A Late Finish

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Linda sat at her desk, keyboard rattling as she typed up her latest report on the newest addition to the kennels. She’d been managing the renovation of the East Wing of the building, turning it into a breeding suite for pedigree dogs. The newest additions to these kennels were premium grade, the best genetics that money could buy, and hopefully, they would increase their investment tenfold.

Her demeanor was that of a complete professional – head high and back straight as the Labrador worked, her charcoal business suit neat and clean, contrasting nicely with her blonde fur. A set of horn-rimmed glasses were perched on her muzzle, set perfectly straight.

The tapping of keys was interrupted by a knock on the door to her office. Not looking up from her work, Linda called out;
“Come in.” The door swung open and a squirrel in her teens nervously entered. She was one of the work experience girls who’d been doing voluntary shifts to help out the kennels and earn something to put on their résumé. It was a Sunday afternoon, and right now it was just Linda and her, Chloe, working, the teen tending to the dogs while Linda did the adoption and breeding paperwork from the recent expansion.

“I’m really sorry Miss, but I have to go,” The girl panted. It looked as if she had run straight to the office from whatever she’d been doing “Right now.”
Linda mulled it over for a moment; it was quite late now, and there wasn’t much left to do with the dogs. Her report would soon be finished and it would be time to lock up for the night.
“I think I can manage for the rest of the evening.” Linda said, eliciting a sigh of relief from the teen.
“Oh, thank you, Miss!” The squirrel said as she hurried away. “Oh, and Baxter is still outside.” She called, just before closing the door.

Linda nodded, to herself as the girl was already gone. Baxter was the latest addition to the breeding wing – a gigantic St Bernard, a complete purebred. She resumed her report, taking time as to finish it carefully, before setting off down the corridors to the outdoors pen. The halls were filled with kennels, each one with a either a single dog inside, or two if they were small. The barked at her and jumped up against the bars, vying for her attention just as they did when people came to adopt. A few just sniffed at her curiously, a bit unsure of her scent.

It wasn’t far to the outdoors pen. She unlocked the door and swung it open, stepping out onto the short cut grass. She could see him playing with some kind of toy in the far corner. He was a big dog – If someone held him up, he’d probably be taller than her! His long coat was white with large brown splotches, and his big head had floppy ears and a short, square muzzle.
He immediately bounded over to Linda, running a few rings around her. She fussed his ears for a moment, him nuzzling up to her hand and looking up at her with big, chestnut eyes, before she clipped on his lead and began walking him back to his pen. He was quite boisterous and it was more of him leading her as the strong dog nearly dragged Linda along behind her. She managed to lead him back inside and half drag, half be-dragged to his kennel. It took a big heave to try and get him to go into his kennel, but Linda wasn’t prepared to give up, and soon he was in his pen, looking rather sadly up at her.

Feeling satisfied with her dog-wrangling, Linda went to close the kennel door but Baxter still wanted to play. Rearing up, nearly as tall as her, he jumped on her. She struggled to stand with the giant dog’s weight bearing down on her, staggering backwards and trying to swat him down. She managed to push the dog off, who just sat back on the ground looking a little confused.

“Bad dog.” She puffed at him, straightening the creases in her blouse. The dog jumped up again, standing on two legs and putting his huge paws on her shoulders. His great strength pushed her down to the floor with him nearly landing on top of her. Linda struggled away from the playful dog as he jumped around her. Now there were muddy paw prints on her jacket, blouse and skirt now. Angrily, she pushed Baxter away.
“Bad dog!” She repeated, before getting to her feet, striding out and slamming the door behind her. For a moment, Baxter just sat alone in his kennel, ears down and tail swishing sadly.

He’d been bad.

But eventually he got up and pushed the unlocked door back open. She hadn’t pulled the bolt back when she shut the door, and it had just ricocheted off the frame. The big dog sniffed the ground for a moment, and then set off down the hall.


Linda always kept a change of clothes in her office. When dealing with animals, you never knew what to expect so it is always best to plan ahead; It wouldn’t do to have a meeting with ripped or muddy clothes if it called for her to work in the kennels. Usually, her staff did all the menial work, but it was always best to be prepared for times like these.

Her hands quickly found the buttons on her jacked and undid them. She shrugged it off, letting it fall to the ground, shortly followed by her blouse. She took a moment to stretch, shaking her fur, before she dropped her skirt, leaving her in nothing but her underwear – a lacy bra and panties, and nylon tights. The tights had been ripped in the scuffle, so they had to go too.

She didn’t see Baxter enter, the dog slinking through the ajar door to her office. He saw her bent over, struggling to pull a new pair of tights over her ankles.
For some time, he just stood there, watching the Labrador struggle them up her shapely calves. He watched her paws running over her fur as she tugged the nylon up her legs. Her butt wiggled with each movement, tail swishing. Her lacy panties were not leaving much to the eye. Baxter could smell her nudity; the pheromones in her fur. He could sense her body, as she carried on struggling to dress herself, completely oblivious to her voyeur.

His attraction to the woman made the thick sheath between his legs tingle. He’d enjoyed playing with her, jumping up and running around. Maybe she enjoyed him too, and had led him back to her den. Her clothes were practically gone and she was bent down and exposed to him, silky golden fur almost radiant in the office light. She was all a dog could desire, pandering to both his animal instinct and the desire to breed as far up his station as he could – and the Labrador before him was certainly good breeding.

A glowering red tip slid out of his sheath and his balls twitched as he felt the blood surge into this crotch. She was grinding her hips towards him as she was trying to get the tight nylon over her knees. Baxter paced back and forth, his growing pendulum swinging between his legs. The size of his swelling cock made his steps difficult. Linda stopped for a moment, paws on knees, pondering whether these tights might not fit.

The sight made the dog too horny to just watch, as she jutted her ass out towards him, her tail swishing absently. Baxter took a few steps back before charging forward into Linda’s legs, jumping up and catching her by surprise, knocking her to the floor. She was tangled in nylon, unable to move her legs and get up as the dog bounded around her. Pedigree Ferals were smart, for dogs, and Baxter knew he wouldn’t be able to get to that sweet, anthro sex while those panties were in the way.
Licking over the thin material, broad tongue brushing the fur on her thighs and ass, he caught the material in his front teeth and pulled. It tore easily, and unreeled away from her body as the fabric turned to ribbons. She tried to struggle away from him, swatting his face with her tail. A playful bite to the rump made her freeze in fear, terrified that the dog might savage her. But to Baxter, this was all just fun and games, as he peeled the shreds of her panties away and lapped his tongue over her now naked pussy.

That was the first hint Linda got of Baxter’s inclinations, as his tongue lapped at her sex. The second was when, satisfied he’d wetted her enough; he reared up and mounted her. Shocked at this sudden bahis firmaları escalation, she tried to escape him, digging her paws into the carpet and trying to craw forward, away from his advance.
Another nip on the back of her neck was all the warning she needed. The St Bernard was a very powerful animal, and she was now at his mercy. He was in control and she knew it was helpless to fight him back, remembering how easily he had knocked her down before. Shaking in fear, Linda dropped her head and looked backwards between her legs.

She gasped – His cock was huge! The Labrador couldn’t imagine taking even a portion of that prick into her, her lady parts much smaller than what a feral dog would want. It was all of twelve inches in length and nearly as thick as her wrist. Rigid and red, it was a fearsome weapon to have aimed at her snug little pussy. Two big, heavy balls hung behind it, looking full and round, no doubt filled with pedigree cum, ready to make his puppies.

“No! Bad!” She cried out, almost hysterical. If he bred her, she could get pregnant! She knew that even though she was just an ‘animal’, he could very well knock her up. As if raping her wasn’t bad enough! Baxter however, was not a dog to be reasoned with. Rampant with horniness, he manoeuvred his massive prick in line with her crotch and with a series of rough jabs, managed to lodge the tip between the lips of her tight cunt. She squealed, pressing her thighs together. For a moment it felt like he was going to bite again, making Linda flinch and relax her thighs.

That was all he needed. With a deft push, he forcefully let himself in and did what he’d been trained to do – breed bitches. Head down, Linda cried out as her hole opened around his thick cock, his oily shaft sliding jerkily into her tongue-wetted cunt. He plunged deep on the first thrust, making the little Labrador yowl in surprise. She tried to weigh up in her mind if getting bitten was worth trying to struggle away, but it was difficult to think with her pussy being rammed open. She could her him panting, his head just above hers, lolling tongue drooling into her fur. His forepaws hugged her tight, frantically ploughing her with his big, feral cock.

Oh God, what was happening? Help was required, no matter how embarrassing this situation was, otherwise this dog was going to fuck her silly, or worse bite her to pieces – and she tried not to think about what could happen if he let those balls release inside her, and let herself get filled to the max with his St Bernard spunk.

Struggling under the constantly shifting weight, she reached her arm out, grasping for anything in reach. She saw, by her desk – a board pointer that she used for presentations. She managed to just about brush her pawtips across it. It was out of reach until Baxter gave her a hard push, knocking her hand forward and toppling the pointer to the ground. It was easy to grab now, and she slid it towards herself, groaning as she felt his cock stretching the deepest parts of her tight pussy.

Struggling to stay clear and calm as the big dog fucked her across the carpet, she rolled it the pointer to her other paw and pointed it up to the wall. There was a fire alarm set low on the wall and not far away. If she could hit it, the siren would go off and either scare the dog away or attract help. It took another stretch, straining against the St Bernard as he kept pulling her back onto his prick. After a few stiff bumps, she managed to break the glass and hit the button, bracing herself for the scream of the alarm.

Nothing happened.

Shit. They had been rewiring the systems when they did the building work on the East Wing! The alarm bells must still be disconnected. Linda’s face fell as she realised all she could do was stay there and wait for the end, as the big animal stuffed his cock into her again and again, thick and hot. He was pulling nearly all the way out, and then ramming the whole length deep into her, making her squeak with each thrust. Something was dripping out of her pussy; a steady stream precum that the dog was using to make his rape easier, as he used her like a bitch on the carpet of her own office.

His pace increased, her tits swaying underneath her with each of Baxter’s frantic thrusts, still contained in her lacy bra. Something had started to smack into her hole, pushing against her every time he drew out far. It was getting bigger, bouncing off her pussy as his cock began to swell, engorged length opening her further and further.

“Oh fuck.” She said biting her lip. She knew about knotting. Anthro men had them, but it was more of a novelty than the big soft-ball sized plugs that a feral had, all for keeping the cum inside heir little bitches. And being a breeding pedigree, Baxter had one hell of a swollen plug, just to make sure every drop stayed in his bitches pussy. He had to slow down, as his knot was getting nearly too big to enter and exit her tight hole. Linda’s head was swimming as she felt him press hard against her, the knot squishing against her whole pussy.

With a hard, desperate push, he forced his knot forward, her opening slowly stretching to let it enter her, before it squeezed in, plugging her pussy tight shut with feral cock. She tried hopelessly to tug herself away as she felt him get stuck inside her, locked into her. She thought of his massive prick; no condom or protection to stop him from filling her up with pedigree cum, nothing to stop her from having his feral puppies if she didn’t get him out – fast.

She didn’t even get to try; a quivering groan escaped her lips as she felt his hot cum squirting into her pussy, filling her with his fertile seed. He was really panting, in the throes of orgasm as his cock shot thick ropes of cum deep into his knotted bitch. Linda clenched her paws and curled her toes, her nylon tights wrapped still around them. The feeling of him shooting inside her, filling her pussy with his thick spunk as his fat knot plugged her hole, sent hot shivers down her spine. It was a sudden onset, like something fitting together in her mind:

The feeling of the feral dog, dominating and filling her body triggered the primal feelings that she kept hidden away, her professional guise breaking as she felt be pussy beginning to grow needy. She was getting wet, spread petals starting to glisten around the knot that held them open. With astonishment, she realized she loved the feeling of being knotted to the big dog, and that the sensation of her tight pussy being pumped with cum was amazing. If she could have looked into a mirror, she’d have seen her pupils dilate, eyes wide as she became receptive to her mate.

She was in heat.

“Oh, God, you’re a baaad dog.” She whined, rolling his knot around in her pussy. She could feel each squirt from his super-soaker cock, splattering against her cervix as she felt just how deep his big tool was. She propped herself up with one paw, sliding the other one down her body to her stuffed cunt. Her paw rolled around the bulging, knot-filled opening, tickling his root and sheath. The thought of being stuffed with this dogs cock, filling her with his pedigree cum was driving her crazy. She put her paw on her clit and began to rub herself, moaning and squirming with delight.

“Bad doggy, stretching my pussy with your big, feral dick.” She groaned, shaking her hips, gently slapping herself on the clit. Her toes curled as she rubbed faster, pressing her paw on her clit, rolling over it with her pads. She traced around her stuffed hole, feeling how big he was before the irresistible urge to washed over her and she started to rub madly. She could feel her fur on edge, so horny and needy. Climax was on the horizon, legs shaking as it felt like all her muscles were tightening up. Suddenly she tensed up, squealing out, before she relaxed into a quivering mess. She felt her slit drip with wetness and her walls squeeze Baxter’s prick as she came, hard.

The Labrador spasmed under the big dog as her pussy released, her body clenching and relaxing, cunt walls wobbling, magnifying kaçak iddaa the intense feeling of the knot wedging her hole shut. Her squirt made their fur slick, dripping out of her pussy to join the precum that had spilled on the carpet. All her outbursts and fear as the big dog raped her were forgotten, replaced by the euphoria of her orgasm and the satisfied, full feeling of knowing she’d been tied to her mate.
“Mmmm…” She murred, reaching up around the St Bernard’s neck with one arm and gently kissing his muzzle. He licked her face and she kissed him back, pressing herself against his body. They just stayed like that for a moment, him draped over his bitch, Linda rubbing her back on his belly, stroking her tail up and down his.

Eventually he started to pull his hips back, his knot shrinking to let him pull out, now he’d finished fucking and seeding her. She moaned as she felt him slide back, and looked beneath her body to watch him withdraw. With a watery squelch, his knot came free followed by the twelve inches of his long, red cock. Cum trickled down out of her pussy, excess left over from the big load he’d filled her with.

But his sloppy withdrawal wasn’t what caught her attention. The door to her office was wide open, and it was full of dogs. The doorway was full, and the whole hall behind it – all the dogs in the kennels, watching her. They’d been watching Baxter fucking her and knotting, and watched the knot and cock pulled free. They watched cum trickle out of the open pussy presented straight towards them. Hundreds of eyes were locked onto the spread legs of a Labrador, tail high and legs apart.

Immediately a big German Shepherd bounded over. The sudden press of his nose, sniffing her pussy shocked her. He took advantage of this distraction by jumping up locking his paws around Linda and, before she could do anything to react, shoving her vulnerable pussy straight onto his hard, waiting dick. She yelled out as he hilted her dripping wet pussy in one thrust, filling her up to his heavy, orange-sized balls. He wasn’t a breeding dog – he hadn’t fucked in a long time and was ready for a release. Linda struggled under him for a moment, as he started to frantically thrust his thick cock into her. She couldn’t decide whether to throw him off or pull him in! Lowering her head, she screamed out;

“You’re so fucking hot, fuck me. Fuck me!” Holding herself up with one paw, she wrapped the other around her new lovers neck, kissing his fur and rubbing her muzzle with hers. She moaned into him as his dick speared through her aching pussy. She spread her legs further apart, letting him drive even deeper into her cunt, giving her the savage fucking the heat inside her was craving.
“You’re such a naughty dog! You’re a naughty dog, fucking my bitch pussy. You’re driving that big, doggy dick into me so hard, and I’m loving it!” The Shepherd was growling, his cock quickly swelling inside her. The dog fucked her hard, her whole body jostling and shaking as he pounded her with his strong hips.
The other dogs were entering the office, getting close and watching the show, watching the Labrador get fucked. Wet noses pressed against her fur as a sea of curious and horny dogs filled the room, just as the Shepherd was starting to fill her.

With a growl, he drove himself as deep as he could go, hilting her before his knot started to swell. It was like someone had put a balloon in her pussy and started to blow it up, stretching her from the inside out. Her claws raked the carpet as she savored the feeling, wondering just how big he would swell up and how much cum he’d fill her with! Torrents of thick spunk started to pour into her, mutt seed mixing with pedigree as she squealed out in bliss. Her pussy milked him for all he had, quickly filling up with mutt cum. All thoughts of getting knocked up had faded away, and now she was just crazy for his cum.

Suddenly, a curious dog was between her legs, wet nosed pressed into her sex. She shuddered with delight, and then screamed in ecstasy as a lapping tongue started to work on her, rapidly flicking over her clit. She came, pussy wet and knees weak, nearly falling to the floor. An explosion bliss wracked her body, muscles spasming so much they nearly cramped.
It didn’t take long for him to be ready to pull out, knot popping free with a splash of cum. She could feel it soaking out into her fur. Like a slut, she wiggled her hips, feeling dogs jumping with excitement as they saw her fuckhole was free, stretched wide and dripping cum.

No sooner had the dog moved away, a whole bunch of muzzles were sweeping over her gaping pussy, a cluster of tongues worming inside and swishing over her clit. She screamed out as she came near instantly, eyes wide as she watched them ravaging her pussy. Then a dog was up on her, jabbing his prick into her spasming cunt.
It was a Husky, his short fat cock hammering into her, making her squeal with delight. Tongues were swirling around her hole like a vortex as she was stuffed with Husky met. Another impatient dog tried to jump up on her, mounting her side.

Almost unthinkingly, she took his jabbing dick in a paw and started to jerk it, stopping for a moment to undo her bra and drop it to the ground before her pads closed about around his throbbing meat. It was burning hot and rock solid, they dog thrusting into her paw as she pumped him, precum squiring into her palm. It was so hot to feel how hard he was in her hand, that this rod of meat was burning with the desire to fuck her. She turned her head, and pulled the dog over to her front, right into her face.

Opening wide, she took him into her salivating muzzle, the salty taste of pre filling her mouth as the dog entered. Immediately he began to fuck her muzzle, while she rolled her tongue over him. His paws were on her shoulders, bucking his hips into her face. Linda opened wide and let him slide deep, gagging she went up to the root and then balls against her chin. Hot oil was running down her throat and the dog wasn’t pulling back – just trying to ram deeper and deeper. She sucked as well as she could wriggling her tongue like a wave under his feral dick.

The two dogs fucked her in a loose rhythm, both pushing at the same time, making it feel like she was being squeezed between two walls of dog. Her throat was being jammed with cock while he pussy was completely stuffed, the Husky’s knot beginning to swell and stretch her walls wide apart. Linda cried into her gag as she was knotted with a squelch, and the Husky began to pump his cum into her pussy. The third load was just as hot and sticky as the previous, and she could feel his dick still pushing as he creamed in her. The horny Labrador found herself propped up on one arm, the other paw furiously rubbing her swollen clit. She was doing a good job keeping her face-fuckers knot out of her mouth until her orgasmic moans made her muzzle open wider.

Before she could do anything, the swelling cock was so far down her throat she thought she was going to pass out. Cum started to fill her mouth, rising up until it leaked out between her teeth, dribbling down the gaps the knot hadn’t filled. The feeling of the two animals, cumming in her from both ends made her feel so dirty, and her paw started to rub even faster. She swallowed, emptying her full mouth; the first cum she’d ever swallowed was the giant load of a dog she didn’t even recognize. As she greedily gulped down his hot seed, quivering balls against her chin, the Husky turned around, still tied to Linda.

A Bulldog thought this meant it was time for the next fuck, and scrambled over. He climbed over the Husky, wildly bucking his hips. He squashed her tail up against her back as her jabbed his prick all over Linda, too busy rubbing her clit and sucking the cock to care. It wasn’t until his cock found the hole right under her tail she suddenly took notice. A futile attempt to pull herself forward was thwarted by the Husky lying as a deadweight behind her, still lodged deep in her pussy, and the mutt trying to push his cock deep into her face.

She kaçak bahis screamed as he plunged into her virgin asshole, her muzzle opening wide enough that the knot popped out with a splat, spraying its last few ropes onto her face. The was Bulldog was forcing his cock deep into her ass, pushing past her sphincter in one spearing movement. Eight inches of brilliant pink dog meat exploded into her body, boring straight through her tight tunnel. The Bulldog, his cock almost as thick as the Husky, wasted no time, reaming her ass ferociously. Linda could do little more than stay there, mouth agape as her asshole was reamed by a big, animal cock.
“Oh God, bad dog!” She huffed “Bad doggy! Get your cock out of my ass – oh God I can feel it throbbing.”

The dog slut moaned, rolling her hips on the dual cocks. Her hormones forced her to enjoy this anal violation, her discomfort outweighed by orgasm as hot, dirty thoughts turned her into a real whore. Her ass was being fucked! So dirty!
Her paw started running circles on her clit again, the mere thought of being double-skewered on two feral cocks making her horny beyond relief. Copious amounts of precum were squelching out her ass, squirting from the Bulldog as he hammered her as hard and as fast as her tight hole would allow.

He began to swell, just like the other dogs before him, stretching her ass ven wider open. The gap between the Husky and the Bulldog was fast closing, their cocks nearly touching as they ground the skin between them into a fine membrane. Her holes were now stretched so much they were only separated by the thinnest layer of skin, pushed taut by cocks and knots. Each thrust from the Bulldog was jostling the Husky knotted in her pussy, her collection of dogcum sloshing around with each bounce.

The panting Labrador lowered her cum-splattered face to the floor, being pushed back and forth by the dock fucking her asshole. Her tits were jiggling up and down, being licked and nipped by a couple of the spectating dogs. Long tongues were still lapping at her pussy, darting around the fat knot trapped in her cunt and flicking over her clit.

The Bulldog was giving off the telltale signs, his thrusts erratic and jumpy. Linda’s eyes opened with her sphincter as she felt him rapidly growing in her – huge! Even for her heat crazed mind, it was difficult to get over the sensation of such a stretching. Her claws gripped the floor as she was opened to her limit, once virgin ass being filled with a grapefruit wide knot, funneling down into a long, thick cock. Wailing in pain and pleasure as her ‘lover’ forced himself even further into her body, biting her shoulder and wrapping his paws around her waist, pushing her onto him. Just as she thought it was going to be too much, the ridiculous geyser of cum flooded her insides, followed by the Husky cumming again, stimulated by the rubbing he got through the Labrador’s stretched holes.

“Oh, God, you’ve knotted me! My ass and my pussy are knotted!” She moaned, cumming again as both dogs erupted inside her. For as long as the Bulldog was filling her – a good minute or so, her nerves were on fire with orgasm, muscles twitching and eyes rolling. Her tongue lolled out as she rocked back and forth on the cocks stuffing her. This was all he needed to get free, and with a pop the Husky slid exhaustely out of her, slinking away. A watery stream of cum splattered the carpet.

When he eventually stopped hosing down her insides, the big Bulldog also tried to dismount her, but it was too quickly. His giant knot was still firmly wedged in her tight ass and he just ended up dragging her over onto her back, before laying down. Her worn-out body was given a slight bit of rest as she just lay there, panting, the dogs circling around her, jumping and pushing as they filled the office.

From the roiling wall of fur, a small Beagle scurried out and jumped between her legs, scrambling over the prone Bulldog and onto her swollen cunt. He entered her, sliding straight into her cum-drenched pussy, his cock was smaller than the others and just glided in. She felt herself being double-fucked for the second time, her ass plugged and full as the little dog went to town on her pussy, rutting her as fast as his hips would allow. It was relaxing in a way, gentler than the monsters that had been stuffing her previously.

That was, until a Doberman tried to try his luck at getting some of her juicy pussy. He slinked out of the crowd and lurched between her legs, squatting his hips and dragging his long cock over her ass and thighs, almost as if searching for a third hole. He easily overshadowed the little Beagle as he stepped over the Bulldog, pressed low to the ground.

His jabbing came to fruition as the tip of his pointed cock found the lips of her pussy, already being fucked by the little dog. Not smart enough to know it was occupied, the Doberman pushed forward anyway. The cum-slick hole was easily lubed up enough to let the tip slide in, and there was enough give for his cock to get in under the cock already pummeling her hole, the abused pussy-opening now elastic enough to accept them both.
It was a struggle but with a slow push, her drove into her, jostling the little cock above him upwards as her walls stretched quickly to accommodate them both, piled on top of each-other.

“There’s two in my pussy!” She shrieked, writhing as the two dogs hammered her cunt. The front half of her pussy had been stretched out by knots, but inside was still tight. Now, two cocks were deep inside, barely fitting in her body.
Her ass was jammed with the Bulldogs gigantic knot, and the two cocks were tearing at her pussy, stretching it bigger than she thought possible. The glaring eyes of the two dogs looked down at her, hunched over each-other like some kind of demon. The Doberman at the rear was pushing hard, driving his companion forward and deeper into her pussy. It felt like there was so much sloshing cum and rattling meat inside her that she was about to fall apart, stretched to the very limit that the fabric of her body could hold.

“You’re wrecking me! Ravaging me!” Linda screamed watching the two cocks hammering in and out of her pussy, before collapsing backward as the dogs pushed harder, jolting forward, mad with desire and aggressively contesting her pussy. Both were trying to drive deeper than the other, and be the one to seal her pussy with knot as they both began to swell her up, pushing her body over the limit. Linda waved her arms and kicked her legs wildly, but there was nothing she could do to deter the duo as they annihilated her cunt.

As she screamed at the dogs, a fourth squatted down into her agape muzzle, cock sliding down past her lolling tongue and into her throat. She writhed and spasmed, swatting at the dog to pull back, but she was too exhausted to fend him off. Oblivious to her struggles, the dog started fucking her windpipe, not noticing when she stopped squirming and her head hung limp his prick as she passed out. He just carried on, driving deep into her maw. She was lucky that when he adjusted to knot her throat that his prick unloaded into her stomach rather than her lungs.


When she woke up, she was lying in a huge wet puddle on the carpet – gallons of dog cum. Her fur was sticky, her pussy and ass were covered in a shiny blanket of white gloop and her navel felt bloated and heavy. As she rubbed it with a paw, she realized her cervix must have been sucking up all the cum from the dogs, and it was a one-way system. Her uterus was filled to the brim with spunk from every dog in the kennel, drowning her ovaries and eggs with fertile dog sperm.

The hazy Labrador realized she’d passed out and the dogs must have continued fucking her all through the night, knotting and cumming in her exposed pussy. All around her were sleeping dogs, not an inch of the carpet visible under all the fur. Her heat was satiated, and she wasn’t surprised. There must be so much cum flooding her womb that she’d be able to make puppies forever.

“Oh, dear.” She murmured quietly to herself, looking down at her belly and the big puddle that had leaked out from her pussy, before gazing up at Baxter; the giant dog lying asleep across her desk.

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