A Weekend with Tara and Kara Ch. 01

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The first night

Tara and I had planned on meeting Kara and Brad at the beach house, Friday night late after everyone finished work and could make the drive over. When Tara and I got there, we saw Kara’s Honda parked outside, not Brad’s Subaru like usual. I didn’t really think anything of it.

When we grabbed our backpacks and went in, Kara was on the couch watching TV. It was obvious she had been drinking for at least an hour. “Oh, its you.” She says to Tara and I. Not sure who else it might be. “Fuck Brad, sonofabitch. Fuck.” And she started crying.

Knowing my place, I grabbed the bag out of Tara’s hands and went to the bedroom, while she sat down with her twin sister, on the couch. Turns out, Brad was dicking someone else, and Kara found out just before setting out for our couples beach weekend. Awkward, but I can’t deny I immediately got a bit chubby thinking of banging Kara and Tara, expertly exacting her revenge on Brad that dumb motherfucker. But I knew, that ain’t gonna happen. So I went to the kitchen, to grab a beer and see if I could give words of comfort to my girlfriends hot twin sister.

He’s a cocksucker, I said. Not worth it. Bastard. How could he, just look at you, your hot. I said it all, grabbed another beer and went to the bedroom. Within an hour, Tara tucked her sister into bed and came to me to vent. She flopped, still dressed onto the bed after putting her beer on the end table.

“Fuck him. Why would he do that? I mean, she gave him everything and I mean, everything and he does this.” She stood up and started taking off her clothes, very spiritedly.

“What do you mean?” I asked, unsure of what everything meant.

“OK, but please don’t freak out.” She said, looking pensive. Now in only her bra and panties, Tara sat down by me on the bed. Handed me my beer. “About three years ago, before we were dating and I was single, Kara and I gave Brad a birthday present.” She looked up, scared. “Yeah, he got both of us, naked. I didn’t fuck him, but I did suck his dick. We did it at the same time.” She looked at me, one eyebrow raised appraising my reaction. And then finished, looking angry. “Plus, she gave him anal, alot.”

I sat on the edge of the bed, stunned. “What the fuck?”

“Look, Brad was a good guy to her then. So, I know you’re mad, but you weren’t around and he is cute and has a nice big…anyway, it was kinda fun.” She looked half nervous, half aggressive.

I stared, words pulsing in my ears. “I don’t care about the fucking threesome.” I said, indignant. “You never let me fuck your ass!” I said, hurt and shocked. And, thinking Kara was the hottest thing in the house at the time.

“Well, you never asked, did you?” She said, mockingly. Tara cocked her head at me, grin bahis firmaları on her face.

“Yes I did!” Standing up, beer at risk of slopping out the bottle in my agitation. “Years ago, after we started dating.”

Tara looked at me, like I was fucking special ed. “What is wrong with you? You brought it up, a month after we started sleeping together. And I said I was not interested.”

“Exactly!’ I said, point proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is not fair.

“OK, John let me break this down for you. Real simple, since you seem stupid.” She stuck her tongue out at me. “One month in, new guy, wants my ass, I say not interested. Two and a half years later, you have never brought it up again. I am not that into anal, babe. But, I love you and trust you. Answer might be different now.” She took a swig of her beer, and switched her ass back and forth as she walked to the bathroom and shut the door.

I felt vertigo hit me, but dick vertigo. It was so hard, and proud the blood loss to my brain made my ears ring and the room spin. Was she saying…if I asked…her ass??? What seemed like an eternity later, Tara came out, naked and climbed into bed, fully under the covers. I don’t think I had moved.

Despite her aspersions on my intelligence, I am not thick. “I really want to do anal with you.” I looked at her, into her eyes as best I could, “Can I?” I drained my beer and took my leave, shaking my butt on the way to the bathroom. Not giving her the chance to answer. I stripped and jumped in the shower. I avoided my cock, until it calmed the fuck down, as I felt tragically close to blasting the lid off.

I came back out, the lights were dimmed and Tara was in bed, reading something. “So, cowboy. What do you want from me? I guess I am not totally clear what you desire.” She was purposefully making this hard on me. She knows I have a hard time talking dirty, asking for specifics. She was loving this.

“OK.” I said, getting SUPER horny. “I really want to put my hard cock in your butthole. Is that clear enough?” I felt alive. I felt breathless thinking about flipping Tara over and fucking her beautiful, tight ass. I imagined licking it, preparing it for the invasion. And I thought about her twin, passed out and jilted 40 feet away in the other bedroom.

“Oh, is that all, cowboy?” She quipped, winking.

“Well, since impersonating Brad and getting it on with you and your sister is obviously not happening, I can settle for some butt sex.” I said, being a smart ass.

“Oh, ok if you say so, John.” Tara finally put the magazine down and turned her attention fully to me.

I was confused. “What does that mean, ‘if I say so?'” I felt beads of sweat break out on my turgid scrotum. Ball sweat.

“Nothing baby. Just, bet kaçak iddaa Kara would love some sweet revenge on Brad the bastard. Anyway, yes we can do anal.” She had been stroking my cock for a while, it was heavenly.

“Umm,” I said, “Are you saying I can have you and Kara, seriously?” I was shocked, honestly.

“Well, I need to talk to Kara, don’t I. But, we’ll see. Meanwhile, do you want to give me a butt massage?” Tara had turned her perfect ass to me. “I am experiencing tension in my buttocks and, maybe even my anus.” She used her serious voice. I was crazed.

She was mine. I was the luckiest man alive at that moment. I spent the next 30 minutes digging in to touching her body, spanking and kneading and kissing and licking her ass. Tonguing her sweet butthole, feeling her squirm in my embrace. Both the longest and greatest 30 minutes of my life, as I devoured her body and hole, as I tongued her ass, spreading her cheeks to delve into her butthole. God? Not sure. Heaven? Is a place on Earth and it is Tara’s anus. True story.

Tara took to gentle rubbing of her aroused clit. As I rhythmically butt humped her with my tongue, she worked her clit. I sensed her orgasm, coming and I thought I had a moment to focus, but I was wrong. Her climax hit her, and me, like a freight train and she pounded her ass so hard into my face, that she knocked me senseless. All I could do was hold on, as she bucked, and I fucked her bottom with my tongue. I hadn’t even stuck a finger in yet, and it was this good. I was the luckiest man alive.

Tara rolled off me, and twitched on the bed. My face was sticky wet, my cock rock hard. A soft moan escaped her lips, as she recovered and attacked me. Her mouth took hold of my cock, milking it for all it was worth. “No, not so good. I don’t wanna come. I want your ass, now.!” Tara sucked hard, making a popping sound as my cock escaped her lips. She turned one to her stomach, looking back at me. “Oh shit, you are so fucking sexy baby.”

She stuck her butt up, leaving her arms and face on the bed. “You need lube.” She said, smiling, “It’s in my purse.”

“Why do you have lube in your purse? Oh, nevermind.” I rummaged through the purse on the night stand, found the lube, silicon based and light, and put some on my fingers. I worked them into her butthole, enjoying the sensations of her tight ring of flesh tugging my fingers. “Shit you are tight, even after all my butt licking. You are going to pinch me off in there.”

“Guess you better find a way to stretch me out, bad man.” Tara teased, pumping my fingers into her ass.

I eyed her beautiful pink butthole, and massaged her cheeks, spreading the love and considering how to mount her. How to thrust my cock in her ass for the FIRST TIME! And not come in 3 seconds kaçak bahis thinking about her twin sister sucking my cock…I finally decided to scoot her forward and get on the bed with her. Luckily, I am 6 feet tall and Tara and, I thought happily, her twin sister Kara are 5 feetish, so I could get on my feet and drop into her asshole from above. I’m still young enough and strong, so even from above her, I could move my cock ever so little, centimeter at a time as to not rush her. Not hurt her, and not come to fast. I want to savor this, make it last, I want to enjoy every inch of her ass, softly and joyfully allowing the moment to last before being sent to memory. I was going to fully enjoy Tara’s ass.

I lubed my cock now, and fingered her gently then deeply, very quickly. She gasped. “So greedy.” I said.

She looked back at me. “I’m waiting.” She said.

I pulled my finger out of her slicked up bottom. I moved my cock into position, dropping my body down toward her. The head, lubed and angry, started to enter, but popped down toward her pussy. I started again, holding my cock with my hand, guiding it in. Tara reached up and took it from me, putting my head right into her waiting anus. She parted the cheeks wide, and moaned as I moved the head in.

“Wait baby. Just…” I stopped and massaged her cheeks and felt around my cock, protruding from her butthole. “OK. Slow baby.”

I moved my body lower, my cock burying itself ever so deeper in her. Millimeter at a time I sunk into the greatest sensation of my life. I suddenly had to stop moving. “Shit baby, no, don’t squeeze so hard it’s too good.” I was begging her and she loved it. She answered me silently, by squeezing and milking my cock with her butt muscles. It was exquisite and despite my best intentions, I started to pump her ass. Slowly, but steady and deep and I came. So hard, impossible to prevent, I squeaked like an enraged ferret, buried to the hilt. My cum gushing into her ass.

Tara bucked, “stay there!” her left hand working her clit and her other hand between my legs holding my balls. “Oh shit, al-most…” And she climaxed with my hard cock still deep in her rectum. And she shuddered and started to slowly drop her ass down, pulling gently off me. “Ooh.” We moaned together. And she laid on her stomach, I laid aside her, curling around her, spent. Satisfied. Amazed.

Tara came back with wet wipes, and cleaned me up like I was a prince. “Need you clean, if nature calls.

Life had smiled a great gift upon me. My animal nature, fully sated and tired I drifted off to sleep wondering, what her sister’s ass tasted like. What it felt like. Not unhappily, I felt cold breath on me and came into consciousness. I opened one eye, and saw Tara down between my legs, sucking me hard again. She did not say a word, I did not say a word. She sucked me so forcefully, I came hot and desperate in her mouth, in two sweet minutes. Tara got up and went to the bathroom, I fell asleep. Smile tattooed on my soul.

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