A Cougar’s Awakening Pt. 02

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“Have you been back here all day?” Arlene asked.

For the slightest of seconds, I almost answered her, thinking she was talking to me and I was caught. I was hiding in my best friend’s pool completely naked while alone with her 19-year-old son.

What the fuck would I even say at this point?

“Umm… no, no,” Eric stuttered some. “I uh, went in for a bit and just came, uh- just came out.”

The possibilities coated my mind of what would happen if Arlene caught me. I knew nothing I did was illegal, but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking the police would be called. I would be arrested and thrown from the community.

What would my friends say behind my back at the inevitable lunches?

“Oh okay,” Arlene says oddly. “Well, you should go change. I’m making lasagna before your father and I leave.”


I heard the door close again and waited another minute before I dared to move. Eric ran over to help me from the pool.

“She’s gone,” he said. “She’s upstairs changing out of work-“

“I’ve got to go,” I said.

“No, wait- lets- can I come over?”

He said it in such a way that it reminded me of a child asking to go play at a friend’s house. I gathered my bathing suit in a panic. My tits bounced everywhere as I scurried back towards my yard. “No!” I whispered to Eric. “I’ll- I’ll talk to you later.” I didn’t wait for his response before I left.

I spent the rest of my morning fussing around the house. I cleaned the floors, I wiped the counters, and vacuumed the carpets- things I never would have touched on any other ‘sick’ day. But I thought it was best I kept moving. It was a nervous energy I found in my legs and hands. I didn’t want to be that lady who sat around the house worrying and panicking about how many different ways my life could be uprooted by my fucking my best friend/coworker/neighbor’s son. That’s something fat Debra would do.

Something interesting happened though when I went into my room. I looked out the window- the same window just a few hours before I used to spy on the neighbor boy- but this time I had excitement in my tummy. I had a good kind of anxiety hoping to see this young man down there by the poolside, again. I hoped to be caught in my spying. A pointless hope, since Eric was not there nor would I realistically put myself back in that position

Honestly, I can’t believe I took that kind of risk. My entire life could have been ruined.

This is not the life I wanted…

Debra wouldn’t have done what I did. She didn’t even have a boyfriend to cheat on. And now my fuck stick of an asshole husband was cheated on. I smiled at the thought of telling Jeff when he got home. The power I could feel. The person I could be. Everything was different now.

I’m different now… right?

Chapter Two

When Jeff came home that night, I quickly shrank into my kitchen chair. His barrage of insults directed at imaginary people who weren’t there but who he had worked with today began. Then of course a few cuss words were left behind for me. They were for not doing all my chores, for skipping work, again. I felt the power of my secret buried deeper inside me and that exposed the rest of me to his insults. I wish I could’ve said I was on the verge of telling him off. If my life was a reality show on TV I watched at night, I would be screaming at the screen for my character to leave Jeff’s ass. It could be a final episode and the next season could be the story of my character’s rise to independence and stardom.

But real life was always much more complicated than reality TV. If I left him, where would I go? How would I pay for anything? I barely make enough to pay rent at a shitty apartment. How would I afford a divorce? And most importantly, what would I do with my life? Right now, I was a married woman, with a two-story home in a good neighborhood, with a stable job, and a group of friends who look up to me. Taking some badgering from an ungrateful husband every night was still better than losing all of that.

That evening, after Jeff ate his meal and calmed down some, I finally had time to relax and catch up on my reality shows. Jeff passed out in front of the TV in his Barcalounger chair with a sea of empty beer bottles covering the table beside him. His snores hummed at a steady groan that I zoned out after a while like the sound of a vacuum. Most Friday and Saturday nights he passed out early in front of some kind of sports match after a long day of drinking and that was when I took the remote from him and my weekend evening began.

Bbvvv! Bbvvv!

Bbvvv! Bbvvv!

I found my phone on the coffee table and looked at my new incoming texts.

Unknown Number

‘Hey its Eric’

‘Come to your back door’

oh my god oh my god, what is he doing? Is he insane?!

My eyes went wide as panic built in my chest. I hurried through the kitchen into the pantry hallway and flicked on the lights. Its only at this moment I realized what was wearing and thought of putting something else on. I wore a tight-fitting pair of gray bahis firmaları yoga pants that showed the curve of my ass too much, and if I wasn’t careful definitely gave me camel toe in the front. But that was not what concerned me. What did was the white T shirt I wore with no bra underneath. My perfect breasts bounced like they had a life of their own. Already committed I continued to the backdoor past the washer-dryer on the left and opened the door.

“What are you doing- are you crazy?!” I said in a hushed panic as I cracked the door.

“Listen- I’m sorry! I know, I know,” Eric said helping himself into the entry hallway. “But I had to see you.”

“You can’t be here. What if your mom comes looking for you?” I quickly closed the door and glanced through the window to make sure there were no others there.

“She won’t. She’s gone for the weekend. My parents are gambling in Kentucky somewhere. Is your husband here?” Eric whispered trying to look over my head.

“Yes! He’s asleep in the living room and could wake up any second!” I lied to Eric. I knew from personal experience that very little could wake Jeff at this point. After 12 years of marriage I knew that once Jeff hit the 12-beer mark that nothing short of a slap to the face could stir him.

Eric waited a minute in silence as if waiting to see if my husband was coming to chase him away. Finally, he turned his attention back to me, “come over to my house. It’s empty. We can have it to ourselves.” Eric’s eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

“No! I can’t!” I said trying to think of why I could not. “That was a one-time thing. We’re not doing it again.”

“Why not?” Eric asked eyeing what I was wearing for the first time. I felt warm all of a sudden. My cheeks were hot and flush. There’s a prickling bite that danced down my spine.

“You’re- you’re my coworkers- my friend’s son!” I said struggling with my words as I looked away. “I used to babysit you, for Christ’s sake!” I caught myself stealing looks at him. His mouth. His neck. His hands. My eyes flickered to each of them. I imagined feeling them, kissing them, and already am biting my lower lip. I turned away and grabbed ahold of the sides of the dryer to keep the rest of my body from betraying my words.

There was a long pause that lingered, but then I felt him. His hands on both sides of my hips slid up slowly then down my thighs. I held still, trying to decide if I should pull away or push into him. His fingers squeezed and massaged my thighs inching closer to my sex. I subconsciously started grinding my legs together as my tongue licked my lips. His right hand moved up to my chest groping my right breast through my top.

Was possible for me to cum just from his squeezing my breasts?

Before I realized it my ass was pressed back against his crotch rubbing from side to side and I felt his restrained hard member beg to fit between my ass cheeks. Eric’s hand was pushing down inside the neck of my shirt and I was panting. When I felt his young fingers flick over my hard nipple, it nearly made me cry out. I realized that my eyes were closed and have been for a while, but that didn’t stop my fingers from pulling my yoga pants down over the curve of my bare ass.

This was met with Eric’s fingers sliding between the mess of my pussy lips. “Mmmm,” I muffled my moan with the back of my hand as his fingers plucked at my pussy lips before sliding a finger inside me. Then another. I leaned back so my back formed to all the grooves of Eric’s body. His face getting lost in my hair as I pushed my head back into the crook of his neck. His hands secured me tighter to him and I feel weakness breeze my knees.

Every few seconds I felt his fingertips slip, almost on accident, and circle my clit and I cried out a small high pitch squeal. I pushed my hips forward instinctively, begging for more, but the poor young boy was too much a cub to understand.

I heard the chime of his belt coming free and hummed a moan of approval as I smiled and bent forward for him. His warm hands rubbed the small of my back and the curve of my ass when I flicked my hair to the side, looking back to see him working his hard member towards my wet pussy.

“Oh, my g-” I groaned before clapping a hand over my mouth. I felt his young cock spread my lips and I arched my back so to fill him up inside of me as much as possible. The feeling was excruciatingly perfect as I fought my every urge to cry out for more. When he pulled out, I leaned forward more, my elbows rested on the dryer and I waited for him to enter again. I still heard the TV in the other room and am struck with a wave of euphoria at the idea of being fucked so close to my asshole husband.

He pushed in again, this time faster and I nearly choked on my own spit at how good it felt. “Mmmm yess… don’t stop,” I whispered in a high pitch voice. He pulled out and pushed, again, beginning to form a rhythm and I knew I couldn’t remain quiet for much longer. My tits bounced free from my shirt and smacked the inside of my arms as I rocked forward. His thrusts kaçak iddaa were strong, violent, jerks where I felt his cock jam into my dripping pussy. He filled me up with every ragged thrust of his dick. “Oh god…”

When he reached beneath my arms and I felt his hands closed on my bouncing breasts, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. His hands squeezed my tits to my chest, his fingers pinching my nipples.

“Fuck me- fuck me-” I squealed. “Oh god- yes!”

“Oh god,” he gasped. I tried desperately to stifle myself, but he was too late. I’m pass the point of no return and from the sound of it so was he. His thrusts became more ragged and his grip on me tighter as I was losing myself. My ass cheeks jiggled, and my tits bounced free, forcing me to bite down on my hand to keep from screaming. Flexing my ass backwards, I felt him flex inside me as he held me tight.

Jeff cleared his throat suddenly, making his usual hacking sound before calling for me. I don’t think my hands have ever moved that fast in my life. My pants were snapped over my waist, my breasts were being pushed back under my shirt, and I pushed Eric quickly outside. He was still fiddling with his pants trying to get them on.

“Wait wait,” he whispered, “will you come over tomorrow?”

“Go you have to go,” I said in a panic.

“I’m having a party tomorrow night you should come- okay okay,” he relented at my constant shoving him out the door. “I’ll go but you have to promise to come tomorrow…”

I slammed the door in his face before he could finish his sentence. I quickly took a deep breath and adjust my hair and clothes one last time before I went to check on Jeff. I found him back asleep in front of the TV as the evening news played. His snores crackled deafening loud over the weatherman’s voice of expecting rain tomorrow night.

I rolled my eyes still adjusting my pants, then disappeared in our bedroom and hideaway under my comforter. Alone in the darkness of my bed with only the faintest sound of the TV in the background, I found myself swimming in my imagination. Perhaps confronting Jeff was not a possibility, but for the first time in my life my future was truly not predictable. Tomorrow I could be at Arlene’s house, fucking her son in her bedroom. Or I could be on the prowl for another young stud, eager to fuck this big titted cougar. Or I could be found out by Jeff and in the process of divorce. I grimaced at that thought. It was my worst fear, I knew. But the hidden risk of it all brought a hint of a smirk to my lips that stayed there until I fell asleep.

Chapter Three

My Saturday was spent completing mundane house hold tasks. Loading the wash, emptying the dishwasher, and cleaning the windows, which was oddly more productive than most weekends. Jeff barely moved, of course. His ass was still firmly planted in the lounging chair. His feet were up, and his round belly pushed through the low side of his under shirt. It was a rarity if a weekend came when Jeff left his chair. Especially now that we had a digital recorder. Every sports game he recorded and watched all day and night, and that was his weekend.

It was midday when I started to see kids begin to arrive at Arlene’s house. Mostly boys at first. They were young and hard body. They congregated around the pool in the back yard. College kids in swim trunks and who carried cases of beer bought and paid for by other friends obviously who were over 21 years old.

I cleaned my windows and pretended to be oblivious to their presence. But I ensured that they were not oblivious to mine. I wore a white shirt with no bra that was tight enough to tease all who looked. All except my husband of course. It was barely 5pm now and Jeff was cracking open beer 14. It was going to be one of those nights, I realized.

By 10pm he was fast asleep, again, in his lounger and the party over the fence was getting louder. My curiosity was getting more desperate. I knew it was only a matter of time before I went over there. After changing into a new shirt and pair of yoga pants I received in the mail, I walked nervously across the yard and peered over the fence at the party going on around the pool. I figured just saying ‘hi’ couldn’t hurt.

There must be more than fifty kids around the pool.

They listened to music and danced. They played drinking games that I’ve seen on tv before. Beer pong and the one where they flipped the cup over. The boys who grossly out-number the girls all surrounded and hovered around them. I heard a drunken shout and realized I was seen.

“There she is!” A goofy looking boy with shaggy hair exclaimed. Several young men near the gate turned and their faces instantly lit up. It’s such a small thing, seeing someone’s eyes perk up in excitement at the sight of you. Like their life had been boring up until you arrived. Like you’re exactly what they have been waiting for their whole life. I couldn’t remember the last time I’ve seen that look from someone entering a room. “Eric! Your coug-“

“Shut the fuck up, Gale,” Eric snapped as he appeared shirtless, stumbling kaçak bahis towards me. “Hey, you came.” He said with a grin.

“I did,” I said with an awkward smile and shrug of my shoulders. More uncomfortable than I would like.

“Do you want a drink?” Eric said extending his hand towards the kegs of beer up against the house. I chewed my lip for a moment but broke a teasing smile across my lips.

“Just a drink,” I laughed.

Chapter Four

“You fucking pussy! Drink!” I shouted from across the folding table. Gale howled in defeat as he gulped down the rest of his beer and poured another. “Never have I ever… ate a girl’s pussy before!”

The men who surrounded me all ‘oo’ and ‘ahh’ in laughter as they pointed to one another and slowly some reluctantly drank. Eric laughed and quietly drank while sitting beside me. The night had fallen over us in the back yard. Beers kept being poured for me throughout the night and I lost track of time. Much of the boys at the party who were denied the female attention they so desperately craved had found their place around me. Many looked down my shirt, now full of beer stains, from behind my seat. Others sat across or beside me. I made sure I gave each of the young men their share of my attention. A touch on their arm. A squeeze of their thigh. I could almost feel how hard all these 20-year-old cocks were becoming.

The power I felt in the center of these boys and all their raging hormones was intoxicating. The girls of the party avoided me of course. They couldn’t stand the competition. Especially when their small pin pricks of breasts were compared to my lush full mature tits. I’ve already let several young men get more than their fair share of a view when they asked to motor boat them and I obliged. What could I say? It felt good to let loose.

Kids were spilled out into the front yard as midnight neared and I noticed the louder and more popular I became with other men; the more reserve Eric became.

I guess he didn’t like sharing his toys.

“Hey…” I started putting my hand on his leg as I leaned in towards him. The conversations of the crowds around us had risen to a roar when they were ultimately cut to silence by one announcement.

“Oh shit, cops!” The lone voice warned.

The panic surged through the crowd like a wave. Boys and girls jumped fences and ran through back yards. Others bolted inside the back door of the house. I felt the chaos of the kids around me and panic in myself. I’m of age to drink but if the police saw me here maybe I’d be put in their report. Maybe Jeff will find out I am here. I stood to go out the gate the way I came in but saw the beams of the officer’s flashlights as they approached.

“Shit,” I whispered. I felt a hand grasp mine and looked to see Eric standing over me.

“Come on!” Eric yelled as he pulled me inside the house. I followed him in my drunken haze as I heard police officers behind me giving orders to stragglers who were getting caught. Eric zig zagged me around furniture and other people asleep on the ground. He led me up the stairs and I tripped grabbing at the railing, just now realizing how drunk I might have been.

“Police, anyone in here?” A thick baritone voice bellowed from where I just ran from.

Eric dragged me into a small walk in closet off of a bedroom. We stood there in darkness chest to chest as rows of clothing brushed our shoulders and backs. I smelled a familiar smell of a musky but light perfume and realize this was Arlene’s closet filled with her clothes and now her son. I heard steps going up the stairs and we went silent, holding our breath. We stood there shrouded in darkness waiting to be caught or waiting for a sign that we escaped the police.

Escaped the police. Who are you? Just last week you were avoiding work, calling in sick, and spending your nights being berated by Jeff.

I realized I was using Eric’s body to steady myself as I swayed in front of him. My palms cupped Eric’s slim waist as my breasts kissed his chest through my shirt. I started to notice other things, too. The smell of his fading axe cologne that radiated from his body. His warm breath that was on my forehead. I looked up and saw in the darkness him staring at me. The features of his face were shrouded in black, but I knew he was staring at me. Quiet. Still. He said nothing but I knew his mind was thinking of me.

Without thought my hands puledl his shirt off of him and began working his belt on his jeans. They flung open and I unzipped him. He tried to hold me, to kiss me, but I didn’t let him. I pushed him back into a wall of hanging blouses and jackets, and he caught himself from falling as I pulled his member from his pants. I couldn’t see it in the darkness, but I felt it grow in my hand with every stroke. I pushed my lips into his chest and messily kissed down his stomach. I caught myself moaning as I exhaled as I felt his cock harden in my palm and realized there were still noises outside the closet. Movement and talking in the hallway- maybe the bedroom outside. It didn’t matter. The alcohol had mixed into a swirl with my horniness and become an unstoppable force. A police officer could open this closet door right now, it still couldn’t stop me from doing what I plan to do to this boy’s cock.

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