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I’m working my table just as someone walks into the bar and sits in a seat in front of me.

“Hey beautiful, who do I need to fuck to get a drink around here.”

I wink at him. “What do you take?”

He looks me up and down taking in my huge tits in the skimpy little bra. “I’ll take you if you don’t,” and winks back at me. “Uhh gimme something sweet with a big kick.”

I give him a quick kiss and walk to the bar to order his drink. Once I order it I walk back over to him and sit on his lap.

“Hmmm. I got the sweet part, just don’t kick me eh?” He chuckles lightly.

I position myself so that my tits are in his face and remove the little piece of fabric covering my nipples. “You drink should be here soon.”

“How about I skip the drink and go straight to sucking on these babies?” He grabs my tits and starts groping and feeling them. I lean in closer to him.

“Or…” I whisper in his ear. “… you could take me home.”

He growls. “Sounds…” he starts kissing my neck and nibbling my ear lobe. “Like a wonderful night…”

“Let me… just grab my… stuff.”

He stops. “Stuff?” He chuckles again. “I wonder what a stripper could be hiding back there.”

I climb off his lap and change into a sexy black costume set with a low cut bra covering half my tits and barely covering my nipples. I change into the matching panties which have looped chains coming from my hip to my thigh on either side. I pull on some fishnet stockings and throw a coat over the top. I pick up my bag and walk out to meet him. He’s leaning against a heavy duty muscle car. He looks at me.

“Hey… I was kinda just driving around so we got a bit of a drive… And you look stunning, just saying.” He opens my door and I sit in the passenger seat.

“I’m sure I can entertain you.”

“I was hoping you would say that.” He closes my door and gets into the driver’s seat.

“I was hoping you would say that.” He starts the beast and pulls out, doing a little skid to show off.”

“And let’s go.” He winks at me again.

As soon as he finishes his skid my hand starts working his cock.

“Hmmm that’s a very good girl.” He says approvingly.

I undo his pants and my hand starts working up and down his uncovered cock teasing and playing with him.

He revs the car hard. “Oooo baby.”

I apply some pressure and then quickly release it. “Oh pet, you’re gonna make me crash.” He says while winking and starts flooring it down the open road.

I pull my coat up so he can see my panties. “How about this for a show?” And start fucking myself while still working him.

“Uhhh pet.”

“Pull over.”

He bahis firmaları stops and pulls over. “Yes?”

Without warning I take his rock solid cock in his mouth while still working my cunt.

“Oooo.” He places a hand on my head, pushing me down.

He watches as I bob up and down and just before he cums I pull out.

“Let’s go back to yours where you can fuck my brains out.”

I use my hands again to work both of us. He floors it again but grabs my head.

“I didn’t say stop pet. Make me cum twice and I’ll reward you.”

I continue working his cock with my tongue moving up and down and sucking and licking it using different speeds.

“Uhhh soooo good.”

He starts thrusting his hips upwards trying to shove more of him down my throat. I push all of him into my throat and hold him there. He cums down my gullet and moans.

“Oooo pet that’s one.”

I pull of him and slowly but softly stroke his balls.

“Oh baby.”

I run my fingers all over them and around his base squeezing lightly. He relaxes into the seat and watches me take as I take his rehardening cock back in my mouth while I continue with his balls.

“Don’t suck it this time just lick it… Clean it…”

I slowly move my tongue up and down licking from his base to head making sure I get every drop of cum. He watches as I lick his cock clean like a kid with a lollipop.

“Lick it like it’s the last goddamn lollipop in the bag.”

I start moving and wrapping my tongue around him, licking him like he’s the last cock I’ll ever have. As I move over and lick his head I taste cum.

“May I have a second load in my mouth Sir??”

“You can try.”

I take him in my mouth and shove him to the back of my throat, bobbing enough so that he hits my throat every time. He begins to growl with pleasure and I start bobbing faster with him hitting my throat more often. He grabs my head and shoves his cock down my throat as hard as he can and cums.

“Uhhhh fucking hell. You are good.”

I lick his cock clean again and he pulls into his driveway.

“Huh… just in time. Before we get totally into it make yourself at home. I spent!4 mill on it but barely sleep here.”

“If I may ask, why Sir?”

“Eh, just don’t like it. Ex wanted it. But lucky me I won everything in the divorce. First time in mankind.” He laughs and I smile slightly, removing my coat and placing it on the couch and stand in front of him.

“Go clean yourself up. Have a shower if you want pet… may as well make use of the house.”

He gives me a full out kiss and then walks me to the bathroom and watches me undress kaçak iddaa giving my nipple s little squeeze before leaving. “Sir?”


“Would you like me to dress or stay undressed? And should I keep my heels on?

“Hmmm. Keep panties on and leave the heels off.”

He walks back in to check on me and finds me showering and touching myself.

“Hey pet! Enjoying the big shower? It was my idea to get this one.”

I turn around, embarrassed. “Uhhh… y-yes Sir.”

“Heh. It’s okay pet. You’re gonna be doing a lot worse stuff than that tonight. Oh and the shower head comes off… use it.”

“Yes Sir.” He turns around to leave.

“Sir… would you join me?”

“Hmmm seen as you asked… sure I do need to wash… you made a drooling mess down there.”

“I’m sorry Sir.”

“Don’t be. Best blow job I’ve ever had.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“After we finish you will meet me downstairs. There will be drinks and then bed.”

“Yes Sir.”

He gets out and leaves me in the shower by myself. After I finish showering I pull my panties on, redo my hair and makeup and meet him downstairs. As I walk into the room in my panties I see him sitting on the couch.


He looks at me. “You gorgeous fucking pet.”

“May I ask you something Sir?”

“You may. Come sit.”

I sit on his lap. “What did you mean when you said I’d be doing worse things tonight?”

“Ever been ass fucked?”

“No Sir.”

“Then this is gonna hurt… a lot.”

“Sir… would you like to take it now? I’ll be a good pet.”

“Hmmm. Why not.” He squeezes my nipple. “Hop up.”

I get up while he goes to get some lube and wait for him.

“Sooo bedroom?”

“Yes Sir.”

He laughs to himself. “Uhhh which one?”

“Yours Sir.”

He walks to his room holding my hand. As soon as we get there he picks me up and throws me on the bed.

“Panties off, suck my cock and I’ll lube it straight after.”

“Yes Sir.”

I start sucking his cock until he’s rock solid. While I do he lubes around and in my ass and then slips a finger into my cunt.

“Mmm… Sir.” I moan against his cock and suck him harder.

“Okay turn the fuck around. I’ve had my fun with you.”

I turn around. “Sir… I’m scared.”

“It’s okay pet,” He lines his cock up. “I’ll go slow.”

He shoves his full length in.

I scream. “It hurts… Take it out…” I begin crying.

“It’s okay pet.” He takes it fully out and I gasp in relief then he shoves it back in, grabbing my tits.

I scream out again and start sobbing. “Please Sir…”

“It’s okay pet,” he kaçak bahis whispers. “It will feel better soon pet. It only hurts at the start.”

“Y-y-yes Sir.” I sob.

“Just go with it.” He says while rubbing my cunt with 3 fingers inserting them slowly. He pulls out and slowly starts teasing my cunt with his cock.

“How’s that pet? Better?”

“Uhhh Sir… you feel so good… please fuck my cunt.”

He inserts half his length. “How’s that my special little slut?”

“Oh please… fuck me.”

Without warning he brutally starts fucking my cunt and squeezing my tits.

“Take my cock to the hilt you whore.”

I try to speak but nothing comes out. He starts pounding me so hard that we both start moving.

“You… Want… This… Cock…”

“Yes… Sir…” I manage to say between breaths.

“Uhhh…” He slams roughly into me one last time. “Take my load slut.”

As he pulls out some of my juices drip onto the bed.

“Clean your mess up and then clean my cock pet.”

“Yes Sir.” I collect my juices on my fingers and lick it off and then take his cum and cunt covered cock in my mouth.


I lovingly stroke and clean our combined juices off his cock.

“That’s it baby… suck my cock… suck it good.”

He groans in pleasure as a fourth load of cum shoots down my gullet. I pull out but he shoves his hand on my head pushing my mouth back onto his semi-hard cock. I suck him till he’s hard enough to fuck me and pull out. I stay kneeling in front of him, his cock touching my lips. He turns me over and puts some more lube around my asshole. He lubes his cock up and slowly pushes into my ass. I moan with each stroke and he smiles to himself.

“See pet, I told you it only hurts to start with.”

He starts moving faster and faster and my breathing turns into panting. He slows down, drops a load of cum into my ass and the relies his cock. He continues this, pumping load after load into my ass. He finally pulls out and watches as he steadily drips out of me. He then cleans his cock and places it between my cunt lips and slowly starts stroking it.

“You ready for your last load of cum slut?”

“Yes Sir.”

He slams his cock into my cunt’s entrance and fucks me as hard as he can. I take him all and moan out as he makes me want to cum.

“Sir may I please cum?” I ask.

“I’ll tell you when to cum baby.”

He continues to fuck my cunt and I can barely hold it kn when I hear the word ‘Now!’.

We both cum together, him inside me and me on his cock. When we’re finished he gets the under the covers and orders me to clean him. When I finish with him he pulls me close.

“You did a good job tonight pet.”

I smile and realise that I want this. I want him. I want this and I want to be controlled. I want him to own me. I want to be his little slut forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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