A Night of Teasing

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We’d had a great Friday evening, me and my husband. After a long working week, it was really nice to dress up, go to a restaurant and just enjoy each others company. With irregular work hours, it felt like we had barely gotten the time to talk to each other for the whole week. We were in our thirties and had been together for a good ten years or so, but we were still very much in love with each other. And that night was date night and I was longing for him and his sexy body!

Normally I don’t show much of a cleavage, but that evening I had put on my new lace push-up bra and a red deep neckline top that showed off more than usual. I got rewarded almost immediately, as I noticed that he had a hard time not looking at my pouty breasts during our entire dinner. He seemed eager as he suggested that we should skip dessert and head home instead. We walked the few blocks from the restaurant to our house, holding hands. I felt his arousal in his breath as he pulled me closer and kissed me, giving my ass a tight squeeze.

“I’ll give you something delicious for dessert,” he whispered between kisses.

As soon as we got inside the apartment we started to make out. I felt his hardening crotch against me as he reached for my breasts, craving to feel my soft skin. We undressed each other as we headed to the bedroom.

“You’ve been teasing me all night with that sexy cleavage,” he mumbled and let his tongue ran over my stiff nipples, nibbling them just like he knew I loved.

I moaned and felt how my whole body demanded sex. Then I noticed something pink on our nightstand. My remote controlled bullet vibrator! We don’t usually keep toys in plain sight like that, he must have put it there earlier without me noticing it. So I wasn’t the only one making hot plans for the night! I was immediately even more turned on as that vibrator has given me some of my most intense orgasms ever when my husband was in control of it.

He saw my look and said with a smile, “Yeah, thought you could be in the mood for some good vibrations tonight.”

I groaned in appreciation as his hand briefly touched my left thigh and then worked its way upwards.

“I want to control that wet pussy of yours,” he said when he felt my juices.

He reached for the toy and held it towards my already swollen clit as he turned on the vibrations. Even at its lowest setting, the bahis firmaları vibrations felt amazing and as he started to move the toy over my clit I couldn’t help but gasp highly. He kept moving the toy up and down, rubbing it against my clit as he increased the vibrations. I was trembling with lust. My breathing became heavier and just when I was close to coming he pressed the remote control to shut the vibrator off!

“P-please, don’t stop!” I hissed, almost irritated to be abrupted so close to my climax.

“Not so fast! You need to have some patience, sweetie!” he said, and his voice was as teasing as his movements.

He kissed me tenderly and gave me a minute or so to catch my breath. When he decided that I had cooled down a bit, he continued to tease me. He proceeded to finger my wet pussy and my whole body arched towards him. I loved to feel him inside of me, and as he pushed his third finger into my yearning pussy I felt how my first orgasm for the night now only was seconds away.

“Fuck me! I need you to fuck me!” I screamed at him, frustrated over the abrupt halt before.

But he just smiled back at me, and said, “As I said baby, patience!”

He took the pink toy and firmly pushed it into my dripping pussy, and spared no time but to turn up the vibrations.

“I want you,” I moaned as my body once again was getting ready for a climactic release.

But once again he turned off those intense, tingling vibrations just as I was close to coming.

With fast movements, he positioned himself with his rock hard cock in front of my face and pushed my head to it. I took him my mouth, slowly sucking in all of his inches.

“Oh, baby!” he grunted with pleasure as I let my tongue play with his dick.

His hips were thrusting towards me, pushing his hardness deeper into me. With one hand behind my neck, he fucked my mouth hard, groaning with pleasure for every thrust. Just seconds before the first load of semen hit my mouth I realised that he was actually coming. As much as I loved to give him that orgasmic relief, I couldn’t help but feel a sting of disappointment. I wanted his hard shaft in my pussy, right now! But the night was still young, I convinced myself, and there would be lots of time to enjoy that as he usually not needed much time to rest.

As he regained some composure, he focused his attention on the kaçak iddaa remote control again. I felt deep, rumbling vibrations inside of me as he turned on the vibrator on its lowest, most teasing setting. My hips started to move up and down, as to make it go faster.

“I’m so incredibly horny and wet honey, you’re killing me,” I whined.

Then, and all of a sudden he got up from the bed, walked over to our drawer and started to fiddle with something.

“What are you doing honey? Come back here,” I begged him.

“I want you to put these on,” he answered, tossing a pair of light grey silk panties for me to catch.

“Wait, why?” I asked, a bit confused.

“You are wearing that vibrator for me all night, and I want to be sure that it stays inside your wet pussy. Those panties fit really tight and snug on you so they will keep everything right where I want it,” he answered with a playful smile.

I started to protest, and he teasingly fiddled with the remote. A flash of deep, fast vibrating waves made my whole body trembling and my hips moving faster. And then he turned it down again, those low and slow vibrations were sheer torture to my body at the moment.

He put the silk panties on me, despite my protests.

“Isn’t it better to leave them off so you’ll have easy access?” I tried to convince him as my hand stroke his cock.

His face had that playful smile again, as he answered me, “Oh honey, nice try! But you know I have the remote, and with that comes the control to please you, to make you come. Whenever I want!”

I was really, really turned on right now and wanted him to fuck me so, so badly, and I started to sound desperate, “But I’m so wet and horny, don’t you wanna feel my pussy?”

But he persisted and lay down, as to sleep. I took the chance to get on top of him, rubbing my vibrating pussy towards his hard cock.

“No. We should sleep now, honey. You’ve been teasing me the whole evening at the restaurant, now it’s my turn to tease you!”

He turned the vibrator on a higher setting again just for a few seconds, only to hear my desperate moan one more time.

As he shut it off he kissed me goodnight on the cheek and whispered “Don’t you dare touch yourself now – save it all for me! Sweet dreams!”

I lay awake a long time after he had fallen asleep, trying to control my trembling kaçak bahis body. I was so frustrated and still so very horny. Still, I had to admit that I enjoyed having the now non-vibrating bullet inside my pussy. The weight from it, and the way It wasn’t particularly big and I didn’t feel stretched or uncomfortable in any way, but the weight from it turned me on. I couldn’t help but hope that my husband would come to his senses, turn on the vibrator and let me come, but I heard from his breathing that he already was asleep.

I woke up with a sudden gasp. I felt a tingling, arousal feeling in my whole body. What had I been dreaming? I realized that my panties were soaked and my clit felt incredibly swollen. My nipples were almost aching from stiffness, as even the light pressure from the duvet seemed unbearable. I couldn’t remember I had ever woken up like this from a wet dream before!

Then I felt it. Subtle, rumbling vibrations from my pussy, almost so low they went unnoticed. The bullet! I turned around only to see my husband with a playful smile and the remote control in his hand.

“Hi sexy, did you sleep well?”

I nodded, and had to ask, “How long have you been doing that for?”

“Almost ten minutes now, and you’ve gotten me all hard with all those quiet, teasing moans.”

I kissed him and then slipped out of my panties. The light grey silk had turned darker.

“Here. Feel what you’ve done to my pussy,” I said and pushed my soaked, juicy panties to his face so he could both smell and feel the wet fabric.

“You really like this, don’t you?” he asked, and added, “See, I told you to have patience. Now it’s time to reward that wet pussy.”

I removed the toy, making room for him in my pussy. He immediately turned my body around, and with a firm grip of my hips, he pressed his cock against me. He couldn’t resist but to tease me one last time, so he took his time, and made sure to rub his hardness against my swollen, super sensitive clit before he did anything else.

“Fuck. Me. Now.” I desperately begged him, I could hardly breathe.

“Remember this, the next time you wear that sexy top to tease me,” he grunted, and finally made his way to the opening of my soaking pussy.

Taking me from behind, he first slowly pushed his way through, inch by inch. I gasped, and started to tremble as soon as I felt his stiffness deep inside of me. He fucked me harder and harder and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold back. I screamed high as my whole body exploded in a shaking, sensational orgasm that I had longed for, for so many hours.

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