A Chance Encounter

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He’d had several appointments and meetings during the day, but she was supposed to have showered and met him in time to make a dinner reservation. She wasn’t in the lobby when he’d arrived, so after several minutes he decided that he ought to find out what was keeping her. As he walked across the lobby, he heard his name called out in a sharp voice and instinctively shifted his arm to make a clear sweep of his jacket and draw of his sidearm possible before he turned to reply.

He relaxed and smiled in confusion to see that it was Kimberly, the girlfriend of an acquaintance that he’d have never expected to see here in Morocco. He glanced around the lobby, slightly anxious to keep this conversation quick or to move it out of sight. It would be…difficult if Kimberly said too much about where he lived or who she thought he worked for and the wrong ears heard it.

They embraced and she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, clearly happy and surprised to see him. Kimberly was a tall girl, lean everywhere except her exquisitely shaped legs and ass. She was an exotic mix, Hawaiian or Polynesian, and Caucasian, but had grown up in Virginia where they’d met at several cocktail parties and events. As she was explaining that she was in Morocco to do consulting with a tech firm looking to install networks in the country, he noticed over her shoulder that their friendliness was attracting some attention. Not wanting to linger in the lobby in the public eye, he suggested that she come up to the suite he was sharing with Aimee to say hello and catch up.

After a short walk from the elevator, he plucked the magnetic key from the pocket of his tailored dress shirt and inserted into the suite door without knocking. He was three steps into the room when he heard the shower running and thought, “She’s running very late or expecting me to join her.”

He glanced back at Kimberly and said with a shrug, “It sounds like she’s running late. I’ll go nudge her along. Grab a seat.” He gestured at the couch in the sitting area of the suite and went through the double doors into the bedroom area and straight into the bathroom where Aimee greeted his entry with a musical laugh and a wave through the foggy, glass shower door. Her hair was plastered against her back in a long wave, and she made no effort to hurry as she rinsed the conditioner from it. Running her fingers along her scalp, she bent backward toward the showerhead and her breasts stood out in the fog and spray, in perfect profile above her flat stomach and narrow waist. She was a petite hourglass with breasts that were large for her frame, and seeing her skin glistening in the fine sheen of water and soap, made his fingers itch to touch her.

Finally, after she’d rinsed herself free of the last remnants of soap and lather in a long, slow twirl, and then bent to turn off the shower’s flow, she made one last, languorous arch of her back to squeeze the excess water from her hair and then slid the glass door to the side so that a roil of steam washed over him. When she was facing him with nothing between them but the chill hotel-room air, and her nipples hardened, she said, “Hello, sweet man. Grab me that robe.”

With a look that spoke far more than words would be able to convey, he plucked the linen robe from a hook and held it just out of her reach between them. With another musical chuckle, she stepped carefully out of the tub and stood then, close in front of him, dripping and smiling. He kissed her and then held the robe up behind her so that his arms stretched over her shoulders and she turned and shimmied her way into the thin garment while never taking her eyes from his face. He looked down at her, at all of her from head to toe while she kept that gaze, and then he stepped backward so that she had room to shrug the linen around her and tie it into place. The thin, white cloth clung to her every curve and line and revealed almost as much as it hid. What it did hide made it somehow more sensual and despite having just seen all of her that there was to see, it made him long to pluck the knot out of the belt and pull it off of her again.

“What are you smiling at?” She asked, suspicious but still playful.

He’d just remembered that Kimberly was in the sitting area just outside the bedroom, and that Aimee didn’t know she was there, but instead of saying that, he replied, “You’re late. Get your pretty little ass in gear.”

She did the magic trick that pulled her hair and a towel into a large twirl of fabric atop her head, and rolled her eyes at him, shoving at his shoulders as he led her out of the bathroom.

As Ryan walked straight through the bedroom, toward the main area of the suite he was thinking about all of the times that he and Aimee had discussed having another woman join them in bed, and how many times that Kimberly’s name had been moaned through Aimee’s lips. He popped open both of the bedroom doors at once as Aimee followed close behind him.

“So where are we going for dinner?” Aimee began, and then cut off, seeing Kimberly bahis firmaları stand in surprise from the couch where she’d been sitting. “RYAN! Why didn’t you tell me she was here?”

“I told you that you were late,” Ryan deadpanned in return.

Oblivious to the semi-transparent condition of her robe, and trying to brace through her embarrassment, she marched up to Kimberly and embraced the taller woman with a warm hug. “It’s such a great surprise to see you! I’m sorry Ryan is such a social retard and didn’t give me a chance to get dressed.”

“It’s all right,” she laughed, it’s my fault. I caught Ryan in the lobby and he said that he wanted to surprise you.

Aimee swung on Ryan with one of her looks and found him struggling to keep his laughter quiet as he fished a handful of tiny bottles from the mini-bar.

“Prick,” she snapped, and then couldn’t help but laugh as well before turning back to Kimberly. “Just give me a moment to throw something on.” She walked quickly toward the bedroom and realized as she did that her quick strides were probably causing the robe, which quite short, to rise up quite a bit in the back, and that she was probably giving the Ryan and their guest quite a show.

When she was safely back in the bedroom, she surveyed herself in the mirror above the dresser and to her shock, saw that the thin material of the robe was all but see through everywhere that it hung tightly to her. She’d been worried about her ass hanging out, and here her breasts were clearly visible through the clinging fabric; and that’s where she was covered. The robe, which she’d carelessly wrapped around herself, uncaring what it covered given how many times Ryan’s hands had been all that covered her skin when they were together, hung in a long, open v in the front almost to her navel so that the inside curves of her breasts were on display without even the semblance of coverage that the robe offered her hard nipples. She unknotted the robe and peeled it off of her shoulders before running her hands up her torso and over her breasts, still staring into the mirror, and thought to herself that her nipples weren’t just hard from the hotel’s air conditioning, but because her shock and embarrassment were mixed with an electric excitement and a little thrill of mischief.

With one hand still cupping her breast, she let the other fall to her groin and ran her middle finger lightly downward over her clit and to her pussy. She wasn’t surprised to find herself wet, not just from the shower, but from the thought of having been on display in front in the next room. With that realization, she abandoned the idea of putting on the outfit that she’d draped over the foot of the bed in anticipation of dressing for dinner, and instead went to peruse the limited selection in her temporary closet. She fished out a dark green sheath dress that hit her mid-thigh and dipped down in the front in a wide curve to show quite a bit of cleavage, but then returned it.

Instead, thinking that if Ryan was up to what she thought he was, that she’d play his little game as well. She decided on a long white dress shirt that gripped tightly across her chest and hung to just below her ass and a pair of ridiculously priced yoga pants that her ass looked amazing in. With another little thrill of excitement, and feeling naughty, she didn’t bother with underpants or a bra.

When she’d pulled on the clothing, she took one quick look in the mirror, unbuttoned one more button of her shirt at both the bottom and the top, scrubbed the towel through her hair so that it hung in a damp, wavy tangle over both of her shoulders, and walked quickly back out to the sitting room before she lost her nerve. Her entry brought the two of them out of quiet conversation, and the flush on Kimberley’s face and the quick licking of her lips made her think that she’d probably been the topic of the conversation. Ryan’s face was passive, closed to anyone who didn’t know him, but she knew him well enough to recognize his expression, an expression she’d seen many times when they were out in public together when he was trying to be discreet.

The expression told her that he wanted her, and wanted her badly, and now. This wasn’t the face he made when he was imagining some time, hours or days in the future when he’d have her alone, this was the face that said that something between them would have to be done soon. The same narrowing of his eyes, the same hint of a smile that might be imagined, and the same tiny raising of an eyebrow were all on his face the time he’d reached across to finger fuck her while they were driving down the road at 80 miles an hour, and the time he hadn’t even waited for her to put her shopping bags down before he’d pulled up her skirt, spanked her bare ass and fucked her from behind while the door and curtains to her balcony stood open just feet away. She’d felt like the entire world could have been watching, and the orgasm had left her legs shaking.

The small talk about Kimberley’s work and the supposed reason for kaçak iddaa Ryan being in Morocco ended shortly, and the mini-bottles shortly after, so Kimberley offered to grab more drinks from her room. Ryan hopped up, agreed that they should continue their impromptu party and said with a wink that Aimee would get some ice. He followed Kimberly to the door with a knowing look over his shoulder and gave Kimberley time to get around the corner to the elevator before circling back. He plucked a bottle of bourbon from the top of his bag and waived it at Aimee with a wink.

“I figured we could use a moment to regroup. I spoke to Kimberley while you were dressing. She broke up with Adam, and she’s really excited to see friendly faces here.”

“RYAN,” she began, beginning to blush, even as a mischievous smile broke onto her face.

Before she could continue, he was across the room in 3 long, fast steps, and on top of her before she could react. Before either of them had any time to think, she was sprawled back on the couch with her legs around him and his mouth against hers. They kissed through moans and whispers and their hands were everywhere. By the time that Kimberley knocked at the door, her shirt was completely undone, and Ryan was sucking the hard nipple of one breast while running his thumb and forefinger around the other. The knock brought a growl from Ryan and a sharp intake of breath from Aimee.

“Get off!” she whispered sharply, but he was already moving, adjusting his erection while he walked to open the door. “WAIT!” she hissed, trying to be quiet, but he smiled and shrugged, opening the door even as she scrambled to button the wayward shirt.

Ryan held the door open, and watched Kimberley’s face as she entered. He wasn’t sure what she’d seen that provoked the look of surprise, but she masked the expression quickly. When they were fully into the suite, Aimee, flushed, but her expression neutral, eased past them holding the ice bucket aloft with the announcement that she was going to get more.

In the hall, she fought to catch her breath and couldn’t because all she could think about was what Ryan might be planning. The possibilities inherent in the two people in that room left her reeling and unable to concentrate.

“I should be putting my ass in this thing instead of the scoop,” she muttered as she filled the ice bucket. She took a deep breath, gave herself a little shake, and smoothed her hair before walking back down the hall. Ryan met her at the door when she tapped and the predatory grin on his face made her heart race faster again. She moved into the room with him close behind her, and stopped when she saw the look on Kimberley’s face where he sat on the middle of the couch. The look was filled with anticipation and lust and Aimee was both alarmed and excited.


He delicately took the ice bucket from her hands and placed it on a side table before coming to stand behind her again. She gasped and goose bumps stood out all over her body when he ran his hands up her hips and under her shirt to cup her breasts. His lips were at the nape of her neck and worked their way upward to her ear.

“Kimberley would very much like to watch what happens next and perhaps join later if you’d like,” he whispered, as she realized that his fingers had done the magic work of unbuttoning her shirt without her having realized.

“Ryan?” she whispered again, this time pleading, wanting what was happening to continue, but fear warring with excitement.

“It’s ok, I have you,” he whispered back, “do this for me.”

He took her gently by the elbows then, and moved her to the center of the floor. Once there, he turned her so that she was facing Kimberley directly, on display, and peeled the shirt from her shoulders. Her nipples, already hard from excitement, pushed out further at the sudden touch of the air conditioned air, and she gave a little shudder. In her bare feet she didn’t even come to Ryan’s chin, and in his arms, with him behind her, and feeling on display, she felt tiny, like her muscles weren’t hers to command. She looked back at him, over her shoulder, as her fingers gripped at the material of his pants over his outer thighs, and at his nod, allowed herself to let go of her concerns and plunge fully into this moment. He nodded again, sensing the change in her and tipped her head backward to kiss him.

The movement stretched her neck; brought her up on her toes and she imagined the way her body looked to Kimberley in that moment. She arched further, determined to give the other woman a show and moaned into Ryan’s mouth as he caught her hair in a fist at the back of her skull. His other arm coiled strongly around her and pulled her back into him so that she could feel his hard cock even more clearly against her ass. The kiss seemed to last forever, and she wanted it to, but more she wanted it to end so that she could do other things with her mouth and with his mouth.

Seeming to read her mind again, he turned her in his arms, and with her hair kaçak bahis still wrapped in his fingers, gently drove her to her knees in front of him. Without instruction or guidance, her hands moved automatically to his belt and within moments, his hard cock was in her hand. Her eyes flickered toward the couch, and then locked onto his. Looking up at him, she stroked his cock slowly, and warming now to putting on a show, ran her tongue upward along his balls and the length of his cock before taking him into her mouth. She felt his fingers spasm against the base of her skull and heard the hissed intake of his breath when her lips closed on him, and a thrill of excitement and pleasure ran through her. She moved her head slowly up back and forth and up and down, varying the depth and speed of him in her mouth and unable to hold back any longer, pushed one hand down the front of her yoga pants to reach her swollen clit. She was very, very wet, and the first touch of her fingers sent a ripple of pleasure through her, a tiny orgasm, which only made her long for more. Seeing this little tremor roll through her, he smiled down at her and pulled his cock from her mouth even as she strained against the pull in her hair to keep it in there.

He pulled her to her feet and kissed her again, using his grip in her hair, he kissed her neck, along her jaw, against her ear and then, abruptly, the pull on her hair disappeared as his hands found her ass. He lifted her, seemingly without effort, and her legs went automatically around his waist. In 2 steps, he had her at a chaise that faced the sofa and deposited her there. He dropped to his knees in front of her and he peeled her yoga pants off in a practiced movement that she assisted with a shift of her hips. She found herself leaning against the back of the chair with her heels against its edge and her knees splayed wide open in front of him, and in front of Kimberley, who was staring at them with a glazed look of pure lust stretched across her face. Ryan began to kiss the inside of her thigh, and without warning, his finger plunged into her. She whimpered, and then gasped as his mouth and tongue joined his finger at her pussy. She clutched her own breasts and ground into Ryan’s mouth as his tongue began to dance across her clit, and nodded her head in encouragement when Kimberley stood and peeled free of the form fitting jeans she was wearing.

Ryan’s mouth brought her attention back away from Kimberley’s observation and she stuttered out another orgasm as he rubbed against her g spot with his finger, her clit with his tongue, and another finger found its way into her ass. She could see the muscles in his shoulders moving through his shirt, and she reveled in the fact that she was naked, on display, and coming he was still dressed and Kimberley was wearing only a tank top and a tiny pair white panties that stood out brightly against her tan skin. Ryan was still hard at work, and she could feel another orgasm beginning to build from within her core, but she needed more. She bent forward, curling up so that she could reach him more easily, and she pulled at his hair. He looked up at her and she mouthed the word please, so he stopped what he was doing to stand.

He stepped to the side so that she was completely, brazenly spread open and unobstructed for Kimberley’s view, and it gave her a rush. She brought one hand to her pussy and the other to her breast and began to masturbate in front of them both. With 2 fingers, she rubbed up and down the slit of her pussy, over her clit and then plunged them inside over and over. Ryan’s hand was on her shoulder a moment later, and he was standing beside the chair naked now, his hard cock pointed at her face and on level. Quickly, his cock was in her mouth and he started to slowly fuck her face while she masturbated. Kimberley had her hand jammed down the front of her panties and her shirt pulled up so that Aimee could see the ridges of muscles in her stomach.

Ryan suddenly pulled Aimee upward and grabbed a pillow from couch to throw at Kimberley’s feet.

“Get down,” he said, his voice a rasp as his hands caressed her.

Knowing what he wanted, she dropped to her knees on the pillow in front of Kimberley and then draped her arms and head into the other woman’s lap lap. Her hand was mere inches away and the thin material of her underpants was transparent with lace and wetness. Aimee looked up to meet Kimberley’s gaze just as Ryan slammed into her from behind. He took no time to ease into it. One moment he was behind her, and she was filled with lust and anticipation, and the next, he was fucking her. Long, hard strokes that filled her and made her ache for more, and that forced her head forward over and over, each stroke making her face come almost into contact with Kimberley’s rubbing fingers.

Ryan’s hands gripped hard at her hips and gasps of pleasure tore from him at irregular intervals. He ran his thumb across her asshole and she clenched around him, her pussy drawing at him as her ass twitched in expectancy. He brought his thumb back, this time coated in saliva, and then pressured slowly against her until it slipped into her ass. She was meeting his thrusts with a push back of her own and the extra sensation just spurred her on.

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