A Change in Life

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Stephanie breathed a deep sigh as she once again sat in traffic on the interstate. Yet another commute in a life full of them. It seemed that this was all her life had been since her divorce five years ago. Commute, work, commute, sleep, commute, work and so on and so on. At age forty-six she needed a change, but the rut she was stuck in was so deep it seemed that climbing out would be impossible. Today was just like any other day except it was Wednesday, not Tuesday or Friday or even Monday. It was just another day in a string of days that seemed to never change.

Stephanie’s two kids were away at college. She and her ex-husband decided that two kids were enough and she agreed to have her tubes tied after she had her youngest. She was young when her kids were born. She missed them dearly.

“Aw, screw this,” she muttered and began to carefully cross traffic from the lane she was in to get to the next exit ramp. Maybe she could find a short cut around this cursed traffic.

She took a right at the bottom of the ramp. Traffic was no better here. It seemed that everyone else had the same idea. As she creeped along and peered over the traffic, a neon sign caught her eye. It simply said “BAR”. She figured a drink would be a good idea right now. She could get a little numb and wait out this horrendous traffic. She found a parking spot near the front door, locked up her car and went in.

It was a dismal little place that smelled of stale beer and stale cigarette smoke. At the bar were a line of barflies working on the next in a countless line of drinks to help drown whatever sorrows they carried around with them. Stephanie thought that she could easily prescribe to this form of therapy but it would only make things worse in the long run. She found a seat at the found end of the bar at the corner. From where she sat she could see the people coming in and going out the front door.

“What’ll it be?” asked an aging bartender whose belly spoke of many after closing time beers.

“Crown and Coke, please.”

“Crown and Coke, coming up.”

When the drink was in front of her, she reached in her purse and pulled out her cigarettes. She knew these were going to kill her but is seemed they were the only pleasure she had left. She lit up and went to work on her drink. It went down smooth and quick and she ordered a second. Yes, she could easily join the ranks of barflies that came here to dull their woes.

As she sipped the fresh drink, she looked over the rim of the glass and through the door came a face she recognized. It was Charles from the sales support department at work. She remembered him because she had called him Chuck at their first meeting and he corrected her. Not Chuck, not Charlie, it’s Charles. He was a young ambitious guy working his way into the sales force from the bottom of the ladder. At thirty-five it was time he got something financially solid underneath him. He stood at the door for a moment and looked around the bar.

She watched him but made no effort to get his attention. He scanned the bar and saw her. When she raised her glass in salutation he walked past the line of barflies and took the empty stool next to her.

“Hey, Stephanie. I’m surprised to see you here.”

“I got sick of sitting in traffic so I saw this place and thought I’d come in to wait it out.”

“Yeah, I had the same idea. Bartender? Can I get a whiskey sour?”

Most of the conversation was shop talk while they drank. As the alcohol mellowed them, the conversation moved to more personal matters. Stephanie told about her past marriage, divorce, no kids, and a boring life. Charles talked of his last relationship which ended two months ago. Boy meets girl. Girl moves in. Girl goes crazy. Boy moves out. Simple and painful. During the conversation Stephanie thought she had noticed Charles looking at her the way her ex-husband used to many, many moons ago. Nah, couldn’t be.

Stephanie noticed that it was now past nine o’clock. Traffic would be dead now and if she had another drink there would be no possibility of driving home. She picked up her purse and laid some cash out on the bar.

“Leaving so soon?” asked Charles with light sarcasm.

“Well, yes. I think I’ve been having too good of a time,” replied Stephanie, “It’s kind of a shock to my system.”

“I’ve enjoyed this as well,” said Charles with a smile, “I’m surprised you and I never sat and talked before. Well, I’ll see you back at the office.”

“Good night, Charles. Drive carefully,” Stephanie replied and slid off the barstool. After three steps she stopped and turned back to Charles.

“I’m probably bahis firmaları going to have one more cocktail at home before bed. Would you like to join me?”

“Umm, sure,” Charles accepted and drained his whiskey sour.

It didn’t occur to her until they were on the road and Charles followed her that she hadn’t had a man in her apartment in over five years. Fortunately, she had just given the place a thorough cleaning last night. She was actually pretty surprised that Charles accepted the invitation. She didn’t think herself attractive by any means. She was in her mid-forties, had shoulder length blonde hair in a style that went out eight years ago, wore glasses and was just overall plain looking. Charles was a young and attractive man. Short dark hair, very tone body and he dressed to show it. Always wearing the latest fashion and more then once had been the topic of water cooler conversation among the younger female employees at work. Now, he was following her home.

During the drive to her apartment it had started to rain heavily. When Stephanie got out of her car, another car splashed through a puddle near her and now she was completely soaked. Charles was laughing when they got to the front door.

“I’m sorry, Stephanie,” said Charles trying his best to keep a straight face, “If you could have seen your face. It was priceless.”

Stephanie’s face turned from a look frustration from Charles’ laughter to exasperation and then humor. She started laughing herself which set Charles off all over again. She looked at him through her laughter and saw that same look on his face that she thought she had seen at the bar. Now she was certain of it but again, why would he? He was young, she wasn’t. He was sexy, she wasn’t. She dismissed it.

When they were through the front door, Stephanie directed Charles to the booze and mixers and excused herself to change out of her wet clothes. From her bedroom she could hear the cabinets and refrigerator opening and shutting. She stripped from her work clothes and bra and pulled a grey sweatshirt and a pair of blue sweatpants from her dresser. Before putting them on she had a brief conversation with herself in the mirror above the dresser.

“Don’t even start thinking that this will be more than a drink. You’ll only be disappointed. He’s young and attractive. Look at you. You’re out of date. Gravity has taken a hold of your boobs. You’ve got a belly that you didn’t have ten years ago. Your ass has widened and been flattened from all those years of sitting in a desk chair. We won’t even talk about your thighs. He’ll leave after the drink and you will once again spend a quiet evening alone with Mr. Buzzy, which was the nickname she gave to her vibrator.”

With that said she dressed in her sweats and went back to the kitchen. Charles was sitting on a stool at the little dining counter. On the counter were two drinks, a bottle of Crown Royal and a bottle of Coke.

“Who were you talking to?” asked Charles.

“Oh, myself,” said Stephanie with a blush of embarrassment, “I do that once in a while.”

“Yeah, me too,” confessed Charles.

The nest fifteen minutes passed in silence while they sipped their cocktails. Charles stood and Stephanie expected him to tell her that he was leaving. Instead, he leaned down, took her face in his hands and kissed her. In a flash a number of thoughts passed through her mind. He was a coworker. He could be doing it out of pity from the sob story of her life that she shared with him at the bar. He could have any woman he wanted, why her? How would this affect their working relationship? This was probably going to be a one time thing and could she handle that? At this point, she realized that she didn’t care about any of it. A man had put his hands on her and kissed her. That was all that mattered. She stood and put her arms around him to return the kiss.

“Are you sure this something you want?” she asked when their lips parted.

“If I didn’t,” he simply replied, “I wouldn’t have done it.”

When the words were out of his mouth they were kissing again. Charles’ hands slid up under her sweatshirt. He cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples with his fingertips until they became as hard as diamonds. The feel of his hands on her started the juice flowing between her legs. His touch was gentle but firm which excited her more. Their lips parted again and they stared into each other’s eyes. He continued to fondle her tits and her fingers began unbuttoning his shirt. He took his hands from her chest and let his shirt drop to the floor. When his chest was bare he took her sweatshirt and pulled off of her kaçak iddaa and dropped it next to his shirt on the floor. Charles got to his knees and put his lips on one of her hardened nipples. She stroked his hair and watched him. She enjoyed the warmth of his lips on her tits. It was a sensation she had all but forgotten.

Charles hooked his fingers into the elastic waistbands of her sweatpants and her cotton panties and pulled them to the floor. She sat on the stool to allow him to pull them from around her ankles. His went to her knees and gently spread her legs. She was anticipating what he was about to do and was a bit embarrassed. Her pussy was covered with a thick pelt of light brown hair. She couldn’t remember the last time she had trimmed it. There was never a need.

“Is this okay?” Charles asked sensing her tension.

“I just…don’t feel very attractive right now. I feel like I look a little…sloppy.”

“You have nothing to worry about,” Charles reassured her and buried his face in her muff.

Her pussy hadn’t been eaten in over ten years. It was something her ex-husband absolutely refused to do. Now, from the feeling of Charles’ hot tongue on her clit, an orgasm snuck up on her and pounced.

“Oh, Jesus!” Stephanie moaned. “Oh, God! I forgot what that felt like. It’s wonderful!”

Stephanie tried to close her quivering legs. The orgasm was so strong she thought she’d fall from the stool. Charles kept his hands on her knees, held her legs open and kept working his mouth on her twat. Her pussy filled with her juice and Charles licked it all from her. His tongue darted in and out of her hole. Pretty soon, she couldn’t take it any more and pushed him. He fell to his back on the floor and she was on him. Her hands went to his belt and her lips went to his mouth. The sweet aroma and flavor of her pussy covered his lips. She wasted none of it.

When she had his pants open she wasted no time stripping them from his body. His cock stood straight from his pelvis. It was of average size. His circumcised head was a bit broader and darker than the shaft. A vein ran down the underside of his prick. Below the shaft, his balls were large and his scrotum tight from his erection. She took the head of cock in her mouth and circled his with his tongue. His breathing became heavy and soon turned to moans. She slowly slid her lips down his shaft and had no problem taking all of it. With her down stroke, she gently pressed her tongue on the underside of his rod and when she came back to his head, she twiddled it with the tip of her tongue. Charles laced his fingers into her hair and his back arched away from the floor. His eyes followed her mouth on his cock.

“Jesus Stephanie. That feels so good!” Charles said between moans and sighs. “You are so good! It’s better than any other woman has ever done.”

She briefly released his dick from her warm mouth to give him a smile and went back to sucking on him. Without removing her mouth from his throbbing rail, she put her hands under his knees and lifted his legs. While holding his legs up and spread, she took his large balls in her mouth. Charles put his hand on his cock and stroked it. She watched this while she tongued his scrotum and her pussy was again swamped with her fluid.

Charles hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled them to his chest. Stephanie then took his cock in her hand and stroked it. His moans became louder and she felt the strong pulsing of his cock.

“Would you like to come to my bed?” she said in a sultry tone.

“Oh, yes! Yes, I would,” he replied in a strong breathy voice.

Stephanie stood, took his hand and pulled him to his feet. Still holding his hand, she led him to her bedroom. She laid him on his back and climbed on top of him to straddle his face. With her pussy lowered to his mouth, she leaned forward of took his cock once again. His tongue in her twat was paradise to her. He moaned while she repeated the blow job she gave him on the kitchen floor, this time her tongue pressed the top of his prick. She gave his head the same twiddling tease each time her lips were wrapped around it. Charles then did something she had never felt in her life.

Raising his head from her bed, he slipped his tongue in between her large buttocks. The feeling of it was exquisite to her but because of the place where he had put his tongue, she pulled away. It was odd to her that a man would want to lick her ass and she wasn’t sure how to handle it. Charles dug his fingers into her waist and pulled her ass back to her face. She let him have his way and just enjoyed the pleasure of his tongue on her hole. She kaçak bahis sucked on him harder and faster.

When he knew she would let him keep eating her ass, Charles pulled his arm through her spread legs and buried two fingers in her twat. She quietly moaned while she sucked his rod. Her head bobbed at a furious pace and she started tasting his precum on her tongue. She wanted him inside her. She needed him inside her.

She crawled forward and placed her hands on the mattress between his feet. Charles watched his cock disappear as she slid her cunt over it. It had been so long since she had a prick in her snatch that it caused her to scream.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, FUCK, CHARLES! Jesus! It’s so damned WONDERFUL!”

Charles’ eyes followed her bobbing ass while Stephanie rode his prick. He put his hands on her cheeks and caressed them while she fucked him.

“Christ, Stephanie, you are the best I’ve ever experienced,” he called to her.

A broad smile crossed her face then gave way to a look that could have been interpreted as strain. The excitement was overwhelming. Here she was, after such a long dry spell, fucking a sexy young man and she was the best fuck he ever had. It briefly crossed her mind that he was just saying that but who cared? She felt fucking great. From behind her Charles started howling.

“Oh, God, Stephanie! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fucking CUM!”

“I want to see it. I want to see your face,” she replied and climbed off of him.

He moaned in exasperation. He was so close to orgasm and she took it away. That didn’t last. Her twat was on his cock again and he started viciously driving his rail into her juicy hole. Her cream ran down his shaft and soaked his balls. Stephanie screamed each time she felt his prick slam into her.

“OH, FUCK! OH, FUCK, STEPHANIE! HERE IT IS!” Charles wailed and she felt his hot cum flood into her throbbing snatch.

“Oh, yes, Charles! That’s right! Fill me with your hot load!” she ordered.

Stephanie continued to pump up and down on his shaft although he was spent and lying almost lifeless on the bed. The heat of his cum inside her cooze kicked off her own climax and now it was overtaking her. Charles watched her tits bounce as she kept fucking him. He reached up, pinched both of her nipples and twisted them hard.

“OH, FUCK YES!” she screamed as her ravaging orgasm exploded from her cunt, “YOUR FUCKING COCK IS SO FUCKING GOOD!”

Her whole body twitched and quivered after she let herself fall from where she squatted over him. He leaned over to put his lips on her nipples but she pushed him away. If she felt any more stimulation like that she would explode. Charles just put his arm over her and kissed her. She then rolled to her side with her back to him and he slid up behind her and held her. His warm chest felt good on her back. His strong arm felt comfortable draped over her. She also felt something that she hadn’t since before her divorce. She felt sexy.

* * *

When she awoke at six o’clock the next morning, Charles was gone. It really wasn’t surprising. They both had to work. She slipped on her robe and went to the kitchen to start her coffee. Her sweats and panties were still on the kitchen floor. On the counter was a note written in Charles’ smooth script.


Last night was incredible. Thank you. I hope this won’t make things weird between us at work. I would hate for that to happen. I meant every word when I told you that you are the best. I’ll see you at the office.


P.S. I must have more.

When she was done reading his note, Stephanie showered. When she went back to the bedroom to dress she looked herself over in the mirror. After a careful inspection, she returned to the bathroom, took out her scissors and razor and shaved her pussy clean. After she dressed, being careful to show a little more cleavage than she used to, she filled her travel mug with coffee and headed off to work. From the time she woke to the time she arrived at the office, she was smiling.

When she walked into the office she went passed Charles’ desk and said, “I have to see you in my office.” As she walked away she could here the people around asking him what the hell he did to get in trouble with a manager.

“Shut the door,” she said in a stern tone.

Charles turned to close the door and when he turned back Stephanie leaned on the front of her desk and hiked up her skirt and Charles saw her bare snatch through her pantyhose. His jaw dropped.

“You will have more,” she whispered “and you can go now.”

Not saying a word, Charles turned put his hand on the doorknob.

“Oh, and Charles,” said Stephanie with a soft smile before he could leave.


“Thank you for making me feel like a woman again.”

“You’re welcome, anytime.”

The End

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