A Carpenter’s Tale

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The sunlight through the half-opened blinds splashed across my face and began to wake me to the warm scent of sex.

Through the open window competing songs of rival birds drifted into the room. I rolled over to touch her and found a warm, but empty space. The smell of coffee and fresh bread pulled me out of bed and down the stairs to the kitchen.

I didn’t bother to dress.

I stopped and looked into the kitchen from the hallway door. Standing at the sink she was washing and slicing the melons and raspberries I’d picked yesterday. Now, it was my turn to watch her, returning the favor, I guess, from her watching me yesterday. A Watching which led to one of the steamiest and most satisfying sexual circuses we’ve had in the 10 years we’ve been married.

I am a carpenter. I make furniture for the newly rich people in this suburban outpost of Boston. Most of my customers are almost completely without taste or sense or awareness of proportion. They don’t even know what they like. They only know that since they’ve got money, now, they need to show it, loading up on New England antiques and custom-built furniture.

“Can you duplicate this? I really like how it looks in this picture.” I am handed a copy of a Martha Stewart or Better Homes magazine.

I used to try to change their minds, to make them think about the whole interior, both the built and natural environment around them. I tried to persuade them to purchase furniture that respects their interior environment.

I don’t do that anymore, try to get them to do it right. It just annoys them.

Instead I apologize to the wood for turning it into something with no integrity.

Besides I’ve got a wife, 2 kids, 2 horses and an un-numbered quantity of other four-legged creatures. And they all like to eat on a regular basis. Holding out for good taste and good quality is not the way to keep them fed.

I am a carpenter. I work in wood. But in truth I have the soil in my genes.

My family have been farmers for as long as anyone knows, reaching back behind history into the sagas of my ancestral homeland in Norway. Even though I’ve lived most of my adult life in the city I can take one look at the crops of the truck farms here in New England and know exactly what the farmer is doing right or wrong.

Most of them make the mistake of putting all their energy and money into the plants they grow–and it shows. Unnaturally green or overly lush foliage with stunted or humongous but tasteless vegetables.

Long ago in Norway and again in Illinois, my ancestors learned that if you focus on the crop you’ll lose it.

“It’s the soil, the soil, the soil,” papery Norwegian accents whisper from deep in my brain.

“We take care of the soil.” A Norwegian farmer’s mantra. They had so little soil in old rocky Norway, they had no choice.

An aeon ago, in some brief Norwegian summer between the snows of spring and the snows of fall, we learned that the earth is alive and needs to be fed. When it is fed, and if the rains are fair, the earth give us all we need for food, for taste, for scent, for texture, and color.

I think Americans are too much in love with the store. With the things they can buy. Not make. They pour or pile or spread synthetic chemicals everywhere. They think to feed their plants and kill the bugs and weeds.

But they don’t. They kill the soil, kill the earth, leaving it like dry husks of November corn. The strong late-season wind, out of mercy or cruelty I don’t know which, picks up the dead and dry soil and carries it aloft a billion acres at a time. Without ceremony or remembrance it buries our once living soil in distant oceans.

I don’t really have time for it, but every year I plant a few acres of food crops, as well as hay for my kids’ horses. What I can’t harvest I plow under in the fall when I plant a cover crop of rye and clover. This late fall planting grows up just enough to protect the ground from the winter wind and feeds the soil when it I plow it under in the spring.

I have soil in my genes and I like to think the earth in my few acres of Massachusetts is glad this Viking son, too stubborn to listen to the yakking nonsense of Agri-business, has settled here.

Yesterday, after work I took off my shirt for the heat, still high at 6:00 pm, took a long thick steel bar I’d borrowed from a neighbor and tried for the umpteenth time to move that damned New England boulder from the center of my corn. Last year it was still mostly hidden in the soil, just one jagged edge sticking up as if to cut the sky if it got too close. But winter’s heaves brought that sucker up so I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I know I’ll have to bring a backhoe in here, but I hate doing anything in my fields that isn’t powered by my own flesh and muscle and blood. Or that of my horses. I’ve been digging all summer, hammering and cold-chiseling, but I’m not getting anywhere. So, if Archimedes could move the earth with a lever long enough and a place to stand, I figured I bahis firmaları could maybe move this sumbuck with one.

With ice tea in a jug and a white, virginal shift-type dress she wore on steamy days like this she came out to sit on another boulder under an apple tree and watch me struggle.

She got a kick out of watching me work and sweat and swear. She knew I’d eventually give up, but that my stubborn Scandinavian pride and belief in human muscle and hard work would push me to my limit first.

This stubbornness about the soil, the fields and all amused and puzzled her. She couldn’t figure out why I persisted when it didn’t matter to anyone else on earth whether or not I used a gasoline tiller or even grew a single potato.

My labor wasn’t really feeding anyone, except maybe the kids’ horses. Most of what I grew I gave away to people who’d just as easily buy from the store. I would pull out the best stuff and set it aside to bring down to the church for Boston’s homeless, but I don’t know if that made any difference. I don’t try to explain anymore. It’s just in the genes, that’s all. The soil’s in the genes.

Within two or three minutes my entire upper body was glistening with sweat; my face was red from exertion; the muscles of my shoulder and back rippled under my work-toughened skin. My jeans were soaked from the sweat cascading down my back and chest.

She stared hungrily as I planted my feet in the ground and bent over to pry below ground level. She watched my muscled butt, clearly defined by the tight denim. As I bent forward she could look beneath my jeaned rump and see the bulging fabric covering another sort of equipment between my legs.

She licked her lips unconsciously as she sipped ice tea and watched me work. A tingling sensation shot through her loins as she tightened her thighs against each other, imagining what was causing that movement in my straining crotch.

As I changed places next to the boulder to try to budge it in another direction I could look straight up at her. I saw the unmistakable early-warning signs of a woman in heat. Her chest was rising and falling deeper and more rapidly with her excited breathing; her face was taking on a flush, she was unconsciously licking her lips; and I could see her eyes were glazed over, staring at my back and shoulders and ass.

I took an ice tea break to catch my breath and cool down a little. She stood up from her perch and went to get the jug of ice tea from the base of the apple tree where she’d set it. As she did, her full ass moved like liquid under that semi-tight white shift. I watched as each cheek rode up and fell back, sliding against each other.

She reached the jug and instead of stooping to pick it up she slowly, I mean she S-L-O-W-L-Y bent over to get it and stayed in that bent-over posture as she pretended to adjust the spout on the jug. The soft Egyptian cotton of her dress, supremely thin and wrinkle resistant, stretched tight across her full bottom. And it was clear from the dark triangular shadow below her cheeks that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

She finally rose and brought me the ice tea. Facing me, she bent slightly to pour the ice tea into a glass for me. Showing me what I loved to see: her breasts, like two small puppies, wiggling happily against each other.

“Do you like it?’ she asked and smiled.

Ostensibly, she meant the ice tea, but she really meant the little show.

By now, I was hard under my jeans and it was visible. I swallowed the glass of ice tea in one long draught and then grabbed the jug, opened it and poured it over my head, and then over hers, soaking her dress. Her jutting breasts became visible under the wet, now-transparent shift.

I grabbed her roughly, my big mitts leaving paw prints on her white dress at the breast line and at her ass. I reached inside the top of her dress with my earth black hands and grabbed one of her breasts, bent to it and brought it up to my mouth to suck on its engorged nipple.

My hands feverishly stroked her body, leaving long muddy streaks on her dress. I pulled her other breast out of the top of her dress and crushed them both against my sweaty bare chest as my mouth found hers with the violence of uncontrollable passion.

I kissed her so hard I could taste my own blood. I reached behind her and felt that amazing ass, round and full, so different from my own. My hands massaged those luscious cheeks through the thin smooth cotton and finally pulled the hem up over her ass to grab her naked flesh in my sweaty soil-blackened fingers, all the while kissing her deeply and without ceasing.

Her dress now was a mess, pulled down in front to expose her breasts and pulled up in back to expose her ass.

I peeled the straps from her shoulders and slid and yanked the dress all the way down her body to her ankles. She tried to lift her feet out of the dress, but I’d have none of it. She was my prisoner now and the dress around her ankles were manacles. She was caught, trapped, kaçak iddaa with no chance of escape. I was going to have my way with her. Her body was going to be mine to explore, to feast upon with my eyes, to touch and stroke and grab and feel, and to lick and to suck.

Peeling her dress down to her feet placed me exactly where I wanted to be: in front of her sweet and tender pussy. She had always shaved it so it would be more visible to me, weakening my resolve when I would tell her I needed to go to work.

The sight of naked pussy at eye-level, winking and pouting, is always too much for me. I am powerless in the face of it. Powerless and obedient.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her toward me with a guttural animal sound. I plunged into the softness of her cunt, my nose penetrating the pouting lips. I inhaled her scent and with my tongue and teeth gently nibbled the length of each fleshy lip.

Her entire body quivered as she pushed hard down against me, trying to force her clit onto my tongue to finish her off, but I pulled away.

Instead I stood up, stepped back and staring into her eyes, I slowly unzipped my jeans. Through the unzippered opening she could see the white briefs made whiter by the blue of the jeans. She could see the bulge that stretched the fabric and saw, too, the spreading wetness.

Without taking my eyes from her eyes I reached in and fished out my growing cock. Freed from the prison of my clothes, the cock sprang out and upward, and silently bobbed in mid-air.

I wiped my hands on her body and on my jeans to clean them and then grabbed my cock and slowly began to stroke it. The dew at its tip was spread over head and shaft and soon the entire cock was hard and glistening and red.

I stepped closer. I ran the head of my cock all over her thighs which she tried to spread, but couldn’t because of her dress-manacled feet.

I placed the head of the cock right at the top of her pussy and let it slap against the soft folds trying vainly to hide her insistent, thickening clit from view.

I banged my cock against her clit until her moaning became automatic and unconscious. I slid its head just inside her full lips and slid it up and down her juicy slit.

Frantically, she pushed her cunt against my cock trying to surround it and suck it inside her ravening wetness.

“Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me, you cock! You prick. Fuck me with that dick of yours. Stick it in me. In me you fucking bastard, you fucking cunt-fucker!”

But I refused to plunge into her. “Nice talk for a Sunday School teacher,” I teased, and continued to rub the head of my now very wet and slippery cock all over her cunt and thighs.

At last I freed her legs from the dress so she was completely naked. Her pale white ass and swollen pussy were visible to anyone who drove by or to any neighbor who decided to visit.

I gently took her arm and held it behind her back as if she were my prisoner and marched her to the house, leaving the lever, shovel, ice tea and glasses where they were.

And so began just about the wildest night of primitive sex we’ve probably ever had.

It had all started with her lustful watching. And now I was doing the same. I watched her, unseen, from the hallway door to the kitchen.

Beneath the soft transparency of her filmy gown her little tits and remarkably round bottom jiggled as she prepared the fruits I’d picked yesterday.

She turned from the sink to the oven, took two pot holders and opened the oven to check on the progress of the rolls she had twisted and looped from the dough I had made the night before between our bouts of passion.

She bent over deeply to peer into the oven. Her short, sheer neglige rode up from her thighs over her rump to rest upon that un-named valley where ass and back meet.

My heart skipped as I caught my breath. Her slightly-parted legs and deep bend separated the cheeks of her round bottom.

Her bending over both revealed and framed that most desired sight nestled snugly between the cheeks of her ass: a small plump mound of the tenderest flesh, split like a soft ripe peach. A fruit that invites the eater with honeyed sweetness.

To see that pussy revealed so innocently and naively, framed so perfectly by the lusciousness of her ass made my head spin. As she deepened her bend to reach into the oven, her pussy, knowing more than she, winked at me in thanks for filling her so gladly last night.

She poked the rising dough to test its doneness and brushed on melted butter, jiggling her ass as she placed them back in the oven and closed the door.

Returning to her fruit, washing, peeling, plucking and slicing, she smiled and softly sang to herself.

It was a sight of such unutterable contentment and rootedness. No man with a mind and senses still capable of being touched by the world could resist this sight. It makes a man make a fool out of himself. He swears undying loyalty. He promises to protect her from all the harms of life. kaçak bahis He offers her all he is and has, just to bask in her contentment and know that she is his, alone.

The reality of course is usually quite different. In the blush of passion men and women become unwitting liars to each other. But that’s for another time.

Now all I could do was to drink her in as all my senses combined to heighten my apprehension of her: my eyes became all my senses: eyes drinking her pale flesh, eyes drunk with her soft voice and softer scent. My eyes fondled her tenderly, trembling in amazement at skin so different from my own hard tight skin, and my eyes tasted her sweetness and tang.

And the effect on my most uncontrollable parts of such voyeuristic feasting began to make itself known, rising in silent adoration and preparedness..

I slipped quietly up behind and embraced her, burying my face to kiss and nibble in the softness of her neck, cupping one breast with slow fingers, re-learning the terrain of its gently sloping hill.

She felt me pressed against her back, and shivered as she felt my cock lengthen and harden between the full ripeness of her cheeks. She leaned her head back and softly moaned. She pressed her bottom against me, wanting to feel every full-veined inch of my growing purple-headed cock.

Is there anything more delightful than a soft cock hardening in the crack of a full round ass that presses against it and wiggles to make it roll and wobble between those sensitive cheeks?

How she loved my cock! And especially the effect she could have on it: Even when it is tiny, cold, and wizened from swimming, she can make it grow in her hand or mouth, or just by staring at it and opening her nakedness to my devouring eyes.

She took a slice of cool green melon–sweet honeydew–dipped it in the whipped cream she had sweetened with birch sugar, turned and passed it under my nose, pulling it away as my tongue shot out to take it.

She pushed me back and went to the table I had set for breakfast the night before. Bending backward on top of the table as if she were on the menu, her neglige once again hiked up, now to the bottom of her breasts, she stared into my eyes. She likes to watch me look at her.

My eyes widen and become fixed and glazed as she exhibits her delicious body to me. As I stared and wondered what she was going to do with that whipped-cream and sugared slice of melon in her hand, she spread her legs. With one hand she stroked her pussy and with the other slid the sweetened melon between its tight pouting lips to sweeten it more. And then slowly, deliberately slid it into her mouth.

I took the hint and greedily knelt between her spread legs and leaned in to nibble and feast on her whipped -cream and melon-moistened pussy. She smiled, and again pushed me away, this time with her foot. I fell over backward and landed on my ass and then my back.

My legs flew up into the air, my now hard cock flopping backward to slam against my stomach, my balls pulled upward by their attached cock to swing between my legs.

As I fell backward, a long silvery strand of precum traced an arc in the air and briefly burned red and gold as it passed through the slanting rays of morning sun to rest and glisten on my outspread thigh.

Now as fixed on my cock as mine had been on her cunt, her eyes blazed lust and possession. She knelt between my bent knees still waving helplessly in the air and slid her body up over mine to find my mouth which she kissed with ferocity, her knowing tongue familiar with what it found.

Closing my eyes with one hand she forcefully parted my lips with her lips and plied into my mouth the softened melon she had sweetened with her pussy. But before I could bite into its juiciness, she sucked it out of my mouth and back into hers and slid back down my body as if retracing her steps.

Her mouth still full with pusseyed melon she gazed at my cock, now pointing upward in lusty hopefulness. Its head was gleaming with anticipatory juices, it’s little opening flush with its crystal clear syrup. She took the cock in her hand and batted it around, giggling with delight at how its springy firmness kept returning to its upright salute, bobbing just below her chin. She leaned down and took it into her mouth and simultaneously bit into the sex saturated melon.

It hit me like a rush, I groaned as her soft lips and expert tongue enveloped my cock. I felt the melon, warm and juicy from her cunt and mouth, explode as she bit into it. The cold inside of the melon burst in a spray of ice cold juice directly on the sensitive underside of my cock’s head. The sudden unexpected explosion of hot and cold sensations made my cock leap and squirm and my entire body shiver. It was like an thunderous orgasm and yet I hadn’t even cum!

Not yet, anyway. And I was glad not to. For I knew that there was still pussy to be eaten and fucked. And I knew where that pussy pretends to coyly hide, just waiting to be discovered by a man whose lust for it knows no bounds.

As the stars cleared from my brain and I bent over to kiss the top of her head, she suddenly collapsed, falling forward on top of me with little noises like soft cries of pain.

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