“A Friend In Need”

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“A Friend In Need”
A Friend In Need

“So whatever happened with that girl you were seeing … Dawn, wasn’t that her name?”

The question caught me a little off guard. For one thing, I hadn’t really thought about Dawn for some time, and hearing Megan asked about her caused me to notice the fact. It was a bit hard to believe that she hadn’t crossed my mind in a while, because after our break-up, it seemed there wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t obsessing over her.

“Oh, yeah. That whole thing kind of ran its course,” I said, trying not to seem like it mattered to me at all. Actually, I was rather relieved that I was talking about Dawn and not feeling distraught. “I guess I am over her,” I thought to myself.

“Dude, she was a hot piece of ass!,” Mark reminded me needlessly. Megan pushed Mark away from her and stared at him with her mouth open, pretending to be scandalized. “Hey, watch it mister,” she said as he smiled, feigning innocence. “I’m YOUR hot piece of ass!”

That much was true. Megan was a petite brunette vixen with a pretty face and serious curves. She was sexy as hell and she knew it. She loved to flaunt her sexiness, too. At that very moment, in fact, she was wearing a skirt that was probably too-short for such a casual occasion, her toned brown legs on full display and her manicured feet resting in a pair of sequined flip-flops. To top it off she had on a thin, silky long sleeve blouse that was loose and nearly sheer. And whenever she straightened up, it was clear that she had decided against wearing a bra. I wondered if she was wearing panties.

I had known Mark and Megan for a few years. We worked together at an insurance company in Philadelphia and we hung out often, sharing a circle of friends. I had watched their office courtship turn into a bona fide relationship and they were already living together when I took a better job and moved to Florida. They were always flirtatious and a little crazy, and it seemed they hadn’t changed much.

“So wait a minute,” Megan said to Mark. “What was it that you thought was so hot about Jim’s ex?” “Jim’s ex.” I flinched a little. I knew exactly what was so hot about Dawn, and as much as I missed our romance, I missed the sex.

“Well, should I be honest?”, Mark asked. “You BETTER be honest!” was Megan’s reply, as she playfully struck Mark on his thick chest.

“Well, she definitely had assets.” Mark was hedging his bets.

“Like?” Megan shifted to face Mark directly, and in the process her skirt rose an inch, revealing that she was wearing panties after all. I tried not to stare, but I did notice they were black lace with sheer mesh. I thought I saw a silver flash between Megan’s legs before she closed her knees together.

“OK,” Mark announced, “I thought she had nice tits and a very sexy mouth.”

Megan considered this for a moment and said “I agree. I liked her tits, too. Very bahis şirketleri perky. They looked like a lot of fun!” Megan was laughing now and Mark raised his eyebrows.

“Oh, really? I didn’t think you’d notice,” he said.

“Of course I did! Women pay close attention to each other’s assets. I am totally happy with these,” she said, as she lifted up her ample breasts with her hands. “But I think smaller, firm tits are really cute, too.”

While she was discussing the virtues of different types of boobs, she moved her hands over her own pair, and I noticed her fingers plucked at her rigid nipples. They were already noticeable in that top she was wearing. Now, they were impossible to ignore.

“Oh my God, Jim. I’m sorry! We’re talking about this girl like you’re not even here!” Megan said as she touched my thigh. Her hand lingered there briefly and when she moved her hand away, she brushed slightly upward on my pant leg. I felt a movement in my loins and looked at Mark, who was grinning.

“So tell us, man, how was she?” Mark asked.

“She was great,” I said. “We may not have been meant to be, but the sex was always good.”

“Was she kinky?” Megan asked. They both laughed and gave each other a look.

“I guess,” I said. “I mean we never did anything too wild, but she definitely liked to fuck.” I felt like my hosts were looking for a little more, so I added, “She loved having her pussy licked. She wanted me to do it for hours.”

“Mmmm,” Megan’s voice was husky and she closed her eyes. “I love that, too.” I imagined what it would be like to go down on her. I looked at Mark and he gave me a little wink, but I couldn’t tell exactly what it meant.

“Megan has her clit pierced, which makes for lots of licking fun,” Mark said. I wasn’t sure why I was being given all this information, but by now it was making me very horny. Megan and Mark were caressing each other softly as they sat on the couch across the table from me. It was obvious they were worked up as well. Mark’s fingers brushed against Megan’s chest and her hands were on his upper thigh. Although I was sexually aroused, I felt it would be best to call it a night and let the lovebirds have their fun.

“Well I guess I should be retiring for the evening, I said. “I have to get up early and run some errands tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?,” Megan asked. “We’re the night owl type, so we will be up for a while anyway.”

“Yea, it’s been a long day,” I said, although I was already thinking about getting in bed and maybe rubbing one out.

“Ok, well you know where the guest room and the bathroom are. If you need anything just ask,” Mark said as he clasped me on the back. “It’s great to see you again, buddy.”

“It’s great to hang with you both again,” I said. I went to the guest room and got ready for bed. It was warm in the apartment so I took off all my clothes but still I could illegal bahis feel beads of sweat forming. Then I realized it wasn’t just from the hot air. I was warm all over and my cock was getting thick. I was horny as hell.

I eased myself onto the bed and began pleasuring myself. I hadn’t had sex with anyone since the breakup with Dawn and I had a few months of sexual tension that was exacerbated by all the sex talk that evening. My cock became fully erect and as I stroked it, I could feel my skin strain under the pressure. I slowed my strokes so I could prolong the pleasurable feeling. I began to pinch my nipples while I very slowly jerked off. I began thinking about Dawn’s pussy and how much fun it was to bury my face in the wets folds of her labia. She had thick, pouty pussy lips and I loved sucking on them as much as she loved me eating her out. I thought about how her little roundish nipples would get hard when I licked them and how whenever I did that it made her want to fuck immediately.

Then my mind turned to Megan and I felt a warm rush of excitement. I imagined pleasing her the way she likes and I felt like I was about to cum. Still not wanting to call it a night, I relaxed for a minute and put on my boxer shorts and shirt so I could walk to the bathroom.

Just then, I heard Megan and Mark, who by now had apparently decided to do their night -owling in their bedroom, which was directly next to the guest room. I could clearly hear Megan moaning and murmuring. “Yes, just like that. Oh baby, lick that pussy. I’m so fucking wet. I’m dripping, baby!” I tiptoed across the room and put my ear against the door and put my hand on my throbbing dick. I could hear Mark making deep sounds as he pleasured his girlfriend with his tongue. All of this had me ridiculously aroused and I could feel that I had lost a few drops of cum, which was now moistening my hand. No longer content to shoot my load into a towel, I decided to make the trip to the bathroom to relieve myself. This would mean I’d have to walk right past the room where Megan and Mark were having fun.

I walked out the door and was very surprised to see that their bedroom door was wide open. By now Megan was making no attempt
to quiet her moans and screams. And Mark continued humming happily as he licked her pussy. I looked into their room and saw Megan lying on her back with her head hanging off of the end of the bed. Her mouth was wide open and she stiffened while Mark worked on her clit. I just stood there for a second and then Megan opened her eyes and smiled at me. Mark looked up and let out a devilish “hehehe”. I continued to the bathroom, peed quickly and washed up. I returned toward my room and stopped again to watch the show. Mark was fucking Megan now, and she was asking for more. She leaned back and again she was looking at me with her head hanging illegal bahis siteleri a little off the bed. This time she licked her lips and beckoned me with her finger to come closer.

I walked toward the bed until I was standing directly over Megan’s head. She deftly pulled down my boxers to reveal my thick, veiny cock. It had become a little less hard and I let it hang until it reached Megan’s open mouth. All the while, Mark kept pounding his girlfriend’s wet pussy harder and harder with his long, stiff cock. I put my fingers in Megan’s mouth then started to play with her nipples. Megan started to make a deep, throaty moaning sound that was partly muffled by my engorged dick lodged in her mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth for a moment and her lips were glistening from my precum. Mark’s thrusts were machine-like and Megan’s pussy had gotten very sloppy. You could hear how wet she was every time Mark plunged into her. I reached down to her dripping pussy and rubbed her clit with two fingers, then I put them in her mouth so she could taste her own essence. She had a strong, musky scent that filled the room and made me feel heady. Megan took my cock out of her mouth again with a sucking sound and cried, “Oh, fuck! I’m coming! I’m coming so fucking hard!” Mark started to get a far-away look in his eyes and I could tell he was about to cum as well. All of a sudden, he grunted and started to spasm and he began thrusting his cock a little slower and deeper into Megan. For over a minute, he emptied his ballsack into Megan’s hot, wet cunt until a white, frothy blend of cum started oozing out. I started jerking my cock and was about to cum in Megan’s mouth when Mark asked, “You want to hit this? It’s a little messy. Haha.” Mark pulled out and I took his place and slid my cock into the hot mess between Megan’s legs. I had never been in a threesome before, let alone part of a double-creampie, but something about the whole scenario made me lose control. I felt a wave of warmth flow through my body and a moment later I too was injecting my load into Megan. She moaned as I flooded her and now copious amounts of jizz ran down her ass cheeks and legs. Megan was still gaining momentum, though, and her hand was a blur as she troubled her clitoris with runs and taps. At last, she tensed up completely and went silent, her hand still fluttering between her legs. When she finally came, she ejected a stream of our mingled jism, along with a squirt of her own. It was bar none, the hottest thing I had ever witnessed.

We cleaned up after our orgasmic threesome. For a moment I wondered if things would feel weird, if our spontaneous debauchery would change the way we acted around each other. We joked around a bit and then went to bed, separately of course, and in the morning none of us brought up the events of the night before. The rest of my visit with my good friends went as I had expected it to from the beginning.

As I was leaving I’m heading for my car, Megan called out “Hey, a friend in need is a friend indeed!”, and I knew I’d be back to visit Mark and Megan sooner rather than later.

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