A Much Needed Break…

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This is my first submission. I hope you enjoy and please leave me some comments or suggestions for my next submission. Thanks!

Kaitlyn ran a stressed hand through her thick auburn hair as she contemplated the fresh stack of paperwork sitting on her desk. I am so ready for a vacation, she thought as she began the work. Kaitlyn knew that work wasn’t the only thing stressing her out. It just happened to be the current subject. She had gotten through many things in her 34 years, the break down of her marriage, the ensuing divorce and moving back to her home state. But she was having a difficult time with the loneliness she seemed to feel all the time. Not that she didn’t get asked out. She had even accepted some, but there was always something that kept her from being attracted to them. The different guys she had dated seemed to be from one extreme to the other. There were the ones that wanted to jump into making plans for the future…on the first date. Then of course there were those that either wanted to jump right into bed. Heaving a sigh, she thought of the last guy she had gone out with. He hadn’t been looking for a relationship or sex even. He had just wanted Kaitlyn to masturbate for him while he snapped away with the camera. Needless to say, that was the last time she had seen him. Kaitlyn shook her head, laughing incredulously.

Just then, Dan came to her office door and she waved him in. Kaitlyn had known Dan for almost three years. He was younger by 14 years and worked in the same building for a different company. They had struck an easy friendship from the start, confiding in each other and sharing personal stories and just generally spending a lot of time together. When they first met Dan was shy and somewhat insecure. She did her best to draw him out. He was very good looking, tall with broad shoulders and gorgeous brown eyes. He always kept his dark auburn/brown hair cut short and the goatee he had grown recently made him look older. Kaitlyn had been attracted to him from the start but as their friendship had grown she had been unwilling to endanger it by making any moves.

As he walked in, she smiled at him. “Hey Dan, how are you?”

He walked around to her side of the desk and pulled a chair next to her and sat down before answering. “I’m good and you?”

“Frustrated as always,” she said as she pointed to the pile of papers in front of her.

“Are you busy? I can come back.”

He made to get up. “No, I am so ready to take a break from this.” He sat back down and scooted his chair up until he was sitting next to her with their knees touching. They talked about work for a few minutes before turning to their personal lives. They shared a lot of details with each other that they didn’t share with other friends. A lot of times the conversation turned to their sex casino şirketleri lives, or the lack thereof, as was the case most of the time. Kaitlyn, due to her age, was more experienced than Dan. She liked that he felt comfortable enough with her talk about what he liked, ask her what she liked and tell her what he had not tried. During these talks, there seemed to be a lot of subtle touching and looks. Sometimes she got so turned on that she felt her nipples harden. At first she had done her best to hide it, and then during one of these conversations he had divulged that he was a breast man. So from that point on she began wearing tight, low cut shirts that emphasized her size 42 D chest and made extra moves to give him glimpses whenever possible.

“So did you do anything fun this weekend?” He asked leaning forward on her desk. As she looked at him, she caught the direction of his eyes as he skimmed over the cleavage provided by her low-cut V-neck shirt. Pulling her arms into her side she squeezed them pushing her breasts up and out, giving a slightly better view.

“No, not really. Just the usual stuff, cleaning and laundry. How about you?”

Laughing, he said, “the same. Watched some porn.”

Kaitlyn looked over at him, laughing as she noticed that his face was slightly red. “And how was it? Did you enjoy it?” She knew she was being naughty but she also knew that she would be going home alone and relieving herself of some frustration with one of her favorite toys.

“Oh yeah I enjoyed it….twice.” Laughing and red faced again. “I bet it would be even better for real.”

Laughing, Kaitlyn agreed. “So what were they doing?” He went on to explain the “plot” of the video. It seemed that the woman was providing the man with an intense blo-job while he rubbed her nipples and then moved to fingering her. When it seemed that the man was getting close to coming, he pulled away and moved her to her hands and knees and got behind her, thrusting his hard cock into her doggie style.

As she listened to his deep voice telling her the details of the video, Kaitlyn felt her nipples harden. Dan must have noticed because he had begun rubbing his hand up and down on her thigh. Although he had done this before, his hand was moving higher this time. She was sure he was getting close enough to feel the moist heat coming from between her legs. She spread her legs slightly, allowing him the ability to go further. He didn’t wait long. His hand slid further up her thigh until it met the seam of her slacks. She closed her thighs around his hand holding him against her. She moaned softly as she felt his fingers move against her, making her clit throb. She looked over at him and he was intense on what he was doing. She glanced down and noticed that his cock had begun to tent his slacks slightly. She couldn’t resist casino firmaları any longer. She reached over and placed her hand on his thigh slowly running her hand upward toward his hardening cock. She flattened her palm against the length of him. She felt him jerk slightly and heard his intake of breath. She longed to wrap her hand around him.

Kaitlyn knew they were moving into dangerous territory where anyone could walk in on them at any moment. She removed her hand and placed her hand on his stopping him. She leaned over placing her mouth next to his ear and whispered, “Come with me…” She grabbed a set of keys from her desk as she stood and grabbed his hand pulling him out of his seat. After adjusting himself, he followed her out of her office and down the hall to a small room. Using the keys she had picked up, she unlocked the door and again grabbing him by the hand pulled him behind her letting the door lock into place behind them. Kaitlyn knew that the door locked from the outside and she had the only key, so they would be free of prying eyes and disturbances.

She turned toward and, standing on tiptoe, placed a soft kiss on his lips sucking his bottom lip into her mouth and running her tongue over it. She reached down and grabbed his hand and lifted it to her breast. Dan didn’t need any further encouragement. He began to knead her breast. She felt her breath quicken as his large hands massaged her erect nipples.

As he continued fondling her breasts, she lowered her hand to his pants front again and began rubbing him. She slowly unfastened his pants, allowing them to fall just past his hips, with his boxers following. She gently pushed him back against the table just inside the room, causing him to remove his hands from her chest to grip the table edge for support. She lowered herself to her knees in front of him. Alternating her hands, she rubbed his hardness from base to head a couple of times until she saw a bead of precum glisten on the head. She looked up at Dan to find him watching her every move. Her eyes still watching him, she stuck her tongue out licking the bead of precum from his cock head, feeling even more excited as she saw him close his eyes and take a shuddering breath. She rolled the moisture inside her mouth enjoying the taste of him. Leaning forward slightly, she rubbed his cock against her lips before opening her mouth and allowing the mushroom-shaped tip to fill her mouth. Sucking softly, she ran her tongue all around the tip.

He leaned further back against the table and as he did this, it pushed his cock further into her mouth which she opened further to allow him access. Once he was almost completely in her mouth, she ran her tongue up the underside of his cock, applying a small amount of pressure to the veins there. She moved one of her hands to his balls, rubbing güvenilir casino and cupping them. She slowly began to pull back firming her lips and allowing him to come close to escaping her mouth before sliding down his length again.

Dan moaned as she licked the tip on each upward stroke. Kaitlyn could feel his balls begin to contract. Not wanting him to come too quickly, she slid back letting him fall free of her mouth. Leaning down further, she ran her tongue over his ball sac before sucking them gently into her mouth completely. She inhaled deeply, taking in the musky manly scent of him before beginning to move her tongue in circles, licking every inch of his ball sac and applying a gentle suction.

She looked up at him again, his eyes closed and a look of enjoyment on his face. She decided it was time to go full force and get the sweet juices she had craved for sometime. She gave his balls one last lick before moving her attention back to his rock hard cock. As she moved up to take him back into her mouth again, she flattened her tongue against the sensitive underside, licking all the way up to the head. She opened her mouth and moaned as she felt him fill her throat, knowing that her moan was causing vibrations against him. Keeping her tongue pressed against him, she firmed her lips around him and began to bob her head steadily up and down his shaft. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he would shoot his come into her mouth, filling her throat with hot liquid.

Dan groaned, starting to thrust his hips in time with her movements so that he thrust forward as she moved her mouth down to the base, causing him to go even further down her throat. He placed his hand in her hair, stroking her hair and gently guiding and holding her head in place. “Kaitlyn….oh ung….I’m going to come…so close…” he moaned as she sped up her movements. Dan let out a loud moan, and she felt his cock expand. Keeping her mouth tightly around him, she took him as deep into her mouth as she could. Her nose brushed against his abdomen as she felt the first shot of come hit the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop as stream after stream shot into her mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned as she enjoyed the taste of him. Dan was breathing heavily, his eyes closed still leaning against the table, hands white from the tight grip he had on the table’s edge. She began bobbing her head again, this time cleaning him of all remnants of juices. When she was satisfied that she had gotten every drop, she allowed his slowly softening cock to fall free of her mouth. Standing up she slowly and gently pulled his clothes back into place, giving him time to calm down. When he finally opened his eyes, she smiled at him. He smiled back and leaned forward and kissed her gently and wrapped his arms around her pulling her head into his chest. She felt him move his hands up to her breasts. She stopped him. He pulled back to look into her face, questioning.

Smiling, understanding what he was asking, she said whispering, “Lets save that for the next time….”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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