A Reality Check

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What thoughts, wants and needs are inside any person and what makes them suppress or express certain desires, what makes them act on those desires. Is it morality which determines self control and where does this morality come from. There are things ingrained within us (be it good, bad or whatever) that are not taught rather it is instinct. What does one do regarding sex in such a situation and would it even be needed anyway. Could it be taken care of satisfactorily without human intervention. Take away either the concern and/or eyes of society given certain situations then what would you do, want to do or need to do under such circumstances.

Chapter 1: (Silent chaos)

I am not sure what lead to it all, the cause, causes or even the full extent of the situation. It is a huge world so it is unfathomable to think I could be the only one.
I was bombarding myself with questions while I began to realize the full extent and potential of this revelation given what remained around me or rather what didn’t remain around me like
How did I survive.
Where is everyone.
What will I do.
What can I do.
Will I be gone as well.
Am I gone and don’t realize it.
Are there others in my situation……………..

The questions could go on and on until one is driven into madness, the situation itself may in fact lead to pure insanity. My head was beginning to ache from it all, I had to calm down and try to think rationally in an irrational situation.
I desperately tried to remember the snippets of various memories that popped into my head, the visions I viewed in my mind’s eye. The last remnants of memory was my illness, at least I think I remember being sick.
I had trouble even reflecting upon anything prior to this point in time like my entire life and all the things, events and memories of such. I somehow knew I retained those memories and I would sort them out later but right now I had to reconstruct the more recent yet latent memories and collate them.
The visions in my head were snap shots of chaos happening around me, like you open your eyes and close them at random times then only remember a brief vision along with a sound bite for each vision. My head was pounding from the pressure that I put upon myself to remember but I had to make sense of things and as I tried to re-winded my memories back to the beginning, or at least where I thought I needed to start.

When I focused I remembered being sick and in bed but I could not remember anything leading to that point. I had a fever, was achy and just generally wanted to sleep, or rest may be a better term. The “sleep or rest” was fitful due, I think, to the fever. I felt I never really fallen asleep. I stayed on the edge and was aware of my surroundings, things I heard and visual snap shots but the time line was not discernible, it could have been this way spread over hours, days or even longer ?.

It seemed like a dream state or fevered delusions, which or either I was not sure of but somewhere in it all I was convinced was rationality.
The conclusion of it all was that when I became totally conscious and got up from the bed, roamed around the house, then the yard and then the neighborhood………… I concluded that I was ALONE.
I couldn’t make sense of it. Was there an immense evacuation and I was forgotten or left behind,

“Where in the hell is everybody”, I said out loud.

This was incomprehensible, even though I was more alert now than when I initially returned to consciousness it was simply beyond belief.
Whatever this is it had to be a localized event and I could walk to the next neighborhood or drive down the road or to town and find civilization, life. I stood still so as not to make even the slightest sound and even lowered my breathing just to see if I could pick up any perceptible sounds outside of my immediate area.
I could always hear a car on the highway or a plane overhead, an air conditioner humming or any other sounds of human activity. Standing silent I heard nothing, none of the usual sounds which were always present, especially in the middle of the day.

I ran back to my house and dashed inside picking up the phone, no dial tone, no sound when I tried to dial. Going to the nightstand beside the bed I picked up my cell phone and it was dead.
Walking back into the living room I grabbed the remote to turn on the TV, even though the remote indicator light blinked the TV never came on so I tried to hit the button on the console itself, nothing.
Upon looking around and checking other things it was evident that there was no power. I had remained calm given the circumstances until now.
In a panic I grabbed my keys and ran to the car but expecting it to not even turn over let alone start. When it roared to life I was almost too startled to believe it.

Driving down the street I saw nobody and upon reaching the perimeter of the neighborhood and entering the highway I still saw nothing. My mind was racing with all kinds of apocalyptic scenarios, bodies strewn around, cars abandoned, fires blazing, general destruction, etc.
Driving down the highway I saw nothing but empty road yet only 5 miles away was our towns commercial area.
There were some cars in the parking lots and neatly parked in various spaces, it appeared to be like any other typical day except it was devoid of people.
I parked in an empty space and walked to the grocery store entrance while looking in each car I past to hopefully get a clue. Upon walking up to the sliding doors they didn’t open because there was no power.
I worked my fingers in between and pulled open the doors and entered. It was dark, except for the daylight coming in through the storefront. I could see enough to walk around which I did although cautiously, it was creepy walking around in the store.

I suddenly felt exposed and thought that if there were others and they came here in a panic and with a hoarding mentality then I could be in danger because I came unprepared to defend myself. I hurried back to the front door and surveyed the parking lot. Seeing nothing I walked to my car but now I felt more exposed than ever.
Was someone watching me from a distance or even closer. I was in the wide open and felt so small and vulnerable as I reached my car and sped from the parking lot.
I raced up the highway and felt better when I turned into my neighborhood.

Chapter 2: (Acceptance)

I didn’t feel really safe until I reached my house and was inside. I locked the doors and windows then took the pistol I kept under my nightstand and took a position at the front window. I felt I was almost paranoid yet under the situation I felt justified in having these fears.
I alternated looking out of all my windows for hours on end without seeing any movement other than the trees and grass swaying in the breeze.
Finding a battery powered radio I turned it on and went through the entire dial but the only thing I heard was static. I rationalized that the radio may be defective and the only other radio was in the car but upon trying that I got the same thing.

Calming down from fears of being followed, watched or even raided I finally began to think more broadly and take stock of my situation.
I wanted information more than anything else but there was more than that which I needed to tend to at the same time like food, water, medicine and even shelter.
Sure I have a house plus there was shelter everywhere however, being in north central Kansas I needed to think about the coming winter and having a place that could be heated somehow and maybe even cooled when summer came back around. Being early fall right now the temperatures where fairly comfortable and would remain that way for a few more months

I put sadness and loneliness on hold by focusing on the task at hand which was survival, now and in the future. The focus didn’t happen on this particular day rather it happened over the course of many days initially then ran into weeks before I fully accepted the situation.
Without knowing what happened I still had a glimmer of hope that somehow my family was OK or at least they didn’t suffer or aren’t suffering now.
I knew one thing, I was here and without any other evidence I was all alone in the world or at least my little part of it.

During the next several days and weeks I acclimated myself to the new world while I foraged the neighboring houses for supplies that I didn’t have or had run out of.
There were plenty of nonperishable food items I accumulated along with a plethora of bottled water until I hit the jackpot. One of the houses I entered was obviously where doomsday preppers lived.
They had months, even years of supplies, anything from canned food to packaged meals that if stored right would last for years. They also had water filtering devices, hand operated water pumps, guns, ammo, medicine and general first aid supplies……………ALMOST anything I would need.
While I could have just stayed there and lived I simply didn’t feel comfortable doing that and I wasn’t going to lug it all to my house because staying there in the long run may not work for me either.

After many weeks had passed without a sign of human life, nothing on the radio, nothing seen or heard at all I decided to get out and about and explore surrounding areas.
I did see all kinds of animals though and without the presence of humans there was less fear from them to come out in the open.
The thing that did worry me were dogs that I saw roaming in packs so with all that I did have to be careful when outside. I always carried a gun with extra ammo, not only for wild animals but just in case there may be other people who may not end up being so nice.
I got into my car and drove into town then navigated various but familiar streets while I simply observed.
As I entered the retail district I passed by an Adult store where they had books, magazines, dvd’s, toys, etc.
I have driven by there for years but never went in or even needed to go in but just seeing the store reminded me of another need that would have to be dealt with on occasions.

I wheeled around and pulled right up to the front. Reaching the door I was surprised it was locked, it was a typical storefront glass door with the standard cylinder key lock.
Retrieving a pair of large pliers from the car I gripped the lock cylinder and twisted it around until it spun out. I was then able to stick my finger in and flip the latch back.

Once in I went straight to the magazines and gathered the ones I wanted and filled a basket with them plus DVD’s, lube and artificial pussy’s and any other device to put my cock in. I couldn’t help lustful urges even given my plight as I spent some time looking through magazines and had gotten so engrossed that I didn’t realized the amount of time that went by.
It had been quite a while since having sex and to be looking at such magazines I felt like I did when I was a kid and had found my father’s porn magazines.

I was getting horny looking at pictures of hot naked woman and thought about all the ways I could pleasure myself with the devices I now had plus imagining all the scenarios and woman I could fuck in my mind.
My cock started to grow hard for the first time in many weeks. I subconsciously looked around before I unzipped my pants to free my aching dick and started to gently stroke as I leaned back against the magazine rack.
I pictured myself fucking the young woman in the magazine I was holding as I closed my eyes and formed a mental picture.
It didn’t take me long at all to bring myself to a boil, with my hand pumping my cock and me fucking that woman in my mind I quickly reached the point of explosion.
I lowered the open magazine down and held it in front of me, when I was about to shoot I opened my eyes and looked down, aiming my tool at the face on the magazine,

“UHHHHHHHH”, I belted out a painful grunting/moaning sound as a thick rope of pearly white spunk landed across her pictured face. I hung my head down and brought the picture closer while my cock convulsed again,

“OHHH, UHHH, AHHH”, I moaned in an equally painful fashion as a few more streams of warm goo shot onto her picture and began to run slowly down the paper. I closed my eyes and hung my head down while holding the picture flat under me and wringing my cock dry by running my hand up my shaft while squeezing. I looked on as gobs of sticky cum was milked from my relieved dick,

“WHEWWWWW”, I breathed out loud. I leaned back against the rack catching my breath and enjoyed the good feeling spread through my body.

“Damn that felt good, BOY I needed that more than I knew”, I said to myself.

I wiped my dick on the picture and put myself away then looked up. I was amazed how much clearer things were to me or at least how much clearer my mind was. With the various chemicals released throughout my body from the relief I didn’t even realize I needed I found myself suddenly brimming with energy and clarity.
It’s not that amazing how it does clear the mind but I haven’t felt this way after wards since…………….. I can barely remember when.

I carried my new “supplies” to the car and placed it all in the trunk and closed the lid. I decided to drive around town a little more but what I was looking for now I didn’t know.
It’s just like people left in an organized fashion without their vehicles, or were taken away.
No matter how many scenarios I thought of I just couldn’t come up with a plausible reason for mass disappearance let alone the order of things. I had planned to drive to the nearest town in each direction from this area just to see what I could find or interpret.
Tomorrow I would head off in the opposite direction from here which would take me onto the interstate and to the next town.
I went back home and finished the evening preparing my dinner and planning my next exploration.

Chapter 3: (Exploration)

Just like yesterday I headed down the road to look around, taking the interstate I headed west and the first place I stopped was a travel center just outside of the next town.
Just like the case in my town there were cars, motor homes, campers and tractor trailer rigs parked in their spaces but no indication of people. I wanted to circle the large parking lot to view all the vehicles but was getting low on gas.

I found a vehicle I could siphon gas from and kept a nervous watch while I completed my task.
Being out in this part of Kansas it was flat and wide open prairie which made me feel so exposed and also like I was being watched.
This wasn’t like before, at least I don’t think it was, but you can sense when you are being looked at then turn around and see someone staring you down.

I looked around slowly to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, I saw nothing but still couldn’t shake the feeling. With gas in my tank I began to drive around the lot, I wanted to walk it but still felt vulnerable in the open even though I had a couple of guns on my person.
I figured if I ran into a pack of dogs that I may not be able to adequately defend myself so I stayed in the car and toured the lot.

On the other side of the lot an elaborate motor home caught my eye, it was much more expensive than many of the others parked around the place and it gave me an idea regarding long term accommodations.
I rationalized that such a vehicle was fully self contained, it would have an on board generator, water tank, water heater, a/c, heat, fridge, bathroom, TV, dvd player, lights………….I mean everything one could want or need.
Thinking about it, the place would provide luxurious comfort and amenities, be easy to heat/cool and protect plus it was mobile. I was going to check this unit out and if all was well then I could drive it back home and figure the rest out from there.

Driving up to the motor home I noticed that it also had a large trailer attached to it which matched the paint scheme of the coach and it was the same height.
I’ve seen rigs like this before and it was apparent that whoever had this was loaded with money. The trailer likely held their “toys”. The coach itself was worth over one million dollars and a trailer like that could contain a car and a boat or any other combination of toys.
None of that really mattered to me now but back when things were “normal” it would have been nice to own such things however, I was thinking how this whole unit would come in handy.

Getting out of the car I nervously looked around and couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. Grabbing some binoculars from the backseat I jumped onto the hood then up on the top of the car and surveyed the lot and surrounding prairie.
It was eerily silent except for the wind whistling over the terrain and around the vehicles. After making a full 360 and satisfied I was alone I jumped down and walked up to then opened the door of this luxurious coach and entered.

I have toured units like this before at RV shows but it never ceased to amaze me at the luxury and appointments these coaches have. This unit was at least 45′ long and had slide outs along each side to expand the living space. I walked through to the back where the master bedroom suite is.
Looking at the king size bed I was surprised at myself considering what I was thinking,

“I wish I had someone to share that bed with”, I said out loud.

I began to think about sex again. I could gather everything I needed to survive yet one thing didn’t seem to exist that being a woman.
Do we need sex to live ?, maybe not but it makes living that much better. Relief is always a hand job away but nothing, no amount of toys, pictures, movies, etc, can satisfy like getting the real thing, once in a while at the very least anyway.
The prospects of that appeared to be pretty slim and this was one thing I didn’t want to think about going forward.
It wasn’t just getting some pussy, cumming and being done with it but actually being able to give and receive affection, explore the female body and make passionate love occasionally instead of just fucking.
My cock was now hard as my mind went into overdrive. I thought about having a soft yet toned female that my hands could explore while I gently pumped my aching cock in and out of a tight yet sopping wet cunt………….
Shaking my head to clear the thoughts away I was tempted to lay on that bed and pound one out. I was torturing myself and I needed to focus on what was real, what was here, I had to stay in the now.
I spun around and walked to the driver seat and was relieved that the keys were still in the ignition. Switching the ignition on I was pissed to see that the fuel gauge was one tick away from being completely empty,

“DAMN”, I shouted as I slapped the back of the seat with my hand.

Looking out from the large windshield and viewing the entire facility I tried to think about what to do. I was looking from one side to the other but things where a blur as I quickly scanned the area. I wasn’t in a hurry nor had a schedule to maintain, time is one thing I seemed to have plenty of.
I sat down on the couch leaned my head back and desperately tried to focus. It was no longer a sexual need but I thought about jacking off. The mood had left me however I always felt clear headed after blowing a load and figured it would help me relax and be able to think.
I quickly went through various scenarios in my head with the intent on conjuring up one that would light my fire and enable me to squirt.

Not yet set one any one vision in my head I pulled my cock out and began to tug. Once I started I figured I would get on a roll fucking some woman in my mind.
I wanted to enjoy the glorious feeling of ejaculation but all I thought about was not having a real cunt to put my dick in or shoot my stuff into.
Only reaching semi-hardness I stopped in frustration and sat back while letting my cock deflate then lay there wilted and sad looking. I wanted to cum because I knew it would help, it always had before.

“It’s no use”, I blurted out as I stuffed my limp cock back into my pants then stood and zipped up.

Chapter 4: (Frustration)

I was mad, frustrated and intent on working this thing out so I could drive this coach back to surroundings I am comfortable in and familiar with.
I looked out the windshield again, patted the gun on my hip and exited the coach and walked across the parking lot towards the building that housed the restaurant, store, mechanic shop, etc.
I was exposing myself which was against my better judgment but felt my anger would help me overcome any situation I may suddenly find myself in.

Reaching the front door I walked in but held the door open in case I needed a fast escape. I looked around the silent empty space and a shiver went down my back.
I was getting that feeling again but I tried to convince myself that it was the same feeling I had when I walked into that empty grocery store many weeks ago. It was just the fact that things were so silent and eerie that it caused paranoia to bubble up.
Remaining vigilant I quietly walked around the store and restaurant area. I turned and began making my way to the mechanic shop entrance door leaving the explored areas behind me.

Stopping at the door I got that chill up my back again and turned around to find nothing but I did notice the opening behind the restaurant counter that lead to the kitchen area.
I would check out that area once I went through the mechanic shop. There wasn’t anything I felt I needed in the kitchen except to satisfy my curiosity.
Inside the shop I found a hand crank type fuel pump and I remembered seeing an above ground diesel tank around back. I checked that and it had fuel in it, I could pump from there and into the motor coach.
Now that things were falling back into place I was more focused on moving forward.
I had an appetite so I decided to tour the kitchen and see what I could scare up to eat. I needed to check it out as it was the only place I haven’t walked through to satisfy myself that I was indeed alone.

Having only a pen light on me I entered into the dark kitchen and looked around. There was plenty of food in large cans along with dry goods that would still be OK so I began to gather a few things to take back out front where there was plenty of light.
Even though I was feeling better I just couldn’t shake the feeling but I hadn’t checked every square inch of the kitchen yet. Turning I saw only two places to check, one was a walk in freezer and the other a bathroom.

I opened the freezer and it was empty but still very cool inside and some of the food that was buried was still partially frozen. Feeling better I left the freezer and stopped at the bathroom door and eased my hand to grasp the handle.
I frowned at myself for being so timid since I haven’t found anybody ANYWHERE as I confidently opened the bathroom door.
My shining light found a crouching figure on the floor which caused me to catch a fast breath, stumble back in panic and fall to the ground.
Startled I shined the light back towards the door as I lay on the floor. My heart was beating through my chest while I quickly considered the potential threat.
My breathing and heart labored as I nervously waved my light around trying to focus towards the bathroom door.
I trained my light on the figure and found myself looking at a girl who appeared just as frightened as I was. I moved the beam of the flashlight away from her face as we stared at each other. I began to assess the situation while all the, who, what, how and where type questions zipped through my head.

Her eyes were wide open in fear so it was easy to see they were blue even with the glint of light shining off of her rectangular shaped plastic framed glasses. She had long dark brown hair with was pulled back and fastened.
From my own position and with her still cowering on the floor this was all I could distinguish.
I sat up then pushed myself to stand then walked towards the bathroom door. I dropped down on my knees so I could be at her level and try to make myself less threatening.
As much as I had been through to this point and trying to comprehend everything as an adult I could just imagine what she must have been going through.

I felt bad while I looked at her sweet young innocent face and imagined her torment after all this time. Her eyes still wide open began to water causing tears to well up at the bottom of her eyes.
She blinked which caused the tears to break loose and run down her cheeks, her lips quivered as tears streamed down her face.
I knew she was no longer able to contain herself and feeling so bad for her I held my arms open offer some safety and comfort. She instantly scrambled and clung to me and started heaving and crying loudly.
I held her and stroked her hair for the longest time while I let her cry it out while clinging to me. It took a little time before she finally calmed down before I let go of her and eased back while she leaned back then stood up.

“What’s your name sweetheart”, I asked.

“Iris”, she responded in a whispered voice.

“That’s a pretty name, I’m Terry”, I said then smiled at her.

I wanted to put her at ease and slowly build communications and telling her that was a way to gauge her receptiveness and level of trust.
She didn’t respond but just kept the same almost stoic look on her face.
I furrowed my brow while I looked in each of her eyes then all around her face then back to her eyes.

“What happened”, she asked.

“I don’t know”, I said while shaking my head as I sat back.

She was looking down at me without much emotion yet was expecting an answer. All I could do is look up at her.

“Are you hungry”, I asked.

She didn’t say a word rather she just nodded her head yes. I was shocked when she did finally speak,

“That’s why I came in here”, she said softly.

“Me too”, I said as I pushed myself to a standing position.

Now she was looking up at me so I cocked my head towards the front area then turned to walk expecting her to follow. After I took a couple steps I turned to look at her because she didn’t moved. I held a hand out and she walked up took it then we walked out.
Not much was said between us while we ate the food I had gathered up but as we were about finished we began to talk.

I assumed that she was 18 years old judging by her body, height and all that. I found out she actually turned 18 years old just 3 months ago. She had been traveling with her father, a truck driver, the week that her school was on break. They didn’t intend on coming here but was forced to drive in this direction, then stopped here to get fuel, eat, sleep and try to find out what was going on.

She said that they had driven through an area that was in pure chaos and in upheaval. There were people everywhere, cars abandoned, roads clogged and what seemed like general chaos. She couldn’t describe specific detail other than that and said her father didn’t realize exactly what was happening but he was in a hurry to get away from the area they were traveling through.

She related that the CB radio in the truck was constantly blaring with panic in people’s voices. She said it was so busy you could barely understand the words because people were talking over one another.
Her father tried to talk on the radio and ask questions but the only responses that were clear were words like “GET OUT OF HERE”, STATE OF EMERGENCY”, along with intermittent reports from truckers about traffic jams, possible routes and some of the chaos they were witnessing.
She said they drove for several more hours until they stopped here.
Her father kept telling her that things would be OK and to not worry. They would stay here for the night since it appeared to be quiet and figure out what was going on.

She said she woke up the next morning and found herself alone and she has been living in her father’s truck and coming to this bldg to get food and use the bathroom every since.
Upon getting more acclimated to her new world she was scared when she actually saw my car pull into the lot and watch the only other human she has seen in about 2 months and all she could think to do was watch me then hide.
Like me she had become numb where it concerned the past, family, and all the questions we have that didn’t have answers to while we focused on immediate needs and looking ahead.

I knew I was feeling eyes on me and those sense are hardly ever wrong. I had the same feeling when I first left my neighborhood and went to the retail center, the exposed feeling along with the same type of feeling of eyes upon me.
Perhaps I was actually wishing eyes on me which would mean there were others. I thought perhaps I wished it so much that I could actually conjured up a person and Iris just popped up from nowhere.
It was silly of course because that cannot happen but that made me remember my thoughts while in the motor coach. Sex was so much on my mind that I practically prayed about being able to have the real thing sometimes. If it was possible I would have certainly conjured up nice hot willing woman not a teen.
I sat there thinking of this while Iris got up and walked to the counter where the candy was. I looked at her and let my eyes take in her form.
Iris stood about 5’6″, weighed about 110lbs, her trunk was slender with a slight inward curve to her back which was accentuated by her pert butt. Her stomach curved out ever so slightly and she had long dark hair.

As if her general innocence wasn’t enough the glasses she had on put it off the chart, not to mention her long hair being tied back. I started picturing her in the typical schoolgirl uniform and maybe her hair in pigtails.
All this became much more evident as she turned in profile and I traced every one of her young curves with my eyes. I closed my eyes, drew in a breath and let it out as to express, “give me strength”.
I chastised myself for having thoughts like this. I mean it’s not like I haven’t noticed hot teen girls back in the prior world but in reality what could one do about it even if a girl were willing.

I mean it was something of fantasy and hidden desires to take such a young girl and, willingly of course, have sex with a sweet innocent goddess.
The ramifications, repercussions, the depravity and sheer wrongness of it kept most men from doing anything about it so it remained in the depths of our mind.
This isn’t our former world now is it, for all intense purposes it’s just us for all we know. What rules, laws and societal encumbrances apply now.
The only thing that can keep a person in check is themselves, a sense of morality, duty and decorum. In extreme circumstances senses can get blinded and you can become jaded while justifying almost anything.

It could be the law of the jungle where the animal instinct takes over or where we can turn into cavemen and just take what we need and want.
I can see how this could happen but I felt it wasn’t within me to be that way. I’m not a control freak nor do I want to dominate and/or be an animal rather I would like someone to be gentle with and affectionate to and fill mutual desires and needs.
So here I am with Iris and if I wished for a female and she appeared then it’s like putting yourself in pure frustrating sexual hell.
The only analogy I could think of is having water you can’t drink yet it is there with you in plain sight all the time and constantly reminding you that you can’t have it.
Like being in a boat surrounded by salt water and when driven to madness you drink it knowing full well you shouldn’t. You know what the repercussions are but you don’t care because you need to drink so you do then go mad.

Perhaps this whole new world was created for me to realize my hidden desire and enable me to fulfill such a fantasy without societal and/or moral dilemmas or it is to test my resolve and simply disregard my sexual needs except to sate them through magazines, porn DVD’s, toys and/or wanking myself.
Of course in doing this I knew I would be imagining having sex with such forbidden fruit while I pleasure myself however, under the circumstances, would it be wrong if a male and female had only each other and did succumb to needs…………………..

Once again I shook my head to throw out the thought and where I was going trying to justify a wrong I thought as I sat there with my eyes closed.

“You alright”, Iris asked. I opened my eyes to see her standing at the candy rack looking at me.

“YEAH, yeah I’m fine”, I said with resolve.

Iris smiled and it was a smile of trust and the innocence of youth. Just another thing that would keep me from doing it yet was the same thing that made me want to do it.
I was ripping myself apart and struggling with good and bad but which one would triumph.

Chapter 5: (I’m not alone)

The day was getting on and I wanted to get that motor coach fueled up, which would take some time doing it with a hand pump.
I explained all my plans to Iris as it pertained to using the motor coach to live in going forward but that right now we needed to go back to my house and prepare.
She wasn’t too keen on that idea because it took her away from here. I knew she was thinking along the lines of “what if my father comes back and can’t find me” and/or she was just used to being here and another locale can be nerve racking.

I explained to her that staying here was not an option for the long run and that we needed a secure environment, supplies and access to or an accumulation of other things that we needed to function and live. I further explained that it appeared that we now only have each other to depend on and look out for.
I wanted to ease her into it by her choice even though she didn’t have a choice because she was coming with me whether she liked it or not, it was for her own good and survival.
There was no way she had the capability and skills to organize her own survival given that winter was coming.
Even without that she couldn’t organize things alone to keep going and exist for the next year let alone many years.

With reality set in she was as determined as I was. She was busy going through the contents of the motor coach as well as gathering her personal things from the truck and stowing them into the coach while I had it parked at the tank and was pumping fuel.

A unit like this held at least 200 gallons or more of fuel, enough to travel over 1,800 miles. We where only going back to my town right now which wasn’t but 25 miles but the fuel would run the on board generator for quite some time.
While fueling I noticed a propane tank on the property used for filling cylinders. After I topped off the fuel tank I would drive over and top off the on board propane tanks as well.

With these things accomplished we would have all the fuel we needed for the near future but I would have to figure out the logistics of such things going forward.
My mind was reeling as I began thinking about the details of obtaining and storing fuel and gas for the long term.
Iris had busied herself with the contents of the coach had now taken stock of the essentials contained therein and was now being quite the little homemaker.

With the propane tanks still having gas in them meant that the refrigerator remained cool all this time and items in the freezer remain frozen plus there were dry goods and other items in the cabinets along with potable water in the holding tank.
This meant that hot showers were now possible. Just like I had been doing the last couple months Iris had been washing up using bottled water but a hot shower helps make things seem more “normal”.
With my tasks now completed I looked around and noticed it was late evening. I didn’t want to travel at night because I just still had some uneasiness about it. Just in case there was a threat I wanted daylight so I could fully assess and/or see it coming plus deal with whatever the threat may be present.

Being on the move at night just didn’t seem like a good idea and call it paranoia or whatever I intended to be as stealthy as possible during the daytime as it pertained to everyday living.
I felt I didn’t want to make our presence known at least not until I could figure out what in the hell happened, why, where and how, so it seemed best to remain hidden as much as possible.

“Iris, it’s late so we’ll stay here tonight and leave out tomorrow morning”, I said.

“Agreed”, she responded.

I nodded at her and smiled, she smiled back. I was including her and not dictating however, it was obvious that I am in charge. I drove the coach back in line with other vehicles parking between two tractor trailers.
There was nothing but flat wide open prairie around this facility and again I felt exposed and wanted to blend in and having those large trucks on each side gave the feeling of safety via obscurity.
It still wasn’t cold enough to need heat nor did we have to run the generator and I didn’t want to because of noise, at least not while we couldn’t have daylight to see by.
With the engine running from before and letting the generator run right now while we did have daylight I let the house batteries charge so we could have power after dark.

We were ready for a hot meal and Iris was again busy helping prepare dinner. She found some meat in the freezer which she worked to thaw out. I sat near the windshield keeping a lookout while Iris worked in the kitchen area. Every now and then I would look back and watch her working then let my eyes drift up and down her young body.

She reached into an upper cabinet on her tiptoes and stretched her arms and body with caused her shirt to ride up exposing her tight tanned stomach.
She had a nice pair of boobs that bumped out of her stretched shirt and with her legs extended, back arched in and butt sticking out this profile was hotter than I saw previously.
I rolled my eyes and turned to look outside. I was teasing myself and just had to realize it wasn’t going to happen willingly and I wasn’t going to just “take her”.

We ate dinner just as it started getting dark and finished up before it was dark enough to worry about our stealth. Killing the generator and drawing the curtain across the windshield we prepared ourselves for the night.
We cleaned up from dinner and actually became more relaxed while we worked to put things away. We would arbitrarily bump into each other then playfully bump one another with our hips. When that was done we sat back and talked a little more, mostly about daily survival going forward.

I explained all my thoughts and plans but didn’t know where we would ultimately be. I didn’t want to paint a rosy picture for her and explained that even IF we are the only people left in existence then there are still plenty of things to worry about.
I still had to figure where and how to secure an area for us to reside yet not be confined.
She now had a look of worry on her face and it was like I let the air out of her balloon. I got up and walked to the chair she was sitting in, leaned down and planted a kiss on the top of her head then put my hand on her back giving her a slight hug.
She had no response and seemed rather stiff despite my attempts to make her feel at ease. I pulled back and stood up straight,

“Why don’t you get your shower first”, I told her.

“SURE”, she said.

“Alright but watch it, we have less than half tank of water left on board”, I said. I had forgotten to top off the water tank.

She pouted and picked up her bag and walked to the bathroom.

“Don’t worry I’ll ultimately figure out the water situation”, I said.

She turned and smiled at me,

“I know you will”, she said.

While she was in the shower I thought this may be my chance to “get some quick relief” but with her running the water intermittently for conservation I couldn’t determine when she may be about to come out. How would that look with me jerking off and she steps out of the bathroom.
That thought only made me harder when thinking about her walking in with my cock in hand or blowing a load.

She finally did walk out while I was thinking this and she was wearing just a nightshirt, her long dark hair still damp from being only towel dried and her slender legs were perfectly tanned,

“Your turn”, she said.

I jumped up and walked into the bathroom without a word to her. I didn’t have any clothes to change into because when I left my house I wasn’t planning on any of this. I exited the bathroom to search for clothes the owner of this rig had that I may be able to wear. When I walked out Iris was bent over toweling off her hair some more. Her back was to me and I could see the outline of her ass cheeks through her shirt which rode high up exposing the back of her legs.
I swallowed and immediately turned my head about the time she stood up and looked behind her.

I didn’t want her to know I was literally leering at her young nubile body. I headed right for the closet and began to sift through the clothes, then through the drawers to see what else I could find.
I did find suitable garments and went back in the bathroom and took my shower. My cock was iron hard the whole time, so hard I could have hung a wet towel on it. I think too much blood left my head to keep my dick pumped up because I felt dizzy and knew I needed to pound it to feel better.
I was scaring myself, truly afraid of what I was capable of or might even do. I was so tense that I was actually breathing hard from the effect of maintaining a hard on and knew I had to do something before walking back out of the bathroom.
Out of the shower I stood in front of the mirror to look at myself. I wasn’t sure if I was staring myself down as a way of discipline or assessing my looks and vitality.
I didn’t think I looked that bad being 36 yrs old, I was fairly lean but a bit soft in the middle however, at 5’9″ and 160lbs I thought I was in good condition and could be appealing to a younger woman but a teen ?

Chapter 6: (A test of will)

By the time I finished up my hard on subsided, I noticed a bathrobe hanging on the back of the door so I threw that on along with some underwear. I walked out and Iris was sitting on the bed with her bag beside her and leaning back brushing her hair out.

“You sleep in here and I’ll make down the couch”, I said.

“Why can’t you stay back here to”, she quickly retorted.

I wanted to say “because I have to jerk off really bad when you fall asleep” or “I’m scared I may rape you” but instead,

“BECAUSE”, I said shrugging my shoulders.

“I’ve been scared to death every night, it would make me feel better…………………..for a change”, she said looking at me with puppy dog eyes.

My mind was racing with thoughts and I laughed inside when she considered being “safe” with me in the same bed. In one way it was like why I would turn down this offer/request and in the other way why I should turn it down. She kept that look on her face until I relented.
Then another thing hit me about me suddenly not being alone, I loved to sleep in the nude but that wouldn’t be happening.
In our new world how would there be reasonable privacy, for either of us. There were so many things and situations to get through, work out or get accustomed to.

“Alright”, I said.

She smiled and finished brushing her hair which now thoroughly washed and dry was smooth and silky with a nice sheen to it.

“I’m not tired right now, I’m going to see if they have some DVD’s in here and maybe watch a movie or something”, I said.

“Yeah, let’s do that”, she said.

I was hoping she would lay back here and fall asleep then I could pound one out and go to sleep myself. She had already found the DVD stash when she was organizing the place earlier. We decided on a movie and put it in while we sat back on the couch as the large LCD TV came to life. The movie was just getting started and Iris spoke up,

“Popcorn would be good about now, there’s some in that pantry there”, she said pointing.

I looked at her nodding my head then got up and stuck a bag into the microwave and got a couple of soda’s from the fridge. I put the popcorn in a bowel, grabbed the drinks and sat back on the couch.
She turned to the side and leaned back against the armrest and stretched her legs out across my lap while she positioned the popcorn bowel in her lap.
This is the way it was for the next 2 hrs while we watched the movie and before it was over she had fallen asleep. I eased out from under her legs and let her lay on the couch.

Taking one good long look while she was laid out in nothing but her night shirt I badly wanted to pick up the front of her shirt and take just a quick peek.
I began to reach down to do it and just as my hand got close she breathed in and turned her head. I stood up straight and quickly walked away to fetch a blanket to cover her and turned off the TV.
I went to the bed and crawled in, positioned myself and grabbed my aching dick then started massaging it slow and easy. I breathed in deep then let it out with a sigh of relief.
I didn’t want to get it over with quick rather I wanted to enjoy it by building myself to a climax. In my mind Iris was bent over sucking me while I laid back and watched her work my dick with her mouth.
After a little bit I fast forwarded things in my mind and was now behind her lining up my cock with her snatch. I imagined my cock sliding inside of her while she grunted loudly, then as I began to fuck her she moaned with pleasure as my cock stretched her young pussy……………………,

“Terry” ?, she called out nervously.

“Yeah” I responded.

She sprang up from the couch and quickly moved through the door and onto the bed.

“I woke up and got scared”, she said in a quivering voice.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you up”, I said.

I felt her dig her hand under and pull back the covers to slide in, I scooted over to make plenty of room.

“Don’t’ scare me like that, I thought you were gone”, she said.

“Everything’s alright, let’s just get some sleep”, I said in a reassuring tone.

I rolled to my side away from her and moved over to give plenty of room and she laid down with her back to me. I had a major boner and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.
I concentrated on the logistics of day to day living and figuring out potential problems and soon my dick began to soften and finally began to drift to sleep.
I slept for an undetermined time then woke up but still groggy and it was dark out. I had been dreaming but couldn’t remember what it was about.
My cock was incredibly hard so I instinctively grabbed it and worked my hand up and down a few times then I remembered I wasn’t alone anymore as I felt something against my back.
It was Iris and she had her head in my back with her arms curled up to her chest. She was settled in and sleeping soundly and since it was too early I didn’t want to wake her but wished I could get some much needed relief.
This was going to be torture of the highest magnitude now and in the future, I was just going to have to get used to this and adapt. Of course I still had needs which would have to be met and I would have to figure out places and times to take care of it.

The next time I woke up it was daylight but just barely either way I figured I had enough sleep and aggravation so it was time to get up and prepare for the day.
I gently crawled out from under the covers then grabbed the bathrobe. Iris moved a little then turned and curled up and continued to sleep.
She was a very pretty young girl (which I constantly had to remind myself of the “young” part) and she looked so angelic laying there. She had a leg sticking out from under the covers which was smooth, tanned and perfect plus her beautiful hair was splayed out across the pillow.

I wanted to see her naked so bad I couldn’t stand it I mean she was perfect. There wasn’t one flaw I could see on her, not an ounce of fat a blemish or anything that seemed out of proportion. I stood there and uncovered her with my eyes and imagined her gentle curves and perfect smooth taught skin right down to her pure presumably untouched young cunt.
I didn’t do it but went to the bathroom because I had to pee and of course my cock was hard. Once I was able to force my cock down to piss I sat down and began to pound it yet easy enough where I wouldn’t shake things.
I wanted to cum while imagining I was inside that sweet girl…………..

“ARE YOU HERE”, Iris asked in an urgent tone.

“DAMN IT”, I said under my breath then I answered, “SURE, be out in a minute”.

I made up my mind right there that I was just going to have to drop this, get it off my mind and focus on all the tasks at hand.
We were pretty much ready to go but with no real schedule to keep we ate some breakfast then after wards I gave the whole rig the once over around the exterior then we headed out.

Iris was in the passenger seat, legs propped up on the dash and she was leaning back enjoying the ride. I couldn’t help if my eyes went up her legs and traced her outline again. She had just the right amount of meat on her upper legs, which looked squeezable, her legs tapered down to her ankles, all in perfect proportion.
The meat on her upper legs accentuated her hip to waist ratio and the way she laid back in the seat with her head cocked to one side looking out of the passenger window she seemed to not have a care in the world.
Her slender neck was exposed which I followed right down to the bumps which made up her titties.
I kept promising to keep my mind off of such things but she was a female, the only female in the world for all I knew. She turned her head and looked at me then smiled.
My head was pointed in her direction but I diverted my eyes out the window then I looked at her nodded my head back to convey a “hey there” then smiled back and turned to look straight ahead. I didn’t look at her anymore as I drove back to my town.

Chapter 7: (Down to business)

Iris and I conversed while I drove and I laid out my immediate plans for when we got back into my town. I wanted her to know what to expect and be sure she kept her wits about her.
I was still nervous about simply being outside for any length of time because I feared attack. Not necessarily by unknown people rather by animals, at least the domesticated animals that no longer were being taken care of.

Then again I still had the feeling of being watched but perhaps it was paranoia induced by eerie silence plus still not believing that there weren’t others out there.
Maybe not in the immediate area anyway but somewhere, especially since I found Iris. That alone confirmed the fact to me that we can’t be the only ones. If there are others then how dispersed is everyone and how is it some are left. Is it a random effect but then again I guess it depends on what it was happened?

The whole premise was just too big to comprehend and thinking of it was giving me a headache. I could get that out of my mind now though because I was finally back in my area which would mean I could focus on getting down to business and put my mind on things that I could solve.
We didn’t waste much time once I pulled into my neighborhood and parked.
I bypassed my place and stopped at the prepper house where I found the cache of stored food and various other survival supplies.
This is where that huge trailer attached to the motor coach was going to come in handy.

We opened the trailer, it was a double deck type and the owners had a boat on the upper rack and a car on the bottom plus there was a motorcycle in the front. After unloading the car and boat (leaving the motorcycle inside) I backed the rig up to the house and we began to move the supplies into the trailer.
The trailer was huge and there were more survival supplies than I thought because it covered almost the entire floor two layers deep.

This took us took us some time and before we knew it we realized it was lunchtime. It wasn’t like time mattered much these days but it helped regarding some sense of normalcy.
We closed the trailer and went into the coach to make some lunch and rest up from the exhausting work of carrying all the supplies.
Once this was done I drove the rig to my house, backed it up the driveway and began to gather a few of my things that would be put into the trailer while some things went into the coach. This didn’t take much time at all since I only took some tools, clothes, pictures and various other keepsakes from a life that once was.

We sat back from what has so far been a very busy day but it was still very early yet and suddenly Iris spoke up,

“I need clothes”, she said.

I didn’t think about it myself and it appears she didn’t either. She was only supposed to be gone with her father for a week and had been washing out the few clothes she did have in the sink for the last couple months.

“Tell you what, just a few miles down the road are some stores so let’s go get both of us some things”, I said.

“LET’S GO”, she said excitedly while she jumped up.

We walked back to the house where we took the supplies from to get the car we unloaded from the trailer, fortunately the keys were on the ring with the motor coach keys. I had my pistol with me but before we left my house I fetched another weapon (an assault type of rifle), courtesy of the prepper’s, because I just wanted to be more prepared when heading out.

Iris looked a bit nervous when I slung the weapon over my shoulder,

“You can’t be too careful”, I said.

I handed her a huge flashlight to carry and we walked to the vehicle started it up and took off toward town. As we were on the highway she was excited when she saw a deer but then became more subdued when she saw it was being chased by a pack of dogs. She turned to look at me with worry on her face.

“That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about”, I said calmly.

I had more worries than that but I wasn’t going to express it to her and I didn’t want her to think I was paranoid even though that’s what I was feeling.
I had to be strong for both of us but she was fairly strong for such a young girl. She certainly wasn’t just the “girly” type but obviously had strength given she was alone for the last couple months.
It was tough enough being an adult and finding yourself suddenly all alone but to be 18 and find yourself plunged into this situation yet still be coherent and look after herself was a testament to her flexibility.
I guess it comes down to just two things, fall apart and wither away or face the situation and deal with it.

As we drove into town we saw a particular store where we could obtain clothes but first I drove passed it and circle around the back to see if there were any open doors. I wanted to assess the security before entering the store. I then went back around to the front and stopped at the front door.
Iris pulled the door handle and was about to jump out when I grabbed her arm. She looked at me with disgust then I turned my head to indicate she should look out my window.
There was a large dog of unknown breed about 100′ from the car and it was looking right at us. I turned back to Iris who had a look on her face now that expressed “sorry”.
I grabbed the rifle off the seat and examined it. I was not at all familiar with various types of guns but it seemed simple enough. Pull the lever back then release and switch the safety off.

“Your not going to hurt it are you”, she asked with a look of pleading in her eyes.

“Only as a last resort sweetie”, I responded.

I opened the door got out and stood. Iris opened her door got out and walked around the front of the car. I didn’t say anything to her but couldn’t understand why she didn’t have more fear. I figured her to stay in the car until she got a signal from me that it was OK.

When the dog saw her come around the front of the car it showed its teeth. While keeping my eyes on the dog I held up a hand to indicate Iris should be still.
I heard the dog growl so I dropped my hand and put it on the weapon then brought it up. The dog started to bark veraciously, I aimed towards but still away from the animal and squeezed the trigger.
Apparently it had been modified to full auto, before I could get my finger off the trigger multiple shots rang out and the dog turned then took off and kept going until out of sight.
With the threat gone we turned attention to the store and went inside with me leading the way. I shined the light around and made noises so our presence was known then stood ready for “anything”.

I wanted to be certain so we could be at ease, with her behind me we looked down each isle and then in the back area. Satisfied it was just us we grabbed carts and started shopping.
I instructed her to get plenty of clothes the size she wears now plus get plenty of the next size up as well. We individually busied ourselves with this task and every once in a while Iris would call my attention to look at particular article of clothing she picked. She was practical and self indulgent, as she still should be, and had picked out some very pretty dresses. One in particular she insisted in trying on to get my opinion.

I was surprised the store still had such clothing in stock given winter was just around the corner. She appeared around the corner with a sundress on. It was blue, it fell just above her knee’s and had thin straps on top which helped show plenty of her upper chest as well as her back.
She twirled around then stretched her arms out each side to invite comment.

“It’s alright”, I said nonchalantly.

The smile dropped from her face her body slumped and her arms fell. I looked at her crestfallen face and then a smile slowly formed on my face and I tightened my lips to keep my smile in check,

“Very pretty”, I said while nodding my head in approval. She perked up and beamed back at me with a wide smile.

“You really think so”, she asked.

“You make that dress look good”, I said.

It wasn’t possible for her to smile any bigger than what she was doing now and she looked like she was about to explode. She bounced up and down in extreme excitement then ran up and wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me hard.
I put my arms around her neck while she buried her face in my chest and I kissed the top of her head.
She eased her hold then looked up and her eyes were radiant while still showing a softness. My eyes darted to several points on her face then I looked into her eyes then brought my hand up to brush the hair from her forehead,

“Let’s get our things and get out of here”, I said.

She hugged me again then spun around and bounced back to the isle she was shopping on then returned with her cart. She was so happy she couldn’t contain it and I think I made her day, hell she made my day too.
I looked at the contents of her cart and noticed she had almost everything she would need except for a couple of items.

“I see you have plenty of clothes but you’re not done yet”, I said.

She was frantically looking into her cart and while I realized she was still clueless I spoke up.

“You think you might need some under garments as well”, I said with my eyebrows raised.

She slumped and rolled her eyes like to say duh, then turned around and headed for the section that contained bras and panties. I so wanted to help her pick those things out while at the same time not even wanting to think about it.

“GET PLENTLY OF BOTH”, I shouted to her.

I was almost praying that her practicality stopped at picking those items. I was imagining different colors and styles. I was killing myself with naughty thoughts of this young girl standing in front of me wearing cartoon character panties, maybe having her hair in pigtails…………,

“Stop it”, I said on a low voice.

Chapter 8: (Temptation)

It has been quite a day so far but there wasn’t time to relax as we got back to the RV. We unloaded our things from the car and started the task of sorting through our newly obtained items then clearing out some of the personal items that belonged to the prior owner.
Once that was accomplished we began to stow our things away until early evening when we took a break only to prepare dinner and eat.

After eating and sitting around for a short bit we went right back to work and didn’t stop until darkness fell. We stopped about the same time almost like we knew what the other was thinking.
We looked at each other and let out a breath in mock exhaustion then sat back for a short time before putting in a DVD so we could watch a movie and relax.
It helped give a sense of normal behavior to keep busy before lounging around, showering, TV and all the typical routines we were used to back in the other world.

As it was yesterday evening we made popcorn, got some drinks then sat on the couch to watch the movie. Iris plopped right down next to me and leaned in turning slightly so she rested her head against me which caused me to raise my arm to give her room. She grabbed my arm and pulled it around her and held on as she snuggled in for the duration.

“You’re my new boyfriend now”, she blurted out.

I laughed out loud then patted the top of her head then stroked her hair a few times. I was more relaxed then aroused by that comment along with her being snuggled up to me. I was exhausted and the movie kept my attention meaning I didn’t allow myself to even start thinking about sex. It was nice sitting there and having her next to me, the contact was reassuring for both of us.
The movie was close to being over and I had already figured the end,

“I’m going to take a shower now”, I said as I began to pull away and stand up.

“OHHHHH”, she moaned in reluctance.

Regardless of her want for me to remain I gently pushed her away from me then stood up and headed to the bathroom and cleaned up.
I stepped out of the bathroom and walked through the bedroom which led to the kitchen. Iris had just finished cleaning up from dinner and our movie snacking. I marveled at her practicality, efficiency and certain maturity given her age and our situation,

“Pretty and efficient”, I said.

“And you are smart and strong”, she said with a smile.

I went to bed while she went into the bathroom to shower. I laid there thinking about the day and all the things we managed to get done as well as all the things still to be done.
I/we had the near future to plan and I let my mind spin with varying scenarios of the future like where we would go.
I felt it best to be away from any towns yet making sure we were able to get water, deal with waste/sewage, and obtain fuel and other logistics for daily existence.
My thoughts were broken as Iris exited the bathroom. She had dried her hair and brushed it out and of course she had on just her night shirt. I watched her as she walked past the bed and out the door to the kitchen. I wanted to know what color panties she had on under that shirt.

She looked so pretty and sweet with her slight body and long hair. She walked with comfort and like she didn’t have a worry in the world.
I intended for her to keep her innocence and lack of worry as much as possible by providing things and not ripping away her security by ravaging her scrumptious young body. The little head had overridden the big head and my cock stiffened up.
It did have a mind of its own but the rest of me was going to remain indifferent. I turned onto my side about the time Iris came back in and pulled the cover back to crawl in.
I didn’t say anything and neither did she at least for the next several minutes.

“Tell me we’re going to be alright”, she said.

I turned over while she remained in position keeping her back to me.

“Of course we will, what are you worried about”, I asked.

“Everything”, she said.

“We made it this far. We’ll keep our minds occupied and deal with things as they come, it’ll be alright”, I said.

“I get scared and think about things more at night and have trouble going to sleep”, she said.
“I know, it’s that way for me to”, I said.

There was silence for another minute then she spoke.

“Would you snuggle with me” ?, she asked.

I rolled my eyes and in my mind while thinking “please don’t do this to me”. I had to diffuse this and get on with the task of going to sleep and getting her sweet little body off my mind.

“Iris, I don’t think”………, my words were cut off as she suddenly scooted back and crashed into my rock hard dick.

“Oh my”, she said.

I reached a hand down placing it on her hip to push her away while I moved back.

“Sorry about that”, I said as I patted her hip.

“It’s OK, you’re my boyfriend now”, she said while she flipped over and moved to me.

I pulled my hips back some more to keep from making contact again yet my arm went over her waist with my hand flat on her back.
It was cute the way she referenced me as her “boyfriend” but she obviously didn’t understand things. I didn’t want to scare her, shatter her sense of security or her innocence now and going forward.
I felt that perhaps some straight talk was needed yet I had to do it tactfully. I would ease into it and if she didn’t get it then I would be blunt.

“Sweetie, I’m proud you consider me your boyfriend but I’m old enough to be your father”, I said in a gentle tone.

“That’s OK”, she blurted out.

I let out a frustrated breath, frustrated from my attempt plus the sexual frustration. It was time to be a little more direct.

Iris, I’m a grown man and you are a very pretty girl ………..and……um………..”, I went silent while I searched for words.

I was debating whether to directly reference sex, age, desires and all that.
I wanted to be really direct but still had to be aware of her sensitivities. I was instinctively stroking her hair while I attempted to explain it to her and I almost wanted to cry because of the mix of thoughts and emotions racing through me.
I let out a loud sigh.

“I know and it’s ok”, she said in a whisper.
I tried to make sense of what she just said but didn’t know what that meant. It could easily be taken out of context especially in my state of mind but I wanted to put it in the context that I wanted.
My body was still facing towards her but I rolled my head back and was looking straight up. It was totally dark but my eyes were open and I was staring into nothingness.

She gently moved closer to me and I didn’t even attempt to thwart it, my hand which was running down the back of her head as I stroked her hair then it kept going until I reached the middle of her back before I stopped.
I could feel her ease towards me and I closed my eyes tight willing my cock to instantly go limp and the desire inside of me to vanish.
That wasn’t going to happen and with my resolve quickly melting away with my mind in a spin.

Justifying what I wanted to do I let my hand slowly drift down to her lower back. I stopped as my fingers reached the inward curve of her back just too where it met her butt. I wished for a last second jolt of renewed strength but it wasn’t forthcoming.
I wanted and had to know what her body felt like, I wanted it pressed next to me while I smelled her hair and let my hands explore her young body.

I swallowed, ready for whatever may happen as I let my hand move over the curve of her ass. It was so firm and round and since she didn’t even flinch I gently squeezed then continued over her butt then down the back of her legs.
She felt so good, firm, smooth and curvy. I pulled my hand back and ran it back up and over her hip and followed her waist up then let my hand fall to her back then began to repeat my prior movements.
My cock was hard and throbbing with movement from me involuntarily flexing its muscles. The strain from the underwear and shorts I had on made it hurt. I still had my head facing up with my eyes still closed tight while I waited for some kind of force to descend and cause me to stop.

My hand was seeing what my eyes couldn’t while I pictured her naked body in my mind based on the contours my hand was feeling.
I suddenly felt her hand on the outside of my shorts feeling the hardness it contained, my eyes flew open. I suddenly began to pull her to me as I turned my head and upper body to line up with her.
Now closer I ran my hand under her shirt and felt her bare legs then up to feel the soft panties covering her ass.
I then went up her back then down her side while she squeezed the lump in my shorts. I let my fingers go under the top of her panties and pulled with my fingers to bring my entire hand under her panties and squeezed her butt.

Chapter 9: (Restraint)

She rotated her lower body to be more flat while her torso was still facing me. We moved our faces to each other and I lightly touched her lips with mine, parting with only a lightly audible smack.
This made things much more intimate and personal and she responded by lying entirely flat on her back. I moved with her and continued to give her light kisses while I moved my hand up her stomach, across her titties then back down to feel the top prize.

I wanted to just rip her panties off but I still had a modicum of restraint, because she was not a full grown woman it was best to proceed gently.
This was but one moment I had dreamed of and wanted, the anticipation of even fingering a very young pussy was making me quiver as my hand went under the front of her panties.
My fingers went over her smooth mound with my middle finger lining up to her slit. I ran it over and down to her taint then stiffened my middle finger and pressed down then pulled back letting it spread her lips.

I was surprised at her wetness not to mention the ease in which my finger opened her. I wasn’t an expert in fingering young girls and if or how wet they could get.
I let out a breath after not even realizing I stopped breathing while I made my initial attempt.
Once I had pulled my finger up her slot she also breathed out as if with relief.
Now that my finger was wet it slipped in as I went back down from the top before bringing it back up again.
Her stomach went into spasms while I started rubbing her young cunt. I went back to lightly kissing her lips then nuzzled my nose along the side of her face and went to work on her neck. Her young skin was so smooth and firm and I desperately wanted to get her naked and have access to her entire body.

I moved myself up onto my knees and began to pull her panties down and work them over her legs as I continued to kiss her neck and upper chest. I felt I had to cause a diversion by kissing her face and neck while I gently removed her panties.
Her pussy was not the only thing I wanted or had intentions on so I didn’t want her to think it was my only focus.
It was restraint more than anything with me being so easy. It is really my nature in general but there are times when you want or need to dispense with that and just be a wild animal.

It has been a long time since I have had sex and with all the frustrations I really wanted to just bury my cock deep into her young cunt then pound into her until I was satisfied. I was also torn with wanting to take my time and explore her body since this was our first time.
I did want to take my time and really enjoy it and make sure she did as well. I refocused my mind to let my animal desire simmer while continuing to work on her young body.
Once I had her panties off I ran my hands up each leg over her hips and up the sides of her body bring her shirt with them.

She raised her arms up over her head to ease its removal. Now my mind’s eye was working overtime to picture the naked body that lay before me in complete darkness. I wanted to turn on the light so I see her but I didn’t dare stop what we were doing right now, not even for a second.
I was on my knee’s hovering over her and again started by lightly kissing her lips then her neck and worked my way down. I took turns with each of her nipples by gently sucking and licking them.
This made her squirm a little as it must have tickled. Satisfied with my work there I moved down her firm stomach leaving a trail of kisses while making a beeline to her cunt.

On my knees beside of her I wanted to move down and position myself to be head on with her young snatch so I could lick it then when done with that I could move straight up and mount her.
I still had the thought that fucking her may be a step beyond what she was ultimately willing to let me do. I already reconciled that if she absolutely didn’t want me to penetrate her then I wouldn’t, at least I think I wouldn’t.

Chapter 10: (Assumptions)

The thought of being so horny and actually living out the fantasy of having sex with such a pretty sexy and innocent looking young girl was powerful. Given our new existence and the rules which applied in the old world were now stripped away was almost too much to tolerate.
On top of that I had the prospect of taking her virginity which at this time was something I actually didn’t relish.

Under “normal” circumstances I would be foaming at the mouth to be the first one in, especially one that is this young would have been the ultimate.
Any other time and any other circumstance would have been a dream but I really didn’t want to put in all the time and work associated with virginity right now. I wanted and needed something I could warm up, slide my cock in and have some much needed yet still passionate sex.
The simple act of mutual pleasure and need was something that would more likely be with a much older and experienced female.

I was still on my knees positioned beside her but I moved farther up her body, like the 69 position, so when I leaned down I would have my mouth at her cunt.
There were no movements on her part other than her squirms, quivering and stomach spasms. She still had her arms above her head and was simply enjoying the pleasure I was giving her.
While the prospect of having to work my cock into her virgin pussy wasn’t appealing to me right now the thought of having my tongue in it was. My mouth was salivating heavily so I licked my lips in preparation which caused a loud smacking sound. I leaned down while wrapping my hands under her legs.
I pulled them as she bent her legs at the knees and planted her feet on the bed then opened them to give me the access I needed. I placed my mouth over her mound which caused her to tense up. When I ran my tongue down her slit a spasm hit her tummy and she wiggled her hips,

“it tickles”, she said in a breathless whisper.
Of course this was the type of reaction I hoped for. Knowing I was giving her extreme pleasure and sensations only made my fire rage hotter than ever before.
Keeping my mouth covering her entire mound I licked again and again which caused more of the same reactions. I reveled at the feeling of her young cunt, it was slightly puffy and soft, more than I would have thought with a girl so young.

I pulled my mouth off her and began to lightly lick her outer labia which was more pliable then I expected however, the sensation caused her to raise her hips off the bed.
I worked the tip of my tongue in to taste the fresh pink softness of her inner labia which caused her to take a breath and hold it. I was just as excited as she was by the sheer act of it alone not to mention the taste of her and wrongness of it all.
Working my hands to each side I used my fingers to open her up and began to lap at her slit then work down and insert the tip of my tongue into her opening.

The saliva flowed from my mouth, down my tongue onto and into her quivering pussy. I was lapping at her like a dog, the more she bucked and wiggled the faster I licked.
I wasn’t sure who was more worked up into a frenzy, me or her.
I was getting wild, the wetter she got the more it took for me to maintain control and keep myself from mounting her and running my throbbing meat deep inside.
Saving the best for last I finally began to attack her clitoris, she was panting and wiggling like mad from sensations that she obviously never experienced before.

Knowing that they can get way to much of a good thing I stopped the assault on her clit and again worked my tongue along her entire slit before finally pulling off and moving back but letting my finger rub deep into her slot while I caught my breath.
I was ready for the ultimate act, I wanted to ask her if she was ready but I was now beyond my earlier inhibition and resolve. I didn’t want to hear the word NO at this point.
I wanted to get into position and if need be I would talk her into it then deal with the ramifications after wards.
I stopped working my finger into her slot and pulled my shorts and underwear off in one motion then quickly got shed of my shirt. I moved down to position my body between her open legs then tightly closed my eyes.

I was looking for the strength to keep myself from taking her without consent but I just had to get it no matter what.

“This is going to hurt a little”, I asked.

My eyes still closed I prayed for a response I desperately wanted to hear.

“I’ve done it before”, she said softly.

I couldn’t believe what she said though I was relieved. Even though her and some boy may have done it this was going to be much different.
I leaned over her while guiding my meat to her entrance and once I made contact I stopped. I know how small she is and without having light to see by I knew my cock head alone had to cover her bahis firmaları entire cunt.
Working my cock up and down her slit caused a tingling feeling on my head and I was dizzy with anticipation. I stopped at her hole and worked my cock left and right while applying pressure to spread her lips so I could ease into her.
I didn’t get the resistance I expected as my entire head sank in. She did moan as I stretched her hole which formed a perfect seal around the top of my shaft.

I was going crazy and in my mind I screamed inside, “I’M IN”.

The sensitive area around the very top of my shaft was in the firm grip of her cunt. The sensation caused me to breath rapidly, that and summoning the reserves I needed to not just plunge in so I could feel the grip of her cunt on the bottom of my shaft.
Even though she has certainly had sex before I didn’t want to do that but I thought she may have had more experience than I thought.
I increased the pressure and more of my dick slid almost effortlessly into her, yet it made her grunt a little, I stopped and she let out a moan.

“You have done this before haven’t you”, I said.

“uh huh…………..with daddyyyyyyyyy”, she said in whispered tone.

Chapter 11: (Wild Animal)

That revelation sent a surge into my cock causing it to expand as well as making me push involuntarily. She grunted yet it was a blissful type of grunt and I started the fucking motion.
I was starting to move without any more restraint as I picked up the pace. It may have been at least a couple months since she had sex but she’s had a man before so her cunt would easily open back up.
She picked her legs up and only now brought her arms down from above her head and placed them on her knees and pulled them back.
With full and open access I began to thrust more cock inside of her while I felt the human part of myself slip and the wild animal begin to take over. The deeper I got the more savage I felt myself becoming, the wetter she got and the louder the slapping noise became the more the animal came out in me.
Holding myself up with hands planted on the bed and my arms squeezing in at her waist I went balls deep inside her. She tensed up and drew in a huge breath then started breathing hard, almost like hyperventilating.
My awareness was slipping away and sound was not being processed by my brain, it was being blocked by blind lust. Care was something I no longer had other than the care my cock needed.

I realized I was gone and a beast had taken over and there was nothing I could do about it. I now only cared about my need, my satisfaction and desire, the desire to shoot as much of my seed as deep inside of her as I could.
In my semi-lucid state my lust had taken over and just the thought alone of having my cum in this girl was just as good as actually shooting it inside of her.
As I indulged in my thoughts, not to mention actually being inside of this young girl, the boiling liquid in my balls rose with each thrust I made. I didn’t want to cum already but I knew I wouldn’t last all that long.

My head went back, my body tensed, arms locked at her waist, I groaned loudly and went full out caveman on her. I was pounding into her with punishing blows each time I bottomed out and smashed into her pelvis.
I was pounding into her faster and faster to bring it on and I wanted the sweet relief of not just cumming but cumming inside, cumming in this incredibly hot young girl.
No longer able to grunt and groan I could only breathe in a labored fashion. I was close, so very close as semen filled my entire shaft which caused the tingling in my cock to spread throughout my whole body.
I wasn’t holding it back so I couldn’t understand what was blocking things up. Cum was at the tip of my head and I was ready to explode yet couldn’t.

Already at the point of exhaustion I dug down deep knowing that at this point only more speed would help me finish. As horny and ready to blow at just the thought before I even touch her, I was perplexed at the work this was taking to get what I needed.

I pictured myself on top of this young girl with my dick like a piston gliding in and out of her stretched hole, my cum spraying inside of her along with my increased speed was all it took.

“UHHH, UHHH, UHHH………….UGH”, I screamed out.

I strained as my cock expanded from all the cum being held back and then as if trying to push a blockage through my cock expanded before cum violently exploded out. That initial squirt hurt and caused me to painfully grunt.

With the path open my cock went into spasms as I let go and then worked to eject boiling jets of cum inside of her. I rotated my hips down and shoved as deep inside of her as I could as another massive amounts of hot gooey semen shot straight into her womb.
Her body went slack and she breathed erratically as her hands dropped from her knee’s, she would have dropped her legs but I was leaning over her even more which kept them back.

Now that the pressure was off and I reverted back to a relieved state of consciousness I was amazed, even given her obvious experience, how deep my cock was in her.
The warmth and squeeze of her cunt was exquisite, part of the warmth was obviously the semen I squirted which was being held inside and enveloping my buried cock.

I opened my eyes only to be met with total blackness and I wished I could have light. I wanted to look down and see my cock lodged deep in her little cunt then watch cum bubble out of her hole when I pulled out.
Since I only had my imagination I slowly eased my cock out then sat back on my knees and thought about what I couldn’t see.
She dropped her legs and I felt them slide down on each side of me. I ran my hands up her legs, over her tummy then up to feel her titties then back down her sides and stopped at her hips and gave them a squeeze.
I slid one hand over to her cunt and ran my fingers down over her mound then down to the bed where I found a puddle of goo which drained from her now ravaged hole.

“Don’t move sweetheart, I’ll be right back OK” ?, I said.

“uh huh”, was the only sound she made.

I backed off the bed and felt my hand along the wall and through the bathroom door where I turned on the light. The light was harsh on my eyes and I squinted to block what I could while I retrieved a towel then returned to the foot of the bed.

Forcing my eyes open I looked at my sweet young angel laying there in exhaustion and perhaps relief, I think she needed it as much or even more than I did.
Taking in the sight before me caused a stir and I felt I could get hard all over again. All I could do was look her up and down while she lay there with her head to the side with her eyes closed.
My eyes descended down to her cunt and the puddle of goo on the bed.

She sat upright and looked down,

“OH my gosh”, she said with surprise.

“I know, let me clean that up a little”, I said as I leaned down.

She scooted back then stuck her fingers into the puddle of goo,

“YUCK”, she said while making face.

“Well it tastes better than it feels….or looks”, I said.

I had no way to know that myself but looking ahead it was something I wanted her to find out.

“OH, daddy always put a condom on before he did it to me”, she said.

I finished cleaning up the puddle the best I could then after cleaning myself off I got back in the bed while she went into the bathroom.
When she turned off the bathroom light we were plunged back into total darkness. I could feel her make her way around the bed and slip under the covers.
She made another yuck sound and I knew she came across the wet spot. I moved over and let her slide next to me and was surprised she didn’t want to get her panties and shirt back on.

She snuggled her back tight to me and I put my arm over her and drew her in even tighter, she felt good. It was a long day from which I was already exhausted but now I was totally spent.
It wasn’t long before I was on the edge of sleep and before I went over the edge I remember her breathing rhythmically and knew she was asleep.
I drifted off into a lightness feeling with just a hint of various thoughts as I crossed over into a state of unconsciousness.

Chapter: 12 (Morality)

I woke to light hurting my eyes along with the feeling of confusion. I desperately searched for memories and wondered what day it was, if I was late for work plus trying to recall details of my dreams as I was sucked out of sleep and thrust into reality.

I didn’t move a muscle other than blinking my eyes while I concentrated on my surroundings. I felt a presence against me but with my head straight I was looking up at the ceiling, a ceiling that I wasn’t familiar with.
I slightly moved my head and eyes as I followed the contours of the room then my mind went right back to the body against me. I wanted to remember my dream because I felt it may have clues to the present or even the past.
I didn’t feel like I wanted to look beside me then be in some kind of shock as opposed to figuring it out in my mind before seeing with my eyes.

It was like deja vu, I have woken up like this before and this was the best place to begin from if I could only remember.
I calmed myself, let my mind drift through collective memories I knew existed but I just had to put them in order as it all started coming back to me.
Within a minute I summed up everything from a couple months ago when I woke up in confusion right up to the present time.
I didn’t know what time it was just as I didn’t know what time it was at any given point over the last couple months.

I didn’t care about keeping track of time but I knew it was much lighter outside than when I had been waking up for the last few months.
I knew I had dreamed like mad all night yet I couldn’t remember any of that right now.
I remembered last night and at that point I pulled my head back and looked at the dark brown hair in my face.
I was incredibly relieved last night and rested like I haven’t in quite some time.
Now the realization of what was done came crashing down on me and I felt guilt pangs in my chest. I thought back to my state of mind last night and how I let go and just straight out fucked the hell out of Iris.

Where was my sense of guilt and remorse last night, I closed my eyes and thought “Oh my god what have done”.
I crossed a line last night and did something I had only fantasized about but knew I would have never actually done. I had to reconcile this with myself even though she was willing. Given society has somehow been completely obliterated there was still some morality that resided inside of me or at least used to.
I laid there thinking about how good it felt as I explored her body, licked her to proper wetness and then entered her. I got what I dreamed about, what I wanted and ultimately what was sooooooo wrong about it.

I knew the wrong, not to mention long pent up need, drove me over the edge and with all the encumbrances gone and the opportunity present I was finally able to do it.
Hardness was returning to my cock despite my revulsion and I was helpless to stop it. I found myself struggling between the wrong which felt so good and the right which always got me NOTHING.
Any morality I had left was slipping away, at least certain morality. There were still points I feel I could not go beyond but given our new world what was left?
Maybe stealing but I was not taking from anyone that would be hurt. I wouldn’t mortally wound any person or animal unless it was needed for our defense.
There was nobody left that I knew of but her and me, we were here for each other therein any former “wrongs” were nonexistent now.

I was justifying things again while still trying to ignore my growing cock which was now pressed against her leg. I reasoned that all I needed was to get a little bit of pussy, shoot off then I would return to normal.
It would soon be out of my system entirely and no longer needing sex things would be better because it was always good and clear once the “need” was gone and at some point it just had to vanish entirely.
Iris and I would then look back on it, she would forgive me for being human and we would go on and eek out an existence without any damage or regrets.

This was all assuming she wouldn’t want or need it and sex would be a foregone conclusion while we went on with making a daily life.
That was fine and good but right now rational thought and new felt guilt was leaving me while I began to rub my hand up and down her body then gently squeeze and pull her to me even tighter.
She was slowly coming out of sleep now so I focused on rubbing her nipples then running my hand down her butt crack I extended my middle finger to rub her slit.
Her hips were slightly moving and she lightly moaned due to the comfort of sleep leaving her. I wanted her to wake up realizing she had a tingly feeling in her cunt then want me take care of it.
As I continued to finger her she would squeeze her butt cheeks then relax.
I figured it may be too intense so I eased my finger out then put my hand over her waist and worked a finger over the top of her mound. I then rubbed my hand up and down her side then up and down her leg.

I wanted her to come out of sleep gently but heated up almost like it was her more than me. She didn’t appear to be ticklish as I started running my hand over her whole body now but perhaps she wasn’t awake enough yet.
Alternating between feeling her entire body, rubbing her titties then fingering her cunt she was becoming more conscious. She moved and squirmed while making little moaning noises as she changed positions and was now facing me.
This gave me the chance to stroke her hair, rub her back and squeeze her butt, then I planted a kiss on her forehead.
Her eyes fluttered and just barely cracked open then closed again,

“Do we have to get up yet”, she asked weakly.

I had no intention of getting out of bed yet, it was warm under the covers and her naked body felt so good against me. She felt the same as I did because she wiggled and snuggled closer to me.
I put my other arm under her neck and let my forearm hold her back while my other hand worked up and down her side from her shoulder to as far down her leg as I could reach.

“mmmmm, feels good”, she whispered.

Her arms which were once curled up in front of her went around me as we squeezed closer together. I stopped stroking her side and went straight for her soft buns and squeezed then worked my finger into her crack.
She picked up her leg and put it over mine which gave me access to her cunt. With the palm of my hand cupping her butt I dragged my fingers along her exposed cunt lips.
Her hips rocked a little so I worked a finger between her moist labia and rubbed deeply. This caused more twitching in her body as she became more wet so I started kissing the side of her face then planted a few on her shoulder.

My breathing was picking up and I closed my eyes as a dreamy feeling started in my head while I felt her and kissed her. I was very horny but my more gentle side was dominant now, unlike last night, as I thought about the prospect of being inside her once again.
Pulling my hand from over her butt and placing it on her hip I gently pushed to signal I wanted her to lay on her back which she did.
I slipped a finger into her slit once again while I leaned over and sucked her titties.
She was breathing in deep then slowly letting it out as I worked to get her ready. I was definitely getting signals she thoroughly enjoyed my attention and this of course only lit my fire even more.
My cock was a straight solid tube of steel which needed to be softened by time spent in her oven. I relished the light of morning which would allow me to see her body and give a true visual of the love I intended to make with her.
Rolling over on top and positioning myself between her legs I had one arm holding me off of her while I looked down her body.
Holding my cock in hand and aiming at her cunt I was in total disbelief as to how I was able to penetrate her at all. Her little cunt had completely disappeared beneath my cock head as I pressed it against her.
This was causing the fire to rage and I just had to look down while I wiggled my cock and pushed in. The tip of my cock worked between her labia and my soft squishy head deformed while I pressed down and her lips parted.

My cock disappeared as it was engulfed in her twat.
The feel was only magnified by the sight as I pulled back out slightly causing her little cunt lips to roll out, it looked so awesome while it also helped lubricate her outer lips and my shaft as I pressed down again and slid in.
My eyes closed and I swallowed from the pressure applied around my cock then began to gently move in and out. I was absolutely going to take my time with as far as fucking but I wanted to hurry and bury myself inside.
I wasn’t sure of the full extent of her experience but she did get turned on and excreted jizz fairly quick.

I didn’t feel it wash over my cock or maybe I was too preoccupied with my own indulgence to notice the moment it happened for her.
I was aware that she was even wetter than a few moments ago which helped me as I pushed even more dick into her.
She groaned as my cock stretched her hole even more then started again with the fuck motion while her arms went around my waist and she hung on.
It was relief just being in her pussy while I pushed thoughts of cumming out of my head and slowly pumped in and out of her. When I pushed in and gently bottomed out she would grunt while I moaned in pleasure.

I got closer to her and put my hands under her shoulders wrapping my fingers over them to hold on. Not just to hold her in position but to just cradle and have our bodies touch while I moved in and out of her now dripping little cunt.
The feeling was more than I thought possible but was probably intensified by my desire to put these particular emotions into the act.
I wanted the same passion I felt and was putting into it returned equally. She had her arms around my waist and not over her head in a completely submissive fashion and her body seemed braced.
The hold she had on my waist was reminiscent of someone that didn’t have experience in lovemaking as opposed to being fucked. I know that is the way it went with us last night but it was obvious that was what she has been used to.
I also took into account her age as far as not having developed the passion but this would be something learned and accumulated with the right experience.
Her eyes were closed tight as I worked. She was so pretty and sweet looking I wanted to show her what I felt inside and how gentle, passionate and intense this could be without having to go animal every time.
I pulled a hand from under her shoulder brushed the hair away from her face and she opened her eyes, we looked at each other with full advantage of light filling the bedroom.
Her eyes moved around like she was in wonder as to what was happening or even not happening. I leaned my head closer and turned slightly so our noses wouldn’t touch while I pressed my lips to hers.

I didn’t smother her but gave her a full wet kiss and she barely responded. There were universal things that caused a fire to get hotter so I went after her more sensitive spots.
Pulling my head to the side I kissed the top of her shoulders then across her upper chest, this caused her to lean her head back and tense her neck.

I could see the outline of her collar bone and muscles in her neck, kissing the nape of her neck made her shiver as I went up planting kisses up her neck and just under her ear.
Going to the other side I did the same thing, her neck was still tensed from the sensation but her body eased as did the grip of her hands on my waist.
She was slightly murmuring something unintelligible as I kissed her neck and face while gently but deeply pumping in and out. I was rocking my hips back and rolling my back out when I pulled out then keeping the tip of my cock just inside I rotated my hips down while my back rolled in as I pushed back in to the bottom.

We have been going at this for some time and just when I thought she may be getting to dry to continue I was rewarded with renewed creaminess she produced.
Knowing I was really doing something for her caused my cock to swell even more from the pressure building inside.
I instinctively wanted to speed up but the slow sensual feeling of her hole gripping my shaft was too powerful to ignore. I kept the pace along with enjoying the feel of her soft face and firm neck on my lips.
I closed my eyes as the cum rose towards it inevitable exit and I increased all my efforts to use her body and give her pleasure at the same time. No longer able to kiss her I could only breathe in anticipation of the coming bliss.
The muscles in my neck tightened forcing my head back and my strokes into her were even longer and slightly increased.
The feeling in my cock made me pant along with needing oxygen that all my tensed muscles required. I felt I could hold off for a bit longer because I really wanted to delay it and enjoy myself inside her just as much as I wanted to cum.

“Are you gonna put your stuff in me again”, she ask softly.

This sent me over the top and try as I might I was beginning to squirt hot loving cum into her as I answered,

“UH HUH”, I blurted out while letting go.
I blasted a stream of cum into her and my once tense body eased before I squeezed my cock tight again. I breathed out heavily as more cum shot from my dick. I grunted as I tightened up then groaned with sensation as my cum flowed from lack of ability to hold it back.
I would relax and breath out with a long low groan of relief each time I did this until I had no more cum or energy left in me.

Knowing nothing was left but thoroughly enjoying the feel of my cock inside of her I had to relent and pull out. I flipped onto my back breathing shallow but evenly with delightful and tension free relief.
I waited for guilt to flood me but it didn’t come and I felt myself enter into a whole new realm. This was new, it was intense, it was exciting as well as being so bad…………..I loved these feelings.

The thought of going forward with daily life and having an impressionable young girl was powerful in a good as well as a completely naughty way.
The things I could teach and show her, which included a lot of sexual things, was more than I could fathom right now.
I was relaxed at this point and would consider all these other things at a later time. I had to wait and see what feelings and thoughts would be like as our day continued.

Chapter: 13 (A new beginning)

After our session we laid in bed for awhile until we finally stirred to action. I got up and jumped in the shower and washed the smell of sex off of me. The sweat that poured from me not to mention our cum which dried on my cock was all washed away along with any other inhibitions I had.
I felt more alive than I have in a very long time all the way back to my life before I woke up a couple months ago. New sex and situations are like that but from experience I knew it wouldn’t last and when that faded I would be seeking the next exciting thing.
This is where looking ahead was a downer because given the state of things I didn’t foresee the “next exciting thing” because there were limits now.

Iris and I are together due to circumstances or in real terms it is because of a lack of options.
I finished up and walked out of the bathroom, Iris had stripped the bed, found new linen and was just finishing making it up again. Once again I found myself amazed but I didn’t know why because it was such a basic task.
At one end I thought of her age and disciplines rather I made assumptions on that and on the other end I have witnessed some maturity beyond her years.

When she finished making the bed I was still standing there looking at her. Call it delusions of grandeur or new found feelings and life but I had scenarios running through my head.
Her sweetness, innocence and pretty face along with these domestic chores not to mention the incredible sex had me thinking of how happy our life could be together.
All the challenges we faced were put on the back burner while I daydreamed and let my mind go with this future fantasy world.
“Are you OK”, she asked.

“Yeah, I was just thinking”, I responded.

She walked past me and went into the bathroom. I had to come back down to earth and get on with making solid plans for the future.
I busied getting dressed and was sitting on the edge of the bed getting my shoes one and tying them up when Iris walked out. She only had a towel wrapped around her. I looked up from my shoes and followed her legs up, past the towel and right to her face.
Does she already know the power females have, the ability to be a temptress and stop us in our tracks just to look at them. What was in her mind about the future about us and all the daydreams or fantasies she has or even had?
She walked up to me as I sat there then put her arms around my neck and leaned her head over mine. I put my arms around her waist and hugged, pulling her closer to me.

“That was nice, I didn’t know it could be like that too”, she said.

I wasn’t sure how to respond to her that is I could think of many things to say but that could lead to many other areas best left for another time. I felt like I should make amends for last night because I just cut loose and fucked her.
I needed to find out about her past and how things have been. What she knows and doesn’t know, what her experiences have been.
I pulled away from her so we could see each other,

“You’re not used to that”, I asked with surprise.

She shook her head to signify NO. I stood up and hugged her again then kissed the top of her head.

“Get dressed and let’s figure out what we’re going to do today”, I said.

I left the bedroom and started going through compartments near the driver’s seat. I was looking for a map or an atlas so I could plot where we may go as opposed to each particular area versus what I personally knew about anyway.
Iris had finished getting dressed and came into the room. I found an atlas and was sitting at the table while I searched through it to find this state.

“Where are we now”, she asked.

I plopped my finger onto the page. My mind was focused on the map so I didn’t even see her reaction or even think there would be a reaction from her.
I looked over and she had a lost look in her eyes or maybe she was processing information. Like I was thinking before I was going to have to find out things about her namely where she was from let alone all the other background. I wanted to hold that off for another time but I think it was closer to getting into it now or as we went along and things just came up.

“Iris, were are you from”, I asked.

“Los Angeles”, she said in a whisper.

She was a long way from home for sure and again one thing leads to another. As I started to think about where to go it would be good to figure out the epicenter, if there was an epicenter, of events so we can make assumptions on which direction not to go.
I thought back to the other day when she described her last memories and the area of chaos her and her father drove through before getting to the truck stop here in Kansas.
I have went 25 miles from this location but only going east then west on the interstate which is the absolute main corridor across this state.
There was still whatever lies to the north and south which isn’t much. Grassland and prairie but after a little distance in these directions the terrain changes, it becomes hilly and somewhat rocky but there are no real large population centers for quite some distance.

Working backwards and tapping her mind I tried to work out where they were when they drove through the chaos she described. They were coming from the West so it appeared somewhere in Colorado is where something happened. It had to be Denver they went through so perhaps whatever this is could have transpired in large cities.
Going to the east from here leads to Kansas City, this made me wonder if chaos or remnants of such could be observed there as well.
These were all assumptions but it would help steer our plans and direction. It would be better to stay away from large cities and even much smaller cities and towns.

The lack of people, power and other various utilities will eventually cause problems that would make living in formerly populated areas a hazard. Just making that assumption or determination meant that there were only two directions from here to choose, it was North or South.
Those directions lead to the middle of nowhere basically yet there could be places that were remote and still had access to some of the things we needed.
We discussed the prospect of driving much farther east or west to see what we could find. It was deemed too dangerous at least right now.
If the large cities are the places where upheaval began and if some people did still exist there it likely wouldn’t be safe nor would it likely give us our answers.
Looking at the map there was a large lake to the northeast from here that I have been to starting as a kid. I hadn’t been there in many years but it was attractive because of the lake, the terrain and soil.

There were areas around the lake we could set up at and still be remote yet able to access things for living. I tapped my finger on the map where the lake is,

“Here’s where we can go”, I said to Iris.

“Do you know the place”, she asked.

“It’s pretty, safe and would be an all around good place to stay….for now”, I said.
I further explained my past experiences at places around the lake then detailed reasons it would be ideal for us. While it is remote, from sizable towns or cities, there are still areas where houses, cabins and RV parks exist yet it is sparse.

There would be items available we may need or could us from nearby properties. We could fish in the lake, swim, boat and have room to grow food and hunt for game, etc.
A state park with RV facilities a marina and all that would provide a nice base camp. Given the relative remoteness though I suggested that we gather anything we could think of right now which we may not have.
The cache we took from the “preppers” house provided plenty of items however, there is no reason to expand on it and lay in more medical supplies, food as well as some things we may not be able to think of but would see and want when we shopped.
Now with a solid plan we drove the motor coach and trailer into town and raided any store we thought may contain needed supplies, not to mention we did go by a small medical facility for various items we may need that we didn’t obtain at the “prepper house”.

This actually took us most of the day and even though it was only a 50 miles drive to the lake we decided to wait until early morning to leave. From here the drive was about half interstate with the remainder being regular surface roads but I wanted to have plenty of daylight to deal with the unexpected.
I still had to work out a supply of water when we got to the lake so I needed to fill the on board tank with water now while I could. I had a well at my house so I simply plugged the pump into the RV generator and fill the tanks. I also dumped the waste water tanks and flushed them out.
With all our bulking up on supplies and taking care of the RV tanks we felt ready to go and ready to make it. I also took the time to prepare more weapons and get familiar with them, just in case.

So with another long day behind us and a plan in place we were feeling pretty good and with her and I working together, plus what has already happened between us, we were only getting and feeling closer to each other.
When we each had showered and settled into bed we faced each other, embraced and then kissed just like lovers.
We traded affectionate kisses while our hands gently explored each others bodies while also squeezing one another genitals, Iris broke our silent affection.

“Can we do it like we did this morning”, she ask.

I wanted to eat her sweet pussy but she was plenty wet enough to take me in. I eased over on top of her, she opened herself up to me then upon guiding my cock to her entrance and pushing in, we kissed deeply.
She put her hands on my hips and pulled me into her while I pushed, the feeling caused both of us to break the kiss and breathe out with a almost silent moan.
I began to roll my back as I fucked in and out of her while she ran her hands up my back and squeezed with her fingers as we kissed.
She was putting much more into it now that she knew what this was and what to expect, she went with it and instinct took over. The movements she put into her body, the squeezes she gave me with her cunt plus her kisses was more than I expected.
It was bringing me on much faster than I figured but even after our two prior sessions I felt an enormous amount of cum filling my shaft.
I gave her a deep kiss, began to take longer and more elaborate strokes in and out of her then put my lips to her ear,

“I can’t hold it anymore baby”, I whispered.

She pulled me to her face and kissed me while letting her tongue flirt with mine, opened her legs even wider then planted her hands on my upper back to hold me and hold on.
I worked my hands under her back and held her while I went deep and held in,

“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I very lightly moaned.

It was like opening a valve and letting what felt like a continual flow of molten lava flow up and out of my shaft. I only lightly let my cock convulse to keep pushing the river of hot cum deep inside of her precious body.
I had let out a long slow breath which lasted as long as my cum flowed into her. Once the flow stopped I squeezed my cock muscles a few times to let the remaining cum spurt out.
I finally drew in a breath then breathed evenly. Both of us eased the grip we had on each other then leaned in again for a long meaningful kiss before I pulled out and rolled to the side.

I lay on my back and she rolled onto her side, draped her slender arm over my chest and pulled her body alongside while resting her head against me.
Spent from another long day of preparations along with slow yet intense lovemaking it wasn’t long before we fell asleep.

I dreamed what felt like was all night. It revolved around us living at the lake, doing things, making a life, making love, having sex, fucking, sucking, just having all different kinds of sex. I also dreamed of us exploring the world around us, seeking knowledge of what happened and why. My mind revolved around what happened and how. It was like there was purpose but for what.
In my dreams I was now frustrated because I wanted to get back to us having sex, it felt so real. We dream about what we want and what may be yet there contained clues of what will be.
There were things with her that I wanted, wanted to do to her for her and for her to do to me.
I would think and dream about the other stuff like exploring and getting answers later but right now I wanted to get back to dreaming of sex again but couldn’t and it frustrated me so bad that……………………………

Chapter: 14 (Making a Life)

My eyes snapped open but I wanted so bad to get back to sleep and pick up the dream but the sleep and dream was over.
I was rock hard of course but was unsure if it was a piss hard on or dreaming of sex or both.
I rolled out of bed to take a piss, again we can all get to much of a good thing. Once I pissed the hardness subsided and even my dreams were washing away from my consciousness while I splashed my face with water and began to prepare for another day. I left the bathroom and looked at Iris laying there quietly
Leaning over the bed I rubbed Iris up and down her body through the covers to gently wake her up,

“mmmm, I’m a little sore this morning”, she said with a murmur while rolling to her other side.

I smiled while chuckling on the inside from her response then gave her a playful smack on her butt.

“Get up and get ready we’re leaving out shortly”, I said.

She rolled over and cracked her eyes open then looked me up and down. I was standing there fully dressed while smiling at her, she nodded her head and dropped it back down.
I walked out and into the living area and turned when I heard her get up from the bed. She stopped and looked at me while I took in her naked body in profile, she smiled then walked to the bathroom.
I watched her walk and my cock grew hard looking at her little ass twitch, I was going to make it my mission to get a piece of her ass among us doing many other things together.
She has been fucked before that’s for sure but she never had her pussy eaten until I did it. I don’t think she’s ever had cum in her mouth or given head and from her previous reaction she hasn’t even seen cum before.
There were so many things to experience, to do and teach that it was making my mind run away while I needed to concentrate on today’s mission which was getting to the lake. We needed to be prepared for anything, find a place, get set up and go on about our days.
With Iris now dressed and prepared we ate breakfast and once that was complete we cleaned up and were ready to head down the road.

We saw nothing at all on the interstate as we headed east toward the highway that would take us to the lake. Once we reached the turn off and headed north on the road towards the lake I didn’t feel any better until the terrain changed.
Being out in the flat openness was just unnerving to me before I found Iris, now I felt I didn’t want to find “others”. I admit I was scared because of the fact Iris and I have had sex so now to suddenly find people or “society” would cause me much anxiety.
Heaven forbid if we simply swerved back into the normal or prior world then have to face things let alone not be able to continue like we have been doing and will be doing.

It has been going on three months now being in this new existence but things changed substantially when Iris and I found each other. I was certain she felt much different and would just love to return to her prior world and life.
The repercussions for me would be much different so for this and a lot of other reasons I didn’t want things back like they were. This didn’t revolve around having sex with an young girl but all the other pressures were off.
I didn’t miss having to drag my ass up and get to work, worry about keeping a job, pay the bills, deal with people, fit into situations to get along and all the issues of daily regular life.
While this whole new situation was scary in of itself it also had an ease to it and a sense of peace. It was certainly fraught with perils and many challenges it was kind of serene and surreal.
Our normalcy bias kicks in and forces us to make sense of and returned to a certain state of mind we are comfortable with. I knew I couldn’t try to find answers or even other people at some point but getting things to a state of new normal was the driving force.

The lake came into view as we made the turn off the main road heading towards a marina and RV spaces.

“Oh coool”, said Iris.

“It is nice isn’t it”, I said.

I continued to drive, turning down another road to the marina. I circled the entire area first before finding a spot where I could stop and look out over everything. Shutting off the engine I wanted to sit and look.
We opened the windows so we could listen as well. Even though the terrain is rocky and hilly it was still rather barren with a cluster of trees here and there, it was certainly easy enough to have an unobstructed view.
There were still several RV’s parked but nowhere near as many as there would be if this was summer and the world was “normal” but this time of year would be very quiet.

After maybe 10 minutes we felt comfortable enough to walk around and check things out. I did have my pistol as well as the automatic weapon I used at the shopping center several days ago.
I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I had checked out every single dwelling in the immediate area and since it was still very early in the day we started.
There were not many RV’s but there were plenty of houseboats not to mention a few cabins, storage buildings, the marina office, etc, to look in.

As usual we were alone so now it was time to decide exactly where to park our motor home and set things up for where we were determined to be from here on.
We chose a spot with a cluster of tree’s which would afford shade in the summer and sun in the winter because they would be bare of leaves like right now.
We found ourselves quite busy for the next several weeks.

With the spot settled for our RV I tapped into a water well on the property and using material gathered around I piped over to the RV.
Our food was taken care of and since there were still a few RV’s around those refrigerators contained frozen items which remained that way since they were still running on gas.
We went around and gathered up spoiled items from any nearby RV or other dwellings which would keep the smell away not to mention vermin. We did everything we could possibly do to “sanitize” the area then we made sure to secure any dwellings to keep animals out.

Sometimes we worked alone, sometimes side by side depending on the duties at hand. We stayed busy, we prepared dinners, we watched movies, we had sex…………….we were going on and making a new life.
With the time passed I almost forgot that her birthday was now imminent. When we found each other she was only 3 months into her18th birthday.
The weather had turned much cooler especially at night yet hard winter hadn’t quite set in yet. The weather was rather mild during the day at this point but it was like that around here some during some years.
We were enjoying the outdoors while we could as snow would be a certainty before too much longer and the biting cold would cause us to spend a lot more time indoors.
Fuel for the generator wasn’t a problem since there was plenty around to be had. Of course after some point fuel would go bad but the marina had underground storage tanks.
With the cool temperatures over the next several months and fuel treatment I obtained from the prepper house these would help the fuel available last at least a year, maybe more.
This gave me time to figure another source of power going forward. I could easily put together a few solar panels we found and charge the batteries to power lights and the other items in the RV except for the A/C.
Summertime can be as brutal as winter around here so figuring out how to power that after the fuel finally went bad would be a challenge.

Chapter 15: (Oh No)

So it is finally her birthday, she is officially 19 years old. It was a day of celebration and rest from our hectic work all these weeks.
The weather was tolerable so we walked the nearby trails and took one of the boats onto the lake and just made a pleasant relaxing day for us both.
We gathered the items needed to make a cake and do it up the best we could. No presents or anything like that nor were they needed, things were going along fine and the present was that we were alive and well.

We thawed out some steaks which we grilled then afterwords had some of her birthday cake we made. I teased her that she was getting a bit chunky lately and grabbed her stomach.
You know girls don’t like to be teased about that stuff but her belly was starting to round out. I can’t talk much as I was bulking up as well.
Even with all the work we have been doing for weeks we were able to eat good, maybe too good.
We were teasing each other about getting fat while we were having fun eating steak and having some cake and just enjoying the outdoors all we could.

By the end of the day it was getting quite chilly out as darkness began to fall so we went inside where it was warm. We did the usual by watching movies, eating some popcorn while snuggling on the couch.
The movie was full of action and as usual the guy and girl don’t seem to like one another. The guy saves the girl and she reciprocates by giving it to him but of course they wanted each other all along and now they are finally able to consummate the relationship, etc, etc.
I was laid back against the armrest and she was leaning back on me, I had my arms around her and was able to lay my chin on the top of her head.
It was at this point in the movie when Iris sat up and turned to me,

“I want you to teach me……………..things”, she said.

We had been talking about “things” for several weeks now with some detail. The “stuff that makes babies” she initially called it I let her know was cum or semen. We talked about her vagina and all the other words used to describe it like pussy, love tunnel, snatch, cunt and all the other slang terms. She was quite clueless for her age.
There were things she didn’t know or had experienced until I did them to her like when I licked her pussy. She had only been fucked, never eaten, never made love to as I did to her.
Most girls and woman I ever had sex with mostly wanted to be fucked each and every time. Every now and then you may find one that wants to take it slow and make love now and then instead of having you just banging her brains out all the time.

Iris was never asked to perform any acts other than lay down and open her legs before her and I found each other. She said it felt good but for all she knew that was all there was although her instincts told her there was more, much more.
I don’t know why I was taking some things so slow with her. Hypocritically I was concerned about her tender age even though we’ve been having sex, it seemed stupid.

I wanted her to suck my dick but didn’t want to force her to do it. I knew once I had it in her mouth I would want more and more which would be better if/when she was willing to.
I also wanted her to be able to get on top and ride me, I wanted to get her from behind, I wanted to have my dick in her ass.
There were all kinds of positions and things yet to do.

She was ready to expand her knowledge and pleasure plus the ability to give pleasure.
Sometimes people make big decisions on birthdays, especially milestone birthdays like 13, still a very young age. It’s a big one for sure followed by 16 of course then 18 and 21.
Not really sure how those milestones will play out given the way things are these days but at least in the mind it plays an important role and it’s just the human attempt to make things “normal”.
I nodded my head while looking her in the eyes while using one hand to push back her long dark hair,

“OK sweetheart”, I replied.

She leaned against me putting her arms around my neck and turned her head to lay it on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her tight to me.

“Let’s go to bed”, I said to her.

She pulled back to look at me,

“Will you be teaching me something”, she asked.

“If that’s what you want, it’s your birthday”, I said.

We stood up, I caught her by surprise when I scooped her up in my arms and carried her towards the bed. While I held her I looked up and down her slender body. She only had on her usual nightshirt and that was it. No panties, no bra just a thin layer of cotton shirt between my eyes and her nubile young body.
She wanted restrained passion tonight and the look I was giving her plus the desire in my eyes let her know it. She reveled in the way I was looking at her, the power of the female body was something she was aware of and I was conveying to her that she was hot and she was wanted.

Once she acquired more experience and knowledge she could direct things at times as her desire dictated. Right now I was in total control and she wanted me to initiate any particular act to which she would comply, school was about to be in session.
Once at the edge of the bed I let her feet fall to the floor. We stood there looking into each others eyes transmitting silent messages. I wondered if she sensed the vision in my head at this point, I was thinking about what I wanted to happen next. With a much more experienced woman she would be able to follow my silent lead.

I pulled off my shirt then dropped my shorts kicking them from around my feet. My cock was standing straight out from extreme hardness. It was thick and wide, my root like veins bulged and my balls hung heavy with semen.
I glanced down quickly to signal what I wanted. She leaned her head down slightly to look at my rock hard cock then raised her eyes to look up at me.
I nodded my head up and down slightly to indicate this is where I wanted to start her lesson.

Lowering her eyes back down she slowly descended to her knee’s. After several seconds she reached her hand up and clasped her fingers around the base of my shaft. With her hand only able to reach around maybe half of its circumference plus with her face to face with it she likely started to worry.
I put a hand on top of her head letting my fingers drape of the back to have some control. I saw her swallow which indicated she was ready for the attempt then she opened her mouth and leaned in. I let my hand ride on the top of her head but did not pull rather I let her go her own speed.

I wasn’t about to scare her off at this point, she was going to have to deal with my girth plus she needed to acquire the taste of cock meat.
I was looking down at this site with great anticipation. Once her lips made contact with the tip of my cock my hand instinctively tightened on her head to hold her in place as she attempted to pull back.
I forced myself to ease the hold I had on her head and let her pull back but just slightly. With the tip of my cock barely making contact with her lips she looked up at me.
My eyes and the hold my hand had on her head were conveying she had to continue with the lesson. She lowered her eyes, licked her lips and began to take me in. As her lips stretched over my head the sensation made me lean my head back while my mouth opened in a silent moan.

Her lips stopped at the flare of my head before she pulled back to my tip. I looked down and once again she licked her lips then took me in again.
Her lips snapped over the flare which caused me to tighten my hand while my head went back again with an audible moan. I knew she couldn’t take me in too deep at this point, although I wanted to hold her head and thrust my hips forward.
I eased the grip on my hand which let her fall back then I gently pulled her back to indicate she needed to bobb on it.
She got the message and I guess female instinct took over while she began to move her head to take me in and out. I was moaning louder now which caused her to work a little harder.
Just the fact that a pretty 19 year old girl had my dick in her mouth was enough to make up for her obvious lack of experience. I wanted so badly for her to work me long enough so I could blow a load in her mouth. Just that thought alone would be enough to accomplish this but I didn’t feel she was ready for that yet.

I had to calm myself a little so I let the vision of me cumming in her young mouth vanish. She was taking me in slow and deliberate but she needed to be able to take more of me in plus there was more to it than just bobbing on a dick,

“”Suck on it baby, like you would a lollypop”, I said softly.

She stopped bobbing and with my entire head firmly in her mouth she started drawing suction,

“OHHHHHHHHH, that’s it”, I moaned out in bliss.

At this point I moved my other hand down to the side of her head while moving the one I had on the top to the other side to have my hands on each side of her head holding it still while she sucked I gently rocked my hips back and forth.
My head was straight and my eyes closed tight while I gently fucked her sucking young mouth.
I was in a dreamland again and what my eyes weren’t looking down at my mind’s eye put the picture in my head.
I was starting to get that familiar feeling and I fought with myself to quell the rising tide of cum creeping up my shaft.
It was feeling too good to ignore and try as I might I couldn’t stop it. I wanted to let her head go and pull out of her mouth but I was rationalizing that this was going to be alright and it was just part of her lesson. I didn’t intend to take the lesson that far right now but I was too far gone in the moment.

I was in between coherence and total lust while I clamped down hard on my cock muscles. I weighed the repercussions of not realizing the act of cumming in her mouth and waiting to teach this lesson another time.
I also wondered if I should tell her before I did it or just let go and spray into her mouth without any warning.
I was out of time and a decision had to be made on what to do even though I realized I could not be rational, at this point I could justify anything given my lustful desire.
While I was fighting to snap back to awareness I suddenly realized how labored my breathing was along with the groaning noises I was making while I struggled to hold back.

She was sucking with all she had and was taking me in and out on her own without me holding her head while rocking my hips.
In my mind I was saying “I have to do it, I just have to”, thinking that I never ever really knew for sure if I would have this chance again.
The pain of holding was more than I could take and with a last second moment of clarity I wanted to let her know what was going to happen. On top of that I wanted her to want it to happen,

“I HAVE TO CUUUUUM”, I shouted.

At that point I lost all care, I was going to have my cum in her mouth. She continued to suck while I held still and I eased the grip on my cock muscles while holding her head firm,

“UHHHHHHHHHHH”, I moaned in relief while semen coursed out and into her mouth.
As I let out my breath from the initial blast my body suddenly seized up again, my back arched in,

“OH My God”, I groaned as my cock convulsed forcing out another stream of warm creamy liquid.

I caught my breath while feeling the suction of her mouth on my sensitive head I once again tightened up. I instinctively tried to force my cock deep in her mouth as another wave built then spayed into her mouth,

“OH, OH, OH, AHHHHHHHHHH, OH BABYYYYYYY”, I blissfully grunted as my dick went into spasms while I emptied everything I had into her mouth.

My legs went weak and I shook from the lack of power to remain standing. With my eyes closed I felt myself rock forward then over corrected by leaning back. Without my hands on her head I may have fallen over, I balanced myself and opened my eyes.
Iris was pulling off of me and as her lips touched my now very sensitive head it caused me to shudder. I was a little dizzy and could only look straight ahead while I tried to come back to my senses.
I barely noticed that Iris had stood up while I stood there in a daze then finally looked down at her,

“Did I do good”, she asked.

We both knew it was a stupid question as the results gave the answer but of course like anyone she wanted to be commended verbally.

“OH YEAH”, I said while nodding my head up and down.

“You had a lot of stuff”, she said.

I was really glad she wasn’t repulsed by suddenly having cum shot into her mouth, especially for the very first time. I was in some disbelief that it really happened.
I’m not sure if we really shoot anywhere near what we feel like comes out but she took every drop of what I had.
I never let her go until I was completely done shooting my entire load in her mouth and for all I know when she pulled off of me she may have spit it out.
I was in such a daze I could barely stand erect let alone realize what happened immediately afterwords.

“You handled it just fine it seems”, I said.

“It tasted good, kinda salty”, she said.

I reached out, brushed her hair back and placed my hand on the side of her face then smiled at her.

“You are a fast learner”, I said.

“What else are we going do”, she asked with a smile.

“I need to lay down and recover right now”, I said.

With that we crawled into our bed and held each other. I didn’t intend to blow my load like I did as my plans went well beyond what happened. I had intended to just introduce her to sucking cock then I was planning to eat her scrumptious little snatch.
Afterwords I would have mounted her and we would have made love.
I felt a little bad that things strayed off of the plan but I don’t feel either of us had any regrets at this point.
We fell asleep in each others arms but when I woke up in the middle of the night we were apart.

I rolled over to scoot up behind her and when I did she wiggled her butt against my groin.
We were both awake now, she was being playful and my dick started to harden while I ran my hand up and down her side. I reached over the front and cupped her tit then squeezed it before running my hand down to her cunt.
Feeling her through her nightshirt while she was on her side with her legs closed then she rolled onto her back.
I scooted down the bed while throwing the covers off as I got onto my knees. I pushed her nightshirt up and positioned myself while she opened her legs, now it was time to finish what we had started a few hours ago
I heard her breathing hard just from the anticipation of having me lick her snatch. With her knee’s pointing straight up and her legs opened in a sharp V, I lay myself out below her.

My tongue was in striking distance now and as I placed a hand on each hip I let the tip of my tongue touch her cunt lips. She quivered while I lightly teased her with my tongue and after less than a minute of this she put both hands on my head letting her fingers intertwine with my hair.
She gently pulled me closer so I moved in and brushed her entire slit with the flat of my tongue. Her once inflated stomach, from holding her breath, now deflated as she let out her breath in a slow controlled fashion,

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, she breathily moaned in delight.

I tightened the grip on her hips and pulled her to me while she pulled my head with her hand as I slowly licked her cunt in long even strokes.
Working the tip of my tongue deep into her slit caused her to squeeze her butt cheeks then loosen up. I went after her clit teasing it lightly before alternately working deep in her slit then brushing my tongue over the her outer lips.
She was gently bucking and wiggling as I worked on her now much wetter cunt, she came at least once while I worked so between that and my saliva she was ready for me to put it in.

Not able to take anymore she was pulled my hair up to tell me she had enough tongue lashing. I lifted my head up and she let go of my hair then sat up.
She pulled her shirt over her head and I moved in and sucked her titties then moved up to munched on her neck, her face then her lips.
We broke our kiss,

“Roll over and get on your knee’s”, I told her.

We had left the living area lights on before going to bed so enough light filtered in to be able to see what we were doing. The light coming in enabled me to see what looked like a little bit of worry on her face.
She wasn’t sure exactly what to do so she was standing up on her knees with her back to me. I put one hand on her hip and the other on her back then lightly pushed to indicate she should bend over.
Once she was in position I moved up behind her and ran a finger up and down her slit, on my last upstroke I ran my juice cover finger over her anus. This caused her to clench her cheeks a little from the sensation.
This was the perfect position for sex, the ultimate way for a female to “give it up” but I didn’t intend to “fuck” her rather continue what she wanted before we went to bed. While I pushed my hips forward my throbbing meat guided itself to her entrance. With the tip of my cock piercing her hole and her dainty cunt lips spreading as I pushed in she arched her back down which cause her butt to go up a little.
This is another instinctive move on her part which only helped line things up even better, I now grabbed her slender hips and pulled.
I expected her to squeeze closed with my initial entry but she was actually relaxed and her wetness was evenly coating my cock while I continued to push inside her.
Her cunt was much warmer than I had ever felt it before. That and the feel of her love tunnel gripping me as I slowly pushed in felt fantastic. When I finally bottomed out inside her I told her to squeeze and she clamped down on my cock while I pulled back.

“oooooh babyyyyyy”, I softly moaned.

Once I pulled back she released her hold and I pushed back in to the bottom she clamped down again on my backstroke. We did this nice and slow for several minutes as we both got more heated.
Unable to continually flex her muscles she had to relax while I worked to fuck in and out of her with rolling strokes. I was giving her deep strokes now while my hands worked up and down her side then alternated with rubbing my hands up and down her back.

She grunted each time I bottomed out, I was able to get very deep in her using this position. With her grunting came increased breathing as I picked up the pace yet was still not fucking her at this point however, what started as lovemaking was quickly evolving.
With the light enabling me to see her and what we were doing stirred other motives and feelings in me right now. She was so young and slender compared to my age and size, looking down to see my fat cock disappear deep inside her little cunt plus the total wrongness of it all was consuming me.

People can have sex all they want but hasn’t some of the best been when it was a wrong or a taboo situation which enhances the act and feeling you get. Some of the best sex I had has been thanks to the thoughts and situation coupled with the act.
I picked up my strokes, bumping into her a little harder as I hit bottom. Looking down at her back with her young taught skin plus the way her butt looked being bent over in this fashion was driving me into a frenzy.
I started running my hands up and down her side while I now began to fuck her. She raised her torso up and was now on all fours with her head back and back arched in she started to push back at me on each of my down strokes.
Moving my hands to her waist I clamped my hands around it and held on while my eyes moved around. I went from watching my cock piston in and out to looking up and down her arched body, her head hung back and that long dark hair swinging from the motions of our actions.

The sights, the thoughts, her youth and body and of course the feelings from her cunt action on my cock was causing the familiar feeling.
Instinct and feelings were causing my head to fall back, eyes to close and moaning to start as I willed my semen towards its exit.
Her grunting noises stopped and she was suddenly much wetter and the lubrication allowed me to simply jackhammer into her.
With relief so close now I opened my eyes and looked down so I could watch the moment I squirted in her. Her head was now hanging down and some of her long hair was pooled on the bed.
I was now moaning very loudly as my cock rippled pushing my cum up, up up then,

UHHHHHHHH, I groaned out as while I sprayed into her.

I looked down at my buried cock just imagining the streams I was shooting into her incredible young body. This whole thing was just so damn hot I felt I could never get enough.

The more I thought the more cum continued to spray, filling her cunt. I was holding in tight while she was beginning to slump down then laid her heads sideways on the bed.
As my explosions were subsiding I gently rubbed a hand up and down the middle of her back to sooth as well as express appreciation.
I finally pulled my cock from her hole and looked down as cum spilled out, ran down her slit, by her lips then over her clit to drip onto the bed.

It was an awesome sight and then my eyes went up to look at her anal hole, I licked my lips at thoughts of my cock splitting her ass cheeks apart while I stuffed my fat member into that tight little hole. It would happen but it was going to require much preparation and acclimation.
With my energy drained I slumped back on my knees then hung my head down and started to catch my breath.
I also pulled my hand off her back however, she stayed in her position. It was only when I was finally able to move from behind her that she let her legs slide down the bed until she was laid flat out on her stomach.
I lay down and I think both of us went right back to sleep and didn’t stir a bit until it was daylight.

We woke up at the same time and even cuddled a little bit but with both of us being spent from our sex just a few hours before we had no inclination to initiate any action.
It did turn much colder throughout the night and it was cloudy today, the heat in the RV was set low, our bodies and the bed was warm so we laid against each other enjoying the closeness and comfort.
Hunger eventually drove us from the bed then after preparing breakfast then taking showers there wasn’t much to do on this day and since it was blustery outside we decided to just stay in.
We have spent a lot of time outside for the last few months so another day of downtime was appealing. We had our own mp3 players and music tastes so if we weren’t doing that, we read or watch DVD’s.
When lunch time came we ate then sat around and entertained ourselves some more. We were sitting on the couch she got up and was reaching into the upper cabinet for a snack which let me admire her profiled form.
I began to focus more on her body, especially her belly. I teased her yesterday about getting chunky but suddenly another thought gripped me,

“Iris, you haven’t had your period yet, RIGHT”, I asked.

“NOPE”, she replied.

I sat in stunned silence.

“WHY”, she asked as she narrowed her eyes looking at me.

I reached a hand out and rubbed her belly while looking at it. I was also trying to remember when she may have been sick anytime in the last several weeks. I mean it was certainly possible but I didn’t know whether I should raise an alarm at this point but then again we need to know.
I raised my eyes to hers while I rubbed her slightly bulging belly.
Her eyes went WIDE and she drew in a huge breath then looked down at her stomach. I knew this would send a shock wave and I feared her just falling completely apart and really freaking out.

“COOOOOL”, she said as a smile formed on her face as she turned to look up at me.

Well she wasn’t freaking out like I thought but I figured I might but I was glad she was taking it so well, maybe a little too well.

“We need to confirm it for certain though”, I said.

Chapter 16: (A new journey)

Needless to say the rest of our day contained excitement, potentials, expectations, worry and all the varying emotions that accompany the thoughts of pregnancy.
We had to go find a pregnancy test kit, we figured one of the RV’s parked around here or even one of the nearby houses had to have one. We had plenty of time on our hands but with the weather today being what it is we stayed in and talked about the possibility of having a baby and all our challenges going forward.

The next day we went from one place to the other without finding a pregnancy test kit, not to say nobody had one but we sure didn’t find one. We are in a fairly remote area, it would be a remote place even back in the old world, so we figured on driving to the nearest store which would have something like that.
Iris was extremely excited and wanted to know, she also wanted it to be true. I wanted to know as well yet I was more subdued because I know the real challenges of having a child not just the “cool” aspect of it.
Hell, I should have known better in the first place and why didn’t I think or even care about this happening.
It’s not like I didn’t truly think about it right after the first time I shot off inside of her.
The thought went away after that and I just denied it could happen because I loved that I was filling her with my cum each time we had sex.

To empty myself inside of her was so exhilarating I was just not going to deny myself the opportunity to do this, to have complete sex with this girl from start to “finish”.
Yeah, when I dug deep inside myself I really knew the risks but I didn’t care because of our circumstances and environment
Not wanting to drive to the nearest town where a store exists that would carry a test kit we again searched the nearby house and cabins and finally found what we needed.

She couldn’t wait until we got back to the RV she was so excited that she would have dropped her pants and piss on it right then and there.
I calmed her down and we went back to the RV so we could do this. I stood there and watched her, her hand was shaking as she held it in her stream of piss and the waiting after wards was excruciating.
She laid the kit on the bathroom counter then I coaxed her out and got her to sit on the couch diverting her attention by talking. After several minutes she jumped up and ran into the bathroom, I heard the typical shill girly scream coming from the bathroom.
My head dropped down while I sat on the couch, she ran out with the tester in her hand and jumped onto my lap. Wrapping her arms around my neck she squeezed hard, my arms went around her back and I held her tight.

She was excited as hell I was a bit numb as I raised my head back up only to receive a smattering of kisses all over my face. When she slowed down our eyes caught each other then leaning in we kissed deeply.

“We’re going to have a baby”, she said.

“Yup, we sure are”, I said.

We went back in for another kiss which transformed into a full make out session. I was running my hands up her back, hugging her then stated to kiss her neck.
She leaned her head back to expose as much neck as possible while I munched on her from one side to the next.
A lump was forming in my pants and she felt it press against her leg while we were making out. She pulled away from me and looked down then rubbed her hand over my bulge then slowly backed off of my lap to kneel in front of me.

She then worked to unsnap my pants and pull my zipper down. With me in the sitting position it was tough so I helped her as I lifted my butt up and together we pulled my pants down around my ankles.
She grabbed my dick and pumped it with her slender fingers, barely able to wrap them around my girth then leaned in placing her mouth over my head. I fell back against the couch as she continued taking me in, I felt her tongue tease the underside of my head then she began to draw suction while working up and down.
She was only able to take my head in but the suctions and sensation of her lips working just over my flare caused me to jerk my body and moan with pleasure.
I wasn’t able to grab her head but could only lay back with my hands by my side while she sucked my cock.
I wanted so bad to feel her lips farther down my shaft but what she was doing was certainly having the effect.
Groaning with pleasure from her sucking and the fact that she initiated it was intense. With my cum traveling up my shaft I opened my eyes and brought my head down to look while she worked on me.
Her hair was hanging down blocking my view so I reached down and gathered it all up in one hand and held her bunch back so I could see. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was stretched to capacity and the site was damn hot. I tightened the grip on her hair just as the cum erupted from my dick into her sucking mouth.

No longer able to moan out loud my whole body tightened and a barely audible squeal type sound emanated from my throat as I breathed out from the feeling of cum coursing through my tube.
Leaning my head back with relief I breathily grunted with each successive convulsion to expel my seed into her mouth. With my eruptions subsiding and all my muscles easing I breathed in deep and held it then was able to let out in a slow,

“aaaaaaahhhhhhhh”, I moaned and breathed as I slumped back while letting go of her hair.

My mind was spinning from her initiation and the revelation that she would be having our baby. It was almost too much when combined together but with the veil of lust lifted from my head I began to think of all the things we had to do going forward plus all the things we really needed to know.
We would be delivering this child on our own so there was still time to gather and learn all we could on how to deliver a baby and deal with her medical needs after wards.
Iris finished swallowing the load I pumped into her mouth then stood up.

I opened my eyes and looked up at her smiling down at me, I smiled back and at the same time,

“We have work to do”, we said simultaneously.

She swirled her head to toss her hair back and walked off, I stood and pulled my pants up, we both knew what we had to do and what we had to know and once we had composed ourselves from our little quickie we talked and planned regarding what to do next.

We were now going to travel out from this location to see what we could find and the nearest major city was Kansas City however we would go right through Topeka but Kansas City was going be our ultimate destination when heading east.
If my earlier theory was correct then we would find the chaos I assumed happened in larger or even major cities.
It was still too early for major snow so traveling should be effortless and we were going prepared yet we didn’t want to drive a lumbering RV around since we may need to be more nimble.

We chose a large 4×4 SUV that we found keys to and figured we would pack it with supplies to sustain us for a potentially prolonged journey plus all the gas we could carry and we would drive to Kansas City.
Depending on what we found there we could gather the information and any specific supplies needed when she gives birth which we crudely estimated at maybe as soon as 6 months from now. We spent the rest of the day preparing for our travels and decided to leave the next morning.
When we went to bed later we didn’t have sex rather we scooted up close to each other and spooned. I was aware that spooning does lead to forking but it didn’t this time, we slept soundly even more soundly we have in some time.

I think us traveling out at some point was always an underlying thought all this time and now that we were actually going to do it seemed to give more relief that apprehension.
It was just barely sunrise as we set off down the remote two lane roads until we turned onto the interstate.
With Kansas City at least 200 miles away from this point we had a little more than two hours to go before getting there. With no traffic and me driving at least 90 miles per hour we could be there that fast.
Not too much was said as I drove and we were very relaxed, Iris was listening to her music and I drove while going through various scenarios in my head on how to deal with situations I felt we could find ourselves in once we reached the city.
My mind was also filled with scenes of the devastation I expected to find and I was now getting nervous as we neared Topeka.

I planned to drive right through and not take the loop around that city thinking it could be a smaller precursor of what we would find in Kansas City.
I stayed on the interstate leading past yet it was the nearest to the heart of the city. We saw nothing of concern on the out skirts but waited to reserve judgment until we were right in the middle of the city.
As we drove through and past we saw nothing, no remnants of chaos, no devastation, no people, nothing but an empty city.
As we looked out from each of our sides of the SUV we occasionally looked at each other with the look of wonder on our faces then went back to searching from the windows to find…….something.

Once on the other side of the city we remained silent except now it was likely stunned silence as we headed to our ultimate destination.
As we neared the city we sat more upright in our seats and began to scan the area while again looking at one another for confirmation of anything before returning back to peer out the windows.
We were now absolutely shocked at not finding destruction of some type, all we found was an empty city devoid of human life.

I knew this city since I used to live here so I immediately headed for a library to obtain books on childbirth then planned to head to a large hospital and intended to gather medical supplies to deal with it.
We didn’t intend to hang around here long even though we didn’t find the hell we assumed would be here.
Once we had our information and supplies I drove through my old neighborhood and a few other more familiar parts of the city we headed straight back to our home base at the lake making it back just as it was getting dark.
We did more talking on the way back then we did going and once back to our RV we made plans for further travels, we knew we had to go to Denver as this is where we determined her and her father drove through where things seemed to be happening a few months back.

Perhaps that is THE epicenter of everything as it exists today, I wasn’t sure now after our travels today but that was a much longer trip and would require way more preparation.
It was a long day for us but we were somewhat energized which was likely excitement due to our pending travel plans. It was obvious we were feeling much closer to each other now more than ever.
We had expanded our relationship by doing new things (new to her anyway) and there was so much more to teach her, so many things that we could do.

That kaçak iddaa wasn’t the foremost thing on our mind right now as we were jacked up on what may lay ahead. When we calmed ourselves down and snuggled on the couch to watch a DVD we passed out and then awoke the next morning just how we went to sleep.
We had a several busy days ahead planned to prepare for our next trip. With Denver being about 375 miles away we could be there in only 6 hours but we would be out at least overnight and possibly for a few days or more. If this is where “whatever” happened we may spend quite some time investigating. Of course we could find trouble and have that to deal with, there were things unimagined that we may face.

We had our vehicle of choice already but we had to be ready for all contingencies. I prepared the SUV’s roof rack to accept supplies that we expanded upon from what we carried inside.
With a cargo rack I found, which could slide into the hitch, I was able to carry gas containers for 30 gallons and I also rigged a small pump and drop tube to enable me to get gas from vehicles or even an underground tank.

Needless to say we were going to go more heavily armed as well but were still able to have enough room inside the vehicle to sleep. Going to high elevations this time of year we also took a small propane heater to deal with the cold so we could sleep in the vehicle.
There are empty places all over to stay in but we knew we would feel better in the vehicle giving us control of our environment plus it was mobile and fairly secure.

After a week of preparation and logistical discussion we were ready and set off down the road. We had plenty of conversation on the way making this much different than our last trip. Depending on what we find in Denver we were feeling more comfortable being “out and about” and even considered extensive travel around the country.

I was apprehensive about traveling but I kept my fear hidden from Iris. Like before I feared a return of society because Iris and I have had sex, now that she was pregnant BY ME at 19 years old, I was even more fearful of finding others.
I liked things just as they are however, a little variety would also be nice.

I turned to Iris and looked at her while I was thinking. I looked at her slight baby bump and wondered if it would be a boy or girl. Now my mind was taking another turn as I thought about the prospect of her having a girl and looking years ahead as she reached her teens.
It’s amazing what we even think about let alone what we could and would do absent society.
This would be different because with the situation as it is, and how it likely will, be it is simply my duty to propagate meaning the ends would justify the means…………..eh, whatever I had to tell myself.

I looked ahead musing at my thoughts and I didn’t realize a smile had formed on my face. If we could just run across an all girls school that somehow made it through “whatever” happened and it was up to me to “take care of their needs”, of course they could take care of mine.

Is it even possible I am the only man around but then again is Iris the only female. There are likely pockets of existence or even lone people around the country or even the world.
How widespread can this “thing or happening” be, I/we have been around for months now and have seen or heard nothing.
Until this moment I never even thought about listening to a shortwave radio to pickup broadcasts from all over the world. We haven’t seen or heard the first airplane in all these months but now I intended to find a shortwave radio to monitor.

We reached the outskirts of Denver which was just a pristine and quiet as it was in Kansas City but we were going to reserve judgment until we were right in the heart of the city.
With what Iris described to me I knew we would see remnants of mass evacuation but as we drove the interstate right in the middle of the city and we saw NOTHING !.

Iris and I looked at each other, I said nothing and she just looked at me wide eyed,

“OK so it wasn’t Denver that you two drove through”, I said.

“NO, NO, NO”, this is it”, she said insistently.

We were coming up on an exit that would take us onto surface streets right into downtown. I shrugged my shoulders while taking the exit to drive right downtown.

“I don’t see anything sweetheart”, I calmly said.

“I remember this road, I was looking at all those tall buildings there, we drove right through here”, she said.

“OK, OK we’ll check it out”, I said.

I was just as dumbfounded as she was but not trying to show it. Given the time they drove through what she said they saw until reaching the truck stop back in Kansas then this had to be it.
There is no other major city along this interstate within several hours between here and Kansas. She recognizes this area, the buildings, the road, etc so I’m inclined to believe her and I am almost not surprised to find NOTHING.
Since not one thing has made sense about this whole thing why should this be any different.

How can there be chaos and tumult then no evidence of it. This was running through my mind as we sat in stunned silence while driving through the city past tall buildings.

I had seen enough and headed back towards the interstate to continue driving in a westerly direction. I didn’t want to stay in the city tonight and we were almost to the Rockies so a nice little spot somewhere in the mountains would be just the ticket.

As we were in the western edge of the city the mountains began and we drove well into the hills then took an exit which led to a mountain road. I drove up until we got to a spot that just felt right, it had a nice view and there was a flat spot to park. We could set up here and stay for as long as we wanted to and enjoy the area, it was beautiful up here.

We also needed to relax and talk about things, to bounce ideas and thoughts off of each other.
I think that we were more comfortable now, yet still perplexed though.
Today’s finding confirmed that we should and could travel around the country, see things and just “LIVE and EXPLORE”.
We set up camp, prepared dinner then gathered some wood, started a fire and snuggled up to sit in front of it. It was nice being like this,

“It is just you and me, isn’t it” ?, she said.

“It sure looks that way”, I responded.

We couldn’t make any sense of the lack of chaos back in the city but it was confirming more and more that we just had each other. I didn’t think we could get any closer but we were because we had to.
I don’t mean physically since we were very close in that regard but on another level we would be connecting more and more. We held each other and our hands explored our bodies. I put my hand under her shirt rubbing her swelling belly, she ran a hand over my chest then we faced each other.
The flickering glow of reddish yellow fire light reflected in her eyes, it was hypnotic enough without her good looks and the situation. This is meant for two people to take advantage of and you just have to succumb to desires in this situation, the setting was too good to pass up.

We moved in for a kiss which didn’t end, as we mashed our mouths together with our lips roiling we ran our hands to the others more sensitive regions.
We actually hadn’t had sex in several days now so I was getting backed up plus she really liked the attention and manner in which we related.
She liked to initiate sex as well so she was getting much more comfortable but then again I am the baby daddy.
As our making out became more intense and my cock strained against my pants I wanted to move things along and reached under her shirt. I desperately wanted to get her titties in my mouth so dispensing with systematically undressing her I pulled my hands out and grabbed the front of her shirt with both hands at the neckline and ripped her shirt open.
I sucked hard on one of her nipples while squeezing her other tit with my hand then I switched. After a minute of this she was pushing the top of my head with her hands to force me towards her cunt.
I kissed down her slightly bulging tummy while using my hands to unbutton and unzip her pants. She raised her hips up while I forcefully jerked her pants down then worked them from her ankles.
It was chilly outside and you could see our breath expelled in the cool air. She lay back on the blanket we had on the ground and opened her legs wide.

I attacked her clit right from the start which caused her to wiggle and squeal, I only paid that attention for several seconds before licking her slit then drawing her cunt lips into my mouth and sucking. Her body tensed then relaxed when I stopped then I went back to alternating between licking her clit and thoroughly lapping at her entire slot.
This whole thing went on for minutes before I finally had to just take her, I stopped lapping her cunt then rose up on my knees and pulled my shirt off and looked down at her with pure lustful desire.
She beamed at me with intensity in her eyes and she was breathing deep, the fire light flickering only exacerbated the whole look and mood.
I was breathing very heavy while I looked back down at her and as I stood up we never broke eye contact as I slid my pants down.

When my cock sprang free from my underwear she glanced at its hardness then back to my eyes. I lowered back to my knees and leaned over her while supporting myself with one hand and guiding my aching prick to her ready and waiting cunt.
I slid all the way into her in one fluid motion, her cunt gripped my cock and the heat inside of her was enough to melt steel.
I proceeded to saw in and out of her with rapid strokes.
Her hands went beside her head, my hands found hers and we locked fingers while I continued to fuck her. The only thing I had on my mind was to cum. She already drenched my mouth then she came again soaking my cock. The lubrication was the ticket and it caused me to instinctively speed up.

I was hammering into her slight body as she made halting grunt noises each time my cock bumped into her cervix. We looked at each other the entire time, our eyes darted about each others face as we fucked. I knew I had the look of lustful determination on my face and
her painful grunts didn’t mask the pleasure on her face. Even if I was truly hurting her I only needed to cum and it didn’t take long, I think both of knew this would be quick and with no doubt we would make love later.
As I felt semen fill my tube I clenched my jaw for the imminent explosion, I had to be just as deep in her as I possibly could.
I let go of her hands and put my arms under her legs to raise them up and push them back. I didn’t know how flexible she was but there were things she still had to learn. I grabbed her ankles and placed them on my shoulders then leaned more over her and with my cock reaching even deeper she put her hands down her sides to try to push against my hips.
As cum was restrained at its exit my back began to stiffen up and try as might to keep them open my eyes closed with the fact that sweet release was coming.
My face was contorted, my breathing labored, my muscles tight, I moaned progressively louder in a painful tone and with my cock swollen to the bursting point I shoved in DEEP,

“UHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, I hollered loudly while scorching hot baby cream drilled into her.

I held deep within her and continued to moan as waves of spunk erupted from my dick. I felt major tingling in my body as I released inside of her already pregnant womb. With energy drained from my body and with my cock ensconced in pure heaven I knew I had to pull out but I also had something else in mind.

Never forgetting that her lessons were far from over I opened my eyes to look down at her. She was looking right at me and her hands had moved to my chest as she worked her fingers through my hair.
I pulled out, again not breaking eye contact, and moved up beside her head with my dick pointing at her mouth, I simply glanced at my dripping cock then back at her.
She leaned over and opened her mouth as I rocked my hips forward and she engulfed my head in her mouth with slurping noises. I reached my hand around the back of her head to force more cock into her mouth.

She wanted to pull back and I let her, she looked up at me in anticipation and I slightly nodded my head. She went back in and licked from the base of my shaft to the rim of my head before taking me as deep in her mouth as she could and started to bobb, suck and slurp.
As she continued to clean my cock it started to soften a little which allowed her to take more in her mouth which made me moan in pleasure.
She tried to take even more in her mouth now when she realized the effect it was having on me. I could imagine her contemplating what it would take to get my entire yet hardened cock in her mouth.
She would certainly have to work on her gag reflex as she tried to go even deeper, she pulled back and coughed a little, but she would learn.

She began to work on my now sensitive head and I picked my hand up from behind her head and wanted to pull out but she held me in while sucking hard and tonguing my head.
I squirmed as I looked down at her and I could see her trying to form a smile even with my dick in her mouth, I smiled back at her while I pulled my hips back and she let my cock drop from her lips.

“You are turning out to be a naughty little momma”, I said.

With that she stood up and whipped her head to the side causing her long hair to twirl around to her back as she turned and walked to the truck. I watched as her fine pert little ass twitched as she walked away from me, I felt she knew exactly what she was doing but I hoped she understood the ramifications of her teasing.
I wanted my dick in her ass really bad and at some point I was going to get it so right then and there I decided to start working on it and preparing her ass for the my invasion.
Following her to the truck and getting in we prepared to bed down for the night and while the weather was not quite as cold as expected this time of year and at this elevation it was chilly which made for great snuggling.
As we laid there holding one another I explored her young body, followed every curve, the contour of her leg as far down as I could reach. I would then let my hand drift up and over her butt then up her back then stroke her hair all while planting little kisses on the young smooth taught skin of her neck and shoulder. There was no more sex tonight and we eventually went to sleep.

My dreams were filled with visions of my thoughts before I drifted off to sleep.
To be able to do the various actions with this girl was like living a dream, a girl so young and pretty, a girl that I could just fuck one time then be willing to make sweet love another time, a girl who sucked dick and swallowed and one who wanted to give up a piece of ass and on top of all that this very young girl was carrying our baby.

I dreamed over and over about things that haven’t happened yet like a little baby being carried around, then a toddler walking around, us traveling the country looking for clues to what happened, the adventures we would realized plus our challenges.
I was growing tired of the repeated dream scenarios ruining my rest so I concentrated on controlling the dream.
I crafted a bedroom scenario wherein Iris was on her knees, bent over with her legs together and her ass up high. I saw myself greasing up my pole while applying some onto her puckered little hole.
Intent on getting in incredibly deep I maneuvered behind her and planted my feet on the bed in the squat position and had my cock in my hand aiming it at her brownie hole.

With my cock rock hard and straight as an arrow I brought it closer until it touched her hole and I pushed in letting her anus envelope my head.
The feeling was exquisite, it was tight and warm and it easily gave way as I pushed more cock in.
Her anus followed the contour of my shaft and firmly gripped me as I pushed in. The feeling was so real that it caused me to close my eyes and when I did that everything suddenly went white.

The loss of my vision, my dream, frustrated the hell out of me and as I desperately tried to get it back I opened my eyes to find daylight.
My cock was as stiff as re bar which poked at Iris’s butt. I placed my hand on her hip and gently pushed my hips forward and let it slip into her crack. I was in incredibly bad shape right now and wanted to feel for real what my dream felt. Iris stirred then turned over to face me and her fingers clamped around my enlarged rod.

“Morning daddy”, she said.

She scooted down ducking her head under the blanket and took me right into her mouth. Her soothing mouth immediately eased my suffering so I lay back letting her work my pole. My view was a bump under the blanket that was moving up and down and with my initial ache gone I wanted to see.
I picked up the blanket while she feverishly worked, it was still all she could do to fit just my head in her mouth. To feel her lips farther down my shaft would be so good but this may never happen.
My cock was rather thick and wide and she had a naturally small mouth, even after she was much older I could tell from her features that she would be able to accommodate only so much cock in her mouth.

She wanted to pleasure me and she liked what she was doing and that is what counts. Once she stopped bobbing then wrapped her lips tight around my head and sucked the result would be the same as if she had my entire cock down her throat.
I simply had typical morning wood compounded by the dream I was controlling but I didn’t feel I needed to cum despite the immense pleasure I was experiencing.
She had finally gotten tired and had to quit. I think she felt bad or disappointed that I didn’t shoot off. She would be rewarded again but right now her soothing was all I needed at this point.

We didn’t talk about it as some things she learns requires no verbal explanation.
I did convey the extreme pleasure I received from her and told her how much I appreciated what she did to me and for me. After laying together for awhile we got up and prepared for our trip back to home base.
Our recent travels only brought up more questions than answers however it provided us a kind of calm in contemplating further travel and exploration. As we passed through Denver on the way back I asked her again if this was where her and her father passed through.
She was adamant this where they were and she even pointed at certain landmarks for confirmation.
A comment she made really stuck in my mind, she said it was like we were in a similar but different universe. We couldn’t make heads or tails of things and without a visual clue to even consider a plausible theory then all we could do is continue looking.

We had hours and hours of travel to converse and given our comfort level with what we found, or didn’t find, in Denver we were not content to sit out the winter at our home base. We made plans to head to a more temperate winter season climate. Our direction would obviously be south but the exact destination still had to be determined.

Chapter 17: (Heading South)

Once we arrived back to our home base we found ourselves once again planning another trip except this one is different. We were going much farther so of course we would be driving our home on wheels and taking everything we had.
We decided south Florida would be our destination and while it would be year round paradise we were still worried. I mean without any way to be warned about a hurricane approaching we could find ourselves in a bad situation. Then again the same applied right here in Kansas as it pertains to tornadoes, we had no early warning system anymore.
Just because we haven’t ran across other people to date still doesn’t mean there are not others out there somewhere. The distance we would be traveling increased the chances of finding others. I was way more worried about finding others than not because again they could be hostile.

We did take our time to thoroughly plan and prepare before heading out. We weren’t in a real big hurry but with the worst of winter closing in we hung around Kansas for another week before we were fully prepared to go. The day before we left was cold and moist outside making it a miserable day so we were stuck indoors.
Iris’s belly has grown a little bit in the last, she looked right cute with that slightly swollen belly on her slight young frame. Sure it was not optimum for a 18 year old girl to be pregnant but she looked damn sexy in her condition.

As I eyed her body thinking about our baby in her belly I was getting horny. What is it about a pregnant girl that makes a guy horny, I don’t know but I wanted to fuck her slowly and deeply. As I sat there looking at her while she stood at the kitchen sink she turned to glance at me then when she realized I was staring she turned back really quick to look at me again.
I didn’t need to say anything as she knew what I was looking at and what I was thinking. She looked down at her belly then back to me and with a slight smile on her sweet young face,

“You are such a naughty daddy”, she said.

“WHAT, I was just looking at you”, I responded.

Iris lifted up her shirt to expose her bare plump belly then rubbed her hand over and around it. She walked over stopping right in front of me. I sat upright and put both of my hands on her stomach and rubbed before leaning in and planting a few kisses to various points on her belly. I slipped a hand down the front of her pants and ran my fingers over her bare pussy while rubbing her belly with my other hand.
While I fingered her I let my other hand leave her belly and ran it around her back and then used both hands to pull her pants down. As her pants fell down her legs and pooled onto the floor below her she stepped out of them.

I stopped what I was doing while she moved next to me and sat down while I slipped off the couch onto my knees.
While she sat back and scooted her butt to the edge of the couch I lifted her legs up and placed them over my shoulders. I worked my head towards her cunt and stuck my tongue out to touch her cunt lips and lightly teased them.
She leaned back more into the couch and using her legs she tightened them to pull herself closer to my eager mouth before taking them off of my shoulders and raised them up to give me the access I needed and she desired.
She was already wet when I dived in covering her cunt with my mouth. I sucked hard drawing each lip into my mouth then pulled back and ran my tongue deep into her slit and brushed it over her clit which caused her to flinch and moan.

I needed a better angle so placing my hands on her hips I pulled her butt to the edge of the couch. I then placed my hands on the underside of her legs pushing them back even more. With her in the right position I went back down her slit and thrust my tongue into her hole. I fucked her little hole with my tongue several times before licking up and down her snatch repeatedly. She was practically purring like a kitten as I worked her sweet young little pussy until I went back down her slot to reach her brownie hole. When I rimmed it the sensation caused her body to jerk then she wiggled her butt.

I teased her by going back up her cunt with a long lick then flirted my tongue at her clit before descending down to rim her puckered little hole again.
The sensation was driving her crazy but not in the way that she needed me to stop rather she kept thrusting her butt towards me. I pressed the flat of my tongue over her hole and licked and instead of clenching up her butt cheeks she relaxed them which gave me wide open access to her entire valley.
While I used a thumb to rub her clit I darted my tongue at her anus a few times and then I curled my tongue to make it hard and pierce her hole. This caused her to tighten up a little so I went back to rimming it and continued to rub my thumb in tiny circles over her clit.

When she did cum it wasn’t a gush but things suddenly became wet and her entire crack was drenched with slippery fluid. I pulled my head back and with my other hand I used my middle finger to enter her cunt while continuing to rub her clit with my thumb.
Once my finger was coated with her jizz I drew it out of her cunt, eased it down her taint then once at her anus I circled it a few times. She wiggled her ass a little when I centered my finger at her asshole and gently pushed in. Once my finger tip was inside she clenched up.
I stopped rubbing her clit with my thumb and pulled it away and moved my face closer then started licking her slot while pushing my finger into her virgin anus.
I was giving her multiple sensations she likely never had before, there was a mixture of pleasure and fear because she knew what my intentions were with this session, she was going to get it up the ass.

I licked her snatch like mad while gently pumping my finger in and out of her ass and she clenched her ass cheeks in unison with my finger thrusts.
She would squeeze tight when I pushed in and relax when I pulled back but the more it went on the more she relaxed when I pushed my finger in.
I was only half way inside her butt with my middle finger yet sawing in and out steadily. Her juices flowed out of her cunt and down her crack to coat her anus and my finger which allowed a steady friction free finger fuck.
I thought she was taking it pretty good to this point, hell I’ve had grown woman who couldn’t take a finger in the ass like Iris was getting it.

I was again getting delirious with want and need because I knew I was going to attempt something with her that I wanted. I’ve been in her mouth and her pussy but the one thing I haven’t gotten was her ass but this was going to be our first attempt.
There isn’t one woman I haven’t either plugged or attempted to plug in the ass.
Some of them are into it and some not but I love to fuck a girl in the ass now and then. I wasn’t sure which category Iris would fall into going forward meaning either she will actually want it in the butt, just dutifully take it in the butt or flat out forbid it from here on out.
As long as she would leave the door open after this, instead of outright denial then things would be OK.
I’ve been in relationships where they liked some ass play now and again and some not even consider trying it. Obviously the ones with the latter attitude didn’t make it to long with me and in our present situation I think that would be devastating for me. Since it was only Iris and me in this world I wanted to bury the thought because in a world without any other options it would be tough.
I know it’s just a piece of ass but I like to get some now and then I mean pussy is great for sure but when you can fuck a girl in the butt……….

It’s the fact that a girl would let and or want you to plus the condition that people are not supposed to do it there and of course there is the feel of that tight anus squeezing your cock.
I was really driving myself crazy now and I started formulating a plan in my head on what to do about this situation.
Iris knew I was preparing things to put my cock in her ass and at least the attempt would be made but what about after wards and going forward ?.
I started thinking I had only two options, either we attempt this thing and it goes nowhere and I get frustrated because I only get a little taste of something we won’t do again or I take advantage of the situation now.
If I take advantage by just doing what I want, getting a nice piece of her ass despite any objections, then at least I would have the memory of it. That act alone might ruin any further chance of future attempts as opposed to taking it slow and easy and praying we could keep on doing it as time went on.

I know the slow and easy approach is the way it needs to be done but my hardened cock wasn’t thinking rationally right now and I needed a disconnect between my brain and my cock but the two were melding together and a primal urge was coalescing.
I was at this point before when Iris and I first did it and I remember loosing control and going caveman on her and pounded deep into her young pussy.
This was different of course because it’s tough enough for a woman to take it in the ass on a regular basis let alone initially. Those facts are compounded with a girl, a girl as young and small as Iris is, even though she is willing.

I stopped licking her snatch and pulled my finger out of her ass then stood up as Iris dropped her legs down on each side of me. The situation and my thought had my cock harder than the first time her and I fucked. My cock was so hard it wasn’t standing level rather it was at a slight up angle. It hasn’t done that since I was a teenager and it hasn’t hurt from the skin being so stretched, at least not like this, in that long either.
As I stood there and undid my pants then dropped my shorts to free my aching dick. Iris sat up grabbed it then took it into her mouth and sucked my head. I was hurting badly right now and her mouth didn’t sooth rather it strained my cock even more.
It needed to be this hard to get into her asshole and just when I thought there was no way it could get harder I felt it stretch as even more blood filled my cock.
Iris had her lips sealed around the head of my dick and she was sucking hard but I needed to get sensation further down my hardened shaft to get any relief.
I didn’t know if she knew what she was doing by only sucking on my head and getting me stiffer than an iron pipe or if it was her inability to take more cock into her mouth.
I had enough stimulation so with my hand on her head I held it while pulled back to get my cock out of her sucking mouth.
I helped her stand and she looked up at me with nervous anticipation before we walked to the bed. She crawled onto the bed then started to lay down,

“Get on your knee’s”, I instructed.

She sat upright on her knees and pulled off her shirt then bent over and grabbed a pillow to tuck under her head and chest. I pulled my shirt off and looked at her before getting on the bed. She was bent over before me, her pregnant belly hanging down, her exposed ass and cunt glistening with juice, her young smooth tight skin so tanned and delicious looking.

I got on the bed and worked my way to her and with no further hesitation I clasped the base of my cock and forced it down and pushed into her soaked pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, I moaned out with delight.

Her young cunt was so warm and her inner folds caressed my aching tool. This was only a precursor for what was to happen. I needed to thoroughly coat my dick plus give her some pleasure there before attempting to stick it in her butt.
I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me each time I pushed into her all the while I was eying her wrinkled little hole. With her pregnancy she had gained weight everywhere, her legs had a little more meat on them and her ass bubbled out a little more. She looked good and there is something about a pregnant woman (or a girl like her) that just makes you want to fuck them.

With her expanding belly her cunt seemed to get a little smaller but she was much wetter and softer inside. I would have almost been as happy to drill her and shoot my load in her pussy. I wasn’t about to waste an absolute rock stiff hard on, and already boiling load of cum, where I have been many times.
Placing some spit on her anus I rubbed my thumb over and around it which mixed with the juices already in place. While I fucked her pussy I inserted my middle finger back into her butt hole to give her just a little sensation of double penetration and to grease the way in as much as possible.

Just thinking about running my dick in her ass had me breathing deep in lustful anticipation and not being able to wait any longer I removed my finger from her butt. After a few more strokes in and out of her cunt I pulled out and positioned myself at her other hole.
I summoned up all the restraint I had as I pushed forward and applied enough pressure until my cock head flattened out and the very tip just began to penetrate her. She clenched up her butt then raised herself up onto all fours yet she kept her head hanging down, almost as if he was concentrating or maybe bracing.
With one hand holding her hip I used my other one to hold my cock as I pressed in burying my entire head inside then closed my eyes,

“uhhhhhhhh”, I lightly breathed out while I struggled to maintain control.
Once I was in her butt she instantly sucked in a quick breath, raised her head and stiffened her back. With her initial breath caught in her throat she finally started grunt-pants from my girth stretching her little hole.
Now that I was inside I let go of my dick and rubbed the small of her back to sooth her as best I could before placing both hands on her hips and pushing forward while holding her in position. With my head firmly buried inside I was in heaven from the feel of the tight seal.
I stopped pushing in but held firm as my instinct was is to get all the way in but the only way I would cede any ground would only be to start the fucking motion.

Her body was rigid and her breathing labored but she was doing her best not to make loud noises. I knew it had to be uncomfortable with my cock just statically lodged in her butt so I pulled back a little and pushed in again and again and again…………..
I wanted so bad to get deep inside and while I pumped in and out the little bit of dick I had in her I kept my eyes closed breathing evenly with a tight lock on her hips while worked. I didn’t want to hurt her by going savage and since she was so young, small and was carrying our baby I kept myself in check.
I had my back straight, my head leaned way back while I steadily plowed my meat in and out of her yet every time I sank into her I was applying more pressure. I was going to have to get deeper inside in small increments but when I did push a little more in Iris let out a loud grunt and tried to pull away.
She wouldn’t take the fattest part of my cock in her butt in this session which was fine because cum was already making its way up. While I didn’t go deep I was fucking her hole with very short rapid strokes as I got closer and closer. I squeezed my cock which made it swell a little more and the sensation of my imminent explosion helped by-pass my control. I knew I was trying to push more meat into her but its instinct to get deep when you have to cum, I couldn’t help it.
Iris was now loudly grunting with discomfort and the closer my cum got to its exit the more I tried to push in and the faster I fucked her.
With less than half of my dick inside and no longer able to hold back I pushed to hold myself in,


With her sphincter muscle choking my shaft it felt like the tube that carried my cum was being restricted. I knew she could feel it course through my cock and into her butt.
With my back now extremely stiff the rest of my body locked up again as the next wave built until,

“UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, I groaned as I shot another molten stream into her before my cock began to rapidly convulse to expel more and more of my cum into her.

I reached down and clasp my fingers around my shaft and pumped to milk any cum from my cock while I held inside of her ass. My senses came back Iris wasn’t making any noise and was being perfectly still while I expressed everything I had into her. When I was convinced I was totally spent I opened my eyes, looked down at the sight of my dick stretching her asshole forcing her butt cheeks apart. I drew in a breath then swallowed then slowly let it out as I reluctantly pulled out of her.
She instantly fell to her side, stretched her arms over her head while keeping her legs curled up. I stayed on my knee’s looking down at her and started to feel a little guilty yet inside I knew I had really maintained control.
I could have shoved my entire cock in her butt however, that wouldn’t have been right but I still felt a little bad for what I did do.
I reached down and rubbed her legs then ran it up over the curve of her hip and gave it a squeeze. She reached down and placed her hand over mine and gave it a few pats of reassurance then looked at me and smiled.

“Help me up”, she asked.

I scooted off the bed and stood then pulled her up, she instantly walked towards the bathroom. I heard some squirting and soft grunting noises emanating from the bathroom and just when I thought that was it,

“OH MY GOD, how much did you put inside of me”, she said.

I chuckled silently while she remained in the bathroom trying to expel the cum I shot into her ass. When she exited the bathroom I had a smirk on my face then she walked up and took a playful swipe at me with her hand. I pulled her to me and hugged her tight then slightly pushed her away then leaned down and we kissed.
Getting a spontaneous piece in the afternoon is a great way of filling time and conveying appreciation to one another. To take an opportunity to teach her another act of sex by plugging her ass for the first time was great.
It was a great relief for me and it helped ease the tension in my body that existed. We were striking out onto the road again tomorrow but this time it was much farther and had the potential for much more discovery.
We spent the last week preparing for our travel so to relieve some tension prior to leaving was essential and it worked. When it was time for bed that evening we had let go of our anxiety earlier that day so we spent the time in bed cuddling.

We spooned instead of having sex again, I laid behind her and rubbed her swollen belly which contained our child along with using my hand to trace every other inch of her young body until we fell asleep. I had nothing else on my mind other than feeling close to her and had let all other worries go which left me with a dreamless and restful sleep.
I felt that I was close to waking yet still in between consciousness and sleep, a brief glance let me know it was daylight. I was typically the first one up in the morning but I was relaxed and unhurried even though we were heading out on a huge adventure today. As I laid there wanting to sleep just a little more I knew it was futile so at least I could snuggle up to Iris and lay comfortable for a little bit. I rolled over and reached out for her but felt nothing so I opened my eyes to find myself alone in bed.
This caused me to become more awake and with my senses returned I smelled food and heard noises coming from the kitchen.
Iris must have heard my grunting and moaning as I moved my body after my hard sleep when she suddenly appeared at the door.

“Hey Daddy”, she said with a bright smile.

“Hey Baby”, I responded.

I was going to ask questions when she suddenly moved towards me while opening the robe she had on and letting it drop to the floor.
She pulled the covers down before crawling onto the bed and kneeling next to me while looking down and smiling. She looked so pretty with her freshly brushed long dark hair, her protruding belly and smooth young tanned skin.
My morning wood only became harder as she looked down at me then she glanced at my tool and with a sly smile she descended down and took it into her mouth,

“ugh, uhhhhhhhhhhh”, I breathily moaned out.

I couldn’t lift my arms to bring a hand to her head like I normally would have rather all I could do was lay there and enjoy, this was the idea. She knew what she was doing and after only a minute of her working my engorged meat with her mouth she had me at peak hardness before pulling off.
She got on top of me and once she positioned herself she reached down and grabbed the very base of my swollen cock with her slender little fingers while pushing herself up on her knee’s as high as she could to get the clearance she needed.
Once this was achieved she held my cock in place then eased down and impale herself. Once inside she left go of my cock and put her hands onto my legs and leaned forward which made my cock withdraw from her cunt only slightly before she plunged down.

As she forced more of my aching cock to slide deeper into her we each groaned out in delight. Now I had enough strength to raise my arms and place a hand on each of her butt cheeks. As she continued to rock back and forth more aggressively and finally had me bottomed out in her cunt I began pushing her up as high as possible before letting her descend back down.
With the entire length of my cock sliding in and out of her pregnant pussy the feeling quickly manifested inside of my cock. I didn’t want that tingling feeling already but this was going to be quick but I think she knew it as well as I did.
She was becoming more accustomed and aware of my movements and noises as I got closer to cumming. Without any prompting on my part she began rising up high enough to where I was just barely inside before plunging back down. She didn’t speed up rather she was taking me in long slow thrusts while gently squeezing me with her cunt.
I closed my eyes and with my hands on her ass I was pushing and pulling rather my arms were following her movements and when the tingling in my cock spread to my entire body I slightly shivered before relaxing my cock muscles.
I let out a loud breath of relief as I shot rich warm cream up into her gripping cunt.

She continued to ride me until I was no longer grunting and my hands fell away from her butt. She sat back onto me as my cock twitched involuntarily while it began to soften and she breathed in needed air due to the work she put into our lovemaking.
With me spent and her recovered she pulled off of me which made a sloshing sound due to the mixture of her juice and my cum. She got off the bed and headed to the bathroom while I laid there waiting for her to finish. I raised my head up and looked down at my now soft cum covered cock, wishing she would come back and clean me off. To have her lick me right now would feel so damn good and be so hot.
She came out of the bathroom,

“Come on get up so we can eat, we have a long day”, she said while turning to walk out of the bedroom.

I got up and after cleaning off my cock we sat down and ate the breakfast she prepared. This was incredible to me I mean to wake up and get some sweet young pussy then have breakfast prepared, I mean who could want more.

This was a great start to the day that’s for sure so after eating, cleaning up then showering we were set to go. We had our motor home ready, the trailer organized and packed with our survival supplies along with extra fuel. We had the entire rig ready to hit the road for extended travel and it was likely we would never come back to our current location.
We were heading south for the winter and maybe even for the summer but most of all we were still searching for answers.
Since we have traveled a few hundred miles in each direction and found nothing then it was paramount that we expand our explorations plus who wants to stay in Kansas during the winter when you don’t have to.
Being the only two people we knew of to “survive” or “exist” then we might as well really live, be comfortable and of course procreate.
We certainly weren’t feeling smug, empowered nor did we feel we had the duty to “start over” and/or repopulate but under the circumstances…………….what else could come of our situation.

As I drove our rig out of the area which has been our home for the last several months I looked in the mirror at what we were leaving behind and something told me this was the right thing to do.
While we drove down the road leading towards the interstate I thought about where we would be stopping for the evening. I had no physical problem driving all night and most of the day but it wasn’t that rather we were not going to travel at night just in case. We wanted the ability to see everything and anything of importance as we traveled even though the cover of darkness may seem advantageous concerning stealth. I couldn’t get it out of my mind that Iris and I were the only ones because it just seemed statistically impossible but then again everything to this point seemed impossible.

We got to I-70 and headed East and we drove silently until we reached Salina, KS and turned South onto another hwy which took us to I-135.
Iris and I had been listening to our own music while I drove but when I turned south at Salina we were heading into territory that we haven’t been over before and this heightened our awareness. It was time to keep our eyes open and observe our surroundings while we drove and drove and drove.
It’s not like there was much to see because Kansas is flat wide open space and it was like that for most of the way, the terrain doesn’t vary that much. We drove over 500 miles, making it to Dallas, TX, before we started looking for a good place to park for the night.
There was a lake we drove to which was just outside of Dallas that seemed to be a good concealed place with a nice view for us to stay. We didn’t plan to spend a lot of time lollygagging until we reached our destination in Florida but then again we didn’t have a schedule either.
If we saw something of interest which may help us learn why our world has become the way it is right now or even just a nice place to spend some time then we’d hang around.

Chapter 18: (Seeing Red)

We liked the area we were in and the weather wasn’t too bad so we ended up staying for a few days. We joked that it was like we were some old retired couple traveling in our expensive RV. In regular times we certainly would have been the cause of talk with me in my 30’s and her being 15 and pregnant, we were an odd couple of sorts.
I still couldn’t help the nagging worry of finding other people and the feeling of being caught. I didn’t know if it was a worry or a feeling or to put it straight, my gut warning me.

I also still have to think about the statistical probability of there being others and finding others as we travel. Iris and I were sitting outside and looking over the lake having just finished dinner and my thoughts caused me to look over at her and her pregnant belly.
Here I am thinking selfishly as it comes to saving face for when, not if, we find other people. Was I living out a little bit of fantasy, sure I was but was my attachment to Iris growing, of course it was.
The attachment would have grown without me impregnating her. I found myself rehearsing justifications in my mind so I could explain my actions, I had no idea what Iris ever thought about it or even if she did think about it. If she did think about it then did she even have a care, likely not because it wasn’t her thing to worry about because I would be the one in the hot seat.
We didn’t really talk to awful much this evening or even later in the night as we looked over the water and then went inside and listened to music or watched DVD’s.
We went to bed and just like any “couple” we merged our bodies in the spoon position until finally dropping off to sleep.

I dreamed what seemed like all night and it wasn’t pleasant as I dreamed about what my waking fears were. In my dream our RV was descended upon by authorities who surrounded our home on wheels and also dropped from a helicopter hovering directly overhead.
With the commotion going on outside and on the roof Iris and I clung to each other as the front door was ripped open and men in SWAT gear rushed through and into our bedroom.
This dream was just as real to me and as I was faced with angry men around our bed pointing guns and screaming at me while they removed a kicking and screaming Iris while others pulled me out of bed and handcuffed me.
The shame and guilt I was feeling was so intense and even though I realized this was a dream the emotions I felt were as real as if I was wide awake.
As I was being hustled out of the bedroom and walked through the RV towards and out of the front door I was blinded by an overhead light which caused me to close my eyes and when I opened them again I realized I was really awake.

I was lying in bed looking straight up and I had snapped myself into full alertness. There was no slowly coming into the waking world rather I was awake and fully aware of my surroundings and I instantly looked to my left and found Iris sleeping soundly.
My heart was beating out of my chest and my anxiety was running high plus it was like my head was about to explode due to the rise in my blood pressure. I sat up to breath and calm down and rid myself of what I had to convince myself were irrational fears.
I knew once I had gotten out of bed, went on with the day and drive further and further then I would let my normalcy bias take over and go on with things. I was almost pissed at myself for thinking about this issue meaning I was getting pissed at myself for being scared about it.

As my anger rose inside me my attitude changed from worrying about it to me now imagining a scenario wherein we did find others and have them running me down or giving me a guilt trip. Consequently I now imagined myself not being shamed and apologetic but defensively aggressive to the point of near violence.
Heaven help the person who confronts me about the situation with Iris and me, I thought as I scooted out of bed.
I got up to get a start on the day and just like Iris did the other morning I decided to make breakfast for us then head on down the road. I walked out of the bedroom and once I got to the fridge I heard Iris call out,

“Daddyyyyyy”, she called out in a seductive voice.

I rolled my eyes before turning and walking back to the bedroom. Once I walked in the door Iris was sitting up looking at me with a wicked smile. I wasn’t really in the mood this particular morning, probably due to my nightmare, but the longer her pregnancy went one the hornier she seemed to be.

“Were you going to just leave me alone in bed”, she said then bit her lower lip and narrowed her eyes.

I’ll admit that even despite me not being in the mood my cock did jump and begin to stiffen at her words plus the look on her face.

“You are insatiable”, I responded with a smile.

“What’s that mean”, she asked quizzically.

“It means you can’t be satisfied”, I said as I chuckled.

She sat there like she was thinking about what I said then gently nodded her head up and down in agreement,

“That’s a good thing isn’t it”, she said with a smile.

Before the world became what it did these last several months I only dreamed of such a situation wherein I was with a hot luscious young female that wanted to give it up day and night without issue. Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it I thought to myself.

“It sure is baby, it sure is. Now get up and let’s eat before we head down the road”, I said with a smile as I turned and walked back out.

I hated to turn her down because she may turn the tables on me sometime plus when you are in need I know how frustrating it can be and the type of resentment it can create. How many mornings did I wake up with a raging hard on only to roll over and scoot up to Iris and play with her a little before fucking her or she would simply duck her head under the covers and suck me off.
I got no more than three steps away before that guilt got me before I turned and walked back into the bedroom with the intent on taking care of her need in one fashion or another. I didn’t fully realize her desperation until I walked back in and found her lying back with her eyes closed tight while her hand was under the covers feverishly working her pussy.

She didn’t realize I had even entered the room due to her concentration and the noise she was making. I stood there for a few seconds and thought about walking out and not bother her in the middle of it. Feeling really bad now I began to turn when Iris opened her eyes and stopped what she was doing.
She looked at me but not like she did when she called me in the first time. She had the look of sheer desperation on her face and there was pleading in her eyes, her look was silently screaming “take care of this for me”.

I removed my clothes while Iris began to pull off her night shirt. I got onto the bed and went over to her but I wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted me to do. I figured since she was rubbing it she may want me to eat her pussy so she could get off. What I didn’t know was that she wasn’t rubbing her cunt rather she had her fingers inside trying to fuck herself. She rolled over onto her knees and in a desperate tone,

“FUCK ME”, she pleaded.

It was amazing how quickly I went from not in the mood and only managing a chubby to lust and a dick at now full attention. She had already gotten her pussy all wet and ready meaning all I had to do was get behind her and put it in. Once I was in position I aimed at her opened glistening cunt lips and thrust forward. She had totally relaxed her cunt which allowed my cock to easily slide all the way in to the hilt. We both moaned out in complete pleasure when I hit the bottom of her cunt then upon my withdraw she squeezed.
I grabbed her hips and started fucking her with extremely long and deliberate strokes, she was gushing wet and very warm inside. I was pulling back far enough to just barely keep the tip of my cock inside before plunging back in to the bottom before repeating again and again.

She was constantly moaning or more like making a humming sound as I worked my dick in and out of her sucking young little cunt. I could sense her instant relief due to me fucking her but the goal for total relief is to cum and as good as this was for her I know what she needed most of all whether or not I could or did cum myself.
Her cunt had terrific action this morning and the undulations of her body were due to pure need. Iris and I have made love plenty of times and the actions were similar but given our position her movements were more taking than giving which was fine with me because I wanted her to take what she needed and I was going to give her what she required.
I wanted to get deeper so staying on one knee I planted a foot outside of her leg while I continued to pump her. Then I pulled my other leg up to plant my other foot on the outside of her other leg which put me in the squat position behind her.

I raised myself up a little more then slid my hands from her hips and claps then at her waist and pulled back as I thrust my hips forward.
This position let me sink in just a little deeper which caused her to let out a grunt when I bottomed out, when I did hit the bottom I felt the tip of my cock touch something deep inside of her.
From my point of view I looked down at her young and slender frame which reminded me how small she really was. Of course I couldn’t see her pregnant belly hanging down from this angle and if you were to see her standing up but looking at her from behind you couldn’t tell she was pregnant. When I had her in positions like this and we were fucking in broad daylight I was in awe at the fact I was fucking such an incredibly small young girl.
She was and has been taking my cock with ease which never ceased to amaze me and the whole situation was really making me hotter. I started to pound into her harder and harder while going deeper in her than I ever had.

Iris was breathing out pleasing grunt sounds and as I went at it with full force her grunts turned to words which started in a low voice then rapidly rose in expression,

“yes, yes, Yes, Yes YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSS”, screamed out which was immediately followed by a squeal as cum absolutely gushed from her pussy.

Her jizz washed over my cock then soaked my balls as I went in deep with my next stroke.
Her once stiff back went slack but her cunt kept convulsed around my cock as I continued to hammer her. Her orgasm quickly brought me to my peak and after a couple more strokes I pulled out grabbed my cock and shot thick ropes of spunk up her back.
I pumped my tool furiously and groaned loudly as successive streams of goo shot over her bare back until I was spent.
With my legs hurting from holding myself up I dropped down onto my knees, lowered my head and closed my eyes until I recalled some of the energy I shot out of my dick. This was the first time I had ever cum outside of Iris but it certainly would not be the last as her and I still had many things left to do and things she needed to be taught and experience.
After maybe a minute of deep breathing by each of us we finally started to move from our position. I opened my eyes to view the lines of pearly white semen along with various puddles and spatters on Iris’ back.
When she moved over I looked to see the sheets under her were drenched with hot young pussy juice plus her inner thighs glistened with moisture. I was amazed at the mess her and I had made but it ended up being an incredible session. I eased off the bed and stood as she worked herself off the bed backwards then stood and turned to me and hugged me tight,

“That felt so good”, she said.

She pulled back and I leaned down to receive a passionate kiss then she slid her head next to mine and threw her arms around my neck and squeezed,

“thank you”, she whispered into my ear.

With that she let go, moved past me and went into the bathroom and proceeded to take a shower. I stood there for a few seconds like in a trance then shook myself into the coherence. I put on clothes then went into the kitchen to start our breakfast then prepare to head on down the road.

We finished our breakfast, cleaned up and after performing a few other duties I started the RV and we continued heading south towards Florida. As we drove she sat in the passenger seat and laid back with her legs propped up on the dash in front of her. She was rubbing her belly while appearing to be in deep thought,

“What do you think it will be”, she asked.

“No way to know”, I said while shrugging my shoulders.

“What do you want it to be”, she asked.

I glanced out the windshield before turning my eyes up in thought,

“hmmmmm, doesn’t matter”, I responded.

“I want a girl”, she said immediately.

I shook my head in agreement then cocked my head back in her direction,

“A girl would be nice”, I said.

Perhaps I was thinking ahead, WAY AHEAD. I was thinking in another realm which was so taboo and so naughty and wrong but I couldn’t help it. Who hasn’t thought about having a mother/daughter sex combo. Not necessarily at the same time like a threesome rather having a hot mother and her daughter to fuck who was unrelated to me. Of course having the mother and our own daughter in a consenting context would be so damn hot. It sure would provide the “other option/female” which I thought about occasionally but that would be years into the future.

“What are you thinking about ?”, asked Iris.

“ME, nothing, WHY ?”, I asked while trying to suppress a smile.

“Your thinking about sex aren’t you ?”, she asked.

I looked straight ahead while shaking my head no. I could feel her eyes on me and to confirm it I kept my head straight while looking out the corner of my eye towards her. She was looking at me so I instantly turned and moved my eyes forward then back again before turning my head to her. She had a straight look on her face, not mad, not shock, not disgust, just a straight expressionless look.

“WHAT !”, I said while barely able to contain my incestuous smile.

Her look softened then turned to a smile before she shook her head which she was silently conveying something like “you are a naughty daddy”, or something to that effect.
I shrugged my shoulders while cocking my head to one side before turning to look out the windshield. I was dreaming up all kinds of future scenarios in my head to entertain myself while I drove. There were other things I could and should think about other than future sexual situations.
We had a baby on the way plus I had to think about the coming summer in conjunction to our location as it relates to a possible hurricane. I planned to spend plenty of time in the Florida Keys so we would be vulnerable to such hazards plus we wouldn’t have much advance warning. I had to figure out contingencies for that like a solid structure to get to on the islands. These things could be figured out and overcome and it was things like this which kept a person occupied and with something to do as we continued to exist in this world.
This actually occupied the majority of my time while I drove and the hours passed quickly and before I realized it the day was coming to an end as we were just arriving into the New Orleans area.
I decided to go through New Orleans rather than around it to the north after passing through Baton Rouge. We still had a few hours of daylight left so I began to assess which exit I should take to find a place to pump some fuel.
We drove most of the way through New Orleans until I turned off the interstate in an area that I felt comfortable. It was a commercial area with a gas station, several fast food places, a shopping center, a hospital, etc.
The area appealed to me because it was open and the buildings spread apart which afforded plenty of unobstructed views. I was still obviously nervous and since it would take a little while for me to get a drop tube and pump set up to get fuel out of an underground tank I wanted to be assured the area was secure.

As I turned off the ramp and onto the surface street I drove past the gas station which was located on the service road and continued down that street passing all the fast food places, hospital and all the other establishments.
I finally turned around then drove through the shopping center parking lot and through the other places immediately adjacent to the gas station before parking our rig where the underground tanks were then shut off the engine.
I sat there for several minutes looking out the windshield and scanned the area for threats and although I liked the area something just wasn’t sitting right with me all of a sudden. I chided myself for being overly paranoid yet I was still going to err on the side of caution.
After looking for awhile I got up and walked to the cabinet that I kept a few guns in and selected the automatic weapon I had been using plus a semi-auto hand gun in a holster which simply clipped to my belt.
Now that I was prepared I opened the door and stepped out and once I felt OK I gave Iris the word to step out as well.
After I was several feet out from the door Iris stepped out while I started to walk towards the back of the RV and towards the building. I wanted to check it out and walk around the building first before I got busy rigging things to pump fuel.

I was getting that feeling like I was being watched even though I tried to convince myself it was slight paranoia.
I turned and pointed at the RV and told Iris that I wanted her to go back inside and let me check things first. She didn’t want to do that which made her stand there with her slightly bulging belly and hang her head down. I was adamant and forcefully pointed towards the RV and looked at her sternly as she looked back up at me.
I pulled the strap on my weapon to let it swing from my back to hang in front of my stomach to be in easy reach. Iris reluctantly turned and walked back inside and closed the door. I turned and walked around the RV then straight to the building and while I walked I could swear I was being watched from behind but I ignored it and first walked around the building before entering the front door to walk inside.

I had two purposes in entering the gas station, one was to check the place out and the other was to get the key to unlock the cap on the underground fuel tank. With my weapon at the ready I walked through the store then around the counter, I fished the flashlight from my pocket and switched it one before going through the door into a back room which was the station office.
Searching the office for the keys and just generally looking around I heard a rumble that sounded like a large but distant engine being revved up. I walked out from the office then to the counter to look outside just as our RV was pulling away.

“SHIT”, I said as I slapped the counter.

I ran around the counter and across the store hitting the front door in a full run. I ran hard getting as close as 30′ from the back of the trailer as our rig left the parking lot and onto the street. I stopped in the middle of the street and watched as the rig sped away at full throttle, my mind was racing trying to figure out what was happening while trying to figure out what to do.
I stood there for several seconds thinking as the RV became more and more distant then it hit me that there were cars everywhere. I ran back to the parking lot to the first car I reached and looked in, NO KEYS.
Running to the next car then the next and the next and the next I couldn’t believe there wasn’t one car that had keys in it,

“FUCK” !, I yelled in extreme anger while looking around to broaden my car search for a vehicle.
I was breathing hard from running, my searching and my anxiety but this was only one parking lot with cars. I ran next door to the fast food place and started searching each car for keys and I found it inconceivable that not one car didn’t have keys in it.
The RV would be so far gone by now I figured even if I did find one with keys I may never be able to find it.
I thought about Iris and what had happened, if she was alright and was she going to be alright. I also thought did Iris simply take the RV and drive off and if so then WHY and if she didn’t then who did.
I stood beside the last car I checked and looked around as it was getting darker, I felt helpless and dropped my head down onto the top of the car in physical and mental exhaustion. After a minute I picked my head up when I heard an approaching vehicle, it was the RV.
I ran out to the middle of the street as it approached and as it drew closer I pulled my weapon from my back to get it in both hands.
As the RV got even closer without a sign of slowing down I aimed the weapon towards the RV and took a firing stance. Suddenly the horn started beeping and the vehicle began to slow down as it got nearer. The RV switched to the inside lane while I moved to the other lane and followed the RV with my weapon as it came to a stop beside me.

When it stopped and I heard the air brakes lock I pointed the gun at the door waiting for anything. The door opened and Iris bounded out ran up and clung to me. I held her with one arm while I had the other to the side holding my gun while I laid the side of my face on the top of her head. Sensing movement I looked to the open RV door and my eyes were drawn to the tip of a gun.
I raised my weapon while my eyes followed the gun barrel up to the hand that was holding it.
While the gun I looked at caused concern I couldn’t believe who was holding it and when the gun barrel dropped down my tension eased. While still keeping an arm around Iris I stood up to assess the person holding the weapon.

This woman appeared to be in her mid-twenties, short straight red hair, bright green eyes, typical fare skin with a few freckles on her nose and under her eyes. The weather here was moderate and she had on shorts, a pull over thin cotton V-neck shirt that bulged with round B cup titties and she had on a pair of short trail boots.
She looked perfectly fit being slender and toned and the color and length of her hair perfectly defined her looks which was certainly pretty while still conveying “toughness” despite her frame.
She couldn’t have weighed more than 125 lbs while standing 5′ 8″ tall.

“I’m Charlotte”, she said.

I couldn’t respond immediately because I was stunned by her striking looks along with the revelation that there was actually another human on the planet beside Iris and myself. This certainly confirmed my thoughts as it pertains to the statistical probability of there being others but it still stunned me. Iris pulled away and spoke up,

“She’s OK, it was just a misunderstanding”, said Iris.

I looked up and around at the darkening sky,

“Let’s get inside and find a place to park for the night”, I said.

Charlotte spoke up,
“We can park at the hospital”, she said while cocking her head towards the building across the street.

With Iris ahead of me we stepped into the RV while Charlotte pressed her back against the wall as we squeezed past her. I stopped right in front of her,

“I’m Terry”, I said while holding my hand out.

She took my hand yet avoided my eyes but her grip was fairly strong. She looked down not wanting to look at me for some reason and that appearance of toughness seemed to turn into shyness. I got behind the wheel and Charlotte walked up behind me while pointing and giving me directions as I drove toward the hospital building which was across the street from the gas station I had originally stopped at.
I drove around the back to a utility area behind the bldg that was near a door which entered into the bldg. We followed Charlotte into the building where she led us down a short hallway then up some stairs and entered a room where she has apparently been living.

Charlotte and Iris sat down at a small round table while I walked across the room looking around. It was tidy and neat even though it was stacked with provisions. It was set up really well and I was marveling at her efficiency and resourcefulness while I toured the room, I walked up to the one window and looked down to see our RV parked right below.
I turned and looked around taking inventory of her supplies when she spoke up,

“I work, uh WORKED, here back in the day”, Charlotte said.

“You a nurse” ?, I asked.

“Yeah”, she responded.

“This is a nice setup you have here”, I said.

“Not like the setup you two have, an RV just didn’t occur to me”, she said.

“Looks like you did a real good job here”, I said.

“Let me show you around”, she said as she stood up.

She led us through and opening to the next area which contained a bathroom with a shower. She had the shower set up with a camp shower which was a flexible bag that you fill with water. She would fill the bag and hang it in the window or set it outside to let the sun warm it up. On the days there was no sun she picked up a camping water heater which is a great device.
It runs off of those small spin on propane bottles and heats water instantly. She would set up a 5 gallon water bottle to run through it and shower that way when needed.

She had found a loaded bottled water truck and drove it here so she had plenty of water, she set up a small solar panel on the roof to charge a battery she used for lighting she rigged up inside.
I was impressed and she was feeling really proud of herself as she led us back into the main room walked up to the window and pointed outside to a small generator.
She found a portable diesel generator and sat it next to the large generator that was used for the hospital. She used it to run a small portable air conditioner and lights. She had been re-filling it from the fuel tank attached to the large generator to keep cool through the worst part of summer. She pointed to an air mattress she slept on, showed us the stove, container, lanterns, dehydrated foods along with all the canned items she obtained.

It was like she raided a camping store, which she said she did, along with accumulating items from the grocery store in the shopping center across the street. She didn’t curl up and die when she found herself in this situation and after it set in she started preparing and made herself comfortable and had the will to survive.
I was really appreciating her, she was intelligent, had medical skills and she was very pleasant to look at. She prepared dinner for all of us which we ate and then we helped clean up before finally sitting down to talk.
All this time it had been about her and her situation and all the preparations she made so now it was our turn to provide while she asked us some questions.

“So where are you two from”, she asked.

Iris and I glanced over at each other then I glanced at Charlotte. We weren’t comfortable at this point because we felt a line of questions would follow which we I didn’t want to get into. With all my thoughts and dreams of “being caught”, so to speak, and even though I resigned myself to being upfront and forthright about Iris being pregnant, it melted away.

“We drove down from Kansas”, I responded.

I wanted to sway the conversation away from the pregnancy issue so I piped up with a question for Charlotte,

“By the way, what made you take off with our RV like you did”, I asked.

“Well when I noticed the rig drive up across the street and you two got out I couldn’t tell what the situation was. I saw a young pregnant girl followed up by a man with a weapon and what looked like a confrontation between you two. I assumed she might need help so when you went in the building I went into the RV, started it up and took off. The whole time Iris was screaming at me but all that was on my mind was to get her out of there. When my adrenaline stopped pumping I began to comprehend what she was telling me which was far different than what it looked like so I turned around and came back”, she said.

With the line of questioning starting off the way it did and where it would ultimately go, plus her answer, I knew my particular question was ill timed. I wanted to get onto another subject plus I would have just been better to shut my mouth. Without anything further form me Charlotte started back again,

“So how far along are you sweetheart”, she asked while looking at Iris.

Before answering Iris looked at me quickly then looked over at Charlotte.

“ummmmmm, I’m not sure exactly”, she said.

Charlotte shifted her gaze from Iris to me but I didn’t acknowledge her rather I saw her staring at me from the corner of my eye. I mean it’s not like she didn’t already put it together because she likely figured Iris has been pregnant after the world changed rather than before.
With nobody but her and I she obviously knew I had to be the one to knock her up. Even though I had resolved to confront the issue head on if we ever met any other people my resolve melted when it ended up being a young woman like Charlotte.

“Well I can help figure that out”, said Charlotte.

The pregnancy issue was dismissed, for the time being anyway, and we told Charlotte that we intended to go to Florida for the winter and then possibly travel around the country exploring and seeking answers.
Charlotte detailed her experience leading up to the change of the world as we knew it.
As she was out in the wilderness on a camping trip with her boyfriend she claimed they were in their tent late at night and was woken up due to a continual yet ascending sound that seemed to be coming from far away.
She said her boyfriend got up and went outside to take a look and walked out of the tent and as she was getting up the sound drew nearer and she felt was could be described as a pressure wave or pulse pass through and around her.
When she got out of the tent her boyfriend was gone, the sound they had heard was gone and she was suddenly alone. She thought her boyfriend may have walked around to see what was going on and had simply gotten lost in the dark but she knew there wasn’t enough time for him to go any distance before she stood up and walked out of the tent after she felt that sound wave or pulse.
She explained that after searching and not being able to find her boyfriend she finally tried her cell phone which didn’t have signal then went to the car to go find help. After that she said it became evident that she was alone and even though she obviously has tried to make sense of it she couldn’t.
She drove back home, searched the area, went through the disbelief, hunkered down then planned then prepped and here she is today. She had been contemplating leaving the area and indicated she would like to team up with us and get away from here. Even though she has lived in this area her entire life it obviously wasn’t the same and it was becoming more a problem with rodents and animals running the streets especially at night so it would be good to get away from the city, she just hasn’t done that due to fear of the unknown.
She had set herself up quite nice though and thought it out. The hospital wasn’t extremely large and it wasn’t a hospital in the sense that it had beds for overnight or extended stays rather it had offices and an outpatient surgery along with an emergency room. With the offices on the second floor and the facilities it was easy to secure and up high in case of flooding and although the surrounding area afforded the necessities it was becoming more of a liability as time went.
At some point she knew she would have to leave and it was just a matter of time so with us running across each other it seemed ordained.

So with everything as it was Charlotte decided to join us so we were going to inventory her things and stow them in the trailer. It was starting to get late and Iris was getting tired so we would begin to load Charlotte’s items tomorrow.
As Iris and I were on the way out and heading to the RV Charlotte asked if I would come back and help her go through things and get prepared.
As Iris and I entered the RV she was yawning almost uncontrollably and instead of showering she wanted to go to bed. I sat down on the couch going over upcoming events and logistics in my mind while Iris went into the bedroom and changed into her usual attire, that being a nightshirt and panties.
She appeared at the door and stated she was going to bed so I got up and walk over and she had a benign look on her face. She reached out as I walk to kaçak bahis her and we held each other then pulled back and I leaned down and kissed her. Her response was weak and I couldn’t discern what she was feeling or thinking then all she said to me was,

“Go help her out”, she said while cocking her head towards the building.

“I’ll be back in a little bit”, I said.

Iris simply nodded her head then turned and crawled onto the bed. I simply figured her mood was due to hormones and pregnancy as I turned and went out the door. When I arrived Charlotte was busy going through certain personal items and packing such in a few bags, she wanted me to look through the food items and see if there was anything with certain dates that we may or may not want to take. We had plenty of stores in the trailer, more than Iris and I would need but what the hell I thought.
While we worked we made small talk which I began by complimenting her on her preparedness and strength.

“Well I have to admit it is good to have a man around”, she said.

“You have done incredibly well”, I responded.

“It helps to have someone around for certain things”, she said.

I turned my head slightly in her direction and just did catch her looking out the corner of her eye then look away fast. I wasn’t sure if she was hinting and opening a door or what but she appeared to be a very strong woman with a toughness that almost conveyed an attitude like “I don’t need anybody, especially a man”.
So when she made the statement that it’s good to have a man around it ran contrary to my perception when we first met.

“You two were lucky not having to be alone”, she said.

This time it was me looking out the corner of my eye towards her and me looking away fast when I noticed her looking at me so I just nodded my head. We were starting to play games here and I knew where this was going so I summoned up the resolve I had before and decided to confront this head on. I turned to look straight at Charlotte and she spoke while she continued to work,

“You are the father aren’t you” ?, she asked then turned to look right at me.

We had stopped working and stood there looking at each other without a word. Charlotte didn’t really ask in an accusatory manner but she did have that look in her eyes, she was almost glaring at me.

“YES”, I said.

“When I drove off in the RV with her she kept screaming you were her daddy, said Charlotte.

I felt some anger welling up in me which obviously showed on my face and in my eyes. I was steeling myself for a verbal assault on my character and integrity which I wasn’t about to take. I breathed in and was just moving my jaw muscles to speak when Charlotte’s eyes and stance softened before she looked down at the floor,

“Look, I have the sense that you are really a good person, I’m not judging you”, she said as she looked back up at me.

Even though she softened I was jacked up and on the defensive. We went back to work going through things and while we did that I told her my entire story from the time I woke up alone all those months ago.
I brought Charlotte up to speed on what Iris told me regarding the scenario that Iris conveyed to me about her and her fathers travels and what she remembered. I told her where I was from and where Iris and I spent the last several months before heading down this way.
I didn’t go into intricate details about Iris and mines relationship and I didn’t make any apologies for succumbing to our needs. I didn’t intend to get explicit but I told her before I stumbled upon Iris I certainly did have thoughts about sex.
I told her about the adult store I had found and some of the things I acquired to enable me to deal with those natural urges. I had gotten onto a roll as I talked and went on more than I wanted to but I found myself talking more stern like I was defending myself when I don’t think I had to.
I had ended with the story about me obtaining those items I acquired for my occasional relief.

When I finally shut up and looked at her she had a smile on her face.

“What’s so funny”, I asked sternly.

She turned and grabbed a small box she held out for me to take. I looked down into the box and a smile formed on my face then I looked at her. She started to giggle which made me chuckle then we broke out into laughter.
She had obviously found her an adult store and filled the box with all kinds of sex toys to use. After what seemed like a minute of mutual laughter it finally died down and when she stopped I handed her the box back.
As she grabbed the box she spoke up,

“It’s not always enough”, she said while looking down into the box.

She pulled the box but I kept my hold on it and when she tried to pull it again and I didn’t let go she looked up at me. We looked at each other or into each others weakness. She finally looked down and spoke up,

“I resolved myself to the fact that I would never have sex again”, she said.

I knew the feeling she had because I had been there and even when Iris and I found each other I had resolved to not have sex because of the situation. It’s funny how that resolve melts away when opportunity is present though. In our situation you figure hey, why deny yourself.
I could tell Charlotte had that resolve and was not going to let it go even if/when she had ran across others, she was going to hang tough. In a way it’s like what is here today can be gone tomorrow so why get used to something or someone, just stay detached and deal with it the best you can. I wasn’t going to push it as she would either come around or not so with that I let go of the box.

“I guess I should go”, I said while I turned to leave.

“Stay a little while”, she said while grabbing my wrist.

I looked at her and turned my head where my ear was aiming at her to indicate she tell me why. I knew she was hurting for some dick and that she did need a man and I mean really needed one, so bad that she hated it.

“I, I want to”, she said weakly.

I cocked my ear towards her even more and raised my eyes as to indicate I didn’t hear her clear enough.

“I NEED IT, OK !”, she said loudly.

I looked at her and she glared back at me for making her practically beg. She was exposed now and she didn’t like it but she knew she had no choice because I wasn’t in the same boat as her, I have been getting it regularly.
This teasing was only going to turn up the heat and I could see this being a very hot, intense and rather short encounter. I gave her a warm smile but she continued to glare at me and I felt like I may be played this thing wrong.
I thought that by doing it the way I did it would subdue her and that I would certainly make up my teasing by giving her more than just a good stiff piece. I was a little puzzled that her demeanor didn’t soften a little and very surprised when she dropped the box from her hand and moved towards me.
She put her hands on my chest, kept direct eye contact while pushing me backwards towards the couch. I was a little taken back by her sudden aggressiveness and as the back of my legs hit the edge of the couch I fell into the sitting position.

I sat there looking up at her while she looked down at me with determination. She glanced at the tent in my pants then back to my eyes. I wasn’t rock hard but I did have a chubby but I got her hint and started to undo my pants.
She took off her boots then slid her shorts down while I raised my ass off the couch to pull my pants off. We were there looking at each other in our underwear and it was almost like waiting to see who would go first.
I wasn’t modest so I rose up and pulled my underwear down, my growing cock fell back against my stomach. She never broke eye contact to look down rather she pulled her panties down to expose the red hair covering her pussy.
She took a step to the couch and still eying me she lowered to her knee’s and once in that position she did look down. There were no eyebrows raised or any indication as to what her thought was of my cock.
All she did was take it in her hand and pump it up and down a few times which caused it to rise a little more, but not enough.
She glanced up at me before leaning down to take my cock in her mouth and immediately clamped her lips around my head and drew suction. As more blood rushed in and my cock swelled the sensation caused slight dizziness and the feeling of her mouth made me grunt.

I didn’t want to make a sound because I was attempting to be as determined as she was. She started really good and now that she was getting accustomed she began to go deeper and longer.
Try as I may I couldn’t contain the long blissful moan which escaped my mouth while she took me much deeper into her mouth than I have experience in a LONG time.
With my cock at full and strained attention she continued to work with long wet sucking strokes. The pain of my stretched cock was mixed with the incredible feel of deep suction from her skilled mouth.
She had me at the peak of hardness and typically we may have gotten on to fucking by now but it has obviously been awhile since she had cock in her mouth. She either enjoyed sucking me, was making absolutely sure I was at maximum rigidity or both but I was ready to get inside of her.

While she worked I looked down and noticed she had a hand down between her legs rubbing furiously. She would be ready when it was time to penetrate her and maybe she didn’t care that I would have licked her pussy to proper wetness.
Her motion was slowing and before she pulled off of me she wrapped her lips tightly around my head and sucked down hard then pulled back with a slight pop sound.

Not winded or anything she simply pushed herself up then straddled me and with both hands she took my prick. She rotated her hips to line up then impaled herself and once my head penetrated her she grunted a little then with her hand on my shoulders she moved up and down.
As my cock became coated with her juice it started to slide in more and more. She tried to contain pleasuring noises as I stretched and filled her cunt.
I put my hands on her hips to work with her movements then looked up at her face, her eyes were closed and her teeth were clenched.
As we worked to get more cock into her cunt,

“How did you get this thing inside that poor girl”, she breathed out.

I didn’t answer but she was horny and determined because she knew if Iris could take it then she certainly could.
With Charlotte in control of the fucking I let my hands roam up her shirt to feel her firm torso while making my way to her tits. I ran my fingers under her bra and squeezed her soft round titties just as she worked my entire cock inside of her oven like cunt.

She leaned over me even more as we got going and I could see her face soften a little from the steely determination she previously had. While she moved up and down I squeezed her titties and moved to kiss her neck. When my lips touched her neck she went a little limp and moaned lightly the she suddenly went rigid, pulled back and set more upright and increased her up and down motion.
She was no doubt trying to stay somewhat detached I let it go and continued to work with her. I went back to holding her hips and thrusting myself up to meet her descent so we could both get to a climax. I was getting close but she seemed to be steadily working and concentrating on the task at hand.
She rebuffed my attempt to kiss her neck and get more intimate but what the hell I was close to blowing my load. As she bounced up and down on my lap her cunt stayed wet, she was letting her jizz go in small doses to keep things well lubed. I don’t know if she just didn’t want to hold it and cum in one big gush or just appear detached and in control or simply needed to prolong the act.
At this point I didn’t care because I was about to nut and I began moaning as the tingling in my cock became more intense. As a column of cum rose inside my shaft my body tightened, I groaned out load and like a charged champagne bottle I released,

“OHHHHH, OH, OH, OH, OH”, I groaned as I shot hot spunk up inside of Charlotte’s pussy.

She continued to bounce up and down on me while rocking her hips back and forth to rub her clit against my shaft.
She was trying to be as quiet as possible as she panted. Just when her panting became really intense she let out a long low breath and her movements slowed. She finally stopped her bouncing then plopped down on my lap and ground her crotch against me while her body shivered.
I ran my hands up and down her torso while she sat still with her eyes closed, head straight as she caught her breath. As soon as my hands went back up and I went to her titties her eyes suddenly snapped open then she pulled off of me and stood up.
She looked around to find her panties and shorts then picked them up and headed towards her bathroom. Just as she got to the doorway and out of sight,

“I’ll see you in the morning”, she said as she walked through the door and started to clean up.

I sat there slightly stunned for a second then smiled in amusement because of her attempt to be a cold hard bitch that simply needed some cock. Yet I think I could understand about not wanting to get close or attached because of the situation and we never know what will happen in our world.
I stood up got dressed and walked out and back to the RV. I showered then crawled into bed next to Iris who was breathing rhythmically and never stirred as I scooted up next to her. Not long after I settled in I drifted to sleep and for the first time in quite awhile I don’t remember dreaming about anything.
When I woke I felt refreshed and not confused or pensive like I have on so many mornings until I realized where I was and how things were. We had a long day ahead in packing some of Charlotte’s things to take, I still needed to fuel up the RV and of course there was “the morning after”. I was curious how both of these females would act today I mean one is a woman with needs who is trying to remain detached and the other is pregnant.

The contrast between the two is stark and the moods that can transpire is something I have to think about going forward. I guess that is the downside to having females around especially in our situation and the world as it is these days.
Reaching over Iris I placed my hand on her pregnant belly and rubbed as I scooted up behind her. She stirred to life and turned over to face me then wrapped her arms around me to hold on. Not saying anything she just clung to me and squeezed off and on but the smell and feel of her was causing a rise in my cock. When it pressed against her stomach and I tightened to pull her towards me she spoke up,

“Not this morning”, she whispered.

I wasn’t crestfallen or disappointed but it was natural to wake up aroused. I simply stroked her long silky hair while hugging her then planted a kiss on the top of her head. We each eased our grip on one another then pulled back to where our eyes met. Her look conveyed what she didn’t put into words. She either knew or at least suspected what happened last night but then again she anticipated it and maybe even understood however, accepting it is another matter.

Chapter 19: (Complications set in)

There was a loud bang on the RV door,

“HEYYYY, let’s get going”, Charlotte yelled from outside.

I picked up my head and looked out the bedroom door like I had the type of vision that could peer out the bedroom door through RV and outside the front door. I glanced down at Iris who I found was staring straight at me. I knew my facial expression changed to a slight mournful appearance upon me noticing her looking right at me.

“Come on, let’s get going”, Iris said softly with a slight smile.

She was still trying to comprehend and get comfortable with the fact that another female was present. She was coming to grips with Charlotte and I having sex.
I rolled out of bed and pulled on the clothes I had on last night then preceded to the front door. I opened the door to view Charlotte standing there with her hands on her hips, head cocked to one side and trying her best to look tough and bitchy. I think both females where setting the tone for the day, that they were all business and/or detached.

We all went to work loading some of Charlotte’s cache of stuff into the trailer then upon completing that I drove across the street to pump fuel then we prepared a late breakfast before finally heading down the road. With the ultimate destination being the Florida Keys and still only driving during the daytime we would stop one more night somewhere in Florida before reaching the island chain.
While I drove Charlotte and I began to talk through scenarios back and forth at each other regarding our stay on the islands, daily living and further exploration. There were strategies and many things to consider which would be a constant however it sure made the time pass while traveling.

As the day was coming to an end we found ourselves south of Ocala, Florida. I pulled into a large travel center just off of I-75 where we would spend the night and I would top off the fuel tank.
While I was performing the refueling and checking all the mechanical operations of the RV Charlotte and Iris were preparing dinner. Once we ate we sat around and continued the same bull session from the other night and expanded upon the conversations Charlotte and I were having while driving.
We had gotten into more detail from the time things changed up to the present and then went back to discussions of the future.
As the three of us talked the hours went by and we ended up falling asleep right where we sat. I was in a chair, Charlotte and Iris on each end of the couch.

When I woke it was daylight outside, I looked over at the couch and looked at the girls. Iris had her head slumped to one side with her long dark hair spilling down the side and the nape of her neck exposed.
I looked over at Charlotte whose features were in stark contrast to Iris’. Charlottes’ head was laid straight back which exposed the smooth white skin of her neck and her red hair was catching the sunlight streaming through the slats in the window blind.
Each looked as scrumptious as a female could which didn’t help my morning wood. Knowing there was a fat chance in hell that either one would help me take care of my condition I pushed myself into a standing position.

I went over and placed a hand on Charlottes’ shoulder and gently shook her. Her eyes fluttered then snapped open in bewilderment while she pushed her body back and swung her hand in a defensive action. I stood up straight while looking down at her as she became aware of her surroundings and her breathing slowed. I expected her to ease up some however she began to get a mean look on her face and glared at me.
I rolled my eyes at her then turned my attention to Iris, bent down and stroked her hair. When she began to murmur I softly spoke to her,

“Come on sweetie, wake up”, I said.

When she brought her arms up and stretched I rubbed her pregnant belly with one hand. As she shook off the sleep she brought her head up and smiled at me while I rubbed the belly that contained our baby. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Charlotte looking right at me and when I glanced in her direction she was actually glaring at me.
I simply winked at Charlotte then looked at Iris’ belly and back into her eyes before I stopped and stood upright.
Charlotte, being none too happy, stood up picked up a bag and headed to the bathroom.
Iris slowly woke up and I started to get ready for another day of driving but it was exciting because we should reach our destination at the end of the day.

While it was cold back in Kansas it was rather warm here and would be even warmer in the Keys. To be in a paradise setting with a couple of young females and me being the only male is the stuff dreams are made of.
The climate would dictate limited clothing (or maybe none at all) but that could be too much of a good thing. How do you achieve balance when things are so out of balance. You don’t want too much yet you don’t want to do without. There would, in essence, be a lack of competition which negates the need to strive and work and inspire one to achieve.
After the morning routine I fired up the RV and started heading south again. I was keeping my mind occupied regarding such as I drove while the girls were sequestered further back in the RV talking to each other. Typically when females talk there is whispering followed by cackling however, their talk appeared to be of a serious nature and neither let loose a single laugh.
Every now and then I would look back at them over my shoulder. They never acknowledged if they noticed me rather they kept their heads together talking.

Charlotte was wearing white shorts with a thin multicolored print shirt. Her fair skin and splash of freckles on her legs, chest and face with her short red hair made me want her. She looked good and every time I looked back I was absorbing her unique beauty which started giving me a chubby.
The two of them next to each other was quite the contrast as Charlotte was older than Iris and fit in appearance while Iris was very young and pregnant. I wanted each of them in equal amounts however I wanted them even more at this particular moment.
By the time we stopped again we would be in the Florida Keys but at what location was still to be determined. Would we go all the way to Key West or some other island in the chain.
My intent is to find a place as the base, or home spot if you will, while we traveled up and down the island chain like tourists would do. It seemed to me that Marathon would be perfect since it’s roughly halfway then we could go up or down from there. We could have us a spot on the water of course then obtain a boat and then………………we’ll see how it goes from there.

I was consumed with my thoughts while I drove and wasn’t aware of the presence right behind me,

“Hey, we’re not in a hurry at all RIGHT” ?, Charlotte asked.

“That’s right”, I responded.

“Then how about a stop along the way”, she said.

“Sure, what you got in mind”, I asked.

Charlotte leaned down and brought her arm over my shoulder wanting my eyes to follow to where she was pointing. Seeing what she was referring to I turned my head to look up at her, she smiled and I rolled my eyes up then shook my head to signify “alright”.
She drew her arm back, patted me on the shoulder then leaned over further to kiss me on the cheek then stood and went to the back where her and Iris had their heads together most of the day.
Charlotte had pointed to a huge shopping mall they had seen from the interstate and that was where we were going. We were just outside of Miami at this point but with two females playing around in a mall meant that we would likely be here for the rest of the day, making our arrival in the Keys tomorrow instead.
As I made the turn on the surface street to take us to the mall I heard mocking cheers from the girls (hey, there is nothing wrong with happy girls) and it’s not like this was an indulgence.
The place was huge but I circled the entire property while I looked and observed. When I made the complete circle they picked a particular store for our initial entry which I parked in front of. I was on the alert and a bit hesitant while neither of them displayed the slightest caution as they hit the door and proceeded out.

“HEY”, I hollered.

They stopped then turned to look at me as I slung a semi-auto weapon over my shoulder.

“Are you armed”, I said looking right at Charlotte.

She turned her back to me then pulled the back of her shirt up to show me the concealed pistol at the small of her back. She turned her head to look back at me like waiting for approval. I nodded my head “OK” then handed each of them a flashlight before they proceeded out of the RV door.
While the girls walked toward the store entrance I hung back and peered inside several of the nearby cars where I parked the RV as I checked for keys in the ignitions.

I had learned that Charlotte had taken all the keys in every car in the area where she was holed up back in New Orleans. She did this as a “just in case” safety measure. As I checked the nearby cars they all had keys dangling in the ignition plus the general area just didn’t give off that vibe I would consider as being occupied or have a potential danger.
Although I somehow didn’t sense Charlotte’s presence back in New Orleans, and she surprised me, I was feeling more comfortable in this area despite her getting the drop on me like she did.

Feeling alright I caught up with the girls before they reached the door. As we entered the store I took the point leading the way and scoping out the area the best I could. It was fairly dark inside but as we walked toward the common area of the mall it was lit due to the skylights.

The three of us walked through the doorway leading to the common interior of the mall and we spread out a little as we walked. The place seemed even larger inside than outside as we looked up at the 2nd floor walkways ringing the area. I was still feeling OK about this and didn’t get the sense of danger or being watched that I anticipated.
I felt the three of us were completely alone and isolated so I loosened up a bit and allowed them to wander further away from me.
The girls made a beeline to a certain store while I scanned the area. As they left the common area and walked into the store their flashlights clicked on and each headed in a different direction.
I stood still and tracked them from the flashlights illuminating their locations and decided to follow Iris first.

I didn’t announce my approach or use my light because I just wanted to observe. I stood watching her from behind a rack of clothes while she looked through the maternity section then on to baby clothes and associated items.
Satisfied that she was alright, plus I wanted to see what she was going to look at while she was alone, I eased away and peered into the direction I last saw Charlotte’s light. I saw her light waving and arching like she was intently looking for something then it finally stopped. Figuring she had found what she was looking for I slowly worked my way towards her and stopped when I had a good vantage point.
She had found the section which contains lingerie, she had stopped in front of the more sexy and provocative items. I noticed she drew her shoulders up like a chill went up her back then she turned head to look behind her. I sidestepped behind a rack of clothes before she brought her flashlight around to scan the area where I was standing.
It was hard for me to contain a laugh while at the same time being amazed regarding her acute senses. She turned her attention back to the lingerie display and I slinked away to gain another viewing angle.
I found a spot where I could see her from the side instead of from behind her. She seemed to have regained her focus and had set her flashlight on a rack behind her. With the area she wanted illuminated I saw her look to her left over to where Iris’s light was then looked all the way around. Satisfied she was alone she began to intensely look at and holding certain items up to herself in front of a mirror.
Once she found a particularly sexy pair of lace panties she stood as if in a mesmerized and while looking at herself before dropping them and holding up a bra to her chest. While holding the bra with one hand she gently circled one of her round boobs with the finger of her other hand.
When she fully circled it she brushed her hand across that nipple then gave herself a squeeze. She then repeated the same procedure on her other breast where the self stimulation caused her to open her mouth slightly.
Her eyes began to close and she ran her hand down her stomach and over the front of her shorts and pressed her fingers against her mound. Her head went back as an audible breath escaped through her lips.
I was easing my way around to be more in front of her as she worked her hand back up to touch her breasts again before going down to rub her mound again.
She had a sexy toughness about her with her petite and toned body. Her short red hair suited her and her demeanor, which seemed to have been hardened due to isolation and other things in her life which I didn’t have knowledge of.

She had been alone all these months, and like I had done, resigned herself to being alone or never having sexual contact. No matter how tough one is we all need that attention and men need to be men as well as woman need to be woman.
Charlotte and I had a quickie a few nights back but she didn’t let herself really get into it but she wanted to and needs to. This is what I thought to myself as I settled on my new position to watch her explore herself.
Again she circled her breasts then moved a hand down her stomach to her waistband and slipped her fingers in letting out a lightly moaning breath. I gritted my teeth in anticipation of a real show when she suddenly pulled her hand out and turned her head to the right,

“I hope you enjoyed the show jerk”, she said sarcastically.

She was looking in the direction where I had been just minutes ago. I stood up and started lightly clapping as I walked towards her. She jerked her head over to where I really was with that glare in her eyes. I was smiling as I walked towards her, one because of the situation in general and two because she apparently was aware I was watching the whole time but I was able to slip past her.
She really intrigued me with her senses, toughness and sexiness with just enough of a bitch act to make her a challenge. I walked up to her and let my eyes drift from her face and down her body then back up again. She looked at me with disdain when I caught her eyes.

“I’d like to see you in some of these garments”, I said.

“You wish”, she said with a smirk as she turned away from me.

I grabbed her upper arm to pull her, she glanced at her arm then sharply at me while jerking her arm back. I didn’t let go the grip I had and held her steady while I leaned my face to hers.
She turned her head away but I followed her face with mine and mashed my mouth to hers. She tried to pull away but I only broke the kiss when I was ready.
I had expected her to relent and kiss back but I was doing all the work so I finally pulled back. She brought her fingers up to wipe her mouth while she looked back at me. I eased my grip on her arm and she jerked it back but continued to look at me.
I was looking into her eyes and despite her bitch exterior her eyes weren’t confident, they were scared. She wasn’t scared of me but she was scared of her needs, needs that can get coupled with feelings and desires.

“You don’t have to be like that”, I said softly, which I conveyed that same softness through my eyes.

Her face softened slightly and she broke eye contact and looked down. I simply walked away from her and headed towards where Iris was. I had walked about 5 steps,

“Terry”, she called my name. I stopped and turned to look at her,

“I’m sorry”, she said.

I nodded my head then turned and left her there and headed to where Iris was. I understand the position Charlotte is in and what is in her head but just because I succumbed to desires, or even hidden desires, doesn’t mean that she will. Of course I selfishly want her to but I know it’s different with men and woman but what the hell makes any sense in the world as it exists now anyway.
I walked up on Iris while she was busy gathering baby clothes and associated items. She started holding up items and asking my opinion on one garment or another. After several minutes of this Charlotte walked up on us and in short order her and Iris started oh’ing and ah’ing over certain items.
I let the two of them do the girl thing while I went on to poke around while they gathered up the things they wanted or needed.
When they were done with that we walked all over the mall, the girls stopped at every jewelry store they saw while I looked around for anything in general we may need or even anything I may simply want. Once we were done we hauled everything back to the RV. It was late so we stayed the night in the parking lot then drove out the next morning.

Chapter 20: (Things Heat Up)

As we made our way onto the Florida Keys there was a debate as to where along the chain we were going to stay. Would we stay at the top, halfway or all the way to the bottom at Key West.
We are mobile so there was no real reason to be stationed at any one place. We all agreed to go to Marathon, since it is halfway, and base ourselves there.
When we arrived it seemed to be unanimous that the right decision had been made. We crossed 7 mile bridge and turned into a state park where there was an RV park.
There were RV’s parked in various spaces but we found a vacant space directly on the water. Next door was an impressive and large 5th wheel trailer while on the opposite lot was a pop up tent camper.

I stopped the RV in the road, set the brake and turned off the engine. We all exited to walk around and take in the beauty of the area.

Charlotte made a beeline to the 5th wheel,

“I found my place”, she said while running toward the trailer.

I had been thinking and wondering about accommodations and complications where it concerned the three of us but the answer was right there. Charlotte opened the door and cautiously peered inside before slowly proceeding in.
As she disappeared inside Iris and I walked over to the trailer to check it out with her. The two of us walked up the stairs and inside to see Charlotte standing about mid-way in the trailer doing a 360. Her mouth was agape while she stood in disbelief at the appointments and amount of space then looked up at the height of the ceiling.
Charlotte turned to look at me,

“I don’t know a thing about RV’s so you need to help me check this thing out and make sure everything functions”, she said.

“Sure, but help me drop the trailer and position the motor home then we can get all of us set up”, I said.

We positioned the supply trailer between us and unhooked it before I parked the motor home in the empty space. We found a place in paradise but had a lot of work to do to set things up like I had done back in Kansas. We of course wanted to make our existence as comfortable and carefree as possible so I had to figure out and set up a water supply.
Fuel wouldn’t be a problem as we could find all the propane we could need and our food stores were more than adequate. With the ocean at our door we could easily supplement our food variety not to mention finding fresh fruit and vegetables.
Charlotte directed her focus on her new digs and began to go through and throw things out that she didn’t want then began bringing things in from the supply trailer to set it up for herself.

It sure made for a long day as we were all busy with individual tasks. Once I set things up Iris was still busy inside as was Charlotte inside her own place so I walked around the area to get a feel of things and see what was available to use or tap into concerning utilities. I had a lot to figure out concerning those things and I couldn’t pull it all off today or even the next.
I was overwhelmed thinking about the logistics of it all plus I was getting very horny. It had been days since I had gotten any but tonight Iris and I would be alone for the first time in days and I was planned to get a piece.
I wanted to get back to the RV and relax then have some dinner then sit outside looking over the water and relax some more. When I got back Iris was standing outside looking over at the trailer where Charlotte was still working. There was a pile on the ground outside the door from her cleaning the place out. I walked up to Iris and she hugged me, her hug was much warmer than it had been in days. I pulled her body tight to me while she looked up at me with desire I hadn’t seen in days,

“Want to have a quickie”, she said.

Given my current condition it sure was tempting but I wanted more than a fast one and was to the point I didn’t care which one of them I got it from. I looked down at her to gauge her seriousness. I wanted a full on top to bottom long nasty session of pure lustful blazing hot sex.
As we looked at each other a voice shattered the gaze between us,

“HEY, a little help here”, shouted Charlotte.

I frowned and Iris rolled her eyes as she turned away from me then sat down in a chair looking somewhat dismayed. I looked over to Charlotte who was standing in her doorway. The thin cotton shirt she has on was soaked with her sweat and clung tight to her toned body.
She had one leg stretched out straight on a lower step while the other leg on the higher step was bent at the knee and she was leaning back against the door jamb with her head tilted back in a tired pose.
Damn it she looked good and I couldn’t help but to get a good look at her so as to keep the picture of her sweaty pose and her wet clothes clinging to her body in my head. I glanced over at Iris who frowned when I caught her eyes before she looked down. I smiled then looked back at Charlotte who was still in the same pose.

“How about we eat first…….I’m going to fire up the grill”, I said.

“Great, let me know when it’s ready”, she said while wiping her brow with the back of her hand. She turned to re-enter her RV which gave me the chance to ogle her ass as she stepped up.

I chuckled to myself because I knew she didn’t have to be sweating like that. I noticed the RV she chose did have a generator so I could have fired it up to run her A/C while she worked but I kind of wanted her to sweat it out a little. Besides when I did magically get her cooled down she may appreciate me a little more.
Thinking I may have let her suffer enough I decided that this may be the time to come to her rescue. Looking over at Iris I noticed that she sat there continuing to look down at the ground.
I forgot about rescuing Charlotte for the time being and walked over to her then looked down at the top of her head,

“What’s a matter princess”, I asked.

She looked up at me with sad eyes and the look on her face like she didn’t have a friend in the world. I knew there was a mix of thoughts and emotions running through her due in part to hormones because of pregnancy and likely because of Charlotte’s presence. I wasn’t exactly sure what the two of them were talking about between them while I was driving but I sensed there was an understanding, albeit an uneasy one but an understanding none the less.
It may not sit completely well with Iris and she was simply struggling with things that couldn’t be helped or even stopped. She hasn’t had any individual “attention” for many days now because of Charlotte being with us.
Iris has been the center of attention largely because of a lack of options but she may feel she could be replaced. I couldn’t and wouldn’t “replace” her but she still had to get used to something that hasn’t happened before and that was sharing.
I had to make her feel better and comfort her,

“Come on and help me prepare dinner”, I said.

She stood and turned while I put my arm around her and we walked to our RV. Once inside she whipped around in front of me and hugged me hard before looking up at me,

“Do you still want me”, she asked.

I reached down and rubbed a hand over her belly while leaning down to kiss the nape of her neck. This caused her to melt against me and let out a relieving breath as she brought her arms up and around my neck. I stopped rubbing her swollen belly and let my arms wrap around her then down to grab her soft buns.
With her mouth near my ear as I munched her neck she whispered,

“Can we do it………PLEASE”.

How could I turn her down, she was a sexy pregnant young girl and I haven’t had any in days either so of course my cock hardened immediately. I mean I did fuck Charlotte (or she fucked me) but it has still been days since Iris and I have had sex with each other.
Her need seemed to be much more desperate than mine and she just couldn’t temper herself.
I stopped kissing her neck, she dropped her arms from around my neck then took my hand before she spun around and guided me to the bedroom.
Once at the edge of the bed we immediately shed our clothes and proceeded to the middle of the bed. She assumed the position on her knees and bent over until her head was on the bed. I moved myself behind her with my dick in hand and positioned it at her slit and entered her.
She emanated a pleasurable sounding grunt as my engorged dick stretched open her mildly neglected cunt. Her opening was tightening as I continued to push into her so I stopped. She bumped back against me indicating I need to continue.

Grabbing handfuls of her fleshy hips I pulled her to me while I thrust forward and buried more pipe deeper inside of her.

“ooohhhhhh, feels soooo good”, she breathily moaned in a whisper.

She was incredibly wet or more like a greasy substance she secreted so sliding in her tight hole frictionless. I wanted to but again I had anticipated a much longer session in lieu of a quickie but I quickly dispensed with that when I felt the heat of her vagina envelope my dick.
She was so sensual for such a young girl and her being pregnant just added to the intensity along with my own pent up need.
This wouldn’t take long for either of us (hence the quickie) and I was already getting that tickle in my scrotum and the tingling feeling farther and farther up my shaft with each stroke in and out of her blazing hot little pussy. I wasn’t pounding her rather I was only taking long very deep strokes. I hadn’t taken anymore than about ten strokes before I was ready to unload.
Her jizz flowed continuously and she rocked her hips against my movements in and out of her.
Our slow movements seemed to belie getting a quickie and maybe it was an attempt for me to prolong or draw out things the way I wanted while thinking she needed me to really fuck her longer than what I could at this time.
Not able to hold out anymore I wasn’t going to say anything plus I tried to suppress my urge but to no avail. My panted breaths and almost inaudible grunts gave it away,

“Go Ahead, Do It”, she said.

Like trying to pinch off a water hose it only increased the pressure and when the initial pressurized stream escaped I was no longer able to keep quiet,

“UGH”, I grunted loudly.

With that first blast my cock muscles involuntarily relaxed opening the floodgate,

“OOOHHH GAWD, OH BABY, OOOOOHHHHHH”, I hollered out as cum flowed out of my tube into her already pregnant womb while my cock continued in and out like a piston.

I shook and shivered while expelling copious amounts of semen into her dripping hot love tunnel. Closing my eyes I summoned back the strength I was quickly losing due to my immense ejaculation. Once my flow had stopped I finally quit the fucking motion and remained deep inside of her while grunting with each squeeze of my muscles making sure my cock was drained.
I only had the thought of mind to rub the small of her back in appreciation for the relief she had given me.
I knew I needed to pull out of her but I didn’t want to and my cock didn’t soften like was typical after an eruption. I remained hard enough to fuck some more, although it would take a bit of time before I would be able to cum again. This session only seemed to wet my appetite and as I pulled back with the intent on plunging in again Iris pulled forward and slumped on her side.

She had gotten what she needed but I was far from disappointed because even though I retained the ability to pump her some more I also knew my hard on would go away once removed from the situation. Lying there with her eyes closed she looked so content and relieved,

“You Ok Sweetie”, I asked.

“OH YEAH”, she responded while simultaneously nodding her head.

I stood there on my knees looking down admiring her youthful naked beauty. The cooling effect of air on my jizz and cum soaked cock caused it to finally wilt. I patted her hip as I backed off the bed and retrieve my shorts.
She laid still and seemed to be in a perfectly restful prose and I didn’t want to disturb her. I was glad or really proud I was able to douse the fire inside of her like I did. I should have covered her up but with her rhythmic breathing I was afraid I may bring her back from the edge of sleep.

I put my shorts on then pulled a shirt over my head and walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen area. Looking out the window I saw Charlotte coming this way so I went to the door to meet her. I told her Iris was asleep right now and I was just getting started on dinner preparations.
She informed me she was coming to help and we worked side by side in the kitchen before heading outside to do the cooking.
The RV Iris and I had held every amenity, maybe even more amenities than a high dollar ocean front condo did. There was an outdoor kitchen with fridge sink and grill along with a large flat screen TV.
After I had things started on the grill Charlotte and I made some drinks and sat back. Once I finished my first drink she jumped up to make me another one but I declined.
I told her I was going to check out her RV and see what I could do check systems out and get her place cooled down.
She made herself another drink then tended to the grill while I went to work at her place. There really wasn’t much to do I simply made it appear that way. Charlotte was obviously an intelligent woman and left on her own she certainly would have figured things out.
When and/or if you can delegate things this gives one the ability to gauge a person, it can also be used as a test and even establish a certain connection in some cases.

I checked the systems panel which indicated the propane was empty and the house battery levels were extremely low. I went to the front of the RV where the propane bottles were located and flipped the valve over to the second tank. The sound of pressure once switched over confirmed that tank had gas in it. I went back inside to confirm it via the systems panel that it was full then pushed the generator start button.
Once it roared to life I let it run a minute or so before kicking on the air conditioner. When that was done and I affirmed it was all running as should be I walked out and closed the door behind me.
I casually walked back over to the motor home where Charlotte was busy with the grill. I sat down and leaned back,

“Your place will be cool by the time we’re done with dinner”, I said.

“I appreciate that, you want me to make you another drink”, she asked.

“Hell yeah, put just a little more Vodka in it this time”, I replied.

“You intend to get drunk ?”, she asked

“Why not, we’re finally here and I can’t remember the last time I did get drunk”, I replied.

She had her back to me the entire time busy flipping food on the grill and mixing me a drink. When she turned around she had a smile on her face and walked towards me in a sultry manner while extending her arm out with my drink in hand.
She lowered the drink down to me with a smile and keeping my eyes on hers I reached up and took it. I have only known her for several days and haven’t seen her quite this pleasant, perhaps she was softening a little bit.
She turned and walked back to the grill and I watched her ass twitch while walking away from me. I had my eyes glued to her perfectly shaped ass while she was busy at the grill. She turned me on that’s for sure but I didn’t want to let her know how much and before I knew it she looked behind her. I shifted my gaze from her ass to her face and she smiled before turning back to what she was doing.
I took a huge gulp from the drink she made me then laid back in the chair and swallowed letting out an “AAAAHHHHH”.

Iris emerged from inside after napping for only 20 minutes, she still needed more sleep but right now it was time for all of us to eat, relax and enjoy the company of each other in conjunction with our location.
Up north it was winter but here it was much more moderate and now that the sun was lower in the sky it became even more comfortable especially with the light breeze coming from the ocean.
After eating, talking and trading stories plus the theories concerning our existence as it is we felt better now than almost any time previously.
The several drinks I had helped my current feeling but Charlotte kept making them and I kept drinking them. I didn’t pound them down rather I was slowly getting to the point of being drunk, I was very well buzzed at this point and I had a little more to go before I was totally there.
Charlotte almost had as many as I did but for all I knew she was acclimated to alcohol but given her weight and the amount I calculated she drank then she was at least buzzing pretty good.

Chapter 21: (The reality of it all)

With the sun descending below the horizon over the Gulf Iris retired to the motor home intent to go to sleep, Charlotte went to her RV intending to resume her work and I was laid back in the same chair I had been in. To make things easier I went from mixed drinks to straight Vodka and had the bottle on a small table beside my chair.
I was in a comfort zone and only moved to fill my glass from the bottle when needed knowing that after awhile I would simply pass out right where I was.
After maybe ten minutes Charlotte came back outside walked up and stood beside my chair,

“I can’t concentrate to do anything in there tonight”, she slurred.

“So you want a drink”, I asked.

“Hell Yeah”, she responded.

I think she was mocking me from earlier but either way she loosened up some which was a refreshing change, and likely for herself as well, to not have to deal with or for her to portray a hard bitch.

“Pull up a chair”, I said.

“Nope, I’m gonna go for a walk”, she said.

“Ok, maybe later then”, I said.

“Come with me”, she said.

I was in a really comfortable spot but I decided to go along with her. If you want to find out who a person really is then either get them drunk or take a trip with them.
In this case it was both scenarios and I was intrigued so I pushed myself up and stood in front of her.
Looking at her she had a gleam in her eyes that I figured were thoughts brought on by inebriation but either way she seemed much more pleasant drunk than stone cold sober. We walked side by side towards then onto the beach and strolled without a word spoken.
The sun had set just below the horizon casting a pale light in the background to the West. We were on the eastern side of the island looking out over the Atlantic. The full moon was just above the horizon casting a light on the water that followed us as we walked.
It sure made for a classic romantic venue just with the lack of conversation. I was about to break the silence when Charlotte spoke up,

“I’m not really a hard ass bitch”, she said.

“I know, it’s an act”, I replied.

“I guess I’m not very convincing huh”, she said.

“Your eyes give you away, they give everyone away one just has to pay attention”, I said.

“I’ve been able to put off a lot of guys though”, she said.

“Sure you have, back in the day but this isn’t exactly the same is it. You are trying hard to carry on like normal back when things were “normal”, I said.

Old habits are hard to break, accepting a new and different world is tough. For months I thought I was all alone in this world until you two showed up. I suddenly felt a bit of normalcy after wards and like you said old habits are hard to break”, she explained in exaggerated breaths.

She wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already understand or had experienced. At this stage I wasn’t sure why she was explaining herself other than to assimilate a sense of normal, kind of like we were on a date after me wearing her down and had finally talked her into “going out with me”.
She could also being trying to justify something to me and/or her but this long drawn out scenario was in my mind a thing of the past. We had all the time in the world now without the encumbrances of society, work and typical relationship bullshit but all the time on our hands in this situation still doesn’t mean the old games shouldn’t be played.
All the time we think we have could be cut in a snap because it happened before so who’s to say it wouldn’t happen again. We could blink and find ourselves alone or with others or…….any other reality one could think of.

“After I found myself alone and as time went on I wished for a man. I even thought I may have conjured you up I wished so hard. When I witnessed and misinterpreted the situation with you two back in New Orleans before I took off with Iris in the RV I thought my purpose may have been to save a girl that a man was holding captive. When that wasn’t the case I was pissed, well, I was jealous in a way. I just thought the purpose behind this whole new reality was that moment but when that didn’t pan out I still had thoughts of wanting a man…………..” she explained as her voice drifted off.

She was walking looking down at the ground like this was the hardest thing for her to say and that she was so shy. I knew she likely was relatively shy and the whole bitch act was gross overcompensation. She has been at battle with certain desires inside her that she likely never felt comfortable letting surface. Even given our present situation she still strained to keep them suppressed.
I was trying to be patient but was quickly running out. Just because I sort of “let lose” as it were, didn’t mean she could as easily. We all were intent on living together so why not get certain things into the open.
I stopped walking and grabbed her arm, not in a forceful way but it caused her turn in my direction,

“Charlotte if you’re afraid of judgment, exposing a weakness or whatever you can just forget all that now and just let yourself go”, I said.

She wasn’t looking at me at first but she slowly raised her head to look at me.

“I may not be quite drunk enough to do that”, she said with a smile.

I had the thought of mind to grab the bottle of Vodka before leaving my chair so I raised it up in front of her and raised my eyebrows to silently ask “you want a drink” ?.
She took the bottle to her lips and turned it upright taking two huge gulps and with a loud “AHHHH and a shake of her head from the obvious throat burn she returned the bottle to me.
The look in her eyes was silently telling me it was my turn.
I turned the bottle up taking a couple of slugs from it then offered it back to her.

We walked and traded the bottle back and forth until it was emptied. By the time we had slowly walked a few hundred yards down the beach everything in my eyes were blurry. I had reached the state of drunk that I intended and with her staggering and grabbing me for support I knew she reached it as well.
When she stumbled and almost fell forward I moved in front of her to hold her steady. She looked up at me as if in contemplation and I stared into her like I was trying to read her mind.
Even though she was drunk her reflexes were quick but then again I was drunk and perhaps my reflexes were slow. Before I knew it she mashed her mouth against mine in a passionate kiss.

It was good, really good, so as these things usually do it lasted and got more intense as I returned it with equal passion.
We embraced and pulled our bodies together while rolling our heads from one side to the next. When we finally did pull back for a much needed breath I was looking at a much different Charlotte than what I had known to that time. I saw a starry eyed woman and not the glazed over eyes stemming from inebriation that I expected.

“Give me a baby”, she said.

There were no words I could say in response but I was certainly happy to fulfill her request.
She was uninhibited now, the bitch facade was gone and the more compassionate, needful woman had surfaced.
I wasn’t about to ask why she wanted me to impregnate her because it could be any one reason or a myriad of reasons. What did it matter at this point anyway as she was being open and honest. I never took my eyes away from hers while I began to lean in to kiss her then get on with it. My advance was stopped when she placed both her hands on my chest and applied pressure to hold me off,

“I’m not so out of it that I don’t know what I’m saying and I don’t want a mindlessly drunk sex session”, she said with a look of seriousness.

“Neither do I, I was just going to kiss you”, I said.

It was a lie as my initial intentions were based on the situation plus the way she acted when we had our first sexual encounter. I lied because I wanted to us to be of the same mindset I mean there was plenty of time for us to have passionate and intense nasty sex. I think she actually wanted to get downright nasty right now and again she was trying to control the situation. She could also be trying to deny herself and remain somewhat detached like the first time we did it.
This is a woman who has been around awhile and there was likely nothing I could teach her or that she hadn’t experienced.
This was totally different than things have between Iris and myself and I like that situation which has progressed from our initial encounter and I liked where it was. I was in control of that situation but this thing transforming between Charlotte and me was different because we were more like equals.

It did make for a challenge rather than just compliance but in my mind I wanted to give Charlotte something she never had. I wanted to satisfy her, make it intense, lustful and earthshaking. I wanted to be appreciated for my sexual ability and prowess but even given our new existence Charlotte was going to make me “play the game”, almost like this was a reset and that the first time simply never happened.
It is exasperating because she straight out tells me she wants me to give her a baby but now I have to act like I’m dating her?
My inner monologue was sarcastically and frustratingly breathing out “WOMAN”. I thought I was simply going to get me some only to sort of have the brakes applied but this is part of the game. This is how they use their skill to bring us to a proper boil but the trick is to not hold us off to long. Keep things boiling but temper us at the same time, this is a woman’s domain and expertise.
She needed me to appreciate her and maybe even “Love her?” and as part of the act of purposefully impregnating her I also had to “Make Love” to her. I could do that without all the game playing but of course she didn’t know that or did she?
I knew her and Iris had their heads together the whole time I was driving down here so there is no telling what they talked about. For all I knew Iris had told Charlotte how I was and could be as it relates to sex but maybe she just had to make sure without asking me to make love to her instead of just fucking her.

I didn’t attempt to lean in and try to kiss her again instead I stood up straight and put my arm around her as I turned and pulled her with me so we could continue to walk.
She leaned her head onto my shoulder and we walked down the beach like we were in love. Not much was said at first then she started the conversation which ended up as a series of questions just like people beginning to date do. As the questioning became more comfortable it also had gotten a bit more provocative and specific.
At that point I stopped walking and turned to look at her then look back behind us. We had walked an incredible distance,

“Maybe we should start heading back”, I said.

I turned around and took a step expecting her to do the same. As I stepped she tugged my arm which made me turn back to her just as she stepped up then wrapped her arms around my neck.
Pulling to me we kissed passionately then and our arms tightened around one another as we tried to merge our bodies.
I was going to take advantage of her passionate need and return it with equal intensity. If she wanted to just fuck then I could do that if she wanted gentle then I could do that as well. Knew she had it in her and I wanted to experience it rather than just framing the hell out of her.
Placing my hands on each side of her face I guided our movements while feeling her smooth fair skin before pulling back from our kiss to look at her.
At this point I couldn’t decide if she was pretty or cute given her short bright red hair, pert nose and the faint splash of freckles under her eyes and across her nose. With her body oriented to the moon light it made her bright green eyes sparkle. It gave her more of a party type girl appearance along with almost a free spirit sense regarding sex.
It was like passion or love making wasn’t in her character which could just be my preconceived notion yet her eyes radiated such a need.

“You want to go………” I began to say when she cut me off.

“RIGHT HERE”, she said.

With her face cupped in my hands I leaned down and kissed her softly then trailed off to her cheek while descending to her neck. She receptively leaned her head over to expose as much neck as possible. I left a trail of kisses down her neck and using my hand to uncover her lightly freckled shoulder where I continued to slowly munch.
I moved my hands to her breasts to gently squeeze them through her low cut shirt while I began to kiss across her upper chest.
When she dropped her arms from around my neck I pulled back while she grabbed the bottom of her shirt then pulled it up over her head and tossed it to the side. I reached around and unhooked her bra which we let drop down to the ground between us. Bringing a hand up I grasped a breast and leaned down to take it into my mouth. Her nipples were already hard from my previous kneading and as I sucked one into my mouth I lightly bit down. As I sucked hard I would ease off then swirl my tongue around it before moving over to give the other one the same attention.
While this was happening she busied herself undoing my shorts and upon her pulling down my zipper they fell around my ankles.
My boner had tented my underwear which she felt through the fabric before she reached her hand in to feel its flesh. Her soft hand felt good which caused me to flex and make my cock throb. I had to pull away from her tit to breath out a moan and when I did she descended to her knees. With her hands on each side of my waist she pulled down my underwear to be face to face with my hardened meat.
She wrapped her fingers around the base of my shaft then looked it. She likely noticed some smell along with the light crust on it left from the sex Iris and I had earlier.
Charlotte looked up at me,

“Looks like you already had some today”, she said.

I wasn’t sure if this would suddenly kill the moment but as I looked down at her and opened my mouth to speak a smile formed on her lips. Without taking her eyes from mine she took my head into her mouth before pulling back to the tip. She took me in again only deeper and deeper with each successive descent tasting the remnants of Iris’s and mines encounter.
Charlotte had talent and abilities that experienced and pleasing woman have as it regards sucking cock. She was working my cock closer to her throat and just when I thought she would take it to that depth she would pull back and suck my head.
She would then plunge down taking me just to the top of her throat before pulling off then licking up my shaft and around my head.

She was teasing me and working diligently on the usual female method to bring me to that proper boil. I wanted to feel my cock in her throat and to please her while showing appreciation I badly wanted to eat her pussy.
As she pulled her tongue under my shaft and to the tip she let her lips follow the contour of my tool while she eased down on me again. She stopped as it reached the top of her throat then when she swallowed I was in. She swallowed again and when her throat constricted around my head it caused me to groan. I instinctively placed my hands on each side of her head and pulled while I rocked my hips to revel in the feeling.
I relinquished the grip my hands had on her head giving her back some control. After she bobbed up and down on me several time while making slurping noises she had me at peak hardness. We were almost ready to get on with making a baby but now it was my turn to get lick her to proper wetness.

When she pulled off and stood up both of us looked over to a grassy spot a few steps away. She bent down to grab her shirt while I picked up my shorts before we proceeded to the area we would make love at.
When we arrived we removed the rest of our clothes and made a place for us to lie down. When she sat down I followed her as she lay back. I stopped short and let her lie back while I oriented my head between her open legs.
With our initial session being a suck and fuck I had been foaming at the mouth to lick her pussy. Given our position and the moonlight I could make out the red fur covering her mound along with her delicate cunt lips. Given her age and supposed experience I had expected her to have softer meatier labia. Her cunt almost had the appearance of being fresh and never invaded but I knew that wasn’t the case. It was plenty enticing enough and without further viewing I lowered my head and licked up her slit.
This caused her to quiver and let out a stuttered breath then I teased her clitoral area with the very tip flicking it ever so lightly. This was obviously to much for her as she raised her hips up indicating I take my explorations further down.

Starting again as the bottom I licked up and down her trench stopping now and then to swirl my tongue over her lips and clitoris before returning to start over again then without notice I would place my mouth to cover her entire mound to suck and lick her clitoris causing her to undulate.
When she had finally cum I pulled back my mouth yet left a finger stimulating her clitoral area while I caught my breath and summoned my drunken energy to pull myself up and mount her.
Placing her arms around my neck she pulled me to her and kissed me so passionately.

I returned her passion running my hands through her red hair then to the side of her face. With our tongues now flirting one another coupled with the intensity of our exchange I was getting even harder. I wanted to be inside of her now, not like our previous encounter but to let her know I appreciate her passion, her body, her face, her tenacity, her eagerness and her desperate want.
While we continued to kiss I moved my hand from her face with the intention to reach down and guide my rock hard meat to her entrance. With synchronicity she raised her legs up and open to allow me to have the access we needed to initiate our love making.
As I placed the tip of my cock into her slot she broke our kiss,

“make love to me”, she said softly.

I continued to get my cock aligned and pushed forward to instantly enter her.

“That’s what I planned to do baby”, I said as we looked deep into each others eyes.

I rocked my hips forward letting my cock plow into her cunt and didn’t stop until I bottomed out. Fully ensconced in her velvety wet hotness I could only revel in the feel of her given our purpose and mutual passion. I began to withdraw then push in again as we began the gentle process of making love.
Perhaps it was a surprise that this wasn’t a drunken nasty fuck fest however it was evident that inebriation allowed our true natures to surface.
As I slowly pumped in and out of her we began to kiss again only to stop and let ourselves breath and search each others eyes before descending again for multiple passionate kisses.
It was quickly becoming intense and with the passionate pumping along with the squeezes of her cunt, along with the drinks we had, I began to get dizzy. I closed my eyes enjoying the feel of her while trying to stay oriented and coherent.

There was a slightly audible yet consistent beeping sound in my head. I concentrated on our lovemaking but felt I was now succumbing to the alcohol as a buzzing in my head began and the beeping sound became more intense.
Another series of rhythmic noises coupled with the beeping began as I now noticed the lapping of the waves onto the beach were gone.
Now disoriented I lost all sense and feeling of the love Charlotte and I were making yet I felt I was still moving my body to the rhythm of sex I opened my eyes to darkness, at least I thought I opened my eyes. I knew I was drunk but wondered where and why things seemed to become such a blur and I felt I melded from having sex to laying still in total darkness with only the series of sounds surrounding me.

I thought to myself that I had passed out and while I knew I had a recent memory yet at this time was unable to ascertain what that memory was.
As the sounds became clearer and more distinct I still felt my eyes were open yet it was dark as if my eyes were closed.

“OK, I’m dreaming”, I said (or thought I said as opposed to just thinking it).

I wanted to struggle due to this sensation but I forced myself to calm down and simply listen. I felt my body relax and concentrated on breathing until I could actually hear myself breath.
I began taking in deeper breaths while listening to the sounds around me to determine what this all was.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and a soft voice coaxing me to “wake up”. As it seemed I was coming back to the world again I recollected my last memory as well as everything that preceded that..
Still not opening my eyes but listening to the sounds I could only determine that I passed out right in the middle of making love to Charlotte. It had to either be her or Iris trying to wake me up even though it didn’t sound like either one plus what with all the noise.
It seemed like a struggle but I weakly opened my eyes and focused. The lighting was soft yet stark and my surrounding were mostly white.

With eyes now Charlotte’s camper so instead of just looking straight up.

“Welcome back”, as female voice said.

I rolled my head to the left to focus on the face smiling down at me. I was more perplexed then I had been to date.

“Who are you”, I asked quizzically.

“I’m Charlotte”, she said.

I pulled a confused face and furrowed my brow in confusion. I turned my head to look back up again as I processed this information.
“Another Charlotte I thought to myself because this isn’t the Charlotte that I know and was making love to. She wasn’t even close in appearance and as I continued to comprehend the situation I heard this Charlotte talking.

“Hey Iris, look who is back”, she said.

I snapped my head to the right as I saw movement. There was another woman approaching me but it wasn’t the Iris I knew. I didn’t know either of these woman, where I was at and exactly what was going on. I desperately wanted to go back to sleep and wake up where things made sense again then sense I have come to know for almost a year now.

I closed my eyes slightly shaking my head left to right as my mind raced with confusion.

“Where the hell am I, who are you two” and how did I get here”, I demanded as I looked to the left right into the eyes of the woman who called herself Charlotte.

She look up and over me to the woman who she called Iris who then was the one to speak in response to my question.

“You are at County General and we are the night nurses for this ward, she replied.

I attempted to sit up but I was unable to move my body freely. I wanted to sit up and survey my surroundings but I relented when I was unable to summon the strength to move nothing more than my head.
I turned to look at Iris with a look on my face that conveyed “WHAT”. She returned with a sympathetic look on her face yet keep the demeanor of a medical professional.

“I know this is overwhelming for you so lets take things slowly at first. I’ve already called the doctor on call tonight”, she stated.

I looked back and forth to each of them as they looked at each other without responding as if they didn’t know what to say or IF they should say but so much.

Now I was confused because the only memory I had was of being alone in the world then finding Iris followed my Charlotte. I couldn’t correlate the two from my memory in conjunction with the two woman that were standing on each side of my hospital bed.

I closed my eyes trying to relive my memories over the last, however long its actually been.

“but it was all so real” , I said softly talking more to myself yet knew what I said could be heard.

“The mind and everything else was functioning you were just comatose”, I heard a strong male voice say.

I opened my eyes, not like I wanted to open them because I was working to relive the last thing I was doing prior to waking up, but perhaps this guy had answers.

“I’m Dr Hardin”, he said while looking down at me from the foot of my bed. He started right in without me asking a question.

“The brain is still active while in a coma with the exception of certain functions of course. You are still conscious of sounds and other sensations as well as the subconscious which still has been devouring information”, said Dr Hardin.

He moved over beside the bed displacing Charlotte from where she was standing. She move to the other side of the bed standing next to Iris.

“I bet your going to tell me you had vivid dreams”, he said.

“VIVID !, conscious life hasn’t seemed as real, as far as I know anyway. Doc what I’ve experienced is all the memories I have, its all I know since waking up”, I said in exasperation looking at him.

The Dr, looked over to Charlotte and Iris then back to me.

“Lets take these things in baby steps alright. This is not uncommon and can likely be just temporary amnesia. The vivid dreams were just likely concoctions from your subconscious mind derived from the stimuli of the environment. He said.

“It can feel that real doc ?, the movements, the sensations of touch, taste, smell, SEX !”, I asked.

At this point I wasn’t about to say my memories had to woman who happened to be the names of to nurses who worked this ward. Mind you they were two attractive woman, not HOT but certainly attractive and quite doable in any mans term . Neither looked like the two in my memories but I guess like the doc said my subconscious picked up their names during my time here.

“Doc, how long have I been here”, I asked

“About 10 or 11 months now”, he said in a questioning tone while looking over to Charlotte and Iris.. Their nod confirmed what the Dr told me.

“Seems to fit the time line”, I said.

“Time line ?”, asked the Dr.

“In my mind my memories go back around that long……maybe a bit longer”, I said.

“Yes, well during your time here you have received stimulation as well as physical therapy so your muscles would not atrophy”, he stated.

An announcement came over the PA calling for the doctor causing him to dismiss himself.

“I will be back to check up on you later, if you have any questions these ladies can help you”, said the Dr. while smiling at each of them.

When the Dr left Charlotte took the place where he was standing.

“Is there anything we can get you right now”, asked Charlotte.

“Tell me something what all happened around here while I was in this coma, I mean what type of physical therapy and stimulation did I receive”, I asked without looking at either of them.

From my peripheral vision I noticed them exchange nervous glances.

“Well we would move your arms and legs, we would talk to you and of course you received sponge baths”, said Charlotte.

“SPONGE BATHS, wish I could have been awake for that”, I said with a smile.

“Well you certainly seem to be alright, typical man”, she said.

“Yeah well it might explain some of the things I experienced , or thought I experienced anyway”, I said.

I looked at each of them and smiled which they returned warm smiles and this was the first time I really focused on the two woman and their appearance.
In typical guy fashion my eyes moved from their faces to check out each ones form. Charlotte had turned to walk over to a small desk which was in eye shot from my bed. This gave me a good look at her backside. My cock began to grow hard causing an obvious bulge under the thin sheet that covered my waist.
I rolled my head the other way to take a better look at Iris. She had watched me checking out Charlotte, she playfully shook her head at me and smiled.

I smiled back shrugging my shoulders as to say Hey I’m a Guy. As my eyes dropped to take in Iris my smile stopped when her I saw her pregnant belly. The sight of a pregnant woman just lit my fire causing me to have a raging boner now.

I glanced up at her just as she diverted her eyes from the lump under the my sheets. This caused me to blush from being slightly embarrassed.

“I guess I am overstimulated huh”, I said.

I was trying to make light of it but my embarrassment was obvious. It did make me think though and I wondered if this happened off and on while I was in a coma.

“So, how far along are you”, I asked Iris.

It appeared to be at any moment as she seemed about to bust open. She turned to walk towards the foot of the bed heading in the direction of where Charlotte was sitting.
She stopped a few feet away and finished pulling the divider curtain across which totally closed in my bed area.

“Almost 9 months, I’m due in two weeks”, she said as she finished pulling the curtain closed.

I let that sink in for a moment before looking at her face. She smiled, a wicked kind of smile, looked down again at the limp which was my hardened cock before looking me in the eye and winked at me.

“I will be back later to take care of things”, said Iris.

THE END (well so far anyway)

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