A Cabin By The Lake Ch. 03

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His gaze shifted to Kit still kneeling on the floor and waved his fingers at her, beckoning her onto the sofa beside him.

Kit stood and sat on the edge of the couch. “On your knees here, beside me.” He said and patted the cushion.

She turned and on her knees stood up on the seat. Her hip resting against the back of the couch, now it was Kit’s nipples that were level with his mouth.

Bill slipped his arm around her waist and grabbed a hand full of her butt and squeezed it. She gently and slowly shifted a knee between his legs, nudging his balls up so they rested against her leg. Pressing her knee against the base of his cock she flexed her leg muscles prodding and rubbing against its base. He moaned and rocked forward humping her leg a moment. With his free hand he stroked up her stomach until he was cupping her breast in his hand. Pinching the nipple between his fingers and thumb he rolled it until it was pert and hard. Kit moaned and arched her back pushing her breast harder into his hand.

He let go of her nipple but still held her breast in his hand. Pushing up he looked at Maura “Put it here.”

Maura dipped two fingers in her wet hole. Bill watched as she brought the two fingers glistening with her cum to Kits nipple and rubbed it around the hardened tip. They both watched as it puckered in the chill of moisture.

Maura felt her mouth water at the sight. She wanted to taste herself on the succulent peak, feel the hardness of it against her tongue. She watched as Bill squeezed Kit’s breast his fingers dimpling the flesh and he pulled the turgid tip to his mouth and licked it then blew a soft stream of air against it, hardening it even further.

“mmmmm yummy,” he whispered and licked it again. Still gripping it tight he held it out again to Maura. “More.”

Maura filled her fingers with her own pussy juice once again and spread it on Kit’s nipple, this time tweaking it between her thumb and fingers. Kit moaned again, feeling the flood of fluid between her own thighs, as Bill shoved her breast in his mouth and sucked hard on it. Kit braced herself against the back of the sofa with one hand and gripped Bills shoulder with the other.

He squeezed her ass feeling the soft flesh fold around his fingers. God how he loved to knead her ass, feel the muscles flex under his hand. He held her tight against his chest knowing she’d jerk when he bit down on her nipple with practiced pressure. She groaned loud and stiffened.

He released her ass and smacked it hard, the crack of the slap caused Maura to jump. Kit wiggled her butt, “Oh yeah, again.” She whispered and arched her back pushing her ass out. Bill swatted her again and released her tit when she jumped this time. Her nipple was red, swollen and full and Maura wanted to taste it. Bills spit glittered appealingly on it in the fire light.

Bill roughly grabbed Kit’s other breast and pulled it forward. “Kit, I want you to put some of Maura’s sweet pussy juice on this one.” He watched her face and saw her hesitate, saw the slight frown wrinkle her brow and disappear.

“Do it.” He commanded and twisted her nipple. She yelped and gave him a hot look. “Do it for me.” He said quietly against her ear.

Maura shifted, spreading her legs giving Kit easy access to her dripping hole. Tentatively Kit reached toward Maura, it would be the first time she fingered a pussy other than her own. She touched Maura’s stomach first and inched her way down to the lacy edge of Maura’s panties.

Maura stuck bahis firmaları her thumbs under the band of them and pulled them down as far as they would go, then slipped them first over one knee then the other. She thrust her hips forward and reached behind her and pulled them off tossing them on the floor.

Kit stopped, transfixed by the neatly trimmed patch of dark red hair. It was amazing, the way the light caught it; it flickered like the dying embers of a fire.

Maura studied Kit’s face. When Kit looked up she gave her a slow smile of satisfaction. Instantly Kit mirrored the smile and timidly brushed against the thatch with her fingertips. She was unaware of Bill toying with her nipple as he watched her reaction to the flame red of Maura’s cunt. It did look tasty, and he would enjoy sucking the flavor out of it a little later. Kit slipped her middle finger between the outer lips and found Maura’s clit. It was firm and warm against her finger. She probed a little deeper finding the moisture and the edges of her labia. Maura moaned and gripped Kit’s wrist forcing her finger into the opening.

Simultaneously the two gasped, Maura at the feel of the penetrating finger and Kit at the slick heat and the tightening of the muscle around her digit. It was similar to her own feel but different, the sensation was one sided. Usually she felt it from within and on her finger. It was pleasantly different.

Still gripping Kit’s wrist Maura rocked forward and pulled her hand tighter against her pussy pushing Kit’s finger deeper. Rocking back she withdrew the finger, “use two,” She said in a breathy whisper.

Kit responded and Maura rocked forward this time driving two of Kit’s fingers deep in her. She stroked them a couple of time smearing them completely with fluid. Then jerking them out she pushed Kit’s hand toward the nipple Bill was playing with.

He pinched it hard and held her breast tight; his tongue licking his lips as he watched Kit rub the slim over the tip and areola, the smell of female cum filled his nose and went straight to his cock. He felt it harden, felt the heart beats in it clear to his asshole.

His mouth watered and he leaned forward and sucked her fingers, nipple and as much of her tit as he could into his mouth. He sucked and scrubbed the slippery nectar off her nipple and fingers. He felt her wiggle her fingers against his tongue and her own nipple, multiplying the sensations against her breast. Pulling her fingers from his mouth she reached behind her and braced herself against his knee thrusting her breasts further out making them easier for him to suck. He glanced at Maura, her mouth was open and she slowly ran her tongue around her lips. He could tell she was hungry for a taste. He toyed with Kit’s other nipple as he sucked on one. Making it protrude further, swell and pucker. It looked luscious, begging to be nibbled.

He released Kit’s tit with a slurp. “You can suck that one if you want.” He said to Maura. Maura reached for Kit’s pussy for fluid to flavor her nipple with.

He grabbed her wrist. “No, your own.” He pushed her hand toward her own pussy. She wrinkled her nose at him.

He reached between her legs and shoved his finger into her up to his knuckle. She started, eyes widened a second, then smiled and settled down on his hand and bounced up and down a couple of times. He pushed her up and pulled his hand out, it was wet to the back of his hand. He should’ve used two fingers. He would next time.

He rubbed the wetness kaçak iddaa on Kit’s nipple nearest his mouth and pinched and tweaked it. Kit was stock still, back arched, head back, eyes closed. Her breathing was heavy and deep. Her sharp intake of breath was instant when he sucked her slathered nipple into his mouth. He savored the taste of pussy on tit, a perfect combination.

He jiggled Kit’s other breast at Maura and thumbed the nipple until it was hard. Maura slipped a hand between her thighs, rubbed her clit and dipped two fingers into her own moisture. She leaned forward and wiped it on Kit’s nipple, scrubbing her finger nail over the tip. Kit shivered in response.

Maura did as Bill had done at first, she licked it, it tasted like pussy, but with a subtle flavor difference, the flavor of herself. The areola wrinkled and tightened making the nipple protrude further.

She wet her fingers again, rubbed more fluid on the nipple and this time sucked it hard into her mouth. She was rewarded with a long low moan from Kit.

Bill reached between Maura’s thighs again shoved two fingers into her wet cunt. He pumped them in and out a couple of times and then withdrew them. She groaned in protest. He stopped sucking on Kit’s tit “you’re a greedy one aren’t you?”

“ummmmhummmm” Maura answered still tonguing Kit’s nipple.

Kit felt the vibration of the sound against her nipple and felt it travel to her throbbing clit. It would be perfect if Bill would stick his fingers up her, she quivered at the thought. She’d probably come in a flood if he did. “Oh yea,” she whispered and moved her hips in a small humping motion.

“Well you’ve had an orgasm, its Kit’s turn.” Bill said studying the way the light reflected off the wet he was buttering the hard tip with. He flicked the taut peak with his tongue, pushed it up and drew it into his mouth, released it, drew it in again and raked his teeth over it as it slid out.

Kit was in heaven, both nipples being sucked and nibbled sending waves of pleasure rippling down her stomach to her pussy. She could feel her clit swell and harden. Oh God she wanted to rub it to orgasm but she couldn’t let go of the sofa back or the shoulder she was hanging onto without falling off the sofa. Bill’s hand supported her back and kept her breasts within easy reach of the two hungry mouths that feasted on her.

She felt a small hand on her ass, rubbing and then fingers tracing the crack of her butt until they reached the back edge of her wet opening. One finger made slow circles there, teasing, promising penetration and then withdrawing.

She thrust her ass back seeking the finger, searching for something to stroke her to orgasm. Again the questing finger wet itself in the seepage from her cunt this time tracing a wet path up to her ass.

Maura’s finger teased her ass lubing it a little. The finger returned to her hole dipping in just enough to collect the lubricant and returning to her ass. Her heart beat hard in her ears blotting out the sounds of her own moans, the suckling mouths on her nipples pulling her closer to the peak. Bill stroked his hand down her back and felt Maura’s hand where he had intended to put his.

He lifted his head from Kit’s breast and looked at Maura. She looked up at him and smiled around a mouthful of breast. To get even Bill reached between her legs and rammed two of his fingers up her hole and pumped them hard twice. She jumped and bit down on Kit’s nipple. Kit flinched and the tip of Maura finger pushed kaçak bahis into her ass. Bill smeared the load of goo on Kit’s nipple and returned to nibbling and sucking it. He reached between Kit’s legs and felt the heat on the palm of his hand before he even touched her. She was definitely about to cum. Probably going wild with the need to finish. He touched her lips with the tips of his fingers, and felt the palm of Maura’s hand against the back of his. Kit squatted down a little trying to get his fingers to slip in her quivering pussy.

Maura’s finger pushed further into her ass and a sharp burning sensation clenched the muscles around the inserted finger. Just as she started to reach back and pull the finger out of her ass, Bill thrust two of his up her pussy. She jumped and stiffened. The sensation was overpowering. She was lost in the whirl of sound, and smell, of pain that became pleasure that became need. Kit was rocking her hips in rhythm to Bills thrusting fingers, her ears filled with the sounds of her own moans and the sucking slurps of the two at her breasts. Bill’s other hand pressed firmly in the center of her back steadied her and her gripe on the sofa tightened.

Her orgasm coiled tightly in her belly, the warm fluid rushed to the walls of her pussy slicking it and wetting Bill hand. He could feel it begin to drip down the back of his hand and wrist. Kit’s bucking increased and her loud cries filled him will a need to come. He felt his cock throbbing and bobbing against her leg, the dew weeping from the tip dripping onto her thigh. The coil in her snapped and sprung open, the recoil of her orgasm jerked through her and pulled her nipple from Maura’s mouth. Bill had known what would happen and had clamped her other one tightly between his teeth, rubbing the tip with his tongue, increasing the shocks of her orgasm.

He felt the muscles in her spasm with the first wave and rammed his fingers in hard and deep with the second spasm just a Maura buried her finger in her ass causing echoes to renew the contraction. It was a double orgasm, one playing off the other, following like two tidal waves rushing across the ocean and crashing one after the other against the shore. Bill and Maura continued to plunge into her until the seizure began to lessen, and thought drifted back to her. The finger in her ass began to burn and she was barely able to whisper “out of my ass, please.”

Maura slowly, gently pulled her finger out and reached down for a pair of underwear that lay on the floor to clean it on. She watched as Bill sucked on Kit’s breast, she liked to watch the muscles in his jaw work. He shoved his fingers hard up the wet pussy and wiggled them inside.

Kit gasped and shuddered as another lesser orgasm gripped her. Bill smiled at the new flood of hot juice that washed over his buried fingers. Slowly he felt the tight grip Kit’s pussy had on his hand relax, the tension in her back loosened, her head dropped forward and her breath was ragged and sharp.

He pulled his sloppy wet fingers from her warm hole. His entire hand was soaked with her cum. Kit sagged down on the sofa and slowly opened her eyes looking each of them in the eye in turn.

She brushed the hair from her face and smiled. “Oh! My! God! That was the hardest orgasm I’ve ever had. I thought I’d explode before it ended.” Both women then looked at Bill’s dripping hand, and watched as he gripped his cock with it, slathering it with the slippery sauce; smearing his shaved balls with it, cleaning his fingers on them, and on his stomach and thighs. He looked at each of them, smiled, closed his eyes and leaned back against the sofa. “Looks like you two have a mess to lick up. And I want it clean, not a drop left on it.”

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