A Prank Gone Wrong

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This is short and sharp – my first story in years. If people like it there’s an obvious sequel, so please let me know.


As I straddled Mark Feldman’s head and prepared to lower my pussy on to his face I thought, not for the first time, what a great career choice teaching had been. Landing myself a plum job in an exclusive boys’ school meant an endless supply of virile young men to fuck to my heart’s content.

Mark was just my latest conquest. He and his buddies had decided to celebrate Mark’s 18th birthday by leaving a custard-filled condom on my desk. It wasn’t hard to work out the culprits – their stupidly smirking faces gave the game away as soon as I walked into the room. That gave me all the excuse I needed to keep the three young idiots back after school. Mark was now lying on his back on the classroom floor, pants lying next to him, while Tony and Peter waited outside the closed door for their ‘punishment’.

My black pencil skirt and cotton panties were also on the floor as I squatted down and squashed my creamy pussy on to Mark’s face. ‘You’re gonna lick this pussy good, aren’t you Feldman?’, I said as I pulled my white blouse open to free my tits. You’ve got to let these young guys know who’s boss.

(Oh, and I love to talk dirty. Love the feeling of power and freedom it gives me.)

‘Yes, Miss’, he replied, slightly muffled.

‘Damn right, you’re gonna fuckin’ lick it.’ I ground myself on to his face, feeling his tongue casino şirketleri start to stroke back and forth along my pussy. Yeah, that felt good. I grabbed a tit, raised it to my face, and began to suck noisily on the nipple.

‘Mm, mm, yeah, like that’, I grunted, my own voice muffled as I sucked hard on my titty. ‘Yeah, fuckin’ like that, Feldman. Yeah, keep going. Now suck my clit, you dumb little jock’. He sucked hard on my little rosebud, and I dropped my tit from my mouth so I could moan loudly in pleasure. Put on a bit of a show for the pair waiting outside!

By now I was wet as anything – practically running down my thighs and on to Mark’s face. I rocked back and forth – probably making it hard for the little guy to breathe, but hey – not my problem!

I shifted position slightly. ‘OK, Feldman. Now you’re gonna lick my asshole. No complaints, or your little prank goes straight to the principal. Oh yes, ohhhh yes, good boy. Yeah, rim that tight little asshole’. I had to admit, the boy was good. Dunno if he’d had practice or was just a natural, but he was hitting just the right pressure and firmness. I started flicking my clit with my right hand, while I squeezed a nipple hard with my left. I let the wave of pleasure build up, build up, build up, build, build, build then bam – as even more juice dribbled out of my pussy on to Mark’s already slick and slimy face.

I stood up, quivering slightly from the orgasm. ‘On your feet, pussy licker. casino firmaları Now let’s see that cock of yours. Oh yes, that’s a good size. You might not have much else going for you, Feldman, but you’ve got a cock on you that’s for sure’. Eight inches, I reckoned, and thick with it.

I knelt down in front of him. ‘That’s gonna need lube before you fuck me with it, and spit’s the best lube they say’. I spat on his cock. ‘Like that, Feldman? Like Miss Youngblood spitting on your cock?’ I spat again, the saliva drooling off the purple head and running down the shaft.

The poor guy could barely get a word out. ‘Um, yes, Miss. I think.’

‘You think, Feldman? I’m not really interested in what you think. Doesn’t usually amount to a hill of pigshit anyway. I’m just interested in what you’re gonna do for me with that dick of yours.’

(Also, young men bore me. Dumb and insolent, most of them. But luckily, horny as hell.)

I spat once more – his whole member was coated now. ‘I want my pussy reamed. You gonna ream my pussy, Feldman?’

‘Yes, Miss. Anything you want, Miss.’

I got up, turned my ass towards him and leaned my hands on the desk. ‘Then fuckin’ do it, Feldman. Ream my tight little pussy with that fuckin’ monster cock of yours’.

Of course, he didn’t need asking twice. I really do have a tight little pussy, and even creaming myself as I was, and with all the spit on that cock, I felt the stretch as he forced himself in. güvenilir casino I gave a cry of triumph – ‘Fuckin’ YES, Feldman’. I just love that feeling when a new man enters me for the first time. Then, ‘Hard and fast, now Feldman, don’t hold back you dirty perve.’

And hard and fast it was. No finesse, no style, just honest-to-god banging the shit out of my pussy in the way only a horny 18 year old can. It felt so fuckin’ good! I felt every inch go in, then come out, then go in, then out, in, out, in, out. I grunted with each thrust, revelling in the smell of sex that was now thick in the room. His balls slapped against my ass and my titties bounced against the desk. Every dull lecture in college was worth it in a moment like this.

I reached down and frigged myself again. Of course, most young guys are here for a good time not a long time, so a girl’s gotta take care of herself before the fireworks. Unfortunately, it looked like Mark was going to beat me to it. I felt his rhythm start to go, and then he was moaning, ‘Oh, Miss, Miss I think I’m gonna cum.’

‘Not in my fuckin’ cunt, you’re not, Feldman. I want that load on my titties. Don’t you dare fuckin’ cum inside me.’

He pulled out and I spun around and dropped to my knees. One, two, three times he stroked that big cock of his and then it was spurting, spurting, thick white cum shooting out of it, long strings splurging on to my tits and sliding on to my chest.

(I haven’t told you about my tits, yet, have I? They’re big enough for me to give a decent tit-fuck, put it that way.)

‘Feldman, you little prick. I hadn’t cum yet. Guess I’d better see if your buddies can do a better job. Go let them in, then take a seat.

To be continued…

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