A Stroll in the Woods

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A story written in conjunction with a pen pal as a bit of fun. It describes a fantasy picnic in the woods.

We are walking along a quiet country lane on a scorching day. We pass a thick mature pine wood which has a deep bed of pine needles under it. It is lunchtime so we venture into the cool depths of the wood, find a secluded spot and have our picnic lunch. We chat and enjoy each other’s company, and find ourselves getting closer and closer together. Our hands touch the other’s arm, making physical contact when talking. We make strong eye contact and find ourselves leaning towards each other and begin to kiss…

Our time there is completely undisturbed so we start to get more amorous, and while kissing you, I begin undoing the buttons on your blouse.

You become impatient and your hands take over from mine and quickly undo all your buttons. My hands follow yours up to your generous breasts and gently caress them. I follow my hands with my lips and tongue, licking round your nipples. My hands leave their activities momentarily to slide your top off and let it fall to the forest floor. One hand then begins to caress your waist with gentle fingertips, one travels down and caresses your thigh, pulling the cloth into sensitive places. Your knickers become damp and the tension rises.

Both my hands are now at your trousers, working the cloth over your skin. The fly is now under attack and yields readily. You stand up, and they slide off with a little assistance. I am on my knees and turn you round to face me. I kiss your tummy and run my tongue down one thigh and up the other. I lick & nibble up the sides of your waist, then return to your tummy and my tongue travels slowly, ever so slowly to your panties. My mouth pauses just over your mound, and I blow gently through the material.

I move away and return to kissing your tummy and waist. My fingers run slowly up your inside thigh and gently over your knickers and around and around. I ease çağlayan escort one finger under the elastic at your thigh, and slide my finger under the cloth. I can feel the heat and moisture emanating strongly. I pull the material to ones side and can see your generous lower lips. The sight of you makes the adrenaline pump even more, and I am almost delirious with excitement. I again blow gently on you, this time without the material in the way. My lips touch your pubic bone, and kiss you, I move down, just alongside your lips, where your leg joins, and lick as I go.

I then change tactics and grip the top of your knickers and slowly draw them down as you raise your hips to allow me. I return to my ministrations run my tongue up one outer lip, and then up the other. I finally move full on and I suck hard and draw your fleshy inner lips into my mouth where my tongue can concentrate on the centre of your pleasure. I keep sucking and licking, sucking and licking, trying to make you scream with pleasure…

As my tongue slips easily inside you, you gently pull me closer to your body, urging me to go deeper inside. I pull back slightly, my tongue easing out slowly, exploring every part of your inner thighs. Every touch sends tingling sensations through your body. The feelings get too much, you drop down to your knees, face to face with me and we kiss. You can taste your juices from my mouth. We kiss more passionately and I can feel my heart racing next to yours. You slip your hands up my back and take off my top, caressing slowly as you go. With one hand around my neck, holding me close, the other wanders down to the waistband on my trousers, then further down still. Your hand rests on my groin, stroking gently but firmly. My breathing becomes heavier and my kisses harder. You pull away from me and signal for me to lie on the ground. After a few more kisses you start from my neck and work your way down. Kissing, çapa escort stroking and teasing my whole body. Your hands fumble to undo my buttons, then my zip. You kick my trousers off and…

as you are by this time facing away from me I can see your privates peeking out between your legs, the sight makes me hornier than ever, I twitch and you put out a hand to touch me. I reach out and guide you back so that you are lying beside me. We arrange ourselves so that we are comfortable with our heads on the others thigh, our hands free to explore and touch at will. You take me gently in your hand and guide me towards your mouth. Your tongue caresses the tip of me and slowly take me in your mouth. Your hands caress my groin, and tickle me gently, sending electric signals through me. I have not been idle, my fingers have been stroking between your lips, lubricating you liberally…

You can hardly concentrate on pleasuring me, the tingling sensation I am are creating is almost unbearable. You willingly accept my fingers inside you while my tongue is busy teasing on the outside. By now you are well lubricated and the gentle blowing breeze adds an extra thrill to the already mind-blowing experience. You shift your thoughts back to me. The tip of your tongue runs up and down my shaft, barely touching me just enough for me to feel. You close your lips around me and take me fully in your mouth, gently sucking and licking, enjoying me thrusting in further. Your other hand is busy caressing my testicles and exploring my most private areas.

Suddenly I stop…out of the corner of my eye I have caught movement and realise we are not alone…

…A deer is watching us. It realises we have seen it and saunters away casually, knowing we won’t harm it. We laugh and sit up to watch it, all the while caressing and cuddling each other. Once the deer is out of sight you push me down, and move up to sit over me. You cennet mahallesi escort sit on my thighs and tease me with gentle fingertips running over my stomach and waist, dipping down to just touch me and then moving away. I twitch in anticipation each time you do this. You lean forward to kiss me, and I feel your breasts touch my chest. You shuffle up a little, and raise yourself up. One hand reaches down to guide me, and you rub me against your entrance. You slowly begin to lower yourself onto me, then just as I start to enter, you stop and pull off again… you keep teasing like this, then suddenly you push yourself strongly onto me, and our groins meet…

I am now fully inside you, our bodies moving in time with each other. You sit up straight, your hands on my stomach, gently moving up and down on top of me. Each movement giving more pleasure than the previous. This continues for a few moments. You lean over me and kiss me hard on the lips. Before you know it, we have changed places and I am on top. I pull out for a second, just to tease you, then as I look in your eyes, knowing how much you want me, I enter again in one long slow stroke, all the way to the hilt.

With my body buried deep inside you I transfer my weight so that I can work one hand down between us. I draw out slowly and my fingers find that little knub of pleasure. They circle round it slowly, sometimes running right over it. All the while I am moving slowly in and out, going from the extreme where I am almost pushed out, to the other extreme where my hand is being crushed between us. I feel myself getting too close so stop moving for a few seconds, but kiss you and still continue the movements of my fingers to ensure that you are building up to your finish. I start moving again and sense that the time is near for you too. I build up a little more speed, but keep my movements long and deliberate, each moment where I almost break contact on the out stroke is unbearably sensitive, and within a few strokes we both begin to spasm. I thrust in for one last time and we orgasm together, with my fingers still gently massaging you. The spasms slowly subside. I slow the movements of my fingers right down, and then free my hand so that we can roll to one side and hug and kiss each other while our hearts slow and we begin to relax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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