A Proper Young Woman’s Guide to Anal Etiquette Ch. 10

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Disclaimer: The following is a work of pure sexual fantasy and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading NOW and go tell your parent and/or guardian that you need stricter internet supervision. Any physical resemblance to a real person that any fictional character herein may bear is probably intentional and is meant as a compliment. Furthermore, all fictional characters in the following fantasy are professionals and good at what they do. So please, don’t try this at home; if such things were even physically possible. If you still insist on trying this at home, please send all pictures and feedback about the experience to myself. If I can’t stop you I can at least make sure you’re doing it right. Consider yourself disclaimed.

Previously in The Dermott Clinic, Part I:

Laura and her two youngest daughters – Cora and Emily – began their semi-annual physicals at the Dermott Women’s Clinic. For Laura, this is something that she’s experienced dozens of times over the previous few decades; although she’s been lax in maintaining a proper schedule for the past few years. For her two daughters, this is their first experience undergoing a full physical for an adult female. Laura was assigned the buxom and bubbly Nurse Melissa and the two felt an instant connection. Conversely, Cora and Emily were assigned the sadistic [and anally inept] Nurse Lana and are not enjoying their first physical anywhere near as much as their mother.

Is it love at first site for Melissa and Laura, will they just fuck, or will nurse/patient professionalism win out? Will Lana be punished for her heavy-handedness or get put through remedial anal training for her rectal ineptitude? Let’s find out together…

The Dermott Clinic, Part II

“Alright, Cora, you just sit here comfortably and rest up for a few minutes while I get Emily situated on one of our ADVerS,” Lana said as she unlocked the wheels of Emily’s Multi-purpose Gynecological Chair and started to push the cute brunette’s younger redheaded sister out of the examination room. Not that there was any chance that the tightly bound and distinctly uncomfortable Cora would get much rest in her current position on her own MGC. “I’ll be back soon enough to fetch you for your own evaluation.”

As the equally well bound Emily neared the glass door that let into the hall, she began to get a little nervous. “‘Nurse’ Lana, shouldn’t I get covered up with a sheet or something?

“I’m still naked!” she added after a few heartbeats.

The sadistic, blonde nurse only smiled to herself at her young patient’s naivety. “Of course you’re still naked, silly! All patients here at the Dermott Women’s Clinic remain naked from the start of their procedures until the end. Messing around with sheets or hospital gowns would be a waste of time. Don’t you think?”

“I guess so,” Emily answered.

“Oh, that reminds me! Patients must be gagged when outside of their examination rooms. Have you been taught to deep-throat yet?”

“A little, but I’m not very good at it yet.”

“Well, we’ll just go with a standard ball gag then,” said Lana, with just a trace of disappointment as she walked over to the counter to fetch a hermetically-sealed rubber ball gag. Undoubtedly, a medium gag would have silenced the cute eighteen year old well enough, but the blonde nurse selected a large gag just for the hell of it. Stepping back over to the restrained teenager, she commanded, “Open wide please.”

It took some effort on Lana’s part, as well as some pain-filled whining from Emily, but the slightly too large mass of rubber eventually managed to seat itself behind the youngsters teeth. There was no way Emily would be able to dislodge it without the use of her hands – which were unhelpfully securely restrained behind her head. Regardless, the mean-spirited nurse lifted the girl’s head to buckle the gag’s straps in place – much tighter than necessary, of course.

Emily closed her eyes and tried to adjust to the unfamiliar pain. Her jaw felt like it was on the verge of dislocating. Her mother never gagged her during training and only rarely for punishment. In fact, Laura taught all her daughters to vocalize their suffering as much as possible in response to whatever stimulation was visited upon their bodies. They were encouraged to cry out in pain, weep openly, beg for mercy – that would never come – and, lastly, to scream out in ecstasy once their bodies finally surrendered to the agonizing sensations and achieved mind-blowing orgasms.

Emily was getting tired of the pain Lana seemed to enjoy inflicting on her and her sister. When were the orgasms supposed to start? She hoped soon.

“We’re also supposed to transport our patients flat. The MGCs are more stable that way; lower center of mass and all,” commented Lana as she dropped Emily backwards from a forty five degree semi-sitting position to one that was level with the floor.

Satisfied that her young charge was properly bahis firmaları secured for transport, Lana started the MGC in motion once again. As the exam room’s door opened automatically and the petite eighteen year old was swung out into the hallway. She was still bound as she had been when her examination started: Legs pulled backwards and apart so that her knees were in line with her chest; her lower legs sticking out at a ninety degree angle from her body; Emily’s arms pulled over the top of her head and backwards. The multiple straps were strategically placed so as not to interfere with here wide open lower holes, abdomen, or naked breasts.

Emily was appalled! Now she was to be pushed down a hallway full of nurses and other patients with her sore and gaping asshole leading the way! In her current position, she couldn’t even see where they were going unless she strained her neck to look down between her sweaty 32B tits and widely separated legs. She almost died of embarrassment when they passed the first nurse heading in the opposite direction. Emily was positive that the attractive honey blonde nurse was staring right at her wet pussy and up her dilated anus!

And the breeze! That cool breeze shooting right up her butt was finally removing the last of the heat from her previous scalding hot enema. It was also hardening her pink nipples noticeably.

“I think someone is enjoying her trip a little too much,” joked Lana as she reached down to tweak Emily’s right nipple. Just for good measure, she pulled the pink nub away from Emily’s chest – hard – only to let go. She enjoyed the sight of the teenager’s firm breasts jiggle as the nipple snapped back to its proper position. “I think the other one is jealous, don’t you?”

Emily didn’t answer as her left nipple was subjected to an identical tweaking.

“I asked you a question, young lady,” Lana said sternly. Her pretty face scoured up into a frown as her hand returned to her charge’s right nipple.

“Unngh!” Emily replied and then gasped as her nipple was yanked even harder away from her body. The sounds weren’t much, but they were all she could make past the rubber sphere filling her mouth to over-capacity.

“I thought it might be,” smirked the sadistic nurse before she repeated the tit-stretching nipple pull with Emily’s other hard little nub. Once she’d allowed it to snap back again, she decided she’d had her fun and left her charge in peace as she pushed the MGC slowly down the hall. That, and the nurse’s station was just up ahead; she didn’t want to get caught being unnecessarily rough with her patients again.

Emily was glad when the bitch of a nurse finally left her poor nipples in peace. If Cora or her mother were the ones abusing her firm little titties like that, her pussy would have been positively boiling over with juices; but she loved them. Emily finally decided she hated Lana. There wasn’t much that the blonde could do to Emily that would turn the young woman on. Of course, Cora was probably going to get devoured during their normal after-school playtime that afternoon. Despite hating Lana and the physical as a whole, Emily could not deny that she was still highly aroused by the constant attention being paid to so many of her erogenous zones.

Her neck quickly tired of trying to keep her head up so she could see where she was being pushed. Finally, she allowed it to come back down to rest on the MGCs small built-in pillow. Turning her head to the side as they passed a glass door to an examination room, her breath caught. She had known that anyone passing by could see right in to the exam rooms, but that did not prepare her for actually being able to become a voyeur herself.

The first room Emily looked into contained a thirty something raven haired beauty with a decent sized rack securely bound to an MGC in a similar manner. Her face was contorted in either agony or ecstasy; Emily was unsure of which. A smallish blonde nurse – whose packed-full rectum was clearly visible to Emily through her uniform’s cutout – was working on inserting – or possibly fucking – a substantial dilation plug up her patient’s stretched ass.

The next room she passed contained a young, mousey, brunette woman – about the same age as herself – with smallish tits bound to yet another MGC. An older woman – probably her mother, based on the facial similarity – was standing behind her and rolling her nipples around harshly while a redheaded nurse squatted at the MGC’s foot with most of her forearm buried up the teenager’s backside. The nurse and mother were obviously in a discussion of some sorts.

Emily’s breath caught again at the third exam room she looked into. Inside was her mother; just as severely bound as Emily and Cora were. Her impressively gaping anus was held wide open by a large speculum as a voluptuous brunette nurse fed a fiber-optic camera up into the cavernous, fleshly hole. Emily had a brief glance at the nurse’s large rectal plug and wet pussy lips through kaçak iddaa the cutout in her nurse’s uniform. She couldn’t be certain, but it almost looked as if her mother was smiling and enjoying herself. How could that be? Emily asked herself.

At least mom is getting the same treatment we are, Emily consoled to herself. Hopefully, it’ll be a long time before she brings us back here!

The next room was a little different. It had the words, ‘Break Room’ stenciled on the glass door. As they quickly passed, Emily could see three nurses inside. One was lying on a low ottoman and running a sizeable dildo in and out of her well trained ass while watching what looked like a live feed from one of the clinic’s many examination rooms. Another nurse was sitting in an overstuffed chair with the look of someone in the throes of a good orgasm. A third nurse knelt in front of her. While Emily couldn’t see what the third nurse was doing past the woman’s wide hips and plug-less, gaping asshole, the fact that the nurse’s hands and arms were nowhere to be seen gave her a pretty good idea.

The rest of the exam rooms were pretty much more of the same. Almost every room was occupied by one or two harshly restrained female patients and a rectally plugged nurse. Inevitably, some kind of anally themed treatment was in progress: Enemas, speculums, dilation plugs, and even a few instances of fisting.

Emily had mixed emotions as Lana pushed her through the door to the ADVerS room and out of the hallway at last. If she was actually assigned to a nurse she liked, she could see herself really enjoying the doctor’s office. As it was, Emily was just ready to go home.


The knock on the examination room’s glass door interrupted the giggling of Melissa and Laura as they enjoyed each other’s company; or, more accurately, Melissa enjoying playing with Laura’s beautiful butt and asshole, and Laura enjoying her bottom being played with.

“Are you ready for us yet, Nurse Melissa?” came a question from the half open door. Standing outside was a very cute nurse of Japanese descent.

“We sure are, Nurse Mai,” responded the bubbly brunette nurse as she quickly put her serious, professional nurse mask back on. “Please come in.”

Mai nodded and momentarily went back into the hall. She returned a second later pulling a normal looking office chair on casters with the extraordinarily dumb, yet extraordinarily busty, Georgina mounted on top of it. The shapely Asian nurse used her butt to push open the glass door all the way open and pulled the brunette receptionist into the exam room after her. This gave Laura the chance to admire the obviously sizeable plug that was locked into the young nurse’s nether hole. She was beginning to see the appeal of the new nurse uniform’s backside cutouts.

Laura’s left eyebrow rose slightly as Georgina was rolled into the examination room. Her legs were firmly strapped to the underside of her office chair. Laura could clearly see the small padlocks dangling down from the young woman’s ankle cuffs. It was likely that the dim-witted receptionist was confined to her chair until whoever maintained the keys deemed it was necessary for her to actually get up.

When the new nurse had positioned the receptionist in the center of the room and turned around, Laura was not surprised to see her Certified Capacity button announced her achievement of 87%. Beyond Nurse Mai’s obvious talent for anal dilation, the pretty young women had a very petite figure with perky 32Bs, long dark hair, and large expressive eyes. All in all, Laura approved. Although she managed to catch herself before licking her lips.

“Hi’ya again!” Georgina announced happily to Laura as she was turned around in her chair. “Ya wanted ta see what a girl’s butt looks like when it’s been fully stretched?” she asked in her annoying southern drawl.

“Yes. I was told that you’re one of the few people around here that have actually reached 100%,” Laura responded with curiosity.

“The youngest!” Georgina said proudly. “Only Dr. Veronica and two of the senior nurses have reached 100%. Although, most of the nurses are getting pretty close,” she added to acknowledge Melissa’s 90% and Mai’s 87%.

“Dr. Veronica – herself – is at 100%?” Laura asked with surprise.

“She sure is,” Mai responded. “Dr Veronica likes to lead her nurses by example,” the Japanese nurse said with respect. “It’s a mantra she said she picked up in finishing school when she was a teenager.”

Laura already knew that Veronica Dermott was an alumna of St. Patty Parker’s Academy. She didn’t want to get into how close she’d been to Veronica in the past or that her future daughter-in-law was the school’s current head mistress, so she simply answered, “Ah. That makes sense then. They tell me you spent quite a bit of time over in Spain to achieve your maximum capacity,” Laura continued.

“We actually call it our Certified Capacity, hun,” Georgina corrected. “We all have a maximum kaçak bahis capacity.”

“True enough,” Laura replied with an eye roll.

“Why don’t you show her your video right quick,” Mai interrupted in an attempt to keep her bound charge on topic.

“Oh!, yeah! I normally start wit’ that. Don’t I?” giggled the blonde bombshell. Her massive 36FF breasts threatened to pop out of her tight, low cup top as she did so. Retrieving her tablet from her lap, Georgina tapped a few commands into the screen and passed the device to Mai, who walked over to the securely bound redhead to give the woman a better view.

“This’s me in ma final week at Rosa Culo Paraíso – that’s in south eastern Spain. It’s a beautiful resort right on the Mediterranean Sea. I’m a hoping ta get back there again this summer for a few weeks ta relax a little. This job is so stressful, ya know. They have this…”

“Ahem. Georgina? The video?” prompted Mai.

“Oh, yeah! I normally start wit’ that. Don’t I?” giggled the well endowed receptionist again. “Where was I?” she asked after a few seconds.

“Your final week…” Mai said slowly.

“Yes. This is me on one of their stretching chairs, just before I achieved my Certified Capacity,” Georgina said as Mai pressed the start button on the tablet.

The receptionist’s recorded cries of anguish came thundering out of the speakers, capturing Laura’s attention. The young woman was lying back, restrained to a table, with her legs splayed out in a full splits and bound in that position. Her massive breasts were flattened out against her chest and heaved in time with her blubbering. The blonde’s bald, beat-red, and obviously gushing cunt was spread so wide that it gaped slightly. Despite herself, Laura couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of her nakedness.

Seated between Georgina’s legs and off to the right, a beautiful Spanish woman in a black latex nurse’s uniform worked a control panel. This board was obviously controlling the massive cone shaped dilator dildo that was pressing itself deeper and deeper into the bound girl’s straining asshole. The dildo looked to be attached to a pneumatic driver. Laura had read about such stretching tables in an article in one of her fashion magazines a few months ago. They were evidently very common in European stretching clinics.

“Just a few more fractions of an inch, Georgina,” came a melodious, but thickly accented Spanish voice from the tablet Mai was holding. “You’re almost there!”

Laura found herself holding her breath as she watched the gigantic latex dong creep farther inside Georgina’s grotesquely dilated anal opening.

“Almost there! You’re doing it! You’re doing it!” cried the Spanish nurse. A mere second later, the pneumatic piston leapt forward a few inches as Georgina’s sphincter at long last lost its final battle and the painfully wide dildo sunk into its new home inch by torturous inch.

The on screen version of Georgina screeched in agony.

“Congratulations, Georgina! I now officially certify you: 100% dilated.” announced the nurse happily. “The diameter of your anal sphincter is now seven and three eights inches.

Laura doubted the crying, spasming woman tied to the stretching table even heard the announcement.

“I’m so proud of you,” continued the nurse as she backed the dildo out of the blown-out hole it had been stretching. The nurse turned in her seat and quickly swapped out the smooth, cone-shaped dilator with a realistically veined, cyclopsian dildo that looked to be a consistent thickness down its entire length. She immediately returned to the control panel and began advancing the menacing looking girl-sodomizer back into the gaping abyss between Georgina’s stretched out legs. “You know the drill, Georgina,” explained the Spanish nurse as the width of the massive dong began violating the bound woman’s rectum. “Now that you have achieved a new maximum size, we’ll start retention training immediately. I’ll set your new seven and three eights inch wide toy to a medium fucking speed for the next hour or so and then I’ll be back to check on your progress. As normal, feel free to cum as much as you want; it’ll help you relax,” the darkly tanned nurse said helpfully.

Georgina only gurgled incoherently as the massive faux-dick began picking up speed and ramming her destroyed anus into oblivion.

The nurse stood up from her seat and treated the camera, and Laura, to an amazing up-the-anus shot of her own fully dilated nether hole – which was held wide open by a pair of gaper panties – and quickly exited the camera’s recording angle. Georgina was left in the center of the video, wailing as her newly stretched rectum was ram-fucked with the impossibly large dildo.

And then Mai pressed the pause button and pulled the tablet away. “It goes on like that for another hour or so, but you get the idea,” she added as she returned the device to its owner. Georgina’s eyes were closed as if she was reminiscing in a fond memory.

“Well, what do you think of that?” asked Melissa.

“I’m speechless,” responded Laura honestly. “Seven and three eights inches of rubber up the butt? All I have to say is, ‘OUCH’!”

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