A Little Help for a Friend

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I love to train for triathlons. I love riding my bike long distances on the weekend. My wife is more of an indoor workout person. She teaches Zumba, Step Aerobics and regular aerobics.

We go to triathlons out of town at least once a year. It’s a fun weekend around people with a healthy lifestyle. We meet people we usually see once a year at the most popular races. It’s a fun time.

One of the couples we know is similar to my wife and me. The husband is mid 50s and loves triathlon. The wife is at least ten years younger and takes my wife’s aerobic classes. We are not close to them, but have gone to dinner with them at out of town races or sat with them for pre-race carbo loading meals.

One day my wife got a very unusual request. The wife of this couple had missed aerobic classes for over a year. We did not see Matt or Julie at any races for an entire season. After aerobics class Julie walked up to my wife and said, “”I wonder if you and your husband could help me. I need someone to clean out Matt’s triathlon room at the house at try to sell his bikes.”

My wife said, “Why? Did you and Matt get a divorce?”

Julie said, “Matt developed cancer. Because he was so fit he continued to train until he really struggled with training and then went to the doctor. His cancer was beyond repair and he only lived another three months. He died over a year ago.”

Jessie, my wife, said, “I’m so sorry. I’ll get Jason to come over Saturday at noon. Is that OK?”

Julie said, “Great. I don’t want to be home. The garage door code is 6473. Take the bikes and clean out his office which is only tri gear. Do whatever you want with the gear. I trust you on returning anything you get if you can sell the bikes.”

Saturday arrived. I took my van with bike racks and started the task of removing the gear and bikes. The task was simple enough. The bikes were in the garage. The gear was neatly arranged in a closet and a dresser. There was one different box next to the dresser. It looked like a large, colorful ladies hatbox. I took the lid off to find it full of panties. Below the panties was a strap-on harness with a thick, nine inch black cock.

At first I assumed the panties belonged to Julie. Then I looked at them closely, mainly because I love panties and wear them whenever my wife and I go out. I quickly saw that the panties were not Julie’s. The Victoria Secrets were a large. My wife has slightly fuller figure than Julie and wears a medium. The Maidenform and Bali panties were a size 10. Julie wasn’t close to that.

The box had Joe Boxer satin string bikini panties, VS cheekini panties, full cut older panties that had to be Julie’s old panties, mostly Maidenform and even some silk boy shorts. Then it dawned on me. These panties would fit me. WOW, Matt wore panties and evidently got fucked in the ass by Julie if the strap-on was one their toys.

I quickly called Jessie. I said, “You are not going to believe this. Matt’s tri room has a pantie box. The panties are far too big for Julie. They have to be Matt’s. Inside the pantie box is a strap-on harness and big black cock.”

Jessie said, “Are you sure? This is crazy. They used to enjoy the same pleasures as us.”

I agreed and said I would be home soon. I told Jessie I was bringing the panties and Strap-on with me. She agreed that would be best. That pantie box is the real reason she didn’t want to be home, not the tri gear and bikes.

Jessie and I talked about how sad it must be for Julie. Both her husband and her very wild, active sex life were gone.

The following Tuesday I returned home from a 90 minute bike ride to find Julie and Jessie in the kitchen after aerobics class having a class of wine. Jessie invited Julie over for some girl talk. I said hi to both of them and headed for the shower. As I walked through the kitchen I saw Matt’s pantie box sitting on the kitchen table. That seemed interesting.

I jumped in the shower. As I showered Julie came into the bathroom and said, “I put some sexy panties, lace top stockings and a garter belt on the bed. Please put everything on and walk out to the kitchen when you are done.”

I was excited. I was going to get fucked and things seemed like a great Tuesday night was ahead of me. I assumed the girl talk had Jessie’s juices flowing and she needed cock.

I walked into the kitchen and before I turned the corner I said, “Here’s bahis firmaları that cock you love in the panties you picked out.”

Once I had a full view of the kitchen I realized Julie had not left. Both Julie and Jessie were still sitting there.

Jessie said, “Very nice Jason. Very, very nice.”

Julie said, “Oh my god. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen a cock in panties. You look so sexy. Can I touch your cock in your panties?”

Jessie said, “Sure. Just a quick touch.”

Julie rubbed my cock and patted my ass.

Then Jessie said, “About ten years ago Jason and I found the path to sexual bliss. We both enjoy planning ahead for sex. We both enjoy each other’s orgasms. I’ll do anything, anything at all that Jason wants. If I don’t want to do something I suck it up and do it at least once for Jason. He is so appreciative he does anything I say and allows me to control when and if he cums. Jason is very loyal and I trust him completely. That’s what taking good care of your hubby’s cock gets you.”

Jessie added what she was willing to do for Julie to help you get back to a normal sex life. She was going to allow Julie to have me sexually, as long as Jessie was in the room, no romance just raw sex. Jessie was only going to observe unless Jukie wanted her to join in. Jessie then said, “Jason is very talented with his tongue, fingers and cock. He can last for over an hour given the right circumstances. If you start talking dirty and play with his nipples while his cock is in your pussy he will not last very long, but he is good enough to let you know to stop both and he regains control.”

Then Jessie said, “How about the three of us go out to dinner next Saturday and we return here so Jason can wear your pussy out? Remember, I have to be in the room at all times.”

Julie’s response was, “Let me think about this.”

A few hours passed. Jessie and I did some good fucking. We were resting and the phone range. It was Julie. She said, “I’m all in for Saturday. I am so excited. I masturbated for the first time since I can remember in a long time. I had two very strong orgasms. Please let me pick the restaurant for Saturday and I have no problem with you being in the room when Jason takes care of me. I can’t wait. I may masturbate daily until Saturday.”

That Thursday Julie took Jessie’s aerobics class. Afterward Julie told Jessie, “I am so grateful for you helping me on a personal level. The whole idea is so exciting. I can comfortably get back to an enjoyable sex life without the hassle. I’m renting a limo for us and have made reservations at The Island Grill. It’s upscale and elegant. Wear a sundress. Jason can just wear slacks and a polo shirt. I’ll have the limo come get you at 8PM and then stop to pick me up.”

Saturday came. Jessie wore a silky, flowing flowered sundress. She was braless and looked stunning. I wore khaki dress pants and a black collared Oakley shirt. The limo picked us up. The driver handed us a glass of Champaign and headed to Julie’s.

When we arrived Julie walked out in a beautiful sundress with a tube top. It had no straps and her tits looked gigantic. The dress was very tight above the waist. The dress was less tight below the waist, but somehow it made her ass look so big and so beautiful below her thin waist. Both Jessie and I said, “Wow.” as she walked to the limo.

She got in the car with her Champaign glass and said, “I want to thank both of you again. This is so exciting and special.”

We drove to the restaurant and had casual conversation about fitness and healthy eating. As we got out of the limo Julie said, “Things will be different on the ride back to your place. I plan to get your thick cock out of your panties and suck you real good on the way home. I haven’t had a cock in my mouth for over a year and I desperately want that taste and feeling.”

I didn’t say a thing. Jessie said, “Tonight is your night. You can do anything you want and ask for anything. I’ve told Jason that he cannot cum until her has worn your pussy out. He also has been instructed to give you as much tongue as you can take and make sure you are exhausted from orgasm after orgasm. If he needs help, I’m here to add to your pleasure.”

The conversation at dinner was very sexual after Julie’s comment getting out of the limo. She told us she loved getting fucked from behind, especially in all fours. She kaçak iddaa said she loved getting fucked around the house as much as in bed. She said she didn’t want to keep referring to Matt, but he would never want her to stop having sexual pleasure after he was gone. Then she added, “I used to love to have Matt come my tits and then feed his cum to him. He loved the taste of his own cum.”

As the dinner ended Julie pulled two small bags out of her large purse. She said, “Open these gifts. I made a special trip to find these for you, today.”

The two bags had matching panties. The beautiful pink panties had a white lace trim. They were Victoria Secret brand and were our sizes. Then she added, “Matt never wanted to wear panties. I begged him to put a pair of mine on after some intense foreplay. He did and I went crazy. I love men in panties and by the way, I’m wearing the same panties I just gave you two.”

Julie added, “I hope you don’t mind. This limo driver is very discreet. The window between the driver and us will be closed when we get back in. I want you two to put your new panties on in the limo and then I plan to suck Jason’s thick cock on the way to your house. I’m really wet.”

Jason said, “I never turn down a blow job from Jessie, but can I suggest that I eat you instead? This is your night and I can give you an orgasm or two before we get to the house. We have plenty of time for you to suck my cock later.”

Julie said, “I really want a cock in my mouth, but a couple orgasms to start the night sounds even better.”

Jessie and I got our new panties on right away. Julie pulled her skirt up to her waist and I started kissing and licking her thighs. I licked and sucked her pussy lips. I put my finger into her and massaged her G Spot. She was a moaning very intensely. As I started to move toward Julie’s clit I raised my eyes for a second and noticed Jessie had pulled down Julie’s top and was playing with her braless tits and nipples. I licked the edges of Julie’s clit and she moaned louder. Finally, I took her engorged clit into my lips and started sucking it in and out. She exploded a strong orgasm. Then she said, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I feel another one, please keep sucking.”

I did and Julie exploded again, but not as strong. Jessie put her top back up and Julie slid her dress down. Julie said, “That was amazing and we really haven’t arrived at your house. That’s the first time another female has played with my tits. It felt great, Jessie. You have magic fingers. I hope you will join the fun tonight and not just observe.”

Jessie said, “I’d love to join in. I get a lot of practice playing with nipples on Jason’s nipples. He loves nipple play, but tonight is about you, Julie. Jason and I are going to be exhaust you sexually. I will help where I can, but you get as much of Jason’s cock as you want. He took a Viagra and can go for hours, just don’t talk dirty to him and play with his nipples while his cock is in you. He can’t handle that and will cum. You don’t want him to cum until you have had your pussy pounded for a few hours.”

We walked into the house and sent the limo driver on his way. I undressed Julie, slowly. Her braless tits were both big and perky. Jessie waited patiently. I then undressed Jessie down to her shelf bra and new pink panties she put on in the limo.

I took both Julie and Jessie by the hand and walked them to the bedroom. When we arrived Jessie turned Julie to her, hugged her tit to tit and gave her a long, tongue filled kiss. Then Jessie said, “Enjoy yourself completely. Let it all happen so you have the best night of your sexual life.”

I told Julie to get on her knees. She did exactly as told. I then said, “Here’s the cock you wanted to suck in the limo.”

Julie licked and sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow. I put my hands on the back of her head and thrusted my cock in and out of her mouth. She loved it. She pulled her mouth off of my cock, spit on it and started thrusting her mouth up and down my cock shaft. She was good at sucking a cock.

Then I said, “Turn around and get on your hands and knees.” She did and I entered her from behind on my knees. As soon as I got in her I got back up on my feet and was riding her ass, fucking her doggie style.

I then said, “Is this the way you like getting fucked, because if it is I can go a long, long time.” I was a thrusting hard into her. kaçak bahis It was easy to hear our skin under our panties smacking each other. Julie was screaming, “Yes, Yes, Yes, fuck me hard. Pound my pussy.”

I worked her real hard and she got quiet. I said, “Get on your back on the bed.”

She did and I grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge with her ass slightly over the edge. I entered her and placed my hands on her big tits. I was standing at the side of the bed. I said, “This is how I can work your pussy the best. I can go slow, then hard, then slow then hard. You are going to love this fucking.”

I put her legs over my shoulders and started giving her the fucking she missed for over a year. She was moaning and screaming again. I was able to play with her clit from this position and Julie went crazy. She had two more strong orgasms and quieted again.

I told her to stand up and bend over the bed. She did and I fucked her standing up from behind. I smacked her ass a few times and she loved it.

As all this was taking place Jessie was very quiet. Then I noticed her standing near me wearing her strap on. She had a gleam in her eye and mouthed DP without a noise to me. I shook my head yes.

I pulled out of Julie and said, “Time for you to ride me. Let me get on the bed with my feet over the edge and your ride this cock.”

She did exactly as she was told without a word. She was riding me with my hands guiding her ass up and down. I was playing with her tits. I said, “Lean forward so I can suck your tits.”

She did so exposing her ass to Jessie. Jessie approached her from behind and put her hands on Julie’s shoulders. The she rubbed her back down to her ass cheeks. She then placed a finger in Julie’s ass. She had lube on her fingers and added another. Finally, she put the big black cock on Julie’s ass hole and slid the cock into her ass. Julie squealed with pleasure. Then she screamed. “Fuck me, Fuck me hard. I want my ass and pussy pounded. Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me. Oh, Oh, Oh. Yes, Yes Yes. I love cock.”

Julie had another orgasm and Jessie removed the cock from her ass. Julie lay next to me on the bed spent. I had not cum yet and was really enjoying myself. Jessie said, “What do you want Julie?”

Julie said to Jessie, “Let me rest for a minute, then will you fuck me doggie style?”

Julie said, “I’d love to fuck you on your knees.”

I took a brief rest. I looked at the digital clock and we had been going at it for slightly over 90 minutes. Jessie pounded Julie like a wild woman. Something crazy gets into Jessie when she wears her big black cock.

When the girls were done, I asked the girls if I could have some of Jessie’s pussy. They agreed. Then Julie said, “Will you cum on my titties afterward?”

My reply was, “I sure will, If you feed me my cum afterward.”

Julie got up on the middle of the bed. I rolled her onto her side and got on my knees behind her. This is the best position for the best feeling on my cock and also the best way to get deep into a pussy. I was able to give Julie some good cock and then said, “Talk dirty to me, Julie.”

Julie reached up and twisted my right nipple. She said, “I love your thick cock. I want your cum. I want your cum all over my titties.”

I asked Julie to get on her back. I put her legs over my shoulders and rolled up on her so her ass was in the air a bit and I was thrusting down. She grabbed both of my nipples and said, “Is this what you like big boy? Give me a big load of cum. I’ll share it with you. Come on, cum for me.”

Julie started moaning and so did I. I pulled my cock out at just the last second. My first wad hit Julie’s chin. The next flow of cum was more of a squirt than a wad. Her tits were full of cum.

Julie said, “Get on your back.”

I did and she sucked the last cum out of my cock. She got some cum on her fingers and placed it on my lips. I sucked her finger dry and said, “Join us Jessie. This whole night was your idea. Jessie licked cum off Julie’s tits and gave her a big, long kiss. The three of us shared the cum and talked about the evening.

Julie said how much she appreciated us taking care of her so she can make a full recovery from her tragedy. Then she said, “If Jason can sell Matt’s bike, I’ll take the three of us to Key West on one condition. I’ve always wanted to dress like a man and have Matt dress like a woman. I’ll pay if Jason dresses like a woman all weekend and I get the same treatment that weekend as tonight. Pussy pounding, but I’m bringing my own strap on.”

Jessie said, “We’re in. Let us know the date.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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