A Well Worn Path Between Two Farms

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Please note that the subject matter of this story fits into both the mature and fetish categories and involves adultery on the part of a man and a woman.


As had been his practice recently, when Calvin Finley went out his back door and headed over to the garage of the farm a hundred yards up the road he made a point of taking a slightly different route than had been his custom over the last couple years, and the fact that it was his wife that alerted him that he was wearing a path between the two properties made him chuckle.

“You know Calvin, if it becomes obvious enough for me to see it, I suspect that someone else could tell as well,” Alma had warned him, in effect assisting her husband of nearly 40 years in committing adultery with the woman next door.

“Much obliged,” Calvin had said, appreciating the fact that while their marriage was not what it was, they still loved and cared about each other very much.

In fact, it was Calvin’s wife who suggested that she had no objection to him seeking pleasure from another woman, her only wish was for him to be discreet and not embarrass her in their small backwoods town, because news like that in the sleepy hamlet of Piseco, New York traveled fast.

Alma’s blessing of her always faithful husband finding a lover was a bit selfish on her part for two reasons.

“Maybe it’s the change of life or something, but I just don’t enjoy it anymore. It hurts,” Alma confided, “and it’s not your fault because you haven’t changed, I guess my body has. But the main reason is that I’ve become rather fond of someone else, so this is my way of looking for your approval too.”

“Who is he?” Calvin had asked, a little upset at the thought of Alma with another guy, but her answer calmed him down.

“Not a he dear. A she,” Alma said.

“Oh. Well, in that case it’s okay,” he heard himself saying, surprising them both it seemed.

“You sure?”

“Want to give me a hint about who the lucky lady is?” Calvin prodded playfully. “Is it Lydia next door?”

“Goodness no,” Alma had answered quickly. “Nothing against the woman mind you. She’s a nice lady and it hurts me when I hear her getting screamed at and who knows what else by that slug of a husband. It’s just that – well – the lady I’m fond of is a bit more feminine if you know what I mean.”

Calvin knew exactly what Alma meant because Lydia Cole had a rather sever and almost mannish look because of her short black hair and usually stern expression, but she had other less than ladylike features that caught the senior’s eye although he had done nothing but look before then.

It wasn’t easy for the 64 year old farmer to try and seduce a woman after all those decades of married life but to his surprise Lydia Cole was not only flattered but to his surprise was interested.

They would have made for an odd couple if they were seen together in public, the tall and slender Lydia and the short and squat Calvin, since the only things they had in common were belonging to AARP and being in sexless marriages.

Lydia was understandably nervous about this, since her drunkard husband was a brute who enjoyed leaving bruises on the skinny woman’s back because they didn’t show that way, making it easier for them to show up at church on Sunday and pretend they were a real couple.

Luckily Hank Cole drank early and often enough so that when he passed out Lydia was able to sneak out the back door and meet her neighbor in a place that was not romantic casino şirketleri but was convenient, the Cole’s barn/garage.

Calvin had never told Lydia that his wife had given him permission because he felt that Lydia would feel odd about that, and Calvin never told Alma about his going next door for love either. Only the path had given him away but even so, she never said a word about it when she deduced it.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell,” Alma had insisted for both of them from the start and they had stayed true to that, although Calvin had begun to expect that Alma’s lover was the woman that styled hair in town.

This night was a special occasion, although Calvin knew that Lydia would have no idea what it was. He did buy the woman a little present though and had even wrapped it up, and it was in his pocket as he crept over the the side door of the barn, smiling when he saw the pink clothespin in the line that was Lydia’s signal that she wanted Calvin to come over.

Safely inside, Calvin lit the tiny lamp that gave them the little illumination they needed, and after brushing off their bed of whatever dust had formed in the last three days, he set the gift down where Lydia sat.

Their “bed” was in fact a homemade work bench, probably the only thing Lydia’s shit husband had ever done right, and while it wasn’t a bed it served their purposes perfectly. Like most older people the two of them were set in their ways, and although Lydia was a bit baffled by Calvin’s peculiar preferences at first, she was too happy being appreciated to mind and given the things she had been subjected to from her husband, Calvin’s quirks were enjoyable.

“You look lovely dear,” Calvin said as the door opened and Lydia came in, wearing slippers and a worn bathrobe, and although Calvin knew that she would be wearing a very plain unflattering white nightie underneath it his cock still stirred when it came off.

“Blind as a bat,” Lydia snickered as she came up to Calvin, and although she had to bend a little to make up for her 5″ height advantage, the kiss was every bit as passionate as ever.

“What’s this?” Lydia asked when she saw the little package on the table.

“An anniversary present,” Calvin said as Lydia opened it up and smiled when she saw the Nestle’s Crunch bar, her favorite. “This is our 100th date.”

“Oh, you keep track Daddy?” Lydia said, using the term Daddy because that was what she used to call her husband when he used to have sex with her, and she thought using it was safer than using her lover’s name and slipping sometime.


“I guess that I now know I’ve had 100 orgasms

in the last couple years,” she noted as she kissed her lover’s forehead.

“You’ve cum twice a few nights though,” Calvin reminded her as he took the little towel out of his back pocket and set it on the bench.

“That’s right. Well, in honor of the occasion I guess I’ll subject you to this,” Lydia told him as she lifted the nightie off, something she didn’t do often because she was ashamed at the way her tiny breasts drooped these days.

“You know I love them,” Calvin assured her as he helped her onto the bench and lavished love on her breasts, hungrily taking almost the entire cones into his mouth and sucking eagerly before pulling the straps of his carpenter jeans off his shoulders and pulling off his shirt.

“This is proof of how much I love your knockers,” Calvin clucked as he stepped back briefly and nodded down towards his manhood which was pointing casino firmaları at his lover, a cock that might lack a bit in length, but that was more than made up for by the outrageous thickness of the organ which Alma had become unable to bear as she aged.

“Looking swollen,” Lydia quipped as she looked at her neighbor’s weapon and smiled, recalling how different her reaction had been the first time she saw the absurd girth of Calvin’s cock and felt him inside of her, but now she was so used to it that if her husband was ever sober enough to get an erection and mount her she didn’t think she would feel him.

“You can eat your candy bar,” Calvin told her as he knelt on the milk crate and spread Lydia’s slender legs to look at the delightfully hairy delta where her pussy was hidden.

“Gonna save it for later when I’m not occupied,” Lydia told him as she grabbed Calvin’s balding skull and brought it into her furry grotto where her pussy was already damp with anticipation. “That’s it. Eat my pussy babe.”

Calvin’s answer was in the form of slobbering and snorting, and although he sounded crude and vulgar the noises Calvin made as he frantically lapped her sex made Lydia tingle.

Calvin’s cheeks were lost in the dark brown curls as he inhaled the pungent aroma of her pussy, the aroma and taste making him almost feral as his frenzied tongue worked relentlessly.

“Cumming,” Lydia said through gritted teeth after a couple minutes, grabbing the wrapped candy bar and clamping her teeth down into it as her body shook and her thighs crushed Calvin’s head, with the only sound coming out of her was an odd soft squeal from her nose as she came.

“I think this is gonna be one of those 2 orgasm nights,” Calvin suggested as he stood up and contorted his back before moving close to Lydia.

“Could be. Want me to suck on you first?”

“Nope. I want to last long enough to make you cum at least once more,” Calvin said as he leaned close and ran the tip of his uncut tool up and down the wet fold before pushing forward.

“Fuck!” Lydia muttered as Calvin slowly worked the fleshy monolith into the tight opening.

“Still as tight as a virgin,” Calvin noted as he took his time until all 5″ were inside his lover, and only then did he begin to slowly move to and fro, the vise-like pussy gradually becoming used to his girth as Lydia put her hands on his beefy shoulders to brace them both.

“Love your fat cock Daddy,” Lydia encouraged him as he slowly began to move faster in and out of her, the tender patience something she had not experienced before Calvin, although as things went on the pace would quicken.

“And I love my baby’s sweet pussy,” Calvin said as they kissed, and as if on cue Lydia’s hands went up and grabbed the brace above her head which could not have been placed any more perfectly although it was not put there to be hung on.

“I know what else Daddy likes,” Lydia chirped, and like he always did Calvin smiled at both her willingness to please as well as her open-minded acceptance of his kinky side.

“You sure do baby,” Calvin agreed as without missing a beat he bent down to kiss her nipples before nibbling his way over to her exposed armpit which had gone unshorn for years. Their very bushy nature was something that excited the aging farmer, and he buried his face in the furry hollow enthusiastically.

“That’s it Daddy,” Lydia chanted, having long ago not only accepting her armpits being devoured but actually coming to enjoy it. “Makes güvenilir casino your fat cock even harder when you lick my pits, doesn’t it. I can feel it. You’re so damn big.”

“You love it,” Calvin grunted as he moved over to the other side, his pace quickening as he got more and more excited by the praise and her tightness, and the sloshing sounds coming from Lydia’s pussy told him she was getting excited too.

“Yeah – I do,” Lydia gasped as the thick rod began acting like a piston inside of her, and soon Calvin straightened up and went into another gear, their grunts and the squeaking of the work bench echoing in the barn.

“Cum for me,” Calvin cackled as he leaned his upper torso back a bit so every inch of his tool was going in and out of his lover, holding onto her hips as he fought not to cum, and as if on cue the elderly man felt Lydia’s pussy convulse around him.

Lydia lurched forward and buried her face in the crook of the burly man’s neck, fighting the urge to bite into Calvin as the waves of her orgasm washed over her, and he kept thrusting until she stopped shaking.

“Haven’t cum?” a flushed Lydia asked when she felt him still hard as he stopped moving. “Want me to finish you off with my mouth?”

“No, that’s okay,” Calvin said as he moved a little bit forward and back before grimacing and grunting, “Here we go.”

“Ohh!” Lydia gasped when she felt Calvin’s cock pulsate in her just before he filled her savaged insides with his seed, and she let out another sigh as he kept cumming.

“Love watching you cum Daddy,” Lydia giggled after he was done. “Your “I’m cumming” faces are so cute.”

“You should see yourself cum,” Calvin said.

“You’re the only one that has in a long time,” Lydia lamented and then let out another moan when his deflating manhood slipped out of her.

“Want me to clean you up?” Calvin offered, causing Lydia to shake her head and grin as he added, “Hey, I know who made the mess, and it’s not like I never tasted it before.”

“Go to it Daddy,” Lydia chuckled as Calvin knelt down again and pushed his face into the cream filled opening. “You like eating pussy so much you’ll think of any excuse to do it.”

“You know me too well,” Calvin chortled in between licks of their combined fluids.

“If you’re going to try and make me cum, it ain’t gonna happen,” Lydia cautioned. “I’m drained.”

“Better get home anyway,” Calvin said as he straightened up and stretched before picking up their clothes.

“Wait. Don’t take this home with you. Might not go over too well,” Lydia said as she spotted a curly hair on Calvin’s flushed cheek, and after plucking it off saw another one and quipped, “Damn, you’re going to make me bald down there at this rate.”

“Take me a couple centuries to do that,” he countered and was thanked with a playful slug on the arm.

“More wisecracks like that and I might show up back here some time with a bald pussy. Shave my armpits too. Bet you wouldn’t like that much would you?” Lydia threatened playfully.

“Wouldn’t bother me any,” Calvin replied and when his lover raised an eyebrow he insisted. “I’m not crazy about you because you’re a furry gal, you just happen to be a furry gal that I’m crazy about.”

“Why didn’t I meet you back when I was single?” Lydia said as they embraced on last time before going back to their respective houses.

“Maybe if we get reincarnated we’ll end up together,” Calvin said as he left, but he knew that it would have been tough to beat the marriage he had and the life he was living now was not bad.

“Not bad at all,” Calvin said to himself as he made his way home, walking well wide of the moonlit path as he did.


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