A Thousand Bucks Ch. 01

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This story is quite different from my usual fare. My main character doesn’t seem like a nice guy, but he’s been through a lot. He felt alone in his younger days but when he became older he had control. He decided to use people; many used his mother and called him names. Now it was time for payback. A big thank you to Estragon for making this story a much better read.

DG Hear


I’m Jerrod Hadley. I’ve grown up in a generation where money talks and bullshit walks. I wanted to find that one special woman out there that wanted me for who I am. I was beginning to believe she didn’t exist. I’ve read so many stories about loving couples who are true to each other but all I ever see is the couples that will do anything for a buck.

My story might be different than most but I always thought that someday I might just find the right woman. I need to go back to my beginnings so you know where I’m coming from.

My mother, I believe she was a prostitute, or at least was with a lot of men. I can’t say for sure except for the rumors I grew up with. Needless to say I don’t remember much about my real young days, except my mother putting me in my room because she had company.

We, that’s Mom and me, lived in a trailer. I don’t remember any other family or many friends except the ones Mom brought home. All she would do is tell me their name and tell me to go outside and play in the playground, which was in our trailer park.

There were a few other women in our trailer park that seemed a lot like Mom. They would come over and drink and I could hear them talk about men and how stupid they were. By the time I was nine I knew this wasn’t a normal life. I got picked on at school by some older kids and got in quite a few fights.

I learned to protect myself, and spent time lifting weights and making myself stronger. Whenever I asked about who my father was, Mom would say he didn’t want a family and left us, never marrying Mom. He did however send her money each month to support us. He would send us a thousand dollars a month, Mom said. I never remember meeting him till after Mom became ill.

When I turned twelve, Mom got sick. She lay in bed for days and finally I called 911 and they took her to a hospital. She told me we didn’t have any kind of medical coverage and had no way of paying the bill. It was something she didn’t have to worry about, since she died of pneumonia two days later.

If she would have gone to the hospital the first day she would have lived. I cried. I was just a kid and had no idea what was going to happen to me. One of Mom’s friends took me in for a few days till after the funeral and people were contacted.

A well-dressed man came to the trailer. He said he was my dad. Remembering back, he was one of the men that came by every couple of months to see my mother. His name was Gerald Barker. I had no feelings for him but I could have asked him a thousand questions why he didn’t love Mom and me.

He paid for Mom’s funeral and sent me to a boarding school. I rarely saw him after that. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I wasn’t turned over to children’s services, to live in an orphanage or a lot of foster homes. No family wanted a foster kid who was becoming a teenager.

At least at the boarding school I did meet a lot of other kids. The problem was most weren’t poor kids like me; they were from wealthier families who didn’t seem to have time for them. At least they had somewhere to go for holidays and during the summer.

As I got older, I checked into my Dad’s background. It seems he was a very rich man. He was married with two other kids. I found out that his wife knew about me but didn’t want the son of one of his whores (as she put it) in her house.

When I turned seventeen Gerald came to see me. He told me about the decisions he had to make when he found out Mom was pregnant. He sat down and told me the whole story. I guess he figured I was old enough to try and understand.

He already had a family but he liked Mom and they had an ongoing affair. When she got pregnant he was going to pay for an abortion but Mom said she was going to have her child. He stopped seeing her after that, but after I was born he would send her a check each month for a thousand dollars.

Every now and then he would deliver it in person. He said he had strong feelings for Mom till the day she died. That must have been the times I saw him come over and Mom sent me outside. She never told me he was my father.

I guess he probably knew Mom had other men over. I knew something was going on and I was just a kid at the time. He told me that he put some money away for me to attend college. This would be the last time that I would be seeing him. I was emotionless. I never knew him other than he was my sperm donor and paid for my boarding school.

Gerald was a millionaire and came from a family of wealthy people. His grandfather and then his father ran a major manufacturing plant in the city. Their business employed thousands of people. casino şirketleri No one but a select group of people including his wife knew about Mom and me.

I grew up hating most people. I didn’t trust hardly anyone. I did have a best friend, Bill, whom I met when first coming to the boarding school. He was dark skinned and told me he was Hawaiian. He did tell me that his father was black and his mom was Hawaiian.

They put him in boarding school because he used to get in a lot of trouble and the court system said it would be best for him. He had pretty much disowned his parents, which put us in about the same boat.

We were like outcasts in the school, but because we both worked out, there weren’t to many guys who would mess with us. A few tried and they paid the price. The girls in our school were pretty much snobs and went with the guys that came from money.

I went to college for two years and took business courses. Bill and I decided we would open an exercise and weight lifting business, like a gym. It was really about all we knew how to do.

We opened a small gym and I used the last of my school money to buy equipment. Bill convinced his parents to give him an equal amount of money so we could be equal partners.

We were squeaking through, just getting by. We had a mobile home where we lived, set up behind the business. We each had our own bedroom and shared the rest. Bill dated a few girls and once in a while brought them to spend the night. He didn’t have any girl he was serious about; he just played the field.

I dated a couple of women but it was all about the sex. Both Bill and I had decent physiques, and we turned a few women on. One woman even asked us if we would like to be male dancers in her review. I had to laugh, I’ve never even tried dancing and I sure wasn’t a people person.

When I turned twenty-two a briefcase-carrying lawyer showed up at the business. He asked if he could talk with me. We went into the office.

“Mr. Hadley,” he began. I had to laugh, no one ever called me Mr. Hadley. He didn’t even smile. “I’m here representing the estate of Gerald Barker.”

“Did you say the estate of Gerald? What happened to him?” I asked.

“Mr. Barker passed away a few weeks ago. The reading of the will was yesterday,” replied the attorney.

“So, why are you here? I take it you know he was my father in name only. He did see I was put in a boarding school and financed my education. But he was never really a father to me. Still, I’m sorry he passed away. What did he die from?”

“He had cancer. He knew it when he saw you a few years back. It went into remission but came back. He wasn’t able to fight it off this time.”

“Sorry to hear that, but why are you here?”

“You were in his will. Most people didn’t know you existed but when he gave five million dollars each to his children he included you. You have just inherited five million dollars. I need to know what financial institution to send the money to.”

“This has to be a joke. Why would he leave me anything.? I’m sure his wife and kids aren’t happy about this. This must be a mistake.”

“This is no joke and no mistake. He had his will updated just a couple of years ago. He insisted upon leaving you the money, in equal shares with his other children. His wife knew better than to fight it and his kids never knew about you. Believe me, they are all surprised but the will is rock solid. His wife did ask me to tell you to please not contact the family. They have been through enough.”

I had no intentions of ever talking to any of them. If they all dropped dead I wouldn’t care. I gave the attorney the name of the bank to forward the money to and signed all his documents. As he left, he told me the money would be forwarded to the bank that afternoon. I wasn’t going to believe it till I went to the bank the next day.

Damn! I was now a millionaire. Bill couldn’t believe it when I told him. As of right now I didn’t have any idea what I was going to do with the money. I wanted to keep it under wraps as long as possible. Once women knew I was wealthy they would come out of the closets to date me. Those are not the women I’d want to be with.


Bill laughed when I told him that people would do anything for money. I could have all the friends and pussy I wanted. Only problem was none of it would be because they liked me; it was all about the money.

As a mentioned earlier, I didn’t have a lot of respect for most people. It might have not been a nice thing to do but I was going to give people money in exchange for using them, like buying gas or toilet paper. I was out to prove my point about anything for a buck. In this case, a thousand bucks.

I began by going to a few clubs where old classmates that I used to fight with in grade school hung out; I’ve seen a lot of them around. They worked in the local factories and a lot of their girlfriends, who didn’t go to college, worked in the fast food industry.

I’ll tell you a few casino firmaları stories about what happens when people are offered money for sex. The first case is about Ray, who attends college and his girlfriend Marie, who works in a fast food restaurant. They’ve been together since high school.

I knew Ray never cared for me. I was the kid who everyone said had a mom who was a whore. Now I wasn’t a kid anymore and I was built really solid due to my exercising. Most people knew that Bill and I owned an exercise gym. We went to the schools and offered discounts for the students. Most of our business was working with the sports programs in the schools. Later we began to get more adults into the gym.

We had enough business to keep our heads above water but now with my inheritance we had no problems doing our thing. Business had picked up and we were able to hire a few people so we didn’t have to spend all our time at the gym.

Bill and I sat at a table near the booth where Ray and Marie were sitting. We could hear them arguing but talking low. “Damn it Ray! You’re supposed to be the man and pay for something. It’s like I’m keeping you,” we heard Marie say.

“I graduate this year and after I get a job we can get married and I’ll support you,” replied Ray.

“I’m tired of working my ass off and can’t even afford a nice dinner. I always have to pay for yours,” said Marie.

I looked over at them. “Hi Marie, hey Ray, I have a one time proposition for you. Marie, if you will have sex with me, one time, I’ll give you a thousand dollars. This is a one time offer.”

“What the fuck!” yelled Ray. “I’m not afraid of you, you know. How could you even say something like that? She’s my damn girlfriend. I ought to kick your ass.”

“Calm down, Ray.” I smiled. “You should be happy that I feel Marie is worth giving a thousand dollars for a couple of hours of sex. All you both have to say is no, and I’ll find someone else.”

I knew he was going to say I didn’t have that kind of money and I had Bill pull out ten one hundred dollar bills. Marie’s eyes lit up.

“You can’t be serious?” said Marie. “For a couple of hours of sex you would give me a thousand dollars?”

“That’s the deal and the offer goes away in five minutes. Talk it over with Ray. He can be there and watch if he wants to. Bill will be there but he’s there to watch my back; some people I don’t trust,” I sneered, as I looked over at Ray.

I went to the john and Bill told me later the two of them argued while I was gone. Marie said they could really use the money and it would only be a couple of hours. Finally Ray had given in as long as they split the money. Marie ended up saying since she had to do the work that she would give him three hundred dollars. He tried for four-fifty, but backed off when Marie told him he could get fucked for four-fifty.

Marie told me ok when I got back. I told them we could use a local motel room and I’d rent the room. This wasn’t the best area in town and rooms could be rented by the hour. Ray did say he was going to be there to protect Marie.

“We want the money up front,” said Ray. “You better not hurt her in any way.” I knew Ray was trying to be a big shot. There was no way he could handle either Bill or me.

We got our room and went inside. I said, “Ok, here’s the rules: Ray, you keep the hell out of the way. I don’t want to hear a sound from you. I’m giving you three hundred up front. If you can’t be a man and handle it then you can leave at any time. I’ll give Marie the other seven hundred when we are finished.”

“You better not hurt her or….”

“Shut the fuck up.” I looked over at Marie. “Marie, I promise not to hurt you in any way. I hope that you actually get something out of it. I should tell you that Bill is going to take a video and it’s for our protection. No one will see it, I promise. It’s to make sure that no one accuses us of any wrongdoing. You still have time to change your mind. So do you want to go through with it?” Bill put the thousand dollars on the end table so they could both see it.

“Jerrod, I won’t kiss you. I know it seems funny but I won’t do that to Ray. This is just for the sex, I can use the money,” replied Marie.

I had Marie stand and I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulder. Ray sat in a chair in the corner holding his three hundred dollars. You could tell he wasn’t the happiest person in the room. I undid Marie’s bra and slipped it off. Her bare tits looked beautiful. I had her sit on the bed and began sucking her tits.

“What the fuck? I thought you were just going to fuck her and get it over with!” yelled Ray.

“I said, have sex with her Ray. We all know what that means. I’m paying a thousand dollars and hope to enjoy this. If you can’t handle it, then get the hell out of the room.” He was pissed but sat there and watched me suck on his girlfriend’s tits.

I knew she didn’t want to show any emotion, but her nipples were getting very hard. I pushed her on güvenilir casino her back and continued to suck her nipples as I rubbed her belly. I undid her belt and unbuttoned her jeans with one hand while continuing sucking her breasts.

After sliding her zipper down. I reached in for the first time and touched her muff on the outside of her panties. I got a reaction and also found that her panties were wet. I took my fingers out of her jeans and smelled them while looking over at Ray. “God, she smells good.”

I stood up and pulled off her jeans, then her panties. With her legs hanging over the side of the bed I buried my face in her very wet pussy. Ray said something but I had my head buried between her thighs and didn’t hear him. I did hear Bill tell him to shut up or he’d throw him out.

I raised Marie’s legs and put them on my shoulders and began to tongue- fuck her. She couldn’t help making noises and began moaning. I could feel her juices flowing. She began to pump her pussy against my face.

“Oh shit!” she yelled out and I felt her have an orgasm. Her juices were hitting my face. Ray just stared at the wall. I stood up and took off my shirt and pants.

Ray looked at my hard-on and his eyes opened wide. I always thought I was rather normal but Marie looked at it and said, “Oh fuck!”

I asked her if she was on the pill and she said she was so I didn’t use a condom. Ray started to talk but kept quiet.

I pushed her legs back against her chest and began to rub my cock up and down her very wet slit. I must have rubbed it against her a dozen times waiting for her to react. I knew she was into it but didn’t want to show it in front of Ray.

Finally she said, “Fuck me, please fuck me I need it.” Ray heard her and stood up and told Bill he would wait outside. It was then that Marie really got into it.

“Fuck me Jerrod, God, fuck me with your cock. I’ve never felt like this before. I want it so bad.”

I had her get up in the middle of the bed and we fucked till I felt her come again. I had her turn over and fucked her from behind. I felt myself building up and shot one hell of a load into her. She must have come again.

When I pulled out of her she sat up and looked at me. I didn’t say a word but she got on her knees and took my somewhat soft cock in her mouth and sucked me for a couple of minutes, cleaning me up. Afterwards she got up and went in the bathroom and cleaned up.

We opened the door and Ray came back in. He didn’t say a word. Marie came out of the bathroom fully dressed. Bill handed her the other seven hundred dollars. She smiled at me as she walked out the door behind Ray. Now I wished I wouldn’t have promised myself that I would only fuck these women one time, but still I didn’t want any relationships with any of these women.

Bill told me he had to leave and go find a piece of ass. I guess my little session got him all worked up.


The next story is about Ben and Beth. They were both eighteen and hung in the park across from the gym. I would watch them kiss and do a little making out a few times a week. Beth’s parents didn’t like Ben. They thought he used drugs, which he did. He worked in a fast food restaurant and Beth just started junior college.

Once Beth started college she didn’t have any extra money. She did do drugs a few times with Ben but decided to give it up. Beth was slim with small boobs. Kind of a teeny bopper look. One day I approached them and just talked with them. Ben would go to the park and ride his skateboard and Beth would watch him.

I looked over at Ben and asked him if Beth was his girl. He told me they’ve been together for a few months. Beth seemed a bit shy.

“So why aren’t you taking her out once in a while? You two seem to just hang out in the park.”

“Money, Man! It takes cash to go places,” replied Ben.

“Don’t get mad, but I have an offer for you. I’m willing to give you a thousand dollars to have sex with your girl for a couple of hours. It’s a one time offer.”

“What?” said Ben. “A thousand bucks to fuck Beth one time?”

“That’s the deal, only Beth has to agree to it.” I looked over at Beth. She was a little shell shocked.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll be back in a few minutes and you can give me your answer. It is a one time offer and you can be there if you want too.”

When I came back I looked directly at Beth. She looked very nervous in her short-shorts and her top tied around her midriff. Why would a guy who had a woman like this let another man fuck her? I guess I’m right, that it’s more about money than love.

“OK, I’ll do it for Ben. He says he loves me and it’s only sex. You promise not to hurt me?” asked Beth.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise. In fact I hope you like it.” That statement didn’t get a smile from Ben.

“Let’s see the money,” replied Ben. I pulled out ten one hundred dollar bills. I went to hand some bills to Beth.

“I will give you half now and half when we are finished having sex.” Ben reached in front of her and grabbed the money. He would probably sell his mother if I asked him. What a prick.

We went to my trailer behind the gym and Ben already had the video camera set up. Ben said, “No one said anything about taking pictures. No deal!”

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