A Mother’s Conflict Ch. 03

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The next morning, Joaquin’s alarm went off. The obnoxious beeping jolted him awake, making him sit up in his bed and slap his hand over his alarm, ending the annoying screech from hell. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he rose to his feet and proceeded to the bathroom to get himself ready for the day. During his shower, he remembered that he had to take his mother’s car in to get fixed like he promised, so he made his shower quick, but thorough. As he dried off, he brushed his teeth and applied lotion in the appropriate areas.

Afterwards, he shuffled through his wardrobe to find something to wear, ultimately deciding on the reliable t-shirt and jeans. He made his way downstairs to find his sister laying on the couch, likely exhausted from her work day to the point she couldn’t even make it to her own bed. He went back up and grabbed a spare comforter from his closet and put it over her. “Good to see you, Clara.” he whispered softly, kissing her forehead. She stirred in her sleep a bit, making him smile as he went to grab some breakfast before heading out.

As he ate, he heard mumblings from his mother’s room, letting him know that she was up. He couldn’t make out anything she said, so he drowned her out by putting in his headphones. He knew if he tried making out what she was saying, he’d be invading her privacy and she always scolded him for doing that, so he minded his own business and grabbed the key to Selena’s hover car and headed out.

In her room, Selena was actually talking with Alan on the phone. They were having a very casual conversation about what to do on their first real date later that night.

“So, it’s settled then? We’ll do dinner and then check out the new Super-Nova movie?” asked Alan on the other line.

“That sounds great, hun,” Selena responded in kind as she did her morning stretches, “I haven’t seen the last one, is that going to be a problem?”

“Nah, they’re pretty self contained. Sure, you’ll get more out of it if you seen the last one, but you won’t miss out if you haven’t.” he answered. She could make out grunts in between his sentences.

“Are you working out over there?,” she inquired as she bent forward and stretched out her legs.

“Yep, gotta stay in shape so I live longer.” he answered again as he did sets of push ups. “Don’t wanna end up dying young to some kind of health issue.”

She chuckled and continued her morning workout after stretching, making sure she was hitting the important muscle groups. They conversated all morning long, discussing what they would do after the date was over. He continuously implied that he was going to “make love” to her, but she was still hesitant to jump into bed with him again. Though it was vastly different and Alan was being less condescending, she still had a sinking feeling that he was being disingenuous. Regardless, he wasn’t being as dickish as he was previously and regularly complimented her son; a step in the right direction. After all, she did notice that Joaquin held no resentment towards Alan, so things could potentially work out in the end for everybody.

In the skies, Joaquin maneuvered his way around traffic in style, making sure to not hit anybody as he did. He had metal blasting in his speakers as he drove, almost as if the music was driving him.

“Ma wasn’t kidding when she said this place was far out there…” thought Joaquin to himself as he scratched his head, checking the GPS to make sure he was going the right way. As he drove, he had several men and women honk at him.

“Hey cutie! Where ya goin’?” asked a young gentleman decked out in a suit and tie, looking as if he was on his way to a business meeting. His hair was shaved on the sides, but slicked back on the top.

Joaquin didn’t respond as he couldn’t hear due to how loud the music was. He did catch a glimpse of the guy and blew a kiss to him, making the guy nearly rear end someone. Two girls on a hoverbike sidled up to Joaquin as he drove and made several passes at him. It was pretty normal for him to attract this kind of attention. Joaquin wasn’t exactly dumpy, but he wasn’t overly masculine either. He bordered on androgyny which attracted both male and female attention. He also took care of himself and carried himself with confidence that really attracted people to him. It was likely the reason he was able to make so many sales for Alan’s store.

Despite the catcalling, Joaquin pressed on until he finally arrived at the destination. It looked like a used car lot from a distance, but as he landed, he saw it was actually slightly more professional than first glance.

“Laina’s Lot, this is the place.” said Joaquin to himself as he powered down the car. He grabbed his glasses and put them on before hopping out of the vehicle.

He looked on at the other vehicles which included some hoverbikes and a few mobile homes; Not one of them looked broken down or scratched up. Impressed, he walked into the building, encountering an empty room with a cash register and a door. It was still pretty early, so customers would be scarce and it seemed like nobody was on duty, so he had to wait for assistance. He heard the whirring of power tools casino şirketleri behind the door, so he knew someone was there. He picked up a manual by the desk and flipped through it to pass the time when suddenly the door swung open.

In walked a woman who looked a few years younger than his mother. She had long, shaggy black hair, blue eyes, and a piercing on her left brow. She removed her dirty gloves and walked right up to the register, noticing Joaquin just standing there.

“Heya darlin’, welcome to my shop, how can I help ya?” she said, getting Joaquin’s attention.

He looked up from the manual, putting it down and then adjusted his glasses. “Oh hello, I’m here for some body work on this car.” he stated in a matter of fact tone.

The woman got a good look at him and whistled as she leaned over the counter, eyeballing Joaquin bottom to top. “Well now, ain’t you a cutie.” she said bluntly as she focused on his eyes, taken aback for a second.

“Whoa, you got some funny eyes, darlin’. One’s brown n’ one’s red. You one a them super people on the TV?” she asked in a curious manner.

“Uh, no, sorry, I’m not..” responded Joaquin as a blush formed on his dark brown skin.

“I’m sorry honey, that was a bit rude a me, wasn’t it?” she said as she cleared her throat, “Name’s Laina and this is my shop; Ya said ya need some work done?”

“Heh, yeah, I did,” answered Joaquin with a bit of a nervous chuckle. He wasn’t used to this particular brand of customer service, but he did feel it was a nice touch.

“Well now why don’t ya show me the ‘ol girl and I’ll see what I can do?” asked Laina as she stepped out from behind the register. Joaquin was a bit in shock at her choice of dress. Mechanics he was used to typically dressed in stereotypical mechanic garb, but Laina wore some very short shorts, a tank top, and cowboy boots. There was dirt on her, but she seemed to wear it with pride, right down to her shiny belt buckle that her tank top was tucked into.

Joaquin guided her outside and showed her the hovercar’s light damage. “Huh, looks like a minor fender bender back here and a couple scratches up front, ain’t much of a challenge; I could have this fixed up in a few hours.” she said as she got a good look at the car. “Hey, wait a sec, ain’t you the friend my boy said gets a special discount?” asked Laina as Joaquin raised his eyebrows.

“I…don’t think so? Who’s your son again?” asked a puzzled Joaquin.

“Alan? Alan Rucka?” answered Laina, making Joaquin’s eyes widen.

“Huh, he’s my manager where I work,” said Joaquin as he started feeling as if he was finally catching a bit of a break.

Laina smiled at him and patted his shoulder, “Y’all must be great friends if he made it a point to call me so early.”

Joaquin could only smile and just accept it. It wasn’t everyday he caught this much of a break. He could even use some of the leftover money to treat himself on the drive back home. He felt as if things were finally starting to change for the better.

“I guess so..” responded Joaquin as he smiled brightly, staring into space.

“Just wish he’d have told me the friend he sent was super sexy sexy,” exclaimed a playful Laina as she gave his ass a pat, making Joaquin blush profusely.

He laughed it off and began conversing with Laina as they moved the hovercar into her garage. Since it was only going to be a few hours, Joaquin sat inside, letting Laina do her job, but that didn’t stop him from watching her through the window of her shop. It was odd; Joaquin never looked at women like her before. He had girlfriends, but none of them exhibited as much personality as Laina. The last woman he’d noticed this way was his old gym teacher, Ophelia, whom he hadn’t seen since graduated all those years ago when he was only 17 years old. While staring, Laina turned around to grab another tool and caught him staring at her. He quickly resituated himself from embarrassment, but not before noticing her winking at him, blowing a playful kiss.

He decided it was best to just sit down and play on his phone for a few hours, keeping his head down to not distract her any more than he already had. Getting absorbed into his game, he didn’t realize time seemingly sped up because Laina was already finished and coming in, taking big gulps from her water bottle.

“Hey honey, I’m all finished n’ your car is good as new!”

Joaquin looked up suddenly and closed his game, looking at the time; 2 hours had passed as if they were nothing. “Oh wow, you work pretty fast!”

“Truth be told, I finished it way earlier,” explained Laina as she leaned against the counter, setting her bottle down, “I just tuned up your engine n’ your hoverin’ apparatus. That baby’ll run better than ever before.”

As she spoke, he got up, slipping his phone into his pocket as he listened to her. “Wow, you did all that? How much do I owe?” asked Joaquin understandingly.

“Nothin’ the entire service is on the house, courtesy of Laina’s Lot.” She relished in his shocked face as she found it to be the most adorable thing. She did feel a bit stiff from the job, however.

Joaquin casino firmaları immediately protested as he felt it wasn’t fair to her to just have her work on the car for no compensation. He knew the pain of not being paid for hard work.

“I’m sorry miss, I can’t accept that, I need to repay you somehow or it’ll keep me up at night.”

She stood up straight, stepping forward from the counter and cocked her hips to the side as she folded her arms with a devilish smirk. “You ain’t gonna accept the free offer? I understand, but if you wanna pay me back, I got a way.”

“Please tell me what it is, miss.”

“Well, for one thing, you gotta stop callin’ me ‘miss.’ My name is Laina n’ I want you to say it.”

“Alright Laina, what can I do to repay you for the work?” He was paying close attention as she stepped up to him.

“You can spend the day with me so I can stare at that cute butt of yours.”

Joaquin was taken aback by her request and her flirting. She was definitely a foreword woman who knew exactly what she wanted and right now, she seemed to want him all to herself. He didn’t quite know what to say, but he didn’t have anything to do for the rest of the day, so he decided to honor her request.

“That sounds cool to me. I don’t have anything else to do, so I can spend today with you, Laina. Anything special you want me to do?”

With a smirk, she leaned forward, pressing her chest to his torso; her face inches from his which made Joaquin instinctively draw his head back. She wasn’t about to let him get away that easily; she placed her hand on the back of his neck and played with the ends of his hair and moved in, as if to lay a kiss on his lips. Instead, she pressed her cheek to his and whispered into his ear, “I want you to take off that shirt, so I can see that body.”

Joaquin got a bit shaken from the sensation of her voice. It was as if the vibrations of her voice moved his ear drums to a certain kind of beat. All he could do was stand there as she wasn’t letting go and continued pressing herself against him.

“I mean…if you want me to take it off…you’re gonna have to let me go..”

With a smile, she backed away, still remaining close and gripped at the hem of his shirt, slowly pulling it upwards, revealing a very lithe, but rippled set of abs. He lifted his arms the higher she went and she began salivating at the sight of his pecs. They were barely defined, but it was enough to get her mind going. As she tugged the rest of his shirt off, she noticed what appeared to be a heart shaped tattoo on the upper left corner of his left pec.

“Pretty cute tat, where’d you get it?”

“I gave it to myself after I got out of high school. I was kinda going for a ‘power of love’ thing when I did it.” He spoke calmly, but inside, he was a nervous wreck. The only indication of his state of mind was a deep blush on his cheeks and goosebumps on his skin.

“Maybe I’ll put one on you sometime, darlin’.”

She laid her hands on his abs, letting her fingers dance along the muscles as she slid her digits up his body, taking in the softness. “You smell good too.”

Joaquin continued to play off his nervousness with flirtations of his own; something he thought would deter Laina from continuing to come onto him, but it only made her play his game that much harder. It was to the point that he gave up any notion of not going through with whatever she asked. He hadn’t even noticed that Laina had switched the open sign to closed at the front, so nobody would be interrupting them.

“My boy’s got some sexy friends, but you definitely take the cake for the sexiest, Joaq- Jo- uhh..”

“Just call me Jojo, Laina. All my friends do.” A smile formed on his features, lighting up the room for Laina, who was indicating how affected she was by just seeing him with no shirt on.

As this went on, the thought crept into the back of his mind that this was Alan’s mom. This flirtatious woman who looked as if she were in her late 20s despite being in her late 30s was the mother of the guy who attempted to make his life miserable for so many years. Despite that, he didn’t feel guilt over it, nor did he feel as if he was getting revenge. Sure, it was satisfying to have Alan’s mom lust after him the way she was, but vengeance was never something on his mind. Alan’s constant mistreatment and insults always seemed to brush off Joaquin’s back. All that mattered to him was this attractive woman had just fixed up his mother’s car free of charge and he had to pay her back in kind, so he would do just that.

As he was keeping Laina company, Selena was messaging him, asking for an estimated time on the car as she wanted to have it ready for her date with Alan later on. Hours went by and she hadn’t heard a single thing from him, so she, understandably, became frustrated. This was the first actual date she’d been able to get in so long and she wasn’t about to let something get in the way of that; still, she felt it was very inconsiderate of Joaquin to not keep her updated. As she stewed, she received a message from Alan.

“Hey, u ready to go soon? -Alan”

“Yes, but I’m güvenilir casino waiting for Joaquin to come back with the car -Selena”

“Did u tell him u had somewhere to be tonight? -Alan”

“Yes, I did.. Idk how I’m gonna get there without my car -Selena”

She knew very well she could just walk to meet him, but she didn’t want to risk her dress getting torn or dirty; that and she really didn’t feel like walking in heels. Her dress was very reserved, but the wrong movement would reveal too much of herself to anybody wanting to catch an eyeful. She looked at the conversation and saw Alan had read her message, but hadn’t said anything for a few minutes, making her think the date was off. She sat down and began plotting out the rest of her night alone, but soon felt her phone go off.

“I’ll come get u. I have a car. -Alan”

Relief washed over her, returning her smile she almost lost for a second. Still, she was very annoyed at the fact that she had to be picked up by her date, but she felt it was for the best in the end. After all, it was the norm for the man to pick up the woman on dates; it was the gentlemanly thing to do after all. She patiently waited for his arrival. In the meantime, she sent a group message to Joaquin and Clara.

“Ok, mama’s going out tonight so you 2 are on your own for dinner. Luv you! -Mom”

Clara immediately responded to the text.

“K. luv u 2 mommy! Working late again >_> -Clara”

Joaquin uncharacteristically didn’t respond at all. Selena began to worry that something may have happened to him to not answer her messages all day long. She decided to send one more text.

“Mijo? How about you? -Mom” “…”

Just then, Joaquin finally responded and alleviated his mother’s worry.

“Sorry, I got distracted. Ran into a friend after I took in the car. Will come home tomorrow morning. Luv you both! XOXO -Joaquin”

Selena sighed in relief that he was ok, but she was also very unhappy with him for ignoring her messages. Yes, he was a young guy with a life of his own, but she always instilled in him to always answer whenever mama calls no matter what; especially when it’s her car he’s joyriding in. As she got lost in thought, she heard a beep from outside. Alan had arrived and was waiting for her to come out.

She was surprised he hadn’t come to the door like a true gentleman would, but she brushed it off as inexperience due to youth. She turned off all the lights in the house and came out to greet Alan.

“Hey there, Selena. Ready to hit the movies?”

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, Alan.”

Alan hit a switch, opening the door to the passenger side of his car to let her in. After she got in, they made sure to secure themselves before Alan sped off into the sky. They had a very brief conversation during the drive to the theater.

“So Jojo just took the car out all day and didn’t come home? Not even a single word?”

“No. I sent him out to run an errand for me this morning and afterward he says he bumped into a friend and decided to spend time with them.

Alan’s mind immediately began going places from her tone of voice and what she was saying. It was one thing when Alan ran down her son, but it was another thing entirely to hear Selena do it instead. He made sure to word his next line very carefully in an attempt to goad her into doing what he wanted.

“No offense, but that sounds very disrespectful.. I mean, it shouldn’t be hard to take a minute of your time to let your mother know what you’re doing. It IS your car after all, right?”

“Exactamente! It’s my car, so he should be more considerate. He should know better..”

Alan was grinning internally, but kept a straight face and sighed, shaking his head side to side as he clicked his tongue. He decided to continue pushing his luck to see how badly he can badmouth Joaquin in front of her.

“Here I thought he was a good mama’s boy, but looks like I was wrong.”

“Hey now, don’t say that. He IS a good boy, but this was just one day. I only got so mad because I was looking forward to our date and didn’t want anything to get in the way of it.”

He nodded, understanding what she was saying. As she explained, he realized that he shouldn’t push his luck too much more. At least not right now while she was still wound up. A good movie night would be a nice distraction from it all.

“You’re right, this is probably just a small hiccup from an otherwise perfect son.”

It sickened Alan to have to give Joaquin the benefit of the doubt, but he knew he had to, otherwise Selena would up and leave him, not giving him a chance to properly tame her. They talked all the way to the theater and moved the conversation away from Joaquin and onto the movie.

While Alan was enamored by the story of famed heroine, Super-Nova, Selena actually knew her, so everything Alan would “reveal” to her were things she already knew, but she acted surprised to hear them to save face. As the hero, Mamacita, Selena was surrounded by an intense light which obscured her features, so nobody at the theater would recognize her when she was out of her heroine persona. She actually wondered if there’d be people dressed up as her since it was common for moviegoers to cosplay as the heroes during movie nights. Alan found some parking and landed in a spot very close to the theater, so they didn’t have to walk very far, which relieved Selena.

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