A Is For Anal

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Inspired by Sue Grafton’s alphabetical series.


Betty Simmons stared across the lunch table at her friend, Carol Whyre. Carol had taken a bite of her egg salad sandwich and was chewing thoughtfully, smiling as she purposely ignored her friend.


“So, what?”

“So what’s it like?”

Carol took another bite, still smiling. “What’s what like?”

“You know.” Betty looked around, making sure that anyone else that might overhear was well out of earshot. “Getting it in the booty.”

“Oh, you mean, anal sex.”

“Sshhh!!” Betty looked around nervously. “Yes, I mean anal sex. What’s it like?”

Carol set her sandwich down and took a long drink of her pop. “Betty, why are you asking me?” She wiped her mouth. “Are you and Charles thinking about it?”

“Uh, no.” Betty ate a spoonful of soup, deep in thought. “Uh, yeah, we are. At least he is.”

“Betty, you mean to tell me that you’ve been married 13 years and you haven’t had anal yet?”

Betty nodded. “Nope. Never wanted to.”

“But Charles wants to.”


“Do you?”

“I don’t know. I’m kinda scared that it’ll hurt.”

“Well, it does hurt, but only for a bit. You remember your first time?”


“Sorta like that. But it gets good real quick.”

“I don’t know, Carol.”

“Listen, why don’t you and Charles come over to the house tonight? Lewis and I will show you how it’s done.”

Betty was glad that she had swallowed her soup because she would have spewed it across the table. Instead, she just stared at her friend. “What?”

“You heard me.” Carol finished the last of her Pepsi and winked at her astonished friend. “I’ll expect you for dinner at 8.”

Betty watched Carol leave the lunchroom, her mind in a fog. Had her best friend really offered to show her and her husband how to do anal? Did she really just hear those words? For some odd reason, her nipples hardened and she shivered.

So, the real question is … do we go or not?

* * * * *

Carol knelt at her husband’s feet and spread his legs open. Lewis leaned back in the recliner and made himself comfortable, anxious awaiting the touch of his wife’s mouth on his hard cock. It was blackmail, he knew but he could never resist a blowjob from her. He loved the way her mouth felt, especially when she filled it with spit, then plunged him deeply inside, bathing him in the warm fluid. He shuddered as she took him into her mouth, her tongue swirling over his flesh while her knowing finger burrowed into his asshole.

Lewis groaned, his prick flexing as he thought about the conversation that had started this. Carol had arrived home as usual and he was at the sitting room’s picture window, watching her walk up the long pathway to the front door. She still looked like she had when they’d first married: reddish-blond hair, 36D boobs and curvy hips. And those legs … he had enjoyed each and every moment that he’d spent between those ivory limbs.

But today was different. Today, Carol had come home and nearly attacked him in the foyer, pressing those jiggly breasts against him, her tongue delving into his mouth. He had no warning and no defense. She pushed him back onto the couch, rubbing that beautiful body all over his and making him insane with need.

“Lewis, I’ve bahis firmaları invited Charles and Betty to dinner tonight.”

Her hot tongue plunged into his ear and he stiffened with a hiss, his cock leaping into hardness. “So?”

“I invited them over to see you ream me.”


“Um, hmm.” She applied her teeth along the edge of his ear, grinding her hips into his crotch. “They’re going to watch you fuck me in the ass.”

“Carol … ”

“If you do this for me, I’ll give you a blowjob whenever and wherever you want. No questions asked.”

Damn! She knew exactly how to get to him, exactly what he liked. That’s how he got himself into this position, spread-eagled on his favorite recliner with her mouth on his dick. He had never had sex in front of anyone, not even in college and to think that it would be in front of his good friend, Charles, made him light-headed. He’d met Betty first when they had moved into the neighborhood and thought that she was a cute woman with her dark curls and green eyes. He nearly laughed aloud when he met Charles, a six-foot counterpoint to his pixie-sized wife who stood at 5″ 2′. Still, Betty and Charles had become their best friends.

Lewis moaned as Carol started salivating on his cock. The thick liquid coated him like cunt juice and he moaned again, feeling her suction move the fluid around his flesh. He had thought about fucking Betty, only because of her tasty mouth. He’d never told Carol of his fantasy. He was worried that she might be upset since they were such close friends. But now, with Betty and Charles coming over tonight … was it Fate?

Her teeth scraping his tender flesh made any thoughts disappear into thin air. His raw nerves screamed, his cock jumped in her jaw. She latched onto the head of his prick with suction so tight that it became painful. She didn’t care. She knew that he liked it. She bobbed up and down, her tongue gliding across the tender underside while the head stayed locked in the cage of her muscular mouth. Within moments, he was cumming and cumming hard. The combination of her strong mouth and lively tongue on his throbbing meat and her finger in his asshole brought him to the edge very quickly.

“Okay.” He panted, his entire body tingling sweetly. “Okay. Bring them over.”

Carol set about fixing her finest meal. The entrée would be chateaubriand with red wine sauce, steamed asparagus, parslied baby carrots and Yukon Gold potato slices with French onion soup as the appetizer and a store-bought chocolate cream pie for dessert. The doorbell rang five minutes early but she was ready. She opened the door.

Charles and Betty stood on the stoop, frosted bottles of champagne in their hands. Betty was cute in a floral frock and Charles handsome in a casual suit. He stepped in, his smile blinding the darkness of his olive features. “Hi, Care.” His kiss, though somewhat chaste, vibrated with desire.

Carol accepted his kiss and smiled as he headed on to see Lewis. Betty entered next, her face red with nervousness and embarrassment. “Hi, Betty.” She ushered her friend into the kitchen and the foursome sat down to dinner. Everything had turned out perfectly and the champagne coupled with the other bottles Lewis had bought took the tense edge off of the gathering. They took the two unopened bottles into the living room kaçak iddaa after Lewis had refilled everyone’s glasses to the lip.

“So.” Carol took a long drink and walked over to Charles. “You know the reason we invited you this evening?”

Charles looked uncomfortable but nodded, “Yes.”

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Carol grinned and with a slight nod, she called Lewis over to her side. “Can we help you prepare?”

“Y-Yes. I guess so.”

Carol turned to Charles and took his glass, raising it to his lips and making him swallow it all. He did so, uneasy at first, then confident as he asked for another glass. “Later.” She purred into his ear. “First things first. Sit up.” Carol peeled the light wool jacket from his shoulder and tossed it aside, following with his shoes and socks. She was surprised to feel him shudder at her touch. “Here.” She refilled his glass and watched as he drained it. “Are you ready for me?”

Charles turned three shades of red before muttering, “I think so.”

Lewis slid onto the couch next to Betty and toasted the evening’s festivities. “Betty, I have something to confess.”

“What, Lew?”

“I’ve never done something like this before.”

She giggled, light-headed from the champagne’s bubbles. “Me, neither.”

“Good. Then you won’t hold it against me?”

Betty smiled. “Of course not.”

Lewis leaned down and pressed a kiss to her accepting mouth, his hand cupping her breast and pinching the nipple. She groaned loudly, drawing Carol and Charles’ attention. Carol finished her job of stripping Charles to his boxers and elbowed her husband. Lewis laughed, hugging Betty. “You weren’t supposed to seduce her!” They all laughed as Carol pulled Betty onto her feet. “Come on. Let’s head upstairs.”

Carol had often boasted about her bedroom, but Betty hadn’t thought much of her words until she actually saw it. A huge King-sized bed took up most of the space, the sheets crisp and floral. Carol and Lewis stripped to their undergarments and Betty removed her own, nervously. Lewis wrapped his arms around his wife.

“I want you to follow what I do, Charles.”


Lewis turned to his gorgeous wife and gave her a deep kiss. Carol reacted by putting her hand behind his neck and pulling his mouth more firmly onto hers. His hands dropped down to her breasts, eagerly massaging the fleshy globes and using his thumbs to make her nipples hard. Carol moaned against her husband’s mouth, responding to his rough touch and feeling her pussy gush. He pulled her bra off, sucking on her dark nipples until she was screaming in passion.

Charles watched his friend making out with his own wife and felt strange for a moment. Then, he remembered all the porn movies that he and Betty had watched together and saw that it was nothing different. Maybe things were better because Carol and Lewis weren’t strangers. He put his arms around his lovely wife and pulled her into a deep kiss. Betty resisted for a moment, then pushed her body against his, sighing over the feeling of his tongue in her mouth. She loved it when he took her deep and he knew it.

Betty let Charles lead her to the bed and before she knew it, she was lying next to Carol, enjoying the proximity of her friend and the attentions of her husband. Somewhere along the way, her bra disappeared and kaçak bahis Charles’ mouth was rubbing and licking all over her hard nubs. She groaned as his fingers slid down her body to her panties and pulled them down. She raised her hips, loving the feel of his hands on her skin.

“Go down on her, Charles.” Lewis watched his wife crouch onto all fours and moved behind her, bending to thrust his tongue into Carol’s juicy pussy. Carol moaned, pressing back and purring at her husband’s ministrations. His tongue licked up and down her slit, making her quiver and call his name.

Charles didn’t have to listen to his friend’s words to know what to do. He loved to eat his wife’s pussy. He moved between her legs and lapped hungrily, smiling as Betty screamed as she reached orgasm not once, but twice.


Lewis smoothed a hand over Carol’s sweaty flesh. “Yes. Now.”

Since Lewis had done this before, he figured that he should show Charles how to do it. He removed a tube of lube from the nightstand and squeezed a huge dollop onto his hand, rubbing it all over his hard length. He saved a bit to slide into his wife’s asshole, then moved behind her and gave a slight push. The head slid in slowly, stretching Carol’s well-used anal ring and she made no protest, welcoming him into her body.

Charles moved much slower, thanks to Betty’s fear. She lay back and raised her legs, hooking them over his shoulders and gritted her teeth, eyes closed. “I won’t hurt you, baby.” She felt the cold lube coating her asshole and looked up at her husband, her eyes pleading. The head of his hard penis pushed against her tight hole and she felt her flesh stretching.

“Charles!” He pushed in a bit at a time, waiting until she nodded that she was okay. Betty sighed at the fullness she felt, her pussy reacting to the pressure. “Oh, baby!” Her entire body trembled as she felt him stroking her ass innards, sensations crackling along her skin like a live wire. Never had she felt something like this. It was so good, despite the pain.

“Put her on all fours, Charles!”

Carol watched as her husband’s best friend pulled his slimy cock out of his wife’s ass and helped her onto her hands and knees. Charles lined up at her asshole and pushed himself in with a determined face. Betty cried out, reaching back to pull him in deeper. Lewis slid underneath and rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy. With a nod from her husband, he pushed himself into her wet pussy, groaning with her as he felt his friend’s dick through the thin layer of flesh.

Charles moved faster, now excited with the presence of his friend. He and Lewis found a satisfactory rhythm and began to fuck a screaming and thrashing Betty with a steady tempo. Betty couldn’t help but scream. The exquisite pain of her asshole perfectly blended into the pleasure of her cock-filled pussy. Charles pumped into her ass, licking and biting her back while Lewis squeezed her tits, leaning up to bite her nipples. “Oh, God!”

When her climax hit, she thought she was on a different planet. Her pussy twitched and flexed, the connecting muscles wrapping around Charles’ cock like a glove. Charles yelped and Lewis groaned, both pumping their loads into her ass and pussy. Both men pulled out of her pulsating body, Charles embracing her warmly.

“Did you like it, honey?”

“Mmm, yes.” Betty hummed, snuggling against him and falling asleep, sighing as she felt cum oozing out of her asshole and slippery cunt. She didn’t hear her best friend as Carol said,

“Hey, is it my turn now?”

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