A Diary of a Lewd Girlfriend

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Author’s Note:

This story includes two characters, Isabelle and Jacson, both of whom are above the age of 18. The story is written in the format of a diary, Isabelle’s diary more specifically. This story also includes a massive penis, fetish-style sized, so if you do not enjoy such stories, I recommend reading another story, or continue reading with caution. Thank you for reading, and I do hope you enjoy!


Sept 8:

It was a new day. I can try one more time. We’ve been living together for a while, Jacson and I, the nerdiest couple in college. Everything is fine between him and I, we love each other very much, Except for the one issue. I’m extremely horny and lustful for him, yet I am too damn shy to approach him like that, and ruin his innocence. He’s a very good boy. I’ve seen him naked before, a few times. By peeping in on some of his showers. Okay, all of his showers. And I can tell you, even while soft, his dick is a masterpiece. Sometimes when I think about is, I wonder if it’s fake, or even human, but then why would he shower with it? Especially when he thinks I haven’t even seen it before? I don’t even know why I’m writing all this down…

I have thought about an masturbated to the idea of him ramming my asshole while on the couch, admittedly, but if anyone saw it, I don’t know how they couldn’t think of something so sexy. In person, and not through the peephole, I’ve only ever seen it as a bulge in his pants, when he gets one of those “random boners” people talk about a lot. I swear the tents they make in his pants are huge, but he always gets embarrassed and hides it, normally going to the bathroom or something, until it’s back to normal. I’m going to make it my goal to strip him naked…

Or the other way around…

I’m not sure yet.

Sept 15

I’ve decided to start writing these weekly or something, I feel like that would be easy to keep up with, although if anything important happens I’ll probably write about it in addition or something.

As for anything happening this week, I almost got caught peeping on Jacson’s shower yesterday. I’m not sure what happened to him in the shower, but yesterday was the first time he got a random (was it though?) boner in the shower while he was shampooing his hair. It shocked me when I noticed it start to wobble and rise, but it was so sexy at the same time, and i couldn’t stay quiet. Having a finger in my pussy and seeing that beast get even bigger than it already was, I had to let out a quiet moan or I would have exploded. Now, I say moan, but it was much more of a squeak, and as soon as I realized he heard it, I ran to my bedroom and hid. I should’ve stayed, because I don’t know if it ever got full mast, but after his shower, he came to talk to me about the “squeaky showerhead” that might be replaced. I think he was oblivious to how badly I was blushing, but at the very least he didn’t suspect me peeping.

Sept 21

It’s been another week, and this time nothing substantial happened. Thankfully Jacson güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri forgot about the shower incident, and we didn’t have to replace a completely fine showerhead because of my mistake. Now the only issue is that I can’t get that image out of my head, of his massive semi-hard dick hanging in the shower. If I’m honest, being a virgin doesn’t help, since the only dicks I’ve seen before are either in textbooks or in porn, and unless I’m really bad at reading a graph, his dick is way bigger than any of those. I don’t believe his massive rod is as low as what Google says the average size is, and now I want to experiment just to see about it. I started looking at dildo’s and other toys that could help me, but even looking at them embarrassed me. The excuse I always used to explain why I didn’t have any toys yet was that I was too shy to enter a sex store, but now with everything being online, maybe I can buy one now, but while Jacson is at work. Yeah. After looking at a few of them, and then starting to think about his dick again, I realized that my fingers wont satisfy me anymore, so I will likely order one soon.

Sept 26

I did it. I can’t believe I did it. I made sure it was while Jacson was at work, but I ordered a dildo. I just got a small 4 inch one, because honestly the larger ones scared me. (The site had one that was 2 feet long!) I made sure to use the express shipping, which thanks to amazon, was same-day shipping and actually arrived sooner than Jacson got back from work, but only by an hour. Still, I opened it and almost immediately blushed looking at it, a semi-realistic 4 inch dick, that was hard. Like, actually hard. I thought it was going to be a softer, squishier rubber or something, but it’s actually hard and difficult to bend (but possible). At the very least it doesn’t get damaged by bending it too far. For that first hour of having it, I went from shy to | really fast, because it felt like only 10 minuted had passed when I heard Jacson open the front door. I had already thrown the box out, but I couldn’t hide the dildo fast enough, so I just pushed it into my pussy and slid my panties on, and had to hide it like that for the next 3 hours. I can’t say it was a comfortable position to be in for 3 hours, but I also can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, although it’s still in my while I write this out. Is that a problem?

Oct 5

I’m going to get into trouble. While Jacson was asleep, I snuck into his room last night and laid on his bed beside him. Sidenote: he is extraordinarily cute when he’s sleeping, there’s no other way to describe it. Anyway, I had brought my phone and dildo with me, because I wanted to compare and see just how big he was. After having slid the blanket off of him, and very, very carefully sliding his pajama’s off, I couldn’t have been more starstruck. It was the closest I’ve gotten to any dick, and it was scary, if I’m honest. It was still huge, I don’t know why I thought it would get smaller, but I was able to compose myself long güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri enough to take a picture of it. The struggle was trying to compare it to the dildo, because I was afraid of dropping the fake dick and waking Jacson up. Eventually I got the nerves up to do it, and held it next to his dick.

At first I quickly snapped a photo, so I didn’t lose this chance, and then properly looked at it myself. It had to have been almost 8 inches! I’m not exactly the best at guessing measurements, but it had to have been just under twice the size of the dildo. How does someone get that big? And it was still soft? I’m so confused, and pretty sure I started squealing too, because Jacson started shifting at that point, and I got so scared that I ran out of the room as fast as possible, ending up hiding in my room for the night and most of today.

Least of all to say, I did not get any sleep last night.

Oct 12

I still haven’t deleted that picture. Whether I’m horny or not, that picture still amazes me. I mean, how can someone be that big? I almost want to send it to some friends and see what they think, yet I don’t think I ever could, because not only am I afraid that they might try and seduce Jacson after seeing that, but I love and respect him and don’t want to do something like that behind his back. Still though, I can’t delete it myself. Maybe I’ll send it anonymously to a doctor or professional, at least to get an opinion on if it’s safe or not.

I need to get this dildo out of my pussy when I get home.

Oct 19

I think Jacson is suspicious of me now, because he walked in on my masturbating to the picture of his dick. I tried to hide my phone fast enough, under the blanket I was hiding in, but I don’t know if he was able to see it or not, which worries me. While I can’t say I wasn’t embarrassed, I can tell you it felt like I died, and yet was somehow exciting me at the thought of getting caught, and even punished by him. It gives me the shivers. Pretty soon after, though, Jacson brought me dinner in bed, and apparently he thought I was sick. I don’t know if he’s just playing off of not wanting to embarrass me further, or if he actually thinks that, but I hope for the latter. He was extremely comforting for the rest of the night, and reminded me of why I fell in love with him in the first place, because he is so kind and compassionate. I forgot about the picture, and almost all of my lewd thoughts for the rest of the night, and had a wonderful night.

Oct 26

I got a response from the picture. Earlier I had sent it to a doctor anonymously with a few questions, and didn’t expect to hear back so soon, in the same day no less. In terms of what I was told, I couldn’t be more split in my emotions now, because the doctor said that it could be perfectly safe and healthy depending on the person, but to be able to tell if its actually real, or safe, I’d have to make an appointment to see him in person. Out of the fact that Jacson doesn’t know güvenilir bahis şirketleri anything about this, I politely objected to the appointment, but I still can’t get over the fact that it’s real, especially when a doctor is curious about that fact too. I need to think about it some more, and it’s likely I won’t message that doctor again.

Oct 29

Jacson got home after midnight last night, or should I say today, and he was so tired from work that he practically collapsed in my arms. He was so cute last night that I don’t think I let go of him while he slept, and even let him use my tits as a pillow so he was comfortable. It was embarrassing for me, but when he woke up I think he was even more embarrassed than I was when he realized what he did. After that, he wouldn’t stop blushing and apologizing to me about it, until he later showered and fell asleep in his actual bed. I’m also not sure exactly, but I think he’s been glancing at my tits a lot today, because whenever I ask him about something he blushes and looks away. He’s so adorable I want to hug him like that again, but I don’t know if that’d be okay. At the very least, I now have ammunition to embarrass him with during family outings or in front of friends

Nov 10

I did it again. I couldn’t help it, but I snuck into his room one more time last night, without the dildo this time. Instead of laying down next to him, I decided to sneak under the covers at the foot of his bed, because if he caught me, at least I’d be in a sexy position between his legs, right? Anyway, With how slowly I crawled over, I was able to make it to his waist without waking him up, but sliding his pants and underwear down was intense with the thoughts running through my mind. Eventually I had his dick exposed, and it was so much bigger when I was that close, not to mention the strange, but emphatic smell that I couldn’t tell if I liked or disliked.

All I knew is that I was horny, and it was right there, in front of me. Without thinking about anything other than kissing it, I gently grabbed a part of the shaft just below the tip of it, and marvelled at the softness and warmth that I felt, honestly not something I expected from it. However, from holding it, I could tell it started to get harder, and even started raising up, which simultaneously terrified me and interested me, but I couldn’t stay there. Jacson let out a little moan as I let go of his dick, and I quickly escaped out of his bedroom and ran across the house. It was more exciting to see it up close like that than I thought, and because of that my legs wouldn’t stop shifting even if I told them to stop. Eventually, an hour later I think, I peeked back into his room out of curiosity, and saw his dick making a huge tent out of the blanket. I have no idea how big it was at that point, I’m still too afraid to estimate it, but either way it was more amazing than ever. I think I’ve written too much this time, and if anyone else finds this journal, I’m probably going to move out of the country.

Nov 12

Class was a haze for me. I still can’t get that sight out of my head, and almost constantly shifted around trying to prevent others from noticing. Even now, laying in bed writing this, I’m squeezing my legs together simply at the idea. Tonight, I’m going to wait for Jacson to take his afternoon shower and-

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