A Fresh Start_(1)

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Alexia felt drained, exhausted, beaten down and at the absolute lowest point in her life. She stood on a litter strewn sidewalk outside a dilapidated looking apartment building, the cold air whipping at her dark, ebony skin as the rain plastered her clothes to her, the sun locked behind a gloomy layer of clouds.

She had been forced to walk here, having to stop and ask for directions more than once, in the cold and the rain. Her funds were low, if she forked out for a bus, let alone a cab she might not have been able to afford food. The walk had been a long uncomfortable one, leaving her far too much time for her mind to drown in her despair.

Four years ago Alexander had left home to study art at a liberal University, and while Alexander’s parents had been skeptical, they had been supportive of their only son.

Finding a new world where liberalism and acceptance was common had washed away the fake mask that was Alexander, and Alexia had been born.

She has loved her time at the university, lavished in it, and while not everyone has been accepting or all inclusive she had found a crowd of like minded individuals who had made her feel, maybe for the first time since her adolescence, happy and true.

Everything had changed when she had gone home, her worst fears realised in full, then half again. When Alexander returned as Alexia, the fury, the shame, the torrent of abuse was jarring, destructive. All semblance of her parents support vanished. Her mother cried as if her child had died and her father screamed at her, blaming her for all the woes in his life, for the end of the family.

The nightmare had gone on for months, the abuse and distance from the two people she loved most in this world crumbled every bit of confidence and happiness university had bestowed upon her.

It has all come to a boiling point two weeks ago, she had been backed into a corner, literally, her father’s face inches from hers as he screamed and yelled at her, whiskey on his breath, how she had destroyed the family, how worthless she was, how he wished she’d never been born.

She had lashed out at that as tears streamed down her cheeks, slapping her father across the cheek with a sharp swift motion. He didn’t strike her back.

He had raised his hand to his face, feeling the sting of the slap and a cold silence settled through the house. He looked almost relieved. As if he had just been waiting for the excuse.

She had been told to leave, told how she wasn’t welcome anymore, no exceptions. She had destroyed her family. She had packed what little remained of her belongings into a backpack and left home with little money and fewer friend.

The next two weeks she passed in a emotionless daze, sofa surfing with former friends, none of whom seemed especially sympathetic to her plight, but who let her stay at theirs for a few days a piece out of pity.

She had scraped together every penny she could, even borrowed from those that were still willing. But even with all that she couldn’t afford her own place. She had, however managed to just afford one half of a cheap, furnished flat sharing opportunity she had found.

Which had led her here. She stood now outside the grimy looking building, a trickle of rain running between her modest breasts. She was afraid to enter, afraid to find out what was waiting for her. A filthy flat full of cats? A meth head? A sex offender? She had no way of knowing. But at least it wouldn’t be raining inside. She hoped, glancing up at the roof.

This was the lowest point in her life. Fear. Cold. Wet. Hopeless. Alone.

She stepped forward and looked at the intercom. Out of Order. The door hung limp, the magnetic lock that would normally hold it closed was broken. A bad sign.

The elevator too was broken. Sighing and dripping with water she made her way upstairs, her thankfully waterproof backpack slung over her shoulders as she climbed the flights, heading for the ninth floor, which smelled faintly of stale urine and green. Exhausted as she was, by the time she got there she was short on breath. So very tired, her anxieties running high, her nerves on edge.

She found the flat she was looking for, flat sixty five and knocked on the door, bracing herself for whatever fresh hell was about to open its gates to her.

Their was a long pause and the creak of a floorboard behind the door and another long pause, had she gotten the wrong address? It was very possible, she didn’t know the neighbourhood at all.

The door swung inwards just a crack and a young woman peered through the gap, eying the mess that was Alexia up and down, she was a mousey girl with warm creamy skin, long dark hair tied back into a strict ponytail and thick rimmed glasses, big brown eyes blinking out at her.

“Alexia?” She asked in a soft curious voice, the door stopped from opening fully by a thick linked chain.

Alexia could understand the woman’s hesitation, she must have looked like she had been sleeping on the streets, which wasn’t far from the truth.

“Um, yes, Alexia Crow.” She replied with a sniffle, unsure what to make of the woman, on edge.

The door closed and there was a rattling behind it before it again swung open, the woman stepping aside, a warm smile on her cute face, “I was worried you’d gotten lost, please come in! You look so cold..” she added, a hint of concern in her voice.

Alexia eyed the woman, she was short, maybe five foot two or three and maybe in her mid to late twenties? She was a little chubby, full figured but attractively proportioned.

She stepped inside and was hit by a wall of scent… ..Wait.. She sniffed, vanilla? The door had opened into a cosy living room and kitchenette, the place actually looked modern, not at all tired or worn down like the exterior of the building.

The short-stack closed the door once they were inside and Alexia turned, watching the woman slide in the chain, click the lock and put in a trio of deadbolts before she turned to look back up at Alexia.

“My names Emily! I’m so glad you got here okay.” She nodded with a gentle, shy smile, then pouted a little, her full red lips pursing as she eyed Alexia over, critically. “Aw you poor thing.. You look like you got pushed into a lake.” she paused, thinking. “Come with me, I’ll show you your room then you can grab a hot shower and change into some dry clothes, okay?” She smiled and started to make her way down towards a short corridor with three branching doors.

“T-thank you um.. Emily.” Alexia responded, a little taken aback, her voice uncertain. She allowed herself to be led, dripping as she walked, looking around, her long black hair sticking to her neck with the wet to another door which Emily swung open.

The interior of her new bedroom was like a showroom, a double bed dominated the room with folded towels on the edge, one wall holding a large oak wardrobe, a full length mirror and a smaller desk with chair.

“This is your room.” Emily smiled and pointed towards the second of the three doors. “That’s the bathroom..” She then nodded to the third room. “That’s my room, feel free to knock if you need anything.” She smiled and stood there, looking up at the ebony woman with those soft dark eyes of hers, the distortion of her glasses making them seem all the bigger and doe like.

“I.. Um.. Thank you.” Was all she managed, lamely.

Emily smiled and nodded, retreating back down the corridor towards the living room, not seeming to mind Alexia’s lack of conversation. She watched her go, eyes drawn to that thick booty as it swayed as she walked.

Alexia swallowed and forced herself to look away. Heading into her room and setting her wet backpack with its hopefully dry contents onto the floor, not wanting to get her bedding wet.

She looked around her room as she started to undress, settling quickly into her old habits by discarding of her soaked clothes in a distinctive pile on the floor by the door. The large mirror catching her eyes and she found herself, watching herself. A stranger.

She watched as the stranger in the mirror pulled wet sodden clothes off of a tired, downtrodden looking woman. Her eyes were flat, emotionless, empty. She looked away from the mirror, she couldn’t stand the woman she saw in it. When she had become Alexia she had had such dreams of the person she would become. And she didn’t see that anymore when she looked in the mirror.

She left her clothes in a pile and collected one of the soft, fluffy towels from her bed, wrapping it around the swell of her chest, opening the door to peer a little nervously around the corner, hearing a soft hum coming from the kitchenette she quickly made her way across the corridor, one hand pushing the bathroom door open, the other holding the towel to her breasts and body.

Alexia let out a sigh of relief as she closed the bathroom door behind her, leaning against it, her free hand moving about in the dark to find the lightswitch, tugging the cord and illuminating the bathroom. She blinked in surprise, it wasn’t like any bathroom she had seen before. Sure it had the typical toilet and sink, but in the place of a bath with a shower attachment as she was used to there was a large shower cubicle with no bath at all. The shower unit inside the cubicle looked complex, sleek curved metal shining at her enticingly.

She slipped out of the towel letting it fall to the ground and avoided the gaze of herself in the reflective surfaces of the bathroom, padding barefoot over to the shower, sliding the door open and stepping inside, closing it behind her and sealing herself within the cubicle. She ran a dark hand over the sleek, cool metal of the shower unit, looking for what she thought might be the power button. She bit her lip as she found it, switching it on.

The sheer force of the shower almost made her stumble back as the power-shower unleashed its hot water on her, she gasped in surprise as the hot water pounded into her skin she blinked a few times, stepping back to clear the water from face and felt the heat start to drive into her weary form.

It felt so good, the strong jet of the water seemingly revitalising her mind body and soul, giving her energy and respite. She let out a deep sigh and looked around. She spotted what she was looking for, a bottle of soap which she used to squirt a generous dollop between her breasts, setting the bottle back and using her hands gently she tilted her head back and started to lather herself.

She had always been slight of build, but her changes in university had been drastic, her body filling out, she was told, in all the right places, her breasts were a modest C cup and she was more than happy with them. Her hands strayed down over her anatomy, soaping as she went. She lowered her gaze and bit her lip. Between her thighs her thick, soft cock rested. Tip hidden behind her foreskin. She hefted the member in her soft soapy hands and considered jerking off for a moment. She hadn’t felt this relaxed in weeks, but no. She was too tired. And despite her frighteningly high libido, she truly just couldn’t be bothered. She sighed lazily as she washed her cock, breathing in the hot air and letting the white noise of the hot water striking her body and the cubicle drown out the dark thoughts that had plagued her all day.

It was some time later, after she had washed herself, washed her hair, then washed herself again that she finally managed to tear herself away from the addictive, sensory dampening wonder that was the shower. She brushed the top layer of water off her dripping skin with her hands and squeezed the bulk of her hair before she stepped from the shower, careful not to slip.

She picked up her towel and wrapped it around herself, hesitating for a moment as she realised she hadn’t brought one for her hair. Sighing she let it hang loose over one shoulder and made her way to the bathroom door. Again she paused opening it a crack and peeking into the hallway. Nothing. She tiptoed from the bathroom, switching off the light and re-entered her room, shutting the door behind her.

Her pile of wet clothes that had been by the door that she had left open, were gone! Was this Emily girl a thief? Was that the catch? She frowned and stared at the damp patch where her clothes had been, concerned.

Her train of thought was derailed by a gentle knock at her door making her jump, towel falling half off she was quick to wrap it back around herself, spinning, expecting to find the girl barging into her room! But the door was closed. “Um.. Yes?” she asked, cautiously.

“I’m making some coffee, would you like a cup?” came the soft melodic voice of Emily, muffled somewhat by the door.

Alexia paused, looking at the door, her mind working to try and figure out the trick, spot the trap. “Um.. Yes please.” she paused some then added, tentatively, “White, no sugar?”

“Gladly~” came the reply from the other side and Alexia heard the footsteps as she walked away. Alexia frowned at the door, unsure what to make of it. Apologizing for her stolen clothes with coffee? Buying her forgiveness? Somehow that made less sense.

After she had dried and dressed she stepped quietly from her room, she still wore a towel, though now it was wrapped around her hair. She wore a loose pair of soft grey shorts, her only other pair of pants having gone mysteriously missing and a loose black t-shirt with a pink love heart dominating the centre. These were old clothes and what she usually wore to bed, but they were soft and comfortable.

She padded, barefoot through to the living room, noticing a soft rumbling noise in the kitchenette. But first her attention was drawn over to Emily, finding her curled up on the two seater couch watching some sort of cookery programme on her TV, her knees pulled up under bahis firmaları her, a cup of black steaming coffee clasped between her hands. On the coffee table, in front of the space on the couch besides Emily sat another cup, the coffee white.

As Alexia approached the table Emily looked up at her and smiled softly, a hand moving to gently adjust her glasses. “Hey.. Sorry about your clothes, I saw them on the floor and didn’t want them to leave a wet patch, so I put them in the washing machine.” she nodded over towards the kitchenette.

Alexia followed her gaze and sure enough saw her clothes through the clear plastic window, bopping about in circles in soapy water. She also noticed above the washing machine on the countertop a still steaming french press. The coffee wasn’t instant, or cheap by the looks of things. She looked back to her cup, feeling a thirst take her.

She forced a half convincing smile and moved to slowly sit herself down besides Emily. “Um.. Thanks.” she had to stop starting every sentence with um. She sat with her back straight, as if alert and reached forward, glancing briefly at Emily who was watching the television and gently collected the cup in her hands.

She lifted the cup to her lips, pausing to smell the coffee, paranoid that there might have been more to it than she thought.

She took a slow sip of the white coffee. She was right! There was more to it than she thought! Her coffee.. Ooh… Her coffee wasn’t just coffee.. It.. Ah.. “Is.. Is this vanilla?..” she asked, looking to Emily as she swallowed the small sip.

“Mhm!” Emily confirmed with a shy little smile. “Just a little extra treat to help you unwind and warm up.. You sorta looked like you needed it a bit.”

Alexia took another deeper sip and despite her trepidations and anxieties found herself sinking back into the warm embrace of the couch, “Oh my gods this is the best coffee in the world..”

Emily let out a little giggle, “Glad you like it.. Enjoy the shower?..” she asked softly, sipping her own coffee.

“Mmm..” Alexia conceded, murring happily as she felt herself begin to let her guard down. And that frightened her. Letting her guard down made her vulnerable, and just realising she was feeling happy made her tense. She would let her guard down. Then Emily would find out what she was and then she would be kicked out. That had to be it. Life was giving her a cruel taste of a good life before kicking her back down into the mud.

“You know I have a dick, right?..” she asked, completely out of nowhere. It was self defense! If Emily was going to kick her out for being who she was, better she do it now before she dare dream to enjoy herself.

Emily was caught mid sip and found herself coughing, a bright blush flooding her cheeks as she choked on her coffee, almost spilling it as she sat up to clear her throat, blinking over at her, up until now, practically silent new flatmate.

“Well I do now! Why would you wait until I was taking a sip to say that?! Meanie..” she huffed a little and settled back into the chair, nudging Alexia’s thigh with her foot as way of reprehension, though she gave Alexia a funny look and she could’ve sworn briefly bit her lower lip.

“And it doesn’t bother you?..” Alexia asked, watching her with her dark eyes, uncertain.

Emily glanced back at her, her cheeks still red from her choking, she took another sip. “No, should it?..”

“Well.. I mean.. No?”

“Then it wont. You shouldn’t just a book by it’s cover, Alexia..” Emily nodded assuredly, a hint of humour in her voice, more to her words than she let on.

They watched the TV together in silence for a short while. Alexia again found herself relaxing but she wanted to get more of a measure of this short little curvy woman. It had been so long since she had actually sought out pleasant conversation with another human being that she wasn’t really sure where to start.

“So you um.. Take your coffee black?” she asked pathetically, glancing over at her briefly.

“Mmhm..” she paused waiting until Alexia was taking a sip of her coffee, “I like my coffee how I like my women, hot, black and packing a surprise..” she said, voice flooded with naive innocence as she sipped her vanilla laced black coffee.

Alexia choked on her coffee, sitting up and coughing, almost spilling it as she processed Emily’s words, had she?! Did she?! She looked across at Emily who was smirking devilishly… She’d one that on purpose to get revenge on Alexia, she hadn’t actually meant it.

“Mmm!” she complained, nudging Emily’s foot with her knee, “That was mean!”

Emily laughed openly now and as soon as Alexia had stopped choking, she joined in. It felt good to laugh again.

They chattered a little more openly after that, Emily turning down the volume on the TV and turning to face Alexia as they talked, Alexia removing the towel from her now mostly dry hair. Alexia told Emily about her situation and how bad things were in brief, not wanting to dwell too long on that and Emily seemed to notice and understand. She skimmed over details that seemed to bring down Alexia’s mood and focused mainly on asking about Alexia’s art, a subject she was truly passionate and outspoken on.

In that one conversation they held Alexia felt more uplifted and spirited than she had in months. She began to feel confident in her art, her body, herself. It was a warm feeling.

She hadn’t spent the whole time talking about herself, though. As soon as Alexia had come out of her shell she had opened up with an endless stream of her own questions. Very little about Emily made sense. Why was she living so well in such a crappy building? Why, did she need a tenant?

Alexia listened to the quiet melodic voice of the woman as she spoke, watching intently as Emily casually adjusted her ponytail, her full lipstick red lips drawing Alexia’s eye.

Emily was the manager at the local city library which earned her a tidy salary. And while it wasn’t huge, because the rent here was so low she had had plenty of disposable income to do it up the way she wanted, a process that had taken a few years. She’d chosen here for a few reasons, it was about half way between her work and where her mother lived, whom she still visited regularly. Her uncle owned the building, and while he didn’t charge her any favourably lower rent on the flat, he wouldn’t kick her out or object to the rather extensive changes she was making. He’d told her in fact, that when and if she eventually came to move out, he would take the flat for himself and his wife.

Emily had ultimately decided on getting a flatmate because, she admitted a little shyly, that she was always nervous to be in the house alone. She had had the spare bedroom all finished and looking smart and for some reason she slept badly knowing she was the only one in the flat. While the security of not being alone was the main reason, she had to admit she had felt a little lonely. She had few friends around here, and those she did have she mainly spoke to online or via text. Actual face to face company was rare for her.

As their conversation continued the afternoon dwindled into the evening, Emily got up a couple of times to refill their coffees, each time she did so Alexia stole glances of her as she moved around. Despite Emily’s self professed cooking skills, she offered to order a pizza in, her treat.

Alexia wasn’t one to turn down free pizza, but all the help, the pizza, the coffee, the clothes, even just the simple thing like the towels on her bed. They were piling up and Alexia was starting to feel a bit guilty, a bit of a sponge. She would have to figure out a way to repay her.

The pizza arrived and they ate again in relative quiet, watching an old film on the TV as they drank soda and ate well. To Alexia’s relief, Emily hadn’t ordered pizza with pineapple. For a brief moment she feared that would be the trap, the catch, the reason she would have to pack up and leave. But no. Emily proved to be a human.

She loved the evening they spent together, just relaxing, lounging together as they chatted a little and watched films. Early evening dipped into late evening and towards the end of a film Alexia started to feel herself crashing. Her day had been a rollercoaster and as much as she was loving the company of Emily, she needed to sleep. As the film ended she let out a not too subtle yawn, blinking heavily as she looked towards Emily.

Emily smiled in understanding and stretched her arms out above her head, arching her back. Alexia stared as the full swell of the girls impressive bust straining against her shirt, glancing up only as Emily spoke, “Mm.. We should get some sleep.. It’s been a good day, but i’ve got work in the morning..” she bit her lip some, realising that Alexia wouldn’t have work. “..I hope you sleep well, Alexia.” she smiled gently and stood.

“You too..” Alexia said softly, watching as the curvy little woman walked away towards her room. She smiled a little, spending a few minutes to tidy up their mess, clearing away the cups, cans and the empty pizza box before retiring to her room.

She shut the door behind her with a click and let out a soft, genuinely contented sigh. Since she was already just wearing her normal nighttime outfit she switched out the light, discarded her towel on the floor and just fell forward onto the plush softness of the clean, fresh smelling bedding and was asleep in an instant.

When Alexia next awoke sunlight was streaming across her face. The weather system had apparently having cleared up enough to let a few cheeky strands of sun pierce the clouds to rouse her from sleep. She sat up, blinking sleepily and rubbing the tiredness from her eyes as she looked towards a clock besides the bed. Already it was two pm. She had slept through the entire morning!

She sighed a little, but didn’t feel bad for it. It wasn’t as if she had somewhere better to be. Although, she did need to start living her life. She had a deadline. A month to find a month’s worth of rent. Or all this would be a forgotten dream. She couldn’t draw or paint, she couldn’t even sketch. Her art supplies had dwindled long ago. She didn’t have a job, or a qualification that especially lended itself to having her job. The only thing she really had going for her was her race and gender. A company might be lenient towards hiring her just to fill the diversity quota, ticking two boxes at once.

Tomorrow. She would start it all tomorrow. She needed today for herself to recover. To refresh herself physically and mentally, and to truly believe this flat and its occupant were real. She opened her door to make her way towards the bathroom and blinked down. Outside her bedroom door was a folded, fresh towel, her clothes from yesterday, washed dried and folded and a sticky note with a love heart drawn on it.

Alexia felt her heart flutter. This girl was too perfect. Where was the catch?.. She collected the sticky note and held it, eying the perfectly drawn heart and bit her lip. She stepped back into her room and stuck it reverently to the back of her door, eying it for a last moment before she stripped, placing her shorts and her black t-shirt with it’s pink heart in a pile on the floor, stepping out to collect the clean clothes and towel, setting out to indulge once more in the delicious shower..

She stood in the heat of the water, feeling the luxuriously hot water hammer into her skin. She poured a dollop of cool slick soap into her hands and started to massage it into her skin and body, feeling her smooth skin and soft flesh. She blinked and peered down, her fingers brushing against her cock. She’d been so relaxed, so lost in the wonder of the shower she hadn’t even noticed her erection.

Alexia swallowed and wrapped her hand around her cock, fingers slick with soap she felt the steely, familiar hardness in her hand. Now she had slept and unwound she felt a familiar shiver of pleasure arc through her body. Her libido had returned it seemed, and was dying for her attention.

She stood in the stream of the shower water, leaning back against the wall with her eyes closed as she panted hotly, both her hands wrapped around her throbbing, dark cock, working her shaft with a well practiced motion, hands moving over the cock and tip in slow tight strokes. She kept trying to think of old fantasies, old girlfriends, past encounters, but it didn’t matter what she tried to focus her mind on, the nerdy little Emily kept filling her thoughts. Dominating her fantasies.

Alexia panted and moaned as she saw Emily on her knees, submitting to her, hands wrapped around her cock, working her skillfully as she held her mouth open emitting soft sexual whimpers, jerking Alexia off into her mouth, looking at her hopefully, desperate for cum.

“A-ah! Emily!” she cried out to herself as she came. She saw her cum splattering over the curvy womans conservative clothing, her fair face, across her nerdy little glasses, on her lips, on her tongue.. “Ah… Oh.. Oh fuck.. That was good..” she panted as she watched Emily swallow, the fantasy fading

Alexia opened her eyes, blinking and let out a soft, panting chuckle. She had painted the inside of the shower cubicle with thick white ropes of cum. She used the water of the power shower to wash the x-rated jackson pollock away down the drain and finished washing herself, feeling human. Feeling herself. She stepped from the shower and dried herself off, humming softly before pulling on her dry, softened clothes and again wrapping her hair up in the towel.

She walked through to her bedroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She smirked some and posed, pushing her chest forward, arching her back to present her ass. She winked at herself and continued to hum.

After getting herself ready kaçak iddaa as best she could with what she had, she prepared herself to go out, collecting a pair of keys in a small dish besides the door, which she found laying on top of another love heart sticky note which she had join its partner on the back of her door, she wandered out into the world, humid and cool, but not raining and walked around, getting a feel for the area.

After a while she found herself in a supermarket, counting what few notes and pennies she had and trying to do a bit of mental math. If she was going to be able to afford to eat for a month on the money she had left. She would have to rely on every single penny pinching, cost saving measure she had learned at university. Her knowledge and experience there, would not go to waste.

She let out a satisfied, “Umph!” as she closed the door behind her enjoying the vanilla scent of the flat as she entered compared to the smells that assaulted her in the hallway and hummed as she walked towards the kitchenette, setting down a few carrier bags of food as she searched for the empty cupboard she assumed would be hers.

She smiled, finding the empty cupboard and placed her carrier bags inside, upending them and pouring out the packets upon packets of instant ramen. She would survive. Not to any michelin quality. But she would survive.

Happy with the result of her outing she made herself a portion, pouring the noodles into a bowl and finding, to her delight, a pair of chopsticks and returned to her bedroom, sitting at her desk and enjoying the meal. It was no take away pizza. But ramen reminded her of happier times at University.

She was just finishing her meal when she heard a pair of keys rattling in the front door. She remembered as she entered she had ignored the the chain and deadbolts. Given how important security was to Emily, she wondered if that would upset her.

Setting her chopsticks down atop her empty bowl she listened, hearing the chain and deadbolts set into place and listened to the sound of footsteps walking towards her room.

Tap tap!

Damn.. Alexia let out a little sigh and stood, walking over to her door, half smiling as she saw the two love heart sticky notes before opening the door, ready to be chastised.

Emily looked up at her and smiled cutely! She was wearing her work uniform, a white shirt with blazer, a knee length black skirt with dark leggings. Her hair tied back in a neat ponytail and her glasses high on her nose, lips a rosy red with lipstick. She held out a black, bulky package in front of her, a red ribbon tying it.

“Hey!” Emily said, sounding excited, then blushed a little toning herself down. “Hey.. I wasn’t sure you were in with the door as it was.” she bit her lip and offered the parcel forward. “I got you a housewarming present. Just to say hi, you know?”

Alexia looked down at the parcel, eyes going wide. Just to say hi? After all she had already done? “Oh my.. Emily.. Thank you.. But I really can’t.. You’ve done so much for me already..” she said, a little softly. She already felt guilty enough. Emily was just too nice.

For a moment, Emily looked a little crestfallen, but pursed her lips, resolute! “A trade then!” then all but pushed the weighty parcel into Alexia’s hands, who was forced to scramble to catch it, confused.

“I.. I don’t have anything to..” she started to protest but Emily cut her off.

“Ahha..” she said, smirking as she reached down, collecting Alexia’s used nightshirt from her clothes heap. Clutching the black shirt with the pink heart in her arms, smirking, turning and striding away from the gawping Alexia.

“Thank.. You?” Alexia mumbled at the retreating Emily before closing her door again, eying the parcel and not really sure what to think. Clothes were in short supply and that shirt, her comfy sleeping shirt would be missed. She set the box down on her desk, nudging her empty bowl to one side and stared at it. As she did she heard Emily moving about the flat, heard the bathroom door close and heard the shower turn on.

She sat herself down at her desk and tugged on the ribbon, watching it fall to the floor and slowly lifted the lid off the parcel.

Alexia let out a sob and covered her mouth with the back of her hand, staring down into the box, her eyes wide, she was shaking ,tears were rolling down her cheeks freely.

Inside the box was a starter kit for painters. It was basic. It was simple. It was so liberating.

Emily sighed happily as she dried herself down from her shower, pulling on some clothes and slinging the towel over a heated rack to dry. She unfurled and pulled her glasses on before pulling out a hair dryer and brushing her hair out dry, tying it back into a ponytail. She set the dryer down and stepped out into the corridor, practically into Alexia’s waiting grasp!

The second Emily stepped out of the bathroom Alexia wrapped her arms tightly around the woman, holding her close, the smaller woman’s head pressed cosily between the ebony womans modest breasts.

Emily let out a surprised little squeak, moving her hands to rest them on Alexia’s hips, then around to hug her back, understanding, smiling to herself as she held the taller woman to her.

Alexia had stopped crying, but her cheeks were wet and she found herself sniffling a little as she held the shorter woman.

Emily eventually managed to pry herself to arms length after an extensive, warm hug and smiled up at Alexia, noticing for the first time her tears. She pursed her lips and lifted up a hand, wiping away the trails of tears and smiled. “Like your present then?..”

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you!” Alexia tugged Emilly back into another hug, holding her for a few moments longer before letting her go, wiping her own eyes again as she sniffled pathetically and looked down at the girl. She was wearing Alexia’s shirt, which looked far too big on her, and a pair of black panties. Nothing else! Alexia blushed.

Emily beamed up happy and took Alexia by the hand and led her through the flat. Alexia looked down, at her dark hand in the soft warm creaminess of Emily’s own. She couldn’t help but watch her thick heart-shaped ass shift as she walked, Emily’s soft thighs jiggling a little with each step.

Emily guided her to the couch and pushed her down. Alexia sat there meekly and stopped sniffling. She watched the girl walk to the kitchenette, eyes fixed on her thick figure. Her full lush thigh and soft bubbly ass making her shift in her seat, feeling her cock stir in her pants, despite having already seen to it once today.

Emily moved around the room, adjusting the lighting to make it dim, selecting a DVD from her collection and moving to the TV, bending over to put it into her player. Alexia bit her lip as she stared at that perfect ass.

Emily stood and collected two full glasses of red wine from the counter, returning and handing one to Alexia, placing the bottle down between them and settling down besides her on the couch.

Alexia sipped her wine and loved the full bodied flavour. She was a bit of a wine connoisseur, she thought. She could definitely detect hints of grape.

The movie was a sweet romantic comedy and they both relaxed, laughing along together, enjoying glass after glass of red wine.

Before long Alexia found that Emily was in the crook of her arm, which she had around the girl’s shoulders as they cuddled, Emily’s legs pulled up under her comfortably.

When the movie ended and the bottle of red empty, split between them, neither of them were drunk. But they were certainly buzzing.

As the credits rolled across the screen, the empty glasses besides the empty bottle on the table Alexia looked down to Emily. Smiling at the woman as she looked up at Alexia, eyes wide and adorable, looking at her curiously.

“Emily.. I..”

Emily leaned up suddenly and eagerly pressed her lips tight to Alexia’s, kissing her hot, releasing an tension that Alexia hadn’t noticed had been building between them, their lips meeting in a burst of motion and desire.

Alexia didn’t miss a beat, kissing the short, curvy woman with lustful desire, all the adoration, all the gratitude pouring out with her need to have positive human contact. She wanted to enjoy this girl, wanted to build something with her, on a foundation of an amazing sex life.. She would show this woman a good time.

Emily broke the kiss, panting softly and stood up, grabbing Alexia’s hand and pulling at the surprised girl, tugging her up and tugging her along.

“W-wait wha?” Alexia stammered, confused.

“Shh come with me. I’m going to show you a good time..”

Alexia’s eyes widened. This reserved, quiet librarian stealing her line before she’d even said it. “But..”

“Shh!” Emily had a good shush, well practiced at work. Alexia bit her tongue and stayed quiet as she was pulled along.

Emily pushed open the door to her room and pulled Alexia in, closing the door behind them with her butt.

Alexia stood with her back to Emily’s bed, facing her and the door, Emily leaned against the door, watching Alexia with excited eyes.

Alexia looked her back anxiously, “..I”

Emily stepped forward and shoved Alexia, who let out a gasp! She stumbled, caught off guard and fell backwards, arms flailing for something to grab to stop her falling, hopelessly.

Alexia landed on the bed with an, “Oomph!”, bouncing on the soft mattress and staring up at the ceiling, blinking as she suddenly found herself horizontal.

“Wha-” Alexia started, interrupted again by Emily’s lips as she climbed on top of her, straddling her and pressing her soft body down against her ebony flatmate, kissing her and shuffling, guiding Alexia as she maneuvered her to lay down on the bed proper, head on the pillows, Alexia eagerly kissing the thicc, eager womans, full delicious lips.

Emily naughtily tugged Alexia’s hands up, above her head, squirming as their tongues played between their lips, Emily’s hands moving strangely under the pillow. There was a strange clicking noise. Enough of this..

Alexia made to roll over, looking to take her position back on top where she belonged, in charge and in control, but she gasped! Falling back onto her back. She looked up confused at the woman on top of her, who smirked playfully, raising an eyebrow. Alexia tilted her head back looking up at her wrists. Pink fluffy handcuffs bound her wrists around a steel pole that made up part of Emily’s sturdy looking headboard. She stared up at the handcuffs, wiggling, fingers trying to prod at the cuffs. She looked to Emily and opened her mouth to speak, and had a pillow dropped over her face.

“..What are you..”

“You do like to talk don’t you..” Emily said in a sing song voice as she climbed off of Alexia.

Alexia lay there, shaking her head, but unable to dislodge the pillow. She could breathe, but she couldn’t see, couldn’t knock the pillow from her face. She felt her heart racing. Only able to just listen. She heard cloth, heard walking, heard more clothes and a lacing. After a long while she felt Emily again sitting on her crotch, straddling her, sitting up on top of her.

Alexia froze and felt a hand tracing up her shirt, a pressure on the pillow and it was pulled free. Alexia blinked up, drinking in the sight of Emily in the dimmed light.

She still wore her glasses, her lips painted a bright slut red, but for the first time the thick woman had let her long dark hair down, it cascaded down her shoulders and across her bare chest. She was wearing more clothes, but in terms of privacy they covered less. She wore thigh high black leather boots laced up the front and a black corset that started above her smooth pussy and finished below her breasts, making her seem all the more curved, accentuating her hips and full soft breasts while making her waist seem quite tiny. Alexia noted too, with some surprise that her nipples were pierced with studded barbells. In one hand, dangling from the smirking womans hand was a ballgag.

“Say ahhh..” she said, her voice soft and teasing.

“…I think I figured out what the catch i-mmph!~” Alexia was cut off by the bag placed between her teeth, feeling Emily’s hands behind her head, tying the gag to her, dominating her.

“Remember what I said about judging a book by its cover? I wasn’t talking about you, sweetness.” She teased.

After she had tied the ballgag in place she sat back up and let out a soft squeak of surprise, peering over her shoulder and down. Alexia’s cock was straining at her trousers, desperate to be released. Emily giggled, pressing her thick bare ass back against the bulge, warmly.

“Ooooh hello there.. Don’t you look fun..” she grinned looking backwards as Alexia arched her back eagerly, trying to push her bulge up against the soft yielding ass. But Emily leaned forward, drawing her butt just out of range. “One minute.. I just have to mm.. Check these cuffs.”

She leaned forward and slid up Alexia’s body, burying Alexia’s face between the heavy soft mounds that were her plump breasts, pressing her elbows together as she toyed pointlessly with the cuffs, pretending to check them as she smothered Alexia with her full creamy breasts, caressing the woman’s face with her plush tits. She leaned to the side some, dragging her hard studded nipple across the spread lip of Alexia, leaning down, pressing her face deep into one of her breasts, smothering her nose and depriving her of air.

“Mmm.. It looks okay..” she said curiously as Alexia started to whimper and squirm. After a few long moments Emily leaned up and smirked, looking down at her as she sat up again, straddling her stomache. “You okay?..”

Alexia breathed hard through her nose and stared kaçak bahis up at Emily, her cheeks flushed hot, her cock painfully erect. She nodded, nodded desperately.

“Good girl..” she purred and reached down to Alexia’s waist, tugging up her shirt to reveal Alexia’s bra clad breasts, biting her lip as she reached down, squeezing one. “Oooh they’re nice.. Once my strapon arrives I can’t wait to watch them bounce..” she blinked up and laughed at Alexia’s expression, “Don’t worry.. I’m getting ahead of myself..”

She started to crawl down unbuckling Alexia’s pants and hooked her thumbs underneath both the trousers and the womans boxers, dragging them down slow, kissing at her dark ebony thigh as she moved, smirking and letting out appreciative little, “mwahs~” as she went.

“Oooh!” she cooed as the huge dark shaft sprang free of her boxers, pointing straight up eagerly, a slick trail of pre coating one half of the tip where the fabric of her boxers had smeared it. As tempting as it was to stop there and then to focus on the cock she continued to kiss downwards, pulling the pants off completely and discarding them on the floor, messily. Without folding them. Alexia realised just how much trouble she might be in.

With her legs free Alexia eagerly parted them, allowing Emily easier access as she started to slowly kiss up the other leg, lying between the ebony womans thighs, smirking up at her briefly before she turned her dark gaze onto the cock before her, finger nudging her glasses up into place as she studied the thick, throbbing shaft, tracing her fingertips with a feather light touch down from the semi slick tip, down the veiny textured shaft to gently cup under her balls, lifting and weighing them, leaning into give them each a soft angelic kiss with her plush lips leaving a red lipstick mark on each of the orbs.

“Mm..” she started to slowly draw her tongue up the underside of her cock, only using the lightest of touches with only the very tip of her tongue causing Alexia to squirm her hips from side to side eagerly, looking down at the devilish girl as she cruelly teased her cock.

“I’ve got plans for you tonight..” She said, voice low and sultry. “But I want you to know what’s in store for you in the future..” That sounded ominous to Alexia, who found herself staring back down at those hungry eyes.

Emily proceeded to close her eyes and lowered her shoulders, pushing her head down. Her plush red lips parted to take the thick, pre coated tip into the hot, wet luxury of her mouth. Alexia letting out an appreciative moan as she squirmed, wanting more.

Emily provided. She didn’t stop, her head moving down, her body arching up. Alexia stared in amazement as her thick black rod of her cock filled the girl’s mouth. But Emily still didn’t slow, didn’t stop, she kept sliding down, rolling her plush lips over the dark veiny length, lips stretched around her cock to accommodate her girth.

Alexia watched as she felt the amazing sensations engulf her, felt it press into the hot tightness of the little nerdy white girls throat.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Without gagging, choking or even pausing, Emily effortlessly took The entire dark shaft into her mouth and throat, her creamy white neck bulging obscenely, as she kissed the root of her cock, pausing briefly before she pulled her lips back up her cock, sucking as she moved before it popped free of her lips. Emily had left a red ring of lipstick around the base of Alexia’s cock.

Here was the catch. The trap. The surprise she knew had been waiting for her in some form. Her flat mate was a sexual freak. Demure and conservative during the day, and.. Whatever the hell this was at night.

Alexia was in love.

Emily smirked and swallowed a mouthful of spit, biting her lower lip with self satisfied glee, a swath of dark brown hair covering one eye as it hung about her messily. She sat up and squirmed forward, looking down, taking the hard dark shaft in her small white hands, massaging the slick, spit coated member as she leaned forward, a soft moan escaping her lips as she started to rub her own wet, slick pussy against the underside of Alexia’s hard cock.

“A-ah.. Fuck that feels good..” she sighed as she ground her puffy, smooth pussy against the steely shaft, a hand moving to cup, weigh and squeeze her own heavy pliable breast, plucking at the nipple.

Alexia watched entranced at the show, watching the softness of the breast give to the pressure of the girl’s fingers as she kneaded the heavy tit, she watched the whole breast bounce and settle as she pulled her hard, pierced nipples out only to release them, the orbs bouncing and settling back into place.

Emily sat up on her knees, looking up at Alexia with a teasing little lustful look as she rubbed the tip of the big black cock to her wet pussy. Alexia’s eyes widened, she wasn’t wearing protection!

“Cnun!! Cnun!!” she whimpered through the gag, writhing her hips from side to side a little.

Emily giggled softly, shaking her head. “You don’t need a condom sweetness.. And don’t you find it feels so much better without?..”

Emily shuffled forward a couple of inches and Alexia moaned, feeling her throbbing cock settle between the pillow like globes of Emily ass. She looked up at the young woman, completely at her whim and not minding it one bit.

Emily bit her lip and leaned back, her hand tracing around her own hip to reach between her ass cheeks. She concentrated for a moment, gripping Alexia’s cock by the shaft and wriggled, squirming as she pressed the thick mushroom tip of her flatmates cock against her already lubricated backdoor.

“A-ah!” Emily gasped as she felt the thick tip stretch her little hole, plugging her and moved her hands to rest on Alexia’s waist, blushing and chewing on her lip. “O-oh gods.. It feels so much better than a fake one..” she sighed and closed her eyes, tilting her head back as she sat down.

Alexia tried to watch but found her eyes rolling back and her head lolling at the unbelievable pleasure that now controlled every nerve ending in her body.

Emily knew what she was doing and she was, it seemed, well practiced. She panted eagerly as she lowered herself, inch after inch, as with her throat, without paused and hesitation until she had hilted every single inch of Alexia’s throbbing meaty cock into her tight little ass, grinding her thick white cheeks against Alexia’s thighs as she gyrated her hips, feeling the massive cock shift and move inside of her.

It felt so good, so amazing she wanted to grab her by the hips, roll her over and just take her like an animal.

Emily had taken every inch of Alexia’s thick cock into her ass with ease, but that didn’t make it feel any less tight, any less wonderfully hot and wet around her needy cock.

Emily started slow, focusing more on the forwards and backwards gyration of her hips as opposed to simply bouncing up and down, slowly working forward and up, the cock sliding almost free of her tight delicious ass before she would press back and down, letting it sink back into her eager experienced love hole.

She moved slowly, like waves lapping on a beach, pushing out, then drawing in, the movement of her hips hypnotic as she moved.

It was torturously slow for Alexia as she moaned, her noises distinctly muffled by the ball gag in her mouth. She couldn’t take it any more!

As Emily once again slid forward off her cock, as she started to push back Alexia snapped her hips up, driving her cock into the woman in an instant, causing her to gasp in a mix of startled pain and pleasure.

Alexia started to buck her hips faster, driving her cock hard and fast up into the girl as Emily leaned back, gasping and panting loudly as the sudden torrent of hard deep thrusts assaulted her, her thick ass audibly clapping, her round breasts bouncing on her chest.

Alexia was in heaven, she could do this for hours, she could… “Mmmmf!!” She whined through the gag as a sharp pain surged through her, making her stop.

Emily panted heavily, hilted on the cock as she recovered from sudden outburst, the fingers of one hand wrapped around Alexia’s nuts. Not squeezing them to cause pain, but any jerking motion by Alexia would pull on them.

“A-ah.. Fuck.. That’s what I get… For not tying your ankles down… I suppose.”She said between pants, Looking down at the Alexia, who writhed in a confusing mix of agony and ecstasy.

“You’re going to stay still and let me have my fun.. Or I’m going to put a rubberband around your dick and ride you until I get bored.” She ordered, sternly, “Understand?”

Somehow Alexia got the impression that ‘until she got bored’ was synonymous with ‘dawn’. Despite how much part of her wanted that, her overriding need to cum meant she found herself nodding vigorously, spittle trailing down her cheeks as it leaked from around her gag.

“Good.. But I can see you clearly aren’t satisfied with my current tempo..” She smirked, “Maybe a better view? Don’t think I never caught you watching..”

Emily released the girls sensitive nuts and without missing a beat rotated herself while still filled with Alexia’s throbbing cock. She sat now in reverse cowgirl, her hands resting on Alexia’s thighs and her back arched, displaying her thick, heart shaped ass in all its glory to Alexia.

Moaning a little Emily reached back, sinking her fingertips into the softness of her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, displaying the girls formerly tiny little star.

Alexia might have a biased opinion, but she thought Emily’s perfect thick booty looked all the better for being impaled on her ebony spear.

Emily started to move again, up and down, sliding the thick cock in and out of her hot little body, working the pole with long smooth motions, cheeks spread to indulge Alexia in the show.

For several minutes Alexia maintained the display, alternating the speed of her criminally luxuriant movements, the tempo building and building until Alexia started to draw close, on the verge of cumming, when suddenly Emily would all but stop, her movements becoming slow, delicate. Emily was drawing it out, making it last, edging her.

As sweat began to run down the creamy skin of Emily, doubtless starting to make her corset and boots a little less than comfortable she switched her position, her thighs burning from the workout.

Panting, she turned again, leaning over Alexia and pressing her breasts to the dark woman’s own through her bra, almost coming up eye to eye, but just a little too short for that. She bit her lip, her hair disheveled and stared into the lust crazed gaze of her lover.

“Fuck me.” She commanded, hands slipping under Alexias armpits, fingers holding onto her shoulders, knowing what was coming, bracing herself.

Alexia did not need telling twice. Her hands gripping the steel pole to which she was bound, her feet digging into the mattress to give her leverage and she started to hammer herself up into the girl, the sounds of her hips crashing to the girls thighs and butt was matched only by Emily’s sudden unabashed cries, loud squeaks without form or word, each hard strike seemingly to drive another one out of the girl, and Alexia would not slow down.

Emily stared down at Alexia, her tongue lolling as her ass was pounded, harder and rougher than she had ever fucked herself with any of her toys the girls thrusts so brutal she felt her ass cheeks beginning to sting as if she was being spanked, while the constant hot, full sensation of Alexia’s cock felt so fucking good, her poor little ring was on fire, stretched too big, fucked too hard. But that just served to make it feel better, more perverse and so much more pleasurable.

“Harder, harder, harder!!!” Emily found her cries becoming, a constant plea for more, needing to feed a growing addiction to her flatmates slab of thick black cock.

Alexia found it impossible to go any faster or harder as she had gone from zero to full throttle the second she had been allowed to, not holding back, but she didn’t care, she could feel her steely cock throbbing, pulsing, could feel the wave of pleasure reaching higher and higher, feeling a familiar. Imminent pressure build.

The wave of her pleasure reached its peak and flew through the point of no return, she drove herself to the hilt, whimpering through spit around the gag as she sheathed herself in this deprived phat assed white girl, throwing her head back and arching her back as she began to drain her balls into her, her sack twitching, her chest heaving.

Emily gasped and shuddered, feeling pulse after pulse of hot cum pour into her abused hole, biting her teeth into Alexias exposed neck, instinctively displaying her dominance over the girl as she felt her ass filled with copious amounts of the woman’s thick seed.

The torrent of cum slowed to stream then to a trickle as Emily bit into her neck, suckling hard and leaving a love bite ringed by a halo of red lipstick, squeezing her fingers against Alexia’s shoulders, holding her tight.

They lay there, Emily collapsed on top of Alexia as her cock was milked dry by the squeezing asshole around it, greedily swallowing every last drop of cum it could.

As they lay in the afterglow panting, exhausted, Emily pushed herself up on her hands to look down at Alexia, the woman’s cock starting to soften inside her as Emily reached up and removed Alexias gag, tossing it to one side, letting her pull in her first unobstructed breath in seemingly an age.

“A-ah! Ah.. Emily.. I.. I think I love..”, Alexia found again Emily’s finger pushed to her lips, muting her. Alexias lips were wet, but she looked better than Emily did. Her hair splayed out in a typically sexy mess, her makeup smeared and her cream skin flushed.

“Me too..”

Emily gently pushed her finger into the woman’s mouth, hooking it at the side and leaned in kissing her, very, very possessive..

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