A Birthday Goodbye

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When my wife and I finally decided to divorce, we tried for it to be amicable. It wasn’t that there was abuse, drinking or anything like that; we had just clearly fallen out of love. OK, maybe her more so than me.

Over the years our sex life dwindled. She blamed it on decreased libido, but I knew the truth. She would rather have the interpersonal relationship with her “Battery Operated Boyfriend” than me. We used to have a great sex life – oral all the time, several times a week, etc. After the birth of our third kid it changed drastically. I tried everything: More foreplay, more dinners out, dirty talk, kinky stuff – nothing worked. Actually, the more I tried, the worse it got. I missed watching her face light up as she orgasmed and even considered planting a secret recorder in the room just so I could watch her masturbate.

I know what you are thinking; I must have gotten fat and unattractive to her. It couldn’t be further from the truth. While I was 15 lbs heavier than when we married, she was a full 50 or 60 lbs. heavier, and she is nearly a foot shorter. She always had large breasts, but with the gain in weight and the babies, they sagged quite a bit. Still, that didn’t bother me. I would love watching her tits bounce up and down when she came. She just wasn’t interested in me. I tried climbing in the shower with her once. That was met rather rudely and she locked the door from then on.

Knowing that she used her toys quite a bit, I even tried to incorporate them into the activity. I tried dirty talk with her while she masturbated with a large dildo and a small vibrator. I talked about taking her to a swing club and watching her get fucked. Rarely did she talk dirty back with me; she just laid there with her eyes closed. She said she hated me watching because she felt like she was “on display.” Sometimes she would suck my dick while she did it, but the pattern got to be that she would use the vibrator until she came (or was bored) and then I would hop on. One time, she got into the fantasy play and actually said, “Sloppy seconds” while I was fucking her, but that was rare. In truth, as things got bad, she told me about how disgusted she was listening to me talking about her fucking another man. She complained about how I only did that for my benefit. She had a point, but my benefit was I wanted her to be engaged in the sexual activity and not just lay there. I wanted our love life to return to where it was when we first got married and not what it was now. In the end, we decided on a divorce – her more so than me – and I lived with her while we transferred the home loan into her name so that I could get my own mortgage.

The process to do all of that took a few months. In the meantime, I stayed in the bedroom and she slept in the living room. She even moved a dresser down there. Still, every once in a while I noticed that her nightstand was moved and her toys were used. Here I was not getting what I wanted (sex with my wife) and she was still getting the sex she wanted with her “BOB.” It was tough living there those few months, hoping that one day she might crawl into bed with me or join me in the shower. I even caught her off guard one day and asked, “Got time for a quickie?” She responded the way she had the previous 5 years in our marriage, “Not now, I am busy.”

The end of the third month of living in separate rooms bahis firmaları brought about a few things. First, I had found a house and we were ready to separate. Second, we had met with an attorney about our dissolution and all the financial terms came together. We just had a date set for 6 weeks out. What it also meant, though, was that I was still going to be in our house when my birthday came around. This saddened me because she used to give me great birthday sex: Outfits I liked, etc. Hell, even the previous year when things were really bad she gave me a great blowjob – though sadly she called it my “birthday blowjob.” So, as my birthday approached I knew things were not going to be good and I only dropped one slight hint saying, “Hey, we will still be married and living together on my birthday.”

The morning of my birthday was just like every morning the previous 3 months. I helped the kids get off to school, made my breakfast and headed out the door to work. That morning I got to work early and even considered masturbating in my office, but held off. I came home at the regular time, not expecting anything so much as a nice meal. I was actually surprised to find her car in the garage and her up in our bedroom. She was wearing a robe and was actually doing her makeup when I walked in. She didn’t look up from the mirror, but she did say, “It is your birthday today, so I guess we have to do this one more time. The kids are at my mom’s.”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang and she said, “That will be your surprise, go and get the door.”

I looked at her rather curious, but headed downstairs. At the door were two guys in their mid-20s. They were both rather attractive men, and a lot younger than my wife and I. They were dressed in button down shirts and khakis. They didn’t say much as I let them in and my wife hollered down the stairs, “Well, bring them on up.”

At this point, I was clueless and didn’t say a thing. I simply turned around and walked up the stairs. When I reached our master bedroom, I saw my wife lying there in a white corset with white thigh highs. I shut the door with the guys on the outside and was ready to say, “What the fuck?”

She beat me to the punch. She explained, “Despite my objections, you continued to talk about watching me fuck other guys. Now that we are getting divorced, you had better get used to the fact that I am going to do just that. I have been faithful all 19 years of our marriage, but today I am going to let these two guys fuck me. Because it is your birthday, I will let you watch, but part of me wants to make you go in the other room so that I don’t feel like I am on display.”

I stood there with my mouth agape. Here was my wife, makeup done, hair done up and wearing the sluttiest outfit she had worn in years. Her breasts were barely staying in the corset and I was aroused just looking at her. At the same time, there were two guys outside the door that she was going to fuck just to spite me. As if reading my mind she said, “I don’t need your approval. I am going to fuck those guys and you can enjoy yourself or leave.”

I was in a trance. I didn’t say a word but felt like a zombie as I reached for the doorknob and let them in. I stepped aside to the hallway that lead to our private bathroom as these men came in and my wife climbed off the bed. She slowly kissed each one kaçak iddaa and then started making out with one of them while the other started to massage her breasts from behind. I could see her grinding into him with her ass as she unbuttoned the shirt of the guy in front of her. It wasn’t long before she was undoing his belt and his pants dropped to the floor. He was not wearing underwear and with his youth, his cock sprang out to attention. She gave it a little tug and turned around and started to make out with the other guy. Like with the first she worked her way down and undid his pants. In his case he had boxer-briefs on and she slid her hands around the waste and slid her hands along his ass. As she lowered his underwear she squatted to the ground – only to be greeted by his wood poking her in the face.

Here was my wife, who hadn’t given me a blowjob since my last birthday, down on her knees in front of two cocks. While they weren’t really any bigger than mine, they were standing at attention. She started to lick the first one like a lollypop as she started to stroke the other. Not wanting to ignore the other guy, she moved over to him and started sucking his cock too. While they were both clearly enjoying themselves, it was clear they were somewhat homophobic and didn’t really want to be touching each other. I was under the impression they were friends since they obviously drove together. My wife was sucking on them like a porn star, trying to take them deep and giving them sloppy blowjobs. It was like she was oblivious to my presence. After a few minutes she stopped and said, “It’s time to get my pussy ready for all of this cock.” The guy with his cock in her right hand took the cue and lifted her up and placed her on the bed. As she slid up the bed her corset gave way and her breasts slipped out. The guy that lifted her wasted no time in getting between her legs and licking her pussy. Meanwhile the other found a way to climb alongside her on the bed and continue to receive head while playing with her tits.

Here I was with a raging boner and I needed to sit down. I took of my pants and sat in the rocker in the corner of the room. I was fearful that she was going to make me jack off, but hoping that I would get to fuck her. I was turned on and disgusted at the same time. Within a few minutes, I watched my wife’s face tighten up and she took the other guys cock out of her mouth. She grabbed the other guy’s head and I watched my wife truly orgasm for the first time in probably 2 years. It was then that I realized that I was stroking my cock and playing with my balls. I stopped, because I knew what my wife wanted. When she came from oral she wanted a cock in her right away. I loved this when I was young because I could hop up and fuck her for all she was worth and she would stay in a complete orgasm. This guy didn’t miss a beat and in one smooth motion, my wife had a new cock in her for the first time since we got married. I could see the look of lust in her eyes and she resumed sucking the other guy while the first one started to fuck her. As she built to another orgasm, she stared into the eyes of the guy who was fucking her and kept staring as she let herself release. It was so hot watching her breasts bounce up and down as she came.

Without being told to do so, the two guys switched. The one that was fucking her took his slimy kaçak bahis pussy coated cock and slid it into her mouth. The other guy wasted no time in sticking his cock in her cunt. It was clear that he was tired of being teased with the occasional suck job and wanted to control the situation. He started pounding her and I watched her again start to build to an orgasm. This time, however, she did not look at her lover, but glanced over at me with my cock in my hand and said, “You like watching your wife get fucked like a slut? You want to watch these men shoot their loads in me.”

I think they were as turned on as I was because the one she was giving a blowjob to grabbed her head and started to face fuck her. He came in such volume that when he blew his last squirt, it spurted out of the sides of her mouth. She swallowed down what she could, but half her face had cum on it. This allowed her to focus on the guy fucking her and freed her to start her dirty talk again. “Come on baby. It’s been 3 months since a guy came in my pussy. Make my husband watch you cum in me. Shoot your load in my cunt.”

I couldn’t believe how dirty she was talking and how despite the fact that she was putting on a show, she was once again deeply staring into the eyes of her lover. He lifted her legs over his shoulders so that he could get the deepest penetration. I listened to her breathing become very rapid as he started thrusting more vigorously. Her breasts were bouncing up and down, slightly supported by the corset. Both of their orgasms lasted as long as I thought imaginable and he clearly was filling up her cunt with his cum. She gave a little giggle as he pulled himself out of her and some of his fluids leaked onto the bed.

My wife was a mess. Her pussy was wide open and she had jizz all over her face. She licked clean the guy who had just fucked her and then looked over at me.

“I knew you would like that you pervert. Do you want to fuck your slutty wife? Do you want to stick your dick in this wet pussy?”

After 3 months I was ready and I slid on top of her as the guys got dressed and left the room. I lifted up her legs and slid my cock in. It was so we with the fucking she had and the other guys cum. That wasn’t enough for her, though. She grabbed the back of my head and forced me to kiss her deep. She broke away and said, “Do you enjoy kissing your slutty wife? Tasting the cum of those two guys?”

I didn’t care – I was getting to fuck her for the first time in months. My cock was going in and out of her pussy and it was making slurping noises from all of the fluids. She kept up the dirty talk. “Happy birthday you perverted fuck. Keep pushing his cum deeper into me. This is the last time you get to fuck this pussy, so make it count.” Again she pulled me into her and I kissed her deeply. I was ready to blow and the best part was, she was ready to cum again, too. She looked me in the eyes with the same love that she did years ago and as she came with my cock for the first time in a long time she said, “Come on, give me sloppy seconds – give me another load in my cunt.” I pounded home, all the while staring in her eyes and at her cum-covered face.

The orgasm I had seemed to last forever and I collapsed on top of her. As I came down from my emotional orgasm, a sense of what happened came over me. I glanced at her eyes as I climbed off of her and they had the same disgust she had shown in the previous months. I went to the bathroom to clean off and when I came back, she had already left the room and was showering in the kids bathroom. The door was locked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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