A Novel Evening

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Big Tits

I spend way too much of my free time at Barnes & Noble, my favorite book store. I love to read and wish I could afford to buy everything I want new, but usually have to resort to going to the library to see if what I want is on the shelf. I was wandering around as usual, going through my favorite sections and running my hands along the books, caressing them as if they were my little lovers, keeping me warm during the long winter nights.

I had just moved to my favorite section, Murder Mysteries, and was intent on finding at least one book to treat myself to. I came around the corner and saw you there, looking through the same books I was heading for. You looked up absently, kind of through me, then back down at your books.

“Wow,” I thought, “He’s tasty looking.” As I stood there and stared, lost in my thoughts, you looked up again and saw me sizing you up.

“What’ve I got to lose?” I thought, “What’s the worst that can happen?” I then proceeded to give you my very best 100-watt smile, which works about 95% of the time.

You sort of shook your head and smiled at me, looking me over from my long wavy hair down my big chest with my tight sweater on, past my even tighter jeans to my high heeled boots, then slowly back up again. When you met my eyes, I could feel my nipples get hard as diamonds, poking through my sweater and aching to be touched.

Absently, I just sort of reached up and brushed my fingertips lightly over them, all the while holding your gaze.

I’ll give you credit, it took you a few seconds to give in and look down again, watching me run my hands over my nipples, back down my stomach to rest in front of my now wet, throbbing pussy.

Without saying a word, I smiled and crooked my finger, “Come with me.” Turning and walking out of the store, books forgotten, I hoped you’d take the not so subtle hint and follow me.

I waited outside by the door, cold as hell, rubbing my thighs together to try to keep warm, my hard clit rubbing on my tight jeans seam. I hoped you’d succumb to my obvious charms quickly and cooperate.

Within a minute you were out the door, looking around and then smiling when you saw me standing against the wall, waiting. I took your hand and led you across the parking lot of the strip mall to a nearby bar. It was kind of a dive, but I was beyond looking for “atmosphere” at that point.

This bar had some hokey Western theme, sawdust on the floor, horns on the walls, candles on little tables covered with red and white checkered tablecloths. As we sat next to each other, a waitress came and took our drink order. I don’t remember what we were drinking…I only had one thought in my head…taste this yummy man!

We sat there, still not saying a word to each other, just looking at each other, our eyes saying everything as the waitress set our drinks down and left us.

We sipped and stared and sipped and stared and soon I was looking around the dimly lit bar, checking things out to see how many people were around. Not too many, a few scattered at tables, but nobody nearby and nobody paying attention to us back in the corner.

I put my hand on your knee, squeezing it like it was your big, hard cock in my hand, slowly rubbing and squeezing up and down your leg, and soon you were the one squirming in your jeans. I took one last look around, took a deep breath and slowly went under the table. I wasn’t sure if this would end badly, but I was too fucking hot to care by then.

I knelt in front of you and spread your legs, running my hands up your thighs then back down. I leaned in and took a good look. It was hard to see in the dim light, especially under the table, but I could definitely see a nice hard bulge in those jeans.

Licking my lips, I leaned in and put my open mouth right where I thought the base of your cock and your balls would casino şirketleri be and blew hot air through your jeans, closing my teeth down gently on the base of your hard prick and alternately sucking air through my nose and then blowing hot air out of my mouth and into your jeans.

I must have hit the right spot because I heard you groan and your legs shot open and you pressed your meat harder into my mouth.

Now I took that as a “Yes, go right ahead with your agenda…” and I slid my hands up your crotch to your belt, unbuckling it while I gently gnawed on your bone.

I had a dilemma then…how was I going to get you unzipped and sprung free and yet keep my mouth on you at the same time? I ran my fingers under your shirt and slid my nails up and down your hairy chest and stomach, all the while debating in my head. I finally decided I needed to taste that precum that I knew must be just oozing out of you.

I slowly unzipped your jeans, taking care not to hurt that monster twitching around in your pants. And a good thing too as you were going commando…did you know what was in your future when you got dressed today? I felt the heat of your cock escape as I opened your jeans, breathing in your unique scent, feeling my panties soak yet again as a big gush of pussy juice escaped me.

“Oh my,” I thought, “Shaved for my dining pleasure!” as I pulled your smooth, hard dick out of your pants, gently cupping your balls and releasing them too.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I’m pretty much into “anything goes,” but this was way beyond anything I’d ever done before. Taking a complete stranger out of his pants, not knowing his name, not a word spoken between us, in some tacky bar where I’m sure to get caught and be completely humiliated.

“Yes,” I said to myself, “You could have been warm at home in bed with your new book by now…NOT!”

Curving the hot palm of my hand around the back of your cock, I started at your balls, full flat tongue, licking upwards, pulling your balls up your cock until they came loose off the end of my tongue and dropped back down, leaving my hot, pink tongue licking up and up your shaft. I went slowly, savoring the moment, knowing when I reached the tip there would almost certainly be some nice precum oozing out for me to taste.

Sure enough, when I got there I found you were almost as wet as me…the whole head of your cock glistening with it. I ran the head of your cock slowly across my bottom lip from one side to the other, painting my lip with your precum like lipstick. Running the tip across my top lip, I slowly gripped your cock at the base, wrapping my fist around it and pulling up slowly, more and more precum oozing out of the hole to paint my pink, pouting lips with.

I leaned back on my heels, taking just a moment to run my tongue around my lips. I just knew you would taste as good as you looked and I was not disappointed. Running my finger around my lips, I gathered some of your precum on my finger and slowly snaked my hand up under your shirt until I reached your mouth.

You grabbed my hand and sucked my finger in your mouth, swirling the tip of your tongue around and around my finger, sucking it clean and softly biting up and down the length, each nibble sending a jolt of electricity straight to my pussy.

I regretfully pulled my finger out of your mouth and brought it back down your hard chest, running my fingernail slowly across your skin, just hard enough to make your stomach muscles twitch and leave a wet trail back down your stomach to your lap.

It was going to be difficult to maneuver under this table, but I was going to give it my very best shot. Once again wrapping my fist around the base of your cock, I slowly tilted the head back toward my mouth. I took just the tip between my lips and proceeded to give you a nice casino firmaları French kiss right on the head of your cock, swirling my tongue around the head and softly darting in and out of the slit. I ran my tongue over and over the smooth skin, memorizing the shape, texture and taste so that when I thought back to this moment I would remember it all.

I felt you tense up and heard the waitress ask you if you were ready for another drink. I of course took this opportunity to suck as much of your cock into my mouth as I could, sucking, sucking and closing my lips tightly around the shaft.

“Sure,” you answered the waitress in an awfully gravelly, tense voice.

I smiled as I realized the waitress was still standing there, making small talk with you. I was waiting for her to bust me under the table, but so far I was safe. You were still hard as a rock and I realized you were a very bad boy and were getting off on this, me on my knees blowing you while others were so close by. I loved it too. I felt very alive, my senses extra keen to keep alert while in my vulnerable position. Still holding you with my fist, I decided I needed some lube.

Being careful not to bump my head on the table and thereby alerting the waitress to my presence, I carefully straightened up the best I could and unzipped my jeans. I slid two fingers into my panties, across my clit, straight into my hot, soaked hole, gathering as much pussy juice as I could on my fingers.

It felt so good that I just had to stroke my clit for a minute or two, almost forgetting what I had reached into my panties for!

But then I heard your voice again tell the waitress, “I think she went out to her car, bring her another drink too, please,” and it brought me back to the task “at hand” so to speak.

My hand now soaked with my hot juices, I reached around your thick member and spread my pussy juice all up and down your cock, stroking the hot wetness all over you with nice firm strokes.

The waitress must have disappeared because you reached under the table and started running your fingers through my hair, gently massaging and petting my head.

Still running my hand up and down your length, I felt you were very well lubricated now, our juices combining to make things nice and slick for us. You slipped my drink to me under the table and I gratefully took a big drink…I was absolutely parched from all this hard, dangerous work!

I heard our new drinks hit the table and the waitress asking if you needed anything else. Of course, being the naughty girl that I am I chose this moment to lean over and suck both of your balls gently into my mouth.

Having just taken a drink, my mouth was still cold and you jumped, your knees banging the table violently.

“You okay honey?” The waitress asked as the table stopped rocking. I slowly let your balls slide out of my mouth, running my tongue around your tightening scrotum and through it all keeping up the steady stroking of your huge erection.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m okay,” you said breathlessly, lifting your ass off the seat slightly and pushing your cock harder into my hand.

“Okay,” she said, “I’ll be back to check on you,” and off she went.

You leaned over a bit and murmured,”You are so going to pay for that, missy.”

I just smiled and kept stroking and whispered back, “I hope so.”

I slipped my other hand into my panties and cupped my palm over my bare, smooth mound and squeezed it tightly, rubbing from side to side, the ends of my fingers just curved around to split my lips and just barely reaching inside my tight, wet pussy, teasing myself and wiping my juices all over my swollen lips.

Switching hands, I stroked your cock with my newly wet hand, reaching with the other down to play with your balls, gently pulling and cupping them, fascinated güvenilir casino with the feel of your smoothly shaven maleness.

Once again I knelt up tall, taking just the head of your cock in my mouth, sucking as I stroked you a little faster now, twisting my fist around as my hand went up and down.

I wanted you to hear this as well as feel it, so I took a huge mouthful of spit and opened my lips, letting it roll down my tongue, off the tip and onto your hot prick, stroking it up onto the head and down around your balls.

Satisfied that you could now share the nice, wet slap, slap, slap sound of my hand jacking you off, I closed my lips back around you and started bobbing my head, my mouth following my fist up and down your rod. I then sucked a little harder, my tongue trying to cover every inch I could as I slurped up as much of you as possible.

I could hear myself moaning, really loving the taste of your hard, hot, meaty cock and so turned on by what we were doing. I’m quite the moaner and very vocal, so it’s a really good thing you were stuffed in my mouth, muffling my purrs and moans and hums.

I wanted all of you, every fucking inch, so I made a tight ring with my thumb and finger, slid it to the base of your shaft and followed it with my mouth, sucking you all the way back into my mouth and down my throat, bottoming out with my chin on your balls.

You bucked your hips, almost smacking my head into the bottom of the table, and started humping my mouth as fast as you could, driving your cock in and out of my throat.

However, I did have that agenda, so I used my hand to push you by your stomach back into the seat. After a moment or two you settled down and sat back, letting me continue at my own pace.

I once again sank my mouth back down to the base of your cock and slowly slipped my tongue out to lick the tip of it up and down your balls. My tongue couldn’t reach very far with my mouth being so full of cock, but I managed to slide it around a fair amount of your balls, my saliva wetting them and rolling underneath to run down the crack of your ass.

I could feel your balls getting tighter and tighter and knew you were about to explode, so I started sucking in earnest, sucking and bobbing my head again, trying to keep as tight of suction on your cock as I could.

I started stroking you again faster and faster, feeling you strain to keep seated and not just let loose and fuck my mouth hard, your hands digging into your thighs. I could tell by your soft moans and grunts that you were almost there.

I put my free hand on your hand and you gripped it tightly, my small hand all but disappearing into yours. My mouth couldn’t keep up with my pistoning fist, so I wrapped my soft lips around the crown of your cock, sucking and stroking, waiting for the payoff I knew I was in for.

In a matter of seconds I was rewarded by hot spurts of cum shooting into my mouth, down the back of my throat, almost gagging me there was so much of it.

I softly slid your cock back down my throat, swallowing your cum as I went, feeling you twitch with every contraction of my throat on you.

After a long moment or two, I felt you relax back into your seat, your now softening cock sliding out of my mouth with a little “plop.” I reached out and softly licked you clean, as I am a tidy one and always clean up after myself.

Sliding back up into the booth next to you, I smiled at you as I brushed the sawdust off of my knees.

“Oh, by the way, I’m Jen, it’s very nice to meet you.”

You leaned over and softly kissed my lips, running your tongue in and out of my mouth. “I’m Jules,” you said, “And believe me, it’s my pleasure.”

I looked up and there was the waitress with two more drinks for us.

As she set them on the table, she gave you a smile, me a wink and said, “This round’s on the house.”


Thanks for the encouraging words and tips you’ve given me so far. I have enjoyed writing what I have and strive to be better each time. This isn’t as easy as it looks!

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