A Camp Affair

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© 2012 by Ldy_Sea. All Rights Reserved.

Authors Note:

Shannon is a real person I met and almost had an affair with. We both had sons in scouts and ran into each other at several scout events and went on a few dates. We never did get to consummate our relationship.

This story contains cheating spouses, exhibitionism, fellatio, cunnilingus, truth or dare, and heterosexual intercourse.

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As we watched the embers of the fire die, Shannon and I grew quiet. Neither of us knew how to broach the subject of what we agreed would happen this weekend. The other adults had already gone to their tents for the night. This was the first time Shannon and I had were all alone since we became more than casual acquaintances. Well well alone if you didn’t count the 12 other adults and the 35 scouts we were camping with at the local scout camp for the weekend.

8========D< Shannon and I first met almost 2 years ago at a new scout leader meeting. Our sons were the same age, and she had no experience with scouting. I had been around scouts for over 15 years. I saw her across the table and tried to figure out how to get the cute blonde’s contact info. As we discussed ideas for our dens, someone asked if there was a spreadsheet or software to track the requirements as each scout completed them, I had found one online, and downloaded it to my laptop. I offered to email it to anyone who wanted it and passed around a piece of paper to the other leaders to collect their email addresses. I smiled when she wrote hers down. When I got home I found her on facebook, and added her as a friend and began to poke her. She accepted and poked me back. Soon we were poking each other multiple times a day. 8========D< A couple of months later we ran into each other on a camping trip just for Tigers. We had adjoining campsites and the same activity schedule, so we started walking to the different events together and talk. By the end of the weekend, we had exchanged phone numbers and began to text a bit. I found out she lived less than five miles from men near the church where my wife and I vowed to forsake all others. Since we were both married, there was no plan of anything more than friendship, and helping each other with scout stuff. Well not entirely. I mean I do fantasize about most of the attractive woman I meet, but nothing ever happens. After we hung out a few times, we realized there was an undeniable attraction between us, and we each needed more than we were getting from our spouses. Eventually, we began to kiss and act like a couple of young teenagers. Unfortunately, my job had drastically cut my hours and Shannon was saving to buy a house so we were never able to go anyplace private. Scout leader meetings, coffee shops, laundry mats, and various big box stores, and movie theaters were our meeting places. As our feelings grew we began to want to be with each other but neither of us had a place we could use. After almost 2 years of petting and necking, we found out we would be going to the scout camp again at the same time. I called the camp director and asked her to put her pack and mine on the same site, and they did. By this time we were both desperate to consummate our relationship since neither of our spouses was giving us the physical intimacy we each needed. We agreed that we would find some time on the camping trip to be alone and fully enjoy each other. 8========D< I picked up a bucket of water and doused the last of the embers of the campfire. Shannon grabbed a shovel and stirred the ashes to make sure it was completely out. Once it was cool to the touch, I took her hand and smiled. Shannon’s body quivered in anticipation. I tried and failed to find the words to get us started, “I’m going to take a shower,” I said lamely. Shannon looked at me and wrapped her arms around herself, “Let me check on the boys and then I think I’ll take one too,” she replied. I grabbed my shower stuff and walked to the bathrooms. I started the water and got undressed. I sat down on the bench unsure if Shannon was going to join me in the same shower stall. I heard footsteps approaching and felt my heart begin to flutter. My manhood started to wake up knowing the long dry spell he suffered was about to end. I heard a light cough and smiled. I stood up and reached for the door when an unfamiliar male voice said: “Shannon, there’s three other showers, you don’t need to wait for that one.” I heard the door to the shower next to me open and someone enters. I continued to hear rustling and a flush followed by footsteps walking away. I heard the water in the other shower start and I jumped in my shower. The shower stalls are separated by cinder block walls but they don’t quite go to the ceiling. Unfortunately, they are about 9 feet high and there’s like 6 inches between the top of the wall and the ceiling. I tried to figure a way to climb the wall with my cell phone to peek at the woman I was about to become intimate with. I was too out of shape to climb up, so I quickly washed, dried, and dressed. I exited bahis firmaları the shower stall and waited for Shannon to finish, imagining her naked and wet. I heard the water shut off and smiled as I had an idea.

Soon Shannon exited the shower and I took her hand as we walked back to the campsite. I whispered in her ear that we were going for a walk and to grab a flashlight. I grabbed a small bag I had loaded with supplies for us to use this weekend, a thick blanket and my flashlight. Shannon exited her tent looking all clean and freshly scrubbed wearing a pair of boots that covered most of her calf short shorts and spaghetti strap tee shirt that showed off more of her cleavage than usual.

I took her hand and off we went. Shannon asked where I was taking her and I whispered that tonight she was going to be my wood nymph. She smiled and followed me silently. I lead her over some well-worn trails going away from the camping area deeper into the forest. Finally, we reached my destination an area she had never been before. She moved closer to me trusting me but yet filled with nervous anticipation.

I put down the blanket and the other items I was carrying. I took Shannon into my arms and held her close. I leaned in and kissed her eyelids. I whispered in her ear, I have wanted you since we meet. Tonight I will have you. I stepped away from her and began to unpack my supplies. Shannon shined her flashlight on me, and I told her to turn it off so no one would see us here.

Once I had taken everything out I invited her to sit down and poured us some Champagne. I held up my glass and said here’s to good friends and better lovers. Our glasses clinked and we drank. We put our glasses down and moved in close to kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and they wrestled. Shannon’s breathing got heavy and our bodies moved closer. My hands cupped her breasts and she moaned as I hefted them and let them fall.

I broke the kiss, “Lay down,” as I light some citronella candles making sure to put them on rocks away from any brush that could burn. I then put some thin metal sheets around the candles to prevent anyone from seeing the light. Once that was done, I told Shannon “open your mouth,” as I feed her a cordial cherry, her favorite treat.

As she slowly and teasingly sucks the juice out of the sweet. We kiss and share the cherries, as our hands roam each other bodies. Once the cherries are gone, I look at Shannon and ask, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, yes I do,” she replies.

I smile and kiss her. “close your eyes, I’m going to do something I’ve always wanted to,” I tell her.

There’s the sound of scissors snapping and her clothes fall away from her body. Her eyes shoot open in alarm and she sees me holding a pair of scissors.

“What are those for?” she asks nervously.

“It’s the easiest way to take clothes off someone,” I tell her as I cut her shorts along the seam.

“My clothes are unwearable,” she cries in alarm. I smile and kiss her again, “don’t worry, I have everything under control,”

She visibly forces herself to relax as I pull her shirt off her body, exposing her full firm breasts to my gaze for the first time. I lean in and kiss them as my hands start to squeeze them. Shannon starts to moan and pant as she sucked a nipple into her mouth. I pull away from her glorious globes and finished cutting her shorts from her body. She lifts herself and frees herself from the material leaving her completely naked and exposed to my lecherous ogling.

My tongue probed the depths of Shannon’s soul as my hands explored her nipples. I lowered my crotch so Shannon could feel my hardness through my clothes. We broke the kiss out of a desperate need to breathe and Shannon was so desperate to consummate our relationship she tore my clothes off my body with her bare hands. Finally, we were both nude. I smiled at her and moved my head down to her erect nipples sucking one into my mouth and rubbing and pinching the other with my hand. I sucked her nipple so hard that it tickled my uvula. I pulled my head back as I sucked it into my mouth. Eventually, it popped out of my mouth. I took the other nipple into my mouth and bite down on it as my fingers found the wettest slickest pussy they have ever felt.

I slipped 2 fingers into Shannon as she arched her back pushing her nipple into my mouth. She groaned at the sensation of my fingers entering her long-vacant pussy. I pulled out my fingers and inhaled her heavenly scent. I couldn’t resist and found that like the Colonel she definitely was finger-lickin’ good.

I released her nipple and twisted around to quench my thirst. I buried my face between her legs and tried my best to make my tongue imitate Gene Simmons. Shannon rolled on her side and pulled me closer to her so she could take my shaft into her mouth. We slurped and sucked on each other consuming every juicy morsel.

I felt like a drowning man since my nose and mouth were buried in the tastiest pussy I could imagine. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t care less. I felt like I’d rather drown in Shannon’s pussy then kaçak iddaa breathe the cleanest freshest spring breeze to be found. As my need for O2 grew to dire proportions, Shannon’s body went into convulsions letting me take in air. As I sucked in oxygen Shannon had the most powerful orgasm I had seen outside of a porno.

As Shannon’s body stopped thrashing I moved closer to her and kissed her tenderly waiting for her to choose the next step. I caressed her tits and stomach rubbing her well-trimmed bush to keep her aroused but trying not to overstimulate her. Shannon took a few minutes to recover and looked at me with a smile “I never had an orgasm that powerful in my life.”

I smiled at her and kissed her again. Shannon reached out to my cock and began to stroke it with her hand. “Do you want to finish with my hand, mouth, tits, or pussy?”

I looked at the body parts offered to try to make an impossible decision. “Before I answer that,” I said while drinking in her curvaceous body “Let me ask this. Are you up for more or are you just offering so you won’t seem selfish?”

“I want you to experience what I did.”

“But you are sated for now and just want to sleep right?” I asked.

She nodded lacking the strength to talk anymore. I smiled at her and kissed her again. I then kissed each nipple and told her that tomorrow night it would be my turn. Shannon smiled dreamily as I began to pack up the remnants of our tryst. When I had everything back in the bag and we were standing together naked Shannon looked around and raised her eyebrows saying “Umm so we streak back to the campsite?”

“No, silly. I pull out a bag and hand it to her. Shannon reaches in and pulls out a long tee shirt. You can wear that back to the campsite, but I do have to streak since you didn’t bring any clothes for me. Shannon laughs and helps me wrap the blanket around me like a toga. We both laugh at how it looks and I make a joke about Roman winter clothes circa 2B.C. We make it back to the campsite and kiss a final time and go to our respective tents, and sleep soundly.

8========D< All too early the damn Camp Cubmaster and his ancient out of tune bugle came around playing something that was supposed to be reveille. Shannon and I make eyes at each other all morning desperate for some physical contact, but we were both too busy cooking meals for our scouts, not to mention the adults around us, to do anything. The day is a usual camp Saturday, running all over cap from the campground to the dining hall, to archery and waterfront and on and on racking up the steps and earing the 2nd class hiking badge. 8========D< Finally, the day ended with a camp-wide campfire with skits and songs and the usual fare. There was one popular song we always do at scout events called if I were not a cub scout a ____________ I would be. There are videos online of scouts doing this song. So the emcee of the fire asked Shannon to be the firefighter for the song. Her line was: A Firefighter I would be/jump guy jump guy/I’ll catch you. For some reason, she couldn’t get her lines right and when she finally had them down they go through the song, and it’s her turn so we all sing If I were not a cub scout a FIREFIGHTER I would be… Shannon steps forward wearing a cheap plastic firefighter hat and holding a foam fire extinguisher… She stands as tall as she can and loudly calls out, “Jump guy, jump guy, JUMP ON ME” every adult in the audience dissolved in hysterics as the boys looked on in confusion. 8========D< When we got back to the campsite, people were still busting out in laughter, at the memory, or telling people who missed the campfire about the hot blonde that wants a firefighter to jump her. Shannons face stayed as red as the flames long after we got back to our site. When we had a stolen moment I whispered to her “Tonight, the tent by the bathrooms, it’s not being used.” She nodded at me as a couple of boys ran around the corner of the tent for reasons they didn’t even know. The boys all were having a lot of fun and wanted to sleep all together in the activity shelter. The adults gave permission as long as they were quiet. Too much noise and they would be in their tents. The boys agreed and began to bring air mattresses, sleeping bags, and other fancy stuff into the shelter. Once the boys settled down, the adults who were exhausted from their day of walking to hell and beyond, went to bed. Once again Shannon and I were left to put out the fire, I wanted to make a joke, but didn’t think she would appreciate me mentioning her Freudian slip. Once the fire was out, we checked on the boys, who had fallen asleep and then headed off for our rendezvous, holding hands like teenagers in love. I had snuck off and put some stuff in the tent for our get together that night. When we walked in, Shannon smiled and sat in one of the camp chairs I had put in it. She saw the air mattress, and we sat there just looking at each other. “As you know, I joined the Navy straight out of high school and having gone kaçak bahis to seven schools before I graduated, I never really made a lot of friends. There’s something I never got to do, I really, really want to.”

“What’s that?” She asked.

“Play truth or dare” I replied deadpan.

Shannon shook her head as ‘I pulled out my cell phone and showed her the truth or dare app I had downloaded just for tonight. We began to play taking truths with an occasional dare. I had the game set to progress from tame to wild slowly to further build the tension. As we got to the point where dares began to get risqué we took dare more often. Shannon was dared to use an object to imitate oral sex. My dare was to give Shannon a lap dance and let her videotape it. The app had a built-in link to camera mode so Shannon began to tape me doing my imitation of a Chippendale’s dancer.

It was more funny than sexy and we both collapsed laughing long before time was up. Shannon choose a dare and got one that read.

‘Strip completely naked and go outside for as long as you dare. For every 3 minutes, you stay outside fully naked, you may put on one piece of clothing when you come back inside. If you earn all your clothing back, each additional 5 minutes lets you choose a player to remove a single item of clothing. If you do not make the first 6 minutes, you must stay naked until the other players let you dress.’

“Too bad we didn’t get that one someplace with more traffic. Everyone’s asleep. So by my calculations, you need to stay outside for 28 minutes to get me naked and get your clothes back.” Shannon stands up and removes her shorts panties and bra and steps out the tent and I start the timer built into the app.

Shannon is back in the tent within 45 seconds. She says she saw one of the boys going to the bathroom. I laugh and tell her she has to stay naked. She nods and I hit the fail button on the dare. I next choose Dare and my dare is to.

“Pick a spot on Shannon that is normally covered by her clothes, but is not covered right now. Kiss lick caress and nibble that spot for 1 minute. If Shannon stops you before time is up she has to take your next turn. If you refuse you have to take her next 2 turns.”

Being the evil person I am I choose the most ticklish spot on her body and begin to lightly caress it with my fingers. Shannon begs me to stop and I do so now she has to take my next turn. Shannon’s chooses dare and it reads

“Sit in Tom’s lap for the next 3 rounds, if he gets an erection you must play with it during this time. If Tom refuses he has to play the next 3 turns. If Shannon refuses or fails she has to get 5 swats on her ass by each player.”

Shannon quickly climbs onto my lap and I remind her that it’s still her turn so this one doesn’t count as one of the three rounds she must play in my lap. She playfully slaps me but agrees. I select dare for quickly read aloud the dare.

“Shannon must masturbate herself for 2 minutes and if she does not cum she must fake an orgasm.”

I tell her that since I am now erect she as to sit in my lap give me a handjob and masturbate herself all at the same time. She begs me to let her just play with herself for now and masturbate me later. I tell her she either has to do all or take all the fail penalties. Shannon pouts but begins to rub her visibly moist cunt as I unzip my pants and pull out my hard cock.

Shannon doesn’t quite get herself off and I tell her not to fake it cuz I saw one last night and hopefully will again tonight.

Being Shannon’s turn still, she again chooses a dare while slowly stroking me. Shannon gets one of my favorite dares.

“Player’s choice. Tom gets to name a dare for Shannon to complete. If she fails Tom chooses the penalty.”

I smile and tell Shannon that I have a dare for her. If I can get someone to take our boys home, the dare is to pretend her car broke down and wait until the camp is empty then to go with me to the freshwater springs at the edge of camp property and let me take pictures of her stripping off all her clothes and swimming in the secluded picturesque springs naked, and once we get home I get to post the pics online (after I crop out her face). She agrees to the first part but wants to see the pics before I put them online. I agree and then I pick dare.

“Tom must give Shannon an orgasm in front of all the players using any mutually agreeable method. If Shannon refuses each player gets to spank her 10 times. If Tom refuses he must masturbate to orgasm in front of all the players while being verbally abused.”

Reading my dare I quickly pick up Shannon and carry her over to the air mattress and put her down. I drop my shorts and start to reach my hand to Shannon’s tight hot pussy. Shannon stops me and says “Fuck that! I need dick and I need it now.”

I ask her to select a position and she gets on her hands and knees. I kneel behind her ram my dick into her and begin to stroke in and out. One hand holds onto her hips for balance while the other finds her clit and rubs and pulls it trying to make her cum again. After about 10 minutes, we switch to the cowgirl position and I play with her erect nipples and rub her clit. I continue to meet her thrusts and fondling her tits trying to hold back the massive orgasm I feel building in my toes.

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