A Chance Meeting

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The night started out fairly simple… me, the wife (Erin) and her friend (Anna) were heading out to have a quiet night of dinner and a movie. The past few weeks me and Erin have been really busy with work and just life in general. I had agreed to let Anna come along with us due to the fact that she had just gotten a divorce and was feeling a little down in the dumps with life in general. And she has a really nice rack and like to dress slutty- actually a little whorish, like my wife does when we go out for a party night on the town.

We all got dressed around 6pm and got into the Jeep and headed to the movies. The girls outvoted me and we ended up seeing a romantic-comedy, that was actually pretty funny. During the movie there were some “wondering” hand between me and the wife, Erin. Nothing major or particular inappropriate but was very arousing because of it being in public and the fact that Anna kept looking over and smiling. This I didn’t think anything of because Anna always smiles when she sees me and Erin kiss or touch each other. I had a feeling it could be one of a couple of things but nothing to give me really a concern or apprehension of something being off with her.

As we walked out of the theater, Erin suggested that we grab a quick bite to eat instead of going to a sit down dinner and hit the bar afterwards. That Anna and her are in the mood for a few drinks. As a running rule in my life, I never discourage a woman that I am with, not to drink unless its been agreed that she is the driver for the night. This was not going to be a exception. Especially with the fact that Anna is not a very heavy drinker and neither is the wife, but Erin gets very bold and “interesting” when she drinks. The last time we drank, in public, without our group of friends was in New Orleans, Louisiana on St. Patrick’s Day. She ended up riding the mechanical bull that they had in the bar, with her top down. Allowing everyone in the bar to see her tits, and when she was done, kept her top down as she walked back to me, stopping and letting some men and some woman feel her tits and even let a few suck a little on her nipples. She loved

it and expressed how much she was turned on by the fact that it happened and I didn’t have a problem with it, like many men in her past did. And to tell you the truth, I loved seeing her like that.

We get to the bar that we have got to for a few functions for work and it was fairly slow for a Thursday night because school was out and most of the college kids were already gone for the summer. This pleased me very much because of dealing with the drama of that scene, usually takes me to my limit and words and fists are commonly exchanged, and tonight I surely wasn’t in that type of mood.

I spot a table in the far side of the bar the furtherest from the door, because me and Erin have a thing for “people watching” when we are out and seemed like a prefect spot to do so because the two table to the left were empty and the table to the right was occupied by a slightly attractive woman, with brown hair and okay tits.

As the night goes on, the girls are drinking at a fairly slow but steady pace. And the topic comes up, about it wouldn’t be expensive for us to take a cab home and Anna just staying the night and that we should all have fun and go where the night takes us. Of course, I am completely on board with this entry scenario and make my way to the bar to grab a few shots of Crown for myself. When I turn to head back to the table, I see that Erin and Anna are no where to be seen. Considering they had both a soda at the movie and have been drinking booze for the past 45 minutes, it seemed clear that they were in the restroom and would be back shortly.

As I walk up to the table, the woman at the table next to us, still alone, said that the girls told her to tell me that they would be right back and went to the store down the street and would return shortly. And that if she was okay with it, that she should keep me company until they returned. Since the woman was alone and seemed to be okay with talking with a complete stranger, I pulled a chair over to our table and asked her to join us, even though she would be joining just me at the time.

Conversation started a little slow… the exchange of names, etc. She started telling me that her husband had left her today and that she is happy to see a couple so happy (referring to me and the wife). This left me thinking…. great. Another broken heart to deal with for the night. But being the guy that I am, I continued talking with her. Telling her the normal breakup speech. She smiles and thanks me and asks me if I wanted to dance. Being that I don’t dance often, I took the last shot, of 4, and stood up and held my hand out, and took her to the dance floor.

The first song was a newer type song, which I really didn’t care for… but the second turned out to be a slow song, and I was concerned that she would want to return to the table. She gave me a sly smile and moved in closer. bahis firmaları Being that me and the wife have a very trusting relationship and have rules for these types of things, I moved right into the part.

Some back story to the rules.

No sex without the other’s knowledge. Didn’t think that would happen on the dance floor. So no worries there.

Touching in a sexual manner is started by the third party. If its welcome, fine. If not, remove yourself from the situation. If it becomes heated, refer to the rule above. Kissing is fine.

As the song continues, she moves slowly forward towards me until by the end of the first minute or so, she is right against me. When she is finally against me, she smiles up at me and reaches for my arm on her back and slowly moves it down to right under her left ass cheek. Surprised I smile, and as I start getting a erection, she looks up and smiles at me.

At this point, I am think awesome. She is having fun and getting her mind off of her situation. Shortly there after the song concludes and she says “Lets go have a few more drinks”. We head back to the table and she sits down and I head to the bar and order 2 Rum and Cokes.

Returning to the table, Erin and Anna are back and are talking with Sara. Ironically, the seating arrangement had changed to where I was sitting between Anna and Sara. Looking at the wife, she smiles at me and says “Did you have a good time dancing with Sara?” Responding I said “Yes. What do you and Anna want to drink?”. They tell me what they want and I return to the bar with my drink in hand. I order and the bartender brings the drinks and sets them down. I decided to linger at the bar, and finish my drink quickly, and order another.

Returning with all the drinks in hand, I sit down between Anna and Sara and start listening to the conversation. Shortly after starting to listen, I realize that they are talking about sex. Telling each other what they like. What they don’t like. But it was mostly Erin and Anna talking and laughing, the way women do when they are talking about those things. Erin is explaining how she likes the exhibitionist thing and showing people her tits and having strangers touch them, etc. Stuff I found out long ago! Anna tells that she likes the bondage thing. That she likes tying up her tits, and having them slapped. That she loves the idea of having sex with another woman and haven’t done it yet.

Out of no where, Sara says “I like to be made fun of… To be called names. To be used. To be degraded, in private and in public”.

EVERYONE of us went silent staring at her and each other. But the first thing that I notice is that Erin smiles and looks right at me and nods. I turn my head to Sara’s direction and she nods again. I have gotten the signal. I have gotten the signal to start some stuff.

Sitting there, I finish my drink, thinking… what should I do? What can I do? What is she going to let me do?

Finally, I lean over and say to Sara, low enough to only she can hear me, to go to the bathroom and take off her bra and panties. Put them in her purse. Go put her purse, securely in her car, and come back and sit down. She says “Why?”. I reply “Because if you want to have fun tonight, you are going to do exactly what the fuck I tell you to do. Is that understood?” This is still low enough for only me to hear. She smiles and nods and excuses herself to the restroom.

When Sara is gone, Erin asks me how far am I going to take tonight? How far am I willing to go? Still with a smile on her face. I reply “As far as necessary. As far as you want me to take it.”. She says while looking at Anna, “Take it ALL the way. Take it as far as you want. As far as you dare! We will take your lead 100%”. Shocked, I smile, nod and continue my drink, thinking “Take off your thinking caps folks, its about to get freaking stupid tonight!”

Sara returns and sits down in her spot next to me… it is obvious that she isn’t wearing a bra anymore. And to prove that she isn’t wearing any panties, after she sits down, she pulls my hand under the table and runs it up the inside of her leg, until I feel the moisture of her pussy. She smiles and lets go of my hand.

After she lets go, I say loudly for many people to hear, “Imagine that! This slut isn’t wearing a bra nor parties! I wonder what we should have this little whore do for us tonight!”. A few guys nearby hear this and cheer and hold up their drinks in the celebratory mannor.

Turning to Erin and Anna, I say “Your turn, here are the keys.” They get up taking the hint and head to the restroom to remove their bra and panties, and place them in the car.

While they are gone, I look at Sara, in a moment of seriousness “Do you want this? Honestly? No pressure, no hard feelings, I want to know you are 100% comfortable with us and the course that appears to be developing.” She smiles and nods. “Absolutely, you do what you want, have me do what you want.” Taking this as consent to the night that is about to kaçak iddaa develop… I smile back and her, and say “I really could use another drink.” She stands up, to go get me one and I grab her hand. “If you are going to get me a drink, you aren’t going to go up there dressed like that. Take your fat ass out of that skirt and get me a drink. Looking at me with a little shock, she lowers her head and looks down, pulling down her skirt and letting it hit the floor. “If someone stops you and wants to touch you, you let them, but remember, that fat-whore pussy is mine”

She gets to the bar, unstopped. A few people looked and laughed, but no one stopped her on the way there. The bartender laughed as he picked up on what was going on when Erin and Anna walked to the bathroom, after I said it was their turn. On the way back, a few more people laughed and high fived each other. One guy slapped her gently on the ass, and said “That a girl!”. Returning to the table with my drink, I have her sit down on my lap, as the girl return to the table. Being both fairly big breasted, there was NO denying or wondering if they were wearing bras. When they got physically to the table, the both lifted there dresses at the same time showing their shaved pussies.

Erin looks at me after sitting and says “Whats the plan for us honey?”

Think about this for a moment, “I think Anna is going to get her wish!” Hearing this made Anna stand up saying “Awesome, lets get out of here!”.

“No.” I say.

“No?”- Anna

“No. If you are going to get your pussy eatin’ by this whore, I want people to see it. I want people to know that this slut is eating your pussy.”

“Ummm….. okay…… Where? How?”

“You stay RIGHT there….. Sara, get on your knees between Anna’s legs, and eat her pussy. You are not to stop until she has gotten off. Is that understood?”

“yes….” Sara says quietly.

Shortly after Sara starts licking Anna’s pussy, a few people walk up, as Anna is starting to get vocal about what is happening and ignoring the fact that she is in a bar. Two couples and 5 guys ask if they can watch. “Absolutely” was the response. “That is the idea!”

As Anna is getting closer, she says “I want a cock in my mouth before I cum” to Erin. Erin looks at me and says “Honey… your needed….” Standing up, I unzip my pants and pull them down, exposing my obviously hard cock! No sooner is it exposed, it is placed quickly into Anna’s mouth, without hesitation. A few minutes of this go by and Anna is starting to tremble and take me deeper into her mouth… as she starts to cum… Something that Anna forgot to mention is that she is a squirter… she sprays Sara down, completely.

Enjoying that was amazing, but I felt that there is much more to be done with this slut that just that… As Sara stands us with her shirt completely soaked. I tell her to remove it, and go give her shirt and her skirt to the bartender so he can throw them out. As she walks away, I move over to Erin’s side and whisper “This isn’t over….” Looking up at me, she smiles and winks.

When Sara returns she has a look of “what the hell is getting ready to happen” because the three of us, me, Erin and Anna are all standing. We have a cab waiting outside. You are coming with us. She smiles and leads us outside.

The cab driver, smiled widely and then said that there is no way he is going to get a ticket because of a naked woman in his cab. His wife would kill him, etc. After tipping him $100 ahead of time, he finally agreed and we departed in a full cab with me in front and the girls in the back for the 20 minute cab ride home.

Knowing that there would be some touching in the back seat, I had Sara sit in the middle, plus it would allow the cab driver to see her slutty small tits which get put to shame compared to Erin’s and Anna’s.

Other than the sounds of giggles and some kissing the cab ride was very uneventful.

Getting into the house and into the bedroom, took no time at all. My first order of business was to get everyone nude, which did not need prompting by me whatsoever and Erin and Anna removed their cloths immediately.

“See their tits? Those are amazing tits aren’t they Sara? Those tits make your tits look like garbage and you should be ashamed to have such small tits in front of those! What do you think we should do about these small tits on such a slut?”

Turning red, Sara looks down. “I think you are going to have to make yourself worthy to be in their presence. I think you are about to eat another pussy.” Smiling, Erin lays on the bed with her legs wide open. Grabbing Sara by the hair, no hard, but leading her straight to Erin’s pussy. Sara begin’s eating her pussy.

Thinking that Anna had nothing to do, she starts to sit on the bed… “What are you doing Anna?” You are not properly dressed for this event now are you?” Looking at me sort of puzzled, I point to her tits. “Are those supposed to be tied up to keep them from swinging around? Maybe you should kaçak bahis go tie them and show Sara how those tits need to look.”

Walking out of the room to retrieve something to tie her tits up with I add, “Tightly.” as I grab her arm. She smiles and nods and walks off.

Minutes after Anna walking about of the room, Erin gets off, LOUDLY. Anna comes running in like she doesn’t want to miss anything with her huge tits tied and already starting to turn color, to a pleasantly looking red.

“Don’t you want to ask Erin how that felt? If she enjoyed that?”

“How was it? Did you like it?” Sara asks.

“Oh yes! You are very good, but I have had much much better. I would of thought a slut like you would be better at that. I think your oral skills need work.”

Taking the hint, I tell Erin to go retrieve my cell phone from out of my pocket. She leaves to get my phone from my pants in the hallway outside of my door. When she comes back in, “Honey? I think you need to go through my phone, and find 5 men that you think this whore needs to practice on, and call them, and tell them that we have a surprise for them.”

She immediately starts going through my phone while walking out of the room.

With Anna still standing there with her tits tied… which are starting to turn into the purple phase, it hits me… Sara and Anna.

“So Anna… do you think its time to return the favor?”

Looking at me, she says “Definitely”

“Lay on the bed Sara… And remember that whore hole of yours is mine, you don’t cum until I say you can. Is that understood?”

Nodding and smiling, she lays on the bed and Anna goes to work.

Erin returns to the room, “Everyone should be here within 20 minutes”

Smiling I am satisfied with the events so far.

30 minutes goes by…. Anna has gotten Sara off with my permission. And all of the five men that Erin was instructed to call, were sitting in the living room. I am talking with all of them. Clothed. About petty things. All of the girls are in the master bedroom, showering for the guests of the night. As the activities are about to get interesting.

Getting the text message that is the signal that everyone is ready…. I stand up. And say the following: “Who here has a girlfriend?” No one raises there hand. “Good.” “Who here has had sex in the past 48 hours?” No one raises there hand. “Who is willing to fuck a slut, bareback, right now tonight, that you do not know?” 3 of the 5 raise there hand. “Who is willing to fuck a fucking whore, bareback, right now, that you do know?” All 5 raise there hands. “Gentlemen, tonight is your night.”

They all look at me, puzzled. C asks me, “what are you talking about?”

“Ladies, come out here!”

All three of the ladies come out into the living room, in the nude.

Now, this is how it is going to work. The five of you get to choose who you get to fuck tonight. All of you must cum inside of the girl that you are fucking. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot do this, no problem, you are still invited to watch.

Two men said that they didn’t want to do this. Which left them there for watching only.

“Now… to make this fair, this is how you are going to be paired up. There are now only three colored slips of paper in this bag. The three of you decide who picks there slip first.”

The three of them decide who picks first and the order.

Now, to find out which one you get…..

“Ladies, turn around.” In the small of there back are little circles of color. But here is the thing. Placing two colors on Erin’s back. As she will be fucked by two of the men….

“Dude, your wife has two spots and the fat one of there has none… whats the deal?”

“The deal is that the two of you are going to fuck my wife. The two of you are going to fucking cum inside of her. Is that a problem?”

“No. Not when you say it like that, but why isn’t she getting fucked?”

“Because she doesn’t deserved to get fucked. What she is going to do is clean the dicks and pussies with her mouth after you all are done.”

Picking up on the gab of activities, Erin asks, “What are you going to do?”

“Erin, I am going to fuck your friend.”

“Oh. I just thought that…. you would be the second one with me?”

“Nope. You are getting the two strange cocks tonight honey.”


The guys that are fucking Erin, get right to it… Fucking her face, pussy, and ass. The three of us, decide it would be better to watch Erin and her two men fuck her, that way, Sara’s fat ass can clean their cocks and Erin’s pussy, without having to worry about us.

After about 45 minutes of the three of them going at it, the first one cums deep inside of her. He pulls out and places his cock immediately into Sara’s mouth and she begins to suck him dry and clean. Before the first guy is clean, the second is already filling her pussy with more cum, with out even being cleaned out first by Sara, Erin is a sloppy mess, with a cum-filled pussy.

The second guy tells Sara, to clean up Erin first and Erin moves to the edge of the couch and pushes the cum onto Sara’s face and into her mouth. Moaning, Sara begins eating her pussy once again…

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