A First Time for Anal Play Ch. 7

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The rest of the train ride to Charleston was great. We enjoyed the company of Jake and Maria as we ate, got off at stops, talked in the club car, etc. Naturally the best of the ride was the time we spent together alone.

Julie proved to be an imaginative as well as totally open lover. We fucked in as many places as we could on that train. We went back into the regular seats and spooned with a blanket over us, fucking the night away, one night we fucked down in the snack bar on a table, in the dining car before they came in to prep for breakfast, but the best was the smoking car.

Now on a train, most people sleep the night away, but there are always one or two people wandering around. Most of them seem to be smokers. When we were finished getting our rocks off, sometimes we would head there to chat with whoever was still up. The third night out, we were talking to two guys and their girls. They were pretty lit. One of the guys with his arm around is girl started playing with her tits. He actually peeled her top down at one point so we could all admire her rather large jugs. Obviously she was enhanced, but it got us all pretty hot in there watching him fondle her. They began to make out as did the other couple, and pretty soon there was some heavy groping going on.

Finally one girl got her guys hardon out and Julie and I watched these young couples go at it. One guy got a handjob the other a blow job. Not to be left out, Julie soon took my semi-soft prick and freed it, masturbating me gently as we watched. Finally they left, headed for some more goodies I was sure.

Julie continued to wank me as we sat there talking, and I began to get hard. Well things progressed, and soon she was sitting astride me taking my dick up her tight quim. She came, and crawled off me, taking me deep into her throat again. Finally she stood up, flipped her skirt up, and placed her bum out. I got the hint. I spit on my dick, and then onto her sweet rosebud, and placed the head against her sphincter and began to enter her ass.

This was the first time since our initial anal encounter that she had shown an interest in anal play. My dick was jumping as I moved it over her bud and then returned to pushing, trying to get my hardness inside her. It was a struggle. Finally I got the head lodged up her butt.

She was breathing hard, and wiggling her butt on my stick. I pushed in more, and got about three inches in, when she asked me to take it out. Again, she needed to go slow to get my fat wang into that tiny hole. I spit inside her ass and took two fingers and worked them around a bit before reinserting my prick. I worked most of it up inside her before she asked me once more to retreat.

I marveled at how huge her tiny asshole was when I pulled out. My dick was white up to the point where I had been inside her, the last inch from there raging purple. Finally my entire dick got blood in it again, and from the way she was panting and wiggling her ass, I knew it was showtime. I lined up and once more my pole pushed its way past her sphincter and deep into her bowels. This time I pushed all the way to the hilt.

I rested a sec, looking down at my cock totally merged with her, deep inside her guts. I couldn’t stay that way long, she was so incredibly tight. I began to move. I fucked her ass, with a slow and easy rhythm, enjoying the feel of her slick sheath, getting slicker as precum leaked out and coated it. Beads of white were leaking out as I pulled all but the head back and pushed back up into her shit chute.

I picked up the pace, and was aware of her moans and her hand under her. I knew I was going to cum soon, and I wanted to watch her face as I shot my seed inside her, so I pulled out, her asshole stretched wide open when my knob popped out. I stood her up and turned her around. She sat on the rounded plastic seat and slid down, her asshole smaller now, but still gaping.

I stood in front of her and pulled her legs over my shoulder and slid her to me, her head and shoulders crammed into the seat. I took my purple penis and once more made my way up her back passage, shoving into the hilt. Just then movement caught my eye, and two guys were standing there, watching thru the little window into the room. My dick jumped, and I turned back to look at Julie, her face red, her tits bouncing with her pants and my thrusts, her ass impaled. I leaned over her and began to fuck the shit out of her shittube.

Now and then I would glance at the window, but mostly I watched Julie as I reamed her ass. Finally, I was cumming. My dick swelled up, Julie’s eyes got wide and I was washing out her bowels with my semen. I came hard and long. Julie reached for her long clit about the time I started shooting inside her, and she began to cum as the last few spurts shot up her guts. Her sphincter convulsed over and over on my dick, milking me for the last of my seed, and then it was over, bahis firmaları my messy dick sliding out of her gaping ass.

I leaned my arms on the back of the chair, and told Julie we had an audience. She smiled and slid off the seat, squatting in front of my groin and took that nasty thing into her mouth and began sucking me. I heard grunts through the door, and knew that she had gotten the guys off with her actions. She cleaned off my dick, and stood up to hug me. I grasped her buns in my hand and kneaded them as she nuzzled my neck. Finally we disengaged and reached to get our stuff off the seats.

There on the floor was a puddle of cum that had leaked out while she was sucking my dick. I knew right then I wanted to watch the cum ooze out of her ass at some time in the future. We left the puddle there, and headed for the door. The guys were still outside, backing off to the side as we opened the door. Julie smiled at them and said “I hope you enjoyed the show”, and then reached out and took a spent dick in each hand and gave them each a few pumps. With that we headed back, first to the showers and then to the compartment for some rest.

The next morning as I got up and headed for the bathroom, Julie followed me as she had every day, but this time when we got inside the bathroom, she asked me to piss on her instead of wasting it in the john. Secretly I think I had always wanted to piss on someone, spray my warm pee up and down someone’s body. Degrading, yet exciting. She took off her robe, and stepped into the shower. There was this tiny seat protruding out, and she sat down and spread her legs wide. She pulled me to her using my club, and pointed it down at her genitals.

She was gently stroking me, and I had to ask her to stop so I could concentrate. I closed my eyes, her hand pushing my dick down at her, and finally I could pee. I let loose, and looked down to see her bathing her cunt in my golden rain. She moved my dick up and showered her tits with my piss, and then moved it around bathing her body. As the stream began to thin out, she pointed it back at her pussy, and with her other hand pulling at her clit, she came.

I squirted out the last few drops, and she leaned forward and took me in her mouth, cleaning me up. I wanted to piss on her every time I had to take a leak from now on. She looked so hot, as she turned my hose over her body and let my warm piss shower her.

She stood up, and said, “my turn”. I looked at her for a moment, and decided it was only fair. I tried to sit on the little ledge, but she pushed me down until I was sitting on the floor in a puddle of my own pee. She asked me to stretch out a little, and I laid back, my feet propped up on the wall.

She lifted a leg over me straddling my hips as she stood over me. She looked down at me and mouthed, “I love you” and then let loose, her piss flowing down and hitting my flaccid prick, bathing my groin. It felt wonderful. As the last few drops dribbled out, I was sorry it was over. My meat began to rise. I carefully stood up and she sank down, again taking my piss covered prick in her mouth. She cleaned her own piss off of my prick and then began giving my balls a tongue bath. When she was done, the hardon that had started when she began to pee on me, was at full mast. I pulled her up, and hugged her, reaching around for the knob to turn on the shower. The water came out cold and we both jumped. We went through contortions to avoid the water, squealing and squirming, but finally I got it warm

The water washed over us, cleaning the piss off our bodies, and I leaned down to suck a wet tit into my mouth. She was stroking my member, and when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I turned her around, lifted one of her legs and plowed my cock up into her cunt. I fucked her hard and fast and came quickly. We were laughing and making all kinds of noise the whole time. When I had finished my cum, we got to the business of washing up.

We left the bathroom, her robe snug against her and her hand inside my towel, pulling me along by my fat dick. On the way we ran into that older couple, and boy did they give us some dirty looks. I felt really sorry for them.

Later, at breakfast with Jake and Maria, they asked if we had been doing it in the smoking room as they had heard about a couple who were fucking in there, and they were sure it was us. We proudly gave our affirmatives, and they proceeded to tell us all the gossip. It boiled down to a guy with a huge cock sticking it up the butt of this tiny woman. I loved the huge cock part. I am very proud of my member, and enjoy showing it off and having it admired. I am 7 1/2 inches of very fat, very pretty cock when aroused.

Anyhow, they were amazed to hear it was true and Maria was giving me all kinds of looks as Julie confirmed that I was well-hung. They admitted they had never tried anal sex and Julie and Maria got into a conversation about kaçak iddaa it. Jake listened with interest and I knew he was dreaming about shoving his dick up Maria’s bunghole. Julie told her how much my fat dick had hurt at first, but by taking it slow and just relaxing about it, finally it all worked, and she got a lot of pleasure from it. Maria told her Jakes was slim, so whe was sure it would be easier.

Later that day we were to be in New Orleans for the night, so Julie and Maria left to go pack up and get ready to leave. Jake and I talked about sex the whole time. He asked a lot of questions, and I was sure Maria would be sodomized soon. He also asked if Julie was always jerking me off when we ate. He and Maria had talked about it and were sure we were. I answered affirmatively and I advised him next time, to take her hand and place it in his lap and see what happened. He was all smiles when the girls got back and we headed for lunch.

Lunch was great, Julie jerked me off as I finished the last of my burger, catching my jizz in a napkin. Thank god for tablecloths and linen napkins. This time I could tell that on the other side of the table, things were also happening. Poor Jake was not quite as good as being cool about it, and it was obvious when he came. He had hardly touched a bite. I was glad we had given them something to spice up their day.

We arrived in New Orleans, getting this little hotel a few blocks off Bourbon Street. The hotel was used mostly as a rooming house for the locals we later found out. It was cheap, the TV only had local channels, and the only phone was on the porch upstairs outside. We sat out and talked with some of the residents, and got some ideas on where to head. We went out walking and had a great dinner, and then took a taxi to a riverboat casino.

We gambled a while and then Julie and I split from them and headed to a bar. There were these red velvet round couches with high backs, and with a gleam in our eyes, we headed for one, and headed to the back of one, out of sight of most of the other patrons. Julie pulled my shorts down and grasped my prick and began to masturbate me until I was fully hard. Then lifting up her skirt, she sat across my lap impaling her pussy on my prick. Unless you looked close, it just looked like she was sitting on my lap.

I let her do most of the work, she moved around my lap working my pole around inside her. Another couple sat down a bit around the curve, and the girl struck up a conversation with Julie as she fucked on my pole. It was so erotic. Finally they left, and Julie turned around with her back to me and began to move up and down my dick. I kept an eye out, but no one was paying us any attention. She turned back sideways sitting across my lap, her back to the lobby, and she took my hand and placed it on her quim. I took her clit between my fingers and began to roll it around and jerk it and in short order she began to cum. Her milking cunt set off my explosion, and I shot my sperm into her womb. She jumped up fairly quickly, giving me a kiss as she pulled the waistband of my shorts over my deflating dick, and she sauntered off.

She cleaned up and joined me and we found Jake and Maria again, and from Maria’s face, I knew Julie was telling her what had just happened. It was after 3:00AM and we had a train to catch at ten, so we decided to head back to the hotel. The cab had two benches facing each other and Julie and Maria were leaning towards each other laughing and whispering like schoolgirls. Julie sat back and put her hand in my lap and grasped my prick thru my shorts. She began to pump it a bit, and I tried to act cool and not too surprised.

Jake was bugging his eyes out as Maria began to rub him thru his trousers. I was about semi hard when Julie pulled the waistband down and freed my prick. Maria gasped and watched intently as Julie began to masturbate me in earnest. Maria unzipped Jake and snaked her hand inside his pant. Jake was still bug-eyed, but you could see he was enjoying it. Finally Julie lowered her head and after a few seconds, began to deep-throat me. I reached over her and pushed her tube top down and began to roll one of those long nipples in my fingers.

Jake gave a strangled noise and came in his pants with Maria jerking him. My erection rose a notch in her throat, and she lifted off it and looked at Maria, laughing and giggling with her. My erection was waving in the air, and Maria whispered something to Julie. Julie nodded, and Maria whispered something to Jake. He looked at her and then nodded, and Julie took Maria’s hand and pulled her across the cab and placed her hand on my dick.

She slowly tried to wrap a hand around it and began to pump it. I just relaxed and let her play. She spent a moment jerking me and then looked at Julie who nodded, and then she leaned forward and put her lips on the head of my dick. She licked it from top to bottom and then began kaçak bahis to open wide around it and take me in her mouth. She gagged as I hit the back of her throat, her lips were stretched as wide as they could go around my dick.

Jake had hauled his new erection out and was steadily wanking it as he watched his wife give me head. Julie, kind soul that she is, crossed over to him and leaned down to give him a blowjob. Jake didn’t last long, and shot a load into my bride-to-be’s mouth. She let the cum roll around in her mouth then swallowed it and leaned over to give Jake a kiss. He was so surprised, he just let her kiss him. I think we blew his mind.

Watching another man’s cum dripping out of my loves mouth gave me the fire I needed, and I pushed Maria’s head down hard on my dick, lodging the knob in her throat, and began to shoot as she gagged around my penis. I bounced her throat up and down, and finally let her up for air as I finished dribbling the last of the cum out of my prick.

She let a lot of my cum slip out of her mouth, but swallowed some, and Julie reached in her bag and got some tissues out and they cleaned themselves up. I put my prick back in my shorts, and Jake just sat there his dick lying limp out of his pants. I noticed we had stopped, and looked past Jake to see the cabbie turned around grinning at us. Evidently we had reached our destination.

I paid the cabbie and we headed inside. Jake and Maria went to their rooms, but Julie and I hit the upstairs porch. It was a beautiful night, and after much fondling by Julie, I got hard again. As in the casino, Julie sat on my lap, my prick tight inside her pussy. She moved around a bit and then turned to face me, and now she rode me all the way to orgasm. She came first with me a little ways behind. She slumped forward, her head on my shoulder, my arms around her, and we fell asleep that way. I woke at some point, with her still on my lap against me, my prick now soft had slithered out of her cunt and was sticky against her gash. I picked her up and carried her to the room. I lay down beside her not even bothering to undress us.

We awoke to Maria’s knocking and telling us we were late. We made it to the train, and hit the bed as soon as we found our compartment. I woke up with my hardon stuffed down my wife-to-be’s face. After making sure I was awake, she let go of my prick and rummaged in a suitcase. After lubing up my pole, she climbed on, but she didn’t aim for her pussy, She was trying to get my member in her ass. A shiver went thru my frame, as she squatted down, my knob pushing on her assring, only to slide off. Being a gentleman, I had to help. I reached down and grasping my prick behind the head, I held it for her as she descended again and pushed down hard trying to pop that bulbous head inside her ass.

It worked, and my knob was swallowed by her incredible tightness. She sat down more, and I kept my hands on my pole as she tried to push more of me inside her. Slowly I slid up inside her rectum, until I could take one hand away, she fucked up and down on about half my length, and then leaned forward to kiss me, lifting her butt a little and I popped out.

She kissed me a bit, and then sat back up lifting up so my cock snapped against my stomach. She sat down and her cuntlips covered the underside of my cock, and she slid up and down on my member before lifting up and spreading her ass cheeks wide. I grabbed my pole and lifted it to her, and she sat down again, this time my meat going thru her sphincter a little more easily. She slowly lowered and raised herself fucking me further inside her anus.

She rose up, my head lodged just inside her ass and then would slowly impale her body by lowering down again. Finally her bare lips were flush with my pubes, and she leaned forward a little, grinding her clit against me. Now she just rocked back and forth, my cock slipping a small ways in and out of her backdoor. Her eyes were closed and her face screwed up in pain. She rode me for a while until I guess it became more pleasurable, and she opened her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back, my heart bursting with love at the woman whose body I was so intimately connected with.

She moved her feet back so she was now using her knees to lift herself up and down on my cock. She was lifting up all the way and then going down with a little more force. I reached down between her legs and began to rub her large nub. It didn’t take long for her to cum, her ass ring squeezing my cock unmercifully.

I needed to cum, and needed to fuck her, so I told her to turn around. With some contortions still keeping me lodged in her bum, she turned around with her back to me. I told her to put her feet on my legs and enjoy the ride. I began to fuck up into her rectum, driving my cock into her insides. Her feet slipped off but her legs were still on mine as I pounded my pole harder and deeper up into her guts. As I began to swell, I felt her hands reach for her clit again, and the other began to caress my balls. I pumped up into her a few more strokes, and then unleashed, coating her bowels yet again with my sperm.

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