A New Toy Soldier

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Talk about a blond moment! But one that worked well for me…

I posted an ad on one of those internet sites. Knowing it wouldn’t stay up long, I included my phone number in the title.

Almost immediately the emails started pouring in, and I answered them as quickly as possible. After a bit I began to wonder why nobody was calling, but I was too wrapped up in the emails at the moment to find out.

When I did finally have a chance, I discovered the ringer was off. I had missed so many calls! But they were still coming in fast.

The first one I answered was positive, but I’d learned not to count my chickens before they were hatched. So many are people are flakes these days.

I felt comfortable about the conversation and agreed to meet him at a local coffee house. The plan was to go on to a hotel and have some fun.

I sat in a chair outside to wait. A homeless man was talking to me, but I still noticed the hot guy that parked and went in the door. He was well built, bald, white and very hot. I h hoped that was him.

Calling to let him know I was there, I noticed the hottie was on his phone also. When he hung up at the same time I was both relieved and excited.

“Let’s go.” Was all he said as he headed to his SUV.

I found out from the small talk that he was in the army and would retire in a couple more years. It turned me on to know that, as if my already soaked pussy needed any urging.

I couldn’t wait to get in the room, but we wouldn’t bahis firmaları have much time. He had a 3:30 appointment he had to get to.

So right to my knee I went, and I licked and sucked his tender white flesh, bringing him skillfully to orgasm. His cum tasted so good! I wanted more and so did he.

“I’ll try to stop back by after work.” He said as he was leaving. But I wasn’t that lucky, at least not that evening.

He sent me a text the following morning saying he’d like to come by after his work day ended. It was on!

As soon as he arrived he took a quick shower, and then wasted no time taking me in his arms and kissing me. Deep chills ran through me as our tongues danced and played.

He broke away for a split second to get settled on the bed. I joined him and began an oral exploration of his entire body. Kissing and licking my way, I took in every detail. Learning all I could of his incredible physique, it was magnificent.

After spending a fair amount of time on h is chest, I moved lower, taking my time as I went.

I positioned myself between his legs, I was determined to please him and make it last. A feeling somewhat like raw inspiration overtook me, and I knew this was be amazing.

My touch was soft and intimate as I worked my way around his gorgeous cock. My movements wee playful yet still intense.

I took my time sucking his manhood. I wanted to give him the ultimate pleasure. Everything, whether it was kisses, licks or sucks, was kaçak iddaa done with passionate deliberation. My intent was to leave him with a lingering energy or sensation that felt like white hot trails searing his flesh and soul. I wanted to him to feel my touch long after we parted ways.

I’ve always gotten very into giving head, but this one surpassed what was my typical blow job. It was one of those times when I couldn’t get enough. And I licked and sucked and slurped, barely coming up for air. I couldn’t believe how good this soldier’s cock tasted.

His expressions altered with every new thing I did. And believe me, I did do everything I could think of. From light tender kisses to sucking him all the way down my throat. I made sure not a speck of his flesh was overlooked as I made love to his dick with my mouth. Time after time I dove forward, engulfing him entirely, swallowing him whole.

I gave his balls a tongue lashing, licking all over the top and sides. As I got to the lower area his whole frame jerked. That along with the sound of him catching his breath was all I needed to drive me on.

Pleasing this gorgeous man was thrilling, almost intoxicating. It wasn’t enough though. I needed him to feel more of what I could provide.

I ventured farther down, finding the sensitive area between his balls and ass, his chode. I began to orally massage there, sometimes adding extra pressure with my tongue. A few times I even sucked hard there, the way I would if I were trying kaçak bahis to give a hicky.

I was so hot by this point! I couldn’t do enough to p[lease him. And before giving it any thought my licking went beyond there to taste his tight ass.

It was just as perfect as the rest of him. I traced around and around his sphincter, enjoying it every bit as much as he did. The longer I licked and played the wetter my hot box got. I was drenched!

My eyes were on his face as I tongue fucked him, studying his reactions. He was in ecstasy from this. And when his eyes locked with mine it was a done deal for me. I instantly came hard, spilling my hot juices on my thighs. The reaction he had to this was fantastic, making his prick as hard as steel.

I was stroking his cock, rubbing his balls and tongue fucking his ass all at once. Multitasking to the best of my ability until he moaned and raised his legs higher. It gave me much better access to his backside.

He was grinding on my mouth, riding my tongue. I could see he was getting close, and I was ready to taste his salty jizz. I moved up and sucked his beautiful cock with a purpose. I was on a mission to relieve him of his load. Sucking and swallowing his lengthy tool expertly, he was on the brink. And wrapping my lips around him, I was driven.

Gripping him in my mouth, so as not to lose a drop, I purged him of his sizable cum wad. Gulping it down like I was dying of thirst. I couldn’t get enough.

When we were done and had gotten cleaned up and dressed, we hugged and said goodbye. I sent a text saying he was always welcome to come see me, but that was the last I heard from the sexy soldier. But I hope to again someday.

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