A Dirty Wood Romp

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“Can we stop here for a minute? I’m really tired!” Alice said.

“Sure baby, whatever you say,” I answered.

It had been a long day. My girlfriend Alice and I had been camping out for our second honeymoon. The day was beautiful and we stopped by a cool, clean lake out in the mountains. I sat down and took of my boots, rubbing my feet to keep them from being sore. Alice was stretching her back out and looked absolutely beautiful. Her long brown hair glistened in the sun and her beautiful legs were spread out as she balanced herself through her stretch. Even all sweaty she was stunning.

“You look beautiful, honey.”

“Thanks, baby.”

She seductively walked toward me gave me a slow kiss on the lips. I groaned as my member grew hard, suddenly.

“You know I love it when you kiss me like that.”

She simply smiled and playfully bent down in front of me pretending to stretch out her calves. Her ass wiggled and teased me. Through her shorts I saw her beautiful crack and almost lost it. I put my hands on her cheeks, slowly massaging them just how she liked it. Alice giggled and pulled my right hand toward her clit and led my left hand into her ass crack. I gladly obliged. She began to sigh and moan as I rubbed her hardened clit through her shorts. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and I could feel her wet pussy soaking through her light khaki shorts.

“Oh God, John. Just like that,” Alice moaned.

She turned around to face me and ground her crotch into my face. She took her top off displaying her sexy breasts, flushed from the walking and from our sudden playful mood. She sat in my lap, grinding her crotch into mine. As I kissed her passionately, I unhooked her bra, releasing her beautiful bosom. She kissed me harder, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, intertwining it with mine as I palmed her tits and squeezed her nipples. She tore off my shirt, exposing my hard abs and ran her hands up and down my stomach, bahis firmaları teasing my nipples in rhythm with our kissing. I moved my mouth down to her breasts, sucking them as if my life depended on it. She grabbed the top of my head, tearing at my hair. I loved it when she did that. She was rough at all the right times. Suddenly, she stopped.

“Oh, fuck,” Alice said.

“What? What? Did you come?” I asked.

“No. I have to go to the bathroom.”

“So what? How long have we been going out?”

“No,” she said. “It’s not what you think.”

My eyes began to gleam. I had been waiting for this moment. Alice had refused to let me watch her take a shit before. But now, she couldn’t deny me anymore.

” Please, don’t leave. You know how much I’ve wanted to see that,” I pleaded. “Plus, we both love watersports. I promise it’ll be OK.”

She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and winked at me. She slowly took off her shorts, immediately presenting me with a beautiful mound of neatly shaved pubic hair.

“But let’s find a tree or something, OK?” Alice asked.

We made our way to the back of a tree. I ripped off my shorts, exposing my rigid cock, ready for anything. Before she squatted down I kissed her again, pulling her body toward me, fingering her wet pussy. I could feel the lump of turd at the back of her vagina.

“Oh, yes. That’s definitely coming out,” I told her.

I lay down beside the tree and she squatted over me, her strong tan thighs flexing under her weight. I had a great view of her now large clit, her glistening pussy and her puckered asshole.

“So what’s it gonna be first, baby?” I asked.

“Just wait. You’ll find out,” Alice said mysteriously.

I could see her nether regions relax. A strong stream of hot, golden piss poured out of her. It dribbled onto my neck and stomach, rinsing off the sweat that had accumulated since that morning. After she had kaçak iddaa finished, she slowly brought her dripping twat down to my face. Rubbing her clit against my nose, I thrust my tongue into her slit, savoring her juices mixed with urine. With my tongue inside of her, she brought all her weight down on my face, grinding into it, her juices pouring all over me. She moved her hips faster and faster as her breathing grew heavier. Sensing her impending orgasm, I brought my fingers into her twat, massaging her bulging G-Spot. She squealed loudly, mashing herself into me as a hot, copious stream of fluid poured out her nether regions. Collapsing next to me, we kissed deeply. I continued to finger her, coaxing the lump of shit inside of her closer to her exit.

“It’s coming, I can feel it,” I said.

“This is gonna be weird!” she protested.

“It won’t be, trust me. Just relax,” I said soothingly. “I need to see all of you. How about a doggy crouch for me?”

She knelt down on all fours, sticking her rounded ass into the air. I brought my face up to her smooth, tanned ass cheeks. I slowly caressed them with my lips, running my tongue up and down her pink asshole. She giggled and jumped slightly, surprised by the contact.

“Better move out of the way!” she threatened.

Alice spread her ass with both her hands, making a clear view for me. I brought my face up to her hole. Slowly I began to lick around it, feeling all of the creases with the tip of my tongue. Alice moaned and wiggled her hips as I pushed my tongue into her rear, the same way I did to her pussy just a few minutes before. I could smell her insides, earthy and rich. My tongue touched her turd, the tip hardened and rounded inside of her.

“God, Alice,” I groaned. “You taste so fucking good. Keep going, it’s there.”

Her body muscles rippled as she began pushing. Not wanting to miss a thing, I leaned my cheek of her left ass cheek, watching and waiting. kaçak bahis Alice began making noises. A quiet sigh escaped her lips as she began to push her waste out of her body. With a quiet crackling noise, the hardened tip began to protrude and I licked the area around it, inhaling her wonderful odor. It had a rich, thick consistency, with the color of milk chocolate. Her anus grew distended as she continued making her crap. It grew longer, continuing to hold up against its own weight. I licked the warm protruding rod, savoring its taste, inhaling the odor of her backside mixed with the odor of her still-wet pussy. With one last push her anus began to close up, pinching the now 6 inch long scat log. It slid out, leaving her hole still open. I quickly moistened my finer with some pussy juice and brought it into her ass, making sure that nothing was left inside. Feeling that it was empty, I inserted two more, stretching her pink exit as much as the turd had. Alice moaned, not used to having her ass stretched so quickly after taking a shit. I pumped my hand back and forth in rhythm to the swaying of her hips and her breathing. With my hand still inside of her, I pulled her torso into me, sliding my engorged cock into her soaking slit. She screamed from the pleasure and her entire body tensed up, an orgasm on its way. I pumped faster and faster into her, scratching her back and pulling on her long hair. She rammed herself back into me, taking all that could. I exploded into her just as she succumbed to another rolling orgasm. I tried to imagine what we must’ve sounded like. Our movements slowed down and we collapsed on the forest floor, exhausted. After a few minutes of afterglow, Alice got up on her feet and inspected the mound of shit she had left on the ground. Still a little weak, I slowly got to my feet, my arms around her naked waist.

“Looks pretty good,” she said, proudly.

“Not bad, for a girl,” I teased.

“How about we get cleaned up in this lake? You’re looking a little dirty, Mr. Scatman,” Alice teased.

She grabbed my ass and gave it hard squeeze. She kissed me hard and we both ran into the lake, ready for another adventure together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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