushes her flat on her back and spreads her legs wide. He lays between them kissing and caressing all over her neck and ears making her juices flow even faster. He reaches down and is able to pull the kaçak iddaa corset over her bosom exposing her gorgeous jumbo tits. He grabs them and squeezes them in his hands. He bends down and kisses each of them before taking each nipple inside his warm moist mouth. Brenda moans in pleasure as he suckles her breasts and her rock hard nipple. Bill’s cock rubs Brenda’s thigh as he plays with her breasts.

He moves down her body and down to between her legs. He pushes her panty to the side and rubs her pussy at the same time. She is dripping wet and his fingers are all moist. He bends down and kisses her inner thighs. Brenda wants him to eat her out but he teases. He lightly breathes on her pussy lips before pulling away. The smell of her sweet cunt excites him so much that he has to tastes it.

He lightly licks up the entire length of her pussy to her throbbing clit. She moans in great pleasure and begs for more. He dives his tongue deep into her cunt sending an earthquake of pleasure throughout Brenda. She bucks her hips trying to get his tongue deeper inside her. He sucks her clit and Brenda is now panting and begging to be fucked. Bill continues to alternate between sucking her enlarged clit and licking up and down her slit. She moans as she grinds her pussy into his face. The anticipation of her orgasm builds. Her hips buck as she starts screaming in orgasm. She begs to be fucked as the flood of gratification fills her body.

She wants more and gets up on her knees and pushes Bill on his back. She bends over to kiss his cock through the silk boxers. His cock is throbbing and it wants to be deep inside Brenda. She needs that too and she orders her husbands hips up so she could pull the boxers down. His rock hard cock bounces up and down as she dives in for the kill. She opens her mouth and takes as much of his meat inside she can.

Bill moans and groans as he watches his wife’s lips tightly wrapped around is erect dick. She bobs her head up and down while squeezing and playing with his balls. He needs her to stop before he blows his load. Very roughly he pulls her hair and pushes her on the bed. He spreads her legs wide open and aims his cock toward the desired target. With a fast motion he shoves his cock deep inside Brenda’s aching wet pussy.

“There you fucking whore. How does this feel?” He asks his wife.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me good!!” She answers.

“That’s my plan for you. You are a slutty bitch.” He tells her as he fucks her tight drenched cavity.

He loves the feeling of her tightness. She is dripping wet and wetter than he can remember in a long time. The tight warm moist hole feels good on his dick as he thrusts it in and out of Brenda. Brenda wraps her legs tightly around his waste wanting him deeper inside her. His pubic bone rubs her clit which brings her to another intense orgasm. Bill feels Brenda tightly squeeze his hard dick. He pumps faster and more furious into her tight pulsating hole. She screams in pleasure as she experiences not one but three orgasms before Bill pumps for the last time into the tight hole. He squirts what seems like gallons of cum into Brenda as he feels his cock shrink. He holds it in Brenda as they stair into each others eyes enjoying the feeling of love and togetherness. He bends over and kisses Brenda before laying down along side her.

They snuggle each other tight for about fifteen minutes. Both are content at what happened because they haven’t had a fuck session that good in years. Brenda gazes over at Bill and says “let’s go get a bath.”

She gets up and strips off the rest of her clothing. Bill admires her curvy plump body and immediately starts to feel aroused again. She heads into the bathroom while Bill slowly follows. He arrives in the bathroom to find his wife filling the tub with water. She is bent over with her ass in the air. Bill thinks about fucking her in the ass but knows his wife wouldn’t let him.

Bill heads over to the shower and turns it on. I am going to rinse off first he said as he steps into the steamy shower stall. He looks around at all the nozzles in the shower and sees how to change it to massage. He does and all the jets start pulsating hot water all over his body. The sensation feels good as he calls for his wife to join him.

He turns off the massage as his wife enters the shower. He turns it back on and the jets pulse water on them as they embrace in a kiss. They reach around and touch each others ass. Bill moves his hands to caress her breasts. He starts to feel his cock become erect and push against Brenda’s leg. She reaches down and strokes his now throbbing meat. She strokes his cock as they continue to kiss. Bill wants to bend his wife over and shove it in her ass but knows better than to try. He turns her around and from behind slides his rock hard cock into Brenda’s drenched pussy. He pumps his meat in and out of her firm slit. The tip of his cock is hitting Brenda’s g-spot which produces an orgasm for her.

She yells, “Oh god, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Bill not wanting to cum, pulls his cock out and turns his wife around. They kiss as he turns the water off and they head for the tub. Bill gets in the huge whirlpool first sitting down. His wife enters the tub and sits along side of him. They turn toward each other and kiss. Brenda reaches under the water and feels for Bill’s throbbing cock. She finds it and rubs the rod up and down. Bill plays and fondles with Brenda’s huge tits. Brenda moves onto her knees alongside Bill continuing to play with his rock hard cock. Bill with one hand continues to play with her tit and he squeezes her erect nipple between his fingers. With the other hand he reaches under her crotch and inserts a finger into her moist hole. She moans as Bill plunges his finger in and out of Brenda’s tight pussy. She wants more. She wants his cock deep inside her pussy again.

She lifts one leg up and kaçak bahis straddles Bill. She grabs his cock and inserts it into her hole. She rides his cock as she rubs her clit with her hand. Bill reaches up and fondles her breasts and plays with her hard nipples. She bounces up and down on his throbbing tool as she brings herself closer to orgasm. Bill starts to feel his cock become more erect as it slides in and out of his wife’s hole. They are both lost in the great pleasure they are receiving from each others bodies. Nothing can stop them now as Brenda bucks up and down on his dick. The water splashes as she does.

Brenda gives one last hard bounce when she feels herself explode. Her pussy walls clinch Bill’s cock. The tight squeeze causes Bill to explode into his wife. They buck and grind against each other as the orgasm fills their beings. With disappointment it subsides and Bill’s cock falls out of Brenda.

She rolls off of him in the tub and both of them relax. They continue to sit in the warm bubbly tub and wash each other. They connect mentally and chat between themselves. This is just what they needed to reconnect as a couple.

They get out of the tub and dry off each other’s body. Bill wishes he could regain another erection because he just adores his wife’s body. He makes his way back out to the bedroom and before getting into bed, puts on the silk underwear his wife had there for him. Just as he gets comfortable in bed his wife appears from the bathroom is flimsy violet baby doll and a g-string panty. It is see through and Bill loves watching her move as she gets into bed. They snuggle in bed under the silk sheets holding each others body tight.

Brenda picks up the remote and turns on the TV. It is on a pay per view video she had purchased. It is an X rated movie about a husband and wife rekindling their love. It could have been a story about them because many of the facts were the same in the movie as what was really happening that night. Both watched the movie being somewhat aroused at the fact the movie could have been about them. Brenda’s juices started to flow and Bill started to feel a tingle in his cock.

The part of the movie came where the couple was snuggling in bed watching a porn movie.

Bill whispered to Brenda, “I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“Oh, you will be very delighted.” She responds.

Bill watches in anticipation and his cock starts to get hard again. He watches as the wife in the movie goes to the drawer in the night stand and get out some lube. She is offering her anal virginity to her husband. By this time Bill’s cock was throbbing hard and Brenda with one hand was rubbing it through his boxers and her other hand was rubbing her wet cunt.

“What do you think dear?” Brenda asks.

“I want to fuck you again.” He answered knowing his wife would never let him fuck her in the ass.

“You are going to fuck me in my ass, aren’t you?” she asks.

“If you will let me.” He replied.

“Do with me whatever you want” she said as she got up to the nightstand and handed Bill a tube of lube.

His rock hard cock ached to be driven up his wife’s tight ass. She pulled the covers off him and made him stand. She pulled the boxers off again and let them drop to the floor. He pulled off her panties and piled them in the same pile. She rubbed his cock as she dropped down to her knees to take it in her mouth. As she squatted she rubbed her cunt making it dripping wet.

She stands and Bill makes her kneel on the bed. Positioning himself behind her, he rams his cock up her dripping wet cunt. He spanks her hard and she screams in pain. She likes it and she yells “punish me master”. He drives his cock in hard and she reminds him that she wants it in her ass. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and he had to pull out before he came. He couldn’t believe she wanted it up her ass. He wondered why but didn’t really care.

He grabbed the lube and placed some on the tip of his fingers. Brenda played with her cunt as he rubbed the lube into her tight hole. The combination of pleasure and pain shot through her body. After lubing her hole, Bill positioned himself behind his wife and placed the tip on the entry to her ass.

“Are you sure?” Bill asked giving her another opportunity to back out.

“Fuck my ass dear” she ordered him.

Wasting no time he shoved his rod as deep into his wife as he could. This shot pain through Brenda’s body and she screamed out in pain. But it wasn’t all pain. It was pleasure too.

Bill was about to ask her again but before he had the chance she ordered him to fuck her hard. He drove his tool in again this time getting it about three quarters of the way in. Brenda moaned in pain and pleasure as her husband’s cock was in her tight ass and she rubbed her clit. He shoved it in again and this time his huge cock was all the way in her tight ass. It felt so good having that much pressure clamp down on his cock.

He slid it out a little and rammed it in. Every time Brenda groaned from the sensation in her ass. Bill couldn’t last as the clamping anal muscles squeezed his cock. Brenda was on the verge of cumming too and she rubbed herself to orgasm. She moaned and groaned and screamed.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, God, This hurts sooooo ggoooood!” she screamed as the orgasm came over her.

Bill’s pressure grew and he couldn’t do it any longer. His cock started to pump the white globs of sperm into his wife’s ass. The tightness felt so good around his throbbing dick he spit every last drop before going soft and pushed out.

Brenda fell onto the bed exhausted and so did Bill. They cuddled alongside each other falling into a deep sleep. They have never felt so much sexual pleasure in their lives and knew this would be hard to compete. They didn’t care because they were in love and felt totally connected to each other. All the fighting and negativity towards their partner left their minds that night. They would never again fight like that again and never would they think of leaving each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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