A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 04

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Ch. 04: On the beach, then the porch: Friday

Pam and Bob had decided to concentrate on each other for a few days during this vacation. Wednesday thru Friday were those days where they planned to just relax alone and enjoy the lake and cabin. They looked forward to just going to breakfast and enjoying the canoes and kayaks. Then, at night, just sitting together on the porch reveling in the peace and tranquility, along with the sounds of the crickets and the golden-emerald like flickers of the fireflies. They agreed to spend the better part of Friday just sunbathing and swimming at the beach. Saturday would be a day of preparing to get things sorted for their trip home on Sunday. In their minds, they just wanted a few normal vacation days, just for the two of them. Things did not go quite as they planned.

Friday morning, Pam and Bob went through their normal routine of breakfast at the village, along with walking through the General Store. They returned to the cabin late morning and began preparing for their day at the beach.

Pam, having such fair skin, had not been able to develop even a base of a tan, so she made sure she put her trusty Bain De Soleil suntan lotion in her small bag. Bob had a nice base tan, so he wouldn’t need to concern himself with getting sunburned. Along with the suntan lotion, Pam also packed some cold cans of soda for each of them in her small carry bag. They each grabbed a large beach towel and headed out.

They walked down the path to the beach and turned left. Pam wanted to lay on a section of the beach that was less travelled. The right side of the beach from the path was a direct route to the main beach, where the boat rentals, small snack shack, and pavilion were.

They selected a spot about 15 feet from the path and laid out towels for each, positioning themselves facing the tree line and on their stomachs. They were both being completely naked. Bob had just begun rubbing Pam’s back and shoulders with suntan lotion when he heard a female voice say, “Well, look who’s taking in the sun.” It was Marna and Tyge, carrying towels of their own and walking towards them. They all exchanged greetings, when Marna said, “Do you mind if we join you?” Both Pam and Bob shook their head in the negative. “Great,” responded Marna, as Tyge immediately laid his towel beside Pam. Marna remained still for a moment then moved around them and laid her towel alongside Bob, who was leaning on one elbow and on his side, continuing to apply the lotion to Pam’s shoulders.

Marna lay down on her side, supporting herself by her elbow, mirroring Bob’s position. Tyge sat on his own towel with his legs folded in front of him, Indian style, facing Pam’s side, admiring that glorious young ass of hers.

Tyge saw the tube of suntan lotion and motioned to Bob. When Bob looked up, he asked Bob if he’d hand him the lotion. After putting more in his own hand, he handed the tube to Tyge. Tyge looked at Bob and once again motioned, seeking permission to put lotion on Pam’s legs. Bob nodded yes.

As Tyge began, Pam lifted her head and looked back. She saw what he was doing and laid her head back down on her hands, using them as a pillow. She once again closed her eyes.

Tyge began on Pam’s calves, just spending enough time to suitably coat them. He then moved up to her upper legs and inner thighs. Pam was enjoying what both men were doing to her. The Oxytocin hormone in Pam, was beginning to have an effect on her mood. She was feeling more relaxed and a stronger trust and connection with Tyge. Each time Tyge’s hand rubbed her inner thighs, close to her ass cheeks, a finger would inadvertently lightly rub the lips of her labia. This caused Pam to make a hissing sound by sucking in air, forcefully, through her mouth and clenched teeth. Bob knew this sound as an indication that Pam was enjoying something that was being done to her and that it was arousing her.

After a few of these hissing sounds, Marna leaned close to Bob’s ear and whispered, “Can I watch?” Bob nodded his head slightly, indicating an affirmative answer. Marna placed her open mouth extremely close to his ear, softly breathing air in it. This, along with watching Tyge’s hand erotically massaging Pam’s inner thighs and pussy, was causing a sensation in Bob’s balls, signaling the approach of arousal. Marna reached over Bob and began, slowly and softly, rubbing the tips of her fingers below his naval, almost touching the shaft of his now semi-erect cock.

By now, Tyge was rubbing Pam’s pussy, almost exclusively. He then, once again, grabbed the soft plastic tube of suntan lotion. The sun had heated its contents. Tyge squeezed a few dollops at the top of the crack of Pam’s ass. This immediately reminded Pam of the semen that filled her ass crease the night of the fireworks display. It felt exactly the same, in consistency and warmth. Pam was extremely aroused, but still in complete control of herself, being cognizant of where they were and in plain view of anyone who, by chance, walked by.

Before Tyge began distributing bahis firmaları the lotion on Pam’s ass cheeks, he straightened his legs and moved on his side and shoulder, taking hold of his now huge, rigid, and fat cock with his free hand.

Bob was now equally rigid from seeing Pam and Tyge’s actions, and mostly by the constant hot breath of Marna teasing his ear, and the action of her hand, which was now wrapped around Bob’s young, stiff cock and stroking it lightly. Before grabbing Bob’s cock, she whispered, “Your wife and my husband are enjoying each other, we should do the same,” as her big tits and nipples tenderly tickled Bob’s back.

Bob couldn’t believe what was happening, but found himself thoroughly enjoying it all.

Tyge began rubbing the lotion on, and in, the skin of Pam’s young, firm, round ass cheeks, periodically allowing his fingers to disappear between them. Tyge began speeding up the stroking of his own cock. Pam was beginning to moan and opened her legs slightly.

As Tyge sped his own masturbation action, Marna kept in unison on Bob’s cock. Bob was in seventh heaven, and now realized what Pam found so exciting about casual extramarital sex with strangers. He knew that it wouldn’t be long before Marna’s actions would make him explode.

Bob, now totally out of control, grunted loudly, and said, “Oh my God … don’t stop Marna, I’m going to cum soon!” Pam, excitedly said, “Me too, baby!”

Tyge, now jerking vigorously, while exploring Pam’s ass and pussy, leaned over to Pam’s ear and said, “I want to fuck you.” Pam turned her head to face Tyge, and excitedly stammered, “N …, Not here …, Not …, Not now.” Tyge stopped rubbing Pam’s ass and cleaned his hand of any excess suntan lotion with his towel. Satisfied it was free of any foreign substance, he placed a finger between Pam’s soaking wet labia at her vaginal entrance and slid it deep inside her, slowly sliding it in and out. Pam gave out a loud, audible moan, then a long “Ohhhh!” Pam tensed and began gyrating her hips slowly and had a very intense orgasm. Finally, her body was completely relaxed, indicating her orgasm was completed. Tyge removed his finger and put it in his mouth, drinking any morsel of Pam’s juices he could clean from his finger. While doing this, and still masturbating vigorously, he began to grunt and jerk his body. Tyge shot a very large load of cum from his very big cock, causing a dull thumping sound each time a stream of his semen hit the sand between their towels.

Bob could not hold out any longer and proceeded to shoot his own ejaculate in long, multiple streams, all over himself and Marna’s hand.

When Bob had finished shooting his load, Marna removed her cum covered hand from his cock, and said, “I couldn’t eat the cake, but I can surely lick the frosting,” as she began to lick all of Bob’s cum from her hand.

Tyge cleaned himself up as best he could with his towel, then leaned over and kissed Pam on the head, and softly said in her ear, “Thank you, I hope we can continue this at a later time, in a better place.” He then stood up, picked up his towel from the sand, and said to Marna, “Are you ready for a shower, my love?”

Marna looked at Bob, and said, “You’re a delicious young man. Another time, perhaps?” She then got up, picked up her own towel, and they both walked toward the path leading to their cabin.

Bob just plopped his head down on his towel, and said, “Oh my fucking word, that was the hottest ever,” still breathing heavily. “Did you see how much I came?”

“I kept my eyes closed and saw nothing. I really wasn’t sure I wanted to see,” said Pam. “Let’s give them a few more minutes and then head up to our cabin. Okay?”

“I don’t think I could walk right now, anyway,” he said as he closed his eyes, and continued to catch his breath.

“Do you think Tyge’s satisfied with what happened just now?”

“Nope,” Pam said convincingly. “I’m quite sure this was just ‘Danish Pastry’ to both of them. Neither will be completely satisfied until they share a full course meal with us.”

“I don’t know if I could do that,” he replied, in an attempt to convince both Pam and himself, even though he knew that he could.

“Bob … we both know that you loved being naughty, just like I do. Just look at it this way … You’ll be providing a service to an old and lonely woman,” as she giggled.

“Touché,” Bob said, as he chuckled. “You got me there … You’ve got a steel trap for a mind.”

“I just listen well to whatever you say to me. Especially when something is said repeatedly. Now kiss me you fool and let’s go to the cabin.”

“Let’s go for a quick swim first. I’m all sweaty. You must be too,” Bob suggested.

Pam jumped up, and yelled, “Last one in is a rotten egg,” as she ran into the water.

Bob didn’t have the energy for that. He just slowly got up and walked into the lake. They frolicked in the water for about 30 minutes before returning to their cabin. While unpacking her carry bag, Pam said, “The swim was kaçak iddaa refreshing, but I don’t know about you … I need a good old fashioned shower, with soap and shampoo.”

Bob immediately responded, “Yeah, me too. When do you want to walk on down there?”

“How about right now? Are you ready?”

“I’ll follow you anywhere, Pamela Taber. Let’s go.”

As they walked the path to the shower, Bob asked Pam, “Today’s Friday. Are we going to the pavilion tonight?”

“Oh, I don’t know … I kinda just feel like hanging out on our porch, or at a fire … the past two nights have been wonderful, just the two of us. I was thinking about grilling a couple of the steaks we brought along with some whole potatoes and eating on the kitchen table. A little wine and a lighted candle, just you and me. “

“Sounds good to me. Tomorrow is Saturday. Jacques is probably going to be playing tomorrow night. Or have you forgotten?”

“Jacques is old news. Besides I think he only plays on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.”

Bob shrugged his shoulders, and said, “Just a thought, it’s entirely up to you.”

They both entered an empty shower stall, Pam taking the shampoo with her. They each had their own travel soap containers, and when Pam finished with the shampoo, she handed it to Bob by sticking her arm and hand out the ladies section door and sang out, “Yoohoo, here’s the shampoo.” Bob reached out, grabbed it, and thanked her. When Bob came out of the men’s shower room, Pam was sitting on a huge rock she always used while drying up and towel drying her hair.

Bob asked, as he approached Pam, “You about ready, honey?”

Pam gave him that gorgeous, innocent smile of hers, and said, “Yep, just about. Give me a second. I love this time of the day to take a shower, there’s usually no one here.” After running her fingers through her blonde, naturally wavy curled hair, she said, “Okay, all set sweetie,” as she put her shower sandals on and raised herself off the rock. Bob still wore his hair short, in a flattop style, so he had no need to worry about his hair. He had never cared for that long hair look most of the guys his age were now wearing. They casually walked up to their cabin, content in the knowledge of the love each had for the other.

Back at the cabin, Pam said, “Bob, I’m going to make a salad and start getting the sirloins and potatoes ready for the grill. While I’m doing that, would you mind throwing some clothes on and running down to the village and pick up a bottle of Zinfandel for us to have with it?”

“Merlot is better with sirloin, honey,” Bob assured.

“Maybe so, but I like Zinfandel better. Merlot is too strong for me. Would you mind, baby?”

“Whatever,” Bob replied, as he began to dress.

Bob was coming out of the general store with a bottle of wine, when he heard, “Bonne apres-midi (good afternoon), Robert.” Bob turned, and replied, “Hello, Renee, and good afternoon to you.”

“You speak French very well, Robert,” she replied, as she approached with a big smile.

“Oh, I took it for a few years in school, and we have two men in our warehouse that speak it all the time. It keeps it fresh in my mind,” Bob said, with a sense of pride.

“I was out on the lake earlier today and I saw something that’ll stay fresh in my mind for a while,” she said, as she coyly looked at Bob and smiled. “I must say … I was pretty impressed. Have a nice evening … Say hello to Pam for me.” She then turned and walked back to her office.

“Shit! She saw us today … I knew someone would … I just didn’t expect it to be her … Fuck,” Bob thought to himself, as he walked back to his car.

As Bob entered the cabin, Pam said, “Hi honey! The potatoes are on the grill, the salad is done, and I’ll be putting the steaks on the grill shortly. Would you put the wine in the fridge so it’ll chill, please?”

“Renee saw us today,” Bob said, with some concern.

“Huh? What?” Pam asked, not sure what Bob was talking about.

“Renee saw us on the beach, with Marna and Tyge, this afternoon,” Bob said, somewhat annoyed with having to repeat himself.

“So … what’s the big deal? I’m sure we’re not the first. Was she upset that we did it in broad daylight, right on the beach?”

“Well … No, but…”

Pam softly sang out, “But what, honey? Are you embarrassed that she saw? Or are you disappointed that she saw you letting another woman, other than her, sexually pleasing you?”

“Don’t be silly! Let’s get the steaks on the grill, okay?” Bob felt he wanted, and needed, to change the subject.

Pam sang out again, “Pam thinks she struck a soft spot,” as she giggled and brought the steaks out to the grill.

“Let’s just drop it, okay?”

Pam’s laughter faded out the door.

At dinner, the subject of Renee’ never came up. Bob didn’t want to discuss it, and Pam didn’t have to, she knew. After dinner and the cleanup, they went out on their porch, each with a fresh glass of wine.

Darkness had fallen, and they were kaçak bahis watching the flickering lights of the fireflies when Pam said, “The week is already almost over, it went by fast.”

“Yeah, I know. It has gone by fast, hasn’t it?” Bob then asked, “Are you sorry we came now, or have you enjoyed it all?”

Pam displayed a large smile, with her eyes wide open, and emphatically responded, “Oh no … not sorry at all! I love everything about this place, and the extra-curricular activities have been exhilarating and very pleasurable. I may find myself getting bored when we get home,” replied Pam, as she giggled that naughty giggle of hers.

Bob looked at her, and said, “Sounds like this afternoon’s activity with our neighbors has left you feeling frisky and pretty horny.”

Pam lowered her head a little, smiled, looked at Bob with her pupils touching her upper eyelids, and said, “Well … maybe a little … but did you see the size of his penis, and its girth? He’s not as big as Charlie’s brother Walter, but he surely would be an acceptable substitute. I caught a peek while he was fingering me and masturbating himself, just before he came. Very nice indeed.” She finished her glass of wine and brought the glass into the cabin. When she returned, she grabbed the inflatable mattress that had been leaning against the banister of the porch near her chair. She laid it on the flooring and lay on her back on it. Her feet were facing Bob who was sitting on the opposite side of the stairway from where she had been sitting.

Bob smugly said, “In that case, maybe you should think about getting a part time job at an old age home on Saturdays for the winter.” He then smiled and sipped his wine.

“That’s a thought, thanks.” She then giggled that same giggle and sent him one of those big smiles.

Shortly thereafter, they were joined by Marna and Tyge. Marna sat in the same chair Pam had occupied, while Tyge stood behind her with his big hands resting on the backrest of the chair. Both were, of course, totally naked, as were Bob and Pam.

Pam said to Bob, “Why don’t you get Marna and Tyge each a glass of wine, if they want some. I’ll have another myself too, please.”

Bob looked at Marna and Tyge, they both nodded their heads, and said, “Sure, we’d love some wine, thank you.”

Bob obediently got up and went into the cabin.

“Can I be of any help, Bob?” Marna seductively asked.

“I have nothing to carry four glasses of wine on. Sure, that would be a great help and save me a second trip,” Bob answered.

When Bob and Marna returned with the wine, Bob noticed that the small porch light was now off. The lights within the cabin were now the only illumination for the porch. It was quite a bit darker with the light from inside that it barely lit up the porch sufficiently enough to allow the foursome to see each other. Tyge was now crouched down beside Pam, stroking her hair. Marna placed Tyge’s glass on the floor beside him. Bob did the same with Pam’s glass of wine, placing it alongside the mattress, on the opposite side of Tyge. Both Bob and Marna sat back on their respective chairs, with Bob still facing the other three.

Pam sat up and took a sip of her wine. Tyge did the same, and then began massaging Pam’s shoulder. His legs opened up, giving Bob a clear view of his cock. It was very impressive in length and girth, even though it was still in its flaccid state.

Pam returned to her previous prone position and closed her eyes. Tyge slowly moved his hand from her shoulder and brought it to one of her young, full, round breasts. Pam gave out a soft moan while arching her back slightly, and slowly rocking her chest and shoulders from side to side. Tyge tenderly began massaging her breast and teasing her rapidly hardening nipple.

These actions did not go unnoticed by Bob. He began feeling tingling sensations in his balls and the butterfly sensation intensifying in his stomach, signaling the beginnings of his arousal. He noticed Tyge’s cock begin to swell and grow ever so slightly. He knew that Tyge was experiencing the beginnings of similar sexual arousal.

Just as he was observing Tyge and Pam, Marna was doing the same with him, and realizing the early stages of arousal building in Bob. Bob was so intently focused on the goings on at the mattress, that he was oblivious to the fact that someone was observing him, along with his changing condition.

Tyge, sensing Pam’s enjoyment to the type of attention he was giving her, became semi-erect. His massive size and weight was still preventing his cock from rising from its relaxed, flaccid position. Iit only grew in both aspects of its size. Tyge lowered his head and began nibbling on Pam’s, now firm, nipples. He then sucked each nipple individually, and equally, for a few minutes before moving his face down towards Pam’s vulva, keeping this hips and thighs alongside Pam’s upper body. He began kissing and licking her pubic area, then her labia and clitoral region, before concentrating his lips and tongue at her vaginal entrance. Pam was constantly making soft moans, with the occasional “Oh”, followed by a hissing sound, when she sucked in air between her clenched teeth whenever Tyge contacted particularly sensitive areas.

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