A Day At Work, Then The Cabin! Ch. 03

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The sun wasn’t even up yet when I started to stir in the bed. I laid there listening for any outside noises. I didn’t hear a sound. I stretched and instinctively reached out for my wife, Sally. She was cuddled up in a ball, sound asleep. I stroked her hair and heard soft moans coming from her. I scooted closer to her and pulled her body closer to mine. The feeling of her soft bare skin against mine was a turn on and my mind raced back to the events of the night before. It was a night of pure enjoyment on everyone’s part. George, Angel, Sally and myself had one fantastic night of pure raw sex! All of the sexual barriers that might have been there in each of us were now gone. Oh what a night we had!

I let my mind race back and it rested on the vision of Sally on all fours with George behind her working his hard cock up between her ass cheeks. Then he slipped into her waiting asshole. This thought made my own cock now start to rise up between Sally’s legs. I pressed my groin in towards her butt and she opened her legs up slightly. With my right hand, I reached over her and softly caressed her bare breasts, paying particular attention to her growing nipples. Sally’s body instinctively started to squirm under my touch. My mind continued to think about how my wife’s ass was taken by George and I knew I wanted some of it as well. I every so gently pushed Sally unto her belly, and then I tugged at her waist in an upward motion. Even in her sleepy state of mind, Sally knew I wanted her on all fours. This was both of ours favorite positions. Sally rested her body down onto her legs and forearms like a cat squatting to bounce. I moved in behind her and laid myself onto her backside. My lips started to lightly bite her neck as I nuzzled her. Sally’s body squirmed underneath me.

I reached under her and brushed my hand over her pussy mound. Sally pushed her butt back towards me. When I rested my fingers on her clit she ground her mound down and I let a finger escape her weight and I slipped it between her pussy lips. I was amazed at how wet she had already become. I let my finger travel up and down her slit, which made my cock grow even harder. I moved my body back until my head was above her ass cheeks; I lowered my mouth and nibbled on her left cheek then her right one. I still worked on her exposed pussy but now I pulled her body upwards. Sally was now truly on all fours. I moved back even further to enjoy the view of her beautiful pussy lips and ass, man I wanted her so bad. I let my hands slide over her backside and down towards her spread legs. I pushed at her thighs to part her legs even more, and then I rolled over onto my back, scooting my head underneath her pussy; I wanted to taste her sweet pussy. I raised my head and flicked my tongue out and met her wet lips. Sally lowered her pelvis down, driving her pussy lips onto my face; I loved every minute of it as I lapped at her lips and then her opening. I slipped my tongue into her hole as far as I could go; driving my nose onto her clit area. I could smell the scent of pussy juice as well as cumm coming up from her.

Sally worked her pussy in a circular motion around and down even deeper on to me, causing my head to finally hit the bed. I reached up and sucked her clit into my mouth. This caused Sally to shiver and moan out loud. I couldn’t take any more. I slid out and positioned myself once again behind her. I grabbed my throbbing cock and raised it until the head was between her pussy lips. I teased Sally by just allowing the head to enter. Each time she would push back I would move with her not allowing myself to go any deeper than just my cock head.

“Ohhh Ben, please stick it in me! I need you inside of me.” Sally moaned.

I only teased her a few more moments and then I slowly pushed the entire length of my cock home. I ground my pelvis into her ass cheeks as Sally pushed back to meet me. I eased my cock out and then slowly entered her again making sure I buried myself deep within her pussy. I kept this pace up for a good while; I just wanted to enjoy her pussy around my cock. Sally had other ideas and she started to pick up the tempo. I figured what the hell and started to meet each of her thrusts with my own. I could feel Sally’s hand reach under us as she started to knead her clit between her fingers. I could tell by history that if we kept up this pace with both would be cumming sooner than I wanted to so I pulled my wet cock out from her throbbing pussy.

“Ben!” Sally hollered out. “What are you doing? I was on the verge of cumming!”

“Give me a minute baby, we’ll both be cumming soon enough.” I exclaimed.

I reached between her legs and ran my hand up between her pussy lips and coated my fingers with her juices. I reached up and applied it to her puckered pink hole. I then grabbed my cock and placed it at her opening with out going any further. Sally glanced behind her at me and smiled.

“I know you’re going to love my ass Ben. I know George did!” casino şirketleri she said as she pushed back, allowing my cock head to pop into her waiting asshole.

I couldn’t believe how tight she was. I could tell by the way Sally was bracing herself that she was ready for the rest of my cock. There was an incredible feeling as each inch of my cock went in deeper. This was something new for me and I loved it. When I finally hit bottom I just allowed myself to feel the intense heat coming from her dark opening. When Sally started to move her ass around I took it as a sign to move. I pulled out slowly at first then pushed back in. My confidence picked up because deep in my mind I thought that I was hurting her. Boy was I wrong! Sally and I both started to move quicker. Her hips plunged back as I pushed in deeper then out again. Sally’s hand went once again to her pussy lips and clit, doing their magic.

“Oh Ben your cock feels sooo good in my ass!” Sally managed to say. “Please fuck me harder babyyyyy, I’m almost there!” She exclaimed.

Sally’s hand and fingers were working with new vigor and I knew she was close. I started to really pound away at her ass knowing that I wasn’t going to be far behind her.

“Ben, yess! Oh Ben harderrrrr! I am going to cummmm.” Sally mumbled out. I could feel her ass muscles tighten around my cock.

“Bennnnn, don’t stoppppp! Fuckkkkkk meeeeeeee!!! Ohhhhhh! Yes baby yessss!”

As Sally’s body went into convulsions I could feel my balls swell like never before. I plunged in as deep as I could go and let loose, squirting my first shot deep in her ass. My cock swelled once again as I started to pull out a bit. With my cock head just inside of Sally I shot another load. I couldn’t believe it! I was fucking my wife’s ass. Sally fell forward onto her belly, her body twitched with each spasm from her orgasm. I looked down and watched as I pulled my cock out of her ass. The sight was so erotic. I grabbed my hard cock and squeezed out the remainder of my cumm onto her opening. I watched as my cumm oozed out from her hole and I reached out and smeared it around her ass and pussy lips. This was so fucking hot for me to watch and be a part of that I couldn’t believe my cock hadn’t shrunk yet. I continued to massage her lips and ass letting my finger slip in and out of her bottom every now and then. Soft moans came from Sally’s mouth. I reached out and playfully slapped her ass cheeks and greeted Sally with,

“Good morning baby! God you feel so good!” With that said, Sally pulled up the covers and covered herself up. I looked at her face and could see nothing but pure joy on her lips. I touched her and then realized she had fallen off to sleep. What a way to start your morning off I thought!

I slipped off of the bed and headed for the bathroom. I could hear muffled moans coming from George and Angel’s bedroom and I just smiled. When I was done in the bathroom I made my way back towards my bedroom and stopped and placed my ear on the spare bedroom door. I knew what that sound was! I could hear George’s balls slap against Angel’s pussy lips and the tempo seemed to be picking up. From the noise they were making I knew they would be cumming soon. I removed my ear and headed for my own room. I grabbed a pair of shorts, a light t-shirt and slipped on my flip flops and I headed down stairs. I smiled to myself as I could hear the noise level increase in George’s room. Someone just came and let everyone else in the cabin know too!!!


I sat on the porch enjoying my cup of coffee and watched the sun rise up over the lake. It dawned on me that I had better get my act together and go and get my vehicle before it got to hot out. I collected what I needed to change my tire and I started down the road. It didn’t take long to get there and I proceeded to change the tire. I was placing the spare tire on when I heard some noise coming up the road. Here was George making his way towards me.

“Hey man, why didn’t you get me and I would have helped you Ben?” George questioned me.

“By the sounds of things, you weren’t going to be in much shape to change a tire George!” I replied.

“I know what you mean.” George said. “Your room wasn’t so quiet either Ben!”

We both had a good laugh. I lowered the Jeep off of the jack while George finished tightening the lug nuts. I was standing close to him with my crotch just about eye level when I noticed that he had stopped and turned his head towards me. He was now looking at my groin area with a smile on his face. George glanced up and asked, “Haven’t had a blowjob this morning have you Ben?”

I looked down and replied, “Nope, not yet! Why do you ask George?”

“Well I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me sucking on your dick for awhile? What do you say Ben?” he asked. “There’s nothing like having a soft dick grow hard in your mouth Ben. You ought to try it sometime!”

George reached up and slipped his hand inside casino firmaları of my shorts. He slide my cock and balls out and with a quick motion he had slipped his mouth over the head of my cock. His mouth felt just as good as it had the night before. It didn’t take long at all for my member to grow hard in his sucking mouth. I leaned back against the Jeep and just closed my eyes. George took me deep in to his throat as far as it would go; the feeling was fantastic. Especially when his lips massaged the base of my cock. Man I thought Sally couldn’t even take me that deep. George reached up with both hands; one grabbed my balls the other slipped between my legs to my asshole. I automatically spread my legs to accommodate his probing. George let the saliva run down my cock length and he used it to lube up my waiting hole. His finger slowly pushed in until he was past the second knuckle. When he withdrew it he then replaced it with two fingers. I had to squat and spread my legs even wider. His mouth action was picking up speed along with the motion to my backside.

“Man, George you can suck cock.” I replied, “I’m not going to make it much longer George!”

It was only moments later that I felt the urge rise in me. “Yea George. Keep suckingggg meeee. Oh, fuuuuck. I’m cummmmming George.” I exclaimed.

My balls contracted and then I shot the first load. As my cumm made it’s way upward, George sucked even harder. His fingers pushed in deeper as well. It seemed like I couldn’t stop cumming. Wave after wave hit me as my body tensed and then released. George’s mouth sucked me in until I couldn’t take anymore. I had to force George’s mouth off of me.

“You’re gonna suck my fucking brains out George!” I stammered. My body completely shuddered and I was dripping in sweat.

George looked up at me and said, “All I can say Ben is you owe me big time!” while he wiped his mouth and laughed. “Now we better get going, I need to wet a worm!!!” We both laughed as we loaded up the Jeep and headed towards the cabin.


The day on the lake was great. George and I caught as many fish as we wanted to. We couldn’t ask for any better weather than what we had. We didn’t see much of the girls in the morning but we all did manage to connect for lunch. Sally had called me on my short wave radio on the boat so I knew it was time to eat. We could see that the girls had laid out a spread for as we made our way closer to the beach. What really caught my eye was the way they were dressed. Angel had on a solid white sting bikini that didn’t hide much of anything and Sally had a similar suit on. When Sally turned around I saw both of her ass cheeks fully exposed. The thong bottom made her ass seem so inviting. I glanced over at George who could barely keep his eyes in his head. Sally’s bouncing ass mesmerized George. I had to tap his shoulder to break his concentration.

“Hey! Let’s get the boat tied up before you drift off again.” I said. “We’ll be eating soon enough George!”

In the shade was a banquet set for a King. The girls had really gone out for us. There was fruit, cheeses, meats and breads. In an ice bucket there was three bottles of wine chilling. Pillows covered the blankets that were spread before us. There was a place kind of set apart for both, George and I. This was going to be a great afternoon. I was about ready to sit down when Sally hollered out.

“Don’t think about getting on these blankets with those clothes on.” She said. “This lunch has a couple of stipulations attached. You both will go to the lake and wash each other off. I do mean wash everywhere. When you come back you won’t be allowed to have any clothes on nor will you be able to feed yourself. Is this understood?”

George and I looked at each other and almost ran for the lake. The girls had set up a bathing area for us next to the boat dock. We didn’t even notice it when we tied up. We both stripped down until we had nothing on. I jumped in the water and forgot how cold the stream fed lake could be. I felt my balls tense up and I looked down. My cock had shriveled up and it started to turn blue. By this time I looked over and George was getting the same reaction from his cock and balls. The girls had made they’re way down to the dock and threw each of us a bar of soap.

“Okay boys, we want you squeaky clean!” They both giggled.

“Don’t miss any spots or you won’t be eating anything!” Angel piped in.

The feeling was erotic having someone else bath me. My body shook under the touch of George’s hands. He lathered up a washcloth and started at my head and shoulders first. George stopped once I was covered in soap. He pushed on the top of my head forcing me under the water. Damn it was cold. When I came up for air he went back to work on the rest of my body. When his hands reached my soft cock I shivered! George lathered my cock and balls up and slipped his hand between my legs. Soap covered everything. George sat squatting under güvenilir casino the water as he pulled me down with him. We wrestled a bit which made my member come to life. The heat from my cock felt great against the cold water that surrounded me.

“Ben it’s your turn to wash George. No funny stuff, just wash him up good.” Sally said.

I reciprocated the same to George and when we both were as clean as we could be we jumped for the towels. The goose bumps on our skin started to subside as we made our way up the beach to the blankets and pillows.

“Ben I want you to lay down over here and George your place is right over there.” Sally said as she pointed. We both sat down in an Indian fashion with our legs crossed.

“You boys need to lay down with your heads and feet pointing in opposite directions. Do you understand?” Angel asked.

“Yes.” We both replied.

We made ourselves comfortable and waited for what was to come next. Angel threw a bandana towards each of us and said, “You have to put these on and no peaking!” We both complied with her demands and just laid down on our backs.

I felt a pair of hands making sure that my eye covering was tight. Then I felt a pair of hands glide over my bare chest, stopping only long enough to pinch each nipple. I could feel my cock flinch. There was something different about the softness of the hands that caressed me, but I couldn’t put my mind on what it was. Anyway I thought what the hell, I was enjoying every minute of it. When they reached my pubic mound they quickly danced over my waiting cock and then traveled down my legs. I was a bit miffed about the hands not lingering on my cock but I knew sooner or later things would happen. All of a sudden the hands moved off of me and there was complete silence except for the regular wilderness noises. My heart pounded and I waited what seemed like an eternity.

“Hey what gives girls?” I asked.

“Quiet!” They replied. “Do not make anymore sounds or we’ll stop.”

At first I was a bit nervous because I didn’t have a clue about what the fuck was going on. My mind raced in all kinds of directions. From a distance I could hear soft instrumental music playing and it was very soothing for the soul. The music grew louder as I could tell that it was coming down our way. All of a sudden the music stopped by my head and that was the only thing I could hear. It wasn’t super loud but it was like having surround music playing in a movie theater. It was getting me all excited about what would happen next.

The next sensation was something cold and wet touching my lips. I knew what it was by the smell, strawberries! I opened my mouth and whoever was feeding me allowed it to enter my mouth. I chewed it up and swallowed. After a few more strawberries came some cheese and then some meat. This was fucking great; getting fed and being treated like a King was a real treat. I felt a hand reach behind my head pulling it forward and I felt a glass come up to my lips. The cold wine felt so inviting going down. I was really getting in to this. What was next I thought? No sooner had I thought this, and then I felt the hot breath of someone poised over my cock. Whoever it was, was gently blowing air over my cock. I reached out to touch my cock and my hand was slapped away without a word being said. I got the hint. Once more I felt the breath of someone above me. My cock was now bouncing about on it’s own. I wanted whomever it was to take me in their mouth so bad. All I could do was moan.

A slight breeze picked up and I caught a scent of my Sally’s perfume. She thought she was so slick. I waited intently for her mouth. Just then a warm hand reached out and grasped my member and the breath drew closer. When her tongue touched my cock head I almost came off of the blankets. It felt so incredibly different because of all the other sensations around me. I knew the lips would be next so I waited with anticipation. They did and her mouth worked up and down my shaft. The mouth removed itself and then nothing. I waited and waited and waited.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I said.

“Shhhhhh!” was all I heard. I didn’t even know who said it.

I felt something touch my lips and I instinctively opened my mouth. I tried to close it once I felt what it was. Someone had a dildo coated with honey and was forcing it between my lips. I felt a soft hand caress my face and then she said, “Open your mouth baby, I know you want it.” I recognized Angel’s voice.

Once again I opened up my mouth and she worked the dildo in and out every so gently. I thought my cock was going to explode, especially when I felt a set of lips at my cock head. I knew it had to be my wife’s because Angel couldn’t be at two places at the same time. My cock slipped in the waiting mouth. Then the dildo was pulled out of my mouth. I felt a stirring of someone on the blanket then I felt once more something at my mouth. This time the dildo was replaced by a real live cock. I sucked whoever it was inside my mouth. It felt smaller than George’s so I wondered who could it be? I didn’t really give a shit at this point. The mouth that was working on my throbbing cock started to slide up and down rapidly. It was all I could take.

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