A Meeting of Minds Pt. 04

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Our lovemaking was, as ever, intense and fulfilling. Our minds were linked and we shared our joy and pleasure as my finger stroked my little one’s key, or as the Romans would have it, her clitoris. I felt my touch and our kiss reflected in me and our bodies arched as the climax burst from our centres. As we calmed down we kissed gently, over and over, expressing our love in our words and our actions.

Eventually, Jen kissed me softly and said, “Miss Anna, we should dress. Your appointment with Boudica is surely near.”

I smiled and kissed her. “Come with me, little one. On this of all days Boudica will be glad to see you. I feel it is key to what must happen in the future.”

I saw the look of caution mixed with delight on her face. “Yes, I think I would like that very much, Miss Anna.”

We arose from the bed, rinsed each other’s bodies from the tin bath of fresh water we always kept in the corner, and dressed in our floor length, red, woollen dresses, adding matching shawls of a deep amber.

As we approached Boudica’s chambers Jen’s arm linked through mine. I felt the warmth of her infuse me as she mind-kissed between my legs. I shuddered and laughed ruefully, saying, “Not now little one.”

She giggled, “I’m merely preparing you for our queen, Miss Anna.”

The two guards at Boudica’s door challenged us, holding their halberds at cross point, saying, “Who approaches the Queen’s chambers?”

I used the command voice, “You know full well, Gedric. I am Anna of the Iceni. We are expected.”

He looked at Jen. “Boudica is expecting just you, Anna of the Iceni. She will not be pleased to see that you have your harlot with you.”

My anger rose for a moment before I controlled it. I reached into his mind, placing shame there, and, with a threat in my voice said, “You will not call my wife such a thing. Boudica will see us both.”

He quickly retreated, nodding at the other guard. They uncrossed their halberds, opened the door and we swept between them. The door closed heavily behind us.

Boudica was standing with her back to us. Her waist length red-gold hair shimmering. Her coloured cloak magnificent to behold. She had a reputation of being fiery and difficult. We knew differently. I felt the touch of her mind.

Without turning she said, “Sweet Ana and Jen. I love that you have both come to me on this of all days.”

I touched her mind with love and said, “It is our time, Sweet Ola. I felt it when I awoke. I had to bring Jen with me. It would break my heart to leave her behind.”

She turned now, revealing that she was naked beneath the cloak. The look on her beautiful face was full of compassion and love. She shrugged and the great cloak fell to the floor, revealing her body fully to us. Her thatch of golden red pubis was clearly dampened, glistening in the light. Her breasts were full, her nipples dark and erect.

As always she kept the golden torc in place around her neck. It was the symbol that linked us all.

She walked forward and took one of each of our hands in hers. Jen and I likewise linked our hands, forming the three we had always been. She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Jen’s lips which I felt as a kiss on both of my nipples. Jen moaned softly and returned the kiss which was mirrored in me. My key throbbed with her mind’s touch.

Ola-Boudica released Jen from the kiss and moved to me. As she kissed me she expanded her mind-kiss to encompass my whole being. I was moved closer to my body infusing and releasing, which I yearned to let it do, but wanted to savour and hold our moment.

When she eventually pulled back I could feel my legs nearly collapse under me from the weight of the love and lust that bound all three of us.

Ola-Boudica said, “I am so glad you found and awakened me, Sweet Ana. I would have been a lost soul in this world without your awakening.”

I smiled and stroked her mind. “It was Jen who awoke me and I share your joy in our reunion.”

Ola-Boudica said, “Jen, we must disrobe Sweet Ana, and then we shall disrobe you. It has been too long.”

They unclasped my shawl and slipped my dress down, lowering it to the floor. We likewise undressed Jen, revealing her dark thatch of hair, her stiff nipples, her gorgeously curvaceous hips, the lips of her cunt were clearly puffy and wet. I couldn’t resist a mind-kiss on her key which made her gasp in pleasure and her eyes locked with mine.

Ola-Boudica walked gently backwards to the enormous bed in the far corner of her chambers, leading us with her.

She sat on the bed and then reclined. We both lay on either side of her and took one of güvenilir bahis her nipples each in our mouths, sucking greedily. We linked our ministrations to her key, which was erect and throbbing between her legs. She moaned and shared her joy and pleasure with us. Jen and I stroked fingers down over Ola-Boudica’s mound, joining our strokes on her. I moved my fingers down to her entrance and slid them into her, feeling her velvet wetness clamping on me as I stroked her inner key as she had taught me all those millenia ago.

I felt my own key being stroked and then thrilled as Ola-Boudica’s fingers found my entrance. I opened to her and felt filled by her, my cunt clamping as our joint release flowed out from us. In that moment we linked to our ancient and future selves, trying to find the ones who would reunite our world.

They were there, on a hilltop in the west of the country, their own release feeding back into us. Our joy continued for what felt like an age, not diminishing but rolling on and on. We all cried out in ecstasy, surely alerting the guards at the door to our activities but we didn’t care. We had sealed and cured the future.


Jen and I entered the Great Hall, our hands linked. There was quite a crowd building but I quickly caught sight of Ola, her golden locks glistening in the light, her dark skin seeming to shine. She smiled at me and walked over to join us. She looked at Jen and smiled before placing a soft kiss with deep passion on my lips.

Breaking the kiss she asked, “Accompanied so quickly, Ana?”

I returned her smile with warmth, “Sweet Ola. I want you to meet the love of all my lives, Jen.”

She raised a quizzical eyebrow, “The love of your lives? How have you kept her a secret for so long?”

Jen let out a soft Laugh, “Ola, I should explain. We only met today but we are destined to be together through our reincarnations and now I know something more. I can see it in you. I am honoured to meet my eternal lover’s friend.”

Ola looked confused and I had a sudden realisation. I turned to Jen and said, “Little one. What Pia told me last night becomes clearer to me now. It is why I awoke with my sense of destiny. We are to form the solution, I know it. We will be the ones who ensure we survive.”

Jen’s brow furrowed and Ola interrupted, “Survive what, Ana?”

At that moment Pia walked onto the dais, her jet black locks, tumbling down over her naked body. She looked flushed. She mind-spoke to quiet the room saying, ‘We are assembled’. I noticed that she was carrying a golden torc in her hand and wondered what it was intended for.

“My people,” she said aloud, “we have understood something that may be a tragedy for us but we believe we now know that there is a way to save ourselves.”

She paused briefly to let this sink in. Of course, I knew some of what she was going to say but I didn’t yet know everything.

“Our sun is warming. The earth will soon be ravaged by floods and our society will most likely be decimated and will fall. However, we have determined that there is a way for our souls to persist and pass through to other generations. It will be some hundreds, if not thousands of years, before the key souls will emerge and understand who they are. Once they are truly reunited, they will be able to find us. This may not happen on the first, second or even hundredth reincarnation, but it will happen.”

I saw her catch my glance and called out, “Ana, did you find your destiny today?”

I looked at Jen and back at Pia, “Yes, my dreamer of miracles, I did. Here is Jen,” I said, “She is my shared soul.”

Pia smiled and nodded. She looked at Ola, “And you, Ola. Will you join them? It must be a three for all time. You will not always be found by Ana and Jen, but you will act as the portal to opening the world once more.”

Ola looked at me, then Jen, clearly looking for our consent. Without even having to consider it we both nodded and she looked at Pia and said, “I am honoured, perfect Pia. I will gladly join Ana and Jen. I look forward to our reunions throughout history and our ultimate goal. I also look forward to our joining today.”

Pia walked down from the dais and came to us. She placed a kiss on each of our lips and mind-stroked our centres. We all shuddered with pleasure. Without asking for consent she placed the golden torc around Ola’s neck, saying, “Through all time you will link through the torc. When you find it, it will draw Ana and Jen to you. For now, go and enjoy yourselves. We have work to do but one day will not make a difference.”

We walked out of the Great Hall, aware of all eyes and minds türkçe bahis on the three of us.

As we walked along the main thoroughfare Ola said, “Come to my residence, Jen and Ana. I wish to know you Jen. I need to explore you and we can teach each other our bodies.”

A broad grin broke out on my face and I squeezed Jen’s hand before saying, “Ola is a passion guru, little one. I am looking forward to our explorations.”

Jen returned my squeeze adding a mind-kiss for both Ola and me. “I am wet with the thought of it, Miss Ana.”

We arrived at Ola’s lodgings on the outskirts of the city and entered her sumptuous bedroom. I was very familiar with her enormous, circular bed and I felt my own excitement and anticipation rise as Ola led us both to it.

“Lay down, Jen. Let Ana and I explore you.”

Jen had a look of fire in her eyes as she lay back. She looked so beautiful and perfect as Ola crawled up next to her.

Ola looked at me and took my hand saying, “Come and sit on Jen’s other side, Ana.”

I happily obeyed, knowing that Ola’s perfection would infuse us both with joy.

She started by brushing her fingers through Jen’s hair, spreading it out around her. She said, “Jen, Ana, I need you to link with me and focus on Jen’s centre. Follow my lead.”

We linked our minds as asked and I felt us being led into Jen’s centre. We were inside her and Ola expanded so that Jen’s cunt was filled with us. I saw her writhe on the bed, moaning in pleasure. She locked her eyes on me and said, “I have never felt so wonderfully full, Miss Ana. It is amazing. Like Ola is inside me.”

“I can feel it, little one. I told you she is a passion guru.”

At that moment, Ola moved to lay between Jen’s legs and we all let out a moan as she started moving as if she had a phallus and the movement in Jen likewise shadowed her movements.

I almost lost control from the pleasure I was feeling but kept my mind linked as Ola expanded her mind with us to enclose Jen’s clitoris. I lay next to her and took her nipple in my mouth, savouring its sweet stiffness as she shared her joy with us.

Ola said, “Jen, you are close to release but please hold it. Don’t let it take you just yet. Stay here, on the edge with us. Focus on my golden torc. Fill it with your joy when I finally let you go.”

I felt my own cunt filled now and felt Ola’s movements in all of us. I was crying out, as was Jen who said, “Please, Guru Ola… may I?”

Ola smiled and said, “Yes, our little one, you may. Now!”

It filled all of us. It spread from inside me, Jen and Ola. It washed in beautiful waves, over and over. We all linked with the torc, filling it with our multiple orgasms. Charging it.

As we all calmed down, Ola collapsed on Jen and they kissed passionately.

I finally understood the importance of the torc. It would be possible to find Ola because of the energy it contained. When she found it, it would show her to us.


I lay next to Jen on the warm ground of the Tor. I kissed her and said, “Little one. We must find Ola. She is lost out there somewhere. Can you sense her? Has she found the torc?”

Jen closed her eyes and we linked minds, searching, looking for our energy in the torc. There it was. It was clear and it wasn’t very far away. We reached out to find Ola’s mind. We both felt the shock from her and we gently suggested that she should head to our cottage.

I felt a rush of excitement. We were to be reunited at last and we could start finding and rebuilding. We had failed in the court of Boudica because we were still learning. We had now reached the point, I felt it in my heart, where we knew enough and our three had the strength and knowledge to complete the task. To close the circle.

We hurriedly redressed each other and walked, hand in hand, down the Tor to my car and headed back to the town. As we approached the cottage I felt my heart flip. Standing outside the front door, there was Ola, her red-gold hair unmistakable. The golden torc was in place around her beautiful neck. She was wearing an elegant, emerald green halter neck dress that came to just above mid-thigh. She also had a vaguely puzzled look on her face.

I parked and we ran out of the car to embrace her. She looked shocked as we approached and she pulled back, saying, “Who on earth are you? Do I know you?”

Jen and I linked and stroked her mind, mind-speaking her, ‘Ola. It is us. Ana and Jen.’

A startled look crossed her face and she said aloud, “My name is not Ola, it is Olivia. How did you do…”

She stopped and her face broke into a look of wonder and delight. She said, güvenilir bahis siteleri “Oh… my… god… Ana, sweet Ana. And our little one. How did I not remember until now?”

We stood there in the street, and we hugged, the three of us linked and she mind-spoke, “I have missed you so much and didn’t even know what it was I was missing. I felt compelled to come here and had no idea why, and now I do. Come, Sweet Ana and our little one. We have work to do but, as Pia said all those years ago, one day won’t make any difference. We must make love. I know I’ve not experienced anything like what we achieve, at least in this body. Lead me. God, girls, I need to be fucked by you.”

I unlocked the front door and, almost in a mad rush, we headed for the bedroom.

I was surprised when Jen, of all people, led the way and took control. She kissed Ola and then pulled back, saying, “I will undress my two loves, and then you will undress me. Then, and only then, Sweet Ola, will we join. It is in the joining that we will start the process of finding everyone. I know it. Do you remember when we first made our three and Pia came to us and said it would be me who would find you?”

We both nodded, our memories now returning fully. That day, Pia had come to us and given us our roles. The ones we must play throughout history.

Ola was to be the key. We had to be the three through her.

Jen would be the finder.

I would be the binder. The one who collected us and through whom our energy would coalesce.

Jen slowly undid the halter tie on Ola’s dress and stripped it down revealing her braless breasts and crimson panties, which Jen gently lowered. Ola stepped out of them. Next Jen turned to me and slid my dress down from my shoulders. I stepped out of it, naked, and Ola sighed softly.

“Oh my sweet Ana. Time has played wonderfully with you. You are more beautiful than I remember.”

She reached out with her mind and filled my core as she had Jen’s twelve thousand years before. I moaned as I felt the rush through my body, sharing it with my two, eternal lovers.

We both moved to Jen and undressed her. Once we were all naked I kissed her soft lips. before saying, “Little one, you are to be the one, not me. Ola, fill her if you can?”

I was surprised when I felt Jen’s cunt fill with Ola’s presence and mine did not diminish. Our minds were hers and I gasped as I felt Ola’s own cunt fill with us. We fell back onto the bed, and our love was complete. In the reverse of our first time, Jen lay between Ola’s legs and moved against her, fucking her as only we could. I felt every movement, every filling moment. We stood outside and inside our bodies, watching and feeling ourselves. Jen’s beautiful black hair draping over Ola’s red-blonde, me at the side, kissing Ola as our passion built to a peak none of us knew was possible.

Jen moaned out and said, in short gasps, “Hold… it… Ola, Miss Ana… hold it… don’t release until…”

We all held on to our release and then Jen practically screamed, “Now! Come for your little one my loves. Come now!”

The energy released and doubled and then tripled, It came from the torc and mingled with our passion and burst out from us in a flooding cascade of release. I felt Ola’s cunt alive with her juices, tasted our little one’s love, felt the gush from me. It was like nothing we had ever experienced in all our existences. It was powerful and intense. It carried us on and on, the energy pulsing out from us. It was exquisite and beautiful.

We slowly came down to earth, still linked, permanently it seemed. We kissed in every combination possible and then the world slowed for us and for a time we fell asleep, naked as we should always have been, in each other’s arms.

Some time later I was awakened by a knock on the front door of the cottage. Jen and Ola were still fast asleep so I wriggled myself out from them, looking down and seeing their beauty, smiling, while I slipped on a shift dress and went to the door, where the knocking was now becoming more insistent.

I opened it and there, in all her glory, was Pia. Her unmistakable jet black locks, her dark eyes.

“Oh, Sweet Ana, you did it! You did it! I love you so much!”

I pulled her to me, taking her in my arms as we kissed. We broke so that she could enter the cottage. At that point she cried out in joy, “Ola! Jen! Oh my loves. I am found and we are saved.”

I turned. There were Ola and Jen, standing naked together in the doorway, holding hands. Their faces were beaming with joy as Pia and I approached.

Pia kissed Jen and then Ola. My heart lifted as we all linked and shared. Finally Pia said, “And now, my loves, comes our reunion. I have missed the truly sensual touch that only we can know. Take me, all of you, and then we will gather all of our people and the world can be repaired.”

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