A Taste of Honey

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Mary Sue looked around the room, nodded to herself and then looked out of the living room front window… again.

“Okay,” she said to herself. “The house is clean and neat and, if I must say so, damn pretty to look at and to be in. This is what it is supposed to be like. No television set, just a simple setting of an eight-foot divan, two stuffed sitting chairs and a magnificent redwood table that was graced by just one book. Three lamps could be used to light the scene, but now the soft sunshine of a November day was all that was needed.”

Mary Sue was pleased and she was nervous. The first meeting with an e-mail friend was always a nervous time. Even more so with this one. He was older than her, quite a bit older. In fact, he had mentioned that when she had listed risk as a priority in her life, this was one of those risk moments. She knew what he looked like, had traded messages and photos and even a very nice phone exchange, but face to face, that was another matter. The time of risk was at hand.

Her ad said everything about her needs. Forty-eight years old. Oral sex was her favorite. She enjoyed the sensations that could be raised with a deft hand, active fingers, tender lips and a most wet and hot tongue. His answer was all that she could have looked for. Two lonely people who had the same needs could come together, face the risks together. He had made it easier for her by suggesting a bit of role playing. He had said, “You be the daughter and I will be the Daddy. We can list this under Daughter Shows Daddy the Oral Way of Pleasure.”

The sharp ring of the doorbell snapped Mary Sue back to reality. First came the worried look, just for a moment. “Do I look right? Is my hair okay? A brush of hands over her breasts and down the front of her button down white blouse and over the top of her knee-length skirt. Okay. Open the damn door you fool.

Heat rose to her temples as she stood before the door. A grasp of air, a movement of the shoulders back as if standing at attention, the hand going to the door knob and turning, bringing back the heavy door to received her first sight of the real of Thomas Craine.

Mary Sue extended her hand in greeting, stepped aside to allow Thomas inside the door, let the door shut and started a mind-tingling evaluation of her new visitor.

[My God, he is good looking. He doesn’t look like he is 70 years old. A little heavy, but he admitted to that, I like his voice. Soft and mellow, no bravado, no squeaky sounds. Nice hand shake. Can I draw him closer before we stop touching and shaking the hands? How the hell am I supposed to start the conversation?]

“Did you have a good drive into the city?” she asked. That wasn’t so hard and pretty vanilla.

“Very good, but to be honest, it seemed like it took forever. I was so anxious to get here.”

“Funny isn’t it,” she observed. “You go on a new adventure, a trip to some unknown place and each mile seems like it is ten miles long.”

They had a quiet laugh together and Mary Sue could feel the tension ease off for both of them. They moved into the living room and were about to be seated when Thomas interrupted the scene.

“If it is not to presumptuous,” he said with a smile, “Could I first suggest that we have a hug. It will help us ease into this new situation.”

“Great idea.” she said and she moved into his open arms. There were no kisses, nothing but a warming feeling for both of them. It was not a quick hug, but an extended time holding each other. And silence, letting each of them gather their thoughts. Most importantly, they each could feel the other person

“Call me Tom, if you would.”

“Mary does from my side.”
They parted but Tom’s hand moved slowly down Mary’s left arm and the warmth of it hit the right button. She reached back with her right and put it over his fingers and gave it a light touch of approval.

They sat and talked for five minutes and as the conversation progressed Mary could feel that both of them were getting tight again, not really saying anything of concern, just making sounds.

“Lets declare this playtime.” she said.

“Thanks,” Tom replied with a soft tone. “We were starting to torture each other, weren’t we?”

Tom stood up, brought Mary to her feet and gently pulled her back into his arms for another hug and that first gentle, exploratory kiss. She relaxed at the moment his arms went around her and she looked up into his eyes.

“You know,” she said with a lilt in her voice, “It is so hard to be very oral when we are sitting five feet apart.”

Tom laughed, brought his lips back to hers and allowed his tongue to reach out to her lips. Mary offered no resistance and this kiss could have lasted for hours. The feelings were coming forth from both of them and with it the hands started to move. Tom let his hands move over Mary’s back, very gentle, very slow movements, very sensuous.

He could feel her move closer to him and the feel of her prominent breasts was not just casino şirketleri pleasing, but damned erotic and he responded they way he should. The feeling of hardness pleased them both.

The touch of her breasts against his chest was a physical awakening. This lady is much nicer than I expected, he thought. Everything I could wish for. She is not a size 6 by any means, but I have always liked a little meat on the bone. Great looking face with an infectious smile, the clothes fit her well and her legs are fantastic.

“Undress me,” Mary ordered with bravado, getting Tom back in the present.

Tom did not miss the beat, moving just inches from her and his hands raced to the top button on the white blouse. Then number two…and three…and four. Mary’s breasts waited no longer in the process as they burst into the open, shoving the silken white cover to the sides and revealing a lacy white bra. Tom’s eyes riveted on the beauty they represented, excited by the cleavage. His hands went to the side to undue the skirt and it fell without any problem to Mary’s heels before she could start stepping out of them. There was no slip and Tom could not resist the next move, stepping five feet away.

“Mary,” he drawled in almost southern terms. “I have this thing about beautiful women in bra and panties. I enjoy it even more than a totally nude body and that ain’t bad. Just like your looks right now. You present a most beautiful sight for these eyes.”

“I can see that,” she replied, taking the risky route for answers. “Your cock is giving your feelings away. Now, let me take care of making it free to express itself.”

She stepped forward, grabbed the belt and worked it free, then the top button and finally the zipper, taking it down slowly so that it did not damage the goods inside. Damned if she wanted that tool to be scratched or nipped.

Tom stepped out of his shoes and the slacks, pulled his socks off, threw his shirt aside and standing completely nude in front of Mary he had one question: “Okay, sweet looking lady. Do we start in bed, on the kitchen table, on the carpet in front of the fireplace or just outside the front door?”

Mary picked up on the light heartedness.

“I can’t do it just outside the door. I still have clothes on and I can’t let the neighbors think you are sexier looking than I am. Lets start on the vanilla side. Playtime in the bedroom for the first time. Here, let me lead you inside.”

She put her right hand on the rigid cock and walked toward the bedroom door.

Tom’s laughter became loud but he did not resist when the “tow” hand started pulling him along. He looked back. Nice house, he thought, but we made it look like a teenagers room, clothes all over the floor. He smiled at the sight and at the tug of on his cock from Mary.

“I am a complete oralist,” she announced. “It is time for your first lesson on what is really great about being an oralist.”

Tom looked her straight in the face, “Okay, Oral Sue, prove it.”

The joking was over.

Tom laid on his stomach and Mary kneeled on the sheets next to him, leaned forward. Her fingers reached the nape of his neck. and each hand went its way across his shoulders. Mary’s lips started at the same spot and Tom flinched at the warmth of her mouth. His moan was Mary’s okay that nothing was wrong. It was the touch of her hands and the brushing of her nipples on his back that roused him.

Up, down and all over the back ran her hands, lips and wet tongue and as each centimeter was covered Tom was anxious for the first touches on his ass and thighs. What was going to happen. Now we will see just how oral she is.

Mary stopped at the base of Tom’s back for just five seconds of no activity as she quickly moved her position, now looking down at his feet. First came the lips on the top of his left cheek and it felt oh, so good. No hands, just lips and then that wicked little tongue. Tom could feel it moving around his ass. He loved the wetness of it and the warmth. Damn, he thought, its like that tongue has fingers of its own. Touching, probing. His ass raised as if reaching for more tongue and Mary noticed. She flicked the tongue in quick five second spurts and his hips came looking for more. It was perfect for it gave her room to move one hand under him and grab that rigid cock and let her hand move slowly up and down as her lips continued to kiss the satin smooth cheeks. Her eyes started looking down at the thighs and she wanted inside where the smoothest part of the man’s body skin resides. Her lips followed her eyes and the free hand moved Tom’s legs apart.

Mary breasts touched Tom’s hips as she moved her lips to the inner portion of his thighs, moving in no particular pattern from left to right. Her heart was thumping as she had moved within inches of that particular part of his anatomy that she held in her other hand. She wanted that so much, oh, so much, but her trip there was still in the future. Complete the task at hand.

Mary’s casino firmaları next move was unusual and novel. She mounted Tom’s back with her entire body and continued to work her way down the legs, hands first, lips second and tongue third. Her breasts pounded into Tom’s ass and her legs moved around his head.

Tom was surprised. Pleasantly surprised. What a novel move and he loved it. To feel her skin was so nice, even though she had yet to lose the bra and panties. They were so thin it made little difference. It just felt great and his cock continued to register the pleasure. “Thank God for Viagra,” he thought.

Mary’s first trip over the body was complete, backside that is. She rolled off and Tom moved to his side. Perfect position for 69ing.

“Not yet,” came her cry. “Just move farther down on the bed so that are heads are together and we can try an upside down kiss and then we will move forward. Can you wait for my nipples?”

“Do I have to rip the panties and bra off of you?” he asked with a grin. “I know. I said how much I love to look at you dressed like that. But I desire all skin now.”

“Okay, Daddy-O. You do the bra and I will do the panties.”

It felt great at the start, kissing at a completely new angle, but that strangeness lasted only a few seconds. The tongues found their goals and a new excitement came about. They inched forward as their lips went over the respective chins and down on the throat.

Tom’s eyes never left her breasts as he kissed her throat from ear to ear. “Slow down old man,” he told himself. “A part of the thrill is in getting there.”

The tempting rise of the breasts always had thrilled Tom and these beauties were having a real effect on him…that and Mary’s gentle tongue flicking over his own nipples.

What a thrill that always was for him. He had for years wondered if a woman/s sensations to the touch of hands and lips on her tits was the same as the deep thrill he was feeling. It went directly to his cock. The touch of her tongue was so light on the nipple, like a sea breeze going over a sunburned body. Almost too much of a tickle to be endured. He could feel her hands gently cup his breast and raise the nipple for more attentive swipes of her tongue. That was one benefit from being on the heavy side. More boobs for the lady to play with.

Mary’s teeth gave the nipple a little bite and Tom was snapped back to reality.

“Don’t forget, Daddy.” she said. “My nipples need attention too. What was on your mind just then?”

“Its your fault, little daughter. You put my mind in my cock with that wild and woolly tongue. My how you make it move. It was too wonderful for that moment.”

“Shoot, it just goes where it wants to go,” came the quick retort. “Long ago I quit trying to tame it and I’ve never been happier. That is part of your risk. Seeing how much of the little demon you can take before you can’t hold off anymore. You just wait, for I’m unleashing it on your stomach now and I am heading south and then you will see what oral is all about.”

Tom went back to the swollen nipples. No use getting in a hurry on this. These are too precious to kiss and move away. He nuzzled between to the two globes of pleasure, licking the sweat from the valley of cleavage. No real taste like what he was about to savor.

The satiny touch of those breasts fascinated Tom. His fingers moved over the satin skin and he looked down at this mature but, at least to him, young woman. “She has so many things going for her,” he told himself. “The beauty is there and I guess it is greater in value now than it was when she turned 21. But the heart is so great. God, I can feel the thumping when I lean over to suck the nipples. She was taking a big risk in inviting me to be with her, to kiss her, to suck on these nipples and what will come when I do taste that scrumptious well of honey, something I treasure the most and she has risked to allow me the favor of the flavor.”

Mary’s breath reached the shiny head of Tom’s cock and, again, she had brought him back to the present. She had moved down and the nipples were away from his face and when the first touch of air hit his erection he looked forward to his own prize. Not moving, Tom used his hands to urge Mary farther down her path of thrills and his tongue marked the progress over her lower stomach

He could smell a pleasant fragrance. “How nice of her,” he thought. “I love that fragrance and it is so inviting.

Mr. Craine could wait no longer.

His tongue reached the upper portion of her vagina, nearing the clitoris. His warm tongue searched and found and his lips took over, capturing the tiny bud and guiding it into the mouth where the tongue could float back and forth over its top and his mouth could play homage to it with gentle sucking and touching sequences.

Mary raised her head as the first moans of pleasure escaped her mouth. Her hands touched his cock for the first time, but what was going on at the other güvenilir casino end made her pause and pleasure in those motions.

“So gentle. Thanks you Daddy,” she surmised. “I like it when he is not in such a hurry. The pleasure is too perfect to be wasted on the need to go further.”

Her legs opened slightly and the rose bud clit popped up as the tongue continued to titillate and send tremors through her body. Without thought, her ass pushed forward, wanting Tom not miss any part of the pussy. She could feel his tongue moving the outer layers back and forth and just as she got impatient herself, a flick of the tongue moved inside her, just briefly, but the effect sent chills of pleasure down her spine.

“Oh, God,” she cried. “Don’t stop. Don’t hurry. Don’t miss any part of me.”

Tom has to pause to smile on that last command. “She has not seen anything yet. Wait until we go with the ice.”

He moved back to his worship of her skin, the clitoris, the wet insides of her uterus. Her hips started moving in sequence with his actions and he pressed his hands on her ass to help guide that movement.

The rhythm increased, like the sensations of a musical piece. Slow and subdued at the beginning, but as the heart of the arrangement was reached the tempo of action increased. Tom could feel it in her hip movement. His tongue reacted with quick strikes inside and then the mouth resumed its sucking motions of the clit. He grabbed both cheeks of her ass and pulled her closer to his tongue. Faster, deeper sucking action, move the hips farther apart. Then first kisses to the inner thighs and back to the hooded vagina.

“Don’t stop. Don’t hurry it. Don’t miss anything.”

Mary’s first explosion was severe. Her hips were out of control, wishing only that Tom’s tongue would become longer and deeper into her. Her thighs encased Tom’s head so it couldn’t leave if it wanted to.

He could feel the fluids as they moved within her and he started lapping the honey. Oh, that taste of honey. “Its funny,” he thought. “It really isn’t a sweet flavor at all, but it becomes that in the mind. Its not so fluid as water. There is that wonderful substance and there is that woman giving up in joy.

“Now you really feel like my daughter,” He said as the tempo slowed down. “Know this is really the way to bond.”

Mary had no reply. She had not let go of the cock, but right now the breath was coming in gasps of pleasure and the joy of sucking that rod could come later. She was spent for the moment, wondering if she had ever had a more gigantic burst in her life.

Tom moved away and rolled on his back. “Drop the baton, please,” he joked. I am not finished with you yet. I have a special treatment for that burning fire in your pussy. Just stay put, just rest a bit and I will be right back.

He wandered out of the bedroom and groped a bit as the sun was setting and no lights had been lit at his arrival. He found the kitchen, pulled a small coffee cup from the shelve, reached into the freezer department of the frig and gathered four cubes in the cup. He smiled of pleasure ahead as he returned to the bedroom.

“Close your eyes,” he commanded. “No peeking. That’s it. Keep playing with yourself. Keep the temperature up.”

Tom eased one cube out of the bowl and held it away from Mary’s body as he moved his hands to her pussy, rubbing gently over the clit and covered sheets of the vagina and then immediately adding his lips and tongue to the action. Oh, yea, she is still hot, she is still wanting more.

“Keep you eyes shut. Dream a dream of sensual pleasure and try and measure it within you. It is so damned sweet.”

He put the melting cube between his teeth and gently introduced it to her pussy.

Mary’s hips jumped at the first bite of the cold ice and her eyes popped open. “What the hell?”

“Shut those eyes and let your imagination give you the sensations and the thrill.”

He moved the layers of skin back gently and pushed the cube inside for the first time, then moved it out in quick fashion. Then back in and out and in and out.

Mary’s hips caught the motion and synchronized its movements with it.

“Damn, it actually feels good. I like it.” she said

“Quiet, little one.” he answered. “Take in the moment. Its a special feeling, one you have never felt before. Keep the eyes shut and you can get more out of the feeling, a strange pleasure.”

His lips took on a new cube and returned to its fucking motion. In three trips into her and out, her hip motion was back in sync. Actually leading the way, directing Tom’s movements and wanting to feel that strange sensation of dripping water within her.

The hips started increasing the tempo and as the last of the second cube was melted away by the inside heat, Tom’s tongue took over, pushing inside and then he moved his lips around the entry to the orifice and sucked as if trying to draw something out from deep within her.

“Don’t stop. More. More. Damn it, Daddy get me off.”

Mary didn’t wait for Daddy. She came in rapids bursts, not as great as the first one, but oh, so satisfying. And, when the hips stopped churning Tom backed off and moved away, breathing hard on his own.

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