A Bellboy’s Delight

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A true story – it happened to me! Nothing has been changed to protect anyone.


As a kid, I’d always heard that bellboys get more strange pussy than anyone. But after six months working as a bellboy in two different Iowa hotels, I’d only had sex with one girl. She worked as a waitress in the hotel’s room-service, and our relationship wasn’t casual; we kept steady company for a year or so.

But it was my senior year of high school at Ames, Iowa that I got my big surprise. My folks had just moved there, and I’d joined them from Waterloo where I’d worked the previous summer and left my room-service girlfriend. I got a combination job at a busy hotel there (bellman, busboy, night desk clerk), but mostly worked as bellboy. I soon began to understand why that old saying had come to be. I was always encountering situations where couples who were engaged in sex in their rooms could be heard in the halls, and I often prowled the halls whenever I knew an attractive young couple had checked in. I heard lots of sex going on, but I wasn’t getting any of it.

One fine day, though, the desk clerk, Janet, rang the “bellman’s bell” and I responded, being the only guy on duty – normal on most nights. The desk clerk, herself, was a fine looking youngish woman, and we became good friends but never … you know. This day, she gave me a note that the guests in 314 wanted some fresh towels. We didn’t have a housekeeping service after hours, so I got to do all those kinds of errands.

When Janet handed me the note, she had a “cat ate the canary” grin on her face because she knew that the “guests” in 314 were a pair of exceptionally attractive college-age women who’d come into town for some Iowa State College (later redesignated the University of Iowa) activity. Of course, she didn’t clue me in. She just added, “Don’t take too long, now.”

Of course, I couldn’t figure out what she meant; not, that is, until I stood at the door of 314 as a beautiful girl in panties and bra opened the door and asked me to come in. My bellman’s uniform was maroon, and being a fairly naïve high-school kid my face must have been about the same color. I knew my face got real hot. I stood there for a minute or two, then dashed into the room with the towels, unsure of myself, fumbling awkwardly.

As soon as I entered the room, I saw another wonderful sight: the other girl, also very pretty and very well built in a petite way, lay on the bed in a Bikini panty and NO bra. I just stood there, my dick jumping almost instantly to a raging hard state. Both girls were sort of grinning. Finally the one who answered the door said, “You can just put the towels down here.”

“Whaa … ?” I managed to barely mumble, as my eyes fixed on the crotch of the girl laying on the bed. “Damn,” I thought, for right at her “V” was an opening like a buttonhole, and I could clearly see flesh through it. And I noticed that bahis firmaları her panty was kind of wet around that hole, which undoubtedly was there so she could finger herself or take a cock.

For the first time in my life, I was incapable of taking advantage of a sexual situation. I put down the towels, mumbling God only knows what, and backed out of the room, my seven inches as hard as steel. In the lobby, I grabbed it and stroked it through my pants a few times, then gave up and returned to the lobby.

Well, it wasn’t ten minutes before that bell was dinging again, and Janet gave me another note, “The guests in 314 would like some mixer and coke.” The three bellmen at the hotel each had liquor lockers where we kept whiskey, vodka, mixers, and soft drinks that we sold to the guests for the hotel. This time, Janet was really giving me that grin and this time I knew why. So, I grabbed the drinks they wanted, and headed back up – up the stairs, and “up my cock,” as well.

This time, the girl answering the door wore nothing: she was naked as the day she was born, her pussy covered by a modest growth of brownish hair. And the girl on the bed had her middle finger inserted through that buttonhole into her own buttonhole. Still, they didn’t say anything except to tell me where to set the tray. But they were watching me like a hawk, the one on the bed especially had her eyes focused on the big tent that had returned to the front of my pants. I mean, my dick was sticking straight out like a weather vane arrow.

Believe it or not I said, in a croaky voice, “Boy, that looks like fun!” At which, both girls broke out laughing, but I also noticed the one on the bed was still playing with herself, and I could see moisture on her fingers and hair under her panties. Man that was it. I was so fucking hot an entire platoon of cops couldn’t have kept me from making a move this time, even knowing that a wrong move could get me fired pronto.

I sat the tray down, stood up and quickly removed my bellman’s blouse. My eyes moved back and forth from buttonhole girl’s fingers to naked-girl’s pussy and tits. All I could say was to repeat, “Damn … damn … oh Jeez …” over and over. Now as bold as I had been nervous and reserved before, I unzipped my pants and let them fall to my ankles, pushed down my shorts and lifted my cock out into the air. I think if I hadn’t taken him out then, he’d have burst my zipper. Now, of course, he was raging, my foreskin pulled back behind a big purple plum of a head and I grasped him and moved my hips to slide him back and forth in my hands – a natural born exhibitionist, I suppose.

Naked lady came over fast and grabbed him away from me, dropped to her knees and started slurping on him, while buttonhole girl went into a frenzy of masturbation, moaning as she watched us. My legs soon gave way, and I moved over to the empty bed (there were two) and fell on it, slipping my pants off kaçak iddaa as I did. Naked lady followed me, jumped on top of me, pussy at my face, and returned to sucking my dick, handling my balls, and squirming her unshaved box all around my face until I finally licked my first pussy – tentatively at first, then discovering that I liked it, with gusto. Must have been her pheremones or something, but it just drove me mad. I licked and probed with my tongue like a pro.

Buttonhole girl left her bed and jumped onto ours, where I thought she was going to double up on me. But no, she didn’t. Instead, she started stroking and playing with naked lady’s butt, back, face, legs – all the while still probing herself through that hole in her silky little panties.

I was about to cum, and tried to push naked lady off, thinking no girl would want that in her mouth. She knew what was happening, and uttered a muffled “Nnnoooo,” fighting me to keep my meat in her mouth until suddenly I popped, squirting three or four streams into her mouth like only a healthy 18-year old can produce. She seemed to love it and took it all, pushing her pussy harder and harder into my face with each squirt until I thought I was going to smother. And her thighs were squeezing the sides of my head so hard that I had visions of my head bursting like a ripe melon.

Then it was over. She relaxed her thighs and rolled over, buttonhole girl joining her and kissing her (and probably taking some of my cum from her mouth I now believe, although then I wouldn’t even have thought of such a thing). We both panted for a few minutes, but as I watched these two squirming around, all tangled up with each other, I realized my cock was not going down. Oh, maybe by two percent or something like that, but still so hard the veins were bulging. Well, again, that’s what 18 is all about, right?

So, after a minute or two, I just had to plunge old “Clyde” into some pussy. I crawled up behind buttonhole girl thinking I’d give her a try, but she wasn’t having any of it. But she did guide me around toward naked lady, who spread her legs for me, and I climbed aboard and in one long stroke just sank myself into her up to the hilt, all smooth and slick and wetter than Seattle. My God, I was in heaven.

Having just cum, I wasn’t on edge, and naked lady and I fucked for what I thought was a really long time, with buttonhole girl moving around to play with her girlfriend wherever I wasn’t blocking her action. She licked and sucked and stroked naked lady as I fucked and kissed her, my hands under her squeezing her butt cheeks, pulling her to me then pushing her off … back on and off. Her ass cheeks and thighs were so wet with our juices that my hands couldn’t really grip her flesh, just slide around on her. Until this day, the memory of her wet, wet, slippery girl flesh is one of my most vivid and most treasured.

Pretty soon she started moaning like she was singing kaçak bahis the scales (higher and higher with each new moan) I figured she was about to cum and I moved my ass at warp speed. My dick must have been sluicing in and out of her at about 500 strokes a minute (at 18 you can go almost a minute at that rate!) before what may have been the richest, most delicious cum of my life. It was just the very best: It was a second cum, my muscles were all tensed and in top shape, my stimulations were perfectly doubled by two hot young women, and I hadn’t had sex for three weeks before that night – it all combined to make me cum almost to death. Never again did I wonder about the French saying, “the little death.” Only mine wasn’t all that little, I gotta tell you.

After that, we all just breathed, heavily. Somewhere in there I’d heard buttonhole girl moaning in an orgasmic way, too, so naked lady must have found some way to get her over the hump, too. We made one limp pile of legs and arms and other body parts.

When I’d caught my breath, I knew I had to get back to the lobby, so I unwillingly drug myself off the pileup and started dressing. I asked the girls if I could come back later sometime. But they said they were going to be at the college most of the night and next day they were leaving for home. “But,” buttonhole girl said demurely, “could you loan us some money, say about $50?” Well, at first, that pissed me off. I hadn’t realized I was going to be asked to pay for sex.

But then I reconsidered. I’d just gotten a great blowjob, then had the best sex I’d ever had with two beautiful girls, so I thought “What the fuck?” I had that much money, and plenty more. Bellmen make a lot of tips, believe it or not, and a young guy living with his parents doesn’t have that many expenses. So my locker contained my stash of cash that sometimes ran into the hundreds.

As I finished dressing, I had another thought: I remembered my brother’s advice: “Always try to show class.” Instead of complaining or calling them sluts, or such like, I just said, “Hell yes, girls. Be glad to. I have to get it from my locker, so if you’ll see me on your way out I’ll slip it to you. And,” I added, “don’t worry about paying it back. You’ve just made me a happy man.” Although they may not have completely believed that I’d actually be there with the cash, they both beamed at me, hugged me as I headed for the door, and pranced away to shower off – together, of course.

In about thirty minutes, they came into the lobby looking like a million bucks in sweaters and slacks, groomed like any high class college girl. I could hardly believe that I’d just done the nasty with these prime examples of American womanhood. So there I stood, and as I opened the street door for them, I slipped the cash into naked lady’s hand. She kissed me on the cheek, they both flashed smiles and away they went. I got off at 10:00, and they hadn’t returned, and they checked out the next morning while I was in Algebra class. So that was the last I saw of them, dammit all to Hell.

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