A Tragic Love (Part 3)

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The lady on the other side of the phone continues talking and explaining the next process. Instantly the shot reverberates through the house, it feels like it bounces off of his chest.

He drops the phone and it clatters on the floor forcing the battery out of it. Daniel runs up the stair faster than he has ever gone, his heart is beating out of his chest. No, No, NO! The only thought pounding against his skull.

He runs straight for the door ready to bash through it but it is slightly open so instead he barrels through almost breaking it off its hinges. The first thing he sees is the grim reaper statuette smiling, grinning. He looks over to see his new found love slouched over in his bed.

Daniel freezes, unable to work up the courage to move, after a few seconds he finally manages to creep over to him. Dont have done it, Please, do not have ended it like this. He just barely notices Jakes back rising and falling ever so slowly. All molasses in his muscles is gone and he immediately grabs the gun from Jake’s hand, tossing it to the side of the bed, well out of reach. He sits down and wraps his arm comfortingly around him.

Without warning Jake throws himself around Daniel sobbing into his shirt. Daniel holds him as tightly as he can and rests his head on top of Jake’s. Looking down he can see the graze mark the bullet left on his cheek, he reaches up and brushes the outside gently causing Jake to flinch slightly.

After an hour Jake calms down and Daniel feels he can press the most urgent of the matters.

“Are you okay now?” ask Daniel.

“I’m better, I wont be okay for awhile.” Daniel’s heart tugs a little as words he doesnt want to say, spill out of his mouth.

“We need to go to the hospital.” Jake looks up into Daniel’s eyes, the forest is clouded in sorrow. Jake nods gingerly.

“I know.” Jake closes his eyes and nuzzles closer to Daniel, in turn Daniel intertwines their hand together and gives it a reassuring squeeze.

“I will be their every step of the way.” They kiss slowly and deeply and get ready to go to the hospital.

A few hours later, Daniel and Jake get back to Jake’s house. As they walk in, Daniel can’t help but notice the dark gloom throughout the house. Jake goes upstairs with Daniel and they go to his room, a slow and arduous task for Jake, bahis firmaları and sit on his bed together. Daniel stands up and opens the curtains, but the grey skies outside do little to improve the grim mood. When Daniel sits back down he wraps his arms around Jake’s stomach and pulls him back so that they can lay together.

“Do you feel some kind of closure?” Daniel asks, slightly hopeful. But Jake doesn’t say anything. Oh god the way he had to see his mother. If he isn’t traumatized… His thought is interrupted by Jake’s lips on his own and his his hand pressed on his chest.

“Thank you.” Jake manages as he pulls away. Daniel looks at him, slightly confused. “Thank you for being there, here for me. if it weren’t for you…” His voice trails off, and his eyes linger towards the gun that is still resting on the corner of the bed. Daniel draws his gaze with a finger under the chin, turning Jake’s head towards his own.

“Please, never do that again.” Jake looks down ashamed. Daniel kisses his forehead lightly, and begins to caress his back. after a few minutes Daniels hand is traveling all the way up and down Jake’s back, and sliding his shirt up a little more each time.

Jake meshes Daniels lips to his own and tastes the residue of the jolly rancher he had on the way back from the hospital, from his lips.

Jake chuckles “Watermelon?” Daniel rolls his eyes and kisses him back. Jake slides his hand across Daniels chest outlining the curvature of his pecs through his shirt, he lightly brushes his nipples making Daniel inhale slightly as they kiss. Even though their tongues are no stranger to each others mouths, they dance around as if there is new territory to be found. Daniels hand travels down on to Jake’s bare back, underneath his shirt. He feels Jake’s corded muscles tense as Jake shifts slightly.

Daniel wraps his free arm around Jake farther and uses his strength to pull him in tighter, pressing both of their bodies together. Jake breaks away from their kisses to trace his tongue along Daniels jaw and down his neck to a spot where he begins sucking. The feeling caused Daniel to dig his fingers into Jake’s back harder, but it just urges Jake to suck harder. When he releases, it leaves a small dark patch on Daniels neck, Jake kisses it and makes his way back up to Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel slides kaçak iddaa a hand up Jake’s back, taking his shirt with his hand, and causing Jake to shudder in pleasure as Daniels fingers trace each vertebra and finally stop on his neck. Jake pulls away just long enough to slip out of his shirt. Daniel slides a hand down Jake’s toned chest and plays with his small red nipples. Every time he rubs one he can feel Jake’s grip on Daniels arm get slightly tighter as the pleasure builds.

Finally it is Jake’s turn, he presses himself against Daniel as they kiss, lightly humping him and sending a wave of pleasure that makes him harder with every thrust. He slides one hand up Daniel’s shirt from his abs and slides his shirt up with it stopping to play with his nipples, and slides his other hand down the backside of his pants to squeeze his ass. Its firm but soft, Daniel lets out a small moan and shrugs off his own shirt immediately wrapping Jake in a protective embrace and sliding his hand down to Jake’s ass. Jake goes down and licks Daniel’s nipple, making it stiff, and making Daniel squeeze Jake’s ass harder in pleasure. Daniel flips Jake over, so that Daniel is on top, and goes down and sucks on a spot of skin just above the nipple. Jake moans as Daniel leaves his own mark.

“Now I have made my mark on your heart” They smile and kiss once more slowly Jake slides his hand down Daniel’s arm, tracing the bulging veins, he reaches down and begins stroking Daniels hardness through his pants. Daniel moans louder and nuzzles into Jake’s neck and sucks on it there as well, right over the jugular. While he is sucking, Daniel reaches down and slowly reaches his hand under Jake’s pants and immediately comes upon his dick. The combination of Daniel sucking on his neck, stroking his dick, and the soft fabric of his underwear, makes Jake create a moan of his own.

Together they kiss, and together they unbutton each others pants, unzip them and pull them off. Daniel is second and pulls off Jake’s pants and throws them to the side, he slides both hands up the top of his legs then just under Jake’s thighs and yanks him forward, forcing Jake to slide forward around Daniel. With Daniel on his knees, Jake’s head is right at eye level with Daniels erection, which is almost exploding out of his underwear. Jake reaches around and takes Daniels kaçak bahis full ass in his hands and rubs his crotch with the tip of his nose, ever gently. Daniel gasps when he feels Jake’s wet tongue dance around his bare dick. Jake pulls down Daniels underwear and drops it to his knees, Daniel stands up for a second to kick them away, then goes back down with his dick flopping.

Jake licks up and down Daniels shaft causing him to nearly seize in pleasure, Jake swirls his tongue around the tip forcing Daniel to use Jake’s shoulders to keep himself up. Finally Jake can’t stand it any longer, with the taste of precum fresh on his tongue he slowly engulfs the entire 6.5 dick and sucks. Daniel lets out a sudden gasp and moan, then relaxes as he eases into the grove and slightly begins to thrust. Daniel runs his hand through Jake’s hair, slightly messing it, but neither one of them care.

Daniel stops Jake before Daniel cums, as Jake pulls back he goes up to kiss Daniel so that they can share the taste. Jake lays on his back as Daniel takes off his underwear. Daniel fondles Jake’s balls as he begins to suck, slowly at first but i soon picks up speed. Jake puts one hand behind his head and the other on top of Daniels head as he enjoys himself.

Much sooner than Jake thought, could he feel he was ready to blow, it was too late before he realized it that all he could manage was a few body convulsions and a loud moan before he shot himself into Daniel’s mouth. Daniel took it all down though, not spilling a drop. Daniel climbs up and kisses Jake, Jake can taste the cum still on his tongue, the salty sweet victory.
Jake goes back down on Daniel long enough to lube him back up, then he wraps his legs around Daniel as Daniel slides it into his ass slowly, but briskly. It doesn’t take as long for the pain to subside this time, and the pleasure is substantially greater than the first time, and soon Daniel is going faster and harder than he had before. Their moans echoing through the small room until Daniel finally shudders and finishes all over Jake’s chest, his body convulsing with every stream of cum that comes out.

They smile and kiss and clean up together. And as they lay together Daniel admires that Jake fell asleep with a smile, rather than with tears. He decides he should wait to remind him what needs to happen tomorrow, and let Jake enjoy whatever dreams he may have. Daniel scoots in tighter to Jake and falls asleep wishing he could be as blissful as Jake at the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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