A Trucker’s Story

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Douglass and Rachael Masterson were driving from the great state of Montana. Helena, Montana to be exact, in route to Topeka, Kansas in November, to see their parents for Thanksgiving. It had been snowing for days through the mountains of Wyoming and upper Colorado, and the roads that Doug and Rachael were traveling were very slick at some points and were fair at best on other roads, and Doug wasn’t exactly comfortable driving through these snowy conditions, but would rather himself chance it, then have Rachael do it.

Approaching a very steep downgrade, Doug decided to try to coast instead of gassing the little Toyota Camry that they were driving. Instead of the little car slowing, it accelerated and picked up speed, and the sheet of black ice in the middle of the road became the breaking point to the little car’s stride, and it spun out of control into the guardrail slamming Rachael’s blonde head into the window.

Thinking that he could steer out of the mess, Doug accelerated and backwards steered the car, and hit the sheet of ice harder now throwing the car into the guardrail and over it. Once, then twice the little Toyota rolled until it came to a screeching halt, ejecting Rachael out of the passenger’s door into the snow.

“Doug!” she called, “Doug!”

Bleeding from the three-inch gash in her right forehead where her head slammed against the glass window, and the cuts on her right hand and forearm, and left leg where a branch had dug into her when she rolled from the car, Rachael mustered up all the strength she had left in her body and crawled towards the wreckage. Tears streamed down her precious face from her icy blue eyes, as she wondered about the fate of her twin brother.
“Rachael, I’m here, but I can’t get out! Hurry!” Doug screamed from the car.

She pushed forward as she was now just mere yards from where her twin was trapped in the car. As she tried to stand to make more headway, the small car started smoking profusely and ignited in flames. Rachael realized that she had only seconds to free her brother from the wreckage, and she took a step in the general direction of the car and it exploded into flames as the fire had reached the fuel line. The blast knocked Rachael back to the ground.

“NO!” Rachael screamed with all of her might. “DOUG!”

Then she let out a blood-curdling squeal as she burst into tears and pounded the ground with her fist. “WHY GOD, WHY DOUG? NO!”

When Rachael realized that her screams, no matter how loud they were, would bring back the twin brother that she once had, and played with, and beat up, laughed, cried, and joked with, she fought against her wish to stay there in the mountains with her brother until she too died of hypothermia, and frost bite, she struggled to her feet to seek medical attention.


Ashton. Ashton Mitchell, a 24-year-old truck driver from Aspen Colorado was actually in route back to his home in Aspen, from a stop in Wisconsin when he stumbled upon Rachael. There is a strip of hidden mountain roadway that he always drives, rain, sleet, snow or hail because of its beautiful mountainous terrain, and it’s beautiful scenery. So as usual, Ashton was headed down this roadway, when he saw smoke rising from the clearing. As his eighteen-wheeler approached the scene of the accident, he realized that someone didn’t make it out if this crash. He parked his truck and searched the scene for any surviving victims. He followed the footprints that Rachael had made back up to the car, and then up to the road.

Realizing that any living survivors would be a couple miles from here, he extinguished the little fire that was still smoldering with the fire extinguisher in his cab, called in the accident to the authorities over the CB radio, and started up the rig to head on down the road.

Approximately seven miles down the highway; Ashton sees a lump on the side of the highway that looks to be a person. Upon reaching the place that the lump is, he makes out pale legs, a black skirt, a red sweater, and blonde hair. Figuring it is the survivor; Ashton pulls his rig over and puts his flashers on. Jumping out of the truck, he runs over to the body and kneels down to check the body for any signs of life. There is a pulse, but the girl seems to be unconscious. He rolls her over onto her back, and performs rescue breathing. “One, (breath) Two (breath) Three, (breath)” he counts, but still no rise and fall of her chest on her own. He continues this process until he hears her breathing, and she stirs awake.

“Are you ok? Are you alright?” Ashton questions.

He lifts her limp body and rests it against his, and pulls her hair out of her face. A couple of strands were stuck to her forehead where the gash and her blood had coagulated and dried, and she jumped when he tried to gently move them from her head.

“What’s your name honey?” he questions, “Are you alright?”

Still in major shock, Rachael just stared blankly out into nowhere. The entire situation played casino oyna back in her mind when she was awoke, and just as Ashton went to open his mouth to ask her again if she was ok, she screamed in a high pitched shrill, “DOUG!” and seemed to convulse, and then she passed out in his arms.

“Hey Ma’am,” Ashton tried to get this blood soaked blonde to wake up again, or even as much as stir, but to no avail.

~* ~

St. Mark’s Rehabilitation and Medical Center was the closest form of medical help that Ashton came across after he placed the blonde into the cab of the truck and drove away from the place that she was found.

He took her out of the truck and ran her into the medical center and to the nearest employee that he saw. “I need a gurney for this girl. She was in a car accident on I-146 and she has lost a lot of blood. Not to mention the fact that I think she may have mild symptoms of hypothermia.”

“What’s her name?” the LN asked.

“I don’t know, I did get her to wake up, but I am just the truck driver that passed the scene of the accident. The driver of the car perished in a fire and I think his name might have been Doug, but I am not sure. Please get her cleaned up.”

A tear fell down Ashton’s face as he placed the limp body on the gurney and the nurses and doctor’s assistants swarmed her and took her into the emergency room of the Medical Center.

“I promise I will be back to see her. Please take good care of her.” Ashton said looking down at his Hershman Trucking Company uniform that was now stained with blood.

The drive from Denver to Aspen was particularly long that night.

~* ~

Kelly. Kelly Lynne Deckard, the 22yr old girlfriend of Ashton Mitchell was of course waiting up to start some type of controversy like she always did when Ashton came home from work.

“Where have you been all night, and why are you all covered in blood?” Kelly snapped when Ashton walked in the door.

“Good evening to you too Kelly. ‘Hi Ashton, how was your day?’ every once and a while wouldn’t kill you, you know? Instead you always want to jump down someone’s throat.”

“Well if you weren’t always out on the roads, having me worried sick about where you are, maybe I’d be a little happier when you came home. Now answer my question. Why are you covered in blood?”

“I drove past the scene of an accident on my way home and I picked up a girl that was in the accident that I found on the side of the road, and I took her to St. Marks for treatment. Now, are you happy, there is the answer to your question.” Ashton said as he removed his shoes at the door and started stripping his uniform pieces off.

“Fuck No, I am far from happy! I am at home longing for my boyfriend’s touch and you are out rescuing bitches off of the side of the highway. How do you think I feel? You are never home, and you never pay attention to me when you are home! Maybe I want to be loved sometimes!”

Ashton was a very meek guy ninety-nine percent of the time, but the only thing that ignited his fire more than anything was a selfish person, an especially a selfish person that was cheating on him, and then acting like she was innocent. Kelly had been caught cheating on Ashton by his best friend AJ when he came over to check on Kelly during one of Ashton’s cross- country drives with the trucking company.

Kelly had asked AJ to swear to her that he would never tell Ashton, and he lied to her and swore, but went straight to his car and called Ashton on his company cell phone and informed him of Kelly’s infidelity.

Because of the person that Ashton was, he was able to keep his composure for almost six months, but this was the last straw!

“You unappreciative, ungrateful, cheating slut. I am tired of your nagging and bitching about everything! You have anything you could ever want. A condo that rivals any house or apartment that any of your friends could ever dream of, a brand new car, two credit cards that I keep paying on for you to get anything you want, and you even have a boyfriend that you walk all over! Well not anymore sweet cheeks! You cheated on me over six months ago, and I actually was stupid enough to think that you wouldn’t do it again, so I didn’t even bring it up to you that I knew anything about it. I try to please you in any way that I can, but you never give anything in return, and you are ungrateful and unappreciative for the things that I do give you! I am done Kelly! As of this moment, DONE!” Ashton, now standing inches away from Kelly, screamed in her face.

“I do appreciate you, and I never cheated on…”

“Don’t you dare even fix your mouth to say that! AJ told me that he caught you fucking Roger Jackson on numerous occasions. He caught you once in the act, when he let himself in to check on you, and caught you naked the second time when your stupid ass answered the door expecting to see Roger! Don’t play me!”

“Well if you gave me sex when I asked for it, and not when you felt like it, slot oyna I wouldn’t have cheated.” Kelly said walking into the kitchen with Ashton just steps behind her.

“It’s sex that you want? Huh, is that what you want? Not a relationship that has been alive since our freshman year in high school when you lost your virginity to me, and promised that you would always stay true? Just sex? Ok, fine, that’s what I’ll give you!”

Ashton grabbed Kelly by her shoulders, spun her around so she was facing him, and slammed her little petite body against the refrigerator. “Sex it is!” he said ripping the t-shirt that she was wearing right down the center, exposing her black bra clad breasts.

“Ashton stop, Please… please!” she said as tears ran down her face.

“Shut up bitch! Sex is what you want, here it is!” He said as he took one hand and pinned her to the stainless steel appliance and ripped her jeans open with the other hand and pulled them down with her thong, exposing her clean-shaven twat and smooth legs. As Ashton took his three fingers and planned to insert them into Kelly and sodomize her with them, she whispered, “You’re scaring me Ashton. I love you.”

The rage that once inflamed Ashton’s eyes now melted away. “You’re not worth spending the rest of my life in jail.” He said pushing Kelly with the hand that still had her pinned to the refrigerator, and he turned to walk away.

Disgusted, exhausted, and upset, Ashton went up to his room, and quietly packed all of his belongings, called his mother and put all of his things into his Ford Escape, and left Kelly sitting on the kitchen floor balling her eyes out with her pants around her ankles and her shirt torn on the floor.


Serena answered the door with open arms as her only child walked up her front stairs. Ashton had tears in his eyes as he embraced his mom, and after he told her the story he got a bowl of Frosted Flakes™ and went to bed for the night.

The next morning Ashton was up at 6am with the smell of Maxwell House coffee pervading through out his mother’s flat. He didn’t have to go to work, so he decided that he was going to visit the blonde girl in St Marks. So after he sat down to have a cup of coffee with his mom, he got dressed and headed to Denver.

Ashton was walking down the hallway of the Rehabilitation Ward, and upon reaching the nurses station; a young brunette in a full nurse’s uniform stopped him.

“You’re the gentleman that brought the girl in Room 420 into the hospital yesterday aren’t you?” this woman asked.

“Ashton Mitchell. Nice to meet you, and you are?”

“Doctor Emily Nichole Peterson. I have been overseeing the girl that you brought in last night. She is in stable condition, but she is in a coma right now. We cleaned her up and bandaged her up, but I couldn’t find anything on her to identify her. We can’t identify her body. I personally called the Register of Colorado, and I still can’t find out who she is.” She told him.

“Well I will opt to take care of her.” Ashton said shaking Dr. Peterson’s hand. “And I can pay the bill for her stay when she is well enough to leave.”

Ashton walked into the room where the blonde girl stayed, and stayed and talked to her all day. He had heard that you could speed up the recovery of a person in a coma by talking and interacting with them, so he tried. He told her about his mom, and Kelly and his job, and only left her side to go to work and to go home to change, shower and eat.

This went on for about five days, and on the sixth day, Ashton started to worry a little.

“Damn baby, I wish you could wake up and talk to me. You look so beautiful lying there, but I wish I knew your name. I want to get to know you a little better than just talking to a girl in a coma.” Ashton said quietly as he held the warm hand of the blonde.

“You can start by telling me who you are, and where I am.” Rachael whispered faintly without opening her eyes. “I feel like there’s a thousand pounds of pressure lying on me.”

“I am Ashton Mitchell. I am the truck driver that rescued you off of I-146

when I found you in the snow freezing to death.”

“Doug, is he here? And where am I? Are we in Montana?” Rachael asked.

“I’m afraid not. We are in Denver, Colorado, and you are in the St Mark’s Rehabilitation Center. And who is Doug, because he isn’t here either. You were in a car accident. Don’t you remember that? And the driver of the car perished in a fire.”

All of the accident rushed back to Rachael’s memory, and tears started flowing from her face. “Doug was my twin brother. And I do remember now. Oh my God, I can’t believe that he died.”

“Well how is your body? Your leg and forehead looked painful.” Ashton asked, “I can help you try to move around if you’d like.”

“That’s alright, I can stay here for the moment. My name is Rachael Elizabeth Masterson, and my twin Duggy and I were headed to see our parents for the holidays when he and I got canlı casino siteleri into an accident with the black ice that totaled our car and as an end result, ended up taking Duggy’s life. When the car flipped over, I was ejected from the car and as I went to try to rescue him, the car exploded into flames. Douglass was my best friend. Screw the fact that he was my twin, he saved my life on another occasion and mow he gave his life to save mine.” Rachael said as tears began to stream down her face again, “and now I owe you my life too, because if it weren’t for you I probably would have died on the side of 146 in the snow.”

“Well I would rather not speak about your demise, but I do have a question.” Ashton said.


“Do you have a place to go? I understand that you are from Montana, but you are aware that we are in Colorado right?” Ashton said taking Rachael’s hand.

“I never thought about that. No. The closest relative to Aspen is my parents in Topeka, which is where we were headed.”

“Well, you have two choices, stay with Serena and me, or I can take you down to Kansas on a Truck run. Your choice.” Ashton said.

“Well I don’t want to barge in on your girlfriend, but I am not ready to face my mom with the news of Doug’s death,” Rachael started before being interrupted,

“Serena isn’t my girlfriend, she’s my mom! I just call her Serena sometimes because I love her name.”

After thinking on her two options, Rachael agreed to stay with Ashton and his mother, and she starts on her way to a full recovery.


About three weeks later, Ashton had to take a truck trip to Nebraska for a week. Every day he called Serena and Rachael to check up on them, and slowly but surely a relationship began to form between he and Rachael. One day he called home and Rachael picked up the phone and they talked for an hour about absolutely nothing, and as they were getting off the phone, Rachael ended the conversation by saying, “Alright Ash, I ‘m gonna get off of here, I love you…” and her voice trailed off “I mean I…”

“You mean what Rae?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, and it just slipped out, I…”

“Well, did you mean it?”

“Well, yes I do love you, and I did mean it, but… I don’t know.”

“Well what if I said I loved you too? Would that change anything?” Ashton sparked back.

“Oh my god, my heart is fluttering a million miles per second, and I have more butterflies in my stomach than I know what to do with,” Rachael whispered, “Yes it would change things! Because that would mean that I might have a boyfriend when he comes back home, and not just a kind trucker that picked my frigid body up off of the side of the highway.”

“That might just be the case. So will you have me??” Ashton asked as his heart too pounded out of his chest.

“Yes Ash! I want you so bad and it has been so long since I have felt the love that you have shown me in the time that you have known me. I would love to see if this can work.” She said as a grin spread from ear to ear, and her ivory cheeks changed to a bright red. “Ashton I’m blushing. I haven’t felt this way in along time.”

“Well I can’t wait to see you! Give Serena a hug and a kiss for me, and you can let her know that we are dating if you would like too. I love you angel, but I’m gonna get off of the phone, because I am about to deliver this palate to my next stop.”

“Alright baby, I love you too. See you when you get home.”


A new Rachael was awaiting Ashton’s arrival home from his week trip across country. She had dyed her golden locks to a bright auburn and cut it from shoulder length to right below her jaw line and had curled the ends up and to the back. If she weren’t drop dead gorgeous the last time Ashton laid eyes on her, (which she was)… she was for sure now! Serena had tipped Rae off to the fact that a red- head makes her son Ash really hard in the pants.

“Who are you and what have you done to my Rachael?” Ashton questioned as soon as he walked in the door.

“Don’t you like it?” she begged, “Mom said you loved chicks with red hair.”

“I do, but I liked the blonde chick better, but I can get used to it I guess… just kidding, I love it!” he said opening his arms to hug her.

“Mmm, I can tell that either, you really do love it, or there’s a cucumber in your front pants pocket, I can’t tell which it is.” Rachael said laughing.

“Well I don’t carry cucumbers randomly in my pockets so, I must be ecstatic to see you!” Ashton said letting her go and walking over towards Serena.

“Boy don’t even think you’re coming to hug up on me with a hard pole in your pants! I can deal with just a kiss!” She said as he approached her and they all broke into laughter.

Later on that day Ashton was upstairs on his bed watching television, and Rachael came and stood in his doorway. “Hey I have a question for you. Can I make something up to you?”

“What’s that Rae?” he asked.

As she walked toward him she approached his bed and knelt down in front of him. “I want to take you out. Can we go for a walk in the park or something? There’s something on my mind that I want to get out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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