A Cougar’s Story Ch. 03

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Jim’s retired but has been a consultant to his company on a part-time basis. It kept him from getting bored and for the most part, he traveled only a few nights a month.

When he was in town, we sometimes surfed the computer together, getting involved in some chats and email communication with others. We weren’t trying to set anything up, just playing. Our sex life seemed a bit rejuvenated since my encounters with both Bob and Greg.

Oh, I knew that I could suggest another romp anytime and Jim would be fine with it; but I didn’t feel the need, so why do it?

In the course of our web surfing, we had a few on-line chats with another woman who also surfed the same sites; I knew it was a woman because we web-cam chatted a few times and it was pleasant, both of us sharing sex-stories and such. She was a bit younger, early 40’s I believe, and very forthcoming with her tales.

One night I was on the computer alone, Jim being out of town; it was late, Jay’s show was over with but I wasn’t sleepy, so I hit the web for a bit.

I was pinged with an IM from Beth, asking me to join her on her web-cam site for some live talk. I IM’ed her back telling her I’d be there in a jiff. A few keystrokes later, we were looking at each other, only she wasn’t alone.

With her was a much younger woman, cute but not a raving beauty; she was introduced as Stephanie, one of Beth’s lab students it turned out. Beth was an instructor at a nearby community college, maybe fifty miles north of me.

We chit-chatted back and forth, light-hearted banter; Beth knew that Jim and I played a bit now, and a lot, back in the day. She had shared that she had more than her share of threesomes and the like. So, between she and I, there were no secrets. Stephanie didn’t say much along those lines, mostly contributing how most of her ex-boyfriends were lacking in the bedroom.

I excused myself to grab a beer, saying I’d be right back. When I returned and approached the computer, I was greeted by the sight of Beth and Stephanie locked in a steamy kiss, their hands freely feeling each other up.

I didn’t say anything but rather, sat down quietly, my eyes glued to the porn show in front of me. I’ll be honest; it was hot watching them, very hot and I leaned back in my chair, sipped my beer and watched.

They broke apart within a minute of me sitting down, and glancing at her computer screen, Beth realized that I had been watching them.

“Oops,” she said, sort of laughing a bit; Stephanie nervously smiled but kept her arm around Beth’s shoulders, her fingers playing in her hair.

“Don’t stop because of me,” I remember saying to them, “I was enjoying the show,” I jokingly said.

“Were you now?” Beth said and turning to Stephanie, she told her to take off her top.

When Steph did that, bahis firmaları Beth leaned down and started licking the swell of Steph’s breasts, her eyes looking at me through the webcam as she did so. Still watching me, Beth pulled down Steph’s bra, exposing her hard nipple and started sucking on it, the whole time still watching me, watch them.

Stephanie had her eyes closed, obviously enjoying what Beth was doing to her. The whole thing was surreal but oh, so damned hot to watch. My hand had traveled to my crotch on its own, it seemed, squeezing and rubbing my snatch through my panties, under my sleep-shirt.

Beth unhooked Steph’s bra, sliding it from her, and exposing her young, firm titties. Turning her eyes from the screen now, Beth began sucking and licking Steph’s breasts, her hands fondling them at the same time.

By now, I was shamelessly masturbating to what I was watching them do, my orgasm rising fast; so fast, that when it popped free, I made a small moan of joy, increasing in loudness as my climax increased in intensity.

My noises brought their activity to an abrupt halt; through half-closed eyes I could see that they were watching the ebbing moments of my orgasm.

“Sorry about that, you guys, but I had to get that out of the way,” I explained, licking my juices from my fingers.

“That’s okay,” Stephanie said, “That was kinda’ hot watching you get off.” Then putting her bra and top back on, she kissed Beth on the cheek and said she had to get back home; telling me goodbye, she left the picture.

Beth asked if I liked what I saw her do to Steph. Obviously I did, I told her, since I masturbated while watching her do it. We both laughed at that bit of truth. Then, she paused for a second, and then asked me if I had ever been with a woman, sexually.

I admitted to her that I had a few bi-encounters when we were in the lifestyle but hadn’t had one in years.

Then, out of the clear blue, she asked me if I’d go to dinner with her if she drove down, tomorrow night. I accepted but told her that if she were going to drive to me, the least I could do would be to fix dinner for us.

She agreed and after a few more minutes, I gave her my phone number to call when she hit town so I could give her directions to my house. We signed off and I went to bed making a mental note to call Jim in the morning before he left his hotel to tell him that I had a date for tomorrow night; a date with Beth.

I masturbated one more time before I fell to sleep, thinking about the possibilities with Beth.


Jim was fine with me having a ‘date’ with Beth, as I knew he would be. I showered and dressed very casually, finishing when Beth’s call came. Giving her directions, I opened the wine we’d drink with the lamb chops I would cook for us.

Beth kaçak iddaa was even younger looking in person and turned out to be just a ‘scooch’ taller than me, with larger breasts I noticed, as I took her jacket from her to hang in the foyer closet.

She sat in the kitchen with me, sipping on her wine, both of us sharing brief bios and all as I put the pre-prepped meal into the oven. Setting the timer, we moved to the den, adjacent to the kitchen.

Beth was single now, having been married several years ago. She said that she was bisexual, enjoying sex with men and women, depending on her mood. Stephanie was a freshman at the college, lived at home with her parents, and had just turned 18. She and Stephanie, however, became lovers before that magic birthday which made her pussy ‘legal’, Beth said.

After she told me that, Beth leaned in and kissed me, and I did nothing at all to stop her; hell, I had been hoping that she would. Our kiss slowly evolved into a passionate one when the timer bell interrupted us. Breaking our kiss, she suggested that we get some food into us before we picked up where we stopped.

It may have the quickest dinner either of us ate, quickly rinsing and putting the dishes and such into the dishwasher; afterwards, we poured some more wine and returned to the den.

We sipped our wine at first, both of us just looking lustfully at the other; following her lead, I swallowed the rest of my wine in one gulp, and put my glass down as she had, our eyes betraying our desires.

She asked if we wouldn’t be more comfortable in my bedroom and I agreed that we would. Taking her by the hand, I led her to the master suite, turning on a nightlight and lighting a couple of candles afterwards. When I turned around, Beth was totally naked and climbing onto my bed. I quickly got out of my clothes as well and joined her in my bed.

Taking me into her arms, she kissed me hard, my hands on her breasts immediately. Her breasts felt good in my hand as I squeezed and rubbed them. Our kiss was more of tongues dueling with the other, as her hand fondled my body at will. When she put her hand between my legs, I moaned into her mouth as she started rubbing my sex. And when she started fingering me, I was totally hers to do with what she wanted to do.

And she did; she had me at her beck and call, touching, tasting, and licking me when and where she wanted. I was about to go crazy for a climax when she moved between my legs with her mouth and tongue, her skills bringing me to an instant orgasm.

Again, and again she pleasured me to a climax; with her mouth, her tongue, her hands and fingers, whatever and however she did her thing to me, it worked.

We rested for quite a while after we both agreed that we needed a break. We stayed in an embrace, snuggling and cuddling, kaçak bahis talking about this and that, and not talking at all, at times. And one more time, she went down on me, taking her time this time, bringing me to a climax after teasing me for quite a while.

When I had experienced girl-play before, when we were new to the lifestyle, I was more of a passive player, letting the other women play with me at will. I touched them, and fondled them, but never fully explored an active participation in the play between us. But now? Now, I felt a desire to do to Beth what she had done to me; I wanted to taste her, to relish the feel of my tongue exploring her sex.

Driven by a need I hadn’t had before with another woman, I kissed Beth with a hunger, my hand leaving her breast to find her pussy, as our tongues traded licks in each other’s mouth.

The feel of her soft, wet pubes against the palm of my hand as I cupped her sex sent an electric jolt to my senses which caused me to moan pleasurably as we kissed, as I rubbed my hand between her legs.

Beth’s own moans of pleasure at what I was doing to her seem to drive me even more; it seemed to energize my very being, and made my own pussy tingle with excitement.

I sucked on Beth’s nipples, really enjoying the feeling to my tongue as it traced sweeping circles around the hard, perky buds. Sliding a finger into Beth’s pussy, she gasped at my touch, her sounds getting me hotter and hornier. Kissing and licking her body, I soon found my mouth placing small kisses and licks all around her mons, the smell of sex very heavy in the still air of my bedroom.

Crawling between her now-spread legs, Beth’s hands on the side of my head guided me to her sweet-spot, my tongue reaching to taste her clitoris. The thrill of tasting her sent incredible shock-waves throughout my body, and my mouth fell upon her pussy in, what can only be described as, a feeding frenzy for me.

I’ve never climaxed when sucking cock, unless someone was eating me at the same time. This time, though, as I eagerly and lustfully attacked Beth’s wet and warm pussy with my mouth, I experienced several small, but satisfying, orgasms as Beth had multiple orgasms from my oral attentions to her. It was a totally new, but extremely satisfying, experience for me, one that I was happily taking part in.

Later, after the sex was over with and Beth and I were just hugging and embracing with each other in my sex-wrecked bed, I felt that I had crossed a bridge of some sort, sexually.

As we dressed; well, she dressed and I just slipped my sleep-shirt over me, Beth asked about the possibility of me coming to see her sometime, at her place. I told her that I would, indeed, be more than willing to come to visit her, and even asked if sometime during the next week could work for her.

She said it definitely could work for her and we made a tentative ‘date’.

Now, all I would have to do is tell Jim, but somehow I knew that it wouldn’t be a problem for him, and it turned out to be so.

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