A Surprise Visit Ch. 04

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As I stand up from the last candle along the side of the tub, a look of utter surprise overcomes my face as I stand naked; staring into the doorway at her, and in her arms is another woman. A striking blonde. Clearly a friend of hers. And very clearly here with us in the bathroom.

“I hope you don’t mind honey. But this is my friend Ashleigh. She caught a later flight in, but is here now.”

I can manage nothing but a smile.

As I stand there astounded, the vision of beauty has just doubled. Now standing before me, is a gorgeous blonde, with long golden tresses flowing neatly down the side of her beautiful face. Clad in a tight Hawaiian print tank, and white cropped shorts with her bag slung sexily over her shoulder, she stands in the doorway aglow with her own aura of sexuality as she is held tenderly by the woman I had just been with. She proceeds to introduce me to her as I go for a towel and cover myself up as I suddenly realize after my eyes drift away from this beauty that I am still naked.

The blonde walks towards me with an extended hand as Kayleigh introduces her to me.

“Baby, this is Ashleigh, a very good friend of mine from back home, she had to catch a later flight in so she couldn’t make it with me. She called a little while ago saying she was in. I hope you don’t mind.”

As the words hit my ears I watch as Ashleigh struts towards me, hand extended in what i thought was a gesture of greeting as I go to meet it, I find I was wrong. I smile in greeting and extend my hand as well only to miss hers, as her hand goes for the towel wrapped around my waist, and with a gentle tug, free it from around my waist leaving me bare once again.

“I liked the view when I got in, I didn’t want you to change it.” Ashleigh says to me in a sultry sweet voice.

I can manage a smile as I gaze towards Kayleigh, her stifled smile apparent as she feels the readiness of the water, then turns to Ashleigh, “Lets get you cleaned up sweetie.” As she smiles back and proceeds to undress.

I slide myself into the warmed water and stretch out along one length of the oversized tub, the water doing wonders to relax my tense and tired muscles. I watch through thin layers of steam in disbelief at the vision before me. Kayleigh, the woman I have lusted over for so long over the internet, was here within my grasp, I have had her several times already tonight, and now, her best friend, her lover, was here as well. Surely I have died, and this is my heaven, I thought.

I stare dumbfounded, as Kayleigh takes her bag and takes it outside, as Ashleigh passes me glances as she undresses, peeling off her tank to reveal what I thought to be the second most gorgeous set of breasts I have ever laid eyes on, the first being the set that just walked back in the bathroom, as Kayleigh slides up behind her and runs her hands down her lovers back, placing soft kisses upon her sun kissed shoulders.

That vision alone was enough to make me twitch beneath the water, hard enough that I thought I noticed a splash on the surface from it. I continue to watch as Ash teasingly passes me glances as she slowly unbuttons her shorts, Kayleigh slithering down behind her to her knees, her hands sliding slowly over her breasts, seeming to stop briefly to roll her hardening nipples between two fingers, then under to cup them together. Ashleigh’s head rolls as she does this to her, and I could detect the faint sound of a sigh as well.

Kayleigh’s hands finally make their way down to her lover’s shorts. She begins to tug at the softly as Ashleigh starts to wiggle her hips, staring down as she watches her friend undress her. The next thing I knew, the white shorts were in a pile on the floor next to the tank, and Kayleigh’s hands now turned their attention to the white thong plastered to Ashleigh’s waist. In almost no time they too were building on the pile of clothes on the floor.

Still in awe at what I am seeing, I stretch out once again along the length of the tub, Take a dip under the water and sit there submerged for a bit, trying to take in all that has happened tonight, and all that is yet to come. As I break the surface, the two goddesses are making their way into the tub opposite me, giggling, letting out soft yelps as the temperature of the water seems to have caught them by surprise. The submerge themselves, and surface in one another’s arms, and the three of us seem to sit there for a while, gazing at one another, exchanging glances before speaking.

We sip our drinks, and sit there soaking for a bit talking. Getting to know one another, as Kayleigh tells me of their friendship, their casino şirketleri relationship, and everything. Ashleigh tells me about herself, and about how before this trip, Kayleigh spoke of little besides me. She told me of her excitement to finally come and meet me, and that she herself was actually reluctant to come as well, feeling that perhaps this visit should have been her privilege alone, but that Kayleigh talked her into it, if not to just see this paradise getaway. We talk for a bit more, and a few more drinks, occasionally getting up to sit on the edge of the tub to avoid being “over-soaked”, and apparently having all inhibitions seem to flutter away from me with each passing drink. Having two beautiful women naked before me surely would have had a much more profound effect on me, and seemingly it did not.

As I slink back into the tub, my head spinning slightly from intoxication, Ash and Kay exchange looks from one another as if talking with their eyes. They lean into one another’s face and exchange whispers, smiles, and nods. I can only guess what they spoke of in that exchange, but as it turned out, I did not have to wait long to find out.

As their huddle broke, Kay floated her way over to me, coming to rest on my lap. Her arm drapes over me, and her face nestles in my neck, her tongue wasting no time in lathering up my throat. Soft nibbles, tender strokes of her tongue over my skin causing my excitement to grow once again with unbelievable quickness. My hands glide up her body, her skin tingling beneath the rippling water to my touch. I watch as her hands slither down my body over my chest, then under the water. I then feel her familiar grasp upon me. Fingers wrapped around my girth, massaging softly. My eyes close and my head lowers to Kay’s body pulling her closer to me, allowing me to suckle on her neck, my hand breaking the water taking her luscious breast in my grasp, kneading it softly. We snuggle closer as our bodies seem to meld together once again.

A splash of water across me wakes me from my trance and I open my eyes. I adjust through the fog to see the outline of a heavenly body, standing in the water and removing the tie from her golden yellow hair, letting the damp locks fall against her milky shoulders. She then dips into the water and glides across the tub towards us, floating her way to the opposite side of Kay, my right side. She slides up behind me, her body pressing lightly into mine. A chill runs throughout my heat soaked body.

Ash watches over my shoulder at her lovers hands exploring my body. She watches as my tongue glides over her partner’s neck, and my hands caress the breasts that she is so used to doing herself. Her head rests on my shoulders, her nails softly scraping along my back as she beings to whisper. Whispers I could not have even conceived of hearing. Words of temptation that ignited a fire within me raging so high, that only death itself could have extinguished it. Ashleigh proceeded to run off a monologue of words that entranced me, that intrigued me, and that made me not think twice about stepping into the shadows to be an observer.

“Oh….to see someone else’s hands run over her body. I can tell you love doing it. I can see the desire in your touch, the want in your grasp. I have heard of your lust for her, how you make her feel, and you have yearned to be with her. Mmmmm, and I also know how much it intrigues you that she is with me. How you often imagine what she is like when she is with me. How I please her, how she pleases me.”

She pauses here to take in a deep sigh, and reach under the water and trail her hand over my trembling thigh.

“Oh god, I can see why see is so taken by you now, what you possess, and what you do to her” she says as her hands reach Kay’s hand and the treasure she holds so dear.

“You have no idea how this situation makes me feel. What it is doing to me within. The heat boiling over inside me, the sight of her hands finally on your body and yours atop her. The sight of the two of you in the flesh before me. And now that it finally is, we have a treat for you honey. And we want you to just sit back and enjoy the show.”

With those final words, Ash lifts herself up to float her body over me, pausing slightly as she passes over me, her hands propping herself up on my lap as her hands graze my throbbing cock. Her head tilting back to catch a quick glimpse of my expression as it does so. Her ass sliding slickly over my thighs as she comes to rest before Kayleigh’s body. Then, almost instinctively, Kay’s body turns to hers. Kay’s hand reluctantly leaving my member, but soon finds casino firmaları its familiar spot along Ashleigh’s back.

I slide down to make room for the two. To give me a better view of what is about to transpire.

I kick myself back in to position with one arm laid out along the rim of the tub, the other hands resting in wait along my thigh. My gaze intently locked on the two bodies of beauty half submerged in the water before my very eyes. Ash’s arms around her lover’s neck as she sits straddled atop her lap. Kay’s arms around her waist, sliding slowly upward along the slender curves of Ashleigh’s body.

I watch as she takes her supple breasts in her hands, rolling them gently in her grasp. Ash’s back arches, as if offering all of her tits to her. An offer which she accept into her mouth. Opening wide I stare as Kay takes an erect nipple between her lips, suckling gently, swirling her tongue around her nipple. Biting down, nibbling softly on the rosy nub. Sighs begin to emanate from Ashleigh’s lips. Her body begins to grind atop her partner’s lap.

I watch as the erotic dance unfolds before me at a blinding rate. Two hands now grasp Ashleigh’s tits. Alternating licks between the two. Ash’s hands entwine in Kay’s hair, tugging at her head gently as if she wanted her lips elsewhere. Her body grinds harder down into her lap. I can only imagine what it’s like to be between them. Sighs turn to moans. Soft words exchanged between the two, a language they no doubt understand between each other.

Ash slides off of her, floating an arc in front, then up and out of the water. She comes to rest on the edge of the tub, one leg resting on the edge, the other dangling itself in the water. Kayleigh presses herself up and out of the tub, sliding the length of her body up against her lover’s. Their faces meet in the most erotic of kisses. I sit there in awe.

Their faces break, tongues extended as if not wanting to part. Ash’s head rocks back, and watches as Kay’s body slides back down into the water. Her tongue leaving a trail of want down her body. Kay’s hands caress the thighs of her lover ever so gently, kissing it in spots her hands once were. I must have let out a sound of approval as Ashleigh’s gaze turned to me with a wry grin as Kayleigh’s head dives into the pussy. Burying her face between Ash’s legs, Ash lets slip a gasp. Her eyes turn down, a sultry look of pleasure wipes across her face, as if she had not been licked like that in ages. Her eyes dart back and forth between the pleasure unfolding between her legs, and the desire to watch my reaction to this show.

My reaction is one of amazement. My hand unconsciously leads to my cock, straining against the water, as if that is the reason for the heat of it. I grasp myself and stroke slowly, reveling in the duo before me. My hand mimicking the motion of Kayleigh’s head bobbing up and down between her legs. I lean to my right to watch her tongue pass in sweeping motions over Ash’s lips. One hand parting those lips to give me a glistening view of her excitement. I watch as her tongue probes her, lapping at her, diving inside her. Her tongue constantly playing with the metal ring dangling from her.

Kay’s hand disappears beneath the water and I watch as her body arches. I know her hands found her own hungry pussy, and I cannot imagine how many times this scenario has unfolded before. Her head now dives deeper between Ashleigh’s legs, driving her tongue deeper inside her lover. Ash responds with a huge arch, melodic moans fill the porcelain room. The two now totally engrossed in one another, bodies writhing and grinding.

Kay passes me a glance of lust, before diving back in to drive her partner over the edge in what was to be one of the most explosive orgasms ever witnessed by my eyes. One hand goes to her clit. Vibrating it slowly, as her tongue resumes its place inside her. The ecstasy almost instant, as Kay’s hands quickens its pace, fluttering in a blur over Ash’s swollen nub. Her tongue darts in and out of her, lapping at her in intervals, only to drive itself back inside.

Ashleigh’s body begins to shudder, her leg making waves within the water. Kayleigh does not let up. Muffled moans tell me she is working harder. Faster and faster she eats her, and then it happens. Ash lets out a deafening scream, her body goes rigid as Kay continues to devour her. Her mouth open wide, taking in all of her partner’s orgasm. Ash’s body trembles, and shakes with ecstatic delight.

A smile and a look of disbelief at how hard she came falls over her, her breathing labored. Kayleigh laps at her slowly, softly. Kissing güvenilir casino her partner’s thighs before floating back to let her lover’s body drift slowly back down to earth. As she sinks back into the water, her once rigid body loosens up, as if melting into the water. She sits there for a moment before opening her eyes, scanning the room as if to see if she really is where she thinks she is. Her gaze meets mine.

Speechless I turn to Kay, she smiles at me as she floats her way to me. Nestling up next to me, her hands atop my body once again. Her hand finding mine still grasping my rock hard shaft, throbbing from the event that I just witnessed. She replaces my hand with hers and whispers to me “Did you like that baby? She has never come so hard before, I think she wanted to show you how intense she can get with me.”

I can manage no words, just a smile and a nod.

Ashleigh, now recovered from her earth shattering climax, floats over to us. Coming to rest between us, her hands graze over Kayleigh’s body. Fondling her tits before my eyes, leaning in to steal soft kisses upon pert nipples. No words are exchanged. The simple glare of desire is what took us to the next step.

Ashleigh led my by the hand out of the tub to straddle the rim, one leg in the water, one leg out, her eyes never left Kay. I sit there, resting on my hands behind me, watching as this temptress guided the lovely Kayleigh out of the water, straddling her in the same position right in front of me, her back leaned into me. I press my head into her neck and suckle gently, hearing her sigh, and feeling her body relax into me. Then it happens. Her body goes rigid against me, as I look to see Ashleigh snake out of the water and bury her head between her legs.

Sighs quickly turn to moans. Ashleigh eats her out with a hunger like never before. I watch from over Kay’s shoulder as Ash’s head bobs up and down at her pussy. I can hear the lapping of her tongue against Kayleigh’s soft lips. Her body grinding back into me, my hardness pressing into her back, which no doubt fueled her passion to new heights. My cock, the cock she longed for so long, pressed up against her as the woman she loves partakes in her pussy. A heaven all of us never imagined possible.

Ashleigh’s relentless eating does not let up, as Kayleigh’s body gets pressed into mine harder. Ash guides my hand over Kay’s body to come to rest upon her heaving bosoms. I take one in my grasp and massage softly. The other grasps her waist, trying to control her body as it rocks to the rhythm of Ashleigh’s tongue. Feverishly she gyrates, moaning intensely as Ash’s tongue flutters over her clit. Words escape her lips, barely audible over the loud muffled groans coming from Ash. I moan my approval of all this into Kay’s ears, she acknowledges with moans of her own.

I begin to grind my hips into her, my throbbing cock pressing harder into her fleshy back. She grinds me back, knowing she wants me back inside her soon. A hand reaches behind her and wraps around my neck, pulling me closer to her. I kiss her neck, biting softly, moaning to her, with her. Ash can sense that her lover is about to erupt. No one knows better than her. She slides two fingers inside her partner and twists, turns, fucks her. Faster with each pass of her tongue over her slit.

Kay’s body bucks harder. Ash’s moans drive her on, as do mine. Ashleigh dives in a final time, her mouth covering her hole, her tongue snaking over her entirely as her fingers continue to fuck her. My fingers roll her nipples harder as I can sense what is happening as her body goes rigid and starts to quiver. I press my lips to her ear and whisper a long and sensual “yes……”

Ashleigh’s loudest muffled groan was a barely audible “cum for me baby…” as Kayleigh’s body released all her tension in one explosive thrust. Her body shook violently as her climax flooded her lover’s mouth. Muffled moans turned to loud cries of approval as she took down Kayleigh’s orgasm with a hunger unmatched. Lapping at her and drinking it all up I watch as Ash, climbs up her partner’s trembling body licking her lips clean. Their faces meet in a kiss, up close to my eyes this time. Ash’s eyes open to gaze into mine. And breaking the kiss her lips slide over Kay’s cheek, hovering before mine. With a swipe of her tongue over my lips, giving me a brief taste of what she just indulged in she purrs, “Like that?” to me.

Exhausted merely from watching I slip back into the tub and lay back. The two ladies of my desire slide on either side of me. Hands explore me. My cock is found again, by whom I do not know. I lay with my head rested against the edge of the tub. My eyes closed. My mind trying to take in all I am going through on this night of sexual fantasies come true. I hear a whisper. “Don’t give up yet sexy. I just got here”

It was not Kayleigh’s voice.

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