A Nun’s Story Pt. 01

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Sister Claire was a dedicated nun – or so she thought. She had given herself entirely to the demands of her order for over four years. With her colleagues, the Order of the Mount, Claire had given everything she could to the service of her God and to helping the poor and those who had “lost” their connection to God.

Claire loved being a nun. Aged thirty, she’d experienced so much in life and had entered the Order full of confidence. She had felt certain that holy orders were for her. Having had an active life, she’d felt ready to give up many worldly pleasures and devote herself to the needs of others. Claire had never been concerned that her life would be one of constant sacrifices.

Sister Claire had a problem. She suffered from unclean thoughts. She’d had those since she was a teenager. She had taken several boyfriends, juvenile flings she thought, and her “fooling around” had never led to anything much. Then she had given up her virginity while a university student. There was no regret on that score – Claire had carefully chosen the man she fucked that night and she thought of the experience as a valuable “life lesson”. There had been some feelings of guilt but she’d enjoyed the experience and, she told herself, it made her a more “rounded” woman. A drunken night had followed and Claire had somehow found herself in bed with two boys in a performance of experimentation. The pregnancy scare she’d endured was only part of the cause of her feelings of shame and remorse.

The Order of the Mount told all its members they should remain chaste. That was not the main reason Claire had been so keen on joining the nuns, though it did help. She did hope to rid herself of unclean thoughts – thoughts that she had acted on in her younger years, that she’d later confessed and repented. Surrounded by peers who likewise had relinquished “pleasures of the flesh”, Claire had been happy to leave such thoughts behind and to embrace her new life.

The thoughts had stopped – for a year or so after taking her vows. Then she had struggled with them for a time. She did her best to suppress those thoughts and the memories of sharing flesh (and more) with sexy bodies and horny minds. Then there had been dreams of virile young men pursuing her with their erect cocks. She’d been horny for a long time and finally had succumbed, playing with herself in the dark. She dreaded the thought that her colleagues would discover her but Claire felt as if masturbation kept her sane.

Claire did not want to leave the Order. More than anything she felt committed to her work and helping those who needed it most. Finally, feeling weak and embarrassed she had sought help. A confession to Father John had been a call for help. Later, she wondered how things would have turned out if she’d simply kept her sins to herself.

“You need to discuss this with Sister Teresa. She is your supervisor,” had been the kind but blunt response from Father John. Claire had considered that but she’d been afraid. She truly did not want to the leave the Order but if she told Teresa it seemed certain she’d be admonished and probably be threatened with dismissal. Claire didn’t want that and so she’d gone to Father John seeking assistance with her sinful thoughts. But now she had to admit her failings to Sister Teresa.

John was left smiling after their meeting. Somehow there was always a new nun in the Order who found her sexual urges too great to resist. It was human, of course, but it ensures a fresh supply of new meat. Because Father John had aligned himself to the Order of the Mount after he’d been introduce to its secretive inner workings. The Order had a way of dealing with nuns like Sister Claire who were on the verge of succumbing to their sexual needs.


Claire’s meeting with her supervisor did not go at all as she had expected. It turned out that Father John had briefed Teresa on “the problem” and Claire had been taken aback to find her supervisor so ready to discuss the matter. In fact, Sister Teresa had been vey understanding, even sympathetic. There was no sign of shock – as Teresa explained, it was not uncommon for women of her age to sometimes have such thoughts. “The more important thing,” said Teresa, “Is what you are going to do about them.” Claire had agreed. Though it had seemed bizarre to Claire that she’d been asked so many questions about her sexual past – how many boys had she slept with, her age when she’d lost her virginity, did she like their cocks, was she at all interested in women?

“Come back and see me in a couple of days,” Teresa had advised. “We’ll talk about it some more and I might have a suggestion to help you.” Clair had given profuse thanks for the offer of help. The trouble was that her conversation with Sister Teresa had left her more aroused than before. Looking forward to being shown a path to redemption, Claire succumbed again to her sinful thoughts and masturbated furiously for the next two nights. Then she returned to her supervisor’s office

“Have you been masturbating?” was the first question casino şirketleri from Teresa. Shocked, mortified, Claire had nodded and confessed she’d suffered still more of those sinful thoughts. “I just could not help myself Sister,” she had muttered.

“Its not quite the problem you think it is,” the supervisor assured her. “Its normal and human to have sexual feelings and to have those sort of thoughts.”

“But not as nuns,” protested Claire. “We have our vows and they say our devotion to God and our good works must come first. We should deny ourselves those pleasures of the flesh.”

Teresa had laughed at that and began to give her younger charge a lesson in the history of the Oder of the Mount – the true history. “The common story we tell is that our order was founded to give refuge to ‘fallen women’. You know the type I mean?” Claire nodded – that version of history was given to every novice. It explained why the Order of the Mount devoted itself to “good works” as a kind of redemption. But, as Teresa explained, that was not quite right.

“The truth is that, some centuries in the past, there were a number of women living in a rural area. They were highly-sexed. You might even say they were nymphomaniacs. Nowadays they’d be called ‘sluts’. And some of the priests in that region had become accustomed to providing those woman with a certain kind of relief.”

“You mean the priests took advantage of those women?”

“Sort of,” came the reply from Teresa. “Those priests were lonely men who found it easier to endure their rural postings when they had some extra perks. And these were women who really had no other way to deal with their inner demons than to provide a sexual service.”

“I don’t understand,” Claire had said. “You mean…”

Teresa went on with the secret version of history. Their Order had been created with the primary aim of ensuring that these secret perversions remained hidden. The cover of “good works” had easily convinced the doubters that such women could be turned to an alternate path. This arrangement had the benefit of protecting the woman who, over time, had attracted the predations of other men who’d come searching for these notoriously horny women. As the years passed, the Order of the Mount had grown into a secret society for sexual freedom. Its secrets were known only to those admitted to the inner circle. Despite Claire’s protestation, Teresa knew it all to be true. She’d seen the original records and knew that several of the nuns had fallen pregnant, including two who delivered children from the same bishop.

Claire still struggled to understand what she was being told. “Well that was in the past, I understand that. But now, my problem …what do I do?”

“We don’t want to lose you from our Order. We take seriously our commitment to doing good for the vulnerable and for lost souls. You are very good at that work and one day soon you stand to be promoted.”

“But I don’t understand…”

“You don’t need to deny your inner self. It is not necessary to keep struggling against what you call ‘unclean thoughts’. Father John and I have discussed your case. We want to offer you the chance to join the inner sanctum of our Order. We want you to join us and serve God not only as a nun who serves the needy but as a woman who can embrace the sexual gifts given to us by God.”

“What are you saying, Sister Teresa? Are you saying I can have sex?” The penny was dropping for Claire.

“If you want to, yes,” came the answer with a lascivious smile. Claire was pretty and her small breasts looked nicely pert underneath her official blouse. Teresa knew she’d be a welcome addition to their inner “sex circle”.

“You mean… have sex with people like Father John.” Claire was horrified and excited in equal measure. The priest was a handsome man and she’d had to force herself not to fantasise about him.

“Not just Father John. I had a visit just now from Father Peter. Come and see.”

Claire’s head was spinning. She still did not believe what she was hearing. Something in her head told her there was some terrible mistake and she had totally misunderstood what he supervisor was saying. But Teresa was beckoning to her and Claire stood and moved around the desk. There she saw Sister Teresa with her skirt hiked up high and her slender legs spread wide.

Claire noticed three things immediately. Sister Teresa shaved her cunt. Sister Teresa wore a lacy G-sting. There was something leaking from Sister Teresa’s cunt, something shiny and runny and it looked like semen. Claire clasped both hands over her mouth to stifle the cry of horror.


Claire had a meeting with Father John that afternoon. She was still in a daze. She was certain that something was very wrong. How could her supervisor, Sister Teresa, suggest she have sex – and with a priest? Teresa had seemed to suggest that she was fucking at least one of them. That was credible since the older woman was very attractive and had a great pair of legs. There was no avoiding the fact Teresa casino firmaları had great large breasts. Thinking about it only Claire feel even more horny. Plus she was desperate not to leave the Order. Perhaps the meeting with Father John would sort things out, clarify what was expected of her.

She entered his office and received his usual warm smile. There was a feeling of safety. She could rely on Father John to help her. He wanted to help her.

“We want you to stay in the Order of the Mount,” he was saying to her. “Your work is so valuable and so helpful to the community. So Teresa and I have discussed it. We think we have the perfect way for you to deal with your sins and to continue your work.”

“But Father, Teresa is suggesting I should have sex. Have sex with priests.” She meant Father John but could not bring herself to say that aloud. The same idea occurred to the priest. He liked the look of this nun – she was about average height, with lovely brown eyes, short brown hair and she seemed to have a nice shape under her uniform. He liked her freckles and thought her quite pretty.

“Its entirely your decision. We force no-one.” He was remarkably calm though trying his best to suppress a wicked grin.

“But its a sin Father. A terrible sin.”

Father John was rising from his chair. He’d been briefed by Teresa on the details of Claire’s sexual history and the kind of thoughts she was having. Despite her vows the younger nun was a woman and she still had strong feelings about men and their bodies. Father John was pulling his cassock to one side and Claire could see his hand on his zipper. “I understand your feelings Sister. And no-one will force you to go against your own mind.” He was pulling his cock from his trousers. “But how can you call this a sin?”

Claire saw the beautiful cock, thick and covered in dark veins. It was already half erect. She had missed men. She had missed their cocks. She had missed that kind of intimacy. Father John was saying it was OK to be horny. Sister Teresa was saying sluts were welcomed into their Order.

The priest’s voice was warm and reassuring. “Sometimes we can think of this as a form of service. Sex is a gift from God.” John was beside her now, his cock fully exposed. Claire took one more look at Father John and felt utterly helpless. Something was telling her this was an awful sin but her mind was lost in a haze of desire. She felt her body moving, as if beyond her control, and slipped off the chair onto her knees. She felt the first real sense of relief for many months as she reached up and wrapped her fingers around that hot, thick shaft. Without another thought Claire took the Father’s cock in her mouth and started to pleasure him. It suddenly seemed so natural. Teresa was right – sex was a gift from God.

The priest moaned as the nun fellated him. It was definite – Sister Claire enjoyed sex. John could tell that she’d lost none of her oral skills either. She had one hand on his butt, as if to prevent him escaping, and the other gently stroking his boiling ballsack. He gave a silent thanks for the sweet woman at his feet, a new mouth for him to enjoy. He was on the verge of eruption after mere minutes and he signalled to Claire by placing a gentle hand on the top of he head.

Claire had no intention of stopping now. She had crossed a line, a chasm of sin, but she knew that this was how she wanted it to be. Using her tongue, stroking his balls, she returned the signal – she wanted him to cum for her. In seconds, the priest exploded in her mouth and for the first time in years Claire felt the tangy taste of thick, sticky semen on her tongue. She had forgotten the delightful taste of semen. Claire swallowed him all, perfectly. Then she sat back and smiled up at the handsome priest.

Father John bent forward and gave Claire a gently kiss on her forehead. “Thank you Sister,” he said softly. “I am really very pleased at the decision you have made. I know you will be too.”


Claire didn’t see either Sister Teresa or Father John for the next few days. She didn’t mind. Claire was still wrestling with the combination of guilt and lust. So she threw herself into her work, pushing herself hard so at least she kept her mind off sex during the day. She thought about Teresa’s claim that a solid fucking was good for a nun’s work – in her case it might be true.

Though her senses were heightened for the time being and suddenly Claire began to notice telltale signs around her. Twice she was certain she had seen a nun emerge from an office, seemingly re-arranging her clothing. What had gone on behind those doors? And one of the younger nuns had seemed far too excited about driving with one of the priests to a rural parish.

It was Friday when she finally had her next meeting with Sister Teresa. Claire really looked hard at her supervisor this time. She was older, late thirties perhaps, but still had what looked to be a great body under her official uniform. She was slender and busty and Claire felt a little self-conscious güvenilir casino that her own body was not in such good shape.

“Father John tells me you made your decision,” Teresa was saying with a lascivious grin. “I hope you enjoyed it because he certainly did.”

Claire found it hard to talk. But she was able to nod – yes, she’d enjoyed giving the headjob very much but it remained a terrible source of guilt. What was she to do?

“I’ll tell you what,” Teresa continued. “Let’s seal the deal tonight. If you are like me then you still won’t quite believe it yet. Come to my place tonight at 7.30 and Bob Watson will be there to have some fun with us.”

“Oh, I’ve met Mr Watson before,” Claire started to say. He was the head of the lay council in the parish. She wondered why a meeting should be held at Teresa’s apartment – then the penny dropped.

“But sister,” she began to protest. “He is a married man.” Claire was conservative enough to think of adultery as truly wicked.

“Oh don’t worry,” laughed Sister Teresa. “His wife knows all about Bob’s activities. Well, enough to know she is happy for him to get some action.” Claire was disbelieving.

“You mean she…”

Teresa waved her hand. “Oh no. Shelley won’t be joining us. She is not into threesomes or sharing her lovers with Bob. But I know what she’s like because I caught her and Sister Mercy – the little Chinese girl – flirting with each other. I confronted them each of them and they confessed. After that I arranged to get them together.” Claire still did not understand the whole picture.

“Shelley Watson is having a lesbian fling with Sister Grace. I suspect maybe Sister Barbara as well. She begged me not to tell her husband. But then she confided in me that she was worried Bob was likely to stray. And with good reason as you will see tonight,” Teresa gave out a low chuckle. “So we agreed that it would be best if I seduced Bob and now he fucks several members of the Order.”

Claire did find this hard to believe though she knew it was true. Sister Teresa was a confessed slut but lying was one sin she would never commit.

“Come along tonight and find out,” she ordered her charge. “And make sure you wear your veil. Bob likes us in our veils.” And the supervisor gave another wicked grin.


Bob Watson arrived at the appointed time and let himself into the apartment. He was a confident and strong-willed man and he knew what he’d come for. Claire and Teresa met him in the supervisor’s living room and he quickly sized them up. One woman looked excited, expectant. The other looked nervous. Both had their heads covered with the brown veil that was the formal uniform of the Order of the Mount. Bob Watson gave a broad grin – he liked to have sex with nuns in their traditional garb.

He grabbed Teresa and they kissed passionately. It had been a shock to discover that Sister Teresa was so hungry for sex all the time but Bob Watson couldn’t think of a better way to spend an hour or so than with those shapely legs wrapped around him and his cock buried in her cunt. Teresa enjoyed Bob and his fucking. She had easily embraced the opportunities for casual sex that had come her way in the Order. Bob Watson was a good explanation. He was tall, older and almost handsome with his greying hair. Bob turned his attention to Claire and gave her another winning smile. “Its wonderful to be seeing you again sister,” he said softly. Claire was out of practice with men and wasn’t sure how to react but Watson gently drew her in and gave her a small hug.

By that time Teresa was on her knees, extracting Mr Watson’s cock from his trousers. Bob Watson was already fondling Claire, squeezing her breasts and pulling at her clothing. Claire was nervous about what they might want from her, though it was clear what Mr Watson was after as a start. “Two beautiful women tonight. Let me see you, dear sister.” Despite her shame and embarrassment, she allowed Bob Watson to bare her breasts as Sister Teresa swallowed his cock. The chance to a man’s cock was too much for her and Claire decided it was best to follow Teresa.

Somehow, in minutes, both women of the Order of the Mount were on their knees, naked except for their head coverings, performing tandem fellatio on a lay member of the community. Claire was still in shock but there was no doubting she was enjoying the taste and the feel of a man in her mouth. And there was no doubting the size of his cock – larger than any she’d taken and it had to be over eight inches. It was soon covered with the saliva of both women and looked all the more impressive for that. Watson was moaning and growling his appreciation. “Oh, you two are just wonderful at this. Suck me like you love my cock.”

Claire thought of sin and sacrilege and eternal damnation. She was still wearing her habit, after all, and now she was naked and performing a lewd sex act. She felt less pretty than the slim Teresa, with her bigger boobs, but she couldn’t stop thinking of being fucked and how that massive organ would feel inside her unused hole. When Bob Watson put her supervisor onto the lounge chair and started eating her cunt, Claire felt her own sex gush even more. She knew she was committed now to a life of service – to the poor by day and screwing by night.

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