A Cowboy’s Fantasy

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I’m not entirely sure where it started. Maybe it was the country music my mom listened to when I was growing up. I think it had something to do with the cowboy movies she used to watch…Urban Cowboy may have been what clinched it for me…but where ever it came from, I have always had a thing for cowboys. Tight wrangler jeans, cowboy hats, the hands of a man who works hard for a living – there’s no bigger turn-on for me. Unfortunately, it was a fantasy that had never been lived out. Well, for a long time it was, anyway. Until this summer.

I’m a city girl, born and bred, but I’ve always wanted to go to the country. When my mother’s cousin Gwen asked me if I wanted to come spend the summer on her South Dakota ranch, I practically tripped over myself to get there. I had this little fantasy all worked out in my head. I could just picture myself walking down the street and spotting a gorgeous hard-bodied cowboy, maybe watering his horses outside a saloon. I would saunter over there and introduce myself, and it would be love at first sight.

Looking back, it’s funny just how wrong I was. When I got off the plane in Rapid City, things looked about right to me. Well, it was an airport, but there were guys in cowboy hats, and a couple of women in broomstick skirts. There were cowboy souvenirs in the gift shop. Most people there looked about like me, in jeans and a t-shirt, but I overlooked that, and I only saw the ones who fit the image I had created.

Gwen helped me with my bags and we got into a beat-up old Chevy pick-up truck that was parked next to the curb. There was dirt on the floorboards and a bale of hay in the back, and it all made me smile. I was giddy with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to meet my cowboy!

The heat was unbearable, and the drive was eternal. I have never seen so many fields of nothing in my entire life. We drove and drove and drove…well, you get the idea. It must have been three hours before we finally turned down Gwen’s dusty drive – if you can call it that, it was barely a dirt road – and started toward the house. Looking around, I couldn’t see another house for miles and miles, let alone a town. It was about then that reality started to hit me. How was I ever going to meet a cowboy here?

It was turning into a long summer very quickly. Gwen put me to work doing things I had never heard of – feeding cows and everything else – but then one day, after I had been there about two weeks, she sent me to town for parts. A tractor had broken down, and the hired hand (a young man I had thought might have some potential until I saw his wife and five children) was busy on other projects.

Excited to get away from the ranch and get into town, I got in the pick-up and set off down that long dirt road toward town. I had the windows rolled down all the way, and the wind was blowing through my long dark hair as I drove along. The bahis firmaları wind felt so good – it had been scorching all week. I was dressed – barely – in tiny little denim short-shorts and a white half t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. I felt like Daisy from the Dukes of Hazzard, and I know I looked sexy as hell.

Driving along as fast as that old pick-up could carry me, I was singing along with the radio and tapping my fingers on the steering wheel when I spotted him. He was a tall hunk of a man, dark skin peeking out below a plaid work shirt with the sleeves cut off. Muscles rippled up and down his arms as he stood in the back of his pick-up and tossed a bale of hay out the back. A white cowboy hat pulled down over his eyes blocked his face, but I knew it was him. It was my cowboy.

I resisted the urge to slam on the brakes, but I did ease off the gas and slow down as I approached him. He was working not far off the road, and from where I sat I had a perfect view of his fine cowboy ass, accented by a pair of blue wrangler jeans, caked with dust from a hard day’s work. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled over to the side of the road and snuck a glance at myself in the mirror. I looked rather delicious, I thought, and my outfit left little to the imagination.

Before I could even get out of the pick-up he was there, leaning against the door frame and poking his head in the window. He smelled of sweat and dirt and some sort of cologne I had never smelled before but had imagined a million times. I felt the tiny piece of material between my legs growing damp as he spoke.

“Hey there, little lady, can I help you with something?” he asked. He had piercing blue eyes, the bluest blue I have ever seen, and perfect cheek bones. A dark, sexy mustache arced over his lip, and I watched it as he spoke. The years had only added to his handsome face. I smiled a little as I thought to myself that he was at least twice my 20 years, maybe more.

I smiled up at him and felt my skin tingle. “Yes, actually, I think maybe you can,” I said.

He looked a little confused, but stepped away from the door as I went to push it open. In a moment I was standing there next to him, his powerful frame casting a shadow over mine. I knew from where he stood, at least a foot taller than me, that he could see right down my shirt. I pulled the material down a bit so he could get a better look, and smiled to myself as he took advantage of the opportunity.

“What is you’re needing help with?” he asked, not taking his eyes off my round breasts.

“Hey cowboy…” I say, putting my hands in my back pockets and leaning against the pick-up. “Wanna get lucky?”

I watched his jaw drop a bit, but there was a twinkle in his eye as he took a step forward and pressed his body against mine. “You’d like to have yourself a cowboy, would ya?”

I nodded emphatically kaçak iddaa as he leaned in to kiss me hard on the mouth, at the same time reaching down to cup my firm ass in his big strong hands. His fingers dug into the skin beneath my shorts, and I felt a surge of electricity through my body.

His tongue pushed my lips apart and found it’s way into my mouth…hungrily devouring me in a hard, powerful kiss. My body ached at the chance to submit to his powerful embrace. Without saying a word he pulled away and grabbed my hand, pulling me across the field to his pick-up.

He left me standing there as he opened the door and pushed the seat forward, pulling a blanket from behind it. I followed him as he walked around to the other side of the vehicle, so that the pick-up blocked the view of the road and Gwen’s vehicle, and spread the blanket out. He sat down on the blanket and grabbed me by the waist, pulling me down on top of him, his face buried between my breasts.

His mustache tickled and burned my skin as he kissed me hard, ripping my shirt out of the way so that two round breasts, heaving with excitement were exposed to him. With one hand he rubbed them as he sucked and kissed, and I watched him, taking in every second of this realization of my fantasy.

I giggled to myself a little as I realized I didn’t even know his name. What was I going to yell when he fucked me raw?

“I’m Skyla,” I moaned, as he shoved me down on the ground and ripped my shorts open. I lifted my ass so he could take them off, and he tossed them out of the way.

“Bob,” he said into my stomach as he kissed his way down to the top of my black thong underwear, which was now very much exposed. He shoved my legs apart roughly and buried his face between them, tongue darting into my pussy quickly as it shoved my panties out of the way. I felt like I was being eaten alive, and I loved every second of it.

I was so excited, I could feel myself approaching orgasm as he fucked me with his tongue, and he hadn’t even taken his clothes off. I screamed out his name as the world started to spin and I got impossibly dizzy. My screaming drove him into me harder…fucking me with his tongue in a way I have never felt before. I felt him wrap his lips around my clit and bite down, and all at once I came hard, gripping the blanket and crying out. He shoved his tongue into me twice more and was rewarded with a scream from me each time, then he rocked back on this knees and started to undo his belt.

I pulled myself up onto my elbows and watched him as he unbuttoned his pants, and I could tell he couldn’t get them off fast enough. His pants were stretched tight against his hard cock, and I couldn’t wait, either. When he finally got that beautiful thing out in the open where I could see it, I felt myself shaking with excitement.

I reached out and grabbed it in my hand and shoved kaçak bahis it into my mouth. He let out a little cry of excitement as I ran my tongue along the length of it and then shoved it hard to the back of my throat. Wrapping his hands in my hair he pulled me against him, forcing me to fuck him with my mouth. I gagged a little as he shoved himself deep into my mouth, my tongue rubbing against him over and over as his hips moved against my face. He moaned as we moved against each other, and I could feel him coming to a frenzied orgasm, but before he got there he stopped and shoved me, hard, to the ground. My panties were gone in one swift motion and he shoved my legs apart.

For a moment he stared hungrily at my exposed pussy, shaved clean, now open and dripping before him, and then he pushed his cock into me in one swift motion. I let out a little cry as he sat there on his knees, strong hands wrapped around my thighs, and moved his hips against me, driving himself deep inside me.

“Oh yes, fuck me cowboy!” I screamed as he slid in and out of my tight pussy in deep, hard motions.

I was dizzy with ecstasy and my pussy was throbbing with excitement as he started to moan and say my name. I couldn’t believe he was still going, it was a thrill that a man his age could go longer than most men half his age, and that in itself was turning me on.

Just when I thought he was surely about to explode with the intensity of the moment, he pulled out and turned me over so that my round, firm ass was in the air. He slapped it hard and I cried out, and then he put his hands on my hips and drove into me again. I screamed his name and buried my face in the blanket as he fucked me, his balls slapping against my ass and his legs against my legs as he pulled me against him again and again in a dizzying frenzy.

“Oh my God, I’m going to cum,” I screamed, and as he moved one hand from my hip to finger my clit, we exploded in unison. I know I came harder than I had ever cum in my life, harder than any of those dumb college boys from back home could ever make me. He let go of me and I dropped to the ground in a heap. When I looked up, he was buttoning his pants and standing up.

“How was that, little lady?” he asked, tipping the hat he was still wearing.

My body quivered as he tossed me my clothes and I wiggled back into them. I know I was flushed with the excitement of the moment, but he looked calm and composed as he put his gloves on. I watched him get back into the back of his pick-up and get back to work.

As I stood there watching him, he looked back at me like he was surprised I still stood there. “I’ll be in that field over yonder tomorrow this time,” he said, pointing across the highway.

I nodded and slowly made my way back to Gwen’s pick-up, parked along side the road where I had left it. As I passed by that spot on the way back from town, I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I would see my cowboy, but the next day when I snuck away to drive by… he wasn’t in the field. He wasn’t in any of the fields. That was the last time I saw him.

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