A Day Out for Master Pt. 02

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The tanned Asian cowgirl moaned in lust as we walked back into the milk tea shop. Two people I didn’t recognized were desperately trying to put the good little cow slut’s clothes back on her to preserve some sort of dignity.

“Excuse me, aren’t you here for some milk tea?” I asked politely to the couple.

The woman looked at, shaking her red hair out of her face and saying “This poor woman seems to be having some sort of mental breakdown! Can’t you see we’re trying to help?”

She spoke with a slight accent, her lips a deep ruby red and her eyes green and bright. Her skin was a pale milky white, similar to Ashley’s, but her cheeks were adorned with cute little freckles. The woman’s breasts looked to be a C cup or so and her body was fit, easily seen through her jean shorts and yellow halter top.

“I was about to call for an ambulance,” said the man beside her, looking to be in his mid-twenties just as the red headed woman seemed. He was tall, brown hair, nothing particularly interesting going on with his fashion choices.

“Sir, madam, this is a milk tea store. This is simply a milk slut cow. All shops like this have them.”

The two stood up slowly, nodding as the information set in.

“I’m Ashley! I’m here to take your order!” Ashley beamed at her two new customers, her right hand still stroking her futa cock, the desperate horny Asian slut.

“I apologize for Ashley,” I began, “She is a charming slut once you get to know her but just the horniest little thing. As the new manager of this shop I’d be happy to treat the both of you to free drinks for your inconvenience.”

“I, I’m sorry. I guess I just haven’t been to too many shops like this before. Still, is it too much to ask for this woman here to put her clothes on before she serves us?” The red headed woman glared at the Ashley, who smiled back at her.

“I apologize again…”

The red headed woman glared at me now, “Sarah,” she said promptly.

“I apologize again Sarah. After all I’m sure you get very crabby without your milk. Isn’t that right…?” I looked over at the man now eyeing Ashley’s naked tits.

“Oh it’s Steven,” he said affably.

“Steven! I was just assuming your daughter here gets pretty cranky when she doesn’t have her bottle of milk around this time.”

Steven’s eyes began to glaze a bit as he cocked his slightly, looking from me to his fiance.

“Uhh..yes. Oh gosh yes, it’s pretty embarrassing.” He walked over to Sarah and asked, “Now honey what kind of milk do you want today?

Sarah looked at her fiance aghast. “How dare you take that tone with me Steven, I’m your fiance not some child you’re buying a treat for. What did you do to him?”

She strode towards me as I grabbed her by the waist and in a smooth motion bent the woman over, quickly pulled the back of her shorts down and gave her a slap on her smooth, güvenilir bahis pale ass cheeks.

“You naughty girl! Now it’s one thing to be cranky because you haven’t had your bottle but to behave like this in front of your daddy over there. Steven, you need a firmer hand when you’re parenting this one.”

Sarah found herself weak, squirming in my hold, unable to break free.

“You’re right Master,” Steven replied with a grin, “I am so sorry for my naughty daughter’s behavior. I’ll be sure she gets a good spanking when we get home.”

“Steven! What are you saying? We’re engaged!” Sarah sputtered in rage as I had slowly lowered the woman down to floor.

“Sarah,” I said as looked down on the grown woman sitting on the floor, “I know you are only acting out because you want to be fed, so while your daddy over there orders some drinks let’s get some food in you right now.” I walked over to cow slut as Steven continued with Ashley, his eyes lustfully staring at the Asian girl’s cute little tits as he ordered. “Come on cow slut, lets put those udders of yours to good use.”

Cow slut crawled over towards me, her tits dragging on the floor leaking bits of milk out of them as she made her way to Sarah and I. I knelt down and grabbed one of cowslut’s tits and squeezed a bit of milk out, laughing as I watched the slut cow drool a bit out of primal lust.

“Come here Sarah, come get your bottle.”

Unable to resist, the red headed woman reached her tongue and then her mouth up onto the slut cow’s nipple and began sucking away, a look of horror on her face giving away to pleasure as she began to suckle cow slut’s teat more and more enthusiastically.

“There we are,” I said, “just a good little daddy’s girl now, aren’t we?”

Sarah nodded at me, her eye’s glazed over as she sucked down more milk. Slut cow continued to drool from her mouth as her pussy began dripping juices all over the floor.

Steven walked over, having been served his drink and looked at me thankfully. “She’s such a handful, but she really is a good girl most of the time. Hey honey, why don’t you show Master here that cute little body of yours while you have your snack?”

Sarah nodded and began undressing herself on the floor, her limbs limp and awkward like a little girl’s. She took her mouth off slut cow’s tit, “Yes daddy! Have a look at my titties and cunt pweeeaseee!”

“Aw, what a darling little girl you have here Steven. Why don’t you relieve yourself with our cow slut here while I give your daughter another treat?”

Steven grinned and walked over the the cow slut’s ass as he pulled his cock out and pushed himself deep inside the wet cunt that awaited him. Striking up a vigorous pace, the woman I only knew as cowslut bellowed a moan of ecstasy, juices dripping from her pussy and tits as she felt Steven’s cock push deeper and deeper inside her. türkçe bahis

“Come here Sarah, let’s see just what a good little girl you are,” I said as I motioned for the now naked woman to crawl towards me.

She giggled, “Look at daddy! He’s going to cum inside the pretty cow girl!”

“Oh you bet I am Sarah!” Steven exclaimed as he pounded his dick into the cow slut’s pussy. “This cowslut is the best fuck I’ve ever had! Look at the titties on her slutty body dribble out milk the harder I fuck her. She’s so tight I can’t wait to blow my load all over this fuck pet here!”

“Come here Sarah, I want to see your cute little pussy for myself.”

The redheaded woman sloppily crawled over to me, milk still dribbling off her face as she laid down in front of me. Pushing her legs open I admired the cute orange landing strip of pubic hair adorning the woman’s cunt as I pulled her towards me and began to ravage her with my cock.

“OooOO, yes, yes Master! Your cock feels so much better than daddy’s! It’s so big and filling up my teeny little pussy, oh yes!” Sarah squealed with abandon as I fucked her, enjoying every second of this tight little red head’s pussy in front of her boyfriend.

Not willing to be left out Ashley had positioned herself in front of her cow slut coworker, watching as I fucked Sarah on the floor and furiously masturbating herself. Her futa cock blasted cum all over the slut cow’s face only for her to laugh as it began to grow erect again.

I reached down and aggressively grabbed Sarah’s tits, groping them as I ground my hips into the woman. “What are you Sarah? Are you a good little fuck slave right now?”

Gasping in pleasure she replied, “Oh yes Master! I’m good..I’m a good little slave girl! I’m a slutty little girl who loves being fucked by Master! I love your cock right in my little cunt!”

“Such a naughty mouth on your little girl Steven!” I slapped Sarah’s tits as I continued to fuck her, “Who taught you such dirty words you little bitty slut?”

The once proper woman tried to answer but found her use of language had completely escaped her as she shrieked with delight, her tight wet cunt vibrating around my cock as I could feel her cumming on me.

“Baaa! Baa baaa!” Sarah cried out in mindless pleasure.

“Such a good little girl, that’s it” I smiled and shoved fingers in the woman’s mouth, “Suck on these you naughty little whore.”

“Oh Master, it’s so hot! I love watching you fill up your slut’s holes just like that!” Ashely had grabbed slut cow’s hair and was furiously face fucking her former coworker, dumping her futa cum down the blissful slut pet’s throat.

“Steven, do you like the way I’m punishing your daughter?” I called out to the man still balls deep inside the other end of the Asian woman on her fours.

“Fuck her harder Master! She needs to learn her lesson!” Watching güvenilir bahis siteleri me fuck Sarah seemed to push him to his limit as the man began to cum inside the cow slut, her tits swinging wildly back and forth as hot cum shot out onto her ass as well as dripped down her face.

Exhausted, the three of them collapsed onto the floor. As Sarah sucked my fingers, I pulled my cock out of her slick fuck hole and erupted onto her tits. My white cum shot all over the woman’s nipples, some of it hitting her chin as she gasped in excitement to have her Master’s cum on her body. I stood up and was happy to see the shop filled with such fulfilled individuals.

“Now Sarah, are you going to be a good girl for your daddy from now on?” I asked, looking down at the woman on the floor.

“Mmm oh yes Master,” she said, playing with the strands of cum covering her face and naked chest.

I smiled, glad to have improved this couples relationship. Walking over to my lovely Asian cow slut, I gently stroked Ashley’s long black hair affectionately, willing her futa cock away. She collapsed to the ground her body’s sexual energy completely spent.

“You may stand up, little cum cow,” I said as the young Taiwanese girl stood up, cum still dripping from her body. “What’s your name?”

Breathlessly the girl replied, “It’s Crystal, Master.”

I nodded. “What a pretty name. Did you like being a fuck cow Crystal? Answer honestly.”

The dark skinned Asian woman nodded. “At first it was hard accepting so much cum Master but I loved it. I loved sucking on Ashley’s cock sir, the feel of another cock inside my tight little pussy. I can’t stop thinking about fucking two cocks again.”

“That’s because you’re just a little fuck slut Crystal, like your friend Ashley there. Now get on your knees and open your mouth, I need to piss after all that fucking.”

Crystal bowed her head and knelt in front of me, her mouth open as she held up her tits to catch the flow of piss I began to spray onto her.

“There you go little toilet slut,” I groaned as I let loose my stream on her dark Asian body, “Catch as much of my piss as you can.”

Finished with relieving myself, I looked down at Crystal, wet with piss. “Clean yourself up and finish your shift. The next time you fuck anyone you’ll find that you’ll only be able to moo in bed like a fuck cow. Understand?”

Crystal nodded and walked back to the employee bathroom, taking Ashley with her.

“As for you two,” I looked over at our most recent customers, “Sarah you are now completely subservient to Steven. Steven, you are Sarah’s daddy and she’s your little daughter you love to fuck. Sarah, you can no longer control that bladder of yours so your daddy’s going to have to change your little diapers. And every time he does you’re going to be the horniest little cum slut you can be.”

They nodded, helpless to my suggestions as they clothed themselves and began to shuffle out of the store, cum still sticking to parts of Sarah. Satisfied with my trip out I walked out of the tea shop, enjoying the crisp spring air that awaited me outdoors.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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