A Night In Ch. 03

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He slips his arms around my waist in front of the bathroom sink. I lean against him and close my eyes for a moment. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer. He runs his fingers down my spine, making me shiver. I turn my head to meet his gaze in the reflection of the mirror. While I’ve been pondering deep and weighty things, he’s been watching himself touch me. “I like mirrors,” he announces. “This looks good.” My ears perk up. This is the first time he’s come up with anything beyond basic “Tab A into Slot B,” and I make a mental note of the comment.

We break apart, and he turns on the shower. He lets it run for a moment to come up to temperature then steps inside. I follow. The water cascades over his skin in little rivulets, and his eyes close as he backs fully under the spray. He takes my hand and steps backwards, offering me a chance under the water.

It soaks through my hair and down my back. I tilt my head to feel the spray on my face. He squeezes a small dollop of shampoo into his palms and massages it into my hair. “Mmmm…that feels amazing, love.” His hands are gentle, working in little circles around my scalp and out to the tips. After my hair is clean, we adjust positions so I can rinse. He turns me around and repeats the same treatment with my conditioner. The scent of coconut fills the bathroom as he bathes me. I purr softly at the gentleness of his touch, and the unusual sound draws a chuckle from him. “What’s that?” he asks.

“Just imitating Persephone.” My feline companion has been notably absent so far this evening, but being a pampered little diva is tiring work. I feel rather than see his smile as he sets to work rubbing me down with soap. His hands skim over my bahis firmaları skin, and wherever he isn’t, the water is. When he starts kissing my newly pristine shoulder and neck, my pussy starts to ache. I feel my juices start to run down my pussy lips. He rinses me clean, and I grab his bottle of shower gel.

I work the soap into a lather and start working my way down his back. I massage his neck, shoulders, and back as I work the soap over his body. He goes still, only swaying slightly as I run my hands over him. I spend some time fondling his ass and then kneel to reach the backs of his thighs and lower legs. When he turns around for me to work my way back up, I’m not surprised to see he’s hard again. I pretend to ignore the sight of him, hard, throbbing, and so very close. He grabs my shoulders and pulls me to my feet.

Kissing under the shower’s spray is my new favorite thing, especially when my lover takes his time about it. His tongue slips into my mouth, dueling with mine. We advance and retreat, trying always to entice the other into that next escalation. He groans when I lift a leg and wrap it around his hip.

“Now,” he growls. “Right now.” Lust and authority ring through the words, and it’s enough to make me crave being fucked even more.

He presses me up against the back wall of the shower. I grab the towel bar for support and reach for the foil packet I’d hidden between the clean towels before he arrived. I hand it back to him. “Slowly, love. Broken limbs would ruin our evening.”

He’s silent, but his left hand joins mine on the towel bar. His right rests against my hip. I feel the tip of his dick pressing between the lips of my pussy, sliding back and forth, using kaçak iddaa my juices to make his entrance easier. He slides into me slowly, an inch at a time. “Please, baby,” I murmur. “Please give it to me.”

He slides in another inch. I know he’s toying with me. “Please,” I say.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck my pussy. I need to be fucked. I need you. I need that dick, every inch of it.”

He kisses the back of my neck, nipping my skin lightly as he slides all the way into me. “Better?” he asks.


“Good.” He starts to move, slow but deep. He presses me forward, bending me over more, making my ass stick out as he glides in and out of me. I squeeze him from the inside, rocking with him as he fucks me, sliding back and forth to take him even deeper. My back arches to take him more comfortably; he’s big enough that doggie can be painful if he gets carried away or if I’m not really ready. Tonight, though, I’m more than ready. It’s like I can’t get enough of him. The more he fucks me, the more I want to be fucked. We work up to a faster rhythm, my moans of pleasure spurring him on. His balls start to slap against my clit as we go. It makes me work against him faster. The slick tile matters less. The awkward position matters less. All that matters is each time he buries himself inside me.

He leans over, wrapping his free arm around me and tweaking my clit. “Yeeeess,” I whimper.

His teeth graze the skin of my shoulder. His finger continues doing delightful things to that so sensitive nub. I’m going to cum again if he just keeps going. “Just like that…Oh please just like that. It feels so good.”

He obliges. The orgasm builds and builds inside me until I can’t hold kaçak bahis it back anymore. I cum, loudly, screaming my pleasure against the wet tile. He rides out my orgasm, each thrust making me shudder all over again. Finally, finally I come down, breathing hard and slightly dazed.

He pushes me harder against the shower’s wall. “Hang on,” he says. He grabs my hips with both hands and shoves himself in even deeper than before. I suck in a breath as he does it again. He bends at the knees to match me, and thrusts in again. Thank goodness I’ve already cum or this would hurt like hell.

He’s going hard and deep into me, trusting me to keep us upright, trusting his grip on my body to keep him anchored. “Take it,” he growls. “Take it all. Take this dick. Take every little bit of it.”

The words send a fresh wave of arousal through me. He’s so close now…I can feel the tension in his body, the frantic pace as he tries so hard to reach his peak. I clench my inner muscles around him as he tries to pull out of me, every time he draws back. He digs his hands into my hips, slamming into me as hard as he can until finally he cums…”FUCKING SHIT!” he cries as his orgasm rocks him. He sways on his feet and nearly slips. It’s only the death grip on my hips that keeps him upright. When I feel him starting to soften and shrink, I slowly straighten up. So does he.

His dick slips out with seeming reluctance. Cleanup is easier this time as it’s a matter of re-washing certain areas and then drying off. Once we’re dry, he looks at me and yawns. “Bed?”

“After that? Yeah, I could do with a nap.”

We walk together into the bedroom, stretching out on the soft mattress and cool sheets. He pulls me close and threads his legs through mine. He throws one arm around my waist, and I mirror the gesture. “How’s everything?” he asks.

“Much better than it was earlier tonight. How’s everything with you?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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