A Night of Firsts

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Dennis Mitchell was a very good math student, but was completely absorbed in the profile of Gina’s tits straining her shirt when his math teacher called on him to go to the board and demonstrate the use of vectors to solve a common problem. Somewhat flustered, he got up, trying to hide his boner and made his way to the board. The problem was relatively simple, but to Dennis, it looked like a long “vee” extending from Gina’s left breast to her pussy and then back up to her right breast. Nestled in the “vee” was Dennis’s hard cock.

Completely exasperated, he was spared further embarrassment by the bell ending the class. After retrieving his books, he left without making eye contact with the teacher, and upon reaching the hall, looked directly into the laughing eyes of Gina. She was trying unsuccessfully to control her laughter and when Dennis started to protest, she pulled his face to hers and planted a long, deep, tongue-probing kiss on his mouth.

Her soft breasts pushed against his chest, making his erection even more noticeable.

“Just what were you thinking?” she asked seductively.

“You know what I was thinking,” he answered breathlessly. “Sitting there with your tits about to pop out of that shirt, your nipples poking out about an inch-what else was I supposed to be thinking?”

“Aww, that’s so sweet. No wonder I love you!” she said, hooking their arms together and beginning the walk to the parking lot. They had started dating in junior high and had consummated their love when they were both eighteen and felt they were ready. Like their relationship, their sex life was casual, yet hot.

Dennis had grown into quite a handsome young man, quarterback on the football team and a decent baseball player. As such, he was a hunk in every sense of the word. His cock was no exception, hanging down his leg when soft and standing eight inches when erect. Gina, likewise an athlete, played volleyball and softball and was very good at both sports. Her body, while lithe and somewhat slender, was one of those that drove men crazy. Long muscular legs that ended at a perfectly shaped and sized ass; her waist was tiny, and her breasts, while not massive, were a very healthy c-cup that gave her perfect proportions. She also had a very healthy sexual appetite, and often initiated sex when she and Dennis could make time for each other.

“Remember our plans for this weekend?” she asked, as they arrived in the parking lot.

“Yeah. Boy is Joey gonna be surprised!” Dennis answered, his face breaking out in a huge smile. “What an eighteenth birthday present!”

“You sure you don’t mind if I give him his first piece of ass for his birthday?” she asked, leaning in to press her breasts against his chest, pecking him lightly on the cheek. “No, not at all. I know you’re my girl and Joey is my best friend. I’d rather he lose his virginity to you than some skank that may fuck him up mentally. Just show him how good it can be and there are no strings attached. After all, I’ll be there with both of you,” he answered, grabbing her ass and holding her against his stiff cock.

She playfully pulled back and said, “Hold on there big boy! Just be at my house at seven and have that monster ready to party. Joey’s not the only one getting a surprise tonight!” she said as she bounced to her car and sped away.

Somewhat puzzled, Dennis took his time getting home, but still had time to finish his homework and eat before showering. Seven sharp found him driving into Gina’s garage, parking in the space left by her vacationing parents. After closing the garage door, he rang the kitchen doorbell, and was greeted by his scantily clad girlfriend with a kiss that almost made him forget the real purpose of the evening. Her super tight gym shorts displayed her amazing cameltoe, and her cutoff t-shirt ended just below her nipples, which were standing proudly on her breasts.

“Damn Gina, you must want to get fucked before Joey gets here,” said Dennis, as he wrapped her in his arms and massaged her body from top to bottom. Cupping a breast and rolling her nipple, he breathed in her ear, “What time’s Joey getting here? I may have to fuck you first.”

“Much as I’d like that, we agreed that tonight was for Joey, right? Anyway, I think your surprise will help you make it through the night,” she said as she scampered upstairs to shower. Dennis sighed and set about making the preparations they had agreed on, and heard Joey pull in the driveway just as he heard Gina’s shower end.

Joey had always been smaller than Dennis, and rather than athletics, he had concentrated on academics. His horn-rimmed glasses added to his geekiness, and he had never had a date. Still, he and Dennis were best friends and would do anything for each other. Tonight was to be proof of that fact.

Dennis answered the door and ushered him into the living room, saying “Hey, Bud. Nice shirt. You always have been the best dresser.”

“Thanks Dennis. I got it for my birthday. I really appreciate you and Gina throwing this party for me. Where’s everybody else?” he asked, looking around at the darkened bahis firmaları house.

“Be patient. They’ll be here. Let me put this blindfold on first.”

When the blindfold was in place, Dennis looked up to see Gina standing at the foot of the stairs, silhouetted by the stairwell light. “Fuck! She’s beautiful!” thought Dennis as Gina posed sexily for him. Her hair, still damp from the shower hung down to her shoulders, framing her face. She was wearing a sheer, white baby doll negligee that draped over her breasts and highlighted her stiff nipples. The matching panties were barely visible, but she turned and bent slightly to show Dennis her ass. As she got closer, he could see her nipples and the dark landing strip on her pussy.

She stopped in front of Joey and said softly, “Hello, Birthday Boy. You ready to open your present?”

Joey, still unaware of the pairs’ intent, swallowed and said, “I guess so. What do I need to do?”

As she straddled Joey’s lap with her knees, she put her breasts very close to his face. Inhaling Gina’s intoxicating perfume, Joey asked, “Dennis, what’s going on? Is this OK? What am I supposed to do?”

“You are my best friend. I know you are still a virgin, and want desperately to get laid. Gina has agreed to help you out, with my blessing. She’s gonna teach you how to please a woman with that big dick of yours,” said Dennis as he took a seat to the side. “I’m here to observe and answer questions. I may even jack off if it gets hot enough.”

Gina took Joey’s face in her hands and bent to give him his first sexy kiss. She spread her knees, lowering her thinly covered cunt onto Joey’s crotch and could feel his cock growing as she probed his mouth with her tongue. Without breaking the kiss, she took his hands and placed the palms on her breasts, moving them around so he would get the idea. Finally she said, “Well, Joey, what do you think so far?”

“Gee, I didn’t know a girl’s breasts felt this way. I mean, I knew they would be soft, but yours are wonderful!” he answered.

Taking his thumbs and forefingers, she taught him to roll her nipples, saying softly, “Joey, that’s the way into a girl’s pants. Treat her tits right, and she’s yours.”

Gently grinding down on his erection, she said, “Oh, Joey. Your cock feels so big! Can I see it?” she asked as she slid off his lap and unzipped his jeans.

“I-I don’t know. I may lose control if you touch it,” he said, plaintively.

“OK, I won’t touch it. Just let me look at it,” she said, helping him squirm out of his jeans and briefs. His cock sprang free and Gina was stunned. His cock, while only about six inches long, was thick, with veins running its entire length. The crown was as large as a small apple.

“Oh my God, Joey! It’s beautiful!” squealed Gina, as she bent to inspect his tool closely.

“D-don’t get too close. It may explode,” said Joey, still not knowing just where this was going.

“Oh, it’s gonna explode,” giggled Gina, as she stood and took Joey by the hand. “Let’s get your clothes off and go upstairs.” Dennis helped Joey step out of his jeans and underwear while Gina pulled his shirt over his chest and off his body. Caressing his chest, she said, “Great bod Joey! I’m gonna love fucking you!”

Dennis took him by the hand and led him to the stairs. “OK, Bud. We’re going upstairs. Just be careful and let me guide you.” Gina went first and led them to her bedroom, lighting several candles while Dennis seated Joey on the edge of the bed.

When she sat down beside him, she leaned in, pressing her breasts to his shoulder and rubbing them sensuously, while reaching down to fondle his cock. “Damn Joey. I can’t get my hand around this monster! Promise me you’ll be gentle.”

With that, she slid to the floor and, parting his knees, began kissing up his thighs while cupping and massaging his balls. “Your balls are huge! Are they full of jism for me?” she asked, kissing further and further up his thighs.

“Yes, and if you aren’t careful, they’re gonna empty that jism!”

Fully aware of his urgency, Gina abandoned any formality and attacked his cock, swallowing it in one swift move. Sliding her tongue along the underside of his shaft, she put exquisite pressure where it was needed, and almost immediately, Joey yelled, “Look out, I’m cumming!” fully expecting her to pull off his wildly spurting cock.

Gina did no such thing, and as he shot wad after wad of his sperm into her demanding mouth, she swallowed and continued her oral ministrations until she had drained every last drop. Finally sliding her lips off his still-hard cock, she said seductively, “That was fucking great. I want some more of that cum, but I want you to put it in my pussy. Think you can do that?”

“I think I can, but I’ll have to take this blindfold off so I can see where to put my dick,” he answered innocently.

“Tell you what,” she said, standing and stripping off her lingerie. “I’m going to keep the blindfold on a little longer, and if you do well, I’ll take it off.”

“What do you mean ‘Do well?'” he asked, apprehension kaçak iddaa plain in his voice.

“Well, you did a pretty good job on my tits downstairs. That really gets a girl revved up. Now, I want you to get me really hot before we fuck. You know women like to have their pussies licked, don’t you?”

“I’ve heard that, but I don’t know what to do. Will you teach me?” asked Joey, ever the willing student.

For the first time since they had entered the bedroom, Dennis made his presence known by snickering loudly. “Joey, if you eat that pussy right you may never get to fuck her. She’s insatiable, especially if she cums on your face. You may be trapped between those thighs for hours!”

“Dennis, I wouldn’t do that to him. He’s going to fuck me, but he needs to know how to please a woman and I’m just the woman to teach him. Right Joey?” she said, crawling back onto the bed, making plenty of body contact on her way. “I’ve undressed for you. Can you feel how hot my skin is? It’s waiting for you and you alone. Let me lead you to paradise.” She helped Joey onto his stomach, and positioned herself on her back near his head.

“Inhale Joey,” she said. “What you smell is the fragrance of an aroused pussy. I’m very hot right now, just thinking about what you’re going to do to my cunt with your tongue. I need your 100% cooperation for this to be pleasurable for both of us. Okay?”

“Whatever you say, Gina.”

“I want you to think of my cunt as a cup of pudding. What flavor do you like?” she asked.

“Chocolate,” he replied, not sure of where this was going. What he did know was that the aroma and proximity of Gina’s pussy had aroused his dick to the point it was hard enough to drive nails, even though he had come just minutes before.

“Great!” she replied. “Just think of this fragrant, hot pussy as your very own cup of chocolate pudding. You have no spoon, and you have to use your tongue to get it out of the cup. Licking and sucking are especially encouraged, but there’s a special place at the top that you should save for last. Any questions?”

“How fast do you want me to eat this pudd—pussy?” Joey asked, adjusting his cock so that it was more comfortable.

“Start slow. I’ll let you know when to speed up. Dennis will tell you that I don’t mind letting him know when he does it right,” she said, edging her body closer to Joey’s face and feeling his breath on her sensitive lips. “Stick out your tongue.”

When he did, she slid her now-dripping pussy onto the tip of his tongue. He reached up and slid his hands around her hips and pulled her further, allowing his tongue to enter her box effortlessly. “Now lick that pudding, Stud! Suck it out of the bottom!” Gina urged, her voice rising with her excitement.

Joey licked the walls of her cunt, taking time occasionally to suck the juice that was running out of her pussy and down towards her ass. He licked back up and as he approached the top of her slit, she moaned, humping his face gently.

“Am I doing it right?” he asked, really getting into his task.

“Oh fuck yeah! You’re doing just right,” she answered. “Now I’m going to take the blindfold off and show you the center of a woman’s world.” She reached down and took off his blindfold, then pulled her lips apart to expose her clitoris. “See that? It’s called a clit and it’s connected to every nerve in my body. Kiss it, lick it, suck it-just be gentle. It can’t handle much stimulation, and it won’t be long til I come on your face.”

Joey, who was listening and watching intently, tentatively curled his tongue and touched Gina’s pulsing clit. Her shudder told him what he needed to know and he knew he had reached a turning point. He licked and sucked down her cunt one last time. When he started back up, he had one goal in mind. Reaching her clit, he said, “Get ready Baby. I’m gonna suck that clit till you cum!”

Reaching her pearl, he blew warm air across it before sucking it into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue. Gina screamed “Yesss! Yesss! Oh God! Here it comes!!!” Her pussy exploded around Joey’s tongue and her legs clamped his head, holding it to her throbbing cunt. Not knowing any better, he continued to lick her clit, bringing her to a second, more violent climax. This time her legs flew open, exposing her swollen inner lips and unleashing a torrent of fluid that Joey dutifully drank and licked until Gina finally couldn’t stand it.

As she pulled his face up her quivering body, the doorbell rang. Looking at Dennis, she said simply, “Your present’s here.”

Dennis rushed down the steps, only to stare in utter disappointment through the fisheye. Standing outside, he could see Margaret, staring sternly and wrapped in a trench coat. “Open the damned door, Dennis!” she demanded. “Gina’s expecting me.”

Dennis grudgingly opened the door and stood back. Margaret swept into the room and up the stairs before he could say a word. Closing and locking the door, he slowly ascended the stairs, wondering what kind of cruel joke Gina had in store. Walking into the bedroom, he got the surprise of his life.

Margaret kaçak bahis had shed her coat and was wrapped in Gina’s arms, the two kissing like long lost lovers. That in itself was shocking, but Margaret’s outfit was even more amazing. Her torso was wrapped in a rose-colored corset, which ended at the top of her hips. A matching lace garter belt clung to her waist, its satin garters connected to the lace tops of a rose-colored pair of silken hose. The garters were stretched tight and created delightfully sexy indentions in her fleshy ass. A matching pair of rose-colored stiletto heels encased her feet, completing the sexiest outfit Dennis had ever seen.

As they ended their steamy kiss, she turned and faced Dennis, exposing most of her succulent 36DD tits to him, as they were nestled on a shelf bra. Her pink nipples looked to be an inch long. “Well?” she asked seductively, as she twirled for his inspection. Her pussy hair was thin and hid very little of her plump outer cuntlips.

Dennis was speechless. Margaret, his nemesis since birth, almost a year older than him, was standing before him as a gorgeous, full-figured woman, dressed in a “come fuck me” outfit. Her dedication to dancing was more than evident, as her body, lush and curvy, displayed sculpted calves and thighs, her ass a delight to behold. Her breasts stood proudly on her chest, and her curly, red hair fell over her shoulders, almost reaching her nipples, and she had just shared one of those wet, lingering sexy kisses that men dream about with his girlfriend.

“Margaret, I had no idea you were so sexy. Damn! You’re one hot bitch,” he managed to say, as Gina reached around and pinched her puffy pink nipple.

Margaret smiled seductively, and said, “Gina and I have been planning this for weeks. Joey isn’t the only one who’s getting lucky tonight!”

“What do you mean?” asked Dennis, still uncomprehending her meaning.

“Well, we’re going to rock Joey’s world and let you watch. Then I’m planning on giving you the surprise of your life!” she said, turning to Joey, who was lying on his side, fondling Gina’s nipples. Turning him onto his back, she slid up his body, allowing her nipples to rub against his body until her face was even with his. Kissing him passionately, she plunged her tongue in and out of his mouth until they were both gasping for breath. She found his cock with her hand and began jacking it slowly.

“Well, Joey. You want my hand on your cock, or would you like me to wrap these red lips around it and use my tongue on it?” Margaret asked.

“Your lips!” he exclaimed.

Laughing, she leaned over and gave Gina another kiss and then kissed her way down Joey’s tense body. Reaching his cockhead, she took her time, licking around the crown, and complemented him on its size. She felt his cock swell as she licked the shaft, and back to the head. “Well, I can tell Gina hasn’t let you put that monster in her pussy yet.” Easing the shaft into her mouth, she didn’t stop until she had his entire cock in her mouth, her succulent lips stretched around its girth.

Gina, lazily rubbing her clit announced, “Let me have it Margaret. I think he’s ready.” Rolling onto her back, she raised her legs until her dripping pussy gaped open. Margaret took his dick out of her mouth and guided it to Gina’s cuntlips, noting the look of anticipation on his face.

“Yeah, Joey, you’re about to get your first piece of pussy. Show Gina what that big cock can do!” she said, as she helped him slide the head past Gina’s outer lips. She leaned in and kissed him, then Gina. “Put on a show for us,” she said, as she crawled off the bed.

Gina took over, wrapping her calves behind his thighs and said, “OK, Stud, ease that dick in. Slow at first, then we’ll pick up speed.”

Joey slowly slid his cock into Gina’s wet slit, and when he reached his deepest penetration, she held him in place. “Let me show you something. Feel that?” she asked as she massaged his shaft with her muscles.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” he exclaimed. “How do you do that?”

“I practice a lot. Sometimes I use Dennis, sometimes I use a toy, and sometimes Margaret helps me.”

Joey’s eyes widened as he looked at Margaret, then at Dennis, and back at Gina. “You and Margaret?” he asked.

“Yeah, sometimes. She really knows how to make me feel good, just like I know how to make you feel good. Now, pull that dick out and really pound my pussy!”

Joey started slowly, as if he was afraid of hurting her, but she soon began to hump against his thrusts, and they developed a steady rhythm. As he picked up speed, the sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room, and their combined moans only amplified the anticipation.

Dennis had removed his shorts, sprawled on a beanbag chair, and was idly stroking his cock. Margaret sidled over to him and sat on the floor at his feet, still watching the show Gina and Joey were putting on. They were approaching a mutual orgasm, their flesh slapping together, their breathing heavy, and their bodies yielding to their unbridled passion. As Joey shot his load deep in Gina’s cunt, he drove into her and held his cock still, allowing her to milk all his cum as her orgasm took control of her world. As they came down from their climax they looked at Dennis and Margaret, grinning from ear-to-ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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