A Bi Beginning Ch. 3

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And so the deep sleep that followed after the incredible group sex that night was short but sweet. Half awake and drowsy from the images of the land of dreams I had to do a quick but silent double take of the sight before me. I stifled a yawn and willed my body not to move or shuffle or stretch out as it so desperately wanted to. Chrysler was blissfully snoozing on his armchair chair and a quiet, almost therapeutic snore emanated from the living room where Andy was asleep on the sofa. I alone was in the bed and aware of the most beautiful sight the sexual world could offer.

Fin and Yannah had drifted off to sleep in each others’ arms before I had succumbed and curled up alone in my sheet on the other side of the giant king-size bed. One of the girls had obviously awakened here in the small hours and begun to enjoy the other… it was hard to tell how long it had already been going on for. My body was screaming out at me to move and I had a killer itch on my left inner thigh. I always wake with my cock hard and wanting attention, but here in that normally dark and silent place that is 6am, this time it felt like it would explode with the incredible scene before me.

The sight was so awesome the descriptive powers of a mere male could never do it justice… the hushed and self-silenced moans the girls made as they did beautiful things to each others’ bodies made me envious of the sensations only their bodies could ever capable of feeling.

I lay there as silent as I could, and looked on in awe through barely-open eyelids, risking the smallest movement of my arm to be able to tweak my aching member or scratch that insatiable itch as best I could beneath the sheet without attracting ay attention. That my cock was suffering a painfully stiff erection would have been obvious to any eye shot my way… my 6 ½” length must have made a comical silhouette covered by the sheet as it stuck away from my body at way more than 90 degress.

The sight before me… Two beautiful girls doing beautiful things to each other, and all I could do was watch, listen and learn; and yet I wondered what part I could ever play in the impossible fantasy, evil in its temptation. Satan, old boy, if that’s what the goods look like, the soul is up for sale, no refunds.

My mind dared imagine what went on beyond the thin yet sense-of-sight-depriving sheet by the facial expressions and tiny noises, by the shakes and shudders of the bodies, by the sudden kiss or bite or sigh or utterance by one of the other’s name. Fin lay atop Yannah, obviously leading the show, and her fingers must have been playing insane games with Yannah’s lovely cunny.

She smiled down at the Indian girl, a smile both loving and pretty, yet evil in its knowledge of the power she now held over her helpless lover. Her fingers were finding incredible places within, places man could never know, and touching buttons no man could ever be capable of comprehending. Yannah’s tiny gasps were testament to a journey through pleasure that must have been like climbing the steps to the palace atop Mount Olympus, with mere vaginal orgasm being only barely half way up those steps.

The deep and lusty kisses they shared, the wide open mouth and tightly shut eyes Yannah had, the look of wonder in Fin’s eyes looking down at the sensation-contorted face that she herself was engineering made me realize that for a woman, orgasm could only be the beginning if the obvious beyonds were explored. Yannah squirmed and squealed and breathed “oh yeah’s”, “I love you’s” and other sweet nothings and Fin did more of whatever she was doing and it showed. Both girls heated up and the kissing became wild, animal like, Yannah burst into a sudden full-body sweat, tiny beads of liquid all over her luxurious brown skin, and she bit her lower lip hard and let out a whimper I’m sure should’ve been a scream. She arched her back and the sheet began to slip away, making my heart skip a beat. I had to check myself that I was not masturbating lest I was discovered watching what was clearly not for my eyes.

Yannah shuddered and then collapsed… ecstasy being a poor word to describe the unparalleled pleasure that must have ripped through her. Fin sat up atop her abdomen and the sheets were gone and I dearly hoped I didn’t react in any noticeable way. I felt so powerless and yet so erotic, and had I not already had such a crazy workout the last 12 hours I surely would have found it hard not to ejaculate spontaneously there and then. Yannah’s hands reached up to Fin’s smaller breasts and she smiled a big smile up at her dreadlocked girlfriend as she began to toy with the flesh of the bosom and the tiny gold ring through her left nipple. Fin’s hands in turn wandered down to Yannah’s ample fleshy chest, and snaked a slimy trail up her neck and to her mouth. I almost gasped as Yannah tasted herself on Fin’s fingers, smiling lovingly with her big red lips, sucking on each finger slowly from knuckle to tip, one by one.

Her dark hands accentuated bahis firmaları against Fin’s white body, she worked down to cup her tight buttocks and massaged that muscular peach, sneaking fingers naughtily deeper into the crack between them, still with that beautiful smile, deep brown eyes firmly locked with Fin’s pale blue irises. She pulled Fin’s body up her own, pulling her shaven crotch toward her head, slipping easily together through mutual sweat. Fin moved up onto her knees and willingly opened her thighs over Yannah’s face.

I knew I was smiling and I couldn’t fight it, just as I couldn’t drag my hand away from massaging my cock with tiny movements as I stared at the most gorgeous cunnilingal moment imaginable begin. It was Fin’s turn to open her mouth in a silent scream as her pleasure centres were explored with the uncanny area knowledge that can only come from experienced familiarity of your lover’s body.

Yannah kissed Fin’s thighs gently, slowly making her way up her white legs, lifting her head off the pillow an inch at a time as each slightly open mouthed kiss was placed closer and closer up that silky skin towards the hairless portal of pleasure. Fin fidgeted nervously and impatiently, the more so because she wasn’t in control, perhaps difficult for a Domme (I wouldn’t know, I am happy to lead or be led and love it either way). She whimpered and I could see her lower lip wobble as Yannah finally but barely brushed a lip against her pink labia, perhaps teasing one of those tiny golden studs Fin had pierced herself with.

Next the dreadlocked girl became a shivering wreck as she tried so hard to remain soundless and unmoving as Yannah snaked her experienced tongue into her at last, parting her moist pussy lips and making tiny catlike laps upwards and outwards, teasing something special within. Fin nearly fell forward as seconds became a minute, then several minutes, gripping the pillow in a tight fist and screwing her face up tight, exhaling loudly as Yannah licked and kissed and nibbled around and inside her sweet tight fuck-hole. Yannah’s eyes were open, looking up her lover’s sweating, gyrating body with a look of pleasure and satisfaction as Fin squirmed and tried not to pant too loudly. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what pleasures Yannah was injecting into her girlfriend’s body with her tongue… she gave amazing head I knew, even if I had felt it for a few brief minutes.

It was both strange and enjoyable seeing the self-styled bitch so powerless as her body went out of control with Yannah doing amazing things within her… I wondered how that hairless pussy would taste, and I envied Yannah in that she got to do that all the time… but I envied Fin more in that Yannah was her girlfriend. That horny hourglass of an Indian with the ruby navel stud; full round brown buttocks; great soft generous bosom; dark endless eyes; full musky tasting lips and deep, hot, dripping snatch had really cast a spell on me. And here she was, greedily eating out another woman with a skill I knew most men would be hard-pressed to obtain… instinctively knowing how to manipulate with skill and ease what the inexperienced and unadventurous male may not even know what to look for. I knew a lot about the art of ‘muff-diving’ but by comparison I was witnessing true art in progress for sure.

Yannah finally hit something that Fin could not contain and she squealed audibly and collapsed, her sweat-soaked washboard stomach on Yannah’s face, her gentle brown fingers kneading the muscular buttocks. Yannah sighed in satisfaction and Fin panted, overwhelmed.

“Damn… ” I whispered to myself.

Both girls shot a look at me like a bullet. I hadn’t whispered to myself! They saw me pretending not to stare and could see my 6 ½” problem… and probably figured I had my hand all over it. I was in trouble now…

“You dirty little bastard! ” Fin hissed at me.

“You… saw us? You… watched us?!?” Yannah asked in an insinuating tone. “You… SAW!?! “

Fin whipped away the sheet in a lightning movement and saw my casual hold on my erection.

“You cheeky little fuck! ” she said half smiling. “You naughty, naughty little boy! “

She was patronizing in her tone… out comes the Domme again. Oh dear. Yannah smiled once she had got over her initial shock.

“If you promise not to touch yourself we’ll give you a special present. ” She whispered. “You naughty boy. ” Smiling but I knew she meant it. I was theirs’ now. I’d been caught.

I immediately took my hand away and had about 4 seconds before I squirmed as Yannah gripped the back of Fin’s head and pulled her down towards her, kissing the white girl full on the mouth. I did my best by sitting on both my hands as I was forced to watch without any outlet of my own as the girls began to put on a show for me, teasing me, knowing how badly I wanted to whack off but holding me to my word… knowing how badly I wanted to find out what my ‘special present’ would turn out to be. I kaçak iddaa could only hope and dream they would let me join them together and fulfill my biggest 3some fantasy.

My world went into fast forward as I sat and watched and fidgeted and continued not to believe my eyes as they kissed passionately and deeply, lips locked and tongues tied, their hands all over each others bodies… massaging breast and nipple; stroking thigh and abdomen and shoulder and back and tickling between each other’s legs… toying cunny lip and clitty and God knows what else. I breathed the odd “Fuck” and “My God” to myself, willing my hands not to go for my dick which was ready to burst. They breathed each other in and ate each other up, their bodies came together as one fantastic multi-coloured writhing being.

After several minutes and perhaps 3 small orgasms between them, the girls both looked at me smiling, and I gulped… what next?

“Don’t you DARE touch yourself. ” Fin whispered.

Yannah blew me a tiny kiss and told me “Don’t move” beneath her breath, then turned back to Fin on top of her, holding her body tight.

Fin rolled over on the bed towards me and Yannah rolled over on top of her. Their bodies were so close I could almost feel heat from them. Yannah pulled Fin’s legs up in the air and they were wrapped around her neck, Fin’s butt was off the bed and her pussy right in her face. An instant later she dived again into that awesome shaved place and Fin in return pulled Yannah’s luscious buttocks apart and drove her head in between her brown thighs and extended her studded tongue. It was an incredible display, I wanted to touch my cock, I wanted to cum, I wanted to fuck, I wanted to eat some pussy, I wanted my cock sucked, I wanted anything but to have to watch and remain as unmoving as I was being told to.

I couldn’t do justice to describing how close to the ultimate fantasy of babes in paradise the ’69’ before me was. Just as before the girls were being forced to remain silent, they themselves being tortured by secrecy as they were torturing me by making me merely observe. Each time Chrysler moaned or shuffled in his armchair or Andy smacked his lips or stopped or started snoring they would freeze as I did, eyes looking helplessly towards the potential catcher-red-handed.

Heads moved side to side, gasps were stifled, tongues worked and buttocks were grappled with as the lesbian lovers drank each other up before me. I just couldn’t believe my eyes and I became dizzy with the smell of sex that emanated as each girls vagina heated up at the touch of the other, filling the air with evaporating ambrosia. The smacking lips and slurping, sucking noises seemed to be such a loud volume in the silent room, and the thought of being caught out made it all the more exciting. For 10 minutes or more I could only watch in something that could only be described as pain not being able to join in or at least bring off myself until at last Yannah either bored of the game, or desired a male element, or took pity on my plight. She sat up above Fin and then gestured toward me, taking my chin, and pulling me toward her, then kissed me deeply and messily.

The taste of sweet pussy was strong on her and I grasped her head and forced my tongue deep into her mouth, then gave a little jump of excitement as I felt her hand on my cock. I nearly came uncontrollably an instant later when I felt Fin’s nails on my nuts.

“He’s been a good boy, lets give him his special present. He’s VERY good you know baby, his cock tastes good and he really knows how to use it. “

Well, what a nice thing to say. It IS true after all. And I’d prove it again if that was what they wanted.

“MMMmmmmm… yes… but if he comes too quickly he’ll only prove how naughty he is and I’ll have to treat him like the naughty little bitch I know he is” Fin half-agreed.

“Oh baby” Yannah breathed in my ear, then she pushed her tongue in there, something which always turns me on, all wet and thick and warm.

“Oh God” I whispered cupping her breasts with my hands and feeling their lovely softness.

“Naughty little boy” Fin whispered, and removed her hand from my crotch and wriggled out from beneath Yannah. “Naughty little bitch. “

Yannah and I slipped down together on the bed still kissing and touching each other and Fin took my cock in her mouth as soon as we were lying down… I reflexively bit Yannah’s tongue gently as the tiny little stud in the tongue on my tender cock surprised me. Again I just managed to keep my climax in. Fin was licking down my length and teasing my balls, and I took a handful of blonde dreadlocks and stroked her head. The ring piercing her lip sent shivers down my spine as it caressed my shaft.

Next she did something to me I’ve never experienced before. As Yannah continued kissing me and groping my nipples and making fists in my hair Fin lifted up one leg and began to kiss all around my buttocks, squeezing them with her hands and kaçak bahis tickling with her nails… it was amazing… such a precious and vulnerable erogenous area and my whole body must’ve shook. Then she began to eat my ass like she was eating pussy… my God what a feeling… her tongue licking deep into my ass crack, caressing the sensitive skin that never sees the light of day. Fin was actually licking my asshole and pushing her tongue into it… fuck… I felt amazing and I almost once again couldn’t contain myself. It was so warm and wet and exciting. What a dirty bitch… mmm… it felt SO fucking good having my ass eaten like that.

Yannah pushed me onto my back and placed a finger on my lips “ssshhhhh” before licking down the length of my body, stopping on each nipple and pushing her soft tongue into my belly button. Fin continued to lick my scrote and ass, biting softly my inner buttocks and pressuring the skin around my asshole with tiny scratches from her tongue stud. Yannah leaned over my body and spread-eagled my legs allowing Fin to literally dive into my ass, and then I felt the awesome warmth as she took my nuclear erection into her mouth and started to suck on me ever so gently. It didn’t matter that she had “shooshed” me… I couldn’t help moaning as so many magic spots were assaulted at one time.

It was like I was on the edge of a waterfall, in danger of falling off into an abyss where things would never be this good again, on the verge of such life-threatening pleasure that would only consume me for a powerful, all enticing instant after which there would be only ever be eternal sexual disappointment, the moment was so good. My body was alive with electricity as 2 beautiful women pleasured me at once, skillfully, lustily, and lovingly. If only it didn’t have to end… if only I could be trapped in time with those fingers and tongues caressing me in so many places on this brink of orgasm for all time. If only.

Fin was suckling my balls, in a wonderful way I had only experienced a few times before, and Yannah sucked slowly and warmly on my ripe, hard end. I must have been feeding her precum constantly since she had taken me into her mouth and her tongue and teeth and lips and her skill with them all did crazy things to my hard, tired cock. The tiny “mmmmm’s” that I heard her utter as she slavered away didn’t do anything to help keep myself from climaxing, which was an uphill battle. Two mouths on me at once, and fingers caressing my nipples and love handles and ass cheeks and thighs… Oh my God. My eyes were screwed up tight and my head lolled side to side, my teeth clenched tight as previously inexperienced highs consumed me.

Next I felt both mouths moving up and down my shaft, Fin’s lip ring again making me shudder. The girls didn’t cease to tease me as slowly they took turns on my head… kissing it open mouthed or licking it wetly, sucking on it gently, or both tongues at once kissing openly with me between them as fingers made tiny cat like caresses around my buttocks and scrotum. Never before had two mouths taken to my cock at once, and it was possibly my biggest single fantasy of all time come alive. Fin’s pierced tongue licking around my rim sent shivers up my spine, and Yannah’s lips working up and down my shaft as the blonde girl sucked on me was almost the last straw… I wasn’t going to hold much longer.

Again Fin took to my scrotum and Yannah’s warm mouth engulfed me… my God this blow job was unbelievable. With my cock half into her mouth and pushing against the back of her throat, her fingers inside herself, and with Fin wavering a finger with just a touch of pressure into the center of my sphincter as she grappled my balls savagely in her mouth; it was over. The mere suspense of being penetrated, of having my G-Spot finally touched and taking me even further into ecstasy was too much, my body’s will to stave off climax failed and I came like I never have before, and probably never will again.

Yannah let out a stifled squeal as I exploded right into the back of her throat, and she gagged slightly as I shuddered, feeding her an enormous gusher of a load in one massive surge. She started to beat me off and I was still cumming, I wanted to shout but couldn’t, I clenched my arse and tried to stop the ecstasy from subsiding as surely it would. Fin released my balls and took my cock away from Yannah just in time to blow into her mouth and I could see the stringy stuff between her lips; and still both girls beat my length harder with their demanding fingers and I splashed over Yannah’s open lips and into Fin’s eye as both of them scrambled to take my cock into their mouth and I fed then another wave of jism, my body still bucking like mad, rocking out of control.

Both mouths continued to hover over me as they fought for the escaping white goodness that was firing from my cock with no end, and I coated their faces and tongues and fingers as my shaft was brutally pumped for more, more, more… and they were lapping it up off me and each other, sucking it out of me even as it started to slow to a dribble, and I wanted to shout out aloud and let the world know just how fucking good the best orgasm in the whole damn world felt.

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