A New Home

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In the early morning hour, Drew sips his coffee. He looks out his new window that he just finished installing the day before. It was the last thing done in completing the new kitchen. Drew and his family had moved into the house in the summer. The stone home is over 100 years old and was in rough shape. Drew convinced his wife is was a good deal. The large size of the house was key and it had the acreage to go along with it. Drew and his wife June struck a deal. Drew had to rebuild the kitchen first before he did anything else. The anything else was the barn he wants to rebuild so he can work on his old car. Drew saw the walls of the barn and the lack of roof. The previous owner said he was working on it. It was so cheap Drew took his word on it.

He feels a hand on his ass and then her lips on his neck. “What are you looking at mister?” June asks as her hand slides around his waist, under his shirt. “How would you like to go back to bed,” June says as she grips and gives Drew’s crotch a squeeze. Her hand has his cock and balls in her feminine grip.

Drew almost spits out his coffee and laughs. “You are insatiable and I love you,” he tells his wife. They talk and hug. Drew gives his wife a sip of his coffee. “I did see the neighbors walk down their lawn and back into the woods. It made me think about the barn and how we haven’t seen it yet. A lot of the leaves are down now so it should be easy to get back to it. Want to take a walk?”

“I will make time for you! Especially with the kids gone all weekend. We can take a walk but I want some … when we get back,” June purrs in his ear. “Ok, be right back,” June finishes and Drew watches her tight ass walk away.

June gets up to her room and pulls off her t shirt. Standing naked, she pulls on a tee, flannel and then her favorite denim skirt. She slips on her shoes and heads back downstairs. Her brunette hair is back in a pony tail. Drew smiles to acknowledge how good June looks in anything. At 5’5″ June comes up to Drew’s shoulder. She looks at her husband and feels lust. “You look good,” June purrs and strokes his flat belly.

“I guess not having a kitchen for a month has knocked off a few pounds,” Drew answers and they move on out the back door of the house. They walk down across the lawn and find a narrow trail. Moving into the tree line and walking back into the woods.

There is a path coming into their own from another direction. About 50 yards off the tree line is the barn. Drew spots the old stone walls somewhat covered in vines. They walk along the thin path between the ferns and under the massive pine trees. Drew stops and turns to his wife. “It smells good in here,” he says as she walks into his arms. Their lips meet softly with his hands on her waist. bahis firmaları They kiss below the tall pine trees, deep in the woods.

“Want to go back inside?” June asks with a salacious smile. They banter back and forth but agree they can go inside first and check out the barn. Drew’s hand is under her top, fingertips brushing her stiff nipple. June fishes her hand down the front of Drew’s jeans. Her touch is like a trigger and Drew responds. His cock springs to life in her hand.

“Oh you devil woman,” Drew whispers in her ear. June giggles and she playfully pulls her hand and darts past Drew on the path. Drew turns and follows quickly after her.

The both are all smiles and holding hands as they reach the old barn. The high stone walls are covered in vines but still look very sound. “The roof is gone but the walls are pointed with new concrete. This is in great shape,” Drew says and he walks slowly following June.

June quickly turns and holds her finger to her lips, asking Drew for silence. June waves him up to go with her toward the door. “The door is cracked open,” June whispers. They both look through the open door. Their eyes widen and grow big.

“Oh my God this is gorgeous,” June says as she lays her eyes on the garden inside the walls. They walk into the walled garden through the wooden door. Looking about, they are immersed in the beauty of roses, vine covered walls, flowers and tall hedges that break the area into rooms. “Did you know about this?” June asks with quizzical look on her face.

In an equally flabbergasted look Drew replies, “the owner told me he did some work in here and pointed the walls but that was all. He did say he would miss the old barn the most. They clearly spent some time here.” June inhales taking in the lush fresh scent of the plantings.

“It is very romantic,” purrs June. Drew is busy looking around and does not notice his wife slipping off her denim skirt and top. The open air feels good on her skin. “Oh I love this place already,” June says. Her bare feet touch the grass and the fall air touches her skin. June’s nipples respond. Her nipples are taut and hard in the open air.

“This is incredible and we own it,” an occupied Drew mumbles. Drew is examining the door and walls.

June shakes her head and bends to smell a flower. June strokes her breast as the sun warms her skin. She lays down on the grass and moans softly. The feeling of being naked and the touch of the grass feels so good to her. She throws her head back and an opens her legs. Drew’s mouth drops open as he lays his eyes on June. Feverishly he pulls his shirt and jeans off. Drew is struggling to get his jeans over his boots. He steps back and lands on his ass!

“Get over here,” June commands and kaçak iddaa he tosses his shirt into the pile of clothes. It is then that Drew notices a similar pile of clothes nearby. He hadn’t seen them earlier but his dick is hard and he doesn’t give a fuck.

He kneels in the grass and lays with June. Their lips meet and June takes Drew’s cock in hand. It drapes over the back of her hand but is growing quickly. She strokes him as they kiss. Naked and laying in the grass, their passions grow. Sun is streaming in through the trees on a warm autumn morning. Her fist pumps his cock with ardent pleasure. His hungry tongue tastes her sultry mouth. June’s hips press her pussy to Drew’s thigh. She humps him like a teenager. The teenager who met Drew many years ago. Her pussy spreads its dew over Drew’s thigh. She moans loudly in encouragement as her husband’s hands explore her body.

Behind the hedge is Jim and Helen. Jim and Helen had been in the barn when they heard their neighbors coming. They quickly moved behind the hedge to hide. They hid quietly and watched their neighbors strip. Helen is a lean sexy brunette and her husband Jim is a lucky man. They come here every Sunday, sneaking away for a “walk.” Their kids never suspect and they get this special time together.

They had built this garden with their old neighbors. As the garden grew, it became a special place. Helen often thinks back to that first day Jim fucked her in the grass. This garden had rejuvenated two marriages. Working and planning on it together, had become a labor of love. The couples had even become so close that they often shared the garden together. As Helen and Jim watched their neighbors grow more heated, they each thought of that time when they had been caught by another couple. The four of them ended up sowing seeds behind the garden walls.

Naked and kneeling behind the bushes, Jim and Helen watch their new neighbors. The excitement of almost being caught in the act has their blood pumping. Jim looks down at his aching cock. His cock is mammoth at nine inches in length. Jim’s hands land on his wife’s fine ass. Helen looks back at him with a smile. Helen pushes her ass out and Jim slides his hard cock into her. Her pussy is wet and ready. They had been fucking when Drew and June showed up. Watching their neighbors has kept the desire on high. They are being very quiet. Helen’s fingers find her clit. Jim’s big cock finally hits bottom. Helen lets out a silent moan. Her mouth forms a perfect circle. Jim and Helen quietly fuck with their eyes are on the new neighbors.

June looks gorgeous with her thick brunette hair, green eyes, full breasts and shaved pussy. Drew kisses June’s pussy with his hands on her ass. Sucking her sensitive clit into his mouth, Drew is lost kaçak bahis in his wife’s pleasure. June sloppily sucks her husbands cock. The sun is on her back as she grinds her pussy on Drew’s chin. Drew is on his back in the grass. A fingertip teases June’s slippery asshole. Her pussy tightens and she cums hard. “Oh fuck … oh … oh … oh oh oh,” June calls out in the throws of orgasm with Drew’s wet cock against her face.

Faster now, Jim is fucking his wife from behind. In and out, he moves with his hands on her hips. Helen is moving in front of him. She pushes back up into Jim each time their skin meets. A gentle slapping sound is audible. Jim thinks nothing of it and continues pounding her pussy. Her pussy is clutching at his cock with desire. Jim’s thighs, cock and balls are drenched in her excitement. “Oh fuck yes,” a moan escapes Helen’s lips. She could not take it any longer. Drew and June’s heads snap and look at the bush that hides their neighbors.

“Faster … oh faster,” Helen moans loudly. Jim responds as he feels his own cum welling up inside him. The slapping of their skin is loud and clearly identifiable. “Oh Jim … I’m gonna cum,” Helen calls out. Jim empties his load into Helen and it sets her off. Helen cums hard with Jim’s massive dick pounding her hot pussy.

June knows it is their neighbors behind the bushes. It excites her even more. “Don’t you dare stop,” June moans out. June is riding Drew’s thick cock. She is on top of him and rocking her clit down on her husband’s shaft. Faster and faster she moves. It is setting her off again and she is sopping wet. She is close, so close. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh GOD YES,” June moans out as she orgasms for the second time. He has been slow on the trigger but the tightness of her pussy is too much for Drew. The volume is so much it runs down his shaft and balls. June lays on Drew’s muscular chest.

Jim and Helen walk around the hedge. June looks up and smiles. Her eyes stray down to Jim’s enormous cock. “Helen you are a lucky lady,” June says.

“June you are a very lucky lady too,” Helen responds and they both laugh. “Helen you are clearly luckier because you got to watch us have sex … we didn’t get to see you two!”

Helen stands and walks to June. They whisper and hug. The men watch their every move. The girls know it and turn to with their breasts touching. They giggle like schoolgirls!

They both start picking up clothes. “What’s going on,” Drew asks. “I am going to go home and make us a nice lunch. We are going to meet back here at noon and spend some time getting to know each other,” Helen says. We all talk about it and get dressed and head out.

Walking up to the house, June asks Drew if he thought Helen is attractive. Drew lies and says, “I didn’t really notice.”

“Liar,” says June and they both laugh. “Jim is a good looking guy,” Helen says and Drew gets a little jealous.

Drew thinks about it and smiles. It feels good to get a little jealous for his wife.

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