A Handyman’s Memoir Ch. 07

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Penny and Johnny had started a nice fire in a fire pit near the camp, and the four of us sat around it in the twilight, the flickering firelight dancing across our naked bodies. We drank beer, sipped tequila and told stories, many of them about previous sexual exploits. Chrissy was fascinated by them, although at times she looked a bit sad because she didn’t have much to contribute in that department. I was kind of surprised how much she told Penny and Johnny about her nearly sexless marriage, even telling them that she had never had a proper orgasm until yesterday.

“Oh you dear sweet girl,” Penny said sadly. “Now I understand.” She took Chrissy’s hand and caressed it softly. “So how did you meet Steve,” she asked her.

“I kind of stalked him,” Chrissy said sheepishly.

“What?” I said. “You’re kidding!”

“Well, I’m not sure if you’d call it stalking,” she said. “I was at that state park just south of the city, walking on one of the nature trails last month when I saw him. He was reading one of those information signs that tell you about the wildlife and the trees and things, and then he went off the trail a bit to look at a rock formation. He seemed to be really interested in it all.”

“I remember that day. You were watching me?” I asked, amazed.

“Yup,” she said. “I’d never met a man that cared much about the natural world, and you looked very handsome and interesting. Then I got really nervous about it and somebody else came down the trail, so I left, but I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I sat on a bench near the parking lot and waited. My mind was all over the place, thinking what an idiot I was. But I couldn’t make myself leave. I just sat there for like an hour, and then I saw you come out of the woods and walk to your truck. I was paralyzed with fear and confusion—I had never done anything like that before, and I didn’t even know why I was doing it. My heart was racing when you drove past me, and I made a mental note of the name of the handyman business on the side of your truck. And then you were gone.”

“Oh Chrissy, that was fate’s sweet hand that day,” Penny said.

“But it must have been, like, two weeks after that before you called me,” I said.

“Yes,” Chrissy said. “I looked up your phone number that day when I got home, but it took me almost two weeks to get up the nerve to contact you. It was all very odd. I don’t think I ever thought about having sex with you or anything like that. I just felt a strange compulsive need to see you again. I actually thought a little about finding out where your business was, and just wandering by or something. I guess that really would have been stalking you,” she laughed. “But I didn’t do that and one day I just found myself dialing your number without even thinking about it, and making an appointment with you. When I hung up the phone I couldn’t believe what I’d just done.”

“You go girl!” Penny said.

“The funny thing is, I didn’t even have a job for him to do,” Chrissy laughed. “He asked me on the phone what I needed done and I stammered out something about just needing an estimate on something. I’m not even sure what I said, but it sure wasn’t smooth. That night I thought about it and decided on a new shower.”

“Oooh, I can see where this might be going,” Penny said, and she and Chrissy laughed.

“So he gets to my house the next day,” Chrissy said, “and he’s just the sweetest man. I bahis firmaları was instantly taken with his easygoing manner, and of course he’s easy on the eyes too, so…”

“What about you Steve,” Penny asked, “what did you think of her when you first saw her?”

“Well,” I said, “first of all the house is really beautiful. And then this vision walks out the door. My first thought was ‘Does Sofia Loren have a daughter living here?’ I mean it was all I could do to keep my professionalism intact as I walked up to meet her. And get this, she had on a sexy summer dress with a cooking apron over it stained with flour, and the most amazing smell of fresh baked bread wafting out the door behind her.”

Penny broke into laughter. “Holy shit girl, you really went all out didn’t you,” and she and Chrissy laughed again.

“Then she took me upstairs to show me the job,” I said. “I’ll tell you what though, the way her ass wiggled under that cotton dress as she climbed the stairs was insane! I thought for sure she was doing it on purpose just for me, but as I got to know her over the course of the week I realized that was just her natural sexiness.”

“I hear that!” Penny said.

“You got that right,” Johnny said, and they clicked beer bottles. I couldn’t tell for sure in the firelight, but it looked like Chrissy was blushing a little.

“So he was there all week?” Penny asked Chrissy.

“Yup. I made him lunch everyday and we sat and talked about life. It was so nice. My husband doesn’t have time to talk to me much these days. I was determined to keep it professional though—I didn’t want Steve to think I was slutty or anything like that. But we did flirt a bit, which was really nice.”

“It was tough,” I said. “I wanted to flirt like crazy, but restrained myself as best I could.”

“I felt a ton of sexual tension. I didn’t realize you did too,” Chrissy said to me.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “I can’t tell you how many times I had a hard-on when you were near me.”

“Really!” Chrissy exclaimed with big eyes. “I don’t know what I would have done if I had noticed, but that’s nice to hear.” She paused and said, “I was just determined to not let anything get out of hand, not in my husbands house. So I held my ground day after day.”

“So something must have happened,” Penny said. “Come on sweetie, let’s get to the juicy part.”

“It was the last day,” Chrissy said. “I felt unbelievably naughty about this, but I did it anyway. Before Steve showed up that morning I got out my sexiest lingerie and cocktail dress, and I very carefully placed them on the bed and on a chair, where I knew he’d be passing by. I tried to make it look natural, like I’d just forgotten them from the night before, but after fiddling with them for half an hour I felt like such an idiot. I was about to scrap the whole idea when Steve rang the doorbell and I just left them and ran down the stairs with my heart racing.”

“Holy shit! I had no idea you set that up,” I said with a smile.

“I felt so wicked…” Chrissy said. “After you went upstairs I paced around the kitchen, not knowing what to do. Then I snuck upstairs, checked to see that you were busy, grabbed them and threw them under the bed and ran out.”

“I know!” I said. “When I walked out of the bathroom to get a tool from my truck they were gone! I didn’t know what to think. Actually, I do know what I thought. I was disappointed kaçak iddaa that I didn’t take a sniff of her lacy panties when I had the chance!”

“Oh you dirty boy!” Penny said, and we all laughed.

“I got my nervousness under control and the rest of the morning went off pretty naturally,” Chrissy said. “But I remember thinking how I could easily fall hard for this man, if only we were closer in age and the situation was different.”

“You’re selling yourself short girl,” Penny said. “You’re one of those women who proves that age is nothing but a number.”

“You’re so sweet Penny,” Chrissy said, and she leaned over and kissed Penny softly on the lips. Penny’s hand went to Chrissy’s lovely bare tits, and the kiss got more forceful.

“Hey, break it up, the story’s not over yet,” Johnny said with a chuckle.

“Mmm, yes,” Penny purred as their lips parted. “I wanna hear the good part.”

“About an hour later,” Chrissy continued, “Steve called down the stairs for me, asking me to come up. I went into the bathroom and he had it all cleaned up, his tools mostly put away, and the new shower clean and sparkling. I was suddenly so sad! I realized he would be leaving soon. And then in my mind I quickly came up with other projects for him to do and I felt better. He would be back in my life again, I thought. Steve snapped me out of my daydream when he started telling me about how I needed to adjust the nozzles in the shower walls myself when I took my first shower, something about me being so much shorter than him, and that he couldn’t really set it up for me himself. I don’t think I looked to happy about the idea. He sensed my unhappiness, and said, if I wanted to, I could maybe wear a bathing suit and he could make the adjustments right then. A wave of heat flushed through my body, but he seemed very professional about it, and before I could think to much I agreed and left the room.”

“Oh yeah, he’s professional all right,” Penny said with a laugh.

“No,” I said, “I was actually trying to keep it together and on the up and up. The last thing I wanted to do was scare her away. But the thought of seeing her in a bathing suit did seem really hot to me at the moment. I guess I was flushed with heat too, come to think of it. It’s a good thing she left the room quickly so I could gather up my nerves.”

“So,” Chrissy continued, “I thought a bikini would send the wrong signal, so I threw on a one piece and quickly walked back in before I turned into a nervous wreck. Steve told me the procedure, and turned on the water. It warmed up quickly thank God, before I turned into a complete basket case. He asked me to step in, and he started adjusting the water direction of all these different things, asking me where I wanted it to spray on me. His shirt was soaked, and his jeans were starting to get wet, and there was no way for him to reach the back wall without getting even wetter. My heart was pounding when I said, ‘You’re getting soaked. You better take your shirt off.’ And then I really surprised myself and said ‘Do you have shorts under your pants? You better take your jeans off too.'”

“Woo Hoo!” Penny whooped. “Now we’re gettin’ somewhere! This is so fuckin’ hot!”

“The shower door was steamed up, so I couldn’t see anything,” Chrissy continued, “and then it opened and he stepped all the way in with me for the first time. I just about lost my mind! I thought I was kaçak bahis going to have a heart attack my pulse was so high. I tried to keep my focus by looking him in the eye, but as soon as his attention went to his work my eyes wandered across his body. His boxer shorts were small and tight on him, and he looked incredibly sexy. Whenever I saw him looking towards me I quickly met his gaze, but I was so turned on by the sight of the water flowing over his muscles I could barely breath, and my thoughts were a complete jumble. I could see his cock outlined through the wet fabric, and it looked positively huge compared to what I’m used to. Then he turned his attention to the big overhead nozzle, and his arms were above his head. Without even thinking I crouched down on my knees and pulled down his soaking wet underwear. I couldn’t believe I had just done it.”

“Woo hoo, yeah baby!” Penny yelled.

“Before she did that I was gettin’ really turned on, but fighting it,” I said. “I was trying my best not to get a hard-on, but I was definitely halfway there. I was worried it was going to get embarrassing, and then when I wasn’t looking, I suddenly felt my shorts go down and Chrissy’s hand on my cock.”

“He staggered back a little, and leaned against the wall,” Chrissy said. “I was so shocked by what I had done I couldn’t bear to look him in the eye. I don’t know what I was afraid of . . . so I just stared at his cock and felt it growing in my hand. I couldn’t believe the size of it, and it was getting bigger! The hot water was flowing over both of us, and it was slippery and warm and throbbing in my hand. The shower water sounded incredibly loud, like it was blocking out my other world, and I started stroking that beautiful cock with both hands, never taking my eyes off it. I could hear Steve moaning— that made my heart pound even harder. I played with his balls a little too—I couldn’t resist—and I could sense his body stiffening, and then he came in three strong shots right onto my face, and it ran down the front of me with the shower water. The whole thing was so beautiful! I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, and how my spirit soared! I kept slowly stroking him as he softened a little, and then I pulled up his wet shorts and stood up and kissed him. He held my head so gently as we kissed and our tongues found each other. My knees were so weak I could barely stand. I think I said something to him but I can’t remember what it was, my head was spinning so.”

“Well,” I said with a smile, “I remember what she said. ‘You’re wonderful Steve, I love my new shower’. She looked so sweet when she said it. And then, after I got dressed I went downstairs and she had lunch ready for me! She was dressed normally, and except for her wet hair, she seemed very calm and normal. I was dying to fuck her brains out right there on the kitchen table, but I held it together and followed her lead. Then she told me about the place in Lake Placid, and I was so relieved to hear her say she wanted me to work for her again. I just didn’t want her to disappear from my life. Little did I know it’d be as amazing as what’s happened the last few days. And we’ve got two days left to go.”

I leaned over, put my arm around Chrissy, and kissed her glowing, happy face.

“My God girl, you’ve got some kinda self control,” Penny said. “When I get my hands on a cock like either of these guys have, there’s no turnin’ back. I woulda fucked his brains out. But oh my God, that’s just the hottest story I’ve ever heard in my life. I’m gonna have to tell that one to some people. But don’t worry,” she laughed, “I’ll change the names to protect the innocent.”

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