A Strange Path Ch. 01

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Trapped in that hospital bed, with only her iPod songs entertaining her while the moon was shining through the thick curtains covering the windows of her hospital bedroom, Michelle hadn’t yet realized how serious was the situation in which she was. Her eyes were focusing on her right leg that was rigid, thanks to the cast enveloping her broken leg. She let out a sigh of frustration knowing well that she would need to have a physiotherapist helping her in a few weeks.

“Miss Henderson, you have a visitor.”

The nurse was standing next to Cedrik Alexander, A FBI Agent that had several questions to ask Michelle Henderson. The problem is, that Michelle wasn’t really giving much attention to what was going on around her, especially since she was sharing her room with 3 older women. To say that Michelle wasn’t pleased with her roommates, was an understatement.

The nurse sighed loudly before getting a grip on the earphones in Michelle’s ears.

“You have a visitor Miss Henderson!”

Michelle noticed the lack of patience coming from the nurse and wasn’t surprised at all. It wasn’t the first time and nor the last time that Michelle was being disturbed by a nurse that probably didn’t even know the meaning of a smile…

“Sorry, don’t know him!”

Michelle didn’t know this man and didn’t see why she would waste her precious time to speak with someone she had never seen before.

“I’m Special Agent Cedrik Alexander from the FBI, and I have a couple of questions to ask you Miss Henderson about what happened to your apartment during Friday night.”

“I’m tired, I just wanna sleep!”

Michelle babbled out to the nurse and the FBI Agent that she was tired and that answering questions wasn’t something she had had in mind for the rest of the evening. She wasn’t really tired, she just didn’t want to elaborate on what had happened to her casino şirketleri apartment two days ago, because she was frightened and didn’t trust anyone. Especially a FBI Agent.

“You’ll be able to sleep when bedtime will ring Miss Henderson!”

The nurse wasn’t helping her at all and Michelle ended up with the presence of this FBI Agent taking a seat on the chair across her bed.

Adjusting her hospital bed, so Michelle would be able to have her head lifted a little higher, the sharp pain in her leg made her wince as Michelle tried to get into a comfortable position. Once she was settle, her blue eyes looked in direction of the man and she caught the faint of a smile on his lips.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t come earlier. I will be fast miss Henderson, I know you’re still trying to recover and I don’t want to bother you at all.”

She carefully lowered down her eyes toward Cedrik’s hands and kept fixing them. Michelle had a strange habit of looking at the hands of a man. This was her way to analyze a man. She licked her bottom lips after concluding that Cedrik’s nails were short and clean. Michelle couldn’t stand a man with dirty nails and gross hands, so far she thought that Cedrik’s hands were rather manly and attractive.

She wasn’t stupid and knew from the gaze on his face that Cedrik had caught her looking down at his hands, or perhaps he thought she was looking at something else. Michelle just liked to create confusion among men, it was amusing her, and this even if it was in a Hospital bed.

She raised back her blue eyes toward Cedrik’s face and watched him speaking to her.

“Were you alone when you were attacked on the night of the 23rd?”

She nodded her head, still scrutinizing Cedrik. She had already guessed that Cedrik was probably in his early fifties, even though he had no grey hair, she had spotted wrinkles casino firmaları under his eyes and on his forehead. His dark blonde hair hadn’t fooled Michelle though. She kept listening to his questions, while her eyes were taking pleasure in observing the man sitting across her.

“Are you able to describe the man that attacked you?”

She blinked her eyes several times while a smirk rapidly grew on her face. She wasn’t finding Cedrik’s question funny, but simply thought that Cedrik was an handsome man, especially with that dark suit and that black tied over the starched shirt. Michelle couldn’t remember the last time she had had the visit of man in his fifties as good looking as this one.

That neutral gaze came back haunting her face before she answered back to Cedrik’s question.

“Unfortunately nope, he had a black balaclava over his head. All I remember is that he had brown eyes.”

She squirmed at the mere memory of the attack, an uncomfortable feeling took over her and she rapidly forget those little sexual thoughts she had created few minutes ago concerning the FBI Agent.

Another question flowed out of his mouth and Michelle shut her eyes firmly as she felt a cramp in her right leg aggravating. She moaned lightly , hoping it would pass. At the same time she had noticed that Cedrik had paused for a moment.

“Are you ok?”

She opened back her eyes as the pain slowly diminished and watched Cedrik returning back to his chair. She was hoping he had noted down the info she had given him, because she wasn’t going to repeat them twice. She was trying to forget what had happened, but Cedrik wasn’t helping her at all with his questions.

“I’m fine! It’s just those cramps are nasty. Just when I don’t expect them at all.”

Once the pain was gone, Michelle peered toward Cedrik that was getting up from the chair güvenilir casino and quickly gathered that Cedrik was a tall man. A Set of long legs belonging to the FBI Agent got Michelle’s attention rapidly, almost to the point of erasing from her mind those last few minutes that involved bad memories of her attack.

“Alright, I think it’s all for today Miss Henderson. If we need more information about the attack, we will come back for more questions.”

She knew why he was leaving, it was getting late and it was almost bedtime for the Hospital’s patients.


She repeated to herself, wondering who what that other person he was talking about.

“Sure… I won’t go far!”

She expressed with a tone of sarcasm before spotting down Cedrik’s left hand waiting to shake her hand. Even though she always thought that a hand shake was awkward, Michelle offered her tiny hand to Cedrik’s. A firm hand shake took her by surprise. She wasn’t really sure what to think of this. Firm, but still gentle.

“Have a good night Miss Henderson!”

He wished her a good night, but Michelle didn’t reply back to Cedrik’s words. She was dumbfounded by what had just happened with Cedrik. She had this intense attraction for him, even if he was old enough to be her father.

Her blue eyes followed him until he left her room, and she was quite pleased with the view of his rear. Once again she concluded that Cedrik was probably training in a gym, because there was no way for a man of his age to be in shape like he was without climbing on a stationary bike.

“Bedtime for everyone”

The voice of the fat Nurse Greta came echoing in Michelle’s ears as the head nurse made it clear that it was time to get to bed. With the visit of the FBI agent, Michelle was displaying too much of an agitated state to even think about closing an eye.

plugging back her ears with her iPod’s white earphones, Michelle turned on the MP3 player and tried to close her eyes while trying to forget about what had happened at her apartment. Even wondering if Cedrik would come back for more questions. She was hoping he would!

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